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The world’s top five watch list in 2017 the latest finishing

The world’s top five watch list in 2017 the latest finishing
Immediately a new year will come, the top ten watches are not easy to qualify it? Summed up in 2016, the top brands competing in battle, are launched a lot of new products worth looking forward to, due to the different value of the brand introduced by the new Cartier love bracelet replica product response is also different. Here to organize some of the latest 2017 world top five watches rankings, if any objection, welcome to discuss. 1, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) birthplace: Switzerland was founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is still the list of the top brands of the countless. Patek Philippe is often referred to as the nobility of the proprietor of the sign, it is also the only one by the Swiss by the family independent of the watch manufacturers. Its retail price is also between 13000 $ to 20000 $. Patek Philippe has always attached importance to shape design and production processes, tabulation processes are all completed in Geneva, the original. According to the table faithful, the plant also has a confidential workshop, only a hand-made a year, the price will be about 30 million yuan. Adhering to the brand in the chronograph and the world time zone of these two areas of historical achievements from the interpretation of this year’s Basel Watch published new 5930G world time chronograph watch is also widely concerned about. In November, Patek Philippe Ref.1518 to 11112020 $ deal, set a single top watch world auction record. In fact, Patek Philippe is indeed the leader in the top watch, many friends in the table also have to “afford to afford to repair,” this description to describe Patek Philippe, but look like a good look. 2, Blancpain (BLANCPAIN) birthplace: Switzerland
Founded in 1735, Blancpain is currently the world’s top watch brands in a few watch in the design, development, manufacturing, assembly and sales are all independent brands. In many top watch brands in the second is also I think this year’s Blancpain has greatly improved. In this year Basel, Blancpain launched a watch called “GreatWave”. Unique red copper technology once again to bring the whole industry innovation, to achieve the mix and match with platinum, to create an unprecedented process vision. At the same time the introduction of cherry blossoms with chisel enamel, superb carving and enamel skilled application, showing a magnificent disk art, in addition to Blancpain art masters in the aesthetic and functional attainments on the break again and again. This year there is a circle of circulating posts, dismantling the major brands movement to see polished, Blancpain surprisingly swept the various brands, its meticulous grinding shocked everyone. The original has been quietly focused watchmaking Blancpain has reached such a position, so will be Cartier love ring replica particularly ranked second. 3, Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) birthplace: Switzerland was founded in 1775 Vacheron Constantin passed the traditional Swiss watch essence, but also innovative many tabulation technology, the watch industry has a great contribution. Vacheron Constantin after two and a half years of ups and downs, can be said that the watch industry has been one of the most prestigious brands. Before we all say that VC is the second year of the millennium, but in recent years, some lag in innovation, heavy last year launched 57260 set all the features in one, but the actual size is similar to a clock. This year and grand launch of vertical and horizontal sea series, began to use their own movement, but has been troubled by product problems. Coupled with its market price is high and low, quite a headache for consumers. In view of Vacheron Constantin continued comprehensive strength, down to third, hoping to see the next year’s Geneva show new vitality. 4, Breguet
Origin: Switzerland Founded in 1775 Breguet in the 18th century began to provide members and members of the royal family, as well as outstanding figures in various fields to provide works and services. In the Basel Watch Fair, Breguet introduced a new Heritage heritage series of watches, Breguet also show that only one can produce the production of spherical surface plate watch factory unique top watch charm. At the end of this year to celebrate the “Mary Antoinette, Queen of Versailles” Tokyo exclusive theme exhibition opening, Breguet special creation and launch Désir de la Reine senior jewelry watch, gorgeous gem decoration so many women can not move the eyes. But relative to the style of the other top watches in terms of diversity, this has been the table Wang Breguet look Xiuhui Huizhong. Breguet’s problem is the lack of continuous innovation, but there is little innovation, the Basel watch the number of new products can be seen clues. The development of top brands not only need to accumulate behind the historical accumulation, but also need to continue to innovate today. 5, Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) birthplace: Switzerland was founded in 1875 Audemars Piguet, is also an independent watch brand. Although the accumulation Cartier nail bracelet replica of history than before a few, but it always adhering to the “control of conventional, cast innovation” brand concept. Artisans masters of the tireless investment, the brand will be a hundred years of superb skills concentrated in each of the works of Audemars Piguet, had just presented a remarkable brand of crystallization of excellence. Royal Oak has become its most benchmarking works, unique octagonal much consumer favorite. Audemars Piguet in the past year to change the silence of the past, held in the country several heavyweight watch exhibition, such as in Shanghai, “Yu • Pioneer – Audemars Piguet art and senior watchmaking exhibition” and in Beijing, “Audemars Piguet new royal family Oak gold watch exhibition “, are people from a different point of view to re-understand the Audemars Piguet brand. Many stars endorsement, but also let its popularity quickly improved. Audemars Piguet in the fifth, because its product line is too single, in addition to royal oak, almost no other products can support the entire brand, slightly thin. Look forward to the future there are more new products come out.

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Hiking in Hokkaido Scrambling from the underground burst out of the rich vegetation

