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We are selling the automatic table in the out of the cabinet is generally in a stopped state

Test method is very simple, need to give the table first full of the hair, and then a standard time to be tested when the watch, minutes, seconds, so that they are synchronized, and then placed in the plane position to go 24 hours, then standard Time alignment error and record it. Repeat the above process, respectively, on the watch under the face, the next, the left, the position on the actual error test, and recorded.
In the case of
For example: static test results are: surface +20 seconds / day, face +20 seconds / day, the next -5 seconds / day, the left +25 seconds / day, the +10 seconds / day, the results Watch the actual wear time error of +15 seconds / day.
In the case of
Take the above example, it is clear that the table should be placed at night to put Cartier love bracelet replica down, in order to help reduce the cumulative error when the watch travel time. Only the reasons for the error of the watch and their own watch error characteristics have an accurate understanding, it can better serve you.
Automatic mechanical movement
Automatic mechanical movement is in the general hand-linked list on the basis of an automatic component: automatic Tuo and automatic wheel. Rely on automatic Tuo any direction of rotation can tighten the winding.
We are selling the automatic table in the out of the cabinet is generally in a stopped state, you receive the table, the first need to foot on the winding (clockwise rotation of the watch 25 laps), then as long as you wear enough time every day, To the source of the source to add energy, so that the automatic table normal travel time.
General automatic watch should be worn in the hands of more than 8 hours a day to make up the winding energy, but not absolute. Recommended holidays should wear a table, only to wear in the hands of the clock to add energy, the watch will not stop. Now there is widespread work in the office, watches often appear to stop phenomenon, in addition to the movement of the reasons, because the wearer’s lack of exercise, can not add enough energy to the winding, for such reasons, Winding method to make up.
We advocate the automatic table as little as possible to use the hand on the winding, because the hand on the winding, need to drive a lot of automatic wheel rotation, automatic parts are very easy to wear, so that customers increase the unnecessary maintenance costs.
Mechanical table allows the error range of ± 30 seconds / day, after the Observatory certification movement of the average error range of -4 seconds to +6 seconds / day, the specific error according to the movement used by the watch may not be in accordance with the The higher the price the smaller the error the principle. Automatic mechanical watch the power of the wrist of the wrist to produce energy to the winding winding, a fully automatic mechanical watch on the continuous operation of 36 hours or so: to ensure that the normal daily wear case, can operate about 15 hours, such as More than the above time do not wear or swing (less wear of the wearer) will cause the watch to stop, before wearing the watch should be given the first foot winding.
The number of vibrations per second, calculated in HZ (HZ), 1 Hz = one per second vibration – 32780 Hz = 32780 vibrations per second (common vibration frequency of quartz watch). Oscillator: the watch to make regular vibration of the components to ensure that the time boundaries Cartier love ring replica and measurement (pendulum, hairspring balance wheel or quartz). A complete swing (a total of two vibrations) of a vibrator. Vibration: Oscillator Pendulum One swing between two ends.
High hardness, wear resistance, the appearance of clear lines, bright and clean, known as “wear-resistant material.” Can be used in combination with steel, made of case ring or strap, grain, increase the shell, with surface abrasion resistance and decorative.
Usually the mechanical table daily error is 15 seconds, the Observatory table pay attention to movement, material and manual technology, the daily error requirements significantly reduced to five seconds. Observatory table is a high precision precision timepieces, so also known as precision timepieces. The Observatory is a highly accurate watch that has been tested by the C. O.S.C .: Controle officiel suisse des chronometres. In order to obtain the Swiss official Chronometer Control, each watch must be tested for different thermometer positions for fifteen consecutive days. As the smaller the area of the table, the production of the higher the difficulty, so according to the table diameter and surface area size, can be divided into shell diameter greater than twenty millimeters or surface area greater than three hundred and fourteen square centimeters and the value is less than or equal to the former Two standards. The items evaluated by the Observatory table include: average daily speed, average speed change, maximum speed change, speed difference at different positions, maximum speed difference, temperature impact value, continuous speed and so on.
Quartz table allows the error range of ± 15 seconds / month. Quartz watch travel time by the battery energy-driven, the general battery life is based on the movement used by the watch may be from 12 to 24 months. If your watch has a weak display function, when the battery near consumption, the second hand will be beat every four seconds, if this happens, you should immediately replace the battery. Overdue may cause damage to the parts, if found to go slow, there may be due to Cartier nail bracelet replica lack of electricity, to the authorized service center to detect electricity.
Quartz watch according to the use of the movement and the use of different battery life of 1-2 years. High-grade three-pin quartz watch batteries will run out of the prompt function, the second hand beating abnormalities, that is, every four seconds jump, then remind you to replace the battery, if not promptly replace the battery, may cause the battery leakage and damage the internal parts of the watch The Some customers have a few watches, usually do not wear in order to save power out of the crown to stop the watch, the surface to see the table stopped, in fact, the battery continues to discharge, if not replaced in time, will cause the battery over discharge, So that the battery leakage, the same will corrode the movement, resulting in maintenance costs far more than the replacement of battery costs.

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Light kinetic energy wave table as long as there is light energy as long as they can receive radio

