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How to identify the emerald jade emerald jade how good and bad identification

How to identify the emerald jade emerald jade how good and bad identification
Jade is a charismatic stone, our ancestors think it and nature, the universe has some mysterious connection, because the United States and respect, because of love and fear. Jade is a jade in jade. Jade to green-based, color compatible, and different, representing the unity of many nationalities. Can be said that jade is the soul of China, jade is the treasures of China

Jade itself, the proportion of the density will be relatively large, the emerald on the inside and down inside the small move, will feel there is a heavy down the pressure feel. Followed by the hardness of jade is very high, with a sharp nail or a knife and other hard objects to scratch or scratch the surface of jade, jade surface when there will be a sense of slippery and will not leave any scratches The You can also use a hardwood stick gently tapping the emerald, if it is a real hit after the sound is very crisp.
Jade is a good jade, jade is a jade, called “hard jade”, is the rising Replica Cartier jewelry star of traditional jade in China, but also all the jade in modern products in the top grade. Identification of jade good or bad there are six tips: color, through, even, shape, quality, according to

First, the color: refers to the color of jade.

In all the emerald colors, the highest value in green. And the color change, we call it “three color” red is representative of the blessing; green is on behalf of money for Paul; white is on behalf of longevity. Because the three-color is also known as “Fu Lu Shou”, if coupled with the festive purple, it became the four “Fu Lu Shou hi.”

Second, through: refers to the emerald transparency, we call it texture.

The original crystal of emerald, the highest transparency is only translucent, called “glass” or “ice”. Is a better texture, the choice of jade to high purity and moist and transparent as an important principle.

Three, uniform: refers to the color of jade to uniform.

The color of the emerald is not easy to reach evenly. Tsui expensive, expensive in the “uniform” word.

Four, shape: refers to its shape.

How to carve, hand good and bad, this is a direct impact on the absolute value of jade.

Five, quality: refers to the crystallization of the emerald itself and the internal purity and a high degree of glass luster.

If you buy jade bracelet when the rope can be used to lift the bracelet knocked to see if it will issue a crisp sound to determine whether the texture of jade is careful basis.

Six, according to: refers to the light from the bottom up to observe whether there is cracks in the emerald.

Jade is a jade, called “hard jade”, is China’s traditional jade in the rising star, but also all the jade in modern products in the top grade. Flaws and manual processing procedures. Generally in the market called the stone pattern, in fact, jade for the natural solution pattern, which is only a character of natural jade.
Hetian jade and jade difference, and nephrite belongs to the jade class, and jade belongs to the hard jade class, the composition of the two gemological characteristics are different. In addition to the nature of the distinction, the appearance of Hetian jade and jade are also different, in addition to nephrite and jade are more high-grade jade, the price is also changing, in general, and the difference between Tian Yu and Jade the following point
1, Hetian jade color uniform, mostly light-colored, green class is dark green and dark green Jade color has a gradual process from shallow to deep, mostly bright colors.

2, and nephrite luster, such as oil, soft color; jade luster more like glass luster.

3, the proportion of Hetian jade (3.00) slightly lower than the proportion of emerald.

4, Hetian jade refractive index (1.62) is also slightly lower than the refractive index of jade.

Hetian jade and emerald which is good

Hetian jade and jade which is good, jade wool with a grade, then the price of jade is usually slightly more expensive than Hetian jade, but jade jewelry and Hetian jade carving price is difficult to compare. And Hetian good or emerald good or look at personal preferences, and nephrite and jade are extremely scarce top jade, spotted on their own mind, do not be too entangled in the price or value.

Hetian jade and jade is only the user group is not the same, are the United States stone, and Tian Yu Wenrun as fat, like a gentleman, and emerald bright and beautiful, seemingly beautiful, and nephrite and emerald which is really can not distinguish between high and low.
Myanmar jade and jade differences, Burmese jade is jade, jade emerald prolific in Myanmar, hence the name of Myanmar jade, so under normal circumstances, Burmese jade and jade is no different. But strictly speaking, jade called Myanmar jade, Burmese jade is not necessarily called emerald.

Myanmar jade jade high hardness (also known as water), bright and clean. And good emerald color is both bright and quiet, there is a high value and the value of the collection, it is called “the king of jade.” Was a lot of love jade, Peiyu people love. Japan, New Zealand also emerald as the country’s “country stone.” Because the emerald jade production in the immediate proximity of China, and most of the finished products in China, the special geographical relationship, coupled with the Chinese people on the jade jade is very painful, the Western countries also feel that jade is China’s “country jade.”
Myanmar jade and emerald which is good, in general, jade and Burmese jade are the same thing, so there is no good question. Jade, also known as jade jade, jade, jade, Burmese jade, is a jade. Jade is formed under the geological role of jade grade to achieve the stone polycrystalline aggregates. Myanmar has long been mining gem-level emerald, for a long time people only know that Myanmar produced jade, so the Myanmar jade as synonymous with emerald.

Whether it is from the mine in Myanmar jade mining or mining volume in terms of good jade is very limited, so some of the deferred and greedy businessmen will “ride thin” and into the. A lot of fraud, fake, from profit. Zouqi jewelry network to remind you in the purchase of Myanmar jade first judge in the end is not really jade, jade prices higher, and its imitation cost is much lower, do not be deceived.

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A gift to a girlfriend

A gift to a girlfriend
To the girlfriend surprise gift, surprise gift is not only to show the shock, but also reflect the hi, that you send the gift is a girlfriend has always wanted, she will be happy, you give her unexpected time, is to let She was shocked, so the gift to the girlfriend was pleasantly surprised to send her girlfriend she always wanted a gift.

