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As long as the watch is the name of the watch on the head there will be an icon, this and the car

As long as the watch is the name of the watch on the head there will be an icon, this and the car, watch the logo LOGO must play in the face of the eye, LOGO are generally graphics, but also English letters, such as the full name of the watch Or abbreviation or prefix. Table head of the icon can be considered a beautiful watch “landscape”, on behalf of the original original, Seiko secret agents; counterfeit false watch is often in this subtle place to do bad, fuzzy rough is a common problem.
Rolex watches watch the head of the icon and meaning
Oyster case with Rolex watches, excellent waterproof performance, this is also the structure of the watch table, because only watch the watch is a moving parts, it needs to be often operated, so this place is particularly important seal. Rolex watches are equipped with a screw lock lock structure, tighten the seal will be like a stopper; and here the waterproof seal apron at least two; like the green water ghost (16610LV model) and Dieton series of imitation Cartier love bracelet watches , Waterproof seal apron up to 3 heavy, an increase in the watch case on the outside of the handle tube, pull out the table can see. In the Rolex watch table head, there will be some logo, logo on the Rolex crown GOLO below, with a dot or dash line that there are two, there are two, there are three, these signs represent Watch the case of the material, but also represents the watch case and the handle of the structure. (See photo)
The specific meaning of the logo
Rolex watches watch the head of the icon and meaning
1, a dot on behalf of the watch is PT950 platinum case, the proportion of this precious metal, watch up to compare the pressure hand;
2, two representative of the origin of the watch with 18K white gold or gold case;
3, the three origin can also be understood as a triple waterproof, with such a table of the watch, handle the head tube visible waterproof seal ring. On the basis of triple waterproofing, if the watch case material uses platinum, then the middle of its three origin which will be smaller (see the relevant photos of the first six); if the watch case material using 18K white gold, then its 3 sides of the origin will be relatively small (see the relevant photo of the first five). When the three origin is generally large (see the relevant photo of the first four), the situation is equivalent to the use of dash, usually case material for the 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel or pure stainless steel.
4, there is a short line of the most, dash as if it is a “wildcard”, on behalf of the watch is a double waterproof, table for the material for the 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel, or pure stainless steel, , This configuration is the most common.
How to buy a good mechanical watch? Watch is a sophisticated timing instrument, the price is higher, the use of time is also long. Watch the quality of good or bad, the user is very concerned about the problem. Therefore, people in the purchase of watches is always better, so good in the selection. But how can we pick a satisfactory quality watch? Usually, people only listen to the machine when the sound of the size of the sound to determine the quality of the watch is good or bad, it is unscientific. Because the quality of the watch is good or bad, mainly to see the actual travel time accuracy. When the machine moves, the sound is balanced, clear and no noise, only that the table machine is not faulty, and can not explain the quality of the watch is good or bad as the only way to pick the watch. It must also be selected from the following:
First, check the watch appearance parts
Watch the appearance from the shell, table mirror, dial and minutes and seconds and other Replica Cartier jewelry aspects of inspection. The case should be no trachoma and obvious scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and the shell of the rotation should be tight; two watch rings and the case of the same distance, the installation of the hole should be in the foot of the shell position The needle is not easy to fall off; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; three-pin installation is correct, the needle and the needle, between the mirror and the dial should have the correct safety gap; dial and Pointer coating finish is good, no mark, dial scale line or luminous point integrity; head and case between about 0.1-0.3mm gap.
Second, check the sensitivity of the watch
The sensitivity of the watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel. Check the method is:
(1) will not have been on the winding has been moving around the watch gently shake, with the power to shake to observe the second hand moving situation: If the second hand in a very short period of time to stop walking, then the watch on the hair If the second hand to continue to move for a long time, then the watch can not be fully finished foot on the foot (that is, the winding also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high Or the table is faulty.
(2) will not have to stop the clockwork on the watch, slowly turn the head, observe the second hand to start the situation: the less the rotation of the article, the second hand to start the earlier the higher the sensitivity of the table; Or table machine has other failures. But pay attention to the wings of the watch because of the greater the stiffness of the hairspring than the traditional frequency (18000 times / hour) of the table machine to a little more winding on the swing. High sensitivity of the watch, on the foot after a winding time to move longer.
Third, check the pointer pointer spacing and location
Between the table and the table mirror, between the dial and between the three pins should maintain a certain spacing, or mutual collision caused by the normal operation of the table. Inspection can be observed by dialing. The position of the hour hand and the minute hand and the mutual check is normal check method is: the minute hand and hour hand to 3:00, 9:00, observe whether the two needle at right angles; dial to 6 points, whether the needle is a straight line; dial 12 points, Whether the two fingers coincide.
Fourth, check the watch on the body
Normal watch on the article should be easy . Turn the head of the article, the first feel more loose, gradually more tight, when you can not continue to turn forward the head, indicating that the winding has been completely full and the work of the normal work. If you turn the handle when the head of the article, the occurrence of “Cha Cha abnormal sound, or produce teeth and other teeth and other phenomena, then the above mechanism is faulty.
5, check the dialing machine
Watch the needle should be flexible, reliable and pointer rotation evenly. Inspection should focus on check the wheel and the central wheel friction with the tightness. In the dial, if there is no loose or tight feeling, indicating the sub-wheel friction normal and refueling amount, on the contrary, dial machine parts are faulty. The above method of buying a new watch, for the old watch or repair the quality of the inspection can also refer to, but according to the use of the watch as appropriate to reduce the standard.