Hiking in Hokkaido
Scrambling from the underground burst out of the rich vegetation, at your fingertips blue sky and the clouds, private enjoy the wood of the soup and the moment combined with the natural one in the morning in the spectacular clouds on the beach to drink coffee, afternoon lavender walk in the sea, at the dinner table Reminiscent of the taste of the most essential food, in this beautiful autumn, elope to Hokkaido to give yourself a vacation, in the sea of clouds, flowers in the tour some, after all, a good choice!
Lavender flowers
Has been listening more than once to describe someone in Hokkaido has a romantic and magical place, where there are large lavender flower field, there are unique limited origin of lavender ice cream, when finally face the face of this flower, or was deeply shocked The. Located in Hokkaido Furano, Tomita Farm has Japan’s largest lavender flower field, about 90,000 lavender across the rolling season is the ups and downs of ten wins and even the mountain, every year from July to August lavender season, you can and the world Come here to enjoy the tourists in this lavender and nearly 80 kinds of flowers in the ocean, but also in the farm perfume Replica Cartier jewelry homes, dried flowers and other gifts shop Amoy to their favorite lavender products. In addition, you can also take the opportunity to see the “Hokkaido most beautiful village” reputation of the Biei, the color contrast strong “Patchwork Road” is a visual impact, “Four Seasons Choi Qiu” a wide range of flowers are worth a look , A large sunflower smile is full of positive energy, you can even here and the legendary “animal” alpaca make a face to face.
Thanksgiving tips
1. Tomita farm tours lavender flower field is the best season from July to August each year. It is best to avoid weekends and local holidays.
2. Be sure to try the lavender lavender ice cream, about 250 yen. In addition, Xi Zhang’s heart is very famous melon, melon taste of ice cream is also worth a try.
3. Tomato farm and lavender bus are attractive lavender, very unique. Lavender sachets and essential oils are sold on the farm.
4. Tomita farm no ticket set, from the new Chitose Airport to the farm about 2.5 hours.
To the nearest cafe from heaven to see the sea of clouds
Microblogging on the rumors of a way of life, that is, from the nearest cafe to see the sea of clouds, in specific terrain conditions and meteorological conditions to form a large array of exotic clouds constitute a spectacular ocean, sky and sea of clouds at your fingertips. The legend of this place in Hokkaido famous Hoshino TOMAMU resort, do not like other places like mountains, do not have arrogant long-range raid. Located in a colt in the Hoshino TOMAMU resort, there are more than 30 layers of five-star, four-star hotel, giving a special sense of psychedelic. Live in the Hoshino TOMAMU resort, you only need to wake up in the sun at 3 o’clock wake up, take a shuttle bus, sit on the summit of the sea of the cable car can come to the dream of the sea of clouds, Before the crowd came, a good cup called “sea of clouds” of the coffee waiting for heaven to come. In this fantastic large white blanket “roll children”, from the cable car down, in the foot of the mountain in July just under the “cloud” restaurant meal, you can also experience with small partners handmade ice cream and bread , That satisfaction is comparable to all “natural wake up”.
It is also enjoyable, golf, fishing, hot air balloons, horse riding, happy beaches, woods soup, water churches are special features. The most noteworthy is the world famous architect Ando Tadao design of the natural symbiosis as the theme of the water of the church, through the design of the rotating staircase, surrounded by trees in the open water on the white cross enough to give the soul shock. Happy beaches are Japan’s largest indoor waves swimming pool, the strong recommendation of the wood of the soup on the beach side, surrounded by green grass and blue sky in the “bubble”, in the breeze to enjoy the dream only The feeling of harmony between heaven and man, and even encounter a guest rabbit or deer, it is said that in the Hokkaido winter is not the style. There are a wide selection of restaurants in the Hanoi TOMAMU resort. The famous forest cafeteria is surrounded by coniferous forest, and the huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow the gourmets to enjoy the virgin forest. The four-person suite at Starfield RISONARE is the perfect choice for family vacations. The suite’s separate sauna and four-person jacuzzi are not to be missed!
View the sea and the sea
1. Sea of clouds Café in Hoshino TOMAMU resort, only open every year in May to October. Housing constraints, it is recommended at least 3 months in advance booking, you can through the Star Group website booking:
2. Hoshino TOMAMU Resort will provide the next day in the afternoon before the sea of clouds probability forecast, will be posted the previous week’s sea of clouds photos. But whether it can really see the most spectacular sea of clouds need to fight character. For insurance purposes, it is recommended to set aside 2 to 3 days in the morning to the sea of clouds.
4. View the sea peak of the lower temperature, about 13 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ or so, it is recommended to wear a jacket or Jackets.
5. cable car to be tickets, adults about 1800 yen. Take the cable car before the staff will vote for postcards to you, you can write in the top of the sea under the shrouded it into the “cloud sea letter” direct mail.
6. Hoshino TOMAMU resort of the wood of the soup soup is “bubble”, do not need to bring swimsuit. To swim in the room, you need to prepare a swimsuit.
7. Water Church about 400 weddings a year, summer at a certain time in the evening (21: 00 ~ 21: 30) open, visit more visitors, must catch up early.
Scrambling from the underground burst out of the rich vegetation, at your fingertips blue sky and the clouds, private enjoy the wood of the soup and the moment combined with the natural one in the morning in the spectacular clouds on the beach to drink coffee, afternoon lavender walk in the sea, at the dinner table Reminiscent of the taste of the most essential food, in this beautiful autumn, elope to Hokkaido to give yourself a vacation, in the sea of clouds, flowers in the tour some, after all, a good choice!
Hokkaido origin cuisine
Come to Hokkaido, we must enjoy the very unique here agricultural food. Hokkaido’s milk, honeydew, corn, potatoes, beef and pumpkin are all the pride of the locals who are proud of the taste of the food. In the Hanoi TOMAMU resort, in addition to the famous “forest restaurant”, there are “HAL”, Pula its French restaurant, triangular Japanese restaurant, more food a street to choose from. Special recommendation “HAL” steak, milk ice cream, and beauty chef unlimited supply of famous seasoning melon, food a street “pepper soup curry” – Hokkaido famous specialty food, recommend fresh incomparable “Shitoku chicken soup curry” , You can try to challenge 50 times the “infinite spicy” level yo!
Food Tips
1. At the Tawamu Resort in Hoshino TOMAMU Resort can buy Hokkaido specialty food and snacks, the famous Hokkaido limited production “white lover”, the United States and winter, six flower booths are worthy of their own use and give away.
2.ROYCE raw chocolate is very delicious, but need to keep cold storage, it is recommended to the new Chitose airport chocolate factory to buy, not only choose more, but also the whole process of chocolate production process.

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Men’s No Hent Earrings Men’s No Hent Earrings How much money

Men’s No Hent Earrings Men’s No Hent Earrings How much money
What is the price of a man without a thorn ear Men’s no hole earrings prices generally tens of dollars or so you can buy. No piercing ear is no ear piercing can be directly wearing the earrings, no hole studs and a magnetic earrings, it is designed by the part of the ring stud ear clip-like, sandwiched ear beads.
Granular or nail-like earrings are generally not designed to be clamped, so the need to use the characteristics of the magnet to sandpipe ear beads. The magnet studs are a stud with a magnet attached to the outside, and a miniature magnet with opposite magnets inside, and the two magnets hold the ear beads firmly. So, what is the impact of men’s risk of earrings?

Men do not have pierced earrings. The same material the same brand, earrings are bigger and heavier, the higher the price, the price will be lower some of the light.

2. Men’s no thorn earrings brand and style. Brand is not the same, the brand value and brand awareness is not the same, the same material weight, brand fame greater, the higher the price, and even some brands because of the design process is good, beautiful style, the material is gold-plated, than the average brand 925 silver Material mosaic price is high. And the same fame of the quality, it is the more fashionable look, the higher the price.

3. Men’s no holes in the material. Mosaic men without hole pierced Replica Cartier jewelry the material are generally 925 silver, 18K gold, gold-plated, etc., the more expensive material inlaid, the higher the price of the earrings, of which the highest price of 18K gold inlaid, gold-plated mosaic of the most common, the price Also the most affordable.

