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We are selling the automatic table in the out of the cabinet is generally in a stopped state

Test method is very simple, need to give the table first full of the hair, and then a standard time to be tested when the watch, minutes, seconds, so that they are synchronized, and then placed in the plane position to go 24 hours, then standard Time alignment error and record it. Repeat the above process, respectively, on the watch under the face, the next, the left, the position on the actual error test, and recorded.
In the case of
For example: static test results are: surface +20 seconds / day, face +20 seconds / day, the next -5 seconds / day, the left +25 seconds / day, the +10 seconds / day, the results Watch the actual wear time error of +15 seconds / day.
In the case of
Take the above example, it is clear that the table should be placed at night to put Cartier love bracelet replica down, in order to help reduce the cumulative error when the watch travel time. Only the reasons for the error of the watch and their own watch error characteristics have an accurate understanding, it can better serve you.
Automatic mechanical movement
Automatic mechanical movement is in the general hand-linked list on the basis of an automatic component: automatic Tuo and automatic wheel. Rely on automatic Tuo any direction of rotation can tighten the winding.
We are selling the automatic table in the out of the cabinet is generally in a stopped state, you receive the table, the first need to foot on the winding (clockwise rotation of the watch 25 laps), then as long as you wear enough time every day, To the source of the source to add energy, so that the automatic table normal travel time.
General automatic watch should be worn in the hands of more than 8 hours a day to make up the winding energy, but not absolute. Recommended holidays should wear a table, only to wear in the hands of the clock to add energy, the watch will not stop. Now there is widespread work in the office, watches often appear to stop phenomenon, in addition to the movement of the reasons, because the wearer’s lack of exercise, can not add enough energy to the winding, for such reasons, Winding method to make up.
We advocate the automatic table as little as possible to use the hand on the winding, because the hand on the winding, need to drive a lot of automatic wheel rotation, automatic parts are very easy to wear, so that customers increase the unnecessary maintenance costs.
Mechanical table allows the error range of ± 30 seconds / day, after the Observatory certification movement of the average error range of -4 seconds to +6 seconds / day, the specific error according to the movement used by the watch may not be in accordance with the The higher the price the smaller the error the principle. Automatic mechanical watch the power of the wrist of the wrist to produce energy to the winding winding, a fully automatic mechanical watch on the continuous operation of 36 hours or so: to ensure that the normal daily wear case, can operate about 15 hours, such as More than the above time do not wear or swing (less wear of the wearer) will cause the watch to stop, before wearing the watch should be given the first foot winding.
The number of vibrations per second, calculated in HZ (HZ), 1 Hz = one per second vibration – 32780 Hz = 32780 vibrations per second (common vibration frequency of quartz watch). Oscillator: the watch to make regular vibration of the components to ensure that the time boundaries Cartier love ring replica and measurement (pendulum, hairspring balance wheel or quartz). A complete swing (a total of two vibrations) of a vibrator. Vibration: Oscillator Pendulum One swing between two ends.
High hardness, wear resistance, the appearance of clear lines, bright and clean, known as “wear-resistant material.” Can be used in combination with steel, made of case ring or strap, grain, increase the shell, with surface abrasion resistance and decorative.
Usually the mechanical table daily error is 15 seconds, the Observatory table pay attention to movement, material and manual technology, the daily error requirements significantly reduced to five seconds. Observatory table is a high precision precision timepieces, so also known as precision timepieces. The Observatory is a highly accurate watch that has been tested by the C. O.S.C .: Controle officiel suisse des chronometres. In order to obtain the Swiss official Chronometer Control, each watch must be tested for different thermometer positions for fifteen consecutive days. As the smaller the area of the table, the production of the higher the difficulty, so according to the table diameter and surface area size, can be divided into shell diameter greater than twenty millimeters or surface area greater than three hundred and fourteen square centimeters and the value is less than or equal to the former Two standards. The items evaluated by the Observatory table include: average daily speed, average speed change, maximum speed change, speed difference at different positions, maximum speed difference, temperature impact value, continuous speed and so on.
Quartz table allows the error range of ± 15 seconds / month. Quartz watch travel time by the battery energy-driven, the general battery life is based on the movement used by the watch may be from 12 to 24 months. If your watch has a weak display function, when the battery near consumption, the second hand will be beat every four seconds, if this happens, you should immediately replace the battery. Overdue may cause damage to the parts, if found to go slow, there may be due to Cartier nail bracelet replica lack of electricity, to the authorized service center to detect electricity.
Quartz watch according to the use of the movement and the use of different battery life of 1-2 years. High-grade three-pin quartz watch batteries will run out of the prompt function, the second hand beating abnormalities, that is, every four seconds jump, then remind you to replace the battery, if not promptly replace the battery, may cause the battery leakage and damage the internal parts of the watch The Some customers have a few watches, usually do not wear in order to save power out of the crown to stop the watch, the surface to see the table stopped, in fact, the battery continues to discharge, if not replaced in time, will cause the battery over discharge, So that the battery leakage, the same will corrode the movement, resulting in maintenance costs far more than the replacement of battery costs.