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How to judge the 6 carat diamond ring how much money?

How to judge the 6 carat diamond ring how much money?
Diamond prices are determined by the Diamond 4C standard

Many interested in diamond investment friends are very concerned about the price of large drilling, because only the volume of the drill was suitable for investment, and buy 6 carat diamond ring investment to wear two correct. Diamond ring price depends on the first Cartier love bracelet replica diamond, especially the six-carat big diamond ring. Diamond prices are also determined by the diamond 4C standard, the so-called diamond 4C standard, refers to the diamond color, clarity, carat, cut. Diamond 4C is the most important thing is the weight of diamonds, the more scarlet diamond the more rare, the higher the value, but also because it is such a 6 carat diamond price is much higher than the price of 6 1 carat diamond and , So 6 carat diamond ring price is relatively high.
The price of diamonds is related to the natural color clarity

At present, the international diamond color from the most white to the most yellow, represented by the English alphabet, from D to the last Z, is divided into three levels. D grade: completely colorless, extremely rare. E grade: colorless, is very rare diamonds. F-class, are high-quality diamonds. These several colors and clarity are the majority of customers expect the level of diamonds, these bare drill out of the diamond is particularly beautiful and pure. Therefore, the higher the clarity of the 6-carat diamond ring relatively high prices.

Cut is the only factor that affects the price manually

Cut the work is the only human factors can be changed, the impact on the price of diamonds is also great, diamond cut the impact of the diamond fire color, the same quality, color different diamonds, the price difference between 20% -30%; cut Work different price difference between 30% -40%. A 6-carat color, clarity, cut very good diamonds and 6 carat color, clarity, less cut diamonds compared to the price difference between 70% -80%, so the general brand of Cartier love ring replica diamond cutting technology and Personnel requirements are more stringent. Like Levi’s cutting technology inherited the Belgian hundreds of years of cutting technology, combined with modern precision instruments, so in the cutting of the more dominant. In short, the diamond cut on the price of diamond ring is very large.

The price of the diamond ring and the diamond and the right to have a relationship, but the more the caravan diamond ring, the price of the ring is almost negligible. But the color, clarity on the impact of the price of diamonds is natural, who can not be around, as the only artificially affect the diamond ring cut the price of the factors, the general business will be strictly grasp. So how to determine how much money is basically cut from the diamond 4C standard to judge.
On the ladies diamond ring wear, the community circulating a number of different claims, especially for marriage or wedding dress wear more stress. So, ladies wear ring which finger is more appropriate, what specific basis?

Ladies and Gentlemen

One of the most young women recognized the way to wear a diamond ring, is the ladies wearing a diamond ring on the left and right ring finger. In particular, have been engaged in the ladies, most of them will wear the ring on the left ring finger on the ring. Because the Westerners think that the diamond ring on the left hand ring finger will get the gift of God, and now young men in the marriage scene, put a Levi’s marriage diamond ring wearing his girlfriend left hand ring finger on the inner idea is also hope that his girlfriend can get God Blessed, you can pay good luck! In addition, there is a saying: the left hand ring finger on a direct access to the heart of the vein, was the world known as the “love of the vein”, so put the wedding ring on the left hand ring finger also means between the love and intimacy relationship.
Ladies’ Wear

In accordance with the traditional Chinese customs, the woman should put the wedding ring on the left middle finger, because in many people see the girls wear the diamond ring on the left middle finger, means that the heart has been owned. Often some of the women in love will marry the diamond ring on the left middle finger, in order to avoid the pursuit of other men. Even if an ordinary ring worn on the left middle finger, but also to show that they have a master of flowers.
Lady of the diamond ring of other wear law

Ms. diamond ring there are some other wear and moral. For example, some people will wear Cartier nail bracelet replica a diamond ring on the little finger, said his celibate, and eager to get love. There are some single or divorced women, will wear a diamond ring on the left index finger, said he was unmarried but there is a desire to marry the heart.

It is not difficult to see that every diamond wear and love are related to love. In fact, in the marriage or marriage of such occasions, regardless of the boys put the diamond ring on his girlfriend which finger, have to choose a real diamond drill to express the premise as a prerequisite, Levi’s life only one custom diamond ring, enough to express Girlfriend in their own hearts unique position is also better than this world countless love confession.

Ladies wear a finger to wear which, although there is no exact argument and basis, but given these wear in the community which is particularly high degree of recognition. In addition to the above several kinds of wear law, and some women will wear the ring on the right hand ring finger, in order to express their own nuns like the heart!

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