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Bright round inside and outside the round clear as crystal Crystal Palace

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer boat clock series watch

Watch Comments: Khaki Navy Pioneer boat clock series quite distinctive case, steel material to build, 43 mm diameter, the side decorative Paris nail bezel, inwardly recessed inner bezel, linear lugs, rounded Three-dimensional case, is the appearance of navigation clock to do hair think.

Summary: The above watch is the Basel watch show on the launch of the new watch, each one is full of modern fashion design and heritage of traditional crafts, whether you like retro or modern, the above models can meet the demand, As is the new imitation Cartier love bracelet product listing, the specific price has not been determined, if the news, we will provide you the first time.

Time, without leaving any traces of their contours and appearances, understatement of the pen outlines the face of youth; time, quietly took their comfort and beauty, but generously dedication of wisdom and maturity Of the connotation; time, inadvertently changed the original innocence and dreams, but quietly given them noble temperament and impressive attitude. They are women, with dreamy fairy tale dreams, glassy heart sentimentality, challenge-like vistas, and empress-like elegance … such a changeable and cold, mysterious and elegant woman who can Grasp the changes and the pursuit of them, who can meet their temperament and connotation?

Bold, unique and classic Bulgari, with its own style of interpretation of contemporary women’s charm, in their own language into a design element, which is the Greek-style elegance of Italy. Meet every woman’s dream, whether it is your dreams, wild, intellectual, noble, Bulgari can read the heart of a woman, as you meet the rare treasures.

Bright round inside and outside the round, clear as crystal Crystal Palace.

Think of exquisitely carved, shine shine, my mind will naturally emerge out of this sentence, “bright and clear inside and outside the round, clear as crystal Palace.” The beauty of the poem is that the word has nothing but infinite, just a short fourteen The word has condensed the poet’s perception, thought and touch. Since ancient times, who does not envy that gorgeous gem? Who does not praise that bright gem? Who does not treasure that rare gem?

For women, the beauty of diamond jewelry is more timeless and precious. Bulgari is so clever to capture the inspiration that is so ingenious combination of jewelry diamonds and time, both complement each other, but also become a woman’s mind another dream. Bvlgari jewelry colorful Replica Cartier jewelry, modern and eye-catching design revolves around BVLGARI Bvlgari unique classic elements. Like the art of painting, the DIVA Premium Jewelry Collection brings together a rich and diverse range of design elements. Rich gems and a variety of color combinations dizzying.

Women like diamonds, like jewelry, along the way, it is the dream of their hearts. Not only from its luxury and rare, but also from its symbolism, a symbol of eternal love, is the longest companionship. Bvlgari jewelry technology is so wonderful, whether it is turquoise, diamonds and tourmaline woven into the gorgeous, or diamond watch models show the pure beauty, or the mother of pearl dial and rose gold interpretation of the gentle and elegant, All of these watches vividly demonstrate BVLGARI’s long-standing brand culture and heritage of more than a century of craftsmanship.

Pina Ruoshong, Wanruyouronglong.

If the style above is about the feminine, then the world we enter is wild. “If the light clouds of the moon, swaying Xi Ruoyu the return of snow”, as if the Qingyun closed the month flow back to the snow, Bulgari can always unexpectedly bring us a different kind of beautiful, This is not a “dragon” but a snake.

In ancient mythology, the snake is a mysterious totem symbolizing wisdom, strength and rebirth. It survived more than 2,700 years of historical heritage and is now reborn in Bulgari’s artistry. Whether it is vividly simulated or geometric snake snake shows the form, Serpenti series watch the best Bulgari brand essence, become the most beautiful women’s Wristwatches landscape. Many people say that the serpentine watch is not beautiful, in fact, it is that they can not control its meaning. In nature, the snake itself is a mysterious, wild animal. The series of tables in addition to the noble design, more into the uninhibited style, which is the style of many brands can not try.

Unique serpentine, around the wrist, only get started know that the city of wild and the perfect fit body. For the first time, part of the Serpenti bracelet, introduced this year, discards the traditional internal springs, making the watch more flexible and flexible to meet everyday needs and highlight Bulgari’s unlimited design creations. At the same time, the series also has a combination of different materials and jewelry, adhering to the essence of high-grade jewelry rich colors, vividly demonstrated the unique style of the family.

Clouds want clothes to think of flowers, spring whistle Revlon.

Clothes move with the wind comparable to the clouds, beautiful face and flower Yan Xuan comparable, which is the number of women longing for the beautiful and luxurious. Every woman has a beautiful and kind heart in her heart, growing more rich with time and quietly changing with time. Women desire to keep the pace of time, more eager to get the blessing of time. Derived from the “light” and “time” indissoluble bound, BVLGARI Bvlgari LVCEA women watch series at any time the light turns more and more bright and dazzling, between Jane and Fan reached a perfect balance, overflowing streamer.

From the lines, we feel the shadow of the time. The case is shiny and round, highlighting the dial decorated with Roman numerals and hands. The appearance resembles sundial, and the crown decorated with gems, such as the sun, flashes in a flashy manner. Watches in the show time at the same time, each detail also contains the brand’s unique design style, V-type link design coincides with the name VCE LVCEA, this series of blood flowing into each design .

From early morning to sunset, LVCEA is suitable for all occasions celebrities favorite, on different occasions, reflecting their own unique personality and charming elegance. BVLGARI Bulgari will also release the gemstone blue, Bordeaux powder and pale pink crocodile skin color strap, LVCEA series with a colorful and personalized look, to meet the needs of different ladies.

Bulgari, what is the impression for everyone? Some people may define it as a luxury, and some people may define it as a jewelry brand, maybe some people define it as a watch brand, maybe … maybe some people are still very strange to it. Therefore, I do not want to use simple words or words to summarize Bulgari understanding and concept in my heart, a brand heritage of centuries classic, history and culture, how few words can describe it? Without investigation, you have no say. If you have not fully understood a brand, you can not define it. Colored glasses will only make your thinking more and more narrow.

More Bulgari ladies watch, waiting for you to explore.

Summary: Now, I can only understand is that Bulgari is to give the longest companionship, the most tacit understanding of the reader, where you can see the noble qualities of women, the king style; you can see the women Gentle gesture, lady Jiao Rong; you can see the rich content of women, the mysterious world.

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Watch with a blue rubber strap sewn through the white silk wear soft and comfortable

Omega, a now overwhelming Swiss watch brand, both from the watch positioning, brand awareness, product sales and watch technology are among the best in the watch area is also one of the most watched brands, All this shows the success of Omega. Watch House today will bring is a Omega Seamaster GoodPlanet GMT ocean universe Tasting watch, watch the official model is:

In a tribute to Omega’s far-reaching partnership with GoodPlanet Foundation, the brand’s commitment to environmental protection is combined with innovative watchmaking techniques to create the GoodPlanet GMT Seahorse Oceanography universe. Omega has donated part of the sales proceeds from this watch to provide full funding for a charity project to protect mangroves and seaweeds in Southeast Asia.

The Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe GoodPlanet GMT is a 43.5mm diameter design imitation Cartier love bracelet featuring a stainless steel case and a polished blue two-way bezel with a bright orange GMT scale.

Stainless steel case with brushed finish, beautiful fashion, to ensure that the watch is not scratched wearing the impact. Watch the same crown made of stainless steel material, and the crown engraved with Omega’s classic “Ω” LOGO.

Watch with a blue rubber strap, sewn through the white silk, wear soft and comfortable.

Watch angular case, watches at ten o’clock position with row of helium valve, the design is to help helium from the watch inside the discharge of the decompression system, designed for professional divers in the pressure cabin wear design. From this one design you can see that the watch is a professional waterproof watch.

Watch with arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal anti-wear design, dial bright orange aluminum GMT pointer allows the wearer to record dual time zones of the time. Watch 3 o’clock position with date display window, simple and practical.

The watch is made of sapphire crystal glass back cover, through this transparent bottom cover, we can clearly see the movement of the internal watch movement, watch internal equipped with Omega own 8605 coaxial self-winding movement, with more Long lasting precision and stability. GMT dual time zone display. Equipped with a silicon hairspring without card balance hairspring and the subsequent arrangement of the double barrel, two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time. Rhodium-plated balance wheel clamp and automatic thallium, the movement of the luxury processing, decorated with a unique Arabian-style Geneva ripple.

Summary: The Omega Ocean Universe GoodPlanet GMT watch is a tribute to the GoodPlanet Foundation and its efforts to protect the Earth’s environment and marine ecology. Omega has pledged to donate part of the sale of Hippocampus Marine GoodPlanet GMT watches to provide full funding for a charity project to protect mangroves and seaweeds in South East Asia. The project also collaborates with locals to protect those vital to maintaining a balanced ecosystem Natural resources. At present, the domestic price of the watch is 59,400 yuan.

The watch is so large, the disk is so big, you want to show the beauty of all the beauty Replica Cartier jewelry and functionality of the watch in a limited disk space, which is undoubtedly an impossible task, so many watches have given up on the watch’s disk Great fuss, but there are also some watches in the limited disk as much as possible to show the complex functions of the watch. Watch House today for everyone to recommend three such watches, I hope we can understand understand.

Breitling NAVITIMER 1461 aviation timing 1461 watch series A1937012 / BA57 / 760P (crocodile leather strap) watch

Extraordinary Wrist Classic, Classic Breitling Airsoft Chronograph Navitimer is now available in a breathtaking 46 mm form factor. The oversized design not only highlights the originality of the design, but also optimizes the dial and ring flight slider Data readability, greatly enhance the sense of presence in the wrist.
Longines MASTER COLLECTION 名匠 系列 L2.673.4.51.7 watch

You can accurately tell the watch all the features according to the watch’s disk information? I believe many people are not sure, but certainly some people can do, the first watch has a timing function, the second watch also has a second 24-hour time zone display, other such as the date display, the month shows the week shows Lamp functions are also presented on the surface of the watch one by one, you want to see such a watch is really not an easy thing.

Omega Speedmaster Series 3222.80.00 watch

This is a super series watches, is also a super-complex watch, wrist watch 9 o’clock position with a small second disk, 12 o’clock position with the week display window and the month display window, the date of the watch display For the pointer date display design, in addition to the complex design of the watch dial, the watch bezel, but also engraved with a circle speed ring, dazzling, really have to be careful ah.

Summary: The watch is not the more complex the better, but by no means the simpler the better, today we recommend these several watches, are considered multi-function watch, watch the dial slowly on the numbers and the bezel on Can know, but to remind you multi-function watch though a lot more playability, but we must correct use, to prevent the watch because of the wrong operation and broken.

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Retro Deep Roger Doher Excalibur Automatic Brown Dial Auto Wrist Watch

Roger Doppe Excalibur series can be said to be a unique watch series, its charming groove bezel, the unique trigeminal lugs, large Roman numerals are easy to remember the watch brand! And In this year’s Asian high clocks, Roger Durbey has brought three Excalibur series of products. Here on the watch home to see this Excalibur 42mm brown dial rose gold automatically on the watch it!

Retro Deep Roger Doher Excalibur 42 Automatic Brown Dial Auto Wrist Watch

Excalibur 42mm brown dial rose gold automatic winding watch angular, vigorous imitation Cartier love bracelet and powerful features are still full of tension in the line at a glance, highlighting the modern city men unique pure beauty and never compromise spirit. The new series of watch groove ring is still the classic features of this series, the design is more refined, 42 mm diameter rose gold case with a sunshine decorated satin surface polished geometric dial complement each other, and with the shape of tall Roman numerals Compared.

This watch and stone Excalibur 42mm watch also uses rose gold case and watch the needle. As well as still engraved with Roman numerals and black minutes circle, highlighting the heroic timing partner elegant and simple qualities. As the same paragraph watch, this section brown dial Excalibur 42 watch also equipped with RD622 movement. RD622 movement consists of 179 hand-made parts of the self-winding components, equipped with a watch factory homemade, to ensure efficient performance of the iconic mini-pendulum Tuo, and the sleek Roger Dubuis Roger Dubby special plywood, spring With the lever.

Self-winding hollow movement at any level in the most exquisite way to show the supreme warrior spirit. Roger Dubuis, Roger Dubuis, as an innovative leader in the contemporary hollow art, has also passed the Excalibur of the chivalrous spirit of the two churches,

This Rotonde de Cartier reversal Tourbillon watch is not only the charm of its appearance, but also its internal structure, Cartier successfully so complex movement concentrated in the table bridge square inch space, through the tourbillon reversal arrangement, Showing the perfect grasp of the dial space, interpretation of ingenuity of creative aesthetics.

Cartier watchmaker by re-layout, minutes and seconds to display the function to release the dial space, simplifying the entire movement to only by the minimum table bridge to provide support, the floating tourbillon device magnificent atmosphere show most vividly, so that this Equipped with 9458 MC-type movement of the Rotonde de Cartier reverse Tourbillon watch into the geometric design and masculine aesthetics in one of the extraordinary masterpiece.