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Watch the meaning of people now is no longer a simple timing tool

Watch the meaning of people now is no longer a simple timing tool. More as a decoration, to highlight the wearing of temperament. But the watch wearing a long time, the color will inevitably look bleak. This is what you need for your love table to do a polishing! Here the watch home to talk about how much money polished it!What is the watch polished    Watch polishing is the surface of the oxidized metal wear off a layer. It is not important to be polished, the question is whether the equipment is good or bad and the operator’s level. If you do not meet the requirements of the watch will cause harm. Because the watch polishing on the technical imitation Cartier love bracelet parameters of the request is very high, so polished watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning (polishing) usually takes 5 days to complete. While the old watch after such a complex professional cleaning, the general can turn to Bacheng newWatch polished method    Case or strap on the local depth of scratches, to focus on the local first use of stone to do grinding. This need to be carried out under the magnifying glass, the purpose is to scrape evenly polished, when the scratches are basically grinding to grinding, select the appropriate size of the sandpaper, along the original pull sand lines to wear, usually the lines are To the dial as the center was radial, so this is a careful living, to a little bit, the effect of grinding out will be so realistic.How much money the watch is polished    Polishing table certainly need a certain cost, but according to the grade of the table and different. So the specific price can not give! For example, on the million watches, maintenance costs are more expensive. According to the provisions of the watch industry associations, tens of thousands of watches, in addition to demolition costs, but also according to the grade of the watch price of one thousandth of the inspection fee. So the price of the watch polished is related to the price of your watch.Magnetic field is a natural “killer” watch, it is easy to be affected by the watch, to the use of serious impact (such as serious stop phenomenon, etc.). At this point the watch must be degaussing “surgery”, the following watch home to tell you how to degenerate the watch, how much money to despise the watch it!    If the watch by the magnetic, and under normal circumstances is to go fast, (serious will stop) If the walk together between the walks, then watch the faster, about 2 hours / day or so, Steel parts are most likely to be magnetized, covering the escapement wheel and escapement fork, as well as gossamer, magnetic energy will affect Replica Cartier jewelry and interfere with the balance wheel vibration cycle. Now live, strong magnetic field can be seen everywhere, the most typical is the handbag of the magnetic buckle, which is a material made of aluminum iron boron, the magnetic force of the big, there are a variety of electrical appliances, so the watch is easy to be not aware of Magnetized.    The easiest way to judge is to use a sharp compass, flat. And then close the watch quickly and repeatedly read the top of the compass, this action also need to change the table several directions, and then repeat the implementation. As long as the needles needles, it means that the watch has been magnetic.Disassembly method of watch    First, with the finished watch degausser, about tens of dollars a (internal is a coil, the middle with a core, then 50HZ AC, alternating magnetic field degaussing), but also homemade.    Second, the watch on a non-magnetic iron on a few days, the magnetic will be transmitted to the iron plate, of course, the greater the volume of iron, by the magnetic capacity is greater, the effect is better.    Third, the watch slowly through a no iron ring, magnetic will stay on the ring.    In general, the quartz watch itself is on the battery does not exist by the magnetization of the argument, if the mechanical watch magnetization is degaussing, if your watch within the warranty can be free demagnetization, if not, you can go to a little Shopping malls, the general name of the shopping malls will watch the watch can help the table degaussing. The price is the master watch the final say, there is no price tag, generally less than 50 yuan.Tissot table as a well-known Swiss watch brand, wearing a lot of people. In the daily use of the watch maintenance work is also necessary to do a good job. A watch that is properly maintained can be used to extend the life of the watch. So how long is the maintenance of the Tissot watch?    From the daily maintenance, the Tissot table should stay a few days to do something simple cleaning. Especially the belt watch, it is best to clean the strap from time to time. So as to avoid odor or stains. From a professional point of view, the best 2-3 years to do a professional maintenance. This will not only keep the watch in a good running state, but also effectively extend its life!Tissot watch watch case maintenance    Tissot watch case, watch table to be often clean, washable with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the appearance of the material, and can cause individual skin allergies. Buy a new Tissot watch to tear off the protective cover on the back cover, otherwise the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion after the cover. Tissot watches to avoid contact with a variety of chemicals, once encountered, to be promptly cleaned, so as not to cause the coating discoloration, loss or other losses.Tissot watch strap maintenance    One day shuttle table strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.    Two Tissot watch straps to avoid long exposure to sunlight, to prevent fading.    Three due to Tissot watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, avoid contact with the oil-based substances or cosmetics.

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The most Swiss watch brand although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality

Ninobi (sinobi) watch products are divided into seven series: creative watches, 5A new fashion watches, love is still a couple watches, the wind is still sports leisure table, goods still business classic table, respect is still steel table, ceremony Still gift table.

“When the promise than (sinobi)” Guangdong Yonghong watches and clocks, one of its brands. Guangdong Yonghong Watch Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of watches, in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has invested more than 60 million yuan of modern industrial park, set research and development, production, sales, brand management One.

