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Featured Engagement Ring Categories

Featured Engagement Ring Categories
Engagement ring brand there are many, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Saturday Fu, etc., perhaps because there are so many brands will be dazzling, so do not know how to choose their own. Perhaps you will because of these products and lost their original favorite products, today Chow Sang Sang selection of engagement ring to take you into the world of jewelry to find out.

Gold ring

Golden ring as if there are in each ring brand, then Chow is also no exception. Although Zhou Shengsheng is the most prominent ring is the gold ring, but the gold ring is also very beautiful, there are hollow series, solid series, there are other models of exquisite gold ring. I believe the most popular should be hollow gold ring it Fashionable and beautiful, able to set off the temperament of each wearer, and strive to make every customer satisfaction. Zhou Shengsheng gold ring although the type is not a lot of style is relatively small, but because it is classic, but also Chow Sang Sang brand selling is relatively good, so Chow Sang Sang’s gold engagement ring is a good choice.

Platinum rings

In addition to the gold ring platinum ring is also popular in the market Replica Cartier jewelry of an engagement ring, most of the new people will choose platinum ring as their engagement ring. The most important is the platinum ring is Chow Sang Sang’s platinum ring is the main section, it is also a minor celebrity, in the market is also widely popular, loved by the vast number of consumers. Although the platinum ring is not like the golden ring as shining, compelling, but it is a hint of elegance to attract the attention of the vast number of consumers. When you choose a low profile for your girlfriend but without losing the elegant Chow Sang Sang platinum ring, she will be happy to accept you.
Diamond ring

In addition to the above two rings, there is a public is more familiar, it is a diamond ring. Chow Sang Sang also has a diamond ring production, diamond ring beautiful and transparent, sparkling, people have a look at the impulse to fall in love. Diamond rings are beautiful, but the latter is more troublesome than the other two rings. So after the purchase of diamond rings should pay attention to the late maintenance of diamonds to extend the life of the ring. Give her a sparkling diamond ring to make your love sparkle it.

These are the general classification of Chow Sang Sai Select Engagement Rings, which are some of the more classic and popular styles. In fact, each person’s aesthetic are not the same, you may not choose the above described several engagement rings, then you can pay attention to Chow Sang Sang’s official website, Chow Sang Sang will give you a satisfactory answer.
Diamond ringing is an important part of the diamond ring, although the diamond ring diamond is very valuable also has great value, but the diamond ring also plays an indispensable role, the role is not to be underestimated. But what is the diamond ringing material? Does the quality of the diamond ring affect the quality of the diamond ring? The answer is certain.

What are the options for the ringing material?

In recent years, the ring in the popular consumer more and more popular, people in addition to choose the style of the ring color, the ring is also a small material is very important. For example, ring ringing is an important factor in testing the quality of the ring. Now the material is 18K gold and pt950 there are gold ringing, the quality of their materials are no doubt. Choose these materials are for a reason, because these materials are very hard to set off the precious stones jewelry and diamonds. Now the most popular design is matte and semi-matte models, because the popular style of popular young people’s favorite. Although these materials are more common ringing materials, but 18k gold is one of the best used most of the ringing material, it seems slightly better.

Platinum ringing

You must not think of platinum ring but also platinum ring it! Jewelery choose platinum as a ringing material because platinum is a more valuable material than gold, so it is in the ring market increasingly prosperous. There are several types of platinum ringing, namely PT990, PT950 and PT900. Platinum Diamond gives people some new definitions and meanings about love, and Platinum Rings is no exception, giving people an infinite imagination. Many people will be because of platinum than the meaning of Jin Jian and choose platinum as their marriage ring. More importantly, the hardness of platinum is also greater than gold, more conducive to the diamond mosaic.
Choose the reason for 18K gold

18K stone stone material in the best material, as to why it is best to have a reason, its hardness is higher than platinum, and much higher, so it is more conducive to mosaic. 18K is 75% gold and 25% of other precious metals, and PT950 is platinum gold content is 95%, so its purity is lower than the latter, more tough. In general, both have a place to learn from each other, only learn from each other to become the best quality ring ring.
Choose a diamond ring what material is good, in fact, this is a very simple question, the choice is also very easy. Ring material is generally divided into two kinds, one is platinum, one is 18k gold, both both advantages and disadvantages, the majority of consumers can choose according to their actual situation

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