How many men do not have earrings?

How many men do not have a thorn ear Look at what material, a few pieces of plastic, silver dozens of dollars, more than 200 gold, platinum to more than 300. Men ‘s ear – piercing studs are generally non – hole magnet studs, that is, the two men in the ears of the men holding the ear nails, the purchase of no hole magnet stud earrings, and even magnet studs on it. If it is other materials, such as silver material or gold material earrings, will be close to the ear of the site, plus the magnet, you can make a hole without a thorn. The following is a small series of men’s hole without ear piercing the price
What is the price of double-sided earrings? Double-sided earrings prices generally in the tens of dollars to a hundred or so, specifically to see style, material, brand and so on. Double-sided earrings are both positive and negative can be used as a front wearing earrings, and some even have three kinds of wear, unique, very nice!
Double-sided earrings price is higher S925 silver double-sided pearl earrings, or double shell beads pearl earrings, wear beautiful and beautiful! Are generally designed by the design of the classic designer creative style, fashion inspiration, fresh and beautiful, exquisite, exquisite bright, distributed charming atmosphere, wearing simple personality, it is the elegant finishing point!

Such as double-sided earrings of the double shell beads pearl earrings wear, you can big beads in the former, beads in the post; can also be beads in the former, after the big beads; also single wear beads or beads, very classic wild The

How much is the two-sided earrings?

How much is it? The price is generally 30 to 100 yuan or so, especially the simple style of 10 yuan have! Double-sided earrings fashion wild, you can match any wardrobe any clothes, wear it, but also this girlfriend envy eyes, just a little flower mind, change will be from inside to outside, different with you to give different Temperament! The following is the price of part of the double-sided earrings finishing
How much is the price of the couple earrings? This is to see the earrings of the material and mosaic of the gem, and if it is sterling silver couple earrings, the price of 50 to 300 yuan or so, depending on the style, brand, etc .; if it is 18K gold material, the price of 300 to 500 If it is a diamond ear nail, the price of more than a thousand to more than ten thousand are the price of 500 to more than 1000, the specific look Jinzhong, style, brand; Yes, mainly to see the size of the diamond and 4C.

Couples earrings are generally bought a pair, and then boys wear in the left ear, girls wear in the right ear, it became a couple earrings it! Style is generally neutral better. Wear a male and female friends can help each other to wear. Girls wear earrings in the right ear, on behalf of “hearts have (right) you”. Boys wearing earrings in the left ear, on behalf of fashion, or to commemorate a person.
Couple earrings picture Daquan. Couple earrings themselves nothing worth, but you give it value, then it is your love keepsake! Archaeological discoveries around the world, earrings are almost all the ancient countries are particularly favorite ornaments, and both men and women.

In the ancient Egyptian tombs found in the women’s accessories, the earrings are divided into many kinds, with falling children and without falling children, there are ring and circle. Many of the delicate metal earrings are found in Ethiopia, where the most commonly used ornaments are corners with coral bodies, metal and stone earrings.

In the Assyrian dignitaries who, all kinds of different shapes of precious earrings are essential for men and women costumes. Well-known Phoenician people are recognized as the ancient world’s best master of jewelry manufacturing. They left a large number of stone and gold and silver rings with a variety of fancy gold and silver earrings.

Most earrings produce a visual effect of widening the face, because the earring will cause the observer’s eyes to sweep the entire face. So when you choose the earrings need to choose according to their face for their earrings.
Chanel earrings to bring a woman is a delicate and small woman’s temperament, its essence lies in the surrounding environment, personal temperament, face, hair, dress and so on as one, and to achieve the finest beauty effect. And Chanel earrings on the perfect embodiment of this. Wearing Chanel earrings, not only to achieve the most beautiful visual effects, but also add a unique temperament and charm.

Chanel earrings, since its inception, has become the Chanel brand and the world’s most classic ear jewelry, has become a sought after many domestic and foreign women. Has a pair of Chanel earrings, became the greatest desire of women at that time.
Chanel earrings picture and price

Chanel earrings picture and the price Chanel earrings are Chanel brand under the classic ear jewelry, Chanel ear nail go high-end line, modeling design pursuit of simple fashion, simple and comfortable, pure style, “popular fleeting, style forever” is still Brand behind the guiding force, Chanel earrings since the birth of widely acclaimed. So high evaluation of the price of Chanel earrings? Xiaobian to introduce several of the more popular Chanel earrings

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What is the meaning of the bracelet?

What is the meaning of the bracelet?
Now the society has already become an emotional society, the feelings of good friends and colleagues will be to send gifts to express their emotions, especially girls, when friends receive a gift, will be particularly happy and cherished , Cherish a friendship between each other. Then let’s take a look at the following:
I am a handy girl, I can pick up a piece of paper, and soon make it into a handsome paper crane; pick up a pair of scissors, will make a small red paper into a fine paper-cut; The root rope will make it into a beautiful bracelet. I like to see the girls when the bracelet when the action, slender fingers in the colorful winding up and down, compiled a pleasing lovely flowers.

One day, a young man made an order, and in accordance with the precepts it would be cut off his left hand. No left hand man no longer confident and excited, love his girl could not bear to look at him like this. She asked how the moon can change the heart of the hand of love, the moon turned her into a bracelet, connecting the man wrist and beheaded hand. Girl and man into one, became a man on the left hand of a lucky bracelet, and never will be separated from her loved ones. When people will be his heart braided bracelet worn in the hands of the beloved, the moon will bless you, always with him again. The story desolate and miserable, but it is a witness of love, bracelet is actually a commitment, a lifetime commitment to spend the rest.
Buddha beads bracelet worn in his hand, is always reminded people imitation Cartier love bracelet to compassion, always practice, from good to evil. Years are quiet, you are not old, how dare you old? Lobular red sandalwood, crystal agate, relish the love of the oath, the family’s valuable, message encourage each other, write down the story around, feel really valuable, a string of Zuo Kayi beads, links know love! Can bless your feelings more firmly, happy sweet love forever accompanied by you; happy family with you, a string of Zuo Kay feng shui bracelet, two happy heart; similar to the total swear, this life is not separated.

