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Diamond Diamond Pendant What is the meaning of wearing a diamond-shaped diamond pendant style

Diamond Diamond Pendant What is the meaning of wearing a diamond-shaped diamond pendant style
Each love token of the diamond-shaped diamond pendant style is unique, when you read these pawl pendant for your share between the exclusive love, may wish to give him a big embrace it. Each diamond pendant contains a different meaning, as each paragraph of love are different, diamonds in virtually reveal the romantic, each diamond pendant style also has a different meaning. So what is the diamond diamond pendant style?
Diamond Diamond Pendant What is the meaning of the style

Meaning of a: Diamond on behalf of the eternal and unique, diamond-like compass, the overall meaning can be extended for me forever for you

Meaning two: diamond-shaped diamond pendant style meaning lively, change.

Meaning three: diamond-shaped diamond pendant style of the negative experience of the body and mind, so that you are more early than the average person, for the death and sexual feelings of deep, life seems to be in these two issues in the rotation. For the self-demanding quite you, the whole body is always tight on the winding, it is difficult to completely relax. You have to be careful that you have the habit of self-mutilation or habit of self-licking the Replica Cartier jewelry wound. For the favorite things, can be planted into one can not extricate themselves, for those who are not interested in things, then do not want to touch, for people you are so

Meaning four: diamond-shaped diamond pendant style means you are a strong will, capable, precocious, but not how happy people, no matter how old, always give people a sense of aging. How to become more open-minded, really happy to treat yourself, is that you must work on the subject. The contradictions and pains of your character are often manifested through feelings and relationships with your family.
Wearing diamond-shaped diamond pendant style on behalf of the meaning

1. No claw type: This diamond pendant style is the use of pendants drilling different shapes of metal rings instead of claw effect, so that the pendant style to simple atmosphere style, get rid of the small feeling, will appear relatively luxurious The So when the match, it is best to attend the dinner, party and other important formal occasions to wear, showing a mature woman unique to a sense of calm atmosphere.

2. with claw type: with a paw-shaped diamond pendant style in the daily life is also very common, and this style pendant whether you want to small home Jasper or elegant graceful style can be different styles of style can be different The temperament and taste. Like Zuo Kayi “If the snail has love” drama style, four claw mosaic of a single diamonds shining in the center, the main drill above the two are four claw mosaic of the deputy stone against the pendant more bright, as A star of the bright stars of the Covenant, in the bright stars, you are like the sinking of the most bright stars.

3. Multi-layer stacked type: multi-layer stacked diamond pendant by two or more single pendant stacked together, so that the pendant style is more complex, but the choice of the chain are generally relatively light, so wear up, there is a light Smart , A bright sense of fashion, suitable for young girls with youthful vigor to wear, but also suitable for leisure holidays in the outing when the time to wear, free some relaxed and happy feelings.

4. Diamond, with a brilliant, white, hard features, a symbol of pure and flawless love, as well as faith in faith faithless. In fact, the symbol of diamonds for love has been very common, and now most people will diamond ring as an engagement, marriage token.

Diamond pendant maintenance skills

1, diamond pendant can not be placed in the same box with other gemstone jewelry. All kinds of gem hardness are not the same, so different types of gemstone jewelry should be placed separately, so as not to rub between the jewelry, resulting in scratches on the surface of the gem;

2, daily life, doing heavy work, into the kitchen, bathing, makeup, sports are not easy to wear when the diamond pendants, because in these cases the diamond is likely to collide, contaminated with stains or other corrosive Chemical erosion, is the loss of luster of diamonds;

3, it is recommended that you carry a small jewelry bag, usually go out, remove the diamond pendant can be loaded into them, so as not to lose pendant;

4, diamond pendants to the jewelry store to a regular “physical examination” to check¬†whether the loose diamond, diamond pendants at the same time a thorough cleaning.
Long in the ancient Chinese mythology, it is the totem and symbol of the Chinese nation, dragon culture has a long history, it has been inherited up and down eight hundred years, is a prominent symbol of Chinese culture. Longbo and all aspects of culture, including the dragon decoration, the Lantern Festival dragon, February Dragon looked up to eat dragon whiskers, Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat race, dragon poetry, dragon calligraphy, dragon totem, the game dragon horse, dragon carving And so on, then, what is the meaning of the dragon pendant?
What is the meaning of the dragon pendant?

One, the dragon, evil spirits guard the Swiss animal, round beads, a round full of money and financial means of rolling. Dragon is representative of China’s totem, since the ancient dragon is the respect of the five, four of the first. Jade Dragon is based on ancient Chinese myths and legends of a virtual can be clouds, in the folk can do anything they want. “Dragon Dragon” “business is booming” “Feixiangtengda” “Pingqing Albatron” “cause prosperous”, a symbol of auspicious, wishful, Lucky, Nafu.

Second, the dragon is a Swiss animal, in ancient China, to the dragon as the real emperor, showing the high meaning, it is power, noble, honor symbol, but also a symbol of luck and success. So the first layer of dragon pendant meaning is versatile people can step by step rise, meteoric rise.

Third, the ancient also hope that Jackie Chan’s argument is to hope that their children can succeed, extraordinary, able to make a career. So the second layer of the meaning of the dragon pendant is the cause of strong people to wear certainly can make a difference.

