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Wedding ring wear which finger is more suitable, more romantic

Wedding ring wear which finger is more suitable, more romantic
Wedding is romantic, is elegant, she was wearing a white wedding to your section, with the usual romantic day, this time whether you are some excitement. Before the wedding you have considered the wedding ring worn on which finger is more suitable, more romantic?

The most suitable left hand

If the time back, you are still my heart most want to guard the person, the most cherished people, a lifetime guarding you slowly, do not let you be a shred of injury. Give you the best love, let you become the most gentle of their own, no longer because of those trivial troubles and heartbreaking. Love is the need to let the other half happy, as the other half I should bear the responsibility to make you happy. Want to make you happy you have to let you know my Cartier love bracelet replica actual action, for your left hand sets a romantic diamond ring, start a new life, forget the previous unhappy is my greatest care.

The most romantic middle finger

Because met you, so met the love, will know the taste of love is so sweet, met your time is so beautiful. Fell in love with someone because at the right time met the right one with each other and started a correct love. Slowly with the feelings of love for a long time, become more warm. Perhaps just a little hug, but still can make each other become sweet and happy, every little thing is the heart of love bit by bit. Wedding is love in the beautiful things, marry the ring when the middle finger to wear the moment, must be your favorite scene, filled with countless romantic elements.
The most moving ring finger

Each other Xiangruyimo, silently waiting, quietly accompanied, silently support, determined to want to bow together, spend time together with the good times. In the hearts of meditation each other’s name, convinced that each other can live together very well, together with a beautiful new life. And she started a happy life? For her ring finger on a wedding ring on it. Let her for your sincere and persistent and moved, willing to work with you to spend the good times of the future, together to create a better future. Not because of the invisible touched, but because the two people together when the happiness and love of the original appearance, so each other will be better together.

I believe that our love exists in all the details of life, there are all the daily trivial, so the wedding ring wearing a finger is part of life, only to seriously understand the problem, we will have a better future, more happy Life, it is only love of trouble, is worthy of our own to have.
There is a flower, suddenly wandering, only the sun and the moon can read their own mind. That year a pick of roses, is still bright red color, like through the marriage of love, or as it was the original color, clear and transparent heart, pure white no time to love, and this wedding maintenance Not unrelated. What is the wedding ring wearing, do you really know?

The traditional wedding ring wear method

Early that year, for your twist word ink, will be a touch of smoke in the fleeting season into a poetic makeup. Now, the fingertips of the diamond ring, with the blessings of marriage, hidden lake light Cuiwei bright and clean, shallow Yang glass heart shadow, flowers such as Kam’s mo, so that our memory will never mottled. With a ring to cover her fingertips, but also to trap her heart. Have you ever received an unexpected surprise gift, that moment of joy is beyond words, which from the bottom of my Cartier love ring replica heart gradually rising happiness, like being surrounded by the sun. Everyone is accustomed to wearing a wedding ring on the left hand of the ring finger, which is married signal, it is a tradition.
Wedding rings are specially worn

Take the beginning of a gentle, intentions, with love, with a wedding ring, to her life painted a white snow wins the snow painting volume. Now the young people have their own ideas, the rules of the world for their love is no longer applicable, they believe that love, than to believe in fate, their wedding ring is not necessarily worn on the hand, may be worn Wrist, neck and neck, worn on the ears, are possible, where you like to wear, where to wear, because love is unreasonable, the same is the ring contains a smile Fu Chi wrapped around the years of perfume flow, how many smoke falling off Lian Lian.

The eternal memorial meaning of wedding ring

Wedding ring, different from the other for the beautiful ring, no exaggerated shape, just simple, in the quiet, not publicity personality, not impetuous, disposable indifferent, Ann convection, not on this in this warm. Lost time, could not pull the wind of the memory, a shiny ring, the next section of who with the fate of those who do not sign a promise, know that life and death. Wedding ring of eternity, is to let you see it every time, or ask it cold, remembered her look Cartier nail bracelet replica back, youth time, smiling Tian Tian, gorgeous a romantic romantic season after years of diminishing its color. Into a part of the life of the streamer.

