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her outstanding achievement in clothing was that she realized that juvenile clothing

Anne Klein Anne Klein is an American women’s designer brand. Its products are mature, confident, typical American luxury. Jones Group of the United States. Anne Klein design experience over 30 years, the US fashion industry to make a great contribution. In Anne Klein before Claire McCardell and she founded an elegant sport sportswear, repositioned American fashion. In the mid-1960s, Anne Klein developed fur products for herself, creating a well-known clothing fabric on the clothing market – fur, known for the design of a brightly colored, stylish style profile.
Anne Klein Anne Klein watch brand introduction
Anne Klein was famous for designing sportswear, but her outstanding achievement imitation Cartier love bracelet in clothing was that she realized that juvenile clothing should be designed for size rather than age, and that “Juniors” (juvenile, The meaning of the fashion industry. Prior to this, “Juniors” is only the extension of the concept of children’s clothing.
But the industry believes that juveniles and children under the age of 12 no image of the difference in the design approach is also general. By analyzing the lifestyle of young women, Anne Klein realized that the clothing provided to them did not meet the actual needs. In 1948, she and her first husband Ben Klein opened Junior Sophisticates clothing company, the company is committed to open up the market, for the girls to launch the first exhibition to sleeveless tight skirt with jacket features: full skirt; A pleated polite skirt with a sports jacket. Anne Klein in the course of business, gradually reverse the juvenile clothing design errors, “Juniors” quickly formed today’s style: exquisite, elegant, fashion style tend to adult equipment.
After that, more designers are committed to this market segment. At the same time, adult fashion design also has a breakthrough, but still follow the “Juniors” style, the characteristics of juvenile clothing into the adult world, such as buttons and bowls and other girls into the adult fashion elements design, designed clothing particularly suitable for petite exquisite Of women.
Today, Anne Klein Anne Klein in fashion women made unprecedented achievements, but also open up other industry markets. In the watch, jewelry, handbags and other fields are also aggressive, and implement its concept in the women’s industry. Watch products also have a small, beautiful, stylish features. Widely sought after women love!
Georg Jensen, founded in 1904 in the name of silverware. Today has more than 100 stores in 12 countries. Georg Jensen just entered a silversmith, making exclusive designs of silver cutlery and jewelry, and today Georg Jensen George Ethan uses his superb skills in a rich product area: gold and silver jewelry, platinum and diamonds Jewelry, watches, tableware, concave containers, as well as home and office supplies. Its purely elegant Scandinavian design style conquers millions of users around the world, often known as one of Denmark’s most famous brands.
George Jason Georg Jensen watch introduction
KOPPEL Cooper Series
KOPPEL Cooper series watch to Henning. Cooper as early as 1978 to create a classic low-key design to pay tribute. KOPPEL Cooper series to break the tradition, the dial on the number of dots instead. This seems simple but the watch design is a major change, so far, the series of George Replica Cartier jewelry Jiesheng watch still have a deep impact. In the design, KOPPEL Cooper series successfully expressed the basic principles of Scandinavian design, to create a set of simple elegance, set the functional and high quality as one of the watch series KOPPEL Cooper series of watches noble and refined Laying him into a classic position of design.
George Jason Georg Jensen watch introduction
EVE series
EVE Eve series, by the Swiss designer Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer to create a delicate sexy watch, to the goddess of youth EVE (Eve) in the name of a new symbol of the beginning. Eve jewelry style of the distribution of soft, circular ring shape design bright and smooth, simple lines of hand-style bracelet, in the wrist to show the flow of elegance.
Concave series
Swiss designer Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer (Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer) Concave watch, challenge the traditional design of modern watch, the dial and the case will be integrated, the watch visible elements are Appear on the concave surface. “I want to design a watch with a watch case that gives the impression that it’s the same way,” says Bass Nessler. “The design of the pointer is also consistent with the appearance of the curved surface. The design inspiration from the human eye, and through different angles to show the change of color gradient, for the shape of the arc to add the depth and perceptual. “The crystal also some concave arc, complete show Concave muddy wrist watch The only form. Inlaid with diamonds Concave round curved surface watch a total of 60 diamonds, representing 60 minutes.
Braun Braun is Germany’s world famous electrical enterprise. Founded in 1921 by Max Braun. At present, the German Braun products are divided into six categories: electric razor, female shaver, hair products, kitchen appliances, steam iron, one second thermometer. Germany Braun pursuit of the goal has always been clear, simple and balanced lines.

Braun Braun’s watch products also inherited the brand characteristics. Watch products with powerful features and technology, design intentions and high-grade materials, with a high brand recognition. Made of stainless steel case of high quality, thin case more elegant and elegant. Carefully arranged scale and digital time scale, showing the dial style of the atmosphere.
Braun watch brand introduction
Since the mid-1950s, the world’s leading German manufacturer Braun has led the innovative industrial design, established the top design reputation in the field of electrical and electronic products, and its products combine unparalleled functionality and technology. Braun in 1971 launched their first watch series, this high-quality watch series designed by Dieter Rams, showing his love of precision engineering and his “Less is More” design concept. Special attention to detail, highlighting innovation and durability, clean, simple lines and features to ensure that the watch surface is clear and easy to read at any time. For forty years, Braun watches are known for their simple design and high precision