Light kinetic energy wave table, as long as there is light energy, as long as they can receive radio waves will never have errors. Citizen wave watches all use light kinetic energy technology, using any visible light source as energy-driven. Long-term power, automatic management, for the wearer to provide a full range of convenience. Citizen is Japan’s first company dedicated to the development of radio watches, and is always the leader in this field.
Functional principle
Radio table through the watch built-in radio receiver and antenna, received by the tower issued by the “standard time” radio, access time calendar and other data,
Automatically correct the time and date of the watch. Standard time imitation Cartier love bracelet radio waves using high-precision cesium atomic watch theory, one hundred thousand years error of one second.
National Time Service Center civilian standard time radio tower is located in Henan Shangqiu, the signal coverage in addition to Xinjiang, Tibet, most of China outside the region. In North Korea, South Korea and Japan in the western region can also receive the tower launched radio signals. At present in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries also have radio tower. [1]
Have to receive the global multi-channel radio function of the radio table, can receive radio waves from different countries to launch radio signals to achieve automatic time difference conversion. Whether the wearer is in China, the United States, Europe or Japan, as long as the choice of time zone on behalf of the city name, the watch can automatically receive the local standard time of the radio signal, and proofreading time, so that the wearer feel at ease.
Light energy saving function
After the watch is placed in a dark environment, the power saving function can be activated, the drive circuit and the pointer are stopped to save power and reduce the wear of gears and parts. According to the movement of different models, full of electricity in the dark can be kept running for several months to 10 years, when the watch again touch the light, the time to catch up to the current normal time.
The birth of a good table, not just a high-precision mechanical process. In today’s, people need fashion, design and many other elements of the harmonious interpretation of the boutique. Watch strap is no longer a simple watch accessories, and watch manufacturers to leather manufacturing standards require this detail. They made a package of effort in the production of your wrist strap.
Only the perfect combination of mechanical and fashion watches in line with the needs of this era, coupled with the growing global customer demand for personalized, custom demand continues to emerge. Watch the production process as a group of artisans through the hands Replica Cartier jewelry of the warm weaving out of the wonderful ballet, is a life of the leather production process. In the watch industry, few people know this process. It’s like a wonderful ballet. Overture, leather is stored in a closed, to maintain a certain temperature of the thermostat warehouse, the leather and leather making the same leather, leather is not the manufacture of leather scrap. Stock contains a variety of materials: goatskin, calfskin, buffalo leather, ostrich skin, and short crocodile skin and so on. Now, we will open a ballet prelude to your exquisite watch strap.
Look, this wonderful feast of the ballet, it is a strap of the birth process. Fine, manual, repetitive labor. To pay the effort is not better than to do a bag, the price of money from Needless to say. The key, wear in the hands of your high and complex, beautiful mechanical objects are matched, but also let you really feel a good table to bring the comfort and honor.
Production of leather strap
Strict selection of skin, specifications cut
The first act: the process of cutting the leather in advance according to the fixed size, and the combination of the two pieces of leather to the leather strap: the longer paragraph of the paragraph, installed in the case of six o’clock position, and its other head It was cut into a sharp, the strap on the hole in the cut at the same time also played. Strap short section, installed in the case of twelve o’clock position, the other end of it is fitted with clasp. The process of selecting the skin is very strict, with wrinkles, cracks or scratches of leather can not be used. In addition to ensure that the length of the two leather strap appearance is the same pattern, such as crocodile skin pattern and appearance should be consistent.
Production of leather strap
To be retrofitted and modified
Act II: to carry out the whole decoration and modification. Gradually peeling evenly until the center is full, the edge is like a paper-like thickness ratio. Eliminate too thick leather.
Production of leather strap
The third act: bonding.
First put Viledon cloth and leather together, and then glue the glass fiber lining. Exquisite workmanship, as well as the use of precision tools, as in the creation of a work of art.
Production of leather strap
The fourth act: first accurately cut, and marked the needle of each placement.
At this stage, the leather craftsmen to complete the steps, like a rotating ballet scene. Every artisan is used like a variety of instrumental performers, such as stitches, oblique cutting tools, conical drills or peeling knives, which are properly and finely used for leather

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Automatic mechanical watch internal movement components are composed of mechanical parts

Structure and composition
Automatic mechanical watch internal movement components are composed of mechanical parts, is based on the clockwork as the driving force of the balance of wrist watches. Mechanical watch is composed of movement and appearance components. The movement includes the drive train, the original movement system, the upper part of the needle system, the escapement speed control system, the pointer system, the movement parts are clamped by the screws to combine them; the appearance parts from the case, dial, Strap and other parts.
Automatic watch structure type more, but the working principle is roughly the same. Automatic winding device installed in the back of the movement, open the back cover that can see. Automatic Swiss watch movement is generally thicker. General reversing wheel structure of the automatic imitation Cartier love bracelet table by the automatic hammer (heavy hammer), reversing wheel, automatic transmission wheel, automatic wheel and other components. Automatic hammer with screws fixed on the center of the automatic shaft. In the role of external force, it revolves around the center, driving the direction of the wheel, the direction of the axle teeth and promote the automatic transmission wheel rotation, automatic transmission wheel to promote automatic wheel, automatic wheel and large steel wheel teeth, so that a large steel wheel A tooth rotates on a tooth. Automatic table is automatically Tuo any direction of rotation can be on the article. Different from the one-way commutation device, bidirectional commutation device or ratchet pawl device. Now more than automatic watches. ETA2892 movement, double lion 46941 movement is the two-way automatic winding is the vast majority of eccentric pendulum (automatic Tuo or automatic hammer), its shape like a semicircular disk, the choice of more heavy quality of the metal And the edge is relatively thick, so most of the quality are on the edge of Tuo, the use of gravity and human arm swing and rotation, and drive a set of gear to tighten the winding to the winding.
Principle of operation
The movement of the watch is driven by the elasticity of the winding, and when it is full of the winding, its torque is large, and as the watch moves away, the winding is loose and its torque is gradually reduced. Watch from the tightening of the clock to 24 hours this time, its torque output is smooth, then travel is also more accurate, the error is small. And more than 24 hours later, the winding torque will drop sharply, travel time error increases. In order to ensure that the watch travel time more accurate, so every day on the regular winding.
Mechanical watch on how to use the fingers back and forth on the bar is better, because back and forth on the article, with a finger to bring back the big wheel, so play a rebound slowdown, to prevent the collision of the gear, and back and forth is also very effort. If you always move forward, the more close the spring when the full, its rebound is also greater, each time the article will appear rebound once, and each rebound will increase the chord gear collision, so that the tip easily broken.
In accordance with the transmission ratio projections, handle head turn 18 laps more, you can meet Replica Cartier jewelry the watch travel time for 36 hours. However, due to the strength of each person is not the same as the winding, and the handle of the water jacket apron frictional force of different sizes, therefore, when the spring is completely relaxed, the handle is best to rotate more than 20 laps. Winding all tight, in theory, can continue to travel 40 hours (except special watches), but after 24 hours can not guarantee the accuracy of the watch travel time.
When the balance of the ball in the static state, to the hairspring to impose a certain moment, that is, on a string, this time do not shake the watch, and balance wheel can automatically swing, then the watch has a high sensitivity. If the need to shake the watch after the move to move, indicating that the watch sensitivity is low. This phenomenon is generally caused by the balance of the balance wheel is too large.
Maintenance attention
Maintenance principle of mechanical watch:
1, automatic watch in the course of the use of its winding can often maintain a certain degree of tightness, so it removed from the wrist, placed immobile, still able to keep more than twenty-four hours of walking time.
2, automatic table used for many years, due to automatic parts wear, its flexibility will be reduced, so every night before going to sleep should also swing the table for a certain time to make up for lack of power
3, automatic table automatic device if the failure, but also by hand tightening the winding, but not on the full Hand winding feel more strenuous, because the automatic part of the gear and automatic hammer will rotate with the rotation of the big wheel.
Mechanical watch adjustment time principle:
Mechanical watch for a long time without standing, mechanical watch winding will be relaxed to the watch stand still, this time, if you want to re-wear, you must first start the new winding, after the calibration time, universal mechanical watch In the winding of the most loose moment, will reveal the hour hand, minute hand slow down or become fast, because this should be on the full winding, so that no calibration time, there is no standard power to drive the pointer, even semi-automatic on the refining table Section, should also be manually used to refining to eight full, and then the implementation of time calibration.