In peacetime you can pay attention to your girlfriend want not to buy things, a bag, a set of cosmetics, or a pair of shoes, in her extreme desire for the reasons because of various objective reasons did not get, you may wish to secretly Its buy back, in a usual day so that she found that she always wanted something, it will give her surprise.
A gift to a girlfriend

Send a girlfriend to surprise what a good gift

Send a girlfriend surprise what gift is good, in fact, surprise is always Replica Cartier jewelry a woman most like things, no matter what you send. You are in the ordinary day to send her a gift is a surprise, in a particular day to send her she wanted but nothing is also a surprise, because you give her not only a gift, but also in her to say ” I love you”.

I believe we can guess to send his girlfriend the most pleasant gift is carefully planned a romantic proposal, and if the two have been unwavering to spend a lifetime, this time to a marry as a surprise gift to her, Just can not be better! Roses, diamond ring, love declaration, both to his girlfriend’s surprise gift, but also for the love engraved eternal moments.
How to buy gold jewelry, buy gold jewelry is the most important thing to pick the real gold, pick to the fineness of good gold, how can we know is not true, fineness of good gold? Let Zuo Kay jewelry network to teach you recipe:

1, weigh the weight. If the items are gold, then there is a heavy feeling, this is the people of the “gold hand”, and vice versa is fluttering.

2, look color. Pure gold placed in a strong light will flash a dazzling light, which is not included in the other metals, including copper.

3, audition rhyme. Gold jewelry on the floor issued a puff sound, false voice sharp, and higher than the real gold jump.

4, broken soft and hard. Gold has a very good ductility and the characteristics of small hardness, pure gold and soft, copper folding effort.

5, with acid point. True gold case of acid insoluble, false because of mixed with copper and other lively metal, and acid solution will react.
Gold jewelry selection tips, if it is gold jewelry in the selection of gold jewelry, what tips can help us pick to the real gold, fineness of gold jewelry it?

1, select the gold jewelry when the selection of bright color, a strong light under the bright light.

2, picking weigh in the hands of heavy feeling, with other gold jewelry reference contrast.

3, hand try to slightly fold the following, the more soft is the possibility of gold is bigger.

4, with the fire about, pick the case of emergency fire does not change the color of gold jewelry, because the fake is not fire, become black and purple, not bright.
Engaged in the jewelry industry for many years, Xiaobian here in the industry to compare the more recognized, reputation and reputation are better Chinese jewelry brand list to help readers pick out the most suitable for their jewelry jewelery brand, jewelry hobby Who can also look at their favorite diamond ring brand is in this jewelry brand list.

One, Chow Tai Fook

Chow Tai Fook Group is a strong private business group owned by Dr. Cheng Yu-tung and his family. The Group’s total assets are valued at more than $ 5 billion.

Second, Chow Sang Sang

Chow Sang Sang Jewelry is a well-known jewelery brand of Chow Sang Sang Group International Limited. To the rich modern, stylish image, to provide customers with one-stop professional jewelry services.

Three, zokai

Zuo Kayi is Shenzhen Zuoai Yi Jewelery Co., Ltd. is a jewelry for the jewelry industry, jewelry retailers, sales, including Zuo Kay, including a number of European jewelry brands. Which also includes: “bare diamond wholesale, senior red and blue jewelry tailor-made a number of services. Zuo Kayi, from its first designer ZOCAI Mr. Chinese name .1998, designer ZOCAI and a jewelry Business decided to start a new jewelry business. Zoca is also a star brand, because of the cooperation with many TV series named after the many big stars can be described as a wise choice.

Four, six blessing jewelry

Established in 1991, Luk Fook Group was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 00590.HK) in May 1997 and is one of the major jewelery retailers in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Five, Saturday blessing

Saturday Fu Jewelery International Group Co., Ltd. in 2004 entered the mainland market, the national headquarters set up in Shenzhen, co-ordinate the national market development and franchise store operation and management.
Six, old Fengxiang

Old Fengxiang, listed companies, China’s top 500 enterprises, 2012 turnover of 25.5 billion, is a hundred years of national brands,

Seven, Zhou Dasheng

Zhou Dasheng since the last century since the 90’s, in China to vigorously carry out diamond jewelry and other jewelry retail chain business, began a new chapter in the legend of the brand.

Eight, gold supreme

Kim Yizheng Since 2003, Kim Jinde jewelry in Hong Kong opened the first jewelry franchise stores, just a few years, has been quickly recognized by consumers in Hong Kong and Macao and favor,

Nine, Xie Ruilin

Xie Ruilin, he used his name to create the famous jewelry brand TSL (TSL), 1971, Xie Ruilin Jewelry Co., Ltd. was formally established in 1987, the company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Ten, wearing a dream

Dai dream jewelry store to sell jewelry, jewelry culture, and guide people to “beauty” comprehend.

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Diamond processing process Diamond processing technology

Diamond processing process Diamond processing technology
What is the diamond processing process? Diamond processing process has cut, stripping, sawing, grinding four processes. 1. “cut” is not “4C” in the “cut” concept, but according to the distribution of pure diamonds in the billet will be a large diamond blank cut into several small pieces of children;

2. “Strips” is the use of sticks and blades will stick to the appearance of the diamond all the impurities removed; “Saw” is “4C” in the cut, will go to the impurities of pure diamond saw a certain shape and a number of Face, some people call this process “cut”;

3. “grinding” is polished, so that the formation of diamonds more dazzling. In these four processes, “cut” and “saw” the most critical, can not make the original stone damage, resulting in large material use, a substantial depreciation; saw bad will cause undesirable imitation Cartier love bracelet loss or fail to achieve the desired aesthetic effect , Naturally will also affect the value of diamonds. So, these two key processes are those with rich experience of the old workers to complete.

Diamond processing technology

Diamond processing technology. In order to cut the original stone diamonds cut into a variety of cut into the finished diamonds, must follow the steps to implement a series of processing technology. In general, the machined diamond has four separate steps, marking, dividing, shaping and polishing.

1, mark the original stone. Mainly in the diamond stone for the correct evaluation on the basis of the design intention to use a special pen marked on the diamond, cutting the processing division according to the mark on the diamond cutting processing. It affects the ultimate degree of final diamond finish.