Send bracelet contains noble and elegant temperament at the same time, yet stylish charm, while both lively and passionate, will make you a bright spot for the crowd to attract more attention. Send your bracelet to enhance your tolerance and patience, so that your leadership and subordinates more trust you, make you in the work of the fish in the water, so the cause of flourishing.
Girls send boys bracelet What is the meaning? We all know that the real society, most of them are boys to send girls bracelet, this is not absolute, there are girls to send boys bracelet, you know what it means? Girls in the emotional expression of no boys so obvious, but girls also have their own way of expression, love you, hoping to tie you with a bracelet, this girl she will pay a lot for you, bless you, if you do not like her Do not hurt her, be sure to remember that she can love you can hate you!
Bracelet is an ornament, is the most popular one of today’s jewelry, worn in the wrist part of the chain, mostly metal, different from the bracelet and bracelet, bracelet is chain-like, to pray for peace, calm mind and beauty, And send bracelets generally do not express some of the meaning, but with a very subtle way to express, so in the past people always use homophonic to convey all the meaning! The bracelet is the homophonic “love” is to cherish love.
Bracelet type a lot, style is also very wide, and today we come to understand the pink crystal bracelet.

Pink crystal bracelet can cure your love trauma, reduce feelings of trouble. If you are doing business in public places put pink crystal bracelet to do the Qixing array or ornaments and the like, you can increase your shop traffic, the establishment of good public relations to promote business edge.

Help to reduce the customer’s alertness, more heart and preparedness psychological, customers can make a bold purchase, is the best weapon to open the door to do business.

If you are the contemporary “left women”, may wish to consider wearing pink crystal bracelet-based natural crystal jewelry, pink itself gives a unique affinity, pink light is love Everest show love to the world, For the increase in the opposite sex, is also very effective, if you have a partner, you can improve your feelings with the other half, it will bring you a very harmonious and happy feelings of life, such as quarrel between the couple bicker.
A bracelet: a single girl wearing a bracelet that innocent, but also expressed the desire for love at first sight, has been in love in the happy little woman wearing a bracelet that he wholeheartedly willing to spend the rest of his life happy time.

Two bracelets: boys and girls who usually wear two bracelets that are in love, enjoy the sweet love of love, the single girl wearing two bracelets also said that this time the mood is very happy, life is very comfortable , Very satisfied with their own life now, around the “buddies” of friendship and loved ones care, feel that they are the most happy people, but also revealed the content of contentment.

Three bracelets: three students fortunate, three love, “three” is the fate of the commitment, because it expresses a good long-cherished wish, and their close people, whether this person is a parent Ye Hao, friends Ye Hao, brother or sister Ye Hao, Love is also good, in short, and Replica Cartier jewelry cherish the fate between them, and hope that this fate can be extended to three students, wearing three bracelets for men and women in love, there is an important meaning is “I love you”.

Four bracelets: four bracelet sustenance of the best wishes of the four seasons. Generally wear four bracelets, personality should be natural rate really, or that he advocates the natural rate of true personality.

Five bracelets: If you see a girl on the road slender wrist wrist wore five bracelets. Then do not recklessly set in the past, because you may get is a Miss now very bad mood, nothing to provoke me, or blacklist will have a position belongs to you! Wearing five bracelets on behalf of you is a personal publicity, do not like mother-in-law men and things, like their own way, completely independent life.

Seven bracelets: that I secretly like you “to the crush for a long time to send seven roses that secretly like you the same wearing seven bracelets that you are secretly like a person, if a day there is a person usually do not love jewelry The man suddenly wear seven bracelets, and there is Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica nothing to show you his or her bracelet, then you have to be careful, because it is likely that he hinted to you, I secretly like you for a long time, you are willing Accept me?
Men wear bracelet is better? We all know that most of the bracelets are more ladies wear, and the type is also very aware that the man wearing what kind of bracelet is better, anti-fatigue, radiation effects. Bracelet must be ergonomic, wear to be very comfortable. Can not have any radioactive material. Preferably containing tungsten, and tungsten content of 85.7%, which is an industry ratio of gold. Texture is better, the hardness should be high.

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The multiple “identity” of diamonds and substitutes

The multiple “identity” of diamonds and substitutes
Women love diamonds, its radiance, its mysterious and noble, it symbolizes the unswerving love and is regarded as a love of the letter and the declaration! Let the different age groups of women crazy. But also because of so many advantages created a noble diamond worth, so the market has been the emergence of a variety of seemingly diamonds alternatives to provide consumers with multiple choices to meet the psychological needs of different consumer groups.
The emergence of diamonds is the emergence of diamonds in the popular and popular after the popular. The earliest alternatives appeared in the Renaissance, a combination of glass and quartz <Rock Quartz> made of colorless glass, then called the finished product for the “Crystal”. Until the eighteenth century, such glass products due to the improvement of production methods and chemical elements lead <lead> the addition of a significant imitation Cartier love bracelet change, making the original plain glass added luster and light. Today’s popular jewelry generally use such a high lead glass, and still use the “crystal” <Crystal> described, and even internationally renowned brands to this high lead glass to “crystal” name Pa jewelry and fine industry.
Replacement of diamond substitutes
The new alternative from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century was the glass sandwich garnet, the crown was colorless garnet, and the bottom was colorless glass, and the colorless garnet of the crown was enhanced in ruggedness. Time to the 1930s, the synthesis of colorless corundum <Synthetic Corundum> and synthetic spinel <Synthetic Spinel> production because it has a higher hardness and more suitable for jewelry.
Synthetic Rutile <Synthetic Rutile> commercial mass production began in 1948, strontium titanium stone <Strontium Titanate> was born in 1953, the two alternatives are made with Vernier <Verneuil process> synthesis method to make. The two composites are closer to the real diamonds compared to the previous ones, and their high dispersive optical effects are more fascinating than the previous alternatives, but the only drawback is that the hardness is only 6.
Until the 1960s because of the use of laser technology and YAG <yttrium aluminate> output, YAG hardness of 8, the refractive index is 1.83, the dispersion is 0.026, on all aspects of the situation than any previous alternatives Close to the diamond, so generally used in jewelry, then the most common is that YAG was imitated and starred by Lisa White has a 69.42 karats of water droplets like diamonds. YAG has been widely used by the jewelry market and merchants have been promoted under a variety of different names until the 1980s. YAG sit tight diamond diamonds leading the throne for up to twenty years, at the same time, many other synthetic products trying to beat YAG hegemony are not available!
Not the diamond of the Soviet Union
In 1974 a revolutionary alternative CZ <Cubic Zirconium synthetic zirconia; commonly known as the Soviet Union drill> came out, and in 1975 before and after squeeze YAG boarded diamond substitutes of the leading throne for two to three decades. CZ refractive index of 2.150 is very close to the diamond 2.417, scattered 0.060 is slightly higher than the 0.044 diamond, which is why compared with the diamond CZ will show more colorful <Taiwan jewelry industry called the fire> optical effect. CZ hardness of 8-1 / 2 so in the wear is not easy because the wearer’s effect and damage, all these are CZ can dominate for so long reason.
Recently, the TV station selling crystal crystal actually refers to the Soviet drill, that is, artificial synthetic zirconia another common name.
Colorless zircons become the new darling
In the last two or three years, the jewelry industry has made extensive use of colorless zircons as a substitute for diamonds. We have even seen world famous brands of jewelery companies with zircons when they are embedded in jewelry, because zircon has close to 2 Of high refractive index, and is a natural gem, the natural identity of the consumer is always a little more cherished.
Synthetic diamonds have been challenged with jewelry identification staff, no matter how the other alternatives no matter how natural diamonds are not synthetic diamonds, synthetic diamonds because of the physical, chemical, optical characteristics and natural diamonds exactly the same, jewelry grade synthetic diamonds have also come out, Consumers have a choice, is the blessing, or more homework to be done to avoid losses, in fact, the jewelry industry and consumers should work together.
Diamond carbon needle can not be identified magic stone
You may have heard the magic stone, magic star drill, mosang stone, in fact, they refer to the same thing, that is Moissanite <carbon silica>, carbon silica, the name suggests its chemical composition is carbon and silicon, is under laboratory cultivation Of the Replica Cartier jewelry product, because a variety of physical, chemical, optical effects closer to the real diamond, has now replaced the CZ and become the number one natural diamond “avatar.”
Commonly known as “magic Star stone”, since it has been listed, has been so many students do not specialize in the jewelry practitioners planted with the bucket, and even because they have not heard of this thing, even their own mistakes do not know. To correctly distinguish the difference between carbon silica and natural diamonds, the well-trained jewelers, through the detection of various instruments, can be difficult to distinguish between “deity” and “avatar” of the differences:
But it is noteworthy that, before Moissanite has not yet appeared, the Diamond Tester is the fastest and most accurate tool for detecting diamonds, and now it is only forcibly lost, because Moissanite’s thermal conductivity is also Very high, in the diamond probe under the diamond reaction, so as a consumer you have to pay special attention to the next sale Miss Mr. told you “rest assured to buy, has been tested with a diamond probe”, do not forget If you want to distinguish between diamonds and carbon silica to use a called carbon silica probe Mooreanite Tester can easily distinguish what is diamonds, what is carbon silica.
Conclusion: the Soviet Union drilling, crystal diamond, cubic zircon is the same substance, their scientific name is called synthetic zirconia.
Diamonds and Mozambique difference, Zuo Kayi to introduce you to the difference between diamonds and Mozambique-related content, to provide diamonds and Mozambique difference between the reference information on the difference between diamonds and Mozambique information in the Zuo Kay Jewelry House.

