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Watch with a blue rubber strap sewn through the white silk wear soft and comfortable

Omega, a now overwhelming Swiss watch brand, both from the watch positioning, brand awareness, product sales and watch technology are among the best in the watch area is also one of the most watched brands, All this shows the success of Omega. Watch House today will bring is a Omega Seamaster GoodPlanet GMT ocean universe Tasting watch, watch the official model is:

In a tribute to Omega’s far-reaching partnership with GoodPlanet Foundation, the brand’s commitment to environmental protection is combined with innovative watchmaking techniques to create the GoodPlanet GMT Seahorse Oceanography universe. Omega has donated part of the sales proceeds from this watch to provide full funding for a charity project to protect mangroves and seaweeds in Southeast Asia.

The Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe GoodPlanet GMT is a 43.5mm diameter design imitation Cartier love bracelet featuring a stainless steel case and a polished blue two-way bezel with a bright orange GMT scale.

Stainless steel case with brushed finish, beautiful fashion, to ensure that the watch is not scratched wearing the impact. Watch the same crown made of stainless steel material, and the crown engraved with Omega’s classic “Ω” LOGO.

Watch with a blue rubber strap, sewn through the white silk, wear soft and comfortable.

Watch angular case, watches at ten o’clock position with row of helium valve, the design is to help helium from the watch inside the discharge of the decompression system, designed for professional divers in the pressure cabin wear design. From this one design you can see that the watch is a professional waterproof watch.

Watch with arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal anti-wear design, dial bright orange aluminum GMT pointer allows the wearer to record dual time zones of the time. Watch 3 o’clock position with date display window, simple and practical.

The watch is made of sapphire crystal glass back cover, through this transparent bottom cover, we can clearly see the movement of the internal watch movement, watch internal equipped with Omega own 8605 coaxial self-winding movement, with more Long lasting precision and stability. GMT dual time zone display. Equipped with a silicon hairspring without card balance hairspring and the subsequent arrangement of the double barrel, two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time. Rhodium-plated balance wheel clamp and automatic thallium, the movement of the luxury processing, decorated with a unique Arabian-style Geneva ripple.

Summary: The Omega Ocean Universe GoodPlanet GMT watch is a tribute to the GoodPlanet Foundation and its efforts to protect the Earth’s environment and marine ecology. Omega has pledged to donate part of the sale of Hippocampus Marine GoodPlanet GMT watches to provide full funding for a charity project to protect mangroves and seaweeds in South East Asia. The project also collaborates with locals to protect those vital to maintaining a balanced ecosystem Natural resources. At present, the domestic price of the watch is 59,400 yuan.

The watch is so large, the disk is so big, you want to show the beauty of all the beauty Replica Cartier jewelry and functionality of the watch in a limited disk space, which is undoubtedly an impossible task, so many watches have given up on the watch’s disk Great fuss, but there are also some watches in the limited disk as much as possible to show the complex functions of the watch. Watch House today for everyone to recommend three such watches, I hope we can understand understand.

Breitling NAVITIMER 1461 aviation timing 1461 watch series A1937012 / BA57 / 760P (crocodile leather strap) watch

Extraordinary Wrist Classic, Classic Breitling Airsoft Chronograph Navitimer is now available in a breathtaking 46 mm form factor. The oversized design not only highlights the originality of the design, but also optimizes the dial and ring flight slider Data readability, greatly enhance the sense of presence in the wrist.
Longines MASTER COLLECTION 名匠 系列 L2.673.4.51.7 watch

You can accurately tell the watch all the features according to the watch’s disk information? I believe many people are not sure, but certainly some people can do, the first watch has a timing function, the second watch also has a second 24-hour time zone display, other such as the date display, the month shows the week shows Lamp functions are also presented on the surface of the watch one by one, you want to see such a watch is really not an easy thing.

Omega Speedmaster Series 3222.80.00 watch

This is a super series watches, is also a super-complex watch, wrist watch 9 o’clock position with a small second disk, 12 o’clock position with the week display window and the month display window, the date of the watch display For the pointer date display design, in addition to the complex design of the watch dial, the watch bezel, but also engraved with a circle speed ring, dazzling, really have to be careful ah.

Summary: The watch is not the more complex the better, but by no means the simpler the better, today we recommend these several watches, are considered multi-function watch, watch the dial slowly on the numbers and the bezel on Can know, but to remind you multi-function watch though a lot more playability, but we must correct use, to prevent the watch because of the wrong operation and broken.