2. split the original stone. For a variety of reasons, the need for the original stone segmentation. Splitting the original stone is also a very important work, it also directly affects the quality of diamond finished products, and ultimately affect the value of diamond finished products.

3. rough grinding. Coarse grinding is the process of forming a diamond stone, which is a cutting or cutting process, which is similar to machining wood or metal on a lathe.

4. throwing. Polishing is the process of grinding a rough process into a final process by carrying out a series of processes. The main components of the polishing equipment are discs, clamps, jaws. Drilling is a very strong technical performance technology, the need for diamond cutting workers know a certain process, and the need for a wealth of experience.
How much is the price of the pigeon Generally only five carats is more than 1 gram of diamonds can be called pigeon eggs, the price of more than two million to tens of millions have. The world’s largest pigeon diamond is “African Star 2”, it is the original stone weighs 3106 karats, pure and transparent, with light blue tones, for the best grade gem diamond, is now embedded in the British Queen’s token. The world’s most exquisite pigeon eggs for the “century of drilling”, the original stone weight 599 karats, after a professional chopper spent three years of pondering, is the “pigeon eggs” family of the most exquisite.

Buy a pigeon egg diamonds to how much money? Not all carat diamond can be called pigeon eggs, pigeon eggs, diamonds not only have five carats of karats also have a high quality, diamond “4C” is a judge The price of pigeons and the quality of the standard, the price of Replica Cartier jewelry pigeons according to the diamond 4C standard and the specific number of carats! Custom pigeon egg ring ring can go to the Zoacai diamond ring official website, GIA authoritative certification, allowing you to enjoy the pigeon egg diamonds Bring the distinguished and sweet!

How many carats are the eggs?

How many carats are the eggs? “Pigeon eggs” for the extension of justice, to describe large and high quality diamonds, that is, quality and quality are superior diamonds. Generally 5 karats or more high-quality diamond ring, can be called pigeon egg ring ring. Originated in the film “Lust and Caution”, Tony Leung played the spy as Tang Wei played undercover at the end of love for her in the jewelry store to buy a diamond size of about 5 carats of diamond ring, known as the “pigeon eggs” diamond ring.

The most legendary pigeon egg ring is the hope of the Titanic! This huge sea sapphire is the prototype of the Titanic sinking ocean star. With bright dark blue hope (weight 45.52ct), is the most famous colored diamond. It has gone through the French explorers – King Louis XIII – famous jewelery designer Pierre. Cartier – … … after the evaluation of Ms. Evalyn W.M and asked Cartier specially designed for her style. The history of hope is like a fog, full of peculiar and mystery. In 1912 the Titanic virgin flight, it was on the boat.

The most fragrant pigeon egg is Tamil’s ruby necklace. Inlaid Tamil Ruby’s necklace, inlaid giant grain ruby are red spinel, the middle of a maximum weight of 352.5 carats, it is our “pigeon eggs” family of Tamil ruby. The most “environmentally friendly” pigeon eggs are de Jenstein green pear-shaped diamonds. It is known to be the world’s largest green diamond, weighing 41 carats. In the “pigeon eggs” family is also very rare!
What color is the diamond h color? Diamond color from D to Z. D grade: completely colorless. The highest color level, extremely rare!

E grade: colorless. Only gem identification experts can detect trace colors. Is very rare diamonds

F grade: colorless. A small amount of color is only jewelry experts can detect, but still considered to be colorless. Belong to high quality diamonds.

G-H grade: close to colorless. When compared with the higher color diamonds, there is a slight color. But this color level of diamonds still have a high value.

I-J level: close to colorless. Can detect a slight color. High value.

K-M level: the color is dark, fire color difference.

N-Z level: the color is dark, fire color difference.

H color is white, most people will choose G-J color, the price is relatively affordable and also has a high value.

Diamond h color ok

Diamond h color ok? H color in the category of GIA certificate belongs to the quality of white ~ if the H color and H color above the two colors of the diamonds compared to it will certainly be a bit yellow, but not it is a class of high quality white, The naked eye to see basically do not feel yellow, the price is still very good.

Affordable diamond procurement standards, the first look at the size. The second look cut, the third look at the color, the fourth to see clarity. Collection of diamonds on the sure that more than 1 carat, other properties should be excellent, otherwise also nothing mean. If the economy allows, you can choose the clarity and color level to teach high diamonds, of course, the high level of diamond hedging role is even better.

The value of diamonds is determined by the 4C, so 4C are very important, from the cost to consider, then we need to focus on the selection of diamonds, in the case of the size of the first proposed from the cut of this C to consider the degree of cut Directly affect the diamond fire color, all we often say that cutting is the second life of diamonds, followed by the color of this C, the color from the DZ, the more close to the D color, diamonds more transparent, it is recommended to consider the final clarity of this C, VS Level and above, because the clarity of the diamond price only on the impact of diamond fire and permeability will not have any effect, if your budget allows, you can consider improving the clarity of diamonds parameters.

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Tianjin custom ring

Tianjin custom ring
Choose a reputable business. Ring custom, after all, expensive, we all want to find a good reputation, good workmanship, fair prices, style is complete, good service, good quality after-sales business, so when the diamond custom must be more than a few as a comparison, that is, Shop more than three, in order to customize to the highest cost, their favorite ring.

Tianjin custom ring if you choose to customize online, you can choose Zoacai and other high-profile jewelry sales platform, cost-effective than the traditional brand is much higher. If you want to buy in the store, you can choose some Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang or Zuo Kayi, diamond family and other well-known brands of jewelry stores, you can also choose the local old brands, such as 100 letter jewelry gold floor, Longxing gold shop, And other well-known local jewelry brand, the price will be more than the traditional brand concessions.

Tianjin custom ring can be customized diamond ring, red sapphire ring, red and green chrome tourmaline ring, jade or Hetian jade ring, other jade ring and so on. Can be customized gem is very much. Custom rings can be lettering or pattern, you can also imitation Cartier love bracelet change the style as a design or design according to their own ring, more special significance and commemorative value. The advantage of a custom ring is that the style is more flexible, free, and unique!