Diamond is the king of gemstones and one of the most expensive gems. Simsan stone full name Synthetic Moissanite (synthetic silicon carbide) is the latest diamond imitation goods. The appearance and natural real diamond is very similar, but the price is very different, it is recommended that consumers in the purchase of diamonds, it is best to find reputable businesses and purchase with GIA, AGS, EGL or HRD several internationally renowned and Credible diamond guarantee.
Diamond: the king of gemstones, and one of the most expensive gems. Therefore, some people always try to fake real, years to take profits. Prior to this, “imitation” has a diamond mold, cubic oxidation pseudo zirconium, YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet). As AYC easy to wear fade, so now in the diamond category has disappeared. With the boron pen on the YAC for the characterization test will make it show the prototype. Cubic zirconia high hardness, popular also more, so suitable for clothing jewelry. Some criminals will use cubic zirconia as natural diamonds to sell.

Mozambique: Full name Synthetic Moissanite (synthetic silicon carbide) is the latest diamond imitation goods. The common color is yellowish, the chemical composition of SIC (silicon carbide), Mohs hardness of 9.25, the proportion of 3.22. Having a birefringence, a refractive index of 2.648 to 2.691, and a birefringence of 0.043. In the presence of meteorite fragments of a carbon black perfect combination of particle composition. At present, people with cutting-edge technology synthetic crystal clear and bright luster and fire color of the melon gem has become the closest to the diamond substitutes.

Mo mang stone thermal conductivity and diamonds close to the diamond thermal conductivity test instrument will be a mosaic stone reaction, it can not rely on thermal conductivity meter identification mo mang stone. With a 9.5 degree hardness pen will be its inconspicuous position will leave a slight friction pattern, the hardness of the diamond is 10 degrees Moore, so unaffected, due to the high hardness and high refractive index properties of Mozambique The surface of the cut Czochi stone is reflective and glossy and diamond is very close.
It is easy to observe the birefringence effect of methotrexate with a 10x magnifying Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica glass. From the perspective of a slight tilt observation of Mozart’s countertops, its waist full reflection image showing four-line effect. Diamond is a single refraction, and its waist is full of internal reflections like two lines. Mozambique’s dispersion rate is 0.140, about three times the value of diamonds. Mo Sang stone down the waist showing orange to orange red dispersion. The same location of the diamond does not appear red dispersion. The common inclusions of moxiite are white, some of which are more incense. The proportion of diamonds is 3.52 and the proportion of mozzanite is 3.22, so the inlaid diamonds and mocazaprol can be identified by gravity method.
Diamond and Mo Sang Stone comparison chart, left for the diamond

Mozart Stone is developed by the United States C3 company imitation of the diamond, the appearance and natural real diamond is very similar, but the price is very different, about one-tenth of natural diamonds, most consumers are difficult to distinguish it The difference between real drills.

It is advisable for consumers to buy reputable merchandise and purchase a diamond certificate with GIA, AGS, EGL or HRD, which is internationally renowned and credible.
(1) inclusions: natural diamonds have their own special natural contents and external features.

(2) Proportion: The proportion of real drill is 3.52, Mozambique is 3.20.
Zoacai century classic diamond ring

(3) Refraction is different: due to the different crystal structure, natural diamonds are single refraction, and mozzanite birefringence. When you use a 10x magnifying glass from the crown of the kite carved to the bottom of the look, Mo Sang stone around the bottom of the ghost phenomenon will appear.

(4) hardness is different: the hardness of the real drill is 10 degrees Mohs, while the star drill for 9.25 degrees.

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Tulip bracelet elegant refined people never tired

Tulip bracelet elegant refined people never tired
Some people love roses, some people love lilies and some people love peony … … she was alone favorite tulips, especially purple, not only because of its florid is endless love and loyal love, but also because of its elegant and refined, fresh and meaningful gesture People never tired.
This Chow Tai Fook bracelet with tulip flowers for the design elements, exquisite workmanship to reproduce the beautiful form of tulips, branches and leaves of the details of the design contrast with the flowers lifelike, matte shape to make it more real, three tulip flowers with two half overlapping Heart-shaped end to end, but also confirms its vow of love.
In fact, this bracelet was also quite controversial, it was said that it is roses, some people say it is tulips, but she has stubbornly called it tulips, in fact, as long as they like what is called what is the relationship! Very beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She has always felt that in all the jewelry, the bracelet can best bring Cartier nail bracelet replica out the gentle and dignified women, simple and elegant shape, gently circle in the exuberant jade hand, inadvertently raised his hand, the classical charm arises spontaneously, what is the Customs million.