How much money is the watch
Nuo Nuo watch as a domestic watch brand, using a large number of imported Cartier nail bracelet replica movement. Most of the table is relatively cheap, good movement watches higher! Prices range from $ 100 to $ 9,300
World renowned for many years, “Tim Ya” watch for the Swiss watch manufacturing history made the most important page. “Tim Tim” company was founded in 1937 in Switzerland. As a long history of the Swiss watch brand, when Tim Ya watch is a lot of users concerned about the ranking!
In 1960, “Tim Ya” for the first time the introduction of multi-functional mechanical men’s table, which can display two different time zone time, in the crown next to the 2-bit button, can be used to adjust the two sets of needle. The surface is displayed in Turkish and Arabic numerals, and a magnifying glass is provided at 6 o’clock, making it easy for users to view the date display. This marks its superb craftsmanship, is definitely an epoch-making leader
In order to pursue a more perfect design, “Tim Ya” more with Switzerland’s oldest one of the LE PHARE watch factory (founded in 1888) to work together, not only to learn from its world-renowned excellent technology, the design of soft modern Aesthetics, to create a timeless classic high-quality mechanical watches and automatic watches; Switzerland has become the second largest multi-functional mechanical watch manufacturers, laid its lofty status in the industry. “Tim” is mainly in Europe and the Middle East, the pursuit of high quality watches in the country marketing, it will soon be an unprecedented success.
The most Swiss watch brand, although Tim is not high-end but already has a good quality. In the watch rankings are four types of table in the more backward position!
Watch on the meaning of a man extraordinary, a good table to highlight the wearing of temperament and taste. So choose a men’s watch is very important! The following watch home to introduce you to the world’s top ten men’s watch it!
Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN
Diving table in the boss, the classic diving outer ring, Mercedes-Benz pointer and zoom blisters. The most popular in the forum a men’s watches. Equipped with CAL.3135 movement is also high-profile, known as the most classic one of the three needle movement. Travel time stable, accurate, is a man dream of the watch.
Panerai Luminor series PAM00372
The most retro, but also the most fashionable. PAM00372 biggest feature is that huge Replica Cartier jewelry clasp, worn in the hand can definitely show the character of men, as long as you HOLD live it 47mm table diameter. Crown unique shoulder structure, Panerai is the most charming place, because it, how many people chose the Luminor series. A rare two-pin design that you can not like, but it’s undeniable that it’s different. In addition, 3 days of power reserve, but also a big selling point of this table.
Omega Hippocampus Omega Ocean Cosmos
Diving table has always been a symbol of men’s watches, the sea of the sea is no exception. Unlike Rolex Shui Gui, it has a deeper waterproof, more advanced helium technology and more economical prices. Of course, Omega limelight positive coaxial escapement movement CAL.8500 is also a big selling point of this table. The only in the accuracy and stability, can be told with Rolex brand and style.
World pilot series IW500401
What is more than the pilots table more men do! Moreover, it is a large pilot. The huge onion-style crown is one of its major features, excellent on the chain feel. The atmosphere of the disk is very clear when reading, 46.2mm diameter is definitely the first choice of Mr. Wei Meng. Movement with the world’s most classic CAL.51111, with Bialon on the chain structure and seven-day power reserve, advanced and practical. Anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell can provide good anti-magnetic protection.
Audemars Piguet oak offshore type 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01
May be the top brand in the most MAN design, octagonal design is classic in the classic. Offshore design is more domineering and sturdy than the average design. Rubber crown and strap, have proved that this is a top watch to the water. 300 meters of waterproof enough to support. CAL.3120 movement is also a classic automatic mechanical movement, gold pendulum Tuo not only a symbol of luxury brands, but also increase the efficiency of the chain. The movement has 60 hours of dynamic storage.
Blancpain 50 series 5015-1130-52
The first diving watch series, also the most different diving watch design. Fifty is the top of the diving table, but it is not squeaky. Regardless of waterproof performance, movement travel time and durability are very good, its carrying CAL.1315 movement can provide 120 hours of power. 45mm table diameter is more movement, relative to the water ghost, it is more suitable for brawny wear.
Breitling Air Times AB012012 / BB01
The most suitable for pilots to wear the watch, the disk on the ruler specially prepared for the pilot. Classic black dial with white small bezel and red second hand, clear and easy to read. Equipped with Breitling the most classic production timing 01 movement, excellent performance, feel comfortable, very stable and reliable. More than 70 hours of power reserve, but to achieve the Observatory certification standards, it is not easy.
Hamilton Khaki Series H70595593 watch
Hamilton is recognized as the entry-level Swiss watch brand in the most “man”, especially this card its field. Its 42mm diameter with rivet leather belt, very rough. ETA2824-2 movement precision and stability, excellent performance. With the date, 24 hours and the world when the function, the price is only sold less than ten thousand yuan, it is the industry conscience. Disk font is large, highlight the charm of men at the same time easy to read.
Boer Engineer Hydrocarbon Series Depth Exploration DM3000A-SC-BK
Titanium case makes this table very light, hardness is also higher, not easy to cause scratches, knock injury. Titanium-specific matte color plus 43mm table diameter, very suitable for individual men to wear. The most cattle is the waterproof table, full of 3000 meters, any of you up the mountain, it can accompany you brave the horizon. The most rare, this table also passed the Observatory certification, travel is absolutely guaranteed.
Tissot force Lock series T41.1.423.53
Tissot’s most popular watches, produced more than 10 years is still selling, enough to prove the popularity of its watch level. This section of the 10 watches, the only one relatively refined men’s watches, we can see the definition of the classic. Elegant disc central carved and Roman numerals time scale, retro handwriting le locle and 39.3mm table diameter, combined into this classic timeless men watches.

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Jacques Lemans is a leading global watch manufacturer and position the highest quality

Student watch brand list
Students of the family, as a part of society, play their own role, but with the development of modern society, students of water consumption is also increasing. Fashion has become the pursuit of most students. While the watch is the students have been reflected in the most fashion is an important symbol. The following watch home for everyone to inventory the student watch brand top five watch brand it!
Student watch brand list
First name: Swatch Swatch

Swatch Swatch, the name of the “S” not only on behalf of its origin in Switzerland, but also contains “second-watch” that is the meaning of the second table, that people can have the same fashion, with two or more Watch. Swatch Swatch is not only a new type of high-quality Cartier love ring replica watches, but also will bring people a new concept: the watch is no longer just a very expensive luxury and simple timing tools, but a “worn on the wrist Fashion “.
Second: Jacques Lemans

Jacques Lemans is a leading global watch manufacturer and position the highest quality standards for decades at a fair price. Headquartered in St.Veit DER Glen / Carnton State, the Austrian company is the most important airline in more than 120 countries as well as on behalf of the board of directors and at various airport stores. As in Germany has its own subsidiaries and production plants, over the years in Switzerland and Hong Kong, Jacques Liman has developed the world’s most important watch market. Jacques Liman watches are carefully selected, stores around the world
Third place: Casio CASIO

Casio is a company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, producing electronic instruments and electronic calculators. Casio watches are one of Japan’s three major brands, over the years to truly multi-functional G-SHOCK watch known to the world. Casio watches represent the vitality of Cartier love bracelet replica the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a technology leader in peer responsibility, over the years there will be technological breakthroughs.
Fourth place: Time Force

Time Force from Spain watch brand, with more than 40 years of history, products all over the world more than 50 countries and regions. Time – “time” to grasp, Force – “strive to” perfect! Time Force is the perfect blend of time and power, meaning the fashion, modern, young, dynamic and self-confidence. Belonging to the Spanish VALENTIN GROUP (Valentine Group) Time Force is Spain’s largest sports fashion watch brand. Since the acquisition of the Jaques Benedict Group in 2002, it has inherited the usual Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica tradition of fine production. Currently has more than 4,000 retailers in more than 40 countries worldwide; Over the past four years, Time Force has achieved a 40% leap in global business and has gained worldwide recognition.
Fifth: Seiko Seiko

Seiko Seiko is the Japanese crystal manufacturer Seiko Instruments Inc. acronym, has become SII. SII has the world’s top mechanical technology. In addition to the world famous quartz watch manufacturers, but also the production of computer printers. Do electronic components, in the quartz oscillator in this regard, SII is also doing very well, at present, with the Japanese Seiko Crystal world competition at the same level, only the Japanese vacuum KDS.
More than five brands are fashion leisure brand, its product prices will not be as high as the luxury brand. More suitable for most family consumption, but also love the best choice for students of fashion!

