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Health detection and exercise calculation is a modern smart watches are generally available

Health detection and exercise calculation is a modern smart watches are generally available, but not with these features are smart watches are sports watches. The following watch home for you to introduce a Swatch’s smart sports watch it!
Smart health sports watch recommended, smart sports watch which is good
Swiss fashion watch brand Swatch is about to upgrade its touch screen smart watch products, including its special beach volleyball enthusiasts designed Swatch Touch Zero One (STZO) product line.
And most of the same fitness watch, STZO can record the number of calories and other calorie burning test data, but the main purpose of its design is focused on the beach volleyball, such as the specific actions such as ball, spike, and even teammates to celebrate the encouragement The
STZO collects these information samples and scores the user’s volleyball level with the built-in software (0-100 points). This watch is the use of battery electronic form, due to the use of black and white screen, battery life up to several months. It is scheduled for sale later this year, priced at $ 160 (about 1,000 yuan), the color is undetermined.
Smart watches can be described as popular science and technology products, the major manufacturers have introduced their own new smart watches. Today, the watch home for everyone to introduce a concept called Smile smart watch. What is the difference between this smart watch, we look together.
Smart watch smile concept watch introduction
Smile smart watch is Emopluse in Indigogo on a fundraising project, which uses Cartier nail bracelet replica two color OLED flexible screen composition, aluminum shell waterproof drop, run the custom version of Linux system. The configuration will be equipped with Texas Instruments TI OMAP5 processor, 2GB RAM and 128GB or more ROM (no mistake?), In addition Smile smart watch can also call, support Nano-SIM card, equipped with three cameras and three microphones, Supports NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0.
The top camera is used to track faces and can be used for video chat applications; the top edge of the camera has 12 million pixels, used to record the daily life scenes, the side of the camera for scanning bar code and two-dimensional code information. At present the project is in the fundraising period, booking 128GB price of 480 US dollars, 256GB price of 550 US dollars, if the really and the description of the video, the price is really cheap it
Smart watch market competition is very intense, in the major foreign brands launched their products when the time. Domestic manufacturers have not missed, the following watch home for everyone to introduce several good domestic smart watch it
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
Tuman 2 generations
Tman Fireman, the new metal version of T-Fire Metal screen with E-ink electronic ink screen, do not hurt the eyes also has up to 15 days of battery life. Android4.4 operating system and the use of Mips chip program, in addition to call answering, message reminders, movement and other basic functions, but also support real-time voice communications, map navigation, location display and health management and other functions.
November 18, Terman’s second-generation T-Fire Metal smart watch to 649 yuan price registration Jingdong all chips, and ultimately all the total amount of more than one million. Tuman first generation of watches, this last year in the WeChat circle of friends to create a miracle of the product, because the delay after several times the delivery time, but also friends as “bouncing king” title, but this time in the Jingdong all raised the previous transcripts still shows that Tuman watches in the circle has no small appeal.
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
InWatch Fusion
Each inWatch Fusion are inlaid with 12 Swarovski Ying-color zircon, the case also uses a 9-level hardness of the sapphire crystal, and equipped with a leather strap. And from Switzerland, Ronda is to provide its quartz movement. The main function, inWatch Fusion support the relevant sports data monitoring, double-click the surface can also be displayed by the LED lights the same day the amount of exercise. Endurance, inWatch Fusion internal two movement by their own independent Replica Cartier jewelry battery-powered, quartz movement can supply 40 months, and inWatch intelligent movement can reach 3 to 6 months of life.
The first batch of inWatch Fusion will have three colors, case, strap and dial color are different, the retail price of 1299 yuan; the current price of 999 yuan will be sold, and continued until January 10 next year. It is worth mentioning that inWatch Fusion conference with the current hardware business circle the most popular micro-credit conference form, friends circle instant brush screen, the effect is also quite good.
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
In the public platform Pozible the emergence of this Paick is also from the Shenzhen team launched, the use of “metal integrated body + Citizen watch movement + sapphire glass panel + leather strap + sports step.” Experience the retail price of 799 yuan, the public can get the lowest price of only 349 yuan. Electronic aspects of the three-axis gyroscope, Bluetooth 4.0 communication is the same. Unlike Withings, Paick dial below this sub-scale, is through the five LED lights to show the completion of the amount of exercise.
In the last month Ampel network held “2014 global smart device industry trends and novel cool cool product experience salon”, Paick get the scene show, the industry and investors have been unanimously approved, I believe that can achieve good results.
Smart watches made of which good, domestic smart watches recommended
Looking for nevo smart watch
Nevo using the Swiss movement, the table cover and Apple Watch is the same sapphire glass. At the same time nevo waterproof level also reached 3ATM, can be worn in the swimming pool within three meters. Motion sensor with Bluetooth 4.0, and the dial inside the 11 LED lights group, so nevo can track the number of users to track, travel distance, swimming arm frequency, sleep quality and duration, calorie consumption, vibration tips and so on. In addition to the motion monitoring function, there is an important function, that is, information shock prompt function, so that users will not miss all the important information.
Nevo price of 999 yuan, it has been in the United States all stocks site Indiegogo raised more than one million raise the amount.