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How to judge the 6 carat diamond ring how much money?

How to judge the 6 carat diamond ring how much money?
Diamond prices are determined by the Diamond 4C standard

Many interested in diamond investment friends are very concerned about the price of large drilling, because only the volume of the drill was suitable for investment, and buy 6 carat diamond ring investment to wear two correct. Diamond ring price depends on the first Cartier love bracelet replica diamond, especially the six-carat big diamond ring. Diamond prices are also determined by the diamond 4C standard, the so-called diamond 4C standard, refers to the diamond color, clarity, carat, cut. Diamond 4C is the most important thing is the weight of diamonds, the more scarlet diamond the more rare, the higher the value, but also because it is such a 6 carat diamond price is much higher than the price of 6 1 carat diamond and , So 6 carat diamond ring price is relatively high.
The price of diamonds is related to the natural color clarity

At present, the international diamond color from the most white to the most yellow, represented by the English alphabet, from D to the last Z, is divided into three levels. D grade: completely colorless, extremely rare. E grade: colorless, is very rare diamonds. F-class, are high-quality diamonds. These several colors and clarity are the majority of customers expect the level of diamonds, these bare drill out of the diamond is particularly beautiful and pure. Therefore, the higher the clarity of the 6-carat diamond ring relatively high prices.

Cut is the only factor that affects the price manually

Cut the work is the only human factors can be changed, the impact on the price of diamonds is also great, diamond cut the impact of the diamond fire color, the same quality, color different diamonds, the price difference between 20% -30%; cut Work different price difference between 30% -40%. A 6-carat color, clarity, cut very good diamonds and 6 carat color, clarity, less cut diamonds compared to the price difference between 70% -80%, so the general brand of Cartier love ring replica diamond cutting technology and Personnel requirements are more stringent. Like Levi’s cutting technology inherited the Belgian hundreds of years of cutting technology, combined with modern precision instruments, so in the cutting of the more dominant. In short, the diamond cut on the price of diamond ring is very large.

The price of the diamond ring and the diamond and the right to have a relationship, but the more the caravan diamond ring, the price of the ring is almost negligible. But the color, clarity on the impact of the price of diamonds is natural, who can not be around, as the only artificially affect the diamond ring cut the price of the factors, the general business will be strictly grasp. So how to determine how much money is basically cut from the diamond 4C standard to judge.
On the ladies diamond ring wear, the community circulating a number of different claims, especially for marriage or wedding dress wear more stress. So, ladies wear ring which finger is more appropriate, what specific basis?

Ladies and Gentlemen

One of the most young women recognized the way to wear a diamond ring, is the ladies wearing a diamond ring on the left and right ring finger. In particular, have been engaged in the ladies, most of them will wear the ring on the left ring finger on the ring. Because the Westerners think that the diamond ring on the left hand ring finger will get the gift of God, and now young men in the marriage scene, put a Levi’s marriage diamond ring wearing his girlfriend left hand ring finger on the inner idea is also hope that his girlfriend can get God Blessed, you can pay good luck! In addition, there is a saying: the left hand ring finger on a direct access to the heart of the vein, was the world known as the “love of the vein”, so put the wedding ring on the left hand ring finger also means between the love and intimacy relationship.
Ladies’ Wear

In accordance with the traditional Chinese customs, the woman should put the wedding ring on the left middle finger, because in many people see the girls wear the diamond ring on the left middle finger, means that the heart has been owned. Often some of the women in love will marry the diamond ring on the left middle finger, in order to avoid the pursuit of other men. Even if an ordinary ring worn on the left middle finger, but also to show that they have a master of flowers.
Lady of the diamond ring of other wear law

Ms. diamond ring there are some other wear and moral. For example, some people will wear Cartier nail bracelet replica a diamond ring on the little finger, said his celibate, and eager to get love. There are some single or divorced women, will wear a diamond ring on the left index finger, said he was unmarried but there is a desire to marry the heart.

It is not difficult to see that every diamond wear and love are related to love. In fact, in the marriage or marriage of such occasions, regardless of the boys put the diamond ring on his girlfriend which finger, have to choose a real diamond drill to express the premise as a prerequisite, Levi’s life only one custom diamond ring, enough to express Girlfriend in their own hearts unique position is also better than this world countless love confession.

Ladies wear a finger to wear which, although there is no exact argument and basis, but given these wear in the community which is particularly high degree of recognition. In addition to the above several kinds of wear law, and some women will wear the ring on the right hand ring finger, in order to express their own nuns like the heart!

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Featured Engagement Ring Categories

Featured Engagement Ring Categories
Engagement ring brand there are many, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Saturday Fu, etc., perhaps because there are so many brands will be dazzling, so do not know how to choose their own. Perhaps you will because of these products and lost their original favorite products, today Chow Sang Sang selection of engagement ring to take you into the world of jewelry to find out.

Gold ring

Golden ring as if there are in each ring brand, then Chow is also no exception. Although Zhou Shengsheng is the most prominent ring is the gold ring, but the gold ring is also very beautiful, there are hollow series, solid series, there are other models of exquisite gold ring. I believe the most popular should be hollow gold ring it Fashionable and beautiful, able to set off the temperament of each wearer, and strive to make every customer satisfaction. Zhou Shengsheng gold ring although the type is not a lot of style is relatively small, but because it is classic, but also Chow Sang Sang brand selling is relatively good, so Chow Sang Sang’s gold engagement ring is a good choice.

Platinum rings

In addition to the gold ring platinum ring is also popular in the market Replica Cartier jewelry of an engagement ring, most of the new people will choose platinum ring as their engagement ring. The most important is the platinum ring is Chow Sang Sang’s platinum ring is the main section, it is also a minor celebrity, in the market is also widely popular, loved by the vast number of consumers. Although the platinum ring is not like the golden ring as shining, compelling, but it is a hint of elegance to attract the attention of the vast number of consumers. When you choose a low profile for your girlfriend but without losing the elegant Chow Sang Sang platinum ring, she will be happy to accept you.
Diamond ring

In addition to the above two rings, there is a public is more familiar, it is a diamond ring. Chow Sang Sang also has a diamond ring production, diamond ring beautiful and transparent, sparkling, people have a look at the impulse to fall in love. Diamond rings are beautiful, but the latter is more troublesome than the other two rings. So after the purchase of diamond rings should pay attention to the late maintenance of diamonds to extend the life of the ring. Give her a sparkling diamond ring to make your love sparkle it.

These are the general classification of Chow Sang Sai Select Engagement Rings, which are some of the more classic and popular styles. In fact, each person’s aesthetic are not the same, you may not choose the above described several engagement rings, then you can pay attention to Chow Sang Sang’s official website, Chow Sang Sang will give you a satisfactory answer.
Diamond ringing is an important part of the diamond ring, although the diamond ring diamond is very valuable also has great value, but the diamond ring also plays an indispensable role, the role is not to be underestimated. But what is the diamond ringing material? Does the quality of the diamond ring affect the quality of the diamond ring? The answer is certain.

What are the options for the ringing material?

In recent years, the ring in the popular consumer more and more popular, people in addition to choose the style of the ring color, the ring is also a small material is very important. For example, ring ringing is an important factor in testing the quality of the ring. Now the material is 18K gold and pt950 there are gold ringing, the quality of their materials are no doubt. Choose these materials are for a reason, because these materials are very hard to set off the precious stones jewelry and diamonds. Now the most popular design is matte and semi-matte models, because the popular style of popular young people’s favorite. Although these materials are more common ringing materials, but 18k gold is one of the best used most of the ringing material, it seems slightly better.