Watch equipped with 9458 MC reverse tourbillon manual winding movement carefully crafted by the Cartier Replica Cartier jewelry workshop, showing the brand both inherited and innovative tabulation of all aspects of the traditional. Each part of the movement has been carefully modified: table bridge by chamfer grinding, the side by wire drawing, screw head by polishing, plywood to Geneva ripple (Côte de Genève) modification, the parallel stripes and dial on the carving echo. Movement diameter 39 mm, thickness 5.58 mm, with 19 gems, the total number of 167 pieces, the frequency of 21,600 times per hour, for the watch to provide 50 hours of power reserve.

To simple and practical as the goal of the nations, in its Parker Fenuo series of watches and add a very innovative use of the watch, model IW516203. IWC designer and watchmaker in the Park Tao Fenuo manual winding week calendar wrist will be a large date and week show the perfect combination, thus creating a beautiful and both highly practical classic watch.

18K red gold case, rock gray dial, gold-plated pointer and 18K red gold scale. Brown Santoni crocodile leather strap, 18K red gold needle clasp. Mechanical movement, model 59220, 28,800 times per hour oscillation. Using gems 30, to provide power reserve 8 days (192 hours). Manual winding, no fine balance balance wheel, balance wheel rim with 4 gold fine-tuning screws, Breguet gossamer, small seconds attached to the device, large date display, week display, power reserve display

In 2015, Lange ushered in the 200th anniversary of Ferdinando Adolfo Lange. Brand has been launched in February with a black dial 1815 “200th Anniversary F. A. Lange” Platinum 950 commemorative edition. This time, Lange brought the second masterpiece, once again to the founder of the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica Saxon watch. This 1815 limited edition with 18K honey color gold case and decorated with silver white grain pattern of solid silver dial.

The new debut of the 1815 “200th Anniversary F. A. Lange” honey color gold watch the watch has a solid silver dial, the surface decorated with exquisite silver white grain details. This handmade decoration reminiscent of pocket watch era Lange Observatory table and maritime astronomical clock silver dial, showing the rare traditional finishing skills.

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elegant design of the dial and blue steel Breguet needle with the overall gentleman

As the world’s only full range of product movement through the COSC brand, Breitling watch can be described as accurate and reliable representative. Built in 1884, a hundred years of watchmaking history also made it one of the few independent watchmakers in Switzerland. Today for everyone to recommend the three watches from the Breitling, have a complex timing function, hoping to watch fans can like.

Bentley BENTLEY SUPERSPORTS LIGHT BODY Bentley Supercar Lightweight imitation Cartier love bracelet Chronograph Series Titanium Case – Black Dial – Rubber Strap Watch

This watch from the Breitling Bentley series, 49 mm table diameter for the wrist of the wearer, is indeed a bit big. Case using titanium metal material, in the case around the regular texture as a decoration. Crown also use titanium metal, screw-in crown design to increase the protection of the watch. Round dial design car watch visual sense, the use of red to make this watch more dynamic and passionate. Dial with a small seconds and dual time zone, in the six o’clock direction also has a date display window. Equipped with model Cal.27b movement, produced by Breitling, the basic movement for the ETA 2892-A2, 28,800 times per hour vibration frequency, the use of 38 gems, providing 42 hours of power storage. Rubber made of strap is more suitable for sports wear, titanium metal clasp. Dense design, providing 100 meters of water depth.

Breitling NAVITIMER 01 Air Time 01 watch series AB012012 / BB02 / 743P / A20BA.1 watch

White and black use and complex dial scale highlights the timing of the watch theme. 43 mm table diameter, the thickness of 14.25 mm, the case is made of stainless steel material, in the case around also decorated with gears. Round dial to black as the background color, dial with a small seconds and minutes on the dial, 4:30 direction also has a date display window. Equipped with Breitling Cal.01 model of the movement, the diameter of 30 mm, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, the use of 47 gemstones, providing 70 hours of power storage. Black crocodile leather strap and steel material folding buckle match to ensure the safety of wearing. Bottom back cover design, providing 30 meters of water depth.

Breitling NAVITIMER 1461 Air Time 1461 Watch Series A1937012 / C883 / 443A watch

This watch table diameter of 46 mm, the thickness of 15.5 mm, the case of the use of steel material, in the case around the same decorated with a circle of gear. Round dark blue dial on the direction of the twelve with a date display plate, three o’clock direction is the moon phase Replica Cartier jewelry display window, nine o’clock direction is the month display disk. Equipped with Cal.19 model of the movement, oscillating 28,800 times per hour, a total of 38 gemstones, providing 42 hours power storage. The bottom cover is designed to provide a water depth of 30 meters.

Summary: With accurate and reliable, high performance precision instruments, Breitling in the field of watch has made numerous outstanding achievements. Since 1979, Ernest Schneider received, but also through a series of original design, production of multi-purpose watch. Constantly involved in aviation, navigation, diving and other fields, but also to Breitling won the “aviation computer” reputation.

Slim case, elegant design of the dial and blue steel Breguet needle with the overall gentleman and read at a glance, Breguet Classique classic series of watches, the traditional classic appearance is very suitable for formal wear to wear formal occasions. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet classic series of watches, the official model: 7787BR / 12 / 9V6.

Engraved carved dial, whether it is from the aesthetic level and the overall effect of view are impeccable, elegant and generous and very traditional.

Case diameter 39 mm

This watch case to 18k rose gold to build, case diameter 39 mm, thickness 10.2 mm, small and slim. Clean silver machine floor carved dial, blue steel needle and Breguet unique moon phase, continuation Breguet unique style. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 591DRL self-winding movement.

Rose gold to create a gear-type crown
Rose gold to create a gear-type crown shape simple and elegant, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo, highlight the distinguished brand identity.

Brown crocodile leather strap
Brown crocodile leather strap, tidy and beautiful texture and the use of brown suture, fine workmanship.

9 o’clock position with moon adjustment button
10.2 mm side of the case with Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, high degree of recognition. 9 o’clock position with moon phase adjustment button, you need to use the watch with special tools to adjust. Micro-arc on the bezel polished by polished, emitting a golden light light.

Rose gold folding clasp
Clasp also by the rose gold to create, using folding design, wearing a simple and comfortable. Polished polished clasp engraved with Breguet’s brand Logo.

Welded fillet
Breguet has a classical style of welded fillet ears, comfortable to wear, with a bolt and strap fixed, retro and high recognition rate.

Silver sticker dial
Silver discs dial, disc layout elegant and simple. Breguet-style hollow eccentric “moon-shaped” blue steel pointer to indicate the hour and seconds of information, minute scale with a small black dot instead, hours with Roman numerals are displayed. Power storage display at the three o’clock position on the, with blue steel arrow instructions to provide 38 hours of power reserve. 12 o’clock position on the moon phase display window, rose gold material “smile” moon and both sides of the stars wandering in the blue sky.