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Good watches need to wait for the taste of personal custom watch story

Good watches need to wait for the taste of personal custom watch story
There are many kinds of watches, a variety of styles dazzling. Each watch brand will always try every means to meet customer needs, reflected in the watch’s function, appearance, performance and many other aspects. But even so, there are some senior customers have their own special needs, and then let the watch brand for its exclusive build, which is what we call the private custom watch. There is also a situation that some watch brands for some special achievements in the field of special achievements to create a special watch, that is, the so-called celebrity exclusive watch. Xiaobian today to bring you to talk about private custom watches those things.
Advanced custom writing legendary watch
As early as the end of the eighteenth century, the legendary giants of the watchmaking industry, Mr. Breguet had received a copy of the Queen Mary Antoinette Queen’s Guardian: customization of all the details as much as possible to build with gold, Complex function pocket Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica watch. As the watch on the production time is not required, and the technical specifications of the watch too harsh, this watch did not even until 1827 to complete. In addition to this legendary work, the birth of the world’s first watch is also the need to customize the students: 1810, Mr. Breguet Napoleon’s sister, Naples Queen Carolina Murat’s invitation, according to her request A bracelet based on the shape of the female watch. In order to commemorate this incident, Breguet to “Naples Queen” named its most well-known female table series – Reine de Naples.
Brand pursuit of high value-added
Custom watch worth from 200,000 Swiss francs starting, up to one million, or even more. At the same time, the proprietor of the watch need to survive more than 6 months or even years waiting. Because the watch factory from the preparation of special materials, to the masters to manually build hundreds of parts and put them together to spend a long time, and then a period of time to the final test qualified. No wonder often heard that some very well-known custom order orders have been routed after 2020.
Technology to bring new custom
Compared to a few centuries ago custom a watch a huge project, today’s watch custom has long been with the progress of technology has become more arbitrary. Technology is not cold things, the same can bring human care. Clothing industry called “Made to Measure” custom service (ready-made template with real people modified), has been used in the watch, Vacheron Constantin launched the watch “Made to Measure” custom service – Quai de L ‘ Ile This service is not complicated, Vacheron Constantin first selected two movements: one is with a calendar of automatic movement, there is a piece with a date, week, energy storage movement. As the purchaser can choose a movement on the basis of the watch for the watch, strap, crown, watch core, case, internal support ring and other external parts to make a choice, even the most basic first Cartier love ring replica Movement, the total options are about 400.
Summary: Overall custom watch is divided into three categories: 1. constant “core”, no deformation; 2. constant “core” can be deformed; 3. “core” shaped heart. Believe that friends are also understand these three categories of meaning. In fact, the last had to say is the private custom watch the cost is very high, than to buy a ready-made watches are often much higher, after all, the meaning of the watch increased a lot.
Fashion in power to talk about the fine men with the match
In this hot summer, the air stir in the hot and busy green, warm and fashion once again surrounded us, those exquisite men and those rich and handsome elite men must not be taken with their own careless, every item is to show Personal charm of the effective sustenance, while the fashion at the same time exudes a man taste. From the watch to the ring, from the wallet, briefcase to the glasses, each need to carefully selected, carefully selected is the best.
Some people may not really understand the watch brand, but fashion, fashion brand is impressive, many brands of production line more and more widely, will launch a very classic fashion watch, brand with constant innovation to reflect their own value , To meet the needs of the public. Here, this article mainly involves some fashionable brand, hope that more fashion watch to become a good helper for men travel.
One of the fashion choices: Bulgari

Bvlgari watch design originality, integration of the unique contemporary Roman aesthetic inspiration, with 39mm case, the case BVLGARI Bvlgari brand name to repeat the form of sculpture, the timeless sense of classical history and unique architecture Style of modern integration, this design gives the timeless and elegant beauty of the dial. Watch the hour scale to pure hand-refined, 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position decorated with Arabic numerals, paint dial BVLGARI lettering fine timeless. Black ceramic crown with advanced technology to reshape the classic shape, more people to strengthen the treasure of the glorious years of memory and imagination.

Wallets are one of the essential goods or decorations of men, and now very few people put all the money on the pocket of the clothes, wallet can not only keep the coins clean and tidy, and easy to use. Bulgari men’s wallet reveals the elegance of men’s quality of life, sapphire blue multicò calfskin yen wallet, dark ruthenium accessories, with Bulgari logo copy and Octo unique pin decoration. Seven credit card jacks, four coins, a zipper compartment and a buckle, a lot of space, can meet Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the daily to accommodate a variety of coins and cards.

Ring is on behalf of love keepsake, both married and unmarried men will have a special feeling of the ring sustenance, for the boys, the ring is more decorative meaning, wearing the index finger can highlight the personality, with the ring finger Low-key and introverted, staggered in different fingers wearing a ring is also a trendy fashion. Bulgari (Bulgari) B.ZERO1 four ring ring, the outer ring is 18K rose gold material, the middle part decorated with black ceramic. This ring can naturally highlight the beauty of men’s fingers masculine, minimalist clean and stylish and resolute, highly designed and low-key avant-garde style, highly fashionable men’s esteem. Wear this ring will certainly let you increase temperament, while timeless.

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Chameleon has increased the characteristics of animal families

Vhernier designed full of magical animal brooches
Italian jeweler Vhernier describes his brand is driven by the “surprise and entertainment”, the jewelry brand was established in 1984 in the Piedmont region of Italy, the company is very modern, to the world to provide a lot of bold, innovative Italian style jewelry , Including the latest chameleon.