Platinum ringing

You must not think of platinum ring but also platinum ring it! Jewelery choose platinum as a ringing material because platinum is a more valuable material than gold, so it is in the ring market increasingly prosperous. There are several types of platinum ringing, namely PT990, PT950 and PT900. Platinum Diamond gives people some new definitions and meanings about love, and Platinum Rings is no exception, giving people an infinite imagination. Many people will be because of platinum than the meaning of Jin Jian and choose platinum as their marriage ring. More importantly, the hardness of platinum is also greater than gold, more conducive to the diamond mosaic.
Choose the reason for 18K gold

18K stone stone material in the best material, as to why it is best to have a reason, its hardness is higher than platinum, and much higher, so it is more conducive to mosaic. 18K is 75% gold and 25% of other precious metals, and PT950 is platinum gold content is 95%, so its purity is lower than the latter, more tough. In general, both have a place to learn from each other, only learn from each other to become the best quality ring ring.
Choose a diamond ring what material is good, in fact, this is a very simple question, the choice is also very easy. Ring material is generally divided into two kinds, one is platinum, one is 18k gold, both both advantages and disadvantages, the majority of consumers can choose according to their actual situation

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Blood stone collection of what pay attention

Blood stone collection of what pay attention
Bloodstone is a unique gem of my country, because the stone has a bright red like chicken blood cinnamon named after the colorful, delicate texture of the chicken blood has always been cherished, “Fortune” good meaning also let it in the collection The market has been highly sought after, prices continue to rise.

Are there any collection of blood

Chicken Bloodstone as a niche auction categories, with scarce resources and non-renewable, in recent years, with the buyers of chicken blood stone recognition gradually increased, the bloodstone market also continued to rise. Over the past 10 years, with the market recognition of the bloodstone and sought after, blood stone mining efforts are growing, can be mined out of chicken bloodstone year after year. Therefore, the price of bloodstone with the sharp decline in production and a substantial increase.
Chicken bloodstone of the rare, high-quality appreciation of the value and long-term preservation does not fade and other characteristics have determined the chicken bloodstone has a high collection value, it is learned that the bloodstone is China’s unique precious Replica Cartier jewelry stones, which formed 70 million years ago volcanic activity, Nonrenewable resources. So the finest bloodstone is very valuable collection.
Chicken blood stone collection to pay attention to what?

One, look bloody

Chicken blood color to bright red for the top grade, followed by red, dark red the worst. Chicken blood clots can be divided into block blood, blood, cloud of blood and blood, such as blood-shaped unique, double the value. Changhua chicken blood stone is known for rich blood. Red more concentrated the more valuable collection, the color of the area to be large, bright to drop. Now one side of the thumb size, bloody stone surface area of 40% of the bloodstone seal, market conditions in the million or so.

Second, look at the texture

Texture is the stone of stone itself stone, stone to clean less impurities, feel fine, from the texture point of view, sheep fat is the most precious, Ukraine frozen second. Black and white and the color of both ‘Liu Guan Zhang’, also has a high collection value. Its merits by color, transparency, gloss and hardness of the four characteristics of the performance rating.

Third, look at hardness

As the vast majority of chicken blood stone is used for seal seal for use, so the hardness is very important. Under the same conditions, the lower the hardness of the more conducive to carving, the more delicate and moist stone, the higher the price.
What are the methods of blood collection?

First, to learn to distinguish between the origin of chicken bloodstone, blood stone of the two major producing areas, Bahrain chicken bloodstone color is not stable, blood scattered and not gathered, easy to oxidize the dark; and Changhua chicken blood stone color together and scattered, the same quality, Changhua chicken blood The market price is higher than that of Bahrain.

Second, to learn to identify the true and false bloodstone. Chicken blood stone hardness is low, true blood for the “blood”, and from the inside out of the three-dimensional distribution, a sense of hierarchy, the color gradient process also has a sense of hierarchy, and fake chicken bloodstone red lack.

Third, in addition to see the blood of blood stones, texture and hardness, but also depends on the carving stone carving process is clever, beautiful.

Fourth, we should pay attention to the way to buy and re-trade of bloodstone, many collectors to buy chicken blood is often the way the individual operators of the store, and even in the antique market and flea market stalls, the credibility of the goods, authenticity, price The transparency is questioned.
Hetian jade this precious jade can be excellent sculpture, can be carved into a variety of exquisite jewelry. The so-called workers must be interested in each and Hetian jade pendant has its own meaning.
Hetian jade this precious jade can be excellent sculpture, can be carved into a variety of exquisite jewelry. The so-called workers must be interested in each and Hetian jade pendant has its own meaning.

First, Hetian Yu Road, through the meaning of pendant

Passepartout is also the traditional mascot of China, and Tian Yu Road, through the texture of warm and delicate, with the joy of the symbol of joy; with suet white jade carved road pendant, but also indicates that everything is successful, with its auspicious Of the gas, can bring good luck to the owner.

Hetian Yu Road Road pendant is a very moral jewelry, in different aspects have different meanings. In the business aspects of the meaning of all the way smooth, successful; in the descendants of the blood has a heritage, endless meaning; in the life of the moral Luck to run on, good luck again and again; in school: thinking open, quick thinking.

Second, the meaning of Hetian Yusheng Xiao sheep pendant

Sheep refined and gentle character, is the spirit of our Chinese children portrayed, matched with the characteristics of warm and tian Yu, more highlights the nature of the sheep, but also by the Chinese people to give a good moral.

Sheep harmonic yin, the three sheep at the same time carved in the emerald, with three sun Kai Tai’s auspicious meaning, a symbol of good luck came one after another. In ancient times, the sheep has always been a symbol of good luck, meaning every year can be happy, everything goes heart. In Hetian jade carving, the emerald sheep body sculpture plump, but also the meaning of wealth rolling, the financial from the Quartet, the harvest, grain bumper harvest.
Third, the meaning of Hetian jade pendant

Leaves are the source of the power of plants, is set off the flowers, full of vigor and vitality, a symbol of fresh life, a symbol of good hope, a symbol of vitality of youth, won the people’s favorite. For the stay of this beautiful, people will be the life of the leaves sealed in the Hetian jade, to bring a good meaning.

1, Jinzhiyu leaves. In ancient times, Jinzhiyu leaves describe aristocratic women. With the development of society and the passage of time, Jinzhi Yu Ye, has gradually become a noble, beautiful, wisdom of the synonymous with women. So the woman wearing Hetian leaves, meaning the golden leaves of jade leaves, you can drip their elegant and beautiful, beautiful and moving.

2, Yushu Linfeng. It is often used Yushu Lin Feng to praise the handsome man, So the man wearing Hetian jade leaves not only exquisite is more gentle, strong and vigorous in the show.

3, open branches and leaves. Since ancient times, people are very concerned about the prosperity of the family, and the number of descendants directly with the rise and fall of the family. So people want children and grandchildren, many more blessed. The lush trees are what people want, so people like to wear Hetian leaves, pray for open branches and leaves, children and grandchildren.

4, great cause has become Describe the cause of success, step by step. People in the Chinese culture, Ye harmonic industry, which leaves also known as the cause. So people wear Hetian leaves, pray for a successful career, step by step rise.