Breguet Cal.591DRL self-winding movement thickness of only 3.02 mm, composed of 217 parts. Movement of the use of silicon material escapement and balance wheel hairspring, light weight, no lubrication and no magnetic interference, to ensure precision when the performance. The moving parts are decorated with Geneva and the scales, and are equipped with double barrels.

Summary: Buchi dial with a unique timetable symbol, without the words of Breguet charm. Its unique moon phase display for this section to add a unique elegant taste. Hollow “moon” tip of the Breguet blue steel pointer, welded lugs, the appearance of the shell decorated with coins pattern, each detail is exudes a classic traditional atmosphere. Will such a watch worn in the wrist, showing a unique unique charm.

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This is the latest creation of the Schaffhausen Vanguard Tribute

Schaffhausen IWC will usher in the “pilot years” in 2016, but the brand will continue to launch next year in other series of new timepieces. The following is for everyone to introduce the IWC will be released in 2016 three new Aquatimers watch.
Aquatimer “La Cumbre Volcano” chronograph (IW379505)

This watch to Fernandina Island (belonging to the Galapagos Islands) on a shield-like volcano named, limited edition of 500. The Schaffhausen IWC has established special links with the Galapagos Islands, which is not the first time that the brand has been inspired by famous imitation Cartier love bracelet islands and launched a special limited edition. The watch is equipped with a self-made 89365 automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), with flyback timing function, can provide 68 hours power storage, water depth of 300 meters.

Aquatimer Automatic 2000 Automatic Watch (IW358001)

The origins of this watch can be traced back to 1982, Ferdinand A. Porsche specially designed for the mine sweepers diving watch. Aquatimer Automatic 2000 automatic watch waterproof depth can reach amazing 2000 meters, now, as a professional and practical, reliable equipment, the series of watches by the enthusiastic challenge of amateurs and professional divers praise. The watch case to titanium metal, 46 mm in diameter, equipped with 80110 automatic winding mechanical movement, can provide 44 hours power storage, equipped with innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), the bottom engraved deep sea diver pattern, Using a new combination of yellow and black color, particularly eye-catching. The watch has a black rubber strap, great sports style.

Aquatimer Automatic “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” Automatic Watch (IW329005)

This is the latest creation of the Schaffhausen Vanguard Tribute to the French diving pioneer. Like the Galapagos Islands, IWC and Kusto also have special links. As a partner of the Cousteau Association, the Schaffhausen IWC is committed to the restoration of the famous scientific research vessel Calypso. The watch case is made of stainless steel, equipped with gorgeous dark blue dial, stainless steel table cover engraved Kusto wearing a signature wool hat shallow relief head. Equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement, innovative internal and external rotating bezel (SafeDive System safety diving system), can provide 42 hours power storage, water depth of 300 meters.
2016 Geneva International Senior Watch Salon (SIHH 2016), the count will show the public a new creation – Elperador Coussin XL 700P watch. In 1976, the count has launched the most compact 7P quartz movement, this commemorative watch is the 40th anniversary celebration.
In addition to the use of brand logo design, this watch the successful integration of mechanical Replica Cartier jewelry movement and quartz technology, to achieve extraordinary technical feat, gives a deep impression. In the watchmaking industry, mechanical movement and quartz technology usually refer to different modes of operation between independent watch. Today, accurate and reliable electronic speed control devices and iconic inverted mechanical movement, in the count for the first time to achieve a perfect fusion.

Mechanical movement with inverted design, provides us with the dial from the side of the main features of the opportunity to appreciate the opportunity. And Rhitheric compositions.itherither …… Englishitherigma drafts.s.32aints.ither composition nights wanted Rhithermatic Rhomenic ” The bottom right with eccentric hour and minute hand, flat across the radial cone when the standard. The watch developed two years, equipped with an ultra-thin automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with electronic speed control devices, including high-frequency quartz oscillation generator (32,768 Hz), used to control the generator and the operation of the wheel speed. The new movement is excellent in magnetic resistance and is less susceptible to gravity and ensures higher accuracy.
The watch belongs to the Earl Black Tie series, pillow case made of platinum, 46.5 mm in diameter, with gold black ADLC coated round bezel. Through the open dial, you can enjoy the fun of the pillow movement. H.2aint rounds. Finds.s.3232 nights draft Copyright rounds.igma么s. wanted outcome, Exquisite satin scrub retractable running wheel system, with silver tones screw, asahi pattern decorated bridge plate by chamfering and hollow processing, to create a more transparent appearance effect. Earl unique aesthetic and workshop genes together, this blend of traditional and innovative anniversary watch will be limited to issue 118.
Preheating 2016 Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, Breguet introduced a new Classique series of watches, decorated with the watch industry’s most poetic complex functions – moon phase profit and loss show. Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9088 watch both fully embodies the typical Breguet style, but also extended workshops exquisite watchmaking service of women’s tradition, in the brand eternal elegant ladies watch a place.
18K white gold case diameter of 30 mm, equipped with exquisite groove pit ring and white large enamel dial, low-key and yet gorgeous, pure lines faithfully reproduce Breguet factory more than 240 years of successful password. Disk Decoration Arabic numerals time scale – also known as “Breguet figures when the character”, invented by the brand founder in 1783. Minute track composed of small stars, every five minutes embellished lily pattern, pay tribute to the workshop watch the traditional. Blue steel hour and minute hand from the famous “Breguet pointer” (near the end of the hollow eccentric shape, invented in 1783) to get inspiration, and re-design to perfect with enamel dial. Disk 6 o’clock position with a small second hand and moon phase profit and loss show, bezel and lugs inlaid bright cut diamonds, so that this beautiful timepiece even more shiny elegance.
In order to ensure that female customers a feast for the eyes, free to buy, Breguet also provides a Classique Phase Lune Dame 9088 watch rose gold version and not inlaid diamond version. In addition, Breguet also designed to create a natural pearl Fritillaria hand-engraved dial models, with Breguet pointer and Roman numerals.

