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How to identify the emerald jade emerald jade how good and bad identification

How to identify the emerald jade emerald jade how good and bad identification
Jade is a charismatic stone, our ancestors think it and nature, the universe has some mysterious connection, because the United States and respect, because of love and fear. Jade is a jade in jade. Jade to green-based, color compatible, and different, representing the unity of many nationalities. Can be said that jade is the soul of China, jade is the treasures of China

Jade itself, the proportion of the density will be relatively large, the emerald on the inside and down inside the small move, will feel there is a heavy down the pressure feel. Followed by the hardness of jade is very high, with a sharp nail or a knife and other hard objects to scratch or scratch the surface of jade, jade surface when there will be a sense of slippery and will not leave any scratches The You can also use a hardwood stick gently tapping the emerald, if it is a real hit after the sound is very crisp.
Jade is a good jade, jade is a jade, called “hard jade”, is the rising Replica Cartier jewelry¬†star of traditional jade in China, but also all the jade in modern products in the top grade. Identification of jade good or bad there are six tips: color, through, even, shape, quality, according to

First, the color: refers to the color of jade.

In all the emerald colors, the highest value in green. And the color change, we call it “three color” red is representative of the blessing; green is on behalf of money for Paul; white is on behalf of longevity. Because the three-color is also known as “Fu Lu Shou”, if coupled with the festive purple, it became the four “Fu Lu Shou hi.”

Second, through: refers to the emerald transparency, we call it texture.

The original crystal of emerald, the highest transparency is only translucent, called “glass” or “ice”. Is a better texture, the choice of jade to high purity and moist and transparent as an important principle.

Three, uniform: refers to the color of jade to uniform.

The color of the emerald is not easy to reach evenly. Tsui expensive, expensive in the “uniform” word.

Four, shape: refers to its shape.

How to carve, hand good and bad, this is a direct impact on the absolute value of jade.

Five, quality: refers to the crystallization of the emerald itself and the internal purity and a high degree of glass luster.

If you buy jade bracelet when the rope can be used to lift the bracelet knocked to see if it will issue a crisp sound to determine whether the texture of jade is careful basis.

Six, according to: refers to the light from the bottom up to observe whether there is cracks in the emerald.

Jade is a jade, called “hard jade”, is China’s traditional jade in the rising star, but also all the jade in modern products in the top grade. Flaws and manual processing procedures. Generally in the market called the stone pattern, in fact, jade for the natural solution pattern, which is only a character of natural jade.
Hetian jade and jade difference, and nephrite belongs to the jade class, and jade belongs to the hard jade class, the composition of the two gemological characteristics are different. In addition to the nature of the distinction, the appearance of Hetian jade and jade are also different, in addition to nephrite and jade are more high-grade jade, the price is also changing, in general, and the difference between Tian Yu and Jade the following point
1, Hetian jade color uniform, mostly light-colored, green class is dark green and dark green Jade color has a gradual process from shallow to deep, mostly bright colors.

2, and nephrite luster, such as oil, soft color; jade luster more like glass luster.

3, the proportion of Hetian jade (3.00) slightly lower than the proportion of emerald.

4, Hetian jade refractive index (1.62) is also slightly lower than the refractive index of jade.

Hetian jade and emerald which is good

Hetian jade and jade which is good, jade wool with a grade, then the price of jade is usually slightly more expensive than Hetian jade, but jade jewelry and Hetian jade carving price is difficult to compare. And Hetian good or emerald good or look at personal preferences, and nephrite and jade are extremely scarce top jade, spotted on their own mind, do not be too entangled in the price or value.

Hetian jade and jade is only the user group is not the same, are the United States stone, and Tian Yu Wenrun as fat, like a gentleman, and emerald bright and beautiful, seemingly beautiful, and nephrite and emerald which is really can not distinguish between high and low.
Myanmar jade and jade differences, Burmese jade is jade, jade emerald prolific in Myanmar, hence the name of Myanmar jade, so under normal circumstances, Burmese jade and jade is no different. But strictly speaking, jade called Myanmar jade, Burmese jade is not necessarily called emerald.

Myanmar jade jade high hardness (also known as water), bright and clean. And good emerald color is both bright and quiet, there is a high value and the value of the collection, it is called “the king of jade.” Was a lot of love jade, Peiyu people love. Japan, New Zealand also¬†emerald as the country’s “country stone.” Because the emerald jade production in the immediate proximity of China, and most of the finished products in China, the special geographical relationship, coupled with the Chinese people on the jade jade is very painful, the Western countries also feel that jade is China’s “country jade.”
Myanmar jade and emerald which is good, in general, jade and Burmese jade are the same thing, so there is no good question. Jade, also known as jade jade, jade, jade, Burmese jade, is a jade. Jade is formed under the geological role of jade grade to achieve the stone polycrystalline aggregates. Myanmar has long been mining gem-level emerald, for a long time people only know that Myanmar produced jade, so the Myanmar jade as synonymous with emerald.

Whether it is from the mine in Myanmar jade mining or mining volume in terms of good jade is very limited, so some of the deferred and greedy businessmen will “ride thin” and into the. A lot of fraud, fake, from profit. Zouqi jewelry network to remind you in the purchase of Myanmar jade first judge in the end is not really jade, jade prices higher, and its imitation cost is much lower, do not be deceived.

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