Fourth, the meaning of Hetian jade gods pendant

Hetian jade gods pendant is often carved exquisite, more use of circular carving skills, the image of the god of wealth vividly carved out. God of Wealth and the wealth of God and the wealth of God of God points, the wealth of God is the world in charge of wealth, can bring good luck. Wu Gong God is Guan Gong, in the Chinese culture, Guan Gong is a symbol of justice, courage, loyalty, but also a symbol of wealth, many people also dedicated to the public to pray for wealth. So wear Wutian jade gods pendant also means the God of Wealth blessing, pay good luck, financial resources, thousands of years, people have been bored.

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Identification of the color diamond, identification of the appearance, fraud identification

Identification of the color diamond, identification of the appearance, fraud identification
From the China Gem Industry Association learned: different from the white diamonds, China’s quality inspection departments have not been able to give color diamonds issued a certificate of quality, the Chinese mainland city popular color diamonds, are still imitation Cartier love bracelet undocumented jewelry. (GIA) to detect, but these are holding the “foreign certificate” of the color of diamonds, only to a small amount of large jewelry enterprises (Hong Kong enterprises mostly), in order to allow customers to be assured, went to the ocean, the color diamonds sent to the American Gem Research Institute (GIA) to detect In the mainland market accounted for less than 5% of the proportion. And for the definition of colored diamonds, there is no general international rules, the domestic more punishments and regulations. In order to avoid the unnecessary loss of collectors, it is recommended that consumers buy pink diamonds, buy less yellow and green diamonds. The best color diamond identification method is to send your colored diamonds to the American Gemological Research Institute (GIA) for testing. If you want to save trouble, you can choose a high reputation, good reputation drill to buy.
Identification of color diamond – Appearance identification

Natural color diamonds, in addition to the variation of the thick color case, the basic just “light color” appearance, blue diamond is absolutely impossible to blue like “Titanic” on the “Ocean Heart” or sapphire, than the sapphire color is more light some. And pink diamonds will not powder like “Barbie” pink, it is only like no light red. Yellow diamond color concentration larger, but most only yellow goose, yellow not “chicken oil yellow”.

Therefore, those colorful, “garlic”, high concentration, and relatively cheap so-called color diamonds, Jiucheng above are optimized after the product.

Color diamond fraud
Pink diamond dyeing the lowest probability, because the pink color and diamonds are not “compatible”, false technology can not achieve such a realistic effect. The most stained green diamonds, because the color change technology, a wide range of sources of green pigment, it is easier to white diamond into green diamond. And for yellow diamonds, “fake” in two ways, one is to change the color processing, and change the green diamond the same way.

Specifically, the blue-green color gem, “optimization” process is more complex: white diamond first through the “radiation” program, change the diamond internal molecular sort, as to change the biological DNA sequence, re-establish the color order. After being “high temperature and high pressure” treatment, showing a stable, uniform blue or green. In contrast, powder, yellow two-color diamond “processing program” is relatively simple, as long as the “high temperature and pressure” of the processing procedures. This is because, similar to the warm color is easier to spread, without radiation can be formed at high temperatures.
Here are the reasons for the damage to the diamond, diamond damage which several types of diamond damage solution. Because of the relationship between the toughness of diamonds, if the knock on the diamond cleavage surface, diamonds are likely to be damaged. So what is the cause of diamond damage? Under the reasons for the diamond damage and diamond damage after the treatment.
Although the laser welding will not let the seat or stone temperature rise. But the concentrated beam of energy will make the diamond graphitization. Direct wear or reflection from the smooth metal are possible. In the diamond surface there is such a material disguised Replica Cartier jewelry words. It is easy due to a little pressure on the formation of broken holes.

Cut the diamond tool improperly. Excessive stress or percussion will also cause a defect when cutting the factory. Causing a lot of diamonds before sending out the factory with some like cracks, scratches and other traces of injury.

Although the diamond has a high scratch resistance. But the daily wear will encounter the impact of the impact and sudden pressure more sensitive. Diamonds between the edges and edges of the impact of each other, after a period of friction. Sharp edges or thin waist is easy to grind white lines scratches. Easy to form a gap;

In the process of cutting. Due to grinding wheel and the friction between the diamond to produce high temperature and the formation of burning scratches. Resulting in the erosion of the diamond surface. Then we get the white burning scars we see.

Diamond damage type

Ideal burst (psychological damage);

Rupture, fracture, gap, erosion and other mechanical force damage;

Chemical damage, invasion, corrosion

Heat, plus mixture, combustion

Fade, decomposition and other changes in appearance;

Diamond Damage Solution
Diamond Damage Solution

User asked: diamond damage to the solution

Bought a ring in a diamond shop. Wearing about five or six months. Not by the high temperature did not bump. One-third of the diamond suddenly fell off. How to solve?

Enthusiastic users A: You can go to the local Quality Supervision Bureau of jewelry inspection to be identified, if it is false diamonds can be certified certificates and shopping invoices to the Consumers Association complaints, but also to the court. According to the law, you can get ten times Compensation.

According to your description, there is no high temperature nor bump, which is certainly not broken in the broken. In other words, even after high temperature and bumps, the real diamond is also difficult to happen this situation. Jewelery identification can not only identify Authenticity, can also identify such a strange situation is what reason.
Fluorescent diamonds refer to the light emitted by diamonds under the excitation of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica ultraviolet light. The image that we usually use some of the banknotes in the money detector that kind of ultraviolet light is not able to light it, that is the kind of light. There are some diamonds will be fluorescent, usually blue and white fluorescence, there are a small part of the diamond yellow fluorescence.
Fluorescent diamonds

For the fluorescence, people’s attitudes are not the same. Some people are specifically looking for diamonds that produce this unique effect, while others avoid buying these diamonds. In fact, different levels of fluorescent effects can only be identified by professionally trained jewelery professionals.

User asked: diamond fluorescence on the price of how much impact?

Enthusiastic friends A: color as low as the color of M, fluorescent has basically basic on the price of diamonds no effect

Below the J color of the diamond is greater than the M color, the price of diamonds will be low 5% – 10%

Color for DEF diamond price impact, diamond prices will be low 10% -20%

Color for the DEF and diamond weight greater than 50 points or more, the price of diamonds will be low 30% -35%

Fluorescence is a natural indicator, but does not affect the value of diamonds. The value of diamonds depends only on 4C, that is, color, clarity, size and cut. Other indicators are for reference only. The choice of fluorescence can be said to be in the 4C are in line with the selection conditions, you can not consider. Fluorescence or strong fluorescence depends on the degree of personal preference, they do not affect the value of diamonds. The world famous blue diamond – hope drill (Hope) is a strong fluorescent (Strong Blue) of the diamond.

Diamond Fluorescent Level
User asked: what level of diamond fluorescent applause

What is the level of diamond fluorescence applause

Enthusiastic friends A: Fluorescence, English Fluorescence ,, l is an important indicator, it affects the color of diamonds.

Fluorescence index refers to the intensity of blue light emitted by diamonds under intense ultraviolet light. Internationally, Fluorescence levels are negligible (none), none (not visible), inert, faint (blue), strong blue (especially blue). Strong blue level of diamonds than negligible or none level of cheap. Diamond fluorescent grade of DG color greater than 50 points or more VS-class diamond price great impact, generally weak fluorescence can affect the price of about 5%, moderate fluorescence will affect about 7% -10%, strong fluorescence for the higher color The greater, up to 30% or more.

