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Men wear what jade pendant good man suitable for wearing jade pendant recommended

Men wear what jade pendant good man suitable for wearing jade pendant recommended
In men more and more attention to their external image today, men’s jewelry is also more and more. Jade as jade in the five, naturally became the first choice for male jewelry. What about the man wearing a jade pendant? Men for wearing a jade pendant what? The following recommended a few most suitable for men wearing jade pendant, we can refer to!
Men wear what jade pendant good – antique dragon card
Mosaic jade is not only jade texture, and the shape is very vivid and refined, there is a kind of atmospheric beauty, saying “wear gold was wealthy, Dai Yu Bao peace”, jade listing implied good, very worthy of their own wear or gift friends.

Men wear what jade pendant is good – Mexican pendant
Mexican Tsui refers to the green was black emerald. Myanmar called it “the shadow of a successful man” because he was behind the man in the towering figure behind the man who made the big business. According to the traditional Chinese yin and yang theory of five elements: “black is water, water can gather money”, China has since ancient times, black evil spirits, body care said.

Men wear what jade pendant good – emerald Guanyin
In the Chinese tradition, it is “men wear Guanyin female Dai Replica Cartier jewelry¬†“, in the past business, examinations and so on are men, perennial out, the most important thing is safe. Goddess of Mercy can be safe, and people also hope that under its protection, life is smooth, the cause of good service, good health, all the best. Men wear Guanyin, is to let men more like a Buddism godness Guanyin like compassion and softness, naturally have to Guanyin bless safe and happy.

Men wear what jade pendant is good – emerald leaves
An exquisite Jade Jade jewelry, skilled jade carving master or carved real ancient leaves, or combined with other elements to render, to produce all kinds of moist and dignified emerald leaf pendant. Men wear jade jewelry pay attention to the atmosphere of heroic, clean and fresh jade leaves simple and generous, not fancy, highlight the manhood.

Men wear what jade pendant is good – Jade brave
Men are the pillars of the family, life and wealth, the cause of transport inseparable, so men have to wear their own wealth and business transport jade. In this regard, the most suitable for men to wear brave emerald, brave since ancient times is the transfer of animal fortune, for the first five animal first. Brave to recognize the Lord, and will bless life. After the opening of the supreme brave brave has a powerful power of wealth, can help the owner to recruit financial resources, bite the money and further keep the treasury.

Men wear what jade pendant good – jade listing
Jade listing has always been thick Zhuang atmosphere, simple yet yet sophisticated, carving techniques are often pendant layered sense of the very rich. Emerald listing more wealthy deep meaning, not only the meaning of auspicious, but also highlight the masculine masculinity of the gas.

What is the man wearing a jade pendant? Above recommended a few men for wearing jade pendant, I hope you like!
Jade as the king of jade, the color is very rich. Light from the single color point of view, there are green (Tsui), blue, blue, red (Fei), yellow, brown, purple (spring), white, gray, black and so on. Different colors of jade collection value is different, then what is the most valuable emerald color it? What color is the most expensive jade? Here to introduce the different colors of jade collection value, we can refer to!
What is the most valuable color of jade – green emerald
Among the many single colors of jade, the most valuable is green. Green jade is not only a very recognized by investors, but also the highest value of jade varieties. However, the total amount of jade from the green emerald in the proportion of the total amount of jade is relatively small, and green and strong sub-ice through the emerald is even less. Handed down the old laborers are also green-based, in the jade wear and use of the process has been to green for the green as expensive!

What color is the most valuable emerald – purple emerald
Purple emerald is also known as “violet”, the line called it “spring”. At present, the purple emerald polarization is very powerful, the species is very delicate, while the color of the rich purple emerald prices rose very powerful, and the general color of light, dark, texture is not delicate purple emerald in sharp contrast, and both The gap is getting bigger and bigger, if the purple blue taste too heavy, purple dark, the value will be affected. If purple and rich and delicate texture, it is very rare and expensive!

What color is the most valuable color – mixed color
A piece of emerald with a variety of colors at the same time, not only precious but also auspicious. Red and green purple as “Fu Lu Shou”, red, green and green purple for the “four years”, if again, as the “green belt”; red and green co-exist known as “double happiness” or “Fu Lu Shuangquan” Plus white is the precious “five blessing door”!

What color is the most valuable emerald – red emerald
Jade in the red than the value of the higher yellow, its output is far less than the number of yellow. From the senses, red is more brilliant than yellow, more beautiful, but not all red have a high value. Only those kind of transparent red jade is relatively rare, the higher the value of these red fins made of red ring, flower pieces, safe buckle, etc., are rare good things, but also has a better appreciation of space.

What color is the most valuable emerald – yellow emerald
In general, only in the species of transparent, delicate texture, yellow is very rich and beautiful, beautiful circumstances, the yellow will become the advantages of jade. These yellow are often used to carry out Qiao carved, a lot of jade for the color. And the color is bleak, the head is not good yellow is often the shortcomings of jade, with the words inside the line is “obviously dirty.”

What is the most valuable color of jade – ink emerald
Black jade is now on the market of ink Tsui. Mexican Cui was not recognized before, but with the Taiwan region for the Mexican Cui’s favorite, its market value was unearthed. In the ink Cui fans look, ink Tsui color deep, more evil spirits, there are emphasis on exorcism and other implied meaning, so there are a lot of stress and say, but the ink is not the mainstream market varieties.

What color is the most valuable jade – white emerald
Chemical composition is very pure jade, because it does not contain pigment ions, so the performance of white or nearly colorless. White jade production a lot, but most of the value is not high At the end of the last century found and produced nearly colorless or white glass species, ice jade. This jade is almost no color, but delicate texture, transparent water, with its light from the light after the show, extraordinary scenery, become a new love jade collection.

What color is the most valuable jade – gray emerald
Gray emerald represents a warm, peaceful. Embodies a kind of misty and nothingness, on behalf of the most stable calm and tranquility. On the collection point of view to see, completely no value of the color is gray. It can be said, as long as the gray into the emerald color which will produce a “dirty” feeling, reduce the value of jade, such as green, purple, yellow jade if the gray, the value of jade will be reduced

What color is the most valuable emerald? What color is the most expensive jade? From the above description summed up in these colors, the most valuable is green, followed by purple, then the red and yellow, completely no value of the color is gray.

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