A bustling meet, Jiangshan wind and rain edge of the pull, the clouds in the moon frost Fenghua, only willing to clear tea with you, in the spring flowers on the moon, chrysanthemum, Tianya a total of a total of moon. Wedding ring wear which hands, is sweet doubts.

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Jade bracelet generally wear hands

Jade bracelet generally wear hands
Question: I bought a jade bracelet, do not know how to wear a bracelet, should be how to wear? To wear on which hand?

Best answer: In fact, wearing a bracelet is also stress, not how to wear on how to wear Replica Cartier jewelry. Although now we do not have so much wear stress, but we can come to understand the next.

Wearing bracelets, the number of bracelets is not strictly limited, you can wear one, you can wear two, three, or even more. If you wear only one, should be worn on the left hand and should not be in the right hand; if you wear two, you can wear one or the left hand, or are worn on the left hand; if wearing three, should be worn on the left hand , Can not wear one hand, the other hand wearing two. Wearing more than three bracelet is relatively rare, even if you want to wear should also be worn on the left hand to create a strong sense of imbalance, to achieve unconventional, extraordinary purpose. However, it should be pointed out that this imbalance should be through the dress with the clothing to find a harmonious, otherwise it will be unconventional damage to the decorative bracelet beauty. If you wear bracelets and wear rings, you should consider the two in the style, material, color and other aspects of coordination and unity.

For the beginning of wearing bracelets, but also should pay attention to choose the size of the bracelet diameter, too small will be due to close to the wrist skin caused by uncomfortable feeling, and even affect the blood circulation; too large is easy to swing in the hand and fall off. For the jade bracelet, try to wear the bottom of the wrist should be padded with soft objects (such as cushions and the like), so as not to fall in the fall and fall.
Wear jade Guanyin pendant generally pay attention to what
Question: I bought a jade Guanyin pendant to wear, I heard that it is to pay attention to wear, that what wear it?

Best answer: wear jade Guanyin have a lot of stress and taboo, so when we wear more attention to some. That jade Guanyin pendant to wear to pay attention to what?

1, Guanyin Bodhisattva is the embodiment of compassion, people who wear Guanyin naturally have a soft heart, for all people and things have a great heart of compassion.

2, the first time to wear open jade Goddess of Mercy is the best time between 7 am to 9 o’clock, this time commonly known as the “dragon rise”, this time is the most important day of yang, Reiki best time period The

3, when bathing do not wear jade Guanyin, because at this time wearing prone to slip loss, on the other hand, the bath water easily lead to jade artifacts magnetization, and then make its spiritual decline.

4, to prohibit outsiders touch. In addition to family members, do not let outsiders touch touch.
Question: I want to buy a crystal necklace to my girlfriend, but I do not know what kind of crystal to buy it for her wear it.

Best answer: for the first time to buy a friend is usually there is a question for their own, but whether the crystal for their own we can from the following aspects:

1, if you just simply like the beauty of natural crystal and do not care about its spiritual role, then the purchase of crystal is very simple, and do not distinguish between other daily necessities, as long as their favorite like;

2, if you are convinced and hope that the natural crystal of the spirit can bring their own help, then suggest that you first combined with their own needs to refer to the natural crystal of the spiritual role and then choose its type, and then according to their preferences to select the specific style ;

3, if you not only believe that the natural crystal of the spiritual role and also believe in the five elements of feng shui, then suggest that you in advance according to their own zodiac and the five elements to see which crystal is in line with their own is beneficial, and then combined with their own needs from the reference natural Crystal spiritual role to filter the species, and finally according to their own preferences to select the specific style.

Whether you belong to what kind of needs, we think that one of the most important is: buy crystal by intuition, together and even love at first sight, heart sincerely like, this is the so-called “call”, that is our body magnetic field And the energy field of the crystal resonate, not the higher the price the better the crystal function. Natural crystal regardless of the value of high and low, are spiritual and follow it like, love it’s the fate of people. Crystal is a spiritual gem, it will follow their true masters, and guard them.
Q: want to buy bracelet give away, do not know Hetian good or Xiuyu good? Where is the difference between them?