Especially the strong fluorescence of the basic than the non-fluorescent price of about 35% lower, generally about 1-2 carats DEF diamond price greater impact, the stronger the fluorescence for the more similar colorless color hazy feeling (in 10 times The mirror is more clear), the impact of high-color diamond permeability, for less than J-color diamonds, although the fluorescent can make the diamond was white, but still the price will be low 5% -10%, color down to M color, Fluorescence has basically no effect on the price, and small diamonds less than 20 points also basically do not affect the price, 20-50 points for high clarity VVS diamonds also have a certain price impact. But in Europe part of the bare drill will be high as a selling point, the price is not inferior to the negligible level. So the impact of fluorescent on the price of diamonds to specific analysis.

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Old temple 18k gold how much money a gram

Old temple 18k gold how much money a gram
Founded in 1906, renowned Chinese old – old temple gold, hair and grow with this. As the reform and opening up after the lake’s first gold retail enterprises, the old temple of gold with a rich cultural heritage of the “old town” and “old temple” brand rapid growth. From the start of the two counters, 24 provinces and cities in the country, the establishment of more than 300 brand stores (counters) to build the two logistics platforms in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

2006 sales in the industry in the top two and won the “China 500 most valuable brand”, the Ministry of Commerce identified the first “old Chinese” enterprises. 2007 old temple products won the “China Famous Brand”. Old temple brand accounted for the top two jewelry market. 2008, it is won by the Asian brand Festival Organizing Committee awarded the “Asia 500 most valuable brand.” And the new development of “nine days of jade”, “L & M” two brands, focusing on high taste of the young fashion market.

18k gold by the impact of the value of the process is also a great difference. K gold rich colors, white K gold, yellow K gold, rose gold, black gold and so on. “K gold” refers to the K gold itself natural color, showing a white so called k platinum. According to different imitation Cartier love bracelet gold technology and whether it is used for diamonds, etc., 18K gold how much money a gram of price there are differences, can not be generalized.

18k gold how much money a gram? In fact, not the price of gold to calculate the price. According to the use of 18k gold and the design of the style and differences, the difficulty of the level of 18k gold and how much money to determine the value of one gram. In Europe, when a gram can reach the value of thousands of dollars, so that it is more than any kind of precious metals prices.

【Elegant】 white 18k gold 7 points / 0.07 carat diamond men’s ring

Old temple 18k gold how much money a gram

Many people think that “18K” is a weight unit, in fact, “18K” refers to the purity of gold jewelry. In theory, 100% of the gold content of 24K, but in fact, the world does not have 100% purity of gold, so 18K gold can be said to have been very valuable.

18k gold how much money you know? We usually only gold jewelry collectively referred to as platinum or gold. Actually 18K refers to the composition of 75% for gold jewelry or gold products. 18K jewelry color was yellow or white, because the other 25% of the metal decided. White 18K is usually called “platinum”. In the jewelry can also see the 18K, AU750, G750 mark.
The Gemological Institute of America is the founder of the Internationalization of Diamond Certificates. It was founded in 1931 by Mr. Robert Shipley, has been 80 years of history, GIA reputation is a non-profit organization, funded by the jewelry industry to donate, but its identification and teaching costs are quite high. GIA certification is quite credible, it is not only the first gem school in the United States, but also widely respected in the global jewelry industry, recognized jewelry diamond one of the identification agencies.

GIA international certificate of diamonds in the international arena are recognized, the identification cost has been steadily rising! GIA American Gemological Institute since 2006, the global launch of the GIA diamond certification certificate online inquiry system. The introduction of the system, for the identification of the certificate query and security played a great role.

[Love witness] white 18k gold 50 points / 0.5 carat diamond ring

GIA diamond how much money a carat

What is the price of a carat diamond? This is hard to say, in addition to the size of the Replica Cartier jewelry diamond, there are clarity, color, cut the situation, in addition, also includes the diamond brand, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Xie Ruilin and other brands of its price than other non-well-known brands of high prices Many, probably about one hundred thousand or so; if it is more famous world brand, even more expensive, such as Cartier; ordinary diamond if not a shop, the relative price is low, but also more than fifty thousand. So different buying purposes should choose the right way to buy a carat diamond.

But the root of a carat diamond price is determined by the diamond 4c, so the specific carat diamond how much money can not be very accurate forecast; 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams, that is 1 gram and equal to 5 carats, and the general impact Diamond prices are the same as the quality of the diamond, color, clarity, cut and other factors, if the relevant factors change, the impact of diamond prices change the possibility of 70% -80%, and only 3% less, so The current 1 carat diamond how much money this is difficult to define, but its price will fluctuate within a certain range.
PD950, is the palladium 950, platinum group which is a cheap metal. Gold raw material price is only 40.50 dollars a gram, and the proportion of this metal is very small, very light. Generally made the total weight of the diamond ring, but also a little more than 1 gram.

Pd950 that gold content of 95% of the palladium, the current market price of about 180 per gram.

Marriage, is the most romantic in life, a moment, to marry a diamond ring to buy, need boys carefully selected, as dedicated to this life favorite. Jewelers have launched a variety of diamond ringing material, pt950 platinum white no time, 18k gold glittering, pd950 palladium glossy silver. Relative pd950, the diamond ring is more common pt950 and 18k gold, then, pd950 what does that mean?
[Love zero distance] white 18k gold 35 points / 0.35 carat diamond ring

Pd950 diamond how much money a gram
What is pd950? Pd is the chemical symbol of palladium, and pt platinum as a member of the same platinum group, Pd palladium is not easy to oxidation is not easy to lose luster, is a good flexibility and hardness of the white precious metals. Pd950 palladium, pd990 palladium and pd999 palladium four kinds, pd950 jewelry refers to the pd content of 95%, other metal content is 5%, pd950 palladium, pd950 palladium, Palladium pd jewelry.

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Platinum Diamond Ring Price

Platinum Diamond Ring Price

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum prices from more than two thousand to one thousand two hundred thousand million have a million, depending on the specific style and diamond weight, color, clarity, cut the work. Platinum diamond ring, the general price of diamonds will be much higher than the price of the ring, of course, if the diamond is very small, that is based on the price of the main bar.

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum diamond ring has become the darling of many lovers to marry, the process of marriage darling, because the diamond ring on behalf of a kind of eternal pure love, and platinum the most dazzling, the same color, platinum and diamond ring encounter, so many people like it itself The elegance and intoxicating charm! Platinum diamond ring price will not be too expensive, a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands imitation Cartier love bracelet of dollars have, for all levels of people choose.

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Buy a platinum diamond ring, you can choose the best carat weight, need to consider the wearer’s personal style, finger size, mosaic way and personal budget. In fact, the best way to determine the price of platinum diamond ring is to do a good job budget, to understand her expectations of the size of the diamond and you prepare the cost, and then select the appropriate requirements of the diamond ring, and then buy.

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum diamond ring antioxidant capacity much more than gold and silver, so that the natural luster of platinum eternal as new, as love as eternal does not change color. Platinum is twice the hardness of gold, so durable and often used to support diamonds, so platinum has the title of precious metal king. Platinum diamond ring is also divided into two kinds of materials, one is PT950, the other is PT900, the general mosaic single drill style, are used PT950, the price is relatively high, and more luxurious style, then use PT900, mosaic more solid The

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum diamond ring price in addition to the impact of the platinum ring, depends more on the value of diamonds, for more than one carat (including a carat) bare drill, to assess the price, is the weight of the square multiplied by a carat computational. In nature, to get large particles of diamonds is extremely rare, the greater the more difficult to get diamonds, the more expensive the price.
What is the price of the gold ring? Gold ring prices first look at the gold ring or K gold ring, or platinum ring, the price of different materials will be different, followed by men ring or women’s ring, and finally to see the style of the ring and whether inlaid diamonds or Gem.