Vhernier’s Chameleon brooch is priced at € 46,500
Brooch is the tradition of Vhernier design, this year saw a friendly chameleon Cartier nail bracelet replica arrival. The chameleon’s body is made of vivid purple brook stone, while the colorful opal imitates the color change of the chameleon’s head. But this is not all, while the use of a unique carving way to imitate the reptile scales, a layer of crystal stone covered in the Soviet Union stone and opal surface, it gives the animal smooth, mysterious skin appearance. The chameleon’s head is inlaid with a black jade eyes always looking for flies, and the last curled diamond mosaic tail huddled under his body. This special chameleon jewel has been sold, but Vhernier says he is looking for a higher quality Su Chuan stone to make another piece of chameleon works.

Chameleon has increased the characteristics of animal families, while the family there are many other fun creatures. For example, there are crystal and diamond production of crabs; black mother and crystal production of scorpions, as well as diamonds to create a vivid forepaw and tail; and emerald, agate and mother of pearl created a miniature penguin, mother of pearl The luster of the pearl perfect reproduction of the penguin chest feathers look. Vhernier’s philosophy is to “be amazing and interesting” into all the works, creating a stunning collection of animal brooches.
Bulgari launched a new B.zero1 design, this is the British architect Zaha Hadid cooperation models. The design of the jewelry is very unique, different from the previous shape.

Bulgari launched a new B.zero1 design, this Bulgari the most iconic ring of the new explanation is completed by Zaha Hadid surgeon. The new work is a combination of Zaha Hadid architectural style and Bvlgari jewelry production strength, the design of B.zero1 respect two design legend of the common vision.

Bulgari Barkerie B.Zero1 x Zaha Hadid
This ring not only combines the Bulgari B.zero1 iconic appearance, but also reflects the Zaha Hadid famous unique Replica Cartier jewelry asymmetric design. This bold attempt is the product of B.ZERO1’s geometric forces combined with the aesthetics of Zaha Hadid.
Lamellae cooperates with Zaha Hadid for limited rings
British architect Zaha Hadid is designed to use a flaky structure to construct a streamlined architectural profile. In October, Zaha Hadid Design Studios and Georg Jensen donated the limited edition ring from the Lamellae series to the “Centrepoint at the Palace” fundraising campaign, “Centrepoint at the Palace” aimed at raising £ 2 million To ensure that Centrepoint can continue to provide a safe and warm room for homeless young people, as well as the stability and support they need.

Bulgari Barkerie B.Zero1 x Zaha Hadid
On the last day of November, Bulgari held a high-level jewelery exhibition “Bulgari y Roma” at the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Spain, demonstrating how Roman art and architecture became the inspiration for Bvlgari’s history. After the exhibition, Italian Ambassador to Spain Stefano Sannino, Bulgari President Paolo Bulgari, Spanish National Manager Vincenzo Pujia and Exhibition Curator Lucia Bosciani held a cocktail party at the Italian Embassy and many celebrities attended the exhibition.

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Rendez-Vous Night & Day dating series women’s day and night display watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous dating watch series of new interpretation of elegant female charm
In 2012, the watchmaker and craftsman of the Rushan Valley watchmaker created the family of Rendez-Vous dating watches. In 2017, the classic design of the Métiers Rares ™ shows a whole new look and opens a new page in history. With the watch for the female function, equipped with precision as the representative of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory automatic winding mechanical movement, the use of exquisite material, natural or flashing tone to highlight the new product family Rendez-Vous dating series Meaningful and elegant. From the finest decoration of the movement to the elegant design of the dial, from the delicate and elegant diamond and sapphire mosaic to the chronological function of the clever design, the new Rendez-Vous dating series of watches, both in technology and aesthetics are highlight the master watchmaking Replica Cartier jewelry process The This watch series is designed for women around the world, regardless of day and night, regardless of the occasion, in his life every important moment sincere companions.
Rendez-Vous Night & Day dating women’s day and night show watch, day and night show charming gesture
Rendez-Vous Night & Day dating series women’s day and night display watch has been much welcomed by women watch enthusiasts, 2017 launched a new style with three different sizes, including the use of different materials, including gold, and carrying new features, Continue to bring infinite surprise for elegant women. Different colors of the watch with a stainless steel bracelet, ostrich skin or crocodile leather strap, dawn dawn, rising sun rose to full moon, when the night charming, accompanied by about.

Rendez-Vous Night & Day Large Dating Series Women’s Day and Night show watch large models
This watch for the first time the use of a diameter of 38.2 mm case, arc shape and elegant, the wearer without the use of any tools, according to preferences to change the strap and clasp, convenient and quick. Stainless steel models with the same material bracelet or leather strap, highlight the solemn and simple style, and rose gold is inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds, with stitch ostrich leather strap, the ultimate distribution of soft charm. The use of grain decorative dial outer ring, dial center is the use of elegant twisted ornaments and ornamental oval shape.

Rendez-Vous Night & Day Medium Dating Series Women’s Day & Night Display Watch Medium
Jaeger-LeCoultre gold material in this work plays an important role, which type watch the diameter of 34 mm, the first use of gold this material. Pure and simple bezel, lugs and clasps are not inlaid with diamonds, intended to make the golden light elegant bloom, naturally with the wrist skin color fusion. Silver-plated twisted ornaments decorated dial elegant and magnificent, highlight the same color bezel luster. Elegant Jaeger-LeCoultre Women’s Day and Night show watch medium-sized combination of gold and pink strap, a symbol of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory creation and dedication of the watch. Unique and delicate design, turned into a gorgeous jewelry often accompanied by women around. Wearers can feel like a watch with different clothing and jewelry, day and night go hand in hand.

Rendez-VousSonatina Large dating series of wonderful audio watch large models
Dating series of wonderful sound when the watch large models, a new design features Cartier love bracelet replica to remind the wearer dating time. The dial has a mysterious star pointer, this design since the Rendez-Vous date watch series since the launch has been so far, and can be seen in the series of part of the watch. When the wearer set the dating time, this new watch in the hammer driven by the sound will be issued, the unprecedented alarm function can be adjusted through the main crown, when the date of the appointment of the time to send music The melodious melody prompts, as its name “Sonatina” (small sonata) for the wearer to bring surprises.
This series has two different watches can be happy to remind dating time, in addition to rose gold, this series also have a platinum section, dial was amethyst color, showing two different beauty. In the amethyst color background, the new Jaeger-LeCoultre 735 automatic winding mechanical movement of the gear system looming. Bezel, lugs and case hoop are inlaid with round brilliant cut diamonds, bright colors make dating series of wonderful sound when the watch is more compelling, diamonds and amethyst tones embraced each other.
Dating series of moon phase watch, showing the moon’s charming Guanghua
The moon dominates the night, until the dawn of the moon, the moon and the wonderful changes in profit and loss have long been the masterpiece of the masterpiece of the masterpiece. Originally belongs to the classic jewelry watch classic moon phase display function, now in the Rendez-Vous dating series of watches on the new works on the gorgeous debut.

