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Watch round case follow the brand has always been designed the surface was concave and convex

Hong Kong Shibao Bao Group’s watch brand King table, the use of crown shape as a brand logo, after 20 years of development, has become the field of watches in the most well-known watch one of the brands. Today to introduce the king is the king Li Zi series LS3661TP ladies watch.
The watch case is made of stainless steel, the table ear inlaid with stone rose gold Cartier love bracelet replica, both ends of the purple blue zircon, stainless steel crown gold rose gold package set purple blue zircon to the bottom of the lock, equipped with sapphire crystal mirror , Water depth of 30 meters.
White dial central decorative water ripples, 3,6,9,12 to the Roman numerals, elegant atmosphere, other time stamp positions are inlaid stone.

With precision quartz movement, with time seconds seconds function.
The watch has a gold-plated gold bracelet, and with double-press double open stainless steel butterfly buckle.

Summary: Li Zi series female form elegant and chic, simple and elegant lines, the style of slender beauty, elegant and luxurious, with oriental women’s fashion and the perfect combination of classical charm; interpretation of women’s gentle and delicate connotation, so that modern women in gestures inadvertently blooming feminine Charming charm, people love endless.
Casio is a manufacturer of electronic instruments, electronic calculator company brand. The brand’s sports watch watch generous fashion, very athletic, has been very popular. Today for everyone to bring a Casio night run shockproof waterproof quartz sports watch in the white watch, watch model: gma-s110mp-7a.
Watch round case follow the brand has always been designed, the surface was concave and convex. White case elegant and beautiful, from the side of the case can be seen from the case by the bolt reinforcement and fixed strap.
Watch the side of the two buttons can be carried out on the watch function, buttons on the pit decoration, touch comfort; cut button embedded in the case, you can get the effective protection of the case.
Watch white case using a pink dial, in the middle of the dial using Cartier love ring replica the red pointer to indicate the time, at nine o’clock position with a small seconds; the dial also has electronic digital display, timing clear, at a glance.
Watch the use of exquisite workmanship needle buckle, the back of the case with a back through the bottom of the table.

Summary: This watch elegant shape, watch design is reasonable, the details of the proper way. Watch design unique, very sporty fashion, youthful fashion, very suitable for exercise in the wear.
For more than two hundred years, in the top of the art of the temple, with a small escapement of small escapement to counter the gravity of the Tourbillon watch, destined to be the most exquisite mechanical watchmaking movement. In 2012, King King watch brand years of research and development experience, the introduction of the first brand Tourbillon series – Tianjiao Tourbillon, the Tourbillon on behalf of the pursuit of excellence and perfection of the spirit to be inherited and deduced. Today for everyone to introduce the King of Heavenly King Tourbillon Series 81889 watch.
The watch case and bottom cover are made of stainless steel, bezel plated 18K rose gold, look high-end atmosphere, equipped with stainless steel crown and sapphire crystal mirror, water depth of 50 meters.

Disk 6 when the tourbillon, decorated King crown crown logo, domineering. 9 hour with a 24-hour dial and moon phase profit and loss show, 3 hour with a return calendar pointer.

Equipped with manual winding tourbillon movement, equipped with 25 gems, with Tourbillon, hours, calendar and moon phase profit and loss display.

The watch has a dark brown American crocodile leather strap, and with double-press double-open stainless steel belt buckle, stainless steel buckle eclipse mark.

Summary: the peak of the process, the arrogance of the times. For the Tourbillon pursuit of excellence and perfection of the spirit passed to the modern people, but also to this spirit to be a great heritage and interpretation of King King set of years of experience in research and development of the culmination of the design and production of days of the Tariff flywheel series watch.
Breitling is the production of new and unique and durable multi-purpose watch eagerly. Over the years for the aviation industry tabulation experience, the Breitling products have a significant feature, it is always concerned about the function of the watch-oriented, giving its products to meet the needs of different special industry characteristics, so that the watch into a practical, functional and Diversity as one of the perfect combination. And Breitling Galaxy 36 Lai to the version of the watch is Breitling designed specifically for female consumers watches, beautiful and dignified and elegant, today’s watch home for everyone to bring this series of black dial of this watch, the official Model: W7433012 / BE08 / 376A.
100-year-old Galaxy 36-day watch, case diameter of 36 mm, equipped with extremely strong anti-scratch tungsten steel bezel and the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC) high-performance SuperQuartz ™ super quartz movement. This is a perfect blend of elegant style and excellent performance of the strength of the watch, you can accompany every wonderful life in seconds and seconds!

W7433012 / BE08 / 376A

Watch to create a beautiful stainless steel watch body, the use of onyx black Cartier nail bracelet replica paint dial, the central three-pin instructions time, and has a date display function; watch equipped with quartz movement, equipped with steel chain strap. Watch performance and stability of excellence, is a well-deserved female sports watch.

Watch crown shape unique arch round, decorated with a crown on the crown, not only increase the aesthetics, and easy to grasp the time to tune. In both sides of the crown with delicate shoulder protection, elegant beauty.

Wrist watch strap is divided into five rows of chain chain steel strap, strap chain arrangement is peculiar but patchwork. This sort of fine links can make wearing more comfortable.

Watch stainless steel case for the traditional round case, bezel after a special treatment to make the case more three-dimensional layering; case after polishing polished, the surface smooth and shiny.

Watch dial for onyx black paint dial, use the pointer with the luminous coating and time scale, at three o’clock the date display window. Dial to sapphire crystal glass mirror cover, bezel large but yet soft, full of dignified atmosphere.

Watch ear is not long, and the case of one piece cast, and the appearance of the case smooth lines flowing lips; ear after polishing, round smooth and rich metallic luster; ear was micro-arc, can guarantee the watch and wrist Department more fit.

Folding buckle
Watch strap with stainless steel to create a folding clasp link, clasp opening and closing easy to wear more convenient; in the clasp engraved with Breitling logo.

Table bottom
Watch the bottom of the table is made of stainless steel bottom plate, the bottom engraved with the brand logo and watch some of the relevant parameters; internal equipped with the Swiss Observatory certified high-performance quartz movement, the other watch water depth 100 Metres.

Summary: This watch is not how complicated the function, but its time display, date display and waterproof 100 meters of the function can be fully qualified for life. While the watch equipped with a high-performance movement can ensure that the watch in the movement under the pressure of stable operation. Watch watch models and details of the shape has been carefully handled, magnificent and elegant and dignified atmosphere, very suitable for women to wear.