What is the price of the gold ring? If it is platinum gold ring, the price is better calculated, in general, is the platinum price multiplied by gold. But does not rule out the better style of the possibility of collecting fees. Platinum ring price is the national uniform Cartier nail bracelet replica price, the price will not float more than 20 yuan.

Now the price of platinum on the market about 300 or so per gram, in general, a platinum ring in the weight of about 3 to 7 grams. Of course, it is worth noting that the problem is the brand value-added. In the big brands to buy, then the price must be much higher, because the big brands of advertising, as well as some of the costs of shopping malls are passed on to the consumer’s head.

What is the price of the gold ring? Gold ring, the price from more than a thousand to more than five thousand, depending on the specific weight of the gold. Women’s ring rings are generally relatively light, in the 2 to 3 grams or so, and now the gold female ring, style is also more and more novel and beautiful, is no longer the past soil style, so get a lot of girls love, usually birthday Or get married, in addition to diamond ring, the gold ring is also a must.

What is the price of the gold ring? In modern society, with the improvement of living standards, the gold ring is no longer just a necessity for marriage, it is a symbol of men’s social status and identity. A suitable gold ring can add a unique charm for men, highlight the temperament. In the choice of gold ring, according to the wearer’s hand type, preferences and budget to choose. As the men’s palm wide, the need for more materials, in general, the men’s gold ring in the best 8-15 grams, the price is more than three thousand to four thousand or so.

What is the price of the gold ring? 18K gold ring not only has the precious value of gold, and the ductility is good, high hardness, color selectivity, not only in the design of the ring has almost perfect creative performance, the price is also cheaper than gold and platinum, in the Hundreds to more than a thousand can buy, if the heavier, two thousand to three thousand have, very affordable.
Chaumet ring the lowest price of more than ten thousand, the most expensive to millions, the price is very expensive! CHAUMET, founded in 1780, LVMH LVMH Moet Hennessy Group has a long history of French palace class jewelry and time family. After more than two generations of 12 generations of fire heritage, CHAUMET always low-key introverted, as the “hidden luxury model.” Meaning deep, rich emotion CHAUMET senior jewelry, wedding products and luxury watches, filling its blue blood aristocratic temperament and unique style of Paris.

What is the price of the chaumet ring? Chaumet ring price is very much different styles of styles will have different prices, depending on the specific diamond color, clarity, cutting, fluorescent, shape and so on. Such as the baby wedding ring with Joséphine crowned? Love imitation Cartier love bracelet Josephine crown ring, 1 carato, the price will be more than one thousand, and the baby wedding ring is a 5 to 6 carats pear-shaped DIF-level Drill, the price will be a few million!

What is the price of the chaumet ring? BEE MY LOVE series (bee love) three ring combination of 19880 yuan. 230 years, Shangmei Paris CHAUMET will always be deep feelings and love the perfect subtle into the jewelry design. Shangmei Paris CHAUMET the latest jewelry ring every one is very amazing, each ring is an emotional expression, the designer’s unique design by the fashion industry and the public agreed.

What is the price of the chaumet ring? In November 2014, the high round Zhao Youting officially entered the marriage hall, with chaumet Shangmei Paris plume wedding ring witnessed two happy moments. Plume wedding ring is the use of prime ring, the wall mosaic of mysterious diamonds, low-key and rich connotation. It is reported that the high round Zhao Youting this a chaumet Shangmei Paris plume wedding ring price is 1900 euros, that is, 14,500 yuan, chaumet Shangmei Paris plume wedding ring price for the domestic wedding ring price more expensive, if it is to buy diamonds more Big, more cost-effective, choose Zoca on the right!

What is the price of the chaumet ring? There is a beauty is breathtaking, it is not just stay in the eyes of the people is the beauty of the perfusion in the heart of the people, the United States is the Paris ring is such a timeless. Chaumet ring prices changeable, in the senior jewelry store, private jewelry custom shop, or roadside personalized jewelry shop, all over its traces; its price from thousands to hundreds of thousands, enough to make you stare! However, if you really want to buy, or choose genuine good, after-sales and service is more secure.

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Heart-shaped diamond ring meaning

Heart-shaped diamond ring meaning wearing heart-shaped diamond ring on behalf of the meaning
Heart-shaped diamond ring really popular time is the beginning of the Cartier nail bracelet replica twentieth century, the earliest originated in ancient India, Louis XIV was once heart-shaped diamond enthusiasts. Heart-shaped diamond ring is the meaning of the romantic, every girl’s heart are living in a fairy tale, heart-shaped diamond ring there is the girl to the romantic fairy tale magic, so that each romantic girl looking forward to a romantic Heart-shaped marriage proposal diamond ring, marry a diamond ring, heart-shaped diamond to witness my love for you.

Heart-shaped diamond ring meaning

Meaning one

Boys send girls heart-shaped diamond ring, meaning the heart to you, heart-shaped diamond on behalf of the fact that men are a sincere. Love needs to feel the heart, a heart-shaped diamond ring is to express the heart to you the oath, heart-shaped diamond ring only means to marry people can only experience, only true love will be completely without reservation to the heart To another person. Like Zuo Kayi jewelry about the same, every piece of jewelry engraved with a journey of time and mind, my story my ring.

Meaning two

Heart-shaped diamond ring is the most similar to the circular diamond ring shaped diamond, and thus, round diamond-specific bright bright light also be able to reflect in the heart-shaped drill. But the heart-shaped diamond ring cutting process is more complex than the round diamonds, it needs to pay attention to the ultimate perfect 1: 1 symmetrical ratio, the top of the heart-shaped shoulders of the natural curvature of the tilt. The unique shape is also doomed heart-shaped diamond ring should not be too small, and a carat heart-shaped diamond ring at least need a three-carat round diamonds on the basis of bit by bit cut, which also determines the heart-shaped diamond ring Often much more precious than the round diamond ring.

Meaning three

Heart-shaped is the most romantic of all diamonds in a shape, therefore, wearing imitation Cartier love bracelet a drop-shaped diamond woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romantic. Each perfect heart-shaped has 174 facets, can give people a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the shape of the diamond are mostly rich and rich feelings of the romanticists.

Meaning four

Like the shape of the heart is not only good-looking, meaning is also very good. Heart-shaped in our lives which is widely used, so through the heart-shaped diamonds to pass the message of love, is the most intuitive, and very easy to understand.

Meaning five

Diamond forever, a permanent spread Heart-shaped combination of diamond rings, this life I only waiting for you, hold your hand, and sub-harmonic old, with a pair of heart-shaped diamond ring to express your commitment to love life, heart-shaped diamond in the middle meaning you are the only, My heart is eternal, beloved, heart cherry.
Wear a heart shaped diamond ring on behalf of the meaning

1. Heart-shaped diamonds are the ultimate expression of love. The unique shape of heart-shaped diamonds makes it a unique choice for jewelry lovers. However, with a heart-shaped diamond custom diamond ring according to the individual temperament to choose with, according to each person different hand type, style, choose a different diamond ring style, finger slender basically most of the ring are suitable for wear. Fingers thick recommendations do not wear fine ring ring diamond ring, those simple and clear lines, the classic ring design is a good choice.