Best answer: Xiuyu rich in production, the price is relatively cheap, is quite affordable jade one. Xiuyu will often be used as a businessman posing and Hetian sale, so we have to pay attention to the distinction between the purchase of Hetian, and nephrite and Xiuyu mainly have the following differences:

1, percussion different: percussion two kinds of jade issued by the sound is different, and Hetian’s voice is crisp and pleasant, but Xiuyu’s voice is more boring;

2, hardness is different: Xiuyu hardness is far lower than Hetian jade, Tian Yu with a knife is fixed, with a knife plan Xiuyu, the knife will be raised, and Hetian jade will not;

3, the proportion of different: Xiuyu low proportion of the density of Hetian jade holding in the hands of heavy, and the same size of the Xiuyu is much lighter.

Answer: Hetian jade is generally more delicate, oil, tightness is high, and Xiuyu looks more loose, the color is more, very dry, looks very rough. Xiuyu value and Hetian jade, so the economic conditions permit or choose Hetian bracelet is better.

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What is the meaning of a small finger wearing a ring?

What is the meaning of a small finger wearing a ring?
Small finger wearing a ring is what meaning little finger wearing a ring, whether girls or boys, are representatives do not want to love or do not want to marry the meaning. Left hand little finger wearing a ring is not married but can love the meaning of the right hand little finger wearing a ring is expressed as a single do not love the meaning of love.

Although now for which finger wearing a ring on behalf of what it means, has not so much stress, but the left hand little finger wearing a ring on behalf of the meaning of not married, if you do not have such a meaning, it is best not to wear a ring on the left hand, So as to avoid other misunderstandings, or maybe you will miss a good marriage, so when wearing a ring or need to pay attention to the next better.
Right hand little finger wearing a ring What does it mean that both girls or boys, right hand little finger wearing a ring are representative of the individualism, do not fall in love with the meaning.

Xiaobian remind you that if you do not have the idea of falling Cartier love bracelet replica love, or do not wear a ring in the right hand finger, because it will like you or you want to develop the next love of the pursuit of those who make mistakes, will think you do not want to talk Love, and therefore quit, this will make you miss it may be a good love it
Left hand little finger wearing a ring What does it mean left hand little finger wearing a ring on behalf of non-marriage, that is celibate, or divorce, do not want to get married. Wearing a ring can reflect a person’s character, generally like a small finger wearing a ring of people, usually have a sense of inferiority.

But now most of the little finger wearing a ring, just as a decoration, want to highlight their own fashion taste, so there is no meaning.
Pd950 ring how much money a gram pd is the chemical symbol of palladium, and pt platinum as a member of the same platinum group, Pd palladium is not easy to oxidation is not easy to lose luster, is a good flexibility and hardness of the white precious metals. Pd950 palladium, pd990 palladium and pd999 palladium four kinds, pd950 jewelry refers to the pd content of 95%, other metal content is 5%, pd950 palladium, pd950 palladium, Palladium pd jewelry.

Pd950 Palladium luster natural white, stable nature, skin-friendly, wearing pd950 ring, pd950 bracelet and pd950 necklace, it will not cause allergies. Pd950 that gold content of 95% of the palladium, the current market price of about 180 per gram.
Pd950 diamond ring is generally how much money PD950, is the palladium 950, platinum group which is a cheap metal. Gold raw material price is only 40.50 dollars a gram, and this metal is very small, very light. Generally made the total weight of the diamond ring, but also a little more than 1 gram. Pd950 diamond ring price depends mainly on the quality of the diamond, which depends on the diamond 4c standard, namely: the weight of the diamond, color, cut and clarity.

Pd950 do ring, the price will not be very expensive, the most expensive also hundreds of dollars, the diamond ring is the most expensive or the price of diamonds, the ordinary 50 points pd950 diamond ring price also a few thousand dollars.
Tiffany three diamond ring was founded in 1873 tiffany Tiffany, with nearly Cartier love ring replica two hundred years of enduring history, in the ultra-high craft and innovative design at the same time, tiffany Tiffany also cast a number of classic diamond ring, has continued to this day. Tiffany Tiffany classic ring, the most have to mention is tiffany Tiffany classic three drill.