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As long as the watch is the name of the watch on the head there will be an icon, this and the car

As long as the watch is the name of the watch on the head there will be an icon, this and the car, watch the logo LOGO must play in the face of the eye, LOGO are generally graphics, but also English letters, such as the full name of the watch Or abbreviation or prefix. Table head of the icon can be considered a beautiful watch “landscape”, on behalf of the original original, Seiko secret agents; counterfeit false watch is often in this subtle place to do bad, fuzzy rough is a common problem.
Rolex watches watch the head of the icon and meaning
Oyster case with Rolex watches, excellent waterproof performance, this is also the structure of the watch table, because only watch the watch is a moving parts, it needs to be often operated, so this place is particularly important seal. Rolex watches are equipped with a screw lock lock structure, tighten the seal will be like a stopper; and here the waterproof seal apron at least two; like the green water ghost (16610LV model) and Dieton series of imitation Cartier love bracelet watches , Waterproof seal apron up to 3 heavy, an increase in the watch case on the outside of the handle tube, pull out the table can see. In the Rolex watch table head, there will be some logo, logo on the Rolex crown GOLO below, with a dot or dash line that there are two, there are two, there are three, these signs represent Watch the case of the material, but also represents the watch case and the handle of the structure. (See photo)
The specific meaning of the logo
Rolex watches watch the head of the icon and meaning
1, a dot on behalf of the watch is PT950 platinum case, the proportion of this precious metal, watch up to compare the pressure hand;
2, two representative of the origin of the watch with 18K white gold or gold case;
3, the three origin can also be understood as a triple waterproof, with such a table of the watch, handle the head tube visible waterproof seal ring. On the basis of triple waterproofing, if the watch case material uses platinum, then the middle of its three origin which will be smaller (see the relevant photos of the first six); if the watch case material using 18K white gold, then its 3 sides of the origin will be relatively small (see the relevant photo of the first five). When the three origin is generally large (see the relevant photo of the first four), the situation is equivalent to the use of dash, usually case material for the 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel or pure stainless steel.
4, there is a short line of the most, dash as if it is a “wildcard”, on behalf of the watch is a double waterproof, table for the material for the 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel, or pure stainless steel, , This configuration is the most common.
How to buy a good mechanical watch? Watch is a sophisticated timing instrument, the price is higher, the use of time is also long. Watch the quality of good or bad, the user is very concerned about the problem. Therefore, people in the purchase of watches is always better, so good in the selection. But how can we pick a satisfactory quality watch? Usually, people only listen to the machine when the sound of the size of the sound to determine the quality of the watch is good or bad, it is unscientific. Because the quality of the watch is good or bad, mainly to see the actual travel time accuracy. When the machine moves, the sound is balanced, clear and no noise, only that the table machine is not faulty, and can not explain the quality of the watch is good or bad as the only way to pick the watch. It must also be selected from the following:
First, check the watch appearance parts
Watch the appearance from the shell, table mirror, dial and minutes and seconds and other Replica Cartier jewelry aspects of inspection. The case should be no trachoma and obvious scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and the shell of the rotation should be tight; two watch rings and the case of the same distance, the installation of the hole should be in the foot of the shell position The needle is not easy to fall off; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; three-pin installation is correct, the needle and the needle, between the mirror and the dial should have the correct safety gap; dial and Pointer coating finish is good, no mark, dial scale line or luminous point integrity; head and case between about 0.1-0.3mm gap.
Second, check the sensitivity of the watch
The sensitivity of the watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel. Check the method is:
(1) will not have been on the winding has been moving around the watch gently shake, with the power to shake to observe the second hand moving situation: If the second hand in a very short period of time to stop walking, then the watch on the hair If the second hand to continue to move for a long time, then the watch can not be fully finished foot on the foot (that is, the winding also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high Or the table is faulty.
(2) will not have to stop the clockwork on the watch, slowly turn the head, observe the second hand to start the situation: the less the rotation of the article, the second hand to start the earlier the higher the sensitivity of the table; Or table machine has other failures. But pay attention to the wings of the watch because of the greater the stiffness of the hairspring than the traditional frequency (18000 times / hour) of the table machine to a little more winding on the swing. High sensitivity of the watch, on the foot after a winding time to move longer.
Third, check the pointer pointer spacing and location
Between the table and the table mirror, between the dial and between the three pins should maintain a certain spacing, or mutual collision caused by the normal operation of the table. Inspection can be observed by dialing. The position of the hour hand and the minute hand and the mutual check is normal check method is: the minute hand and hour hand to 3:00, 9:00, observe whether the two needle at right angles; dial to 6 points, whether the needle is a straight line; dial 12 points, Whether the two fingers coincide.
Fourth, check the watch on the body
Normal watch on the article should be easy . Turn the head of the article, the first feel more loose, gradually more tight, when you can not continue to turn forward the head, indicating that the winding has been completely full and the work of the normal work. If you turn the handle when the head of the article, the occurrence of “Cha Cha abnormal sound, or produce teeth and other teeth and other phenomena, then the above mechanism is faulty.
5, check the dialing machine
Watch the needle should be flexible, reliable and pointer rotation evenly. Inspection should focus on check the wheel and the central wheel friction with the tightness. In the dial, if there is no loose or tight feeling, indicating the sub-wheel friction normal and refueling amount, on the contrary, dial machine parts are faulty. The above method of buying a new watch, for the old watch or repair the quality of the inspection can also refer to, but according to the use of the watch as appropriate to reduce the standard.