Tianjin custom ring price is usually the case, will be cheaper than the direct purchase of finished products. Because the custom ring can not only according to their own economic situation to select gems and ring, and which also eliminates the cost of some product design, the price is more detailed. Of course, there are some very complex design style, custom prices may be more expensive.

Beijing custom diamond ring brand is very much, because Beijing is the capital, almost most of the diamond brand in Beijing have shops, select the brand is too much, there are international brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, the traditional brand Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, etc., the new brands are Zuo Kayi, Kelan, diamond birds, BLOVES, and so on. Want to customize what kind of diamond ring can be customized to!

Beijing custom diamond ring prices and many aspects of the relationship, different brands, the quality of the diamond there are channels of purchase, etc., we all know that the international brand prices are very expensive, the domestic traditional brand prices are relatively high, and Diamond quality is determined by the diamond ring the value of the biggest factors, the quality of diamonds is determined by the diamond 4C, 4C different levels of the impact on the price is great.

So in Beijing custom diamond ring, do not only recognize the brand, a lot of reputable jewelry brand, such as Zoacai, BLOVES and other emerging brands, is also a good choice, the price will be a lot of concessions, to the same price, customized to larger Diamond ring! But also at home to the official website optimistic about the ring style and bare drill, and then contact customer service to understand the diamond, and then make an appointment to the store to see physical customization, do not have to go to the shop after the halo no direction to see, delay time.

Beijing custom diamond ring is the most important step in the selection of Replica Cartier jewelry diamonds, because the diamond ring at first glance is to see the diamond. Choose diamonds on the more convenient, the global unified “4C” standard, according to the budget to choose their own diamonds, try to select cut EX, VG diamonds, diamonds will be more flash, clarity VS is good, color H Or above are very good, when the purchase is expected to ask for identification certificates and invoices to ensure their own interests.

Beijing custom diamond ring in the selection of diamonds, but also pick a favorite like a care style, and if the counter can not choose their favorite, you can also communicate with the designer to use their own creative ideas, custom an exclusive individual Diamond ring. Mosaic materials from platinum, 18K white gold among the choice of palladium value is low, not recommended to consider, the hardness of gold is not enough, easy to diamonds, will not be used to set the diamond.

Shanghai custom ring can be incoming, sample, to map processing custom ring, you can customize the personality couple rings, diamond rings, gold rings, sterling silver rings, platinum rings and so on. Custom gems are diamonds, red sapphires, emerald, white jade, south red agate, pearls and so on.
Shanghai custom ring has a local brand and traditional brand, Shanghai local relatively well-known ring brand old Fengxiang, Cheng Huang jewelry, the old temple, Jinshan League jewelry and so on. Among them, the old Fengxiang gold jewelry jewelry started, and later gradually involved in platinum, diamond jewelry. Cheng Huang Jewelry and Jinshan League jewelry are Shanghai local diamond jewelry started brand.

Shanghai custom ring traditional brands are Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Lu Fu, Xie Ruilin, Dai Mengde, Kim Chongzheng and so on. Most of them started selling gold, follow-up began selling diamonds, Choi Po, jade and so on. In the traditional brand custom ring, the price will generally be higher.

Shanghai custom ring there is a way that is selected online purchase. Online well-known jewelry brands, such as Zoca, diamond birds and so on, the custom ring price will be 30% to 50% of the traditional brand discount, cost is very high. But also more convenient than the shopping malls brand, the whole online selection, there are one-on-one professional jewelry consultancy services, at home you can buy favorite ring jewelry, very convenient!

In Shanghai this first-tier cities, from a hundred years of history of the world famous jewelery brand, to some domestic fine jewelry brand everything, really dazzling. Custom ring in Shanghai, first of all to choose the quality of protection of the business, we all know. The so-called security, in addition to a formal business certificate, there is a certain brand influence, it depends on the protection of the ring – the authority of the diamond identification certificate. At present, the most authoritative international diamond certificate is GIA certificate, the most authoritative certificate of the gem is GRS certificate.

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Buy jewelry jade to “four attention”

Buy jewelry jade to “four attention”
Jewelry, jade and other jewelry and other jewelry consumption increased significantly, but these expensive goods is difficult to identify the authenticity of the consumer to buy real ones, to the situation when the goods have occurred. Fujian Longyan City Trade and Industry Bureau 12315 command center to remind consumers, buy jewelry jade jewelry jewelry should pay attention to:
First, before buying should first understand some of the Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry jade goods common sense, master some simple identification skills, the conditions can be invited to buy professionals together.

Second, pay attention to see whether the goods name, site, logo, origin, trademark, name, etc., do not be exaggerated by the propaganda staff verbal confusion.

Third, do not blind impulse, covet cheap, try to choose a large shopping malls in the jewelry counters and regular franchise stores to buy.

Fourth, pay attention to see if there is a statutory authority issued by the single piece of goods identification certificate, at the same time to the business to obtain a shopping certificate, the certificate to specify the details of the purchase of jewelry, including texture, type, color, etc., for after-sales service And the use of rights.
Qingdao jewelry inspection station detectors Miss Wang told reporters that the inspection station every day to receive more than a dozen people to detect jade. These people are more of their own products are not assured, so would rather spend money to buy also buy a rest assured. As jade has no fixed price, the testing center is only the quality and variety of identification, does not measure the value of jade. But the inspectors often found jade shoddy situation, but this situation is mostly when the public travel to buy back, or in some exhibitions to buy jade.

According to reports, the public to buy jade, you can see CMA, CAL, CNAS three signs. CMA is a metrological certification, is China’s jewelry identification agencies set up the necessary qualifications, according to the “People’s Republic of China Metrology Law,” the relevant provisions of the establishment of jewelry appraisal agencies in China must have CMA certification qualification to carry out business. CAL is the national laboratory qualification that is approved by the provincial quality supervision departments after the grant of the qualifications granted. CNAS is a national accreditation body established and authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, and is responsible for the accreditation of relevant institutions such as certification bodies, laboratories and inspection agencies.