Chow Tai Fook this garlic bracelet, classic shape, simple atmosphere, the shape of the oval close to the person’s wrist, bring it to look more slender and beautiful, the design of the outer liner more sticky, delicate style is just right, not Will be too heavy and will not be thin, smooth texture gives a low-key beauty, noble and generous.

This is her recent favorite, beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Most people love to see the beauty of cherry blossoming branches, and she was alone cherry blossom of the heroic, when the sky petals graceful floating, exposure to them, feel the beautiful flowers brought visual activity, like a A beautiful wizard dancing around you.
This is just the gold of the cherry of the light of the thousands of gold series to the romantic cherry for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship show cherry beautiful gesture, a large and a small two cherry trees closely dependent, like sweet lovers are ear Lightly called intoxicating love words, thousands of gold and amethyst to create the leaves of fashion bright, unique color as a whole added vitality.

Very chic very feminine pendant, in this cherry blossom season, wear it special occasion, this is her recent birthday gift, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Some people say that women are fickle, but in the treatment of jewelry, they have imitation Cartier love bracelet been a soft spot and persistent preference, so jewelry for all women, is one of their few common hobby, it seems that it is always filled with no The temptation of the language, regardless of age, the number of wealth, they have to do their best efforts to have it.
This week Chow Tai Fook’s ring is designed for inspiration, trapezoidal cylindrical shape of the ring, the whole is very visual effect, exquisite workmanship in the column carved a circle of hollow flowers, close to the side of the finger is full of small Fu child, the top is the hollow of the thousands of gold “blessing” word cap, meaning full of blessing.
Very delicate ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, but also wish her full of blessings.
The gods cloud “women for the Yue who capacity,” women like their own people and carefully dressed, makeup and jewelry is their indulge their own indispensable weapons, and now, makeup and jewelry on the woman has added another layer of meaning, they No longer just embellishment and modification, but also their temperament and personality of the embodiment.

This just gold is the song Ji jewelry inspired by the full of traitors and the dancers of the snare and the dancers of the body movements, smooth gold lines with lapis lazuli and white agate, to exaggerate the form, colorful and complex exquisite style To the interpretation of a woman’s Fake Cartier love bracelet fearless charm, to exaggerate the form of expression of the feminine, unfettered bold style.

Very taste of jewelry, snake lines, charm of the names are people put it down, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

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When buying gold jewelry is generally this identification

When buying gold jewelry is generally this identification
Gold has always been a favorite jewelry, as the price of gold fell, many people think of gold shop to buy a beautiful gold jewelry, but fear not buy genuine gold, the following we look at how we usually identify The
First get a gold jewelry, the first to feel its weight, gold than the average metal are heavy, in his hand will have a heavy feeling; followed by gold jewelry is to observe the color, purity of different gold jewelry color is different, But the higher the purity of the higher color; and then learn to see the gold jewelry mark, and platinum products, gold jewelry also has its own unique mark, the mark generally contains the ingredients and other information, which is the easiest way to identify gold jewelry.
Finally, due to the low hardness of gold, with teeth bite or with a nail, the surface will leave traces.
With the online shopping has gradually become a shopping trend, a variety of goods online shopping is also more and more popular, online shopping jewelry has become a trend, then how to buy gold ring it? In fact, the basic principles in the selection of shopping Cartier nail bracelet replica malls almost:
Select the gold ring to pay attention to the first color, pay attention to see the inside of the ring mark, try to buy good gold ring; color is also an important factor in the purchase of gold rings, generally should be smooth surface, no obvious processing traces and defects is appropriate; Exquisite design style is the charm of gold jewelry, but in the purchase of gold ring or according to their own conditions, such as young women can choose a strong sense of design fashion style, and older women, you can choose the atmosphere Classic style gold ring.
So whether it is online shopping or in the mall selection of gold rings, should follow the above several principles.
And other gemstones, like gold jewelry to wear some of the taboo, the following we look at:
First, bogey to wear gold jewelry swimming, because the pool of water are generally treated by ammonia, and ammonia easy to make oxidation with gold jewelry to become dull, so swimming should not wear gold jewelry.
Second, wearing gold jewelry bogey bleach and other cleaning agents, because the chemical composition of bleach will affect the natural color of gold jewelry.
Third, avoid wearing gold jewelry barber, because the chemical composition of a variety of hair dye will affect the gold jewelry.
Fourth, bogey in the place where the temperature is too high to wear gold jewelry, because gold jewelry heat transfer rate is high, high heat will burn the skin through gold jewelry, so enjoy the steam bath when you remember the first pick off the body of gold.
Some time ago gold prices continued to decline with the end of the year gold jewelry imitation Cartier love bracelet consumption demand increased so many consumers have joined the tide to grab gold, especially horse year gold, has become the most sought-after New Year.
From the market situation compared with the past, this year and the horse-related gold jewelry, not only style more innovative and diversified, but also in the process of pushing a new layer, making the horse gold jewelry sales are very popular. According to many gold stores reflect the sharp decline in the chain of gold, so far the sales of horse gold jewelry has increased a lot, from the current consumer buying enthusiasm point of view, this shares “grab” gold boom will continue to at least After mid-February.
Although the current price of gold has been very low, but the future price is still up or down the situation is still uncertain, as opposed to many people “grab” gold enthusiasm, there are still many people still hold the wait and see attitude.
Gold jewelry after a long time to wear luster becomes bleak is a normal phenomenon, but how to try to avoid this situation? In fact, as long as you wear more attention can be avoided.
Gold jewelry if you do not wear carefully, the surface is also very easy to produce scratches, especially the hands of the gold jewelry, such as gold rings, gold bracelets, so in the strong activities before the best off gold jewelry.
Often sweat and dust pollution gold jewelry is also easy to lose luster, so regular cleaning Fake Cartier love bracelet is very important, you can get a professional gold shop cleaning, but also their own home with mild soapy water to wash, but after cleaning must use a soft cloth to dry.
In addition, but also regularly check the gold jewelry is damaged, in particular, to check the buckle is safe and comfortable; if it is mosaic of gold jewelry also depends on whether the claws are firm, to avoid loose to prevent gems off.