Rendez-Vous Moon Medium Dating Series Moon Phase Watch Medium
Rendez-Vous Moon Medium Dating Series Moon phase watch Medium style unique, with stainless steel or rose gold material, the dial is very texture, with a distinctive moon phase display function, exquisite twisted ornamentation decorative dial center and moon phase plate. The starry pattern in the night sky is sandblasted, and the precise and excellent moon phase display function accumulates one day of error every 985 years. The moon flickers with time. This watch also has an extreme soft little second hand, low-key and chic.
This series of watch case diameter 36 mm, the first use of rose gold material, its gold-plated dial and the proportion of symmetry of the rose gold case harmonious background. Jewelery style decorated with a round of beautiful mother of pearl moon pattern, dial issued a light Cartier love ring replica iridescence, coupled with soft colors, people can not help but think of semi-ignorant of the soft dawn. This exquisite watch the bezel and case hoop are inlaid with round brilliant cut diamonds, in addition, the digital time scale above the arc-shaped inlaid with 26 diamonds. Simplify the design of the digital time scale, for the dotted sky to leave a vast space, mother of pearl moon pattern in the stars showing a different look. Moon phase display function is accurate and reliable, every 985 years before the cumulative error of one day. The edge of the dial with a family of dating watch series iconic star pointer, prompting the wearer the next date of the date. Watch with a touch of pink silk satin strap, bringing the ultimate elegance of the charming atmosphere.

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Yonghong watches are committed to absorbing the international advanced management

How is it like a watch? Do you like this time?
Guangdong Yonghong Watch Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of watches, in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has invested more than 60 million yuan of modern industrial park, set research and development, production, sales, brand management One. Over the past year, the company adhering to the “integrity, cooperation, diligence, innovation,” the entrepreneurial spirit and “harmony Wing Hung, Wing Yong Yong benefits” business philosophy, the industry has been widely praised.
Guangdong Yonghong watches and clocks, Ltd. has 30,000 square meters of beautiful factories and living areas. In the production of stainless steel watch on a professional technology, advanced equipment and excellent management team; branch Shenzhen Yonghong watches and clocks, Ltd. is the company’s production base in the production of alloy watches have a mature team, perfect technology and Production capacity; branch Hong Kong Yonghong watches and clocks, Ltd. is the company’s export trade base; company in Guangzhou and Yiwu has two sales divisions, dealers network throughout the country more than 50 cities.
The company registered “when the promise than” brand is the national watch Cartier nail bracelet replica quality inspection center qualified brand, in 2005 as “China’s classic trademark” and Shenzhen “best fashion watch brand” in 2006 as the Shenzhen “best fashion Cutting-edge brand “, by the United States International Quality Certification Research Center and the China International Famous Brand Development Association as” quality, service, integrity AAA enterprises “, is the Chinese watch brand in the fastest growing, fastest growing sales of one of the brand; 2007” Noble “years continue to be rated as Shenzhen” the most market performance brand. ” “Nuo Bore” brand series of watches not only in the domestic market has impressive results, but also exported to the rest of the world, by the national consumers of all ages.
Yonghong watches are committed to absorbing the international advanced management and technology, and merchants around the world in the integrity, equality, mutual benefit on the basis of the establishment of friendly relations of cooperation. Yonghong companies adhere to the “customer’s success is our greatest success” principle, continue to develop to continuously meet customer needs, to provide customers with higher quality products and better services for the purpose, and strive to “when the promise than” to create Into an internationally renowned brand.
“Yongnuo (sinobi)” watch sales counters Guangdong Yonghong watches and clocks, Ltd. carefully developed, the pilot after the continuous improvement of the patented product, has been issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the appearance and utility model two patent certificates.
Time Nordic watch series
Ninobi (sinobi) watch products are divided into seven series: creative watches, 5A new fashion watches, love is still a couple watches, the wind is still sports leisure table, goods still business classic table, respect is still steel table, ceremony Still gift table.
How is it like a watch? User comments
Comments 1: the appearance of okay, did not find quality problems.
Comments 2: the quality of the temporary no problem, that is, with a large hand, suitable for work with.
Comments three: the whole table is fashionable, elegant, style.
Comments four: belong to the fashion table, in addition to watching the time is decorated. Compare cartoons. 20 years old can wear.
Comments five: general, the design of children, the quality Cartier love bracelet replica can also be, if you go a year or two
Nedi watch prices
When the price of the watch more than 50-200 yuan range. The most popular when the price of watches than 100 yuan.
How about time Do you have a good watch?
Introduction to the brand
From the watch brand in Spain Time Force, with more than 40 years of history, products in more than 50 countries and regions. Time – “time” to grasp, Force – “strive to” perfect! Time Force is the perfect blend of time and power, meaning the fashion, modern, young, dynamic and self-confidence. Belonging to the Spanish VALENTIN GROUP (Valentine Group) Time Force is Spain’s largest sports fashion watch brand. Since the acquisition of the Jaques Benedict Group in 2002, it has inherited the usual tradition of fine production. Currently has more than 4,000 retailers in more than 40 countries worldwide; Over the past four years, Time Force has achieved a 40% leap in global business and has gained worldwide recognition.
In the 1960s, Valentine – Lopez began to produce gold shops for third-party companies Valentine company is for the Swiss international famous brand manufacturing box and strap set up.
1980 began manufacturing watches for the Middle East and the United States.
1982 began for the Morris – La Crocker manufacturing gold watch.
1990 began for the production of gold watch table.
1991 in Valencia to establish jewelry production base, specializing in jewelry business, Valentine MUNRECO Group will be half of the gold watch distributors to buy and start production machine business Wesero – Sanders, Mo Rui – La Crocker Brand watch.
1994 began production and operation in Spain FESTNA gold watch.
In 1999 Valentine company involved in the production of watches outside the other business areas.
2002 TIME FORCE brand to buy JAQUES BENEDICT Group, approved its international (except in Spain) production and distribution.
2003 and ADOIFO DOMINGUEZ watch signed an authorized international license.
2004 Adolfo Domingues watch to enter the market.
2006 authorized more than two fashion brands worldwide production and distribution, including Caramelo and Veruno.
2006 and Jaques Benedict Group signed an agreement to restore the TIME FORCE brand global distribution and production.
In September 2006, at the international level a new concept to re-launch TIME FORCE brand.
The young, energetic, modern and fashionable.
We are looking for a sports brand for the positioning of the watch but not just a purely sports watch.
To the crowd
Focus on the design and personal image of the group of 15-45 middle-aged people. Love sports (simple or practical), like tourism, the pursuit of new technologies and popular groups.
How about time User rating
Comments 1: timeforce watch very good quality, is the brand table, the main Fake Cartier love bracelet campaign
Comments 2: good quality, I bought a piece of China in the past has not been out of trouble, and the style is still very novel. A lot of friends have asked me where to buy this brand I think if you like to buy a piece, this brand is foreign, and popular in foreign countries for many years, and its design concept is the sports series. In the year before, China also had a place to sell. And the price is not high, the price of all grades have, the general people can afford from the start.
Comments three: This is a sports series of watches. If you want to choose a girlfriend, then choose FANTASY series it, this is the end of the product, the integration of women’s characteristics, to provide more choices for women. And this price is also acceptable to most people.
Comments 4: Time Force brand watch very good quality, I think the hand of the product style is passionate sports, fashion, I see now wearing this watch a lot of people, the price is quite high.
Comments 5: The brand is good Oh, Time Force is produced in Switzerland, we know that the quality of Switzerland is generally good Oh, and the spokesperson is C Luo, I believe there is such a good voice is also good, my friend bought a feeling Especially good, no matter what the appearance, are very good, Oh, very pull
Comments six: C. Ronaldo end of the Time Force brand watches really great, very to force, this watch has a passionate movement, fashion style, by everyone’s favorite ah.
Time price
The price of the watch ranges from about 450-3800 yuan. The main table price of 500-1000 yuan or so.