An industry insiders, in addition to the official authorization of the identification imitation Cartier love bracelet unit, the current market there are many third-party identification units, but also the lack of relevant supervision and norms. Some of the accreditation agencies if the false identification certificate issued, consumers are easily fooled.

Pearl powder has always been the beauty of women favor the beauty of the holy goods, because of its versatile, easy to use, the effect of extraordinary and famous.
Definition, the pearl powder is made of triangular sail mussel, corrugated crown mussel, martens pearl shellfish and other shellfish produced by the pearl, grinding from the powder, was white or white, pearl special smell.


The biggest feature of pearl powder is the efficacy of oral and topical. Oral pearl powder seven effect: to enhance immunity, add calcium, Bao Chun delay, improve sleep, treatment of ulcers, Liver eyesight, auxiliary blood pressure. Topical pearl powder effect: whitening, oil Fake Cartier love bracelet control, acne, to blackheads, blemish, myogenic.


Because so many and significant effect, the demand for pearl powder has been high, but the market pearl powder mixed, wide variety, in the face of so many brands and types, from where to start? After screening contrast, the final choice of two pearl powder, and share with you how to choose pearl powder.


Not much to say, please today’s two heroes: longevity birds nano pearl powder and Beijing Run pearl pure pearl powder

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Determine the pearl price of several major elements

Determine the pearl price of several major elements
Holy shiny pearl with a body with the elegant atmosphere, round beads are slim silk string wear, in your neck, hands to develop grace, pearl species and color, the current international market Really worth a level of good beads, the main origin is Australia and Australia near the waters of the Tasit Island area along the sea.

Pearl prices mainly by the four major factors:

One is “round”

Round pearls, mainly refers to the “go beads”: a pearl in the glass from Cartier nail bracelet replica the party roll to Party B, pearl walk a straight line, called “walking beads”, are fine; if the pearl straight rolling process , The emergence of “staggering” phenomenon, this looks like round beads, in fact, called “false beads”, do the finished product, the most easy to 忽悠 outsiders. The price of the round gob and the ball is more than three times.

Second, “color”

Mainly refers to the pearl beads thickness, breeding more than 5 years of bead and 3 years below the bead, gloss and color vary greatly, the price gap is also very large.

Three is “big”

Pearl size of the price, mainly divided into five categories: 8-9 mm; 9-11 mm; 11-13 mm; 13-14 mm; 15-16 mm; 17 mm above the pearls are super beads, the price is bargaining The

Four is “Run”

Pearls always have a little bit of spots, no spots, pearl shiny, thick bead, more than 14 mm particles, the price is very expensive Slightly a little bit of speculation, the price is much cheaper.
Round and thick pearls both noble and quiet temperament, not only to set off the noble and elegant side of women, but also to make the wearer added charm, pearl as a classic jewelry, has been loved by the beauty, but the current pearl market Also cohabitation, the following we look at the two pearl optimization methods.

Hydrogen peroxide bleaching

This is the pearl immersed in hydrogen peroxide solution, heated to about 40 ° C, the time imitation Cartier love bracelet is two days to two weeks. And then exposed to the sun in the sun or ultraviolet light, then the pearl will become gray or silver, the effect is good, but also become pure white!

Peeling treatment

The purpose is to peel off the unsightly surface of pearls, looking forward to find the ideal layer in the deep layer. But ‘stripping’ is indeed a difficult technology, stripped in the stripping, or see the ideal layer, and finally destroyed the whole beads! It seems that before the water is the first to assess good.
The daily maintenance of gemstones is the secret of their everlasting luster, especially the precious stones of the special structure of pearls, but also need to be carefully maintained, the current discussion on the pearl care a lot, to avoid the following errors, do not let the pearl received unintentional injury The

1. wash pearls with toothpaste

In the jewelry circle circulating a saying: toothbrush with toothbrush brush jewelry, jewelry can be used as bright as new. Cleaning jewelry should be, but not all jewelry are suitable for use, because the toothpaste contains fine high hardness grinding particles, these particles are very small but the hardness of up to six or seven degrees (almost the same with the crystal), so use Toothpaste cleaning can damage the surface of the pearl, the most accurate washing solution should be diluted neutral surfactant (such as salad off, baby shampoo).

2, tap water pearls

Many people wear a few pearls later want to clean and maintenance, do not know the use of Fake Cartier love bracelet tap water for a short time on the impact of pear is not, but if used to soak pearls, you must not. Because tap water has a fixed amount of chlorine (C1), will damage the pearl surface gloss, in fact, bubble pearls should be the best mineral water.

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine on the K gold gem jewelery really have a good washing effect, in particular, can be gem slits, the brush can not brush the grease to clean the dust. But the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for all gems, such as emerald, pearl … … and other special structure of the gem, in the ultrasonic cleaning will destroy its structure, it should be absolutely avoided.

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Hemmerle’s jewelery and vegetables

Hemmerle’s jewelery and vegetables
Hemmerle, jewelry brand from Germany. Peas, corn, cauliflower Hemmerle’s vegetables and jewels are really coveted. In order to celebrate the birth of this series, the company is planning to publish an album, by the famous photographer Simon Wheeler shooting these unique creation. But this is not just these gorgeous “vegetable jewelry” collection, but also with a chef Tamasin Day-Lewis for each jewelry development of various recipes.
Nature itself is a great work of art, like ivy has always Cartier nail bracelet replica been one of the master craftsmen to play exquisite skills, from the Jaeger-LeCoultre design of the top jewelry series, accumulated nearly a century of rich experience, so that plot developed Two exclusive mosaic technologies: Sertissage neige and Rock Setting. The former is the small diamonds nestled with each other and piled together, in the case showing an elegant and smooth mosaic effect. As for the gemstone puzzle is a fixed gem inlaid cleverly hidden, only highlight the gem bright light.