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Watch the meaning of people now is no longer a simple timing tool

Watch the meaning of people now is no longer a simple timing tool. More as a decoration, to highlight the wearing of temperament. But the watch wearing a long time, the color will inevitably look bleak. This is what you need for your love table to do a polishing! Here the watch home to talk about how much money polished it!What is the watch polished    Watch polishing is the surface of the oxidized metal wear off a layer. It is not important to be polished, the question is whether the equipment is good or bad and the operator’s level. If you do not meet the requirements of the watch will cause harm. Because the watch polishing on the technical imitation Cartier love bracelet parameters of the request is very high, so polished watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning (polishing) usually takes 5 days to complete. While the old watch after such a complex professional cleaning, the general can turn to Bacheng newWatch polished method    Case or strap on the local depth of scratches, to focus on the local first use of stone to do grinding. This need to be carried out under the magnifying glass, the purpose is to scrape evenly polished, when the scratches are basically grinding to grinding, select the appropriate size of the sandpaper, along the original pull sand lines to wear, usually the lines are To the dial as the center was radial, so this is a careful living, to a little bit, the effect of grinding out will be so realistic.How much money the watch is polished    Polishing table certainly need a certain cost, but according to the grade of the table and different. So the specific price can not give! For example, on the million watches, maintenance costs are more expensive. According to the provisions of the watch industry associations, tens of thousands of watches, in addition to demolition costs, but also according to the grade of the watch price of one thousandth of the inspection fee. So the price of the watch polished is related to the price of your watch.Magnetic field is a natural “killer” watch, it is easy to be affected by the watch, to the use of serious impact (such as serious stop phenomenon, etc.). At this point the watch must be degaussing “surgery”, the following watch home to tell you how to degenerate the watch, how much money to despise the watch it!    If the watch by the magnetic, and under normal circumstances is to go fast, (serious will stop) If the walk together between the walks, then watch the faster, about 2 hours / day or so, Steel parts are most likely to be magnetized, covering the escapement wheel and escapement fork, as well as gossamer, magnetic energy will affect Replica Cartier jewelry and interfere with the balance wheel vibration cycle. Now live, strong magnetic field can be seen everywhere, the most typical is the handbag of the magnetic buckle, which is a material made of aluminum iron boron, the magnetic force of the big, there are a variety of electrical appliances, so the watch is easy to be not aware of Magnetized.    The easiest way to judge is to use a sharp compass, flat. And then close the watch quickly and repeatedly read the top of the compass, this action also need to change the table several directions, and then repeat the implementation. As long as the needles needles, it means that the watch has been magnetic.Disassembly method of watch    First, with the finished watch degausser, about tens of dollars a (internal is a coil, the middle with a core, then 50HZ AC, alternating magnetic field degaussing), but also homemade.    Second, the watch on a non-magnetic iron on a few days, the magnetic will be transmitted to the iron plate, of course, the greater the volume of iron, by the magnetic capacity is greater, the effect is better.    Third, the watch slowly through a no iron ring, magnetic will stay on the ring.    In general, the quartz watch itself is on the battery does not exist by the magnetization of the argument, if the mechanical watch magnetization is degaussing, if your watch within the warranty can be free demagnetization, if not, you can go to a little Shopping malls, the general name of the shopping malls will watch the watch can help the table degaussing. The price is the master watch the final say, there is no price tag, generally less than 50 yuan.Tissot table as a well-known Swiss watch brand, wearing a lot of people. In the daily use of the watch maintenance work is also necessary to do a good job. A watch that is properly maintained can be used to extend the life of the watch. So how long is the maintenance of the Tissot watch?    From the daily maintenance, the Tissot table should stay a few days to do something simple cleaning. Especially the belt watch, it is best to clean the strap from time to time. So as to avoid odor or stains. From a professional point of view, the best 2-3 years to do a professional maintenance. This will not only keep the watch in a good running state, but also effectively extend its life!Tissot watch watch case maintenance    Tissot watch case, watch table to be often clean, washable with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the appearance of the material, and can cause individual skin allergies. Buy a new Tissot watch to tear off the protective cover on the back cover, otherwise the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion after the cover. Tissot watches to avoid contact with a variety of chemicals, once encountered, to be promptly cleaned, so as not to cause the coating discoloration, loss or other losses.Tissot watch strap maintenance    One day shuttle table strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.    Two Tissot watch straps to avoid long exposure to sunlight, to prevent fading.    Three due to Tissot watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, avoid contact with the oil-based substances or cosmetics.