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Fashion gorgeous gold interpretation of the customs million

Fashion gorgeous gold interpretation of the customs million
And all the women, she also loves jewelry, but she never blind pursuit, on jewelry, she has always had their own taste and insights, so any of her jewelry can let her from the inside out of an elegant Calm temperament, in her exquisite life, the jewelry just the interpretation of the style belongs to her million kinds of customs.
This just gold ginger wave thousands of gold series to the natural design inspiration, gorgeous thousands of gold and exquisite crystal to create a stylish gorgeous gold, with bright colors to stimulate the joy of the wearer happy energy, mysterious purple crystal filled with soft Breath, retro tassel elegant Smart, walking between the smooth vitality and surging dynamic.

Very beautiful jewelry, exquisite shape, long tassels are very feminine, suitable for temperament type of beauty, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She was an earrings control, in the beginning to understand the beauty of the age and the earrings forged a special complex, from then on to collect all kinds of earrings has become her tireless hobbies, with the passage of time she felt more earrings as Unique Cartier nail bracelet replica to the beauty of women, each of which contains a woman’s chic mind and delicate tenderness.

This is just a glimpse of pure gold fishing for the design of inspirational fish, a very sophisticated pure goldfish-shaped design, with three precious white material to create a stylish, beautiful jewelry, in the top with the natural white jade as a hook , In the middle to white stone as a bait, fish eyes decorated by white turquoise, to create a swaying posture of beauty.

This is her favorite earrings, long style is very modified face, white beads and gold with cool, recommended for everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
The beauty of a lot of women, and jewelry is their beautiful booster, different styles of jewelry can make their beauty more vividly show, mysterious, sexy, noble, or intellectual … … this is One of her favorite jewelry, simple styling is not obvious monotonous.
This is just gold of the magic box thousands of gold series Y word necklace to the color of the Austrian crystal grain design can be a combination of arbitrary design, matte frosted glass grain pure gold, geometric design personality, the atmosphere, three-dimensional matte glass Can be free to move with the gold line, Smart and mysterious, Y shape is perfect to show the woman’s intellectual beauty.
Very beautiful necklace, stylish, simple style summer wear very fresh, simple with the ability to highlight the temperament, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Is the eternal life of each woman is the first fantasy of love and the ultimate imitation Cartier love bracelet expectation, as the most viable words and emotions, love is also one of the evergreen themes in jewelry, this feather shape jewelry to metaphor reuse The attitude of interpretation of love loyalty.
This just gold loyalty wing of the thousands of gold series of elegant feathers for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a very feather shape of the gold, light and soft, sexy charming feathers in a delicate way to interpret the love of loyalty, Smart The attitude of the dynamic, to bring a confident woman at the same time exudes a unique charm of modern women.

This is her favorite jewelry, you can when the pendant can be when the earrings, the perfect Fake Cartier love bracelet details show the modern woman’s refined life, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

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Gold jewelry repurchase or depreciation should pay attention

Gold jewelry repurchase or depreciation should pay attention
Gold jewelry style replacement soon, perhaps in the present is still very fashionable style, to two years after the no popular; or the size of gold jewelry is no longer in line with their own, at this time, there will be a lot of consumption Prepare to repurchase or depreciate outdated environmental accessories.
In the depreciation of time, pay attention to some small details, so as not to be done in the process of hands and feet, resulting in unnecessary losses.
So, in the process of what will be possible to do the hands and feet?
First, it is time to start measuring weight first. Recipients are likely to be in the electronic balance or tray balance on the hands and feet, so that the measured value to be slightly lower than the actual weight. Therefore, if consumers do not first understand their gold jewelry in the end there are many words, it is likely to fall into the trap of the recyclers.
In addition, before measuring the weight, sometimes the gold jewelry will be burning, or soaked in sulfuric acid. These are in order to get rid of the gold jewelry surface impurities, so that the measurement results more accurate. However, some unscrupulous Replica Cartier jewelry businessmen began to do in this part of the hands and feet. They will replace the sulfur instead of sulfuric acid, gold will be slightly dissolved out a little, so that gold jewelry can shrink, measured out of the weight will become low. Moreover, the damage caused by this method will be relatively large.
There are a variety of gold jewelry, but we just summarize a little sum up will find that the classification of gold jewelry is also a rule to follow, here to give you about the gold jewelry several common classification.
Gold jewelry – thousands of gold jewelry
Gold content of thousands of not less than 999 said the thousands of gold. In the jewelry on the mark as “thousands of gold”, “gold 999”, “G999”, “Au999”. Thousands of gold in the jewelry fineness naming is the highest value.
Gold jewelry – gold jewelry
Gold content of the micrometer of not less than 990 said gold. In the jewelry mark on the “full gold”, “gold 990”, “G990”, “Au990”, thousands of gold and gold jewelry gold content is high, golden color, since ancient times by people’s favorite. Currently in China and the Chinese living more countries, thousands of gold, gold jewelry is still a considerable proportion. On the one hand as an ornament, also used as hedging or evil spirits, thousands of gold, gold jewelry is the disadvantage of low hardness, easy to wear, easy to maintain a fine pattern. Gold jewelry because of its use needs, its accessories gold content of not less than 750%, to be clear to consumers.
Gold jewelry – gold alloy (K gold) jewelry
Gold alloy (K gold) jewelry to overcome the pure gold jewelry hardness, color single, easy to wear, the pattern is not fine shortcomings, crown Katrat the word, and Bin to K to accurate gold standard, forming a series of gold jewelry The
Gold jewelry – color K gold jewelry
18K gold in addition to 750 ‰ of gold, the other components of the different proportions of K gold will appear as different colors. Such as the Chinese people like yellow, so the recipe silver and silver half; Europeans like red, so in the 250 ‰ impurities in copper accounted for more than 2/3 or all copper; Americans like the subtle yellow, then add silver More ingredients. The development of science and technology, has been able to formulate a variety of colors of gold alloy.
Everyone’s hand is the most painful part of the whole body. After a long period of use, we should treat him, do not pretend to dress him, give him a proper “care”!
So, how should we treat it?
Chinese people have been respectful since ancient times. In ancient times, the yellow for the emperor of the Queen of the color, ordinary people will be used to be beheaded, yellow has always been a distinguished representative. And gold is also stained with this trend, become extra valuable!
Do you think, what is more suitable than the gold ring for the hands of the hands? Put on the quality of gold beads are good ring, in every day of life every move, you can fully reveal your noble taste.
Gold is always full of style, and full of power, wealth, honor and happiness of the Cartier love ring replica taste. So gold jewelry will become the usual holiday gift of choice.
Especially in recent years, the style of gold jewelry has begun to change, on the basis of the original, some of the more bold and innovative ideas have emerged, and the gold jewelry with a unique design, gorgeous shape and gradually active in the The forefront of the world fashion industry. Since then, gold jewelry once became the best choice for the trend, and this trend of gold and gold is constantly spreading.
Plus gold jewelry has always been recognized by consumers as hedge goods, highly collection and investment value, so wearing gold not only can highlight the extraordinary taste of the individual, it is unique, a symbol of investment right way.

