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Watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and designer Eric Giroud

OPUS 8 internal model design sketch
Needle screen art is not mysterious, on the contrary, in fact, observe, life should be seen, but applied to the watch is the first time. In the complex internal movement, the bottom of the screen there is a turntable, which has a precise placement of the pin, as the music box within the mechanism, when pushing the side of the case when the lever, the screen down, showing the time the pin raised, And maintain for 5 seconds. The dial center shows the specific hours as well as the AM / PM indicates the morning or afternoon, and the side of the dial is displayed in minutes for 5 minutes. This is by far the most creative and breakthrough time digital display.

Compared to the previous OPUS series of watches, OPUS 9 seems more easy to accept, whether it is design or time rendering, no longer lead to people can not understand. OPUS 9 design ideas, is the hope that the traditional circular time display, into a straight imitation Cartier love bracelet line. This idea is very interesting, this idea is also after the Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complication used, but the realization mechanism is completely different. OPUS 9 has two core figures, watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and designer Eric Giroud, the two are not small, one is the Swiss watchmaking AGENHOR big boss, one is “free used” claim Only others to his “help” is willing to hand the wayward designer. These two and Switzerland famous watchmaker or big brand cooperation, and the two groups also often work together for other brands design and production of watches.

Relatively speaking, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht is more famous, he was the top watchmaking industry in Switzerland, “behind the scenes” characters, fame and in 1996 and his wife co-founded the AGENHOR company, specifically for other brands R & D core complex mechanism, Including CHAUMET, Hermes Faberce, Hermes time to suspend, Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic complex series, MB & F and Hai Rui Winston OPUS 9 and so on. Its own and design watches have won the GPHG award several times. Jean-Marc Wiederrecht one of the strengths of the reverse jump, in 1986 with Mr. Roger Doubi successful research and development mechanism and apply for a patent, after the technology in the Hermes, Van Cleef & Arpels and other brand watches frequently used. In 1988, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and Roger Doubi, together for the design of Hai Rui Winston’s first double-jump calendar watch, which is called Hai Rui Winston began to enter the watch industry for the mountains.

Watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and designer Eric Giroud
OPUS 9 is Eric Giroud designed a great sense of the future sense of science and technology, as he said, “experience is one thing, but each design should be different.” In contrast, OPUS 9 design charm is greater than its mechanical charm, OPUS 9 to FP movement (now Blancpain’s exclusive R & D center) based movement, in order to achieve linear time instructions, watch design For the “track” structure, the time through the central gear drive Hai Rui Winston rectangular cut diamond “track” instructions, two diamond chains are pomegranate red gems, to correspond to the time. OPUS 9 won the 2009 GPHG Design Award with its excellent design.

OPUS 3, OPUS 8, OPUS 9 watch has a common point, that is, in addition to the mechanical Replica Cartier jewelry structure of the distinctive, but also full of design breakthroughs. Although the entire OPUS series of each section has a traditional breakthrough, however, these three tables in the time display and design, but it has a very similar pace, that is completely broken but can understand. However, this is far from enough, OPUS’s wonderful is not satisfied with this, because as the time of the intuitive “carrier”, these watches, some time seems to be cautious, not smart, then we will interpret OPUS “Smart time ”

Omega is a famous watch business, with a long history of 150 years, on behalf of the symbol “Ω” is the Greek twenty-four, and the last one, symbolizing the beginning and end of things, representing the perfect, the ultimate Excellence, the extraordinary quality of the achievements, interpretation of the Omega pursuit of “excellent quality” business philosophy and “advocating tradition, and the courage to innovate,” the spirit of style. In the Basel International Watch Fair in 2015, it launched the latest constellation series Zunba watch, is also the world’s first “to reach the Observatory table”, to further consolidate its reputation in the watch industry. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Omega Constellation series respect the watch watch tribute.

Zunba watch has become a classic to create a series of Omega watch series. Today, Zunba watch has been promoted to the world’s first “to Zhen astronomical table”, to further consolidate its reputation in the watch industry.

Watch with 18K gold case with groove bezel

In addition to establish a new quality standards, simple and charming design so that this watch to become a dream treasures masterpiece. This watch with 18K gold case with groove bezel, milky silver “pie” dial is from 1952, the first constellation watch inspired by the classic design features.

Constellation Star logo, pointer and hour scale also use gold to build

Constellation Star logo, pointer and hour scale also use gold to build, and covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Watch with a brown leather strap, gold central astronomical badge inlaid in the sapphire crystal table on the back, filling the elegant and elegant style.

Watch with a brown crocodile leather strap

Watch with a brown crocodile leather strap, through the brown silk sewing, crocodile leather strap wear soft and comfortable, watch the clasp used for the steel material to build. And in the clasp engraved with Omega classic LOGO.

The watch is characterized by the watch’s bezel used for the pit pattern design

Watch the characteristics of the watch is used for the design of the pit-shaped design, many people may think that this is to imitate the design of Rolex, in fact, the design of the pit in the 50’s have such a design, so there is a voice that It is a nonsense to imitate the design of Rolex.

The watch is designed for a 39 mm diameter

Watch with a 39 mm diameter design, the use of luminous pointer and time scale design, in the dark night can also be clearly read, the watch at 6 o’clock position with a calendar display window, easy to read and practical.

Watch equipped with Omega 8900/8901 master coaxial escapement table movement

Watch equipped with Omega 8900/8901 master coaxial escapement table movement, and to provide comprehensive protection is decorated with outstanding decorative characteristics of the arc-shaped anti-wear sapphire crystal mirror. Crystal mirror inlaid with the table with the same material badge, and then locked with four screws on the table back. The badge embossed the background for the smooth sky of the observatory pattern and surrounds eight very symbolic stars.

Summary: This watch interior equipped with Omega 8901 “coaxial • to Zhen astronomical table” movement, the use of innovative anti-magnetic technology, I think this is one of the highlights of this watch, anti-magnetic. This is the Omega in 2015 Basel International Watch Fair launched the latest watch, the price is not yet, but I personally feel very good, I believe sales should not be bad.