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What is the meaning of turquoise

What is the meaning of turquoise
What is the meaning of turquoise. What is the meaning of turquoise. Turquoise is one of the ancient gems, with thousands of years of brilliant history, loved by ancient and modern people, in addition to its beautiful color, unique texture, but also because of its rich meaning.
Turquoise is one of the ancient gems, with thousands of years of brilliant history, by ancient and modern people love. The reason why turquoise by Chinese and foreign people love, in addition to its beautiful color, unique texture, but also because of its rich meaning.

What is the meaning of turquoise

In our country, located in Henan Province, Zhengzhou River Village Yangshao culture (6500 – 4400 years ago) in the site, unearthed two turquoise 28cm long fish ornaments. China’s Tibetan culture, the Tibetan people think that turquoise is the embodiment of God, but also marks the power and status, thus becoming the most fashionable sacred jewelry. Turquoise was used to decorate the crown of the first king of Tibet, and was also used as a Replica Cartier jewelry¬†gift for the altar.

In ancient Persian history, turquoise is considered to be a mysterious evil thing, made amulet. Turquoise ornaments were found in many ancient Persian tombs. The ancient Indians regard the turquoise as the holy stone, they think that wearing turquoise jewelry can get the gods of the blessing, but also a symbol of trust and trust, but also to the expedition to bring auspicious and good luck, known as the success of lucky stone The

In the West, turquoise or modern birth stone on behalf of the birth of the stone in December, that is, Aquarius constellation stone, a symbol of success and win.
What is the meaning of turquoise

Legend, when Princess Wencheng into the possession of the turquoise will be worn on the Buddha body, turquoise mysterious color can be seen, the Tibetan people are particularly respected turquoise. Traditionally, people think that turquoise is a knight’s amulet, you can ward off evil, to protect the girl’s Joan of Arc.

In the western part of the Himalayan region, turquoise and some other precious objects are sewn directly on the clothes and hats of women and children, and women in northwestern Nepal wear a turquoise with two corals on the edge Wing, wear it, for her husband, it means that the net worth. In many Asian countries, people believe that a turquoise ring in front of a long way to protect peace, dream of turquoise indicates the beginning of a new life. It is also believed that turquoise has the function of sucking out jaundice virus.

Now people realize that turquoise evil spirits, more and more loved, more is as a life stone to favor. The turquoise as recognized at home and abroad December birth stone, on behalf of victory and success, the success of the stone and lucky stone of the reputation. It is said that the role of peace and security can strengthen the wealth and courage, help peace of mind, knot popularity, and help people can always keep cheerful and magnanimous personality, but also help people easier to explain The energy of love.
Jade bracelet is flawed is normal?

Jade bracelet of the formation of raw materials experienced tens of thousands of years of wind and sun, as well as the endless natural temper to form, but in the production of jade bracelet, but only experienced a very simple steps in a long time Into the emerald raw materials inside some of the magazines, flaws have not been any treatment, therefore, jade bracelet contains some flaws is also a normal phenomenon.

In fact, the flaws in the jade bracelet is not the dirt in the dirt Black is a mineral element, and chromium elements, so from the perspective of mineralogy, black spots and white cotton are not “miscellaneous” is just a different mineral elements only. They are also part of the emerald dependency.

Although some jade bracelets in the purchase when there are some crack, but after wearing a period of time, the crack will slowly disappear, the bracelet will become even more perfect, this may be the truth of the people of jade it!
Why is the emerald bracelet flawed?

Flaws are a lot of natural gems are inevitable, jade is no exception, when it comes to flaws, if it is the impact of its firmness of the cracks is indeed worth considering, but for other only affect the beauty of the flaws are the following types.

First, the jade bracelet of the pine

Emerald skin faintly visible some like dry moss of the same color, patches, stripes called “Songhua”. Refers to the original jade on the green material, the weather has been gradually left behind the signs. According to the depth of the color of the song, shape, direction, the amount of density, can be inferred within the green depth, direction, size, shape and so on.

Second, jade bracelet white cotton

White cotton refers to the emerald see inside the patchy, striped, filiform, corrugated translucent, slightly transparent white minerals. Is the jade within the impurity, seriously affect the quality and beauty of jade. Its presence will greatly affect the price of jade. There is white and green between the green. It may be hard jade itself, which is caused by uneven distribution of green.

Three, jade bracelet crack lock

Jade in the long process of complex geological environment due to the role of external stress and the occurrence of fracture. Cracks are generally congenital (native) caused by the internal cracks in the majority of the pattern, the naked eye can be seen in the middle with color (impurity) filler, nails generally not scratch, there are serious and slight.
Jade bracelet should be how to distinguish between true and false?

One, eye view

Eye view is the most important step, but also the most complex step, first of all to look at color, followed by looking at kind, should pay attention to see whether the germplasm is consistent; the last look at the surface, pick up the jade bracelet, in the light, adjust the jade bracelet Position, catch the surface of the jade bracelet reflective point, the naked eye to see the surface there is no pits and acid cracks, some words, it is best not to touch.

Second, listen to the ear

First to prepare an agate bar, a rope, with a rope to the jade bracelet hanging up, with agate stick gently tapping the jade bracelet, pay attention to the agate stick to prevail, followed by listening to the sound: A cargo sound more melodious, like Wind chimes sound as pleasant! B goods, that only wash the emerald, sound, dull, hoarse. Some slightly pickled jade bracelet, the sound is also clear, but short, will not appear melodious echo.

Jade bracelet is actually very difficult to completely correct the true and false, even the professional identification of people, will rely on a number of specialized identification equipment to identify. And as an ordinary consumer, the best way is to professional operation to the professionals, they only need to buy jade bracelet when asked to sell the relevant certificate issued by the seller on it.

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