Four pieces of fine to describe the appearance of nature, lifelike shape is amazing. Whether it is leaves, veins, or intertwined stem stalk parts, are very vivid. Thousands of yellow-green tones of the beautiful diamonds, cleverly decorated with the details of the art, while the four works of art wear on the gorgeous intake of bright light.
Jaeger-LeCoultre: 14,000 pieces of gemstones, including sand Buddha stone, yellow sapphire, emerald, and two high-quality yellow diamonds: one inlaid in the necklace of a color For the Fancy Intense Yellow’s oval drill, the clarity IF, the weight of 5.19 kt; and the mosaic on the ring with a color for the Fancy Vivid Yellow oval drill, the clarity VS1, weighs 2.32 karats
The current President of the United States President Obama and his wife Michelle and his wife is well known for all, Obama in the presidency of the United States, had ordered a value of up to 20,000 pounds of “harmony” black diamond ring, to give the election in the election to give the wife Michelle expressed thanks.

Black Diamond Ring
“Harmony” diamond ring will be the world’s most expensive metal black gold made of rhodium gold is a very precious rare metal, also known as black gold, mainly distributed in South Africa. In the world, only about 25 tons of black gold are mined each year. The price of rhodium imitation Cartier love bracelet gold is usually more than 5,000 pounds per ounce, much higher than the price of gold. Many luxury goods will usually contain rhodium gold, such as “the world’s most expensive pen” or “the world’s most expensive game board.” British Queen wearing royal jewelery is also plated with rhodium gold. The diamond ring by the famous Italian designer Giovanni – Bosco (Giovanni Bosco) production, in the Obama before the inauguration ceremony. Italy’s top designer, Giovanni-Bosco, is headquartered in Valenza Po, where his clients are usually celebrities.
What kind of ornaments a woman should have depends on her love for herself and what kind of gift she loves her to buy for her. Obama this move enough to see the love of his wife, really envy others ah!
Butterflies, the world has about 14,000 species, they are generally colorful, wings and the body has a variety of spots, because of her glamorous appearance, making it butterfly has been ranked the world of cultural and artistic imagination, like ancient Chinese literature Works have Zhuang Zhou Meng butterflies, there are love story butterfly butterfly has been used by scientists to explain the scientific theory or mathematical philosophy proposition, their transformation process mysterious and beautiful, so that the butterfly coated with supernatural magic temperament. And so on, there are many works of art, luxury goods are butterflies as the theme of creation.
In order to reflect the nature of light and meticulous beauty, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels to butterfly for the idea of the main body, combined with a long time inspired Muse, and by the jewelry craftsmen to carefully crafted, carefully designed tones, through the subtle The Gradient Gemstone created the butterfly series of jewelery advanced customization.
Diamond necklace, sparkling leaves, such as the morning dew give the leaves Fake Cartier love bracelet crystal clear feeling. Limelight Garden Party necklace, 18K white gold, lined with 468 round diamonds (about 43.62 kt) and 40 lacquered diamonds (about 25.25 karats), so many diamonds embedded in a chain, enough to see its craft Superb and meticulous. Flashing diamonds and leaves such as vines hanging, and precious tri-lace decorated tempting winding. This noble and elegant necklace, quietly stitching diamonds, beautiful gold branches of the arc. Totally natural or ingenuity? When the leaves turned into magnificent jewelry, sun turned into a diamond garland, garden party gorgeous bloom.

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Italian jewelry aimed at the Chinese market

Italian jewelry aimed at the Chinese market
Economic downturn, people around the world are pinching the wallet, the world’s largest jewelry exporter – Italy is also hit in the competition, 2008 to 2009, its jewelry exports continued to decline, the number of jewelry manufacturers are also reduced The As a result, the smart Italian who aimed at China for two years, the main Italian jewelry processing Lazio region small and medium enterprises, commercial and handicraft bureau director Angelo said: “The reason why the Italian Cartier nail bracelet replica gold and silver jewelry industry to promote China The market, because of the importance of China and the huge potential market “; in order to show the charm of Italian jewelry, advocating exquisite craftsmanship and the top quality of the ILIONNO jewelry brand, held in a number of cities in the city treasures tour activities; Customized jewelry POMELLATO (Po Man Lan Duo) head said: “For Po Manlan Duo, 2010 came to China is not just ‘right’, it is ‘perfect’ time.

Gem of the mix and match endorsement POMELLATO Beijing shop

In recent years, swept thousands of European women’s Italian top handmade jewelry brand — POMELLATO (Po Manlan Duo) in the autumn of 2010 officially entered the Chinese mainland market. In Europe, the prestigious Po Man Lan Duo, has grown to the top five European sales of the top jewelry brand, through the exquisite jewelry art, innovation and publicity strategies (such as the palace-level photographer to join the famous actor and fashion model The interpretation of a variety of combinations for the jewelry to build a new stage show, and play the fashion industry luxury fashion industry benchmark role. Po Man Lan Duo in China’s first boutique will be set up in Beijing Intime “Yue life.”

Swept the European fashion industry more than 40 years of legendary jewelry brand Po Man Lan Duo was born in 1967 in Milan, Italy. Founder Pino Rabolini unique vision, the creation of this subversive traditional meaning of the new jewelry brand. It is to break through the boundaries of the creative concept, highlight the personality of the way to wear, unique, attractive, stylish design with innovative technology, to bring people extraordinary jewelry experience. And other traditional jewelry brand is different, Po Man Lan Duo not only suitable for wearing in a grand occasion, more able in different occasions, with any dress and makeup perfect fit; in highlighting the wearer Zhuoqi different personality at the same time, the jewelry luxury and fashion The charm and personality to the extreme.

