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Identification of the color diamond, identification of the appearance, fraud identification

Identification of the color diamond, identification of the appearance, fraud identification
From the China Gem Industry Association learned: different from the white diamonds, China’s quality inspection departments have not been able to give color diamonds issued a certificate of quality, the Chinese mainland city popular color diamonds, are still imitation Cartier love bracelet¬†undocumented jewelry. (GIA) to detect, but these are holding the “foreign certificate” of the color of diamonds, only to a small amount of large jewelry enterprises (Hong Kong enterprises mostly), in order to allow customers to be assured, went to the ocean, the color diamonds sent to the American Gem Research Institute (GIA) to detect In the mainland market accounted for less than 5% of the proportion. And for the definition of colored diamonds, there is no general international rules, the domestic more punishments and regulations. In order to avoid the unnecessary loss of collectors, it is recommended that consumers buy pink diamonds, buy less yellow and green diamonds. The best color diamond identification method is to send your colored diamonds to the American Gemological Research Institute (GIA) for testing. If you want to save trouble, you can choose a high reputation, good reputation drill to buy.
Identification of color diamond – Appearance identification

Natural color diamonds, in addition to the variation of the thick color case, the basic just “light color” appearance, blue diamond is absolutely impossible to blue like “Titanic” on the “Ocean Heart” or sapphire, than the sapphire color is more light some. And pink diamonds will not powder like “Barbie” pink, it is only like no light red. Yellow diamond color concentration larger, but most only yellow goose, yellow not “chicken oil yellow”.

Therefore, those colorful, “garlic”, high concentration, and relatively cheap so-called color diamonds, Jiucheng above are optimized after the product.

Color diamond fraud
Pink diamond dyeing the lowest probability, because the pink color and diamonds are not “compatible”, false technology can not achieve such a realistic effect. The most stained green diamonds, because the color change technology, a wide range of sources of green pigment, it is easier to white diamond into green diamond. And for yellow diamonds, “fake” in two ways, one is to change the color processing, and change the green diamond the same way.

Specifically, the blue-green color gem, “optimization” process is more complex: white diamond first through the “radiation” program, change the diamond internal molecular sort, as to change the biological DNA sequence, re-establish the color order. After being “high temperature and high pressure” treatment, showing a stable, uniform blue or green. In contrast, powder, yellow two-color diamond “processing program” is relatively simple, as long as the “high temperature and pressure” of the processing procedures. This is because, similar to the warm color is easier to spread, without radiation can be formed at high temperatures.
Here are the reasons for the damage to the diamond, diamond damage which several types of diamond damage solution. Because of the relationship between the toughness of diamonds, if the knock on the diamond cleavage surface, diamonds are likely to be damaged. So what is the cause of diamond damage? Under the reasons for the diamond damage and diamond damage after the treatment.
Although the laser welding will not let the seat or stone temperature rise. But the concentrated beam of energy will make the diamond graphitization. Direct wear or reflection from the smooth metal are possible. In the diamond surface there is such a material disguised Replica Cartier jewelry words. It is easy due to a little pressure on the formation of broken holes.

Cut the diamond tool improperly. Excessive stress or percussion will also cause a defect when cutting the factory. Causing a lot of diamonds before sending out the factory with some like cracks, scratches and other traces of injury.

Although the diamond has a high scratch resistance. But the daily wear will encounter the impact of the impact and sudden pressure more sensitive. Diamonds between the edges and edges of the impact of each other, after a period of friction. Sharp edges or thin waist is easy to grind white lines scratches. Easy to form a gap;

In the process of cutting. Due to grinding wheel and the friction between the diamond to produce high temperature and the formation of burning scratches. Resulting in the erosion of the diamond surface. Then we get the white burning scars we see.

Diamond damage type

Ideal burst (psychological damage);

Rupture, fracture, gap, erosion and other mechanical force damage;

Chemical damage, invasion, corrosion

Heat, plus mixture, combustion

Fade, decomposition and other changes in appearance;

Diamond Damage Solution
Diamond Damage Solution

User asked: diamond damage to the solution

Bought a ring in a diamond shop. Wearing about five or six months. Not by the high temperature did not bump. One-third of the diamond suddenly fell off. How to solve?

Enthusiastic users A: You can go to the local Quality Supervision Bureau of jewelry inspection to be identified, if it is false diamonds can be certified certificates and shopping invoices to the Consumers Association complaints, but also to the court. According to the law, you can get ten times Compensation.

According to your description, there is no high temperature nor bump, which is certainly not broken in the broken. In other words, even after high temperature and bumps, the real diamond is also difficult to happen this situation. Jewelery identification can not only identify Authenticity, can also identify such a strange situation is what reason.
Fluorescent diamonds refer to the light emitted by diamonds under the excitation of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica ultraviolet light. The image that we usually use some of the banknotes in the money detector that kind of ultraviolet light is not able to light it, that is the kind of light. There are some diamonds will be fluorescent, usually blue and white fluorescence, there are a small part of the diamond yellow fluorescence.
Fluorescent diamonds

For the fluorescence, people’s attitudes are not the same. Some people are specifically looking for diamonds that produce this unique effect, while others avoid buying these diamonds. In fact, different levels of fluorescent effects can only be identified by professionally trained jewelery professionals.

User asked: diamond fluorescence on the price of how much impact?

Enthusiastic friends A: color as low as the color of M, fluorescent has basically basic on the price of diamonds no effect

Below the J color of the diamond is greater than the M color, the price of diamonds will be low 5% – 10%

Color for DEF diamond price impact, diamond prices will be low 10% -20%

Color for the DEF and diamond weight greater than 50 points or more, the price of diamonds will be low 30% -35%

Fluorescence is a natural indicator, but does not affect the value of diamonds. The value of diamonds depends only on 4C, that is, color, clarity, size and cut. Other indicators are for reference only. The choice of fluorescence can be said to be in the 4C are in line with the selection conditions, you can not consider. Fluorescence or strong fluorescence depends on the degree of personal preference, they do not affect the value of diamonds. The world famous blue diamond – hope drill (Hope) is a strong fluorescent (Strong Blue) of the diamond.

Diamond Fluorescent Level
User asked: what level of diamond fluorescent applause

What is the level of diamond fluorescence applause

Enthusiastic friends A: Fluorescence, English Fluorescence ,, l is an important indicator, it affects the color of diamonds.

Fluorescence index refers to the intensity of blue light emitted by diamonds under intense ultraviolet light. Internationally, Fluorescence levels are negligible (none), none (not visible), inert, faint (blue), strong blue (especially blue). Strong blue level of diamonds than negligible or none level of cheap. Diamond fluorescent grade of DG color greater than 50 points or more VS-class diamond price great impact, generally weak fluorescence can affect the price of about 5%, moderate fluorescence will affect about 7% -10%, strong fluorescence for the higher color The greater, up to 30% or more.

Especially the strong fluorescence of the basic than the non-fluorescent price of about 35% lower, generally about 1-2 carats DEF diamond price greater impact, the stronger the fluorescence for the more similar colorless color hazy feeling (in 10 times The mirror is more clear), the impact of high-color diamond permeability, for less than J-color diamonds, although the fluorescent can make the diamond was white, but still the price will be low 5% -10%, color down to M color, Fluorescence has basically no effect on the price, and small diamonds less than 20 points also basically do not affect the price, 20-50 points for high clarity VVS diamonds also have a certain price impact. But in Europe part of the bare drill will be high as a selling point, the price is not inferior to the negligible level. So the impact of fluorescent on the price of diamonds to specific analysis.

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