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Smart investment career women need only three packages

Smart investment career women need only three packages
The girls all say “package” cure all ills, yes – but as excessive medication can aggravating illness, unplanned unrestrained buy package will only be bothered ShangCai. People in the workplace, every season comes, it is not necessary to dazzling, need only these three replica Cartier love bracelet then enough: bag, handbag, small bag. Issue to consider before investing a handbag, we all help you sum up here.
Big bag
Size should be big enough, how exactly?
Bag for career women, significant. Fashion jokingly called large handbags are more reliable than men “, not back too large Size handbag women cannot understand the meaning. This can “all rivers run into sea” handbag can make us take out what you need at any time in the workplace. With the highest utilization rate in A4 paper (29.7 cm x 21 cm) shall prevail, if can smooth hold documents, contracts, reports, absolutely is a qualified bag.
Size large light weight
“Bottomless bag is really a let a person a love-hate relationship exists, it allows us to massively into all the necessities and to prevent one thousand discretionary. Can unconsciously bag “overweight”, want to pick up your bag and natural and unrestrained walk all over the world, in addition to Cartier nail bracelet replica streamline your belongings, the most important thing is to choose a light weight bag. Don’t look down upon the index weight, a lot of parcel weighs 2 kg, for your arms and shoulders are really not a joke.
The internal structure to clear
Bag receive a space reassuring, but can only throw things into a large pocket is indifference to this package. Now a lot of packages tend to only a simple design, the inner is not suitable for career women. Using interlayer classify the item more, till the rules rules, whole is the embodiment of the inside and outside and repair, high efficiency.
Appearance is a strong enough
Workplace handbags is not only the effect of “things”, it is our appearance. This bag is not fine suede, can not stand, more Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica can’t put down to the “breaking down”. Want to natural and unrestrained capable image in the workplace, a material hale, profile of founder handbags can help you.
Size should not be too large It is good to medium
As if the bag is for practical workplace, carrying a bag is biased toward the beautiful work. Work there is always some places need we “delicate”, for example, banquet, cocktail party, meeting with customers, to attend the activities… If dragged a practical big Size handbag always seem to be less “delicate”, therefore to prepare a hand bag and (a, can’t cope with the day’s work needs; second, special occasions, after all, not every day there are). Can meet during the day and night, to the most eclectic selection is a medium Size bag.
Appearance is not exaggerated But fine imitation cartier love bracelet interesting
Although low-key contracted professional handbags can reflect our professional attitude, but the design of this bag also can be delicate and interesting. It can be chic buckles, rich style of printing, also can have a pure and fresh and bright colors. But since this is the workplace, those with exaggerated graffiti, too “kawaii” cartoon design or create decorative bags or for private time back.
A small bag,
Liberation, with his hands in action
Remember The movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, The editor in chief assistant Emily Blunt was The Devil Wears Prada sent to get Hermes scarves, hectic when crossing The road, she accidentally hit by a car fly often? Just entered the company’s workplace novice often need before and after running, for Cartier love bracelet replica fast moving + quick girls, a shoulder bag is the safest option. Here small bag, refers to the design, have certain ability to receive those even plug a phone very reluctantly mini bag, or for casual occasions.
Belt, shoulder bag back up more comfortable
Small bag, according to the material of the bag can be divided into: metal chain, belt, chain belt splicing. Summer clothes for sleeveless or more thin, long time back metal chain bag, clothes, easily out of impressions, back up is very painful. If used as a commuter, belt or chain belt splice design bag will be more practical.

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