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How watch with a watch with skills Body size will often determine a person’s temperament

How watch with a watch with skills
What is the watch with the skills? Watch is to reflect the taste of the items, the right match can make you more attractive, watch the choice is not just the choice of brand, but also with their own color and body and other aspects to pick the watch.
Watch with color
Everyone has a different color, also known as the basic tone, most of the yellow people for clear color, high concentrations of fresh colors, pink, blue, red and so will make people look radiant, extraordinary charm. The skin is more white people can easily determine their own basic Cartier love ring replica color, so many colors can be used as the basic color. While the color is darker, in any case should not choose pink and light green as the basic color. If the color is dark or dark brown, brown is absolutely not as a basic color. Skinny yellow and chunky? Please stay away from red, yellow two colors, they can not be as your basic color. While the dark skin color should choose a relatively bright color as the basic color.
Watch with body size
Body size will often determine a person’s temperament, so consider the body is to take into account the temperament. Tall and strong should choose a large watch watch, in the shape and style on the kind of rough, and even choose the military table this alternative phenotype. While the body should be selected thinner thinner watch some smaller. General body type is easy to choose, occasionally large models can increase the strength of people’s powerful, and small watches can look modest some introverted.
Watch with clothing
As a watch, some people think it is just a small ornaments, should be to clothing as the background to pick the watch, but it is not. A very simple understanding is that the clothing is that we must wear, and the watch is not necessarily everyone will wear, so the watch will be a bright spot, since it is a bright spot, then it is the protagonist, so it should be based on the watch To pick clothing, remember, the watch is not used to decorate the clothing.
One day in the daily work to wear, one is in some formal business places to wear, one is a time zone with the watch, this is usually often travel people to wear, but now the time zone table is no longer limited to this type of person Use, many people take it as a decoration; in addition to these three, but also prepare a fast movement is to bring the movement table, a usual shopping wear casual table, there is a work unexpected social occasions, jewelry table, jewelry table But very important, oh, sometimes because of it and give you a life of the turn for the better.
For simple and curious steel table, you can use lattice clothing to match. This kind of stainless steel watch with wild benefits, and with a lattice jacket will not seem too exaggerated. In addition, some of the new stainless steel men’s watch with a leather strap can be replaced, casual occasions can also be worn.
Choose a thin and versatile sports table, such as golf table, because the sporty design elements everywhere, with the brand-name sports fashion will bring more fashion sense. Elegant watches can be suitable for sportswear, not only in sports occasions can be worn, and space clothing and wild fur clothing can also be lining.
On the ultra-thin type of watch, because the same as the business card slim words Sven, no movement of the rough table, suitable for business negotiations, daily work occasions and wear and dress with the emergence. This type of watch with autumn and winter velvet fabric clothing with.
How is the Roman watch? How is the Roman watch?
Rome watch brand profile
In 1888, a watchmaker named Vozmeyer made a glorious history of the Swiss Roman watch in a unique medieval place in Switzerland, The
ROAMER a doomed to be written in the history of the development of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica watches and clocks; in 1888, a subversive watch the legendary bright start; 1888, so that the classic in the time of precipitation in the precipitation! In this year, Swiss watchmaker Fritz Meyer, who works on the watchmaking craft, has a studio for the production of clocks and gears. At this point, “Swiss Roma” the world-renowned watch brand was born. For more than a century, the Swiss Rome table with exquisite watchmaking process and fashion simple, classic atmosphere of the design style of the world famous in the history of the river to write a section of another legend.
In more than 100 years of years, the Swiss watch with the impeccable watchmaking process, to establish a prominent reputation. After continuous efforts and research, in 1940 developed a unique and respected by the world-class anti-waterproof case system, also laid a solid position in the Swiss watch.
After years of efforts, the Swiss company’s market strategy, product design, series and price positioning, as well as distribution policy and supporting resources, the goal is for the customer’s trust and in the future in the world to establish a solid foundation for the development of the table, and the Swiss Rim table into a new milestone.
Among the many important watches in the price of the watch market, with the watchmaking technology, the use of high-quality materials, each watch is like tailor-made, has been adhering to the principle of heavy weight in order to achieve the brand itself The advantages.
Swiss Roman table (ROAMER) For more than 100 years in a long time, the Roman table with an impeccable watchmaking process, to establish its prestigious reputation.
In 1940 developed a unique and respected by the world’s Anfei (Anfibio) waterproof case system, which laid a solid position. Rome table belongs to the high-end luxury brand, its high-end limited edition of its release was a large number of enthusiasts scheduled, the market is hard to find traces of the collection of class lovers as treasures.
At present ROAMER has sea rock, confidence, ultra-thin, fantasy, stingray, R-type six series.
Rome watch how, User rating
Comments 1: Rome table is a world famous. The birth of the Swiss Roman watch has a history of one hundred and twenty-three years, the product is known for its reliability, reliability and patent protection. But after all, has not yet entered the world top ten.
Comments two: in the world watches count three categories table. Good quality, the price can be considered affordable.
Comments three: the Roman table although the sale is not good, but she did not like the British Nagar by the Swiss Watch Association dismissed, which means that the quality of the Roman table is still good. The The
Comments four: Rome table and plum, British Nag, West Malaysia, according to wave Road, hundreds of waves are equal to four categories of watches, good quality.
Comments 5: Rome in the planned economy is a four-level table. Lower positioning. The brand is now acquired by Hong Kong companies and is also in production.
Roman watch price
Rome table prices ranging from 2000-10000 yuan. The most popular watches concentrated in the 3000-5000 yuan between.