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The sphygmomanometer watch is designed by a Singapore doctor and can be used

The sphygmomanometer watch is designed by a Singapore doctor and can be used for 24 hours to monitor blood pressure watch blood pressure monitor BPro. This new type of sphygmomanometer is particularly suitable for people who are not aware of their own symptoms of hypertension. The watch-type sphygmomanometer will not only reduce heart attack rate and stroke rate, but also collect a lot of data.
Introduction to Blood Pressure Meter
This can be the same as the watch, wrist on the continuous wear a few hours or even days, at any time to monitor human blood pressure.
People in the hospital to measure blood pressure, the tension may lead to abnormal blood pressure. In addition, the body’s blood pressure changes at any time, even if a single measurement can be accurate results, it is difficult to reflect the whole picture of the operation of the cardiovascular system.
Scientists say that with the traditional sphygmomanometer that needs to imitation Cartier love bracelet temporarily block arterial blood flow and then deflate to measure blood pressure, the new sphygmomanometer calculates blood pressure by monitoring the velocity of the pulse wave along the velocity of the hand artery. This sphygmomanometer is much lighter than the average portable sphygmomanometer and can be worn like a watch.
Through continuous measurement of blood pressure, this sphygmomanometer allows doctors to understand in detail the wearer’s blood pressure changes, the timely detection of abnormal conditions, and ultimately will be able to use these data to predict the onset of heart disease.
One in every four American adults is suffering from high blood pressure, and one in three do not know that they are suffering from high blood pressure. As the stroke often occurs within 3 hours of awakening, and during this period.
Blood pressure monitor can be divided into two kinds of direct and indirect. The operating principle of the two sphygmomanometers is not the same, the direct type is the pressure sensor to directly measure the pressure change; indirect principle is to control the externally applied to the measured parts of the pressure, and control the results associated with it The information of the generation and disappearance of the Kochian sound is judged. The former regardless of the arteries or veins can be continuous test, which can only measure the arterial systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
The principle of measurement of blood pressure meter is accurate, and its clinical validation is based on auscultation method as a standard, the use of statistical methods to design, in modern blood pressure indirect measurement method, divided into auscultation method Auscultatory method and oscillometric method.
Auscultation method has its inherent shortcomings: First, in the diastolic blood pressure corresponding to the fourth phase or the fifth phase of the problem has been controversial, resulting in a large discrimination error. Second, by listening to Kirsley to determine the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, the reading by the doctor’s mood, hearing, environmental noise, the tension of the subjects and a series of factors, easy to introduce subjective errors, it is difficult to standardize.
The principle of auscultation made electronic sphygmomanometer, although the realization of the automatic detection, but still did not completely solve its inherent shortcomings, namely, large error, poor repeatability, susceptible to noise interference.
At present, the vast majority of blood pressure monitors and automatic electronic Replica Cartier jewelry sphygmomanometer using the oscillographic method to indirectly measure blood pressure. The blood pressure was measured by establishing the relationship between systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean pressure and cuff pressure sonic wave.
Because pulse shock wave and blood pressure have a more stable correlation, so the actual application of self-test blood pressure, the use of oscillographic principles of blood pressure measurement than the auscultation method is more accurate. And the wave method to measure blood pressure when the sleeve without sound device, simple operation, anti-external noise interference ability, but also measured the average pressure.
It must be pointed out that from the measurement principle, the two indirect measurement method does not exist which a more accurate problem, it does not mean that the use of mercury pressure meter auscultation method measured by the results than the electronic sphygmomanometer measurement results accurate. Of course, it is considered that the measurement results of the electronic sphygmomanometer are more accurate and erroneous than the results of the auscultation method using a mercury pressure gauge.
Jacques Lemans, founded in 1977, was founded in Switzerland and is based in Germany. The company then moved to Austria and eventually settled in St. Veit an der Glan / Kärnten in central Austria. Jacques Lemans product quality outstanding, stylish design unconventional, widely acclaimed, is the watch industry rising star. Until 2013, Jacques Lemans watches have been sold to more than 110 countries around the world, about 200 international routes have sales. Has been among the famous jewelry and watch the ranks of luxury goods manufacturers.
What is the grade of the Ryan Clerman watch?
Jacques Lemans As a leading global watch manufacturer, in a fair price range always adhere to its precise and reliable, quality and solid brand spirit. For decades, the company has been advocating technological innovation and innovative design of the spirit, each watch are Jacques Liman most exquisite pride.
Jacques – Leman Jacques Lemans watches with Swiss watch and German watch the watchmaking technology and philosophy, so the quality is very outstanding. Its watches are Swiss movement. Grade is higher than the Japanese table. And Tissot, the United States for the four categories of watches!

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Health detection and exercise calculation is a modern smart watches are generally available