Breguet Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9088 watch

Reference number: 9088BB / 29/964 DD00
Movement: Cal. 537L. 83/4 Automatic winding mechanical movement, vibration frequency 3.5 Hz, number of stones 26, power storage 45 hours, engraved independent number and Breguet stealth signature, silicon Swiss linear lever escapement, silicon Gossamer, adjusted by 6 directions
Case: 18K white gold material, diameter 30 mm, the table decorated with beautiful groove pit pattern, bezel and lugs inlaid with 66 bright cut diamonds (about 1.04 kt), sapphire crystal table, welding lugs, Fix the leather strap with a bolt, 30 meters in water depth
Dial: large enamel dial, engraved with independent number and Breguet invisible signature, hollow blue steel pointer, Arabic numerals, 6 o’clock position above the moon with profit and loss display and small seconds

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her outstanding achievement in clothing was that she realized that juvenile clothing

Anne Klein Anne Klein is an American women’s designer brand. Its products are mature, confident, typical American luxury. Jones Group of the United States. Anne Klein design experience over 30 years, the US fashion industry to make a great contribution. In Anne Klein before Claire McCardell and she founded an elegant sport sportswear, repositioned American fashion. In the mid-1960s, Anne Klein developed fur products for herself, creating a well-known clothing fabric on the clothing market – fur, known for the design of a brightly colored, stylish style profile.
Anne Klein Anne Klein watch brand introduction
Anne Klein was famous for designing sportswear, but her outstanding achievement imitation Cartier love bracelet in clothing was that she realized that juvenile clothing should be designed for size rather than age, and that “Juniors” (juvenile, The meaning of the fashion industry. Prior to this, “Juniors” is only the extension of the concept of children’s clothing.
But the industry believes that juveniles and children under the age of 12 no image of the difference in the design approach is also general. By analyzing the lifestyle of young women, Anne Klein realized that the clothing provided to them did not meet the actual needs. In 1948, she and her first husband Ben Klein opened Junior Sophisticates clothing company, the company is committed to open up the market, for the girls to launch the first exhibition to sleeveless tight skirt with jacket features: full skirt; A pleated polite skirt with a sports jacket. Anne Klein in the course of business, gradually reverse the juvenile clothing design errors, “Juniors” quickly formed today’s style: exquisite, elegant, fashion style tend to adult equipment.
After that, more designers are committed to this market segment. At the same time, adult fashion design also has a breakthrough, but still follow the “Juniors” style, the characteristics of juvenile clothing into the adult world, such as buttons and bowls and other girls into the adult fashion elements design, designed clothing particularly suitable for petite exquisite Of women.
Today, Anne Klein Anne Klein in fashion women made unprecedented achievements, but also open up other industry markets. In the watch, jewelry, handbags and other fields are also aggressive, and implement its concept in the women’s industry. Watch products also have a small, beautiful, stylish features. Widely sought after women love!
Georg Jensen, founded in 1904 in the name of silverware. Today has more than 100 stores in 12 countries. Georg Jensen just entered a silversmith, making exclusive designs of silver cutlery and jewelry, and today Georg Jensen George Ethan uses his superb skills in a rich product area: gold and silver jewelry, platinum and diamonds Jewelry, watches, tableware, concave containers, as well as home and office supplies. Its purely elegant Scandinavian design style conquers millions of users around the world, often known as one of Denmark’s most famous brands.
George Jason Georg Jensen watch introduction
KOPPEL Cooper Series
KOPPEL Cooper series watch to Henning. Cooper as early as 1978 to create a classic low-key design to pay tribute. KOPPEL Cooper series to break the tradition, the dial on the number of dots instead. This seems simple but the watch design is a major change, so far, the series of George Replica Cartier jewelry Jiesheng watch still have a deep impact. In the design, KOPPEL Cooper series successfully expressed the basic principles of Scandinavian design, to create a set of simple elegance, set the functional and high quality as one of the watch series KOPPEL Cooper series of watches noble and refined Laying him into a classic position of design.
George Jason Georg Jensen watch introduction
EVE series
EVE Eve series, by the Swiss designer Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer to create a delicate sexy watch, to the goddess of youth EVE (Eve) in the name of a new symbol of the beginning. Eve jewelry style of the distribution of soft, circular ring shape design bright and smooth, simple lines of hand-style bracelet, in the wrist to show the flow of elegance.
Concave series
Swiss designer Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer (Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer) Concave watch, challenge the traditional design of modern watch, the dial and the case will be integrated, the watch visible elements are Appear on the concave surface. “I want to design a watch with a watch case that gives the impression that it’s the same way,” says Bass Nessler. “The design of the pointer is also consistent with the appearance of the curved surface. The design inspiration from the human eye, and through different angles to show the change of color gradient, for the shape of the arc to add the depth and perceptual. “The crystal also some concave arc, complete show Concave muddy wrist watch The only form. Inlaid with diamonds Concave round curved surface watch a total of 60 diamonds, representing 60 minutes.
Braun Braun is Germany’s world famous electrical enterprise. Founded in 1921 by Max Braun. At present, the German Braun products are divided into six categories: electric razor, female shaver, hair products, kitchen appliances, steam iron, one second thermometer. Germany Braun pursuit of the goal has always been clear, simple and balanced lines.

Braun Braun’s watch products also inherited the brand characteristics. Watch products with powerful features and technology, design intentions and high-grade materials, with a high brand recognition. Made of stainless steel case of high quality, thin case more elegant and elegant. Carefully arranged scale and digital time scale, showing the dial style of the atmosphere.
Braun watch brand introduction
Since the mid-1950s, the world’s leading German manufacturer Braun has led the innovative industrial design, established the top design reputation in the field of electrical and electronic products, and its products combine unparalleled functionality and technology. Braun in 1971 launched their first watch series, this high-quality watch series designed by Dieter Rams, showing his love of precision engineering and his “Less is More” design concept. Special attention to detail, highlighting innovation and durability, clean, simple lines and features to ensure that the watch surface is clear and easy to read at any time. For forty years, Braun watches are known for their simple design and high precision

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We are selling the automatic table in the out of the cabinet is generally in a stopped state