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The rise of intelligent wearing equipment for us is to add a lot of fun to life. But for the major manufacturers

Meizu Smart Watch In Watch Introduction
In recent years, blowing a surge of smart winds, the major manufacturers have launched smart watches, like Apple Watch, MOTO 360 and other smart watches launched, has become the topic of public gossip Tucao. Meizu this has been the mobile phone market as the most important manufacturers have begun to set foot in the field of intelligent wear equipment, the introduction of MX4 matching watch In Watch. How about this smart watch? Let’s take a look!
Meizu Smart Watch In Watch Introduction
The watch uses the same round and MOTO 360 dial, metallic sapphire screen, dial diameter of 35 mm, men and women can wear, and provides gold, black, silver three colors of the case, with two different men and women Width of the leather strap.
Function, this Meizu InWatch smart watch also has a message reminder, sports imitation Cartier love bracelet statistics, sleep monitoring and other functions, endurance can not be overlooked, long standby up to 3-6 months, and Apple Watch, Moto 360 and other high-end smart watches Than the endurance is very prominent.
Huawei smart watch Mwatch evaluation
The rise of intelligent wearing equipment for us, is to add a lot of fun to life. But for the major manufacturers, nothing more than open up a battlefield. While the domestic and more manufacturers are also stationed in the field of smart watches. And today we brought the Huawei smart watch Mwatch simple evaluation, interested in the words to look at it!
Huawei smart watch Mwatch evaluation
Meizu this smart watch is called Mwatch, shape design future technology range of children full, the screen material with a flexible all-fitting surface design, and the strap tightly fit and perfectly fit the arm, and can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist size.
Mwatch uses a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 480X640, the camera on the screen with a 500-megapixel BSI sensor and auto focus lens, support gesture shooting and 1080P video.
In addition Mwatch also supports voice input and always share to third-party applications, when it will be pre-installed, including WeChat, microblogging, fitness companion RunKeeper and so on. And the future will support more than 5000 free App download, it is worth mentioning that Mwatch will have the corresponding cloud services.
Mwatch through NFC pairing, and through Bluetooth or WiFi and Meizu mobile phone connected, built-in anti-loss and vibration tips, you can also use the powerful cloud services to help us find the phone. So delicate atmosphere of a smart watch do not know if you expect it?
Meters can watch the price
Meters can be watches and clocks, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of watches and accessories of the production-oriented enterprises. Set the development, design, production and sales in one, a wealth of experience in product production and has a strong market competitiveness. Meters can watch a good professional and technical personnel, a strong professional foundation, more sophisticated and accurate Japan, Switzerland specializing in the production of equipment, from the embryo to the watch case, strap production, as well as the design and production of finished products to the assembly , The formation of a large-scale production line.
Meters can watch the price
How can the meter watch?
Meters can watch the superb technology, the quality of the perfect, the price is reasonable, the perfect Replica Cartier jewelry service, meters into the table products sell well in Southeast Asia and Arab, African countries. In addition, for some well-known brand enterprises customized brand watches, with customers to achieve product diversification of the development strategy. Meters can be better at according to the characteristics of the enterprise product design for the majority of customers to produce a variety of advertising gifts table, such as brand image table, product promotion table, business gift table, memorial table, coordination of customers to enhance brand value.
How much money can you watch?
Meters can watch for the more low-end watch brand, the product price is relatively low. Ranging from 80 yuan – 2000 yuan, more suitable for fashion and students wear!
How much money the name of the ancient city watch
From the ladies of goods is still to the full of male beauty of the conquest series, and then to the full range of scientific and technological content of light can be constant, the ancient city of ingenious design so that the product is full of romantic and aesthetic, a material, a curved surface, a line , Low-key stable but not a trace of publicity, but people can not forget, simple visual balance to create a very avant-garde style. In any case from that point of view, you can feel the elegance it reveals.
How much money the name of the ancient city watch
Name of the ancient city watch the quality and workmanship is very good, you do not need to worry, and because of excellent quality, also received a number of models, fashion people wear and recommend. Name of the ancient city watches all of the table can be broken down into quartz watch, mechanical watch and light meter three types! One of the ancient city of light table is the industry in the field which did the best, had in 2012 won the international Certification body of professional evaluation, so the name of the ancient city of watches known as “light energy watch leader.”
Name of the ancient city of watches specifically targeted at the taste of business people and production, under the production of the ancient city watches have access to world-class safety standards and process standards certification. While the price is relatively low, usually between 150 yuan – 3500 yuan!