Health detection and exercise calculation is a modern smart watches are generally available, but not with these features are smart watches are sports watches. The following watch home for you to introduce a Swatch’s smart sports watch it!
Smart health sports watch recommended, smart sports watch which is good
Swiss fashion watch brand Swatch is about to upgrade its touch screen smart watch products, including its special beach volleyball enthusiasts designed Swatch Touch Zero One (STZO) product line.
And most of the same fitness watch, STZO can record the number of calories and other calorie burning test data, but the main purpose of its design is focused on the beach volleyball, such as the specific actions such as ball, spike, and even teammates to celebrate the encouragement The
STZO collects these information samples and scores the user’s volleyball level with the built-in software (0-100 points). This watch is the use of battery electronic form, due to the use of black and white screen, battery life up to several months. It is scheduled for sale later this year, priced at $ 160 (about 1,000 yuan), the color is undetermined.
Smart watches can be described as popular science and technology products, the major manufacturers have introduced their own new smart watches. Today, the watch home for everyone to introduce a concept called Smile smart watch. What is the difference between this smart watch, we look together.
Smart watch smile concept watch introduction
Smile smart watch is Emopluse in Indigogo on a fundraising project, which uses Cartier nail bracelet replica two color OLED flexible screen composition, aluminum shell waterproof drop, run the custom version of Linux system. The configuration will be equipped with Texas Instruments TI OMAP5 processor, 2GB RAM and 128GB or more ROM (no mistake?), In addition Smile smart watch can also call, support Nano-SIM card, equipped with three cameras and three microphones, Supports NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0.
The top camera is used to track faces and can be used for video chat applications; the top edge of the camera has 12 million pixels, used to record the daily life scenes, the side of the camera for scanning bar code and two-dimensional code information. At present the project is in the fundraising period, booking 128GB price of 480 US dollars, 256GB price of 550 US dollars, if the really and the description of the video, the price is really cheap it
Smart watch market competition is very intense, in the major foreign brands launched their products when the time. Domestic manufacturers have not missed, the following watch home for everyone to introduce several good domestic smart watch it
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
Tuman 2 generations
Tman Fireman, the new metal version of T-Fire Metal screen with E-ink electronic ink screen, do not hurt the eyes also has up to 15 days of battery life. Android4.4 operating system and the use of Mips chip program, in addition to call answering, message reminders, movement and other basic functions, but also support real-time voice communications, map navigation, location display and health management and other functions.
November 18, Terman’s second-generation T-Fire Metal smart watch to 649 yuan price registration Jingdong all chips, and ultimately all the total amount of more than one million. Tuman first generation of watches, this last year in the WeChat circle of friends to create a miracle of the product, because the delay after several times the delivery time, but also friends as “bouncing king” title, but this time in the Jingdong all raised the previous transcripts still shows that Tuman watches in the circle has no small appeal.
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
InWatch Fusion
Each inWatch Fusion are inlaid with 12 Swarovski Ying-color zircon, the case also uses a 9-level hardness of the sapphire crystal, and equipped with a leather strap. And from Switzerland, Ronda is to provide its quartz movement. The main function, inWatch Fusion support the relevant sports data monitoring, double-click the surface can also be displayed by the LED lights the same day the amount of exercise. Endurance, inWatch Fusion internal two movement by their own independent Replica Cartier jewelry battery-powered, quartz movement can supply 40 months, and inWatch intelligent movement can reach 3 to 6 months of life.
The first batch of inWatch Fusion will have three colors, case, strap and dial color are different, the retail price of 1299 yuan; the current price of 999 yuan will be sold, and continued until January 10 next year. It is worth mentioning that inWatch Fusion conference with the current hardware business circle the most popular micro-credit conference form, friends circle instant brush screen, the effect is also quite good.
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
In the public platform Pozible the emergence of this Paick is also from the Shenzhen team launched, the use of “metal integrated body + Citizen watch movement + sapphire glass panel + leather strap + sports step.” Experience the retail price of 799 yuan, the public can get the lowest price of only 349 yuan. Electronic aspects of the three-axis gyroscope, Bluetooth 4.0 communication is the same. Unlike Withings, Paick dial below this sub-scale, is through the five LED lights to show the completion of the amount of exercise.
In the last month Ampel network held “2014 global smart device industry trends and novel cool cool product experience salon”, Paick get the scene show, the industry and investors have been unanimously approved, I believe that can achieve good results.
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
Looking for nevo smart watch
Nevo using the Swiss movement, the table cover and Apple Watch is the same sapphire glass. At the same time nevo waterproof level also reached 3ATM, can be worn in the swimming pool within three meters. Motion sensor with Bluetooth 4.0, and the dial inside the 11 LED lights group, so nevo can track the number of users to track, travel distance, swimming arm frequency, sleep quality and duration, calorie consumption, vibration tips and so on. In addition to the motion monitoring function, there is an important function, that is, information shock prompt function, so that users will not miss all the important information.
Nevo price of 999 yuan, it has been in the United States all stocks site Indiegogo raised more than one million raise the amount.

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The most Swiss watch brand although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality

Ninobi (sinobi) watch products are divided into seven series: creative watches, 5A new fashion watches, love is still a couple watches, the wind is still sports leisure table, goods still business classic table, respect is still steel table, ceremony Still gift table.

“When the promise than (sinobi)” Guangdong Yonghong watches and clocks, one of its brands. Guangdong Yonghong Watch Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of watches, in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has invested more than 60 million yuan of modern industrial park, set research and development, production, sales, brand management One.