Test method is very simple, need to give the table first full of the hair, and then a standard time to be tested when the watch, minutes, seconds, so that they are synchronized, and then placed in the plane position to go 24 hours, then standard Time alignment error and record it. Repeat the above process, respectively, on the watch under the face, the next, the left, the position on the actual error test, and recorded.
In the case of
For example: static test results are: surface +20 seconds / day, face +20 seconds / day, the next -5 seconds / day, the left +25 seconds / day, the +10 seconds / day, the results Watch the actual wear time error of +15 seconds / day.
In the case of
Take the above example, it is clear that the table should be placed at night to put Cartier love bracelet replica down, in order to help reduce the cumulative error when the watch travel time. Only the reasons for the error of the watch and their own watch error characteristics have an accurate understanding, it can better serve you.
Automatic mechanical movement
Automatic mechanical movement is in the general hand-linked list on the basis of an automatic component: automatic Tuo and automatic wheel. Rely on automatic Tuo any direction of rotation can tighten the winding.
We are selling the automatic table in the out of the cabinet is generally in a stopped state, you receive the table, the first need to foot on the winding (clockwise rotation of the watch 25 laps), then as long as you wear enough time every day, To the source of the source to add energy, so that the automatic table normal travel time.
General automatic watch should be worn in the hands of more than 8 hours a day to make up the winding energy, but not absolute. Recommended holidays should wear a table, only to wear in the hands of the clock to add energy, the watch will not stop. Now there is widespread work in the office, watches often appear to stop phenomenon, in addition to the movement of the reasons, because the wearer’s lack of exercise, can not add enough energy to the winding, for such reasons, Winding method to make up.
We advocate the automatic table as little as possible to use the hand on the winding, because the hand on the winding, need to drive a lot of automatic wheel rotation, automatic parts are very easy to wear, so that customers increase the unnecessary maintenance costs.
Mechanical table allows the error range of ± 30 seconds / day, after the Observatory certification movement of the average error range of -4 seconds to +6 seconds / day, the specific error according to the movement used by the watch may not be in accordance with the The higher the price the smaller the error the principle. Automatic mechanical watch the power of the wrist of the wrist to produce energy to the winding winding, a fully automatic mechanical watch on the continuous operation of 36 hours or so: to ensure that the normal daily wear case, can operate about 15 hours, such as More than the above time do not wear or swing (less wear of the wearer) will cause the watch to stop, before wearing the watch should be given the first foot winding.
The number of vibrations per second, calculated in HZ (HZ), 1 Hz = one per second vibration – 32780 Hz = 32780 vibrations per second (common vibration frequency of quartz watch). Oscillator: the watch to make regular vibration of the components to ensure that the time boundaries Cartier love ring replica and measurement (pendulum, hairspring balance wheel or quartz). A complete swing (a total of two vibrations) of a vibrator. Vibration: Oscillator Pendulum One swing between two ends.
High hardness, wear resistance, the appearance of clear lines, bright and clean, known as “wear-resistant material.” Can be used in combination with steel, made of case ring or strap, grain, increase the shell, with surface abrasion resistance and decorative.
Usually the mechanical table daily error is 15 seconds, the Observatory table pay attention to movement, material and manual technology, the daily error requirements significantly reduced to five seconds. Observatory table is a high precision precision timepieces, so also known as precision timepieces. The Observatory is a highly accurate watch that has been tested by the C. O.S.C .: Controle officiel suisse des chronometres. In order to obtain the Swiss official Chronometer Control, each watch must be tested for different thermometer positions for fifteen consecutive days. As the smaller the area of the table, the production of the higher the difficulty, so according to the table diameter and surface area size, can be divided into shell diameter greater than twenty millimeters or surface area greater than three hundred and fourteen square centimeters and the value is less than or equal to the former Two standards. The items evaluated by the Observatory table include: average daily speed, average speed change, maximum speed change, speed difference at different positions, maximum speed difference, temperature impact value, continuous speed and so on.
Quartz table allows the error range of ± 15 seconds / month. Quartz watch travel time by the battery energy-driven, the general battery life is based on the movement used by the watch may be from 12 to 24 months. If your watch has a weak display function, when the battery near consumption, the second hand will be beat every four seconds, if this happens, you should immediately replace the battery. Overdue may cause damage to the parts, if found to go slow, there may be due to Cartier nail bracelet replica lack of electricity, to the authorized service center to detect electricity.
Quartz watch according to the use of the movement and the use of different battery life of 1-2 years. High-grade three-pin quartz watch batteries will run out of the prompt function, the second hand beating abnormalities, that is, every four seconds jump, then remind you to replace the battery, if not promptly replace the battery, may cause the battery leakage and damage the internal parts of the watch The Some customers have a few watches, usually do not wear in order to save power out of the crown to stop the watch, the surface to see the table stopped, in fact, the battery continues to discharge, if not replaced in time, will cause the battery over discharge, So that the battery leakage, the same will corrode the movement, resulting in maintenance costs far more than the replacement of battery costs.

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As long as the watch is the name of the watch on the head there will be an icon, this and the car

As long as the watch is the name of the watch on the head there will be an icon, this and the car, watch the logo LOGO must play in the face of the eye, LOGO are generally graphics, but also English letters, such as the full name of the watch Or abbreviation or prefix. Table head of the icon can be considered a beautiful watch “landscape”, on behalf of the original original, Seiko secret agents; counterfeit false watch is often in this subtle place to do bad, fuzzy rough is a common problem.
Rolex watches watch the head of the icon and meaning
Oyster case with Rolex watches, excellent waterproof performance, this is also the structure of the watch table, because only watch the watch is a moving parts, it needs to be often operated, so this place is particularly important seal. Rolex watches are equipped with a screw lock lock structure, tighten the seal will be like a stopper; and here the waterproof seal apron at least two; like the green water ghost (16610LV model) and Dieton series of imitation Cartier love bracelet watches , Waterproof seal apron up to 3 heavy, an increase in the watch case on the outside of the handle tube, pull out the table can see. In the Rolex watch table head, there will be some logo, logo on the Rolex crown GOLO below, with a dot or dash line that there are two, there are two, there are three, these signs represent Watch the case of the material, but also represents the watch case and the handle of the structure. (See photo)
The specific meaning of the logo
Rolex watches watch the head of the icon and meaning
1, a dot on behalf of the watch is PT950 platinum case, the proportion of this precious metal, watch up to compare the pressure hand;
2, two representative of the origin of the watch with 18K white gold or gold case;
3, the three origin can also be understood as a triple waterproof, with such a table of the watch, handle the head tube visible waterproof seal ring. On the basis of triple waterproofing, if the watch case material uses platinum, then the middle of its three origin which will be smaller (see the relevant photos of the first six); if the watch case material using 18K white gold, then its 3 sides of the origin will be relatively small (see the relevant photo of the first five). When the three origin is generally large (see the relevant photo of the first four), the situation is equivalent to the use of dash, usually case material for the 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel or pure stainless steel.
4, there is a short line of the most, dash as if it is a “wildcard”, on behalf of the watch is a double waterproof, table for the material for the 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel, or pure stainless steel, , This configuration is the most common.
How to buy a good mechanical watch? Watch is a sophisticated timing instrument, the price is higher, the use of time is also long. Watch the quality of good or bad, the user is very concerned about the problem. Therefore, people in the purchase of watches is always better, so good in the selection. But how can we pick a satisfactory quality watch? Usually, people only listen to the machine when the sound of the size of the sound to determine the quality of the watch is good or bad, it is unscientific. Because the quality of the watch is good or bad, mainly to see the actual travel time accuracy. When the machine moves, the sound is balanced, clear and no noise, only that the table machine is not faulty, and can not explain the quality of the watch is good or bad as the only way to pick the watch. It must also be selected from the following:
First, check the watch appearance parts
Watch the appearance from the shell, table mirror, dial and minutes and seconds and other Replica Cartier jewelry aspects of inspection. The case should be no trachoma and obvious scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and the shell of the rotation should be tight; two watch rings and the case of the same distance, the installation of the hole should be in the foot of the shell position The needle is not easy to fall off; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; three-pin installation is correct, the needle and the needle, between the mirror and the dial should have the correct safety gap; dial and Pointer coating finish is good, no mark, dial scale line or luminous point integrity; head and case between about 0.1-0.3mm gap.
Second, check the sensitivity of the watch
The sensitivity of the watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel. Check the method is:
(1) will not have been on the winding has been moving around the watch gently shake, with the power to shake to observe the second hand moving situation: If the second hand in a very short period of time to stop walking, then the watch on the hair If the second hand to continue to move for a long time, then the watch can not be fully finished foot on the foot (that is, the winding also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high Or the table is faulty.
(2) will not have to stop the clockwork on the watch, slowly turn the head, observe the second hand to start the situation: the less the rotation of the article, the second hand to start the earlier the higher the sensitivity of the table; Or table machine has other failures. But pay attention to the wings of the watch because of the greater the stiffness of the hairspring than the traditional frequency (18000 times / hour) of the table machine to a little more winding on the swing. High sensitivity of the watch, on the foot after a winding time to move longer.
Third, check the pointer pointer spacing and location
Between the table and the table mirror, between the dial and between the three pins should maintain a certain spacing, or mutual collision caused by the normal operation of the table. Inspection can be observed by dialing. The position of the hour hand and the minute hand and the mutual check is normal check method is: the minute hand and hour hand to 3:00, 9:00, observe whether the two needle at right angles; dial to 6 points, whether the needle is a straight line; dial 12 points, Whether the two fingers coincide.
Fourth, check the watch on the body
Normal watch on the article should be easy . Turn the head of the article, the first feel more loose, gradually more tight, when you can not continue to turn forward the head, indicating that the winding has been completely full and the work of the normal work. If you turn the handle when the head of the article, the occurrence of “Cha Cha abnormal sound, or produce teeth and other teeth and other phenomena, then the above mechanism is faulty.
5, check the dialing machine
Watch the needle should be flexible, reliable and pointer rotation evenly. Inspection should focus on check the wheel and the central wheel friction with the tightness. In the dial, if there is no loose or tight feeling, indicating the sub-wheel friction normal and refueling amount, on the contrary, dial machine parts are faulty. The above method of buying a new watch, for the old watch or repair the quality of the inspection can also refer to, but according to the use of the watch as appropriate to reduce the standard.