Tiffany square diamond ring can choose white diamond, yellow diamond, pink diamond, square-shaped diamonds, surrounded by broken diamond embellishment, bring a strong retro atmosphere; if a main diamond is not bright dazzling, then tiffany Tiffany classic three drill will not Let you down, three main drill onlaid broken diamond embellishment, extremely luxurious
Tiffany rose gold three diamond ring price ELSA PERETTI? Laminated ring cascade design, highlight the infinite elegance. 18K gold inlaid round brilliant cut diamond ring. Total weight 0.06 carats ¥ 142,560

ATLAS series: hollow ring 18K gold inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds. Total weight 0.01 kPa ¥ 147,960

ATLAS? Closed narrow ring with modern fashion design, with a strong sense of lines and striking digital decoration highlights Tiffany classic. 18K rose gold inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds narrow ring. ¥ 329,400
Tiffany platinum three diamond ring price TIFFANY & CO. Ring Tiffany & Co. platinum inlaid round brilliant cut diamond ring, 3 mm wide ¥ 196,560

Tiffany Notes? Milgrain grain edge platinum ring, 4 mm wide ¥ 297,000

TIFFANY SOLESTE ring platinum ring, with half circle round bright cut diamonds. Total weight 0.17 karats ¥ 1,166,400

Because the mainland and Hong Kong’s official website do not show the price! So you can go to Tiffany United States or Germany, the British official website look at the price. The official price of the United States the cheapest, multiplied by the exchange rate of 6.2 is almost the price Cartier nail bracelet replica of the renminbi. Look at your selection of styles and series, the price from 1500-1w above.
When you wash your hands, you can wear it if it is washed with water. But with hand sanitizer or soap to take down, because these things have a certain weak acid or weak alkaline substances in the inside, easy to corrode the metal surface of the ring, so that it is in contact with the oxidation of air, which led to the gold ring darken.

If you usually do not pay attention to the maintenance of the ring, feel picking off the trouble, often wearing a ring bath, washing dishes, etc., resulting in the ring is not bright enough, it is recommended that you can easily get every three months if the jewelry store for professional cleaning Maintenance, you can often wear a new ring.
Choi gold ring wear what taboo gold jewelry because of its lighter weight, the price is slightly lower, exquisite craftsmanship, fashionable and more and more like everyone’s favorite. The golden ring gives the warmth and joy; the style is also different. But in the usual time to wear or pay attention to.

Perfume, cleanser, bleach, seawater, etc. may lead to gold color change, so do clean, swimming, should be removed gold, so as to avoid chemical reactions and scratched. To avoid the gold and gold jewelry rings and other jewelry placed together, especially diamonds, because of its hardness will lead to friction and scratches each other, it should be a separate storage box box. About half a year to the manufacturers maintenance time, that is, cleaning or re-electricity gold, put the money of the manufacturers have after-sales service, basically no charge.
How to maintain the maintenance of the gold ring is as follows:

1. Choi diamond ring should try to avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume and hair gel such chemicals, so as not to change color.

2. When you swim, remember to remove the gold diamond ring, to prevent exposure to Cartier love ring replica seawater or water after the surface may produce chemical changes, and to prevent the diamond off.

3. Detergent powder is corrosive, should avoid the gold and gold diamond ring contact, and do heavy work when the best off, to prevent the diamond off.

4. How to maintain the gold diamond ring, it is important to do regular maintenance every six months, check the claws are loose.

5. Gold and Diamond Rings have dirt can be wiped with toothpaste or flannel gently, to protect its smooth as new.

6. Choi gold surface will be due to long-term friction and covered with small wear marks, but also reduce the brightness, on weekdays to k gold cloth light grinding gold surface can have the effect of throwing the whole.

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What is the meaning of each finger ring?