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Jewelry Collection Tips

Jewelry Collection Tips
Jade: customary, said Tsui or jade, is produced in Myanmar jadeite. Jade through the color, texture and carving judge the value. The most common colors are white, green, red, yellow, purple, gray, blue brown, black and so on, of which the green is the most scarce, so the most precious and concentrated, positive, uniform for the top grade. Jade common texture glass, ice, glutinous rice, anthocyanin, oil green species, green beans and so on, the transparency of the better, the higher the value. In this case,
Hetian jade: the ancient name Kunlun jade, origin of the Western Regions Shache car country, Khotan country (now China Xinjiang Hotan), is the famous soft jade varieties. Hetian color white, sugar white, white, yellow, sugar, blue, blue, ink, smoke green, Cuiqing, blue and white several. Hetian the same varieties of the quality of the advantages and disadvantages of the other, in addition to hardness, toughness, density and other common, the difference in texture, gloss, color, crackle, impurities, block degrees. In this case,
Diamond: gem diamond, the “king of precious stones,” the name. Diamond color to the highest degree of color clarity for the best, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. Colorful diamonds, such as yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, orange, red, black, purple and so on, are diamonds in the treasures, expensive, red diamond which is the most valuable. In this case,
Xiuyu: to produce in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County named for the history of China, one of the four famous jade. Xiuyu biggest feature is the hardness was significantly lower than the emerald. At the same time, Xiuyu has obvious grease Replica Cartier love bracelet or wax-like light, while the emerald was glass luster or pearl luster, so from these two points can be distinguished with the emerald.
Crystal: Crystal is a rare mineral, is a quartz crystal, the main chemical composition is silicon dioxide. When the crystal is pure, it forms colorless and transparent crystal. When it contains some trace elements, it will be purple, yellow, brown and so on. The different kinds of color center will be formed by irradiating trace elements, such as purple, yellow, brown and pink. .
Yesterday, the major gold stores in the collective gold sales price cut. According to a hundred jewelry jewelry, Guohua shopping malls, Gongmei Building, and many other data, since yesterday were down gold jewelry prices, thousands of gold from 316 yuan per gram down to 308 yuan per gram, a decline of 8 yuan per gram. Enough gold from the previous 312 yuan down to 305 yuan, down 7 yuan.
Beijing gold prices fell 15% a year
Cai Bai jewelry gold analyst told reporters that since this year the international price of gold has been in fluctuation, the recent relaxation of the situation in Ukraine and the United States part of the strong performance of economic data, gold out of the shock pattern. Until now, the international price of gold has dropped to around $ 1,245 an ounce. In just the past May, the New York spot gold gold prices fell 3.8%, breaking the biggest decline since the beginning of this year. In the “increase cautious, down followed by” the principle of food companies for 100 international gold price movements, the first time down the price of gold jewelry.
Since the end of May, the international price of gold has declined for 6 consecutive days. This has become the gold price since November last year, the longest continuous decline. International spot gold on May 27 to 2.41% decline in the largest five-month single-day decline. To the last trading day in May, the New York market gold futures prices closed at $ 1,246 an ounce, hitting a new low since February. New York spot gold gold prices fell 3.8% in the month, refresh this year’s biggest monthly decline.
Guardian’s Private Collection Series
China Guardian Spring Auction 2014 will be held on May 14 in Beijing, following the launch of 2013 autumn auction series of private collections special, the Guardian once again introduced six important private collection special.
Private collections, in particular, famous collection of works, mostly for the auction market, health faces, often with a collection of distinctive aesthetic features and collection requirements, has always been popular in the market sought after. The spring auction in the “private collection” series of special, the overall quality of low-quality low valuation as the main features.
Among them, “Ren Miaoxuan possession of Chinese calligraphy set Jane” special collection of collectors set decades of effort accumulated by 50 masters, 58 calligraphy good system. The collectors, from the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, until the twentieth century. Including the works of Liang Tongshu, Liu Yong, Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong and other writers, calligraphers and seal carvers. It is the most extensive and complete calligraphy exhibition in China in recent years, with a view to aesthetics, academia, market and so on. Exploring the Deep Value of the Art of Calligraphy.
Pink diamond did not sell into Sotheby’s reluctant to bite
The world’s leading auction house Sotheby’s November 13 last year in Geneva, Switzerland, the successful auction of a weighing 59.6 karats of pink diamond, the price reached 83 million US dollars (about 510 million yuan), making it the world’s most expensive diamond.
However, according to foreign media recently reported that because of the successful bidder Cartier love ring replica from New York, Isaac Wolf retorted, refused to pay for it, according to the previous agreement with the seller, Sotheby’s had to own pocket, “reluctantly” then disk Bought.
Fierce auction to obtain
In a statement, Sotheby’s noted that such accidents are rare in large-volume auctions. Before the auction, they took a number of precautionary measures, and asked all prospective bidder to produce identity documents and bank information to register.
Emerald auction market in Hong Kong over the mainland
Cartier 2 billion photographed jade necklace record
April 7 evening held in Hong Kong Sotheby ‘s “magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry” spring auction, from the legendary Barbara Hutton old natural jade necklace by seven bidders lasted 20 minutes over 40 After a fierce bidding process, the bidder was awarded a bid of HK $ 214 million (including commission) by a telephone bidder to refresh the Jade Jewelry world auction record. There are industry sources, is Cartier took this necklace.
Jewelry is still goods to Hong Kong auction
“Hong Kong spring auction, the US legend ‘rich three generations’ Barbara Hutton old possession of natural jade beads necklace starting at 88 million Hong Kong dollars, 1.9 million Hong Kong dollars (excluding commission) hammer to 20 years ago, nearly Cartier love ring replica six times more than the results Successfully changed hands, but this time I do not know who was fortunate collection. “Collector Ma Deguang in microblogging exclaimed.
Insiders said the necklace in 1988 for the first time appeared in the auction, to 200 million US dollars turnover, becoming the world’s highest auction price of jade jewelry. 6 years later, the necklace and then in Hong Kong, the transaction price soared to 4.2 million US dollars, more than doubled the price.