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Watch the meaning of people now is no longer a simple timing tool

Watch the meaning of people now is no longer a simple timing tool. More as a decoration, to highlight the wearing of temperament. But the watch wearing a long time, the color will inevitably look bleak. This is what you need for your love table to do a polishing! Here the watch home to talk about how much money polished it!What is the watch polished    Watch polishing is the surface of the oxidized metal wear off a layer. It is not important to be polished, the question is whether the equipment is good or bad and the operator’s level. If you do not meet the requirements of the watch will cause harm. Because the watch polishing on the technical imitation Cartier love bracelet parameters of the request is very high, so polished watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning (polishing) usually takes 5 days to complete. While the old watch after such a complex professional cleaning, the general can turn to Bacheng newWatch polished method    Case or strap on the local depth of scratches, to focus on the local first use of stone to do grinding. This need to be carried out under the magnifying glass, the purpose is to scrape evenly polished, when the scratches are basically grinding to grinding, select the appropriate size of the sandpaper, along the original pull sand lines to wear, usually the lines are To the dial as the center was radial, so this is a careful living, to a little bit, the effect of grinding out will be so realistic.How much money the watch is polished    Polishing table certainly need a certain cost, but according to the grade of the table and different. So the specific price can not give! For example, on the million watches, maintenance costs are more expensive. According to the provisions of the watch industry associations, tens of thousands of watches, in addition to demolition costs, but also according to the grade of the watch price of one thousandth of the inspection fee. So the price of the watch polished is related to the price of your watch.Magnetic field is a natural “killer” watch, it is easy to be affected by the watch, to the use of serious impact (such as serious stop phenomenon, etc.). At this point the watch must be degaussing “surgery”, the following watch home to tell you how to degenerate the watch, how much money to despise the watch it!    If the watch by the magnetic, and under normal circumstances is to go fast, (serious will stop) If the walk together between the walks, then watch the faster, about 2 hours / day or so, Steel parts are most likely to be magnetized, covering the escapement wheel and escapement fork, as well as gossamer, magnetic energy will affect Replica Cartier jewelry and interfere with the balance wheel vibration cycle. Now live, strong magnetic field can be seen everywhere, the most typical is the handbag of the magnetic buckle, which is a material made of aluminum iron boron, the magnetic force of the big, there are a variety of electrical appliances, so the watch is easy to be not aware of Magnetized.    The easiest way to judge is to use a sharp compass, flat. And then close the watch quickly and repeatedly read the top of the compass, this action also need to change the table several directions, and then repeat the implementation. As long as the needles needles, it means that the watch has been magnetic.Disassembly method of watch    First, with the finished watch degausser, about tens of dollars a (internal is a coil, the middle with a core, then 50HZ AC, alternating magnetic field degaussing), but also homemade.    Second, the watch on a non-magnetic iron on a few days, the magnetic will be transmitted to the iron plate, of course, the greater the volume of iron, by the magnetic capacity is greater, the effect is better.    Third, the watch slowly through a no iron ring, magnetic will stay on the ring.    In general, the quartz watch itself is on the battery does not exist by the magnetization of the argument, if the mechanical watch magnetization is degaussing, if your watch within the warranty can be free demagnetization, if not, you can go to a little Shopping malls, the general name of the shopping malls will watch the watch can help the table degaussing. The price is the master watch the final say, there is no price tag, generally less than 50 yuan.Tissot table as a well-known Swiss watch brand, wearing a lot of people. In the daily use of the watch maintenance work is also necessary to do a good job. A watch that is properly maintained can be used to extend the life of the watch. So how long is the maintenance of the Tissot watch?    From the daily maintenance, the Tissot table should stay a few days to do something simple cleaning. Especially the belt watch, it is best to clean the strap from time to time. So as to avoid odor or stains. From a professional point of view, the best 2-3 years to do a professional maintenance. This will not only keep the watch in a good running state, but also effectively extend its life!Tissot watch watch case maintenance    Tissot watch case, watch table to be often clean, washable with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the appearance of the material, and can cause individual skin allergies. Buy a new Tissot watch to tear off the protective cover on the back cover, otherwise the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion after the cover. Tissot watches to avoid contact with a variety of chemicals, once encountered, to be promptly cleaned, so as not to cause the coating discoloration, loss or other losses.Tissot watch strap maintenance    One day shuttle table strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.    Two Tissot watch straps to avoid long exposure to sunlight, to prevent fading.    Three due to Tissot watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, avoid contact with the oil-based substances or cosmetics.