What is the meaning of each finger ring?
Girl beauty is nature, and both can modify the fingers but also with the clothing of the ring, naturally, they often wear in their daily lives. But many girls wear a ring, are only for the beautiful show personality, few people will notice the meaning of the ring when wearing. So some improper way to wear the ring, not only to others to bring the wrong personal information, but also missed their own fate. Each finger ring has a different meaning, then, what is the meaning of each finger ring?
Thumbs: According to the ancient Roman literature, wearing the imitation Cartier love bracelet ring in this means to help you reach your wish, towards the road to success.

Index finger: the direction of the fingers, the ring wearing this finger will become cheerful and independent, the most suitable for people engaged in the free industry to wear.

Middle finger: second to the ring finger is best suited to wearing a wedding ring finger, ring wear on it the most able to create a free and cheerful atmosphere, make you inspiration, become more attractive, there are heterosexual edge.

Ring finger: from the ancient Roman times used to wear the wedding ring on it, according to legend, this refers to the heart connected, the most suitable for the publication of the sacred oath. And ring finger on the important acupuncture points, the ring wear it can be moderate to press the muscles, there is stability and emotional effect.

Little finger: little finger to convey is a tragic sexy message, the ring worn on it will have unexpected things happen, especially recommended to intuition keen, engaged in fashion-related workers.
Wear the meaning of each finger ring on behalf of

One, the thumb: a symbol of rights and wealth

Most of them are some men thumb to wear rings, in fact, this method of wearing in ancient times has already begun, and this method of wearing only some dignitaries, they wear a ring in the thumb is a way to show wealth, especially in the Wearing a lot of people will choose some expensive rings, which is also a manifestation of the right. And now people in the thumb to wear the ring, its meaning is the same.

Second, the index finger: highlight your own personality

Rings A special kind of jewelry, it can not only show our fingers more perfect, but also to express some of our feelings inside. Usually the index finger wearing a ring, means that the heart will have the desire to marry, which is also in the opposite sex to convey a message, the other in the fingers to wear, or a character of the show, they have a very independent personality. Wearing a ring is also to highlight their own personality.

Third, the middle finger: to improve your personality charm

Middle finger wearing a ring are generally in love, they wear the ring is not only to show their own happiness, to express their emotions, but also want to tell others a state of their own, and thus to reject some of the suitors. Also in this finger wearing a ring of people, are generally more cheerful women, they can bring more joy to others, but also very care for people, and the middle finger to wear the ring can also improve your personality charm.

Fourth, ring finger: love the eternal hope of love

Generally in the ring finger to wear the ring most of the people are married lover, most of them are wearing a couple diamond ring-based, wearing a ring in this finger also expressed their love engraved with a time and mind of the journey, To convey the concept of love “my story my ring” good promise, because the legendary ring finger is the bridge between the heart and heart, when the two sides wear each other for the ring when, in fact, to the future a better start.

Five, little finger: show fashion and avant-garde

Little finger wearing the ring most of them are some women, many people like to wear a tail in the little finger, a small tail ring showing everyone’s fashion and avant-garde, then most of the women wearing the ring in this finger Are some single, they advocate single aristocratic life.

Ring matching skills:

If the match with the watch, the charm will be greatly increased, the principle is: gold gold, elegant with elegant, stylish with fashionable. If you wear a colored gem, it is necessary to pay attention and bracelet, watch, long-sleeved shirt cuff color match. If you want to Replica Cartier jewelry overlap with the ring, it is necessary to pay attention to the style of the ring, the material should be basically the same, straight with a straight line, curve with the curve, the color of both rings and rough and young are similar.

If you want two rings are worn on a finger, it is necessary to simple style with simple style, such as: V-shaped ring with a single gemstone ring ring; thick ring with gorgeous style ring. If you want to wear two fingers to the middle finger and index finger, middle finger and ring finger is appropriate, must not index finger and ring finger overlap wearing a ring, because the middle of the middle finger, will appear uncoordinated.
Men wear a ring is a symbol of identity and power, but also has a very profound significance, men wear a ring, to make your fingers look more slender look, while with the clever mix of clothing, but also bring out a good temperament, easy to capture the women’s heart. Especially men and women in love, there will be a small ring to express their loyalty to the feelings. So what is the meaning of the men’s ring?
Little finger – that single, that is unmarried, meaning is: I just want to single, please do not waste time to pursue me.