How much money is the watch
Nuo Nuo watch as a domestic watch brand, using a large number of imported Cartier nail bracelet replica movement. Most of the table is relatively cheap, good movement watches higher! Prices range from $ 100 to $ 9,300
World renowned for many years, “Tim Ya” watch for the Swiss watch manufacturing history made the most important page. “Tim Tim” company was founded in 1937 in Switzerland. As a long history of the Swiss watch brand, when Tim Ya watch is a lot of users concerned about the ranking!
In 1960, “Tim Ya” for the first time the introduction of multi-functional mechanical men’s table, which can display two different time zone time, in the crown next to the 2-bit button, can be used to adjust the two sets of needle. The surface is displayed in Turkish and Arabic numerals, and a magnifying glass is provided at 6 o’clock, making it easy for users to view the date display. This marks its superb craftsmanship, is definitely an epoch-making leader
In order to pursue a more perfect design, “Tim Ya” more with Switzerland’s oldest one of the LE PHARE watch factory (founded in 1888) to work together, not only to learn from its world-renowned excellent technology, the design of soft modern Aesthetics, to create a timeless classic high-quality mechanical watches and automatic watches; Switzerland has become the second largest multi-functional mechanical watch manufacturers, laid its lofty status in the industry. “Tim” is mainly in Europe and the Middle East, the pursuit of high quality watches in the country marketing, it will soon be an unprecedented success.
The most Swiss watch brand, although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality. In the watch rankings are four types of table in the more backward position!
Watch on the meaning of a man extraordinary, a good table to highlight the wearing of temperament and taste. So choose a men’s watch is very important! The following watch home to introduce you to the world’s top ten men’s watch it!
Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN
Diving table in the boss, the classic diving outer ring, Mercedes-Benz pointer and zoom blisters. The most popular in the forum a men’s watches. Equipped with CAL.3135 movement is also high-profile, known as the most classic one of the three needle movement. Travel time stable, accurate, is a man dream of the watch.
Panerai Luminor series PAM00372
The most retro, but also the most fashionable. PAM00372 biggest feature is that huge Replica Cartier jewelry clasp, worn in the hand can definitely show the character of men, as long as you HOLD live it 47mm table diameter. Crown unique shoulder structure, Panerai is the most charming place, because it, how many people chose the Luminor series. A rare two-pin design that you can not like, but it’s undeniable that it’s different. In addition, 3 days of power reserve, but also a big selling point of this table.
Omega Hippocampus Omega Ocean Cosmos
Diving table has always been a symbol of men’s watches, the sea of the sea is no exception. Unlike Rolex Shui Gui, it has a deeper waterproof, more advanced helium technology and more economical prices. Of course, Omega limelight positive coaxial escapement movement CAL.8500 is also a big selling point of this table. The only in the accuracy and stability, can be told with Rolex brand and style.
World pilot series IW500401
What is more than the pilots table more men do! Moreover, it is a large pilot. The huge onion-style crown is one of its major features, excellent on the chain feel. The atmosphere of the disk is very clear when reading, 46.2mm diameter is definitely the first choice of Mr. Wei Meng. Movement with the world’s most classic CAL.51111, with Bialon on the chain structure and seven-day power reserve, advanced and practical. Anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell can provide good anti-magnetic protection.
Audemars Piguet oak offshore type 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01
May be the top brand in the most MAN design, octagonal design is classic in the classic. Offshore design is more domineering and sturdy than the average design. Rubber crown and strap, have proved that this is a top watch to the water. 300 meters of waterproof enough to support. CAL.3120 movement is also a classic automatic mechanical movement, gold pendulum Tuo not only a symbol of luxury brands, but also increase the efficiency of the chain. The movement has 60 hours of dynamic storage.
Blancpain 50 series 5015-1130-52
The first diving watch series, also the most different diving watch design. Fifty is the top of the diving table, but it is not squeaky. Regardless of waterproof performance, movement travel time and durability are very good, its carrying CAL.1315 movement can provide 120 hours of power. 45mm table diameter is more movement, relative to the water ghost, it is more suitable for brawny wear.
Breitling Air Times AB012012 / BB01
The most suitable for pilots to wear the watch, the disk on the ruler specially prepared for the pilot. Classic black dial with white small bezel and red second hand, clear and easy to read. Equipped with Breitling the most classic production timing 01 movement, excellent performance, feel comfortable, very stable and reliable. More than 70 hours of power reserve, but to achieve the Observatory certification standards, it is not easy.
Hamilton Khaki Series H70595593 watch
Hamilton is recognized as the entry-level Swiss watch brand in the most “man”, especially this card its field. Its 42mm diameter with rivet leather belt, very rough. ETA2824-2 movement precision and stability, excellent performance. With the date, 24 hours and the world when the function, the price is only sold less than ten thousand yuan, it is the industry conscience. Disk font is large, highlight the charm of men at the same time easy to read.
Boer Engineer Hydrocarbon Series Depth Exploration DM3000A-SC-BK
Titanium case makes this table very light, hardness is also higher, not easy to cause scratches, knock injury. Titanium-specific matte color plus 43mm table diameter, very suitable for individual men to wear. The most cattle is the waterproof table, full of 3000 meters, any of you up the mountain, it can accompany you brave the horizon. The most rare, this table also passed the Observatory certification, travel is absolutely guaranteed.
Tissot force Lock series T41.1.423.53
Tissot’s most popular watches, produced more than 10 years is still selling, enough to prove the popularity of its watch level. This section of the 10 watches, the only one relatively refined men’s watches, we can see the definition of the classic. Elegant disc central carved and Roman numerals time scale, retro handwriting le locle and 39.3mm table diameter, combined into this classic timeless men watches.

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Peng Zhi senior quartz watch in the case of manufacturing and table components of the research

Peng Zhi senior quartz watch in the case of manufacturing and table components of the research and development, the Department of Japan, Switzerland, the original high-quality movement, batteries, pointers using precision timer, travel time accurate, innovative design fashion, the main products for Japan, High-end watch market.
Peng Zhizhi watch how? Peng Zhi watch good?
Peng Chi watch how? User parity
Feeling very good, more than 80 yuan to buy, so far to go are very accurate, and now even the battery has not been replaced, the price is really high.
Peng Chi table in the early 80s of last century was founded in Hong Kong, proficient in the case of manufacturing and into a table component of the research and development, the use of imported sports, batteries, products mainly for Japan, South Korea Replica Cartier jewelry and other high-end watch market. With years of manufacturing in the process has made great achievements, in general, Peng Zhi watches are still very good.
Peng Zhi watch cleaning method
1. Please use a soft cloth to wipe the case and the table on the dirt, sweat and water.
2. Please use a soft dry cloth to wipe the sweat and dirt on the belt.
3. When cleaning metal, plastic or rubber straps, clean the dirt with mild soap and water. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the gap in the metal strap. If the table is not waterproof, please go to the sale after cleaning.
Child safety time North society concerned, in order to let parents know the child’s movements. Peace Star GPS positioning watch was born. Here just like the watch home together to understand this watch it!
Pingxingxing GPS positioning watch function introduced
According to its R & D personnel, the peace satellite GPS satellite tracking positioning watch has a special device, and space satellites to keep in touch, the satellite can always transfer this information to the electronic form, so whether you at the ends of the earth, can experience To the satellite’s precise navigation function.
GPS satellite tracking positioning watches care for the elderly, so that they can get home after getting lost, even if they can not find the watch satellite positioning system allows families in the shortest possible time to search for the location of the elderly. Mr. Li told reporters that his father has Alzheimer’s disease, often the loss of the situation, the family is very worried about him, and even affect the work and life, but also with the phone, but the phone has lost several, and now buy The peace satellite GPS satellite tracking positioning watch, the family can clearly know his father’s position, even if the father lost in the shortest possible time to find Cartier love bracelet replica his father, is a rare convenience products.
GPS satellite tracking positioning of the watch, the application of GPS satellite positioning and GPRS wireless network positioning dual positioning function, GPS satellite signal in poor areas, as long as there is a stable mobile network signal, the parents can also accurately grasp the child’s geographical location.
Parents can also use the electronic watch electronic fence function, set the fence area, you can choose to adjust the size of the electronic fence range, when the child wear watch beyond the fence area, the platform will alarm. Also, the role of the SOS key on the electronic watch should not be overlooked. Once the child felt in a critical situation, a press button even if not speak, will automatically dial the parents of the phone, the child around what happened, can be well aware of the parents, the first time to rescue, and this electronic watch wear Wrist is not easy to lose, very safe.
GPS satellite and LBS base station dual positioning, just install a GPRS service can open SIM card positioning and telephone dual function can be accurate and efficient positioning and call, When the watch set the local administrator and guardian, long press SOS key will automatically dial the administrator number, when the administrator did not answer the phone or refused to answer the phone, the watch will automatically call the first guardian, when the first guardian Did not answer the phone or refused to answer the phone, the watch will automatically call the second guardian, as a result of three times. When all the guardians do not answer the SOS phone, the watch will automatically send: “SOS + current watch the latest location information” to the administrator phone. When the user uses the SOS function, the platform will also receive this SOS alarm, the installation of this feature to the office workers now brought great convenience, at work at the same time can take a good balance between monitoring children and care for the elderly task , Anytime, anywhere to ensure the safety of the elderly and the location of the child.
GPS satellite tracking positioning watches, can accurately locate their own location, as long as with their Fake Cartier love bracelet emergency contact to get in touch, you can easily get rid of the difficulties, Mr. Zhang unhappy told reporters that after the trip with the peace satellite GPS satellite tracking positioning Watch the companion, will be more colorful at the same time more secure and reliable.
GPS satellite tracking positioning watch, in addition to the elderly, children and love of tourists, is also very suitable for the car, the function is very powerful, in addition to the most basic GPS positioning, including SOS function, “Tel” speed dial function, Music player, video playback, alarm clock function, etc., is a versatile for a wide range of portable GPS.