2. Heart-shaped is the representative of love, so choose a diamond ring, can reflect the strong love between new people. And heart-shaped cutting can show the light of the diamond just right, it seems both sexy and dream. Heart-shaped cutting is the most romantic of all diamonds in shape, suitable for imaginative enrichment, believe in intuition, advocating romantic bride wear.

3. Heart-shaped diamond ring express our hearts pure love, sinking romantic heart deeply portrayed in our hearts, wearing a heart-shaped wedding ring, in such a romantic heart-shaped, the future of marriage will be the case Romantic, little bit of broken diamond between the heart show the charm of diamond ring.
The ring is a decorative jewelery worn on the finger. Rings can be worn by women and men, the material can be metal, precious stones, plastic, wood or bone. The ring spread to the folk, its role is not only a simple ornament. Men and women love each other, each other presented, Shanmenghai oath, as evidence. Diamond Greek ademas representative can not conquer the meaning. Is the most hard of a gem. The Romans have always believed that it represents life and imitation Cartier love bracelet eternity, and in the 15th century it was further regarded as representing the symbolic meaning of marriage.
What is the meaning of the diamond ring picture?

The North American wedding ring followed the Pacific side of the simple atmosphere, simple atmosphere design reflects the maximum degree of platinum texture, high-quality style design never fade, as your love.

Meaning two, European-style diamond ring picture of the implication: when the pure representative of the platinum encountered dazzling bright diamonds, which stunning Huamei called the masterpiece. Sparkling diamonds are embedded in pure white platinum, confirms that the eternal love. Soft arc comparable to crafted craftsmanship, intertwined into the main theme of love, sparkling light in the fingers between the brilliance.

Meaning three, Asian Fan diamond ring picture of the moral: rules of the lines, in the rules embedded in the fine pattern carving, which is Asia, the perfect details of the moment to enhance the texture of the diamond ring. Delicate texture people put it down, for the marriage to add a “timeless” good meaning.

Meaning the four, the Chinese diamond ring picture of the implication: the Chinese wedding ring brand follow the world trend, to create a beautiful and elegant platinum diamond ring, many styles, originality, in China and the United States to show elegant and refined, in line with Chinese aesthetic standards. Eager to love the marriage of Chinese people, will be implied in the design of the sacred wedding ring.

Wearing a diamond ring picture on behalf of the meaning

1. Ring is the oldest love letter, the ring worn on the ring finger, a symbol of the other side of the heart forever tied to their own hands. Like a contract, the feelings of the contract, see things think people, to material sentiment. Feelings can not be repeated, the ring can not be easy to master, once in a lifetime is enough. A sublimation of feelings, for the happiness of life.

2. Diamond ring In general sense, women need diamond ring, because women need to know her precious. Lyrics to sing you and my love is like crystal, crystal than solid, but also shining diamonds, it alone can not cover up the light, enough to make every bride’s face more than a ray of self-confidence smile, A trace of beautiful luster. Love is a heavy diamond ring set, is the eternal promise, it is a man love the woman totem.

3. little finger: little finger to convey is a tragic sexy message, the ring will be worn on it will have unexpected things happen;

4. ring finger: legendary ring finger connected with the heart, the most suitable for the publication of the sacred oath;

5. Middle finger: ring wearing the middle finger on the most able to create a free and cheerful atmosphere, people can inspire the emergence of more attractive,

6. index finger: and put the ring on the index finger on the personality will become cheerful and independent;

7. thumb: the ring worn on the thumb to help you reach your wish.

Diamond ring maintenance methods:

1. perfume, detergent, bleach, seawater and so may lead to color change, so when doing clean, swimming, should be removed gold, so as not to produce chemical reactions and scratched.

2. As a result of stains and dust and loss of luster, can be diluted in the mild soap soft water soft brush and soft cloth test dry.

3. To avoid the gold jewelry and other jewelry placed together, especially diamonds, because of its hardness will lead to friction and scratches each other, it should be a separate storage box box.

4 if the gold surface has a black silver film, available salt 2 grams, baking soda 7 grams, 8 grams of bleaching powder, water 60 ml, formulated as “gold cleaning agent”, the gold jewelry in a bowl, Cleaning agent, 2 hours later, the gold jewelry out, with water (preferably not hard water) rinse, buried in the wood in the dry, and then wipe with a soft cloth can be.

5, about six months to the manufacturers maintenance time, that is, cleaning or re-electricity gold, put the money of the manufacturers have after-sales service, basically no charge.

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Exquisite jade also need to raise