Fourth, there are a variety of jewelry on the dragon pendant pattern; there are separate use of faucet, Dragonscale and other modeling. In addition to a separate shape, the dragon is also often with the clouds together, that supreme authority, meteoric rise and other beautiful meaning; dragon with the Phoenix together, is often blessing newlyweds, the so-called “dragon and phoenix”, meaning marriage happy, husband and wife Harmony, happiness and so on.
Wearing a dragon pendant on behalf of the meaning

First, since ancient times, folk accumulation of dragon-shaped pattern there are many, these patterns in the dragon are mostly clouds enveloped, or in the clouds above. So the dragon pendant pattern represents auspicious, is a kind of auspicious signs. The dragon is a kind of auspicious wealthy animals, so the emerald dragon pendant can bless the wearer happy well, bring auspicious for the wearer.

Second, the ancient people believe that the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, is God sent down, so that the communication between heaven and earth messenger, so the dragon has the ability to communicate with heaven and earth. In this way, the dragon will be seen as a collection of various skills have a lot of skills of the magic animals, so, there is an emerald dragon pendant is a symbol of versatile talent, those who often buy for their own son Jade Dragon Pendant wearing a parent must also have this meaning in the inside, in fact, jade dragon pendant itself also hopefully Jackie Chan’s good wishes.

What are the benefits of an emerald dragon pendant?

Jade Dragon Pendant, take the meaning of the Dragon, the wish of the future great benefits. Chinese jade carving has a long history, world-famous, has a profound jade culture. Three words in the mention: jade is not cut, not a device. Coupled with the ancient jade carvings also taught down: “jade will work; workers will be interested; meaning will be auspicious.” Jade carving theme from people’s beliefs, folklore, animal and plant homophonic and metaphor and so on. Only by understanding the traditional Chinese culture, in order to have a more extensive understanding of jade patterns. You can take the hint to enjoy the traditional culture to bring spiritual pleasure, which is the essence of jade jewelry cultural content.
What is a dragon pendant, dragon pendant is the main image of the dragon, accompanied by clouds, tigers and other themes carved a series of pendants, dragon pendant used in the main materials such as jade, dragon pendant in addition to domineering appearance, There are many unique meaning, the dragon for the Swiss beast, is the totem of the Chinese nation, by the Chinese and overseas friends love, but also the Friends of the sun’s friend’s skin care, so their own wear or give friends are very appropriate to wear Not on the decorative effect, more able to drive evil security. What is the meaning of the dragon pendant?
What is the meaning of the dragon pendant?

Meaning one: a symbol of business rainbow

The dragon has the trend of ascension, the dragon can be described as outstanding, can be clouds, have the ability, since ancient times also has a “hopeful,” the idea of strong people who wear the meaning of the head, extraordinary, make a career, career rainbow, smooth future The

Meaning two: auspicious, symbolic authority and status

In ancient times, the dragon has always been associated with the royal family, they think the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, God sent messenger, so the dragon has the ability to communicate heaven and earth, in the minds of people, the dragon is a collection of various skills Xiang beast, emerald dragon card is the authority and status of the symbol, in addition, emerald dragon card there is a moral that will be a symbol of versatile talent, hopefully Jackie Chan, brilliant Tengda.

Meaning three: auspicious and well-being

Since ancient times, the folk spread of the dragon there are many kinds of patterns, although the image of the dragon there are many kinds, but have a common characteristic, was clouds enveloped, or in the clouds above. So, the dragon means auspicious, is a good auspicious, wearing a dragon dragon can bless the wearer happy well-being, for the wearer to bring auspicious.

Meaning four: grain bumper harvest

Dragon in the civil society to understand the suffering of the people, more do anything they can, for the people desperate, so that the people weather, meaning grain bumper harvest, great harvest.
Wearing a dragon pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, since the Cologne is the respect of the Nine Five, the first of the four spirits, but also the symbol of our royal family, it is the representative of the emperor, so a symbol of power, honor, wear up you can bless you can be supported by people, Holding weight, control the P Plus, but also a symbol of the strong determination of men.

2, the dragon of the gods is the representative of longevity, such as snake-like body swing show healthy state, a symbol of longevity, health and longevity.

3, dragon homophonic in the “Long”, on behalf of business is booming, financial resources rolling.

4, jumping gantry is the wish of each student, the wisdom of the dragon is also the expectations of each student, so the dragon is also a symbol of success, a leader, clever mind, active thinking.

5, dragon and phoenix with the ancient tradition of the dragon’s atmosphere is high with the noble and elegant Phoenix, can be described as Longfeng Chengxiang, on behalf of happy knot, dragon and phoenix in the fly, everlasting.

6, dragon red fire, play Dragon Ball, dragon state vivid, on behalf of the country prosperity, peace and prosperity, good luck.

Jade Dragon Pendant of the maintenance skills

1. When wearing jade jewelry, should try to avoid it from the height of falling or hit hard objects, especially a small amount of cracked jade jewelry, otherwise it is easy to break or damage.

2. Remove the emerald pendant, prepare a pot of water, and then immersed in the emerald pendant, 15 minutes after a small towel to gently scrub their long-term wear after the surface will have a lot of stains, so try to wash. If some of the stains are deep, it will take a long time to wipe.

3. usually doing things, do not put the emerald or forget the outdoors, so that both hot and cold weather will cause great damage to the emerald luster, if you hurt you will regret it.

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