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The most Swiss watch brand although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality

Ninobi (sinobi) watch products are divided into seven series: creative watches, 5A new fashion watches, love is still a couple watches, the wind is still sports leisure table, goods still business classic table, respect is still steel table, ceremony Still gift table.

“When the promise than (sinobi)” Guangdong Yonghong watches and clocks, one of its brands. Guangdong Yonghong Watch Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of watches, in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has invested more than 60 million yuan of modern industrial park, set research and development, production, sales, brand management One.

How much money is the watch
Nuo Nuo watch as a domestic watch brand, using a large number of imported Cartier nail bracelet replica movement. Most of the table is relatively cheap, good movement watches higher! Prices range from $ 100 to $ 9,300
World renowned for many years, “Tim Ya” watch for the Swiss watch manufacturing history made the most important page. “Tim Tim” company was founded in 1937 in Switzerland. As a long history of the Swiss watch brand, when Tim Ya watch is a lot of users concerned about the ranking!
In 1960, “Tim Ya” for the first time the introduction of multi-functional mechanical men’s table, which can display two different time zone time, in the crown next to the 2-bit button, can be used to adjust the two sets of needle. The surface is displayed in Turkish and Arabic numerals, and a magnifying glass is provided at 6 o’clock, making it easy for users to view the date display. This marks its superb craftsmanship, is definitely an epoch-making leader
In order to pursue a more perfect design, “Tim Ya” more with Switzerland’s oldest one of the LE PHARE watch factory (founded in 1888) to work together, not only to learn from its world-renowned excellent technology, the design of soft modern Aesthetics, to create a timeless classic high-quality mechanical watches and automatic watches; Switzerland has become the second largest multi-functional mechanical watch manufacturers, laid its lofty status in the industry. “Tim” is mainly in Europe and the Middle East, the pursuit of high quality watches in the country marketing, it will soon be an unprecedented success.
The most Swiss watch brand, although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality. In the watch rankings are four types of table in the more backward position!
Watch on the meaning of a man extraordinary, a good table to highlight the wearing of temperament and taste. So choose a men’s watch is very important! The following watch home to introduce you to the world’s top ten men’s watch it!
Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN
Diving table in the boss, the classic diving outer ring, Mercedes-Benz pointer and zoom blisters. The most popular in the forum a men’s watches. Equipped with CAL.3135 movement is also high-profile, known as the most classic one of the three needle movement. Travel time stable, accurate, is a man dream of the watch.
Panerai Luminor series PAM00372
The most retro, but also the most fashionable. PAM00372 biggest feature is that huge Replica Cartier jewelry clasp, worn in the hand can definitely show the character of men, as long as you HOLD live it 47mm table diameter. Crown unique shoulder structure, Panerai is the most charming place, because it, how many people chose the Luminor series. A rare two-pin design that you can not like, but it’s undeniable that it’s different. In addition, 3 days of power reserve, but also a big selling point of this table.
Omega Hippocampus Omega Ocean Cosmos
Diving table has always been a symbol of men’s watches, the sea of the sea is no exception. Unlike Rolex Shui Gui, it has a deeper waterproof, more advanced helium technology and more economical prices. Of course, Omega limelight positive coaxial escapement movement CAL.8500 is also a big selling point of this table. The only in the accuracy and stability, can be told with Rolex brand and style.
World pilot series IW500401
What is more than the pilots table more men do! Moreover, it is a large pilot. The huge onion-style crown is one of its major features, excellent on the chain feel. The atmosphere of the disk is very clear when reading, 46.2mm diameter is definitely the first choice of Mr. Wei Meng. Movement with the world’s most classic CAL.51111, with Bialon on the chain structure and seven-day power reserve, advanced and practical. Anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell can provide good anti-magnetic protection.
Audemars Piguet oak offshore type 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01
May be the top brand in the most MAN design, octagonal design is classic in the classic. Offshore design is more domineering and sturdy than the average design. Rubber crown and strap, have proved that this is a top watch to the water. 300 meters of waterproof enough to support. CAL.3120 movement is also a classic automatic mechanical movement, gold pendulum Tuo not only a symbol of luxury brands, but also increase the efficiency of the chain. The movement has 60 hours of dynamic storage.
Blancpain 50 series 5015-1130-52
The first diving watch series, also the most different diving watch design. Fifty is the top of the diving table, but it is not squeaky. Regardless of waterproof performance, movement travel time and durability are very good, its carrying CAL.1315 movement can provide 120 hours of power. 45mm table diameter is more movement, relative to the water ghost, it is more suitable for brawny wear.
Breitling Air Times AB012012 / BB01
The most suitable for pilots to wear the watch, the disk on the ruler specially prepared for the pilot. Classic black dial with white small bezel and red second hand, clear and easy to read. Equipped with Breitling the most classic production timing 01 movement, excellent performance, feel comfortable, very stable and reliable. More than 70 hours of power reserve, but to achieve the Observatory certification standards, it is not easy.
Hamilton Khaki Series H70595593 watch
Hamilton is recognized as the entry-level Swiss watch brand in the most “man”, especially this card its field. Its 42mm diameter with rivet leather belt, very rough. ETA2824-2 movement precision and stability, excellent performance. With the date, 24 hours and the world when the function, the price is only sold less than ten thousand yuan, it is the industry conscience. Disk font is large, highlight the charm of men at the same time easy to read.
Boer Engineer Hydrocarbon Series Depth Exploration DM3000A-SC-BK
Titanium case makes this table very light, hardness is also higher, not easy to cause scratches, knock injury. Titanium-specific matte color plus 43mm table diameter, very suitable for individual men to wear. The most cattle is the waterproof table, full of 3000 meters, any of you up the mountain, it can accompany you brave the horizon. The most rare, this table also passed the Observatory certification, travel is absolutely guaranteed.
Tissot force Lock series T41.1.423.53
Tissot’s most popular watches, produced more than 10 years is still selling, enough to prove the popularity of its watch level. This section of the 10 watches, the only one relatively refined men’s watches, we can see the definition of the classic. Elegant disc central carved and Roman numerals time scale, retro handwriting le locle and 39.3mm table diameter, combined into this classic timeless men watches.