Exquisite jade also need to raise
Tender and beautiful flowers need conservation, said the emerald to “raise” is not it fresh? Jade is not an animal, but it does need care. We know that there are kinds of emerald, kind of “old” and “tender”, “old” crystal grain small, slightly fine grain, kind of “tender” crystal grain coarse, wide crystal gap, in the crystal gap contains a certain amount of water The Jade generation, ground and ground water rich, turquoise naturally contain rich water Cartier nail bracelet replica molecules, to the north dry environment, do not conservation is a natural thing, especially those kind of rough jade loss is easier, Dehydration to make it dry, dry will have a lock and crack, lock crack more than Jade will lose its beauty. Kind of “old” emerald its crystal is extremely subtle, so you can keep its original head, permanent unchanged. Why emerald “support”, the reason in this. How to “raise” it? Is it packing it to the bottom of the box? This is only a general protection, to protect its shape from external damage, and its inherent loss of water can not play a role. In fact, “conservation” the most simple and most practical way is to wear hanging on the body, regardless of which parts of the body have a small human body environment. Often wear that will add Tsui’s water loss, so moist, the head to be improved, some “cotton” “floc” can be exacerbated “through”, which is called “people Yang Yu.” To sum up, the conservation of jade has three points: the first is to avoid the head, so that jade damage; the second is to avoid high temperature exposure, so as not to emerald dry chaos, pale; third is often wear hanging, often with a soft cloth or soft brush soaked Brush to stay in the above filthy. I would also like to talk about how to distinguish between emerald “old” and “new”. Identification of jade species “old” and “new”, mainly depends on the jade meat is delicate and close, I think you can look from four points: a look at cotton, old species of rare jade, even if there is cotton is also a slight point Type; new species of emerald cotton, but also accompanied by a lot of things like ice. Second look to see whether the glue, the old species of jade sometimes in the visual gives a very permeable feeling, but also that the meat seems to contain a jelly, giving a very sense of a sense of the new species is not meeting. Three look gray, usually a good head of the old jade is always with a little gray, if you encounter a good water, kind of old and no gray feeling of the old species of jade, the value is quite high. Four to see the fluorescent, the water is good old jade sometimes feel from the emerald inside a divergent light, soft and content. I have not seen a new kind of emerald.
In the play jade, jade at the same time, I also observed the emerald “flies” phenomenon. “Flies Wing” refers to the surface of the jadeite jadeite surface of the decay in the light under a light like a flies of bright white reflective facade features. As the jade jade in the size and orientation of different jade, in the light under the rotation of jade, different parts of the “flies” will appear different sizes of flaky flash, one after another. Whether it has a “flies wing”, is an important symbol of identification of true and false emerald. Such as in Xiuyu, quartzite jade and Qinghai Cui and other imitation jade products will not appear “fly wing” phenomenon. Whether it will appear in the emerald “flies” it? actually not. “Flies Wing” is mainly caused by the cleavage surface of the hard jade mineral, so the appearance of “flies” is mainly related to the development of the surface of the jadeite surface. Hard jade mineral cleavage surface development, in the light of the cleavage surface appears reflective, resulting in “fly flies”; the contrary, hard jade mineral cleavage imitation Cartier love bracelet surface is not developed, it will not appear “flies wing.”
Shoushan stone is pyrophyllite, texture moist, shiny, low hardness, but also relatively loose, especially the mountains of the ore due to the explosion of the explosion, the structure of the stone was destroyed, more crack, crack, long-term placement was dry The The ancients useful oil to keep the stone method is to use oil coated on the stone, so that moisture, but also Ming Ge marks. Today, people still use this method to keep the stone. Oil must use white tea oil, because of its color white and not sticky hand, is the ideal to protect the oil. This is the domestic people with hair care oil, the oil is extracted from tea oil, add some spices, mostly rose type, jasmine type, is extracted from the flowers, without chemical composition, no harm to the stone, and hair care Oil production process elegant, pure oil, and white and sticky hands. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore people with olive oil, also has the above advantages, the effect is very good. However, must not use vegetable oil, peanut oil, do not get started, it will affect the stone color, so that the stone was dark yellow. 
Shoushan stone carvings on the oil, you can first a little oil droplets in the soft brush on the brush gently brush, and then touch the stone face. The display should be placed in a place not exposed to direct sunlight, glass cupboard should be sealed, because wiping the oil products, easy to sticky gray.
Cabinets, such as fitted with fluorescent lamps, spotlights and the like to the lighting, need to put a few glasses of water in the cupboard, so that water evaporation, increase humidity. Small pieces of Shoushan stone carving and seal, people often hold in the hands of play, Yueqing Yang, its fun. But the majority of Shoushan rocks in the mountains and the Yellowstone is not suitable for long-term grip in the hands. Because this kind of stone is more loose, and because of the mining by the shock, causing many cracks hidden in the stone, because the hand has heat, hold the stone temperature is even higher, the cracks will appear out. And in the hands of the hand may not be missed, then the loss is even greater. Therefore, the small pieces of Shou Shan stone carving the best to wipe some oil, after careful play, put back into the soft Kam, so as to avoid collision damage. 
Moreover, those red cute stone iron content, rare light is not easy to change color, or darker. 
Some people keep the stone coveted once and for all, the stones in the tank filled with vegetable oil, this approach is not appropriate. Because most of the good mountain stone long bubble in the oil, will be more transparent, but also make the transparency of the stone becomes dark, unnatural, especially bright and dazzling mountain stone long-term use of oil, will lose the former glory. In addition, such as Qi Shi stone, Emei stone, these mountain system and the Fake Cartier love bracelet Department of Yue Department of most of the higher hardness of the stone itself is opaque, soak in the oil for a thousand years, is not transparent. 
In addition, there are two bogey leaf: one, Shoushan stone in the precious stone can not be free to wax, because the stone species to maintain the original face. Second, the Furong stone special moisture, white, especially lotus root white, lard white, “start to make people swing”, can not be on the oil. Oil after the Furong stone that is yellow, and even appear in the stone yellow and white uneven color. The ancients have this experience, they put the oil after the Furong stone, that the “oil hibiscus”. Collectors play Furong stone, and in the face and nose on both sides of the soft wipe, so that the most appropriate amount of fat oil maintenance. So the use of oil can not be generalized.

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Summer to guard against “jewelry disease”

Summer to guard against “jewelry disease”
Some people say that the necklace is a beautiful scenery between the neck, it was said that the ring is committed to the commitment in the fingers, some people say that earrings are the most beautiful embellishment on the ear … …. Is the so-called beauty of the heart of all people, people through a variety of jewelry dotted with their own, to express a personal temperament. Jewelry has experienced a long history of development, from the original people with stone polished necklace, with the beast angle, animal teeth and other decorations made to now a wide range of dazzling gold and silver jewelry, jewelry from beginning to end carrying The pursuit of human beauty, interpretation of the beauty of the legend, and formed a profound and profound jewelry culture.
Jade in China enjoy the general accessories can not replace Cartier nail bracelet replica the status, it has a beautiful color, moist texture, ever-changing germplasm, it is the beauty of its show in the Hui in the light, not flashy, not frivolous, interpretation of low-key luxury. The world is love jade, because it is elegant, elegant atmosphere, because it is calm and introverted, symbolic honor, because it is gentle and pleasant, calm and calm. The following blog for the small series for everyone to show off from the Bo treasure treasure mall in the Burmese jade jewelry, let us feel the unique charm of the next.
Agate is a colloidal mineral, which belongs to chalcedony in mineralogy. Since ancient times, agate has been welcomed by people, one of the ancient “Qibao” is agate. Agate due to the beautiful band, since ancient times was people decorated, unearthed jade, the common string of agate balls, to ornaments for more.

Agate is generally translucent to opaque, hardness of 6.5 to 7 degrees, the specific gravity of 2.55 to 2.91, refractive index of 1.535 to 1.539, agate history is very far away, it is one of the earliest use of precious stones. In the geological history of the various strata, whether it is igneous or sedimentary rocks can form agate. So, agate a lot. China’s agate origin is widely distributed, almost all provinces have, mainly in Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hubei and other regions. In the world throughout Europe, North America and Southeast Asia are also rich, the world’s most famous origin of India, Brazil and other places.
The following are the same as the ”
Agate is mainly produced in volcanic rock fissures and voids. It is also produced in sedimentary rocks. It is colloidal aggregates of silica. It is also a kind of quartz ore with crystal, jasper and so on. Its chemical composition is also silica. It is harder than crystal, agate itself has a hard, dense and delicate, different shapes, high finish, beautiful color and rich colors and other characteristics, is carved art crafts of the finest materials, coupled with handicrafts with advanced technology and perfect art Combined, giving it a peculiar idea, rich subject matter, ingenious design, superb carving. Making its performance of the artistic effect of extraordinary and vulgar. There is a mantra in the jewel line. This shows how important agate red is.

In fact, agate color rich, a wide range, but the red is the main color of agate. Because the natural red agate less, and the color layer is not deep, so the agate in the red mostly red agate. Its red is red, purple, dark red, brown red, red sauce, red and so on. In addition, the color of red, such as brocade broth called red onyx, red and white coin said Jinhua agate or safflower agate. For jade carving products, to block on the big, for jewelry with stone, the color of the United States is better.

Agate is a large variety of jade carving, the amount of great, useful red, cleverly lined with other colors and textures, so agate features prominent. But also useful other color-based, to set off the color, the effect is also very significant. Superb master of jade carving application of extraordinary skill, you can make ordinary agate, jumped into a valuable art treasures.

Agate mineral called chalcedony. The ancients called the red agate as red jade, or “Joan”. Agate more jade, so called red jade.

Agate texture like crystal, delicate and no impurities, shiny glassy, transparent imitation Cartier love bracelet or translucent. And more layers, the layers overlap each other, was corrugated, concentric, mottled, layered and other patterns, there are pure white. The colors are red, white, yellow, blue, black, purple, green, gray, brown and so on.

As the agate pattern and color changes rich, many varieties, it is “dry agate” argument.

