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The Wedding Ring and Its Significance

The Wedding Ring and Its Significance
Ring is a witness of love, a diamond ring passed a sincere feeling, the ring since ancient times have a special symbolic significance. Rings are worn on different fingers with different meanings. Different ethnic groups on the ring of the law and the meaning of the symbol is different, if you are ready to marry her to my dear, then you can see Xiao Bian and share the content of it! Different regions and ethnic wedding ring wearing a law of what pay attention and different meaning.

Western countries wedding ring wearing law

According to the traditional customs of the West, the left hand is God’s good luck, so they usually put the ring on the left hand. Western countries are a very romantic area, it is said that the earliest use of the ring is the tragic hero – the Prometheus, the spread Replica Cartier jewelry¬†of the ring will have the meaning of each other. As early as the Roman period, the ring has become a kind of male and female exchange has a token.

Oriental country wedding ring wearing law

China is a typical oriental country, some colorful national characteristics and a long history, in ancient times, the ring as a ornament for many royal aristocrats to wear ornaments, but I have no specific meaning, and later with the Western culture Fusion, the ring of the moral and wear law also produced varying degrees of change, the index finger to want to get married, but unmarried; middle finger that has been in love; ring finger that has been engaged or married; little finger on behalf of marriage. If you do not understand these before, then understand the future must not take the wrong Oh, or may be the reason you have been a single nobility Oh!
The Era of New Age Individuality Rings

In this new era, most people do not stick to some small details, as long as they like to wear in which fingers can be. Some different styles and types of wedding rings, with different wear law, in order to perfectly show its characteristics and beauty, as well as the distinctive personality. For example, like to wear the index finger character more paranoid; like to wear the left hand middle finger, is a sense of responsibility, attention to the family; like sapphire or sapphire character is more introverted cold character, etc., you can according to the personality of love Characteristics, to pick and wear rings, do not have to follow the traditional custom to bind themselves.

The ring is an ornament, it is a pass the emotional token, it quietly stay in our fingertips, record every real emotion. Wedding rings and the meaning of different, everyone can according to their own character and preferences to pick a suitable for their own ring, understand the wedding ring wearing law, will make your confession and mind to get a better interpretation
The ring is the love of the letter, is a perfect affection of the perfect ending, but also to witness the marriage, for the couple to be married, the selection of rings is very important thing, and even some people do not have wedding ceremony, but still Will be carefully selected a ring, give their love of people, the ring in everyone’s mind has an irreplaceable position, especially for those who prepare to marry the boys, pick a good pair of rings, will give you the proposal At least 30% increase in the success of the opportunity, how to choose the diamond ring, what kind of diamond ring will let each other eyebrows? Xiaobian today to teach you recipe, we may wish to refer to Oh!

Give your love a private custom

In the traditional concept, the ability to customize the things, the value must be a lot of money, in fact, this is a wrong view, on the contrary, with the discovery of society and people’s thinking progress, private custom is no longer the rich to show off Capital, he is more for the minds of people to provide a way to express emotions, “in my name, between you, with life, I follow the” Levi is precisely for everyone to provide a way to express other, Are able to provide custom, it’s ring men can only be purchased with ID card life, will love loyalty with a different way to show it, Levi can be based on the needs of customers in the favorite style engraved on their own The words to be engraved, and so on. Xiao Bian personally feel that this is particularly a way for girls to be tempted.

According to the character of love to pick

Everyone is their own personality, the world does not have two identical¬†leaves, the ring is the case, each ring has its own personality and characteristics, you can according to the personality characteristics of love to pick, for example, you are her More gentle, temperament type of people, you can choose Levi’s ladies noble fate is destined to this ring, its design generous, gestures are able to reflect the elegance and elegance between women, whether your girlfriend is Gentle temperament type, or relatively medium-sized female man, or more cute little girl, are able to find a suitable for her in the Levi’s ring, according to the character to pick, is a good choice Oh

According to the meaning of the ring to choose

This is a more perceptual way than the above two kinds of picking methods. In fact, girls are more emotional in a lot of time, maybe not a particular thing for a thing, but when a thing is given It is not the same meaning, it will be particularly like it, Levi’s “life with each other, I follow the” good meaning, by a lot of couples favor, each ring has its own moral and personality characteristics, may wish you Can go to understand.

The above is Xiao Bian for how to choose the recommendations of the diamond ring, as can not pick that she likes that one, it depends on whether you are enough intentions, enough to understand her slightly, I hope you can choose a ring belongs to you only, Witness the extension of your happiness.

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