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The most Swiss watch brand although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality

Ninobi (sinobi) watch products are divided into seven series: creative watches, 5A new fashion watches, love is still a couple watches, the wind is still sports leisure table, goods still business classic table, respect is still steel table, ceremony Still gift table.

“When the promise than (sinobi)” Guangdong Yonghong watches and clocks, one of its brands. Guangdong Yonghong Watch Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of watches, in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has invested more than 60 million yuan of modern industrial park, set research and development, production, sales, brand management One.

How much money is the watch
Nuo Nuo watch as a domestic watch brand, using a large number of imported Cartier nail bracelet replica movement. Most of the table is relatively cheap, good movement watches higher! Prices range from $ 100 to $ 9,300
World renowned for many years, “Tim Ya” watch for the Swiss watch manufacturing history made the most important page. “Tim Tim” company was founded in 1937 in Switzerland. As a long history of the Swiss watch brand, when Tim Ya watch is a lot of users concerned about the ranking!
In 1960, “Tim Ya” for the first time the introduction of multi-functional mechanical men’s table, which can display two different time zone time, in the crown next to the 2-bit button, can be used to adjust the two sets of needle. The surface is displayed in Turkish and Arabic numerals, and a magnifying glass is provided at 6 o’clock, making it easy for users to view the date display. This marks its superb craftsmanship, is definitely an epoch-making leader
In order to pursue a more perfect design, “Tim Ya” more with Switzerland’s oldest one of the LE PHARE watch factory (founded in 1888) to work together, not only to learn from its world-renowned excellent technology, the design of soft modern Aesthetics, to create a timeless classic high-quality mechanical watches and automatic watches; Switzerland has become the second largest multi-functional mechanical watch manufacturers, laid its lofty status in the industry. “Tim” is mainly in Europe and the Middle East, the pursuit of high quality watches in the country marketing, it will soon be an unprecedented success.
The most Swiss watch brand, although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality. In the watch rankings are four types of table in the more backward position!
Watch on the meaning of a man extraordinary, a good table to highlight the wearing of temperament and taste. So choose a men’s watch is very important! The following watch home to introduce you to the world’s top ten men’s watch it!
Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN
Diving table in the boss, the classic diving outer ring, Mercedes-Benz pointer and zoom blisters. The most popular in the forum a men’s watches. Equipped with CAL.3135 movement is also high-profile, known as the most classic one of the three needle movement. Travel time stable, accurate, is a man dream of the watch.
Panerai Luminor series PAM00372
The most retro, but also the most fashionable. PAM00372 biggest feature is that huge Replica Cartier jewelry clasp, worn in the hand can definitely show the character of men, as long as you HOLD live it 47mm table diameter. Crown unique shoulder structure, Panerai is the most charming place, because it, how many people chose the Luminor series. A rare two-pin design that you can not like, but it’s undeniable that it’s different. In addition, 3 days of power reserve, but also a big selling point of this table.
Omega Hippocampus Omega Ocean Cosmos
Diving table has always been a symbol of men’s watches, the sea of the sea is no exception. Unlike Rolex Shui Gui, it has a deeper waterproof, more advanced helium technology and more economical prices. Of course, Omega limelight positive coaxial escapement movement CAL.8500 is also a big selling point of this table. The only in the accuracy and stability, can be told with Rolex brand and style.
World pilot series IW500401
What is more than the pilots table more men do! Moreover, it is a large pilot. The huge onion-style crown is one of its major features, excellent on the chain feel. The atmosphere of the disk is very clear when reading, 46.2mm diameter is definitely the first choice of Mr. Wei Meng. Movement with the world’s most classic CAL.51111, with Bialon on the chain structure and seven-day power reserve, advanced and practical. Anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell can provide good anti-magnetic protection.
Audemars Piguet oak offshore type 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01
May be the top brand in the most MAN design, octagonal design is classic in the classic. Offshore design is more domineering and sturdy than the average design. Rubber crown and strap, have proved that this is a top watch to the water. 300 meters of waterproof enough to support. CAL.3120 movement is also a classic automatic mechanical movement, gold pendulum Tuo not only a symbol of luxury brands, but also increase the efficiency of the chain. The movement has 60 hours of dynamic storage.
Blancpain 50 series 5015-1130-52
The first diving watch series, also the most different diving watch design. Fifty is the top of the diving table, but it is not squeaky. Regardless of waterproof performance, movement travel time and durability are very good, its carrying CAL.1315 movement can provide 120 hours of power. 45mm table diameter is more movement, relative to the water ghost, it is more suitable for brawny wear.
Breitling Air Times AB012012 / BB01
The most suitable for pilots to wear the watch, the disk on the ruler specially prepared for the pilot. Classic black dial with white small bezel and red second hand, clear and easy to read. Equipped with Breitling the most classic production timing 01 movement, excellent performance, feel comfortable, very stable and reliable. More than 70 hours of power reserve, but to achieve the Observatory certification standards, it is not easy.
Hamilton Khaki Series H70595593 watch
Hamilton is recognized as the entry-level Swiss watch brand in the most “man”, especially this card its field. Its 42mm diameter with rivet leather belt, very rough. ETA2824-2 movement precision and stability, excellent performance. With the date, 24 hours and the world when the function, the price is only sold less than ten thousand yuan, it is the industry conscience. Disk font is large, highlight the charm of men at the same time easy to read.
Boer Engineer Hydrocarbon Series Depth Exploration DM3000A-SC-BK
Titanium case makes this table very light, hardness is also higher, not easy to cause scratches, knock injury. Titanium-specific matte color plus 43mm table diameter, very suitable for individual men to wear. The most cattle is the waterproof table, full of 3000 meters, any of you up the mountain, it can accompany you brave the horizon. The most rare, this table also passed the Observatory certification, travel is absolutely guaranteed.
Tissot force Lock series T41.1.423.53
Tissot’s most popular watches, produced more than 10 years is still selling, enough to prove the popularity of its watch level. This section of the 10 watches, the only one relatively refined men’s watches, we can see the definition of the classic. Elegant disc central carved and Roman numerals time scale, retro handwriting le locle and 39.3mm table diameter, combined into this classic timeless men watches.