Blue agate light blue, elegant color, blue deep some of the better, much like sapphire. The output was tuberculosis-like, often winding silk phenomenon. Used to burn jewelry and snuff bottles, large pieces of jade is a good material. Blue agate and egg green agate is different, egg green agate is white agate, the case of fire into white, blue is not dark blue, blue agate by the fire does not fade, the value of more expensive. Artificially stained blue agate has been popular in the market for many years, is dyed with cobalt dyes.

Green agate rare in nature, mostly artificial dyed, is white agate or egg green agate coloring, coloring agent is chrome. Dyed green agate is like jade green, but easy to identify, the green can not help but flash a little blue, is proof, because it is like jade, very popular with the market.

Purple agate with grape purple as well. This kind of agate texture is more rough, slightly lower transparency, because of good color, can be used for jewelry, large pieces of jade is a good material.

Wounded agate is a variety of colors in the form of ribbons intertwined with an agate, due to intertwined ribbon as fine as silk, so called wrapped wire agate. Some red and white, and some blue and white, and some black and white, or wide as the band, or fine as silk, very beautiful, ancient cut off agate. Wrapped in agate is also commonly used in jade carving varieties.

Black agate must have a strong contrast with the black other colors, only black was beautiful, the so-called other colors for the porcelain white and white, of course, in these two main colors, there are more colors better, but a variety of The color should be bright and bright. The use of black agate cut into some animals such as pandas, very popular with people.

Weed agate, also known as moss agate, is agate with opaque color varieties. Color and diverse, the most common green, thin in the light, like needle-like grass in which cloth, so weed agate, bright colors can be used for jade carving.

The central part of the water agate agate has different characteristics, there are solid, careless, hollow, and hollow water. The center of the water agate called water gallon agate, agate is a rare species, in ancient times is a rare treasure. Water gallon agate to bold water for the better, the higher the better transparency.

White onyx in the use of handicrafts rarely, most of the instruments used for instrumentation. But since the artificial dyeing, its importance began to grow up.

Because agate has a skin, rough and opaque, there are more fine, so generally imitation Cartier love bracelet only after heat treatment before use. At the same time natural red agate color is not bright, but also after heat treatment, only by the brown red, red sauce into bright red, egg blue to white. So agate heat treatment has become a common program for making jewelry.

Since ancient times, people agate and pearls as a treasure class, but today’s agate, because of its large production and widespread use, and because of its production all over the world, so the value is not high, is a low-grade material ornaments and jade crafts, In the jewelry market prices are relatively low.

At present for the dyeing of agate, the new national standard is not strict, that is acceptable. Due to improved processing, so do not have to indicate.

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Effect and Function of Strawberry

Effect and Function of Strawberry
1, now is a single friend wearing strawberry crystal can help to enhance your love index, you can increase the love fortune, but also allows the wearer in the line of thinking clear and let you in a noisy environment to peace of mind.
2, strawberry crystal helps to enhance the love of the fortune and interpersonal relationships, so that you communicate with people more happy, clerk wearing strawberry crystal can increase their performance, so that performance is flourishing, the administrator wearing strawberry crystal can be increased with subordinates People are more close to the relationship, strawberry crystal will help you encounter a good marriage, you can also increase the personal Cartier love bracelet replica charm, so that the opposite sex friends more trust and close to you, enhance interpersonal friendship.
3, wear strawberry crystal jewelry can fall into the love of people or couples get along more harmonious, people respect each other.
4, strawberry crystal can be regarded as a kind of love to send each other love information, when you are in the strawberry crystal into the information inside the time, the opposite sex friends will be able to feel the presence of your love.
5, for some relatively lazy, not active friends, the strawberry crystal energy can improve your style of doing this, into the active person, strawberry crystal itself is very special crystal.
Titanium crystal price has been very expensive, it is one of the three most expensive crystal crystal. In general, titanium prices are expensive, very few businesses will hoard a large number of titanium crystal, titanium prices in recent years rose a lot, some can not see the eyes of the more than 100 yuan a gram, and the whole net Body, titanium crystal plate has developed into a very beautiful form must reach a few hundred dollars a gram. If you want to buy a relatively nice titanium crystal, not a few thousand dollars or even million is unlikely.
When it comes down, the price of titanium crystal by the origin of the constraints, especially in Brazil, the origin of raw materials shortage (most of our common titanium produced in Brazil), especially on the phase of the titanium crystal yield is low, good titanium prices all the way Singing soaring, the general one gram from 100-300 yuan, an excellent price of titanium in 500 yuan a gram or more. ) In simple terms Titanium quality price: First, look at the crystal is Cartier love ring replica transparent, the second look Titanium thickness, shape, three to see the carving process. 500 yuan more than one gram have a collection value.
Case 1: Your temper is getting more and more irritable. Bad temper is generally only their own know, but your temper is getting worse, you and the people around you should be able to feel. Because the magnetic field of titanium crystal itself is strong, if your character is hard, such as your Mars is quite strong, which represents your temper will be a little bit irritable or very irritable, wear titanium crystal we do not say, your Temper is absolutely violent to rise, fire up to take, then do not say that you are uncomfortable, people around more uncomfortable.
Case 2: your heart rate, there are some Qi. This means that your gas field is weak, the body is not very good, but the titanium magnetic field is too strong, your body can not adapt to its magnetic field, take it early, your body is better.
Case three: Liu Xu-like objects more and more powerful. Titanium crystal in addition to the original Liu Xu-like objects other than the addition of some cracks or lines, and even inside the catkins-like objects more and more powerful, it is because your own energy has been greater than the titanium crystal.
First, from the price terms, the price of titanium crystal over the past decade to go higher, with titanium produced in Brazil, for example, in 2005 when the value of only two or three thousand kilograms per kilogram, to 2011, the price per kilogram has been 40,000 yuan, And the most fine titanium crystal, the price per gram up to 2,000 yuan, is the price of gold several times.
Second, from the titanium yield, due to their own production is scarce, the northern Brazilian state of Pakistan has been ordered by the Brazilian government to suspend mining and limit the number of exports, so the product is excellent titanium crystal is the most precious crystal class One of the gems.
Third, the titanium crystal is also the most powerful group of energy in the crystal group, often a symbol of great fortune, wealth, such as Buddha blessing. Some people even put the titanium crystal capacity for the pyramid in the tip of the tribe of the crystal, because Cartier nail bracelet replica the titanium crystal production is thin, good product phase, so called the crystal of the most.
Third: titanium crystal combo is a very good titanium plate, but no meat above (that is, white crystal part of the relatively small), counterfeiters to find a good body of white crystal and no meat titanium plate sticky A whole titanium crystal, this is also the need for technical live, counterfeiters have to ensure that when there can not be any dust, false technology, from the front of the back can not see the sticky traces, only titanium crystal side can be seen A gap, counterfeiters in order not to let others find, generally do a good two-in-one titanium crystal will be made into a wrapping pendant, ring, as long as the side of the package side cover, is simply can not see, generally do two Titanium crystal are also titanium plate is better, good color will be done, will not take low-grade titanium crystal to do two-in-one.
Fourth: Titanium crystal plate more titanium crystal will generally have titanium crystal root, and some are with biotite titanium crystal black root is not with biotite titanium crystal root, but most of the root will have more or less Of the leakage, and some large leakage of titanium crystal, and some unscrupulous businesses will use a special glue (industry seems to be like UV glue) to block the leakage of the place, the color of the glue are white almost opaque, careful Look can still be seen.