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As a result of carrying a large number of modules and features

In recent years, intelligent wear equipment after another, smart watches also have a wealth of products, simple function of intelligent wear products are no longer able to meet the diverse needs of users. Facing the increasingly rich demand for users, Fun Technology launched inWatch smart watch. How about this watch? Let’s take a look!
InWatch smart watch evaluation, inWatch smart watch how to
As a result of carrying a large number of modules and features, inWatch smart watches in the design is more compact. Watch the front of the touch screen as the main body, the bottom of the screen with a silver round return key. On the left is the micro SIM card slot, there is a silver decoration; the right is the lock screen / power button, microphone and reset hole, camera and speakers are set in the top and bottom of the screen. Charging and data Cartier love ring replica interface set in the strap, using a USB universal interface, you can not use the data cable directly connected to the computer.
InWatch smart watch the details of the performance is better, flexible strap and coating for the details of the increase in the advantages, but in the strap and dial connection processing is not smooth, in addition, the silver design on both sides of the watch is very Strong sense of plastic, in addition, inWatch the overall work and materials or have a good performance.
System experience
As the core of smart watches, hardware and the system with the decision to run the fluency of the watch. InWatch smart watch CPU with MTK6515, the frequency of 1GHz, with the 512M of memory and 4G storage space. Although there is no high hardware configuration, but in the small screen on the watch should still be running enough.
InWatch smart watch evaluation, inWatch smart watch how to
InWatch based on Andrews 4.1 depth development and optimization of the system can be said to be tailored for the smart watch, in the use of experience is also very good, the overall operation is very smooth, the watch can also be real-time feedback user’s operation, almost no delay , In the background to run the program for a long time there is no Caton phenomenon.
InWatch smart watch supports commonly used software, but also built a voice assistant, notepad, information such basic functions. In software expansion, inWatch no built-in play store, so the software installation requires the user to download. InWatch in the menu also added a compatibility setting, you can improve the use of the program experience.
Overall satisfaction with the screen display
As the main user interaction, inWatch smart watch screen can be described as the most important. InWatch with a 1.54-inch touch screen, a resolution of 240 × 240, which also means that the screen PPI reached 220, in the smart watch similar products is a very good performance.
InWatch smart watch evaluation, inWatch smart watch how to
In the display effect, inWatch screen or a better experience. With 240 × 240 display, the user Cartier love bracelet replica can be very intuitive to see more information, the screen viewing angle is small, need to be in front to get the best display, taking into account the operation of the use of smart watches are basically right Screen, so the viewing angle is not a big problem.
InWatch the screen has a third gear brightness adjustment, you can well correspond to different brightness of the environment, you can manually adjust the brightness to extend the battery life or to adapt to the strong ambient light, in the drop-down menu is also very convenient to adjust the brightness section.
Because there is no light sensor, so the watch in the outdoor display is also our point of concern. The problem is that the automatic brightness and manual maximum brightness is no different, in the dark environment will be very glare, in addition, inWatch display or make the order People are satisfied.
Simple and diverse audio and video entertainment
InWatch smart watch equipped with a camera, so that it has a rare smart camera in the camera and camera functions. Watch the camera for the 2 million pixels, you can provide camera and video functions.
Although the auto-focus function is provided, the speed of autofocus and manual focus is very slow, usually after 5 seconds will be prompted to focus, and the focus is not very accurate, there will be no focus on the situation.
As a watch camera, inWatch camera and video can only be used as an auxiliary function to provide similar microblogging or chat so that the use of photographic requirements are not high, the ambient light also has a higher demand.
In audio and video playback, with a Bluetooth headset, this smart watch audio performance is quite good. But in view of its small screen, watch the effect of the video will be affected, even if there is a very smooth playback, we do not recommend using it to watch the video, as a video preview or play music or have a good effect.
Good performance of the call life
The inWatch smart watch with the SIM card feature has a call and information function and makes it a watch that works independently of a smartphone.
InWatch smart watch with micro-SIM card, which is commonly known as a small card, through the accompanying card to remove the card care. In the call effect, the use of Bluetooth headset can get a good call, in the course of the call there will be noise, but also in the control of the acceptable range, and the phone is not the difference between the phone call. Direct use of smart watches affected by the environment, we also recommend the use of Bluetooth headset to make calls.
Smart watch another concern is the battery life time. The volume is limited but also to provide a variety of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica functions of smart watches in the performance of life is the focus of our test. InWatch smart watch built-in 500 mAh lithium polymer battery, the nominal standby time of 5 days (120 hours).
InWatch smart watch with USB interface to charge, you can directly connect the computer or USB adapter to charge, you can not directly connect the USB cable to connect mobile power charging, charging time only 1 hour can be filled from the state of no electricity, for charging is still very convenient.
In general, inWatch smart watches overall performance is better, but there are still some worthy of improvement. Products in the user experience under a lot of effort, a variety of features also attracted a lot of attention, but if these functions can be done more refined, I believe that the price of 1399 yuan will have better competitiveness