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The sphygmomanometer watch is designed by a Singapore doctor and can be used

The sphygmomanometer watch is designed by a Singapore doctor and can be used for 24 hours to monitor blood pressure watch blood pressure monitor BPro. This new type of sphygmomanometer is particularly suitable for people who are not aware of their own symptoms of hypertension. The watch-type sphygmomanometer will not only reduce heart attack rate and stroke rate, but also collect a lot of data.
Introduction to Blood Pressure Meter
This can be the same as the watch, wrist on the continuous wear a few hours or even days, at any time to monitor human blood pressure.
People in the hospital to measure blood pressure, the tension may lead to abnormal blood pressure. In addition, the body’s blood pressure changes at any time, even if a single measurement can be accurate results, it is difficult to reflect the whole picture of the operation of the cardiovascular system.
Scientists say that with the traditional sphygmomanometer that needs to imitation Cartier love bracelet temporarily block arterial blood flow and then deflate to measure blood pressure, the new sphygmomanometer calculates blood pressure by monitoring the velocity of the pulse wave along the velocity of the hand artery. This sphygmomanometer is much lighter than the average portable sphygmomanometer and can be worn like a watch.
Through continuous measurement of blood pressure, this sphygmomanometer allows doctors to understand in detail the wearer’s blood pressure changes, the timely detection of abnormal conditions, and ultimately will be able to use these data to predict the onset of heart disease.
One in every four American adults is suffering from high blood pressure, and one in three do not know that they are suffering from high blood pressure. As the stroke often occurs within 3 hours of awakening, and during this period.
Blood pressure monitor can be divided into two kinds of direct and indirect. The operating principle of the two sphygmomanometers is not the same, the direct type is the pressure sensor to directly measure the pressure change; indirect principle is to control the externally applied to the measured parts of the pressure, and control the results associated with it The information of the generation and disappearance of the Kochian sound is judged. The former regardless of the arteries or veins can be continuous test, which can only measure the arterial systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
The principle of measurement of blood pressure meter is accurate, and its clinical validation is based on auscultation method as a standard, the use of statistical methods to design, in modern blood pressure indirect measurement method, divided into auscultation method Auscultatory method and oscillometric method.
Auscultation method has its inherent shortcomings: First, in the diastolic blood pressure corresponding to the fourth phase or the fifth phase of the problem has been controversial, resulting in a large discrimination error. Second, by listening to Kirsley to determine the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, the reading by the doctor’s mood, hearing, environmental noise, the tension of the subjects and a series of factors, easy to introduce subjective errors, it is difficult to standardize.
The principle of auscultation made electronic sphygmomanometer, although the realization of the automatic detection, but still did not completely solve its inherent shortcomings, namely, large error, poor repeatability, susceptible to noise interference.
At present, the vast majority of blood pressure monitors and automatic electronic Replica Cartier jewelry sphygmomanometer using the oscillographic method to indirectly measure blood pressure. The blood pressure was measured by establishing the relationship between systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean pressure and cuff pressure sonic wave.
Because pulse shock wave and blood pressure have a more stable correlation, so the actual application of self-test blood pressure, the use of oscillographic principles of blood pressure measurement than the auscultation method is more accurate. And the wave method to measure blood pressure when the sleeve without sound device, simple operation, anti-external noise interference ability, but also measured the average pressure.
It must be pointed out that from the measurement principle, the two indirect measurement method does not exist which a more accurate problem, it does not mean that the use of mercury pressure meter auscultation method measured by the results than the electronic sphygmomanometer measurement results accurate. Of course, it is considered that the measurement results of the electronic sphygmomanometer are more accurate and erroneous than the results of the auscultation method using a mercury pressure gauge.
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