Treasures of the pattern posture ILIONNO national tour

August 31 – September 6, ILIONNO held in Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store “rare treasures of the king of the style of ILIONNO price of jewelry nationwide tour.” This is the 2010 luxury brand in Shanghai Jiuguang held the highest level of exhibition activities, but also the Italian jewelry imitation Cartier love bracelet brand ILIONNO collection of jewelry exhibition exhibits the largest number, the largest and most valuable one.

The value of the treasures is more than 100 million yuan, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and emerald and other blend of Central European design style and through the traditional Italian handmade art carved inlaid jewelry set, among the most king style Of the treasures is a weight of 6.48 karats, the color level for the highest level D, with GIA certificate, worth more than 10 million diamond ring. After the tour began, this treasure will be together with the set of high-priced jewelry in Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store on the second floor of the atrium display, so that visitors into the mall as exposure to luxury paradise, feel the jewelry to Zhen pure art charm.

From Italy Milan jewelry brand ILIONNO since its establishment in 1958, has been adhering to the traditional European handmade art and fashion jewelry design, unique interpretation of Italian aesthetic ideas.

Shanghai is the “rare treasures of the king of the style of ILIONNO price of jewelry nationwide tour,” the fourth station, then will be kicked off in the country, which will be the prosperity of the treasures of the glory of the expansion and extension.

Italian jewelry aimed at the Chinese market
Enjoy a shopping trip at VILLAGE

Autumn season, the days of high air, seasonal discount trend in the blood of the surging passion has not yet receded, the major brands in a variety of autumn and new products began to touch the fashion of people’s sensitive nerve. Located in Beijing’s Sanlitun region bustling alley, from the old Beijing’s courtyard and alley to draw inspiration, Sanlitun VILLAGE to Beijing’s traditional and modern style clever combination, where the 253 shops from September 17 to October 7 during the Fake Cartier love bracelet period, Everyone who comes to Sanlitun VILLAGE has the choice of adventures and discovering fun.

In the elegant and luxurious North District, you can go to the capital of the largest Rolex store close watch the watch industry’s superb craftsmanship, to explore the town of treasures — called “the city’s most” Seiko watch the mysterious; Paris fashion handbags family LONGCHAMP complex flagship store, absolutely can not miss Kate Moss designed “Kate Moss for LONGCHAMP” series, as well as limited edition Le Pliage folding handbag. In the modern fashion of the Southern District, in addition to you can fully tap the Apple product of the wonderful features, select the new version of Adidas limited edition, but also to the country alone in this original industry feel creative to bring life changes.

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Kimberley diamonds 25 carat new

Kimberley diamonds 25 carat new “moon goddess” shine debut
Chinese diamond first brand Kimberly Diamond (Kimberlite Diamond) on the Bund source released a new 25 karat rare diamond works “moon goddess”. The event coincided with the second “respect Chi Sheng Hui” 2014 classic car Expo period, as the Kimberley brand’s collection of luxury-class diamond ornaments, “Moonlight Goddess” for the event site to add a touch of luxury shine.

Debut “top high-end lifestyle experience platform”

China Rendez-Vous has been committed to “respect for Chi Sheng Hui” into a top-end lifestyle experience platform. In the three-day event, the organizers around the classic car, held the annual classic car fair, classic car elegant selection, and a series of watches, jewelry, wines and other well-known international brands exhibition, also held a number of social projects and activities , The richness of activities can be seen.
Asia Diamond Industry pioneer enterprises, the first Chinese diamond brand Kimberley Diamond invited to participate in “respect Chi Sheng Hui”, with many internationally renowned car brands and luxury brands jointly exhibited, is the organizers of the Kimberley Diamond brand strength of a high degree of recognition, This will further enhance the brand strength and tension of Kimberley Diamond, Kimberly Diamond to expand into the international top jewelry exhibition pace.

25 carat rare world diamond works glory released

Kimberley Diamond The exhibition “respect Chi Sheng Department”, the biggest bright spot is 25 karats rare world diamond works “moon goddess” new release.

At the beginning of the press conference, Ms. Yang Shu, Deputy General Manager of Kimberley Diamond, and the guests reviewed the debut of the 25 karat diamond in the Shanghai International Jewelery Show in May, 2014, and the process of designing and making the best of Replica Cartier love bracelet the whole works. Kimberley diamonds for the infinite pursuit of perfection.

It is reported that “Moonlight Goddess” is Kimberly Diamond Design Director, Chief Designer Miss Zhu Junjun design. Conference, the designer elaborated on the guests to the “Moonlight Goddess” design concept and production process, and stressed that the production cycle of up to 1800 hours of work, regardless of her creativity or technology, have a great breakthrough The perfect show of the unique value of fine jewelry.

Finally, in the elegant model of the show, “Moonlight Goddess” finally slowly opened the veil of mystery. “Diamond Goddess” luxury diamond necklace main diamond 25.05 kt, color D color (white), clarity LC level (flawless), cut 3EX (perfect), reached the highest level of diamond identification, such a top diamond in the world Which is rare, and the whole set of works sharing the best 1877 diamonds, a total of 108.123 kt, necklace total weight of 396.71 grams, the ultimate luxury and elegance.
Creation, the designer of the moon for the creative inspiration, with 1877 diamonds to create a 25.05-carat top round brilliant pure luxury moon modeling, through the design of great phony, the Smart into them, like the moon goddess deep charming, pure Flawless elegance. Most vividly demonstrated the brilliant light and vitality of diamonds, as the ultimate purity of the surface but reveals the luxury of noble temperament.

According to the deputy general manager of Ms. Yang Shu, “Moonlight Goddess” will be March 19, 2015 for the first time out of the country, the Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair in the international arena, with the East China original miracle shocked the world. charm.

Collection-class luxury diamond bright debut

The independent research and development of products is the core competitiveness of Kimberley Diamond Company. The company has a team of award-winning designer team, each year more than a thousand new products, to ensure that every piece of work is brilliant and full of brand characteristics. This exhibition, Kimberley Diamond not only exhibited youth memory, legend, “and” chess and other designers award-winning works, as well as dawn, Tianjiao latest creation works, and dozens of valuable collections of luxury diamond jewelry grand Debut, as “respect Chi Sheng Department” to bring a touch of shiny “jewels.”

Is the Kimberley diamond chief designer Miss Zhu Wenjun senior jewelry design work to platinum Cartier love ring replica and diamonds as raw materials to youth and time for the sustenance of the ” , Showing the original dream, the brilliance of platinum and diamond echo each other, the memory of the pieces of the perfect spell dazzling to creativity to win.

(A pair of pins), inspired by the film “Butterfly Lovers”, the two met in the youth brilliant, when the first sinus of the beginning of the Qing dynasty, the first time in the United States and the United States, For the love turned into a butterfly, dancing, into the colorful, free sky. In another way gather together, spend the. The funny thing about this pin is that it’s a couple and it’s a butterfly. Each pin on the needle can be with the ups and downs of the body and trembling slightly.
To create a world-class name drilling

Kimberley Diamonds as the only franchise brand of diamonds, has been in their own development on the road for nearly 20 years, both in research and development design, product quality or brand strength, always walk in the forefront of the industry. Has been awarded the top 500 Asian brands, well-known trademarks in Shanghai, Asia’s top 10 most influential brands such as honor, in the public mind has a good reputation.

The company chose to publish the 25 karats of the design Cartier love ring replica in the “Zunsheng Shenghui”, mainly because the goal of China Rendez-Vous is to build a top-end lifestyle experience platform, and Kimberly Diamond “build world-class diamond and establish a century-old brand” , And high-end luxury brand image and temperament coincide. Kimberley Diamond hope that through this exhibition and new release, more show Kimberley diamond brand culture and business strength, so that more international, high-end consumers in-depth understanding of the Kimberley diamond brand, Kimberley diamonds for the internationalization of more A solid step.

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Stylish changes in the summer wrist style

Stylish changes in the summer wrist style
Summer, do not have to be wrapped in long clothes thick shirt, exposing tiny wrist, to give all kinds of bracelets are not a big space, but it is a full wrist style big stage. From the most simple coarse hemp rope, beads bracelet string up to the silver, pearl, diamond, platinum, gold, crystal, resin, etc., there are a variety of materials can not be said of the name , And other bizarre bracelets like hibernation after the hole out of the animal, and instantly take out, occupy the most prominent jewelers counter, around you in the style of thousands of wrist. These two days, has been shuttling in the bracelet of the color world, and found that compared to previous years, the beautiful hand jewelry changes are not too many.

Classic style is still familiar with the old faces

Classic style is called “classic”, because it can sit and watch fashion changes. So the price of classic style bracelet is not necessarily more expensive, the material is not necessarily more rare, and often the most simple style. Summer, white T-shirts popular season, but a simple Replica Cartier love bracelet white wrap too much, it is easy to leave a stereotype impression. So can match the white T-shirts and dark hemp ropes compiled rope began to become the summer one of the wrist protagonist. But then a few random rope, infected with the jump is not an exaggeration of color, or as arbitrarily tied into a bunch, or string on a few pieces of soft ceramic firing beads, or other shapes of small objects as a fall child, Tinkling local hang up, there is a taste. This hand-rope wearing eclectic, and some girls think that wearing the more the better, colorful, so that the excitement of the wrist seemed, but also have some ethnic customs, and white T-shirts together, appears to complement each other.

In addition to the crystal and ceramic beads bead string together can be considered a classic, and a dozen strings of beads into a string, there is little room for easy on the details, but the color of beads and patterns seem endless changes. Some shop owner, carefully to the porcelain factory, custom-made cute miniature porcelain small animals, come back to their own hands, the small animals string together, a unique bracelet was born.

Traditional bracelet in the preservation of innovation

May still remember such a gold bracelet advertising: “Today, some people close to my × ×!” “You enough fashion?” It is hard to imagine the most traditional, once fashionable young people were defined as “old fashioned” Gold bracelet can make such a full-tempting avant-garde ads. In fact, there are more so that we can shine a new move, a brand of platinum jewelry for celebrity endorsements for the annual launch of new new creative commercials. Last year’s “hot” series, this year’s “water flower” series are called the new masterpiece. In addition to the traditional jewelry brand launched a more unique “golf bracelet”, specifically designed for playing golf women, blue Cartier love ring replica sky, green, white ball beautiful arc, so that the moment the intensity of the outbreak of a woman has become calm and elegant. When the club shaking again and again, diamond bracelet quietly blooming in the wrist between the bright light, with a solemn and noble wanton dance, the women’s strong and confident to convey euphemism.

Exotic fashion bracelets come from behind

European jewelry to people’s impression seems to always reveal a bit in the fashion classic charm. In recent years, a number of European brands such as FolliFollie, ox-ette, loisir have entered the Chinese market, and to their own characteristics suddenly won the consumer favorite, FolliFollie operating 925 degrees of silver jewelry is known, each style Bracelets or other accessories are only a very limited number of pieces, when the moment can not be determined to buy, it may never be found, or buy, it is difficult to encounter the same style. If a one-time purchase FolliFollie jewelry to 3,000 yuan, or 4 months, the cumulative amount of 5,000 yuan shopping, you can enjoy a lifetime 88% discount.

In addition to silver, the European fashion jewelry also steel and color shell as material, reminiscent of the Greek Aegean Sea, wearing this bracelet you may be swaying. The most special is a steel jewelry, and never need to clean, always shine.

Speaking of wrist style can not say watch. Watch in the eyes of such brands, not the hands of luxury Cartier love ring replica ladies, nor is it no idea of the road goods, their watches are not unattainable prices, but also very fine and elegant, lively style, followed by fashion trends. In addition, oxette and loisir is also the same from Europe’s fashion jewelry brand, and they FolliFollie and other more fashion jewelry together for this ancient tradition of the field launched a dazzling new world, suddenly, we realized that the original bracelet is Can be so wearing!