Index finger – want to get married; this situation may be no object, it may be an object, if you want to find the first exploration can be the end.

Ring finger – that has been engaged or married, for such a man, you do not have any ideas, and people have been a master of flowers.

Middle finger – already in love, presumably such a man in the sweet, let us bless them together.

Thumbs – usually very few people wear here, this is a symbol of authority.
Wear men’s ring on behalf of the meaning

1. Men’s ring wearing a thumb on the time, will appear to have more personal ideas and show a strong character on the side, it is recommended to exaggerate the ring style or in the texture highlights such as jade ring, add personal temperament.

2. Men’s rings are worn on the index finger, the more common kind of wear, between publicity and low-key, if you do not want to bring the ring for attention, or do not want too formal feeling, you can try to bring the ring The index finger, play the role of modification of the fingers will not be too conspicuous.

3. Men’s ring wear on the middle finger, should be considered more formal wear law, here Xiaobian recommended silver plus diamond ring combination, will let you a formal sense of strengthening, really make the ring to become your fashion protagonist, become The overall mix of the finishing touch.

4. ring finger slender, wearing a ring are good-looking, usually men wear Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica wedding rings finger, so want to love the single person may have to pay attention, remember not to wear a ring on the finger, release your marriage The signal to disperse the peach blossom.

5. Little finger wearing a ring is a fresh wear method

Different material Men’s ring to wear the meaning of:

Wearing a silver ring that mild temperament, easy to accommodate others.

Dai Jin ring who pay more attention to interests, often have a smart business mind.

Wear jade jade who pay attention to the quality of taste, rigorous work.

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Silver bracelet how to clean silver bracelet how to clean after black

Silver bracelet how to clean silver bracelet how to clean after black
In daily life, there are many people like to wear silver, but silver jewelry will wear a long time will become dark and dull, which we all know, then how to clean silver bracelet? Presumably this problem is not everyone knows, the following Zokai to introduce you to two simple silver bracelet cleaning method, so you can easily at any time to clean silver.

First, with detergent / alkali surface to clean

Cleaning silver bracelet, then you can use the alkaline detergent or alkali surface cleaning, first take the right amount of detergent or alkali surface inside the small container, and then add the appropriate amount of water inside the container, the washing powder or alkali surface thoroughly Of the melting. Wash the powder or alkali surface completely dissolved in water, and then into the silver bracelet to be cleaned, so soaked half an hour or so to remove the silver bracelet, and then wipe the silver bracelet with cotton, so silver bracelet will be cleaned.

Second, with toothpaste to clean

First to clean the silver bracelet washed with water, the bracelet imitation Cartier love bracelet completely wet. After soaking the bracelet, the amount of toothpaste will be squeezed to the silver bracelet to be cleaned above, and then use soft hair toothbrush to clean silver bracelets. After cleaning the silver bracelet with a soft wool toothbrush, rinse the toothpaste with the bracelet on the bracelet, and then wipe it dry with a cotton or towel. The silver bracelet after this cleaning will be the same as the new one.
Silver bracelet how to clean after the black

Silver bracelet black how to clean silver bracelet black is because the silver bracelet worn or stored properly, in a strong oxidizing environment or contaminated with strong oxide, led to the silver bracelet surface oxidation, so that the silver bracelet black reason. So, how do silver bracelets turn black? Silver bracelet in addition to black, are generally taken to erase the law, the professional is the reduction method. Of course, silver bracelets in addition to black, but also pay attention to the usual maintenance. Here, Zuo Kayi to introduce you to how the silver bracelet how to clean after the black method.

1, toothpaste is a silver helmet in addition to black good helper. Toothpaste is rich in fine calcium carbonate particles, these particles can rub off the surface of the silver oxide. Find a toothbrush, dip a little toothpaste patiently wipe for a while, and then wash with water can be.

2, in addition to the use of toothpaste, if there are calcium carbonate powder, you can find a piece of cloth, grab a little powder slightly rub, you can remove the silver bracelet on the black, and then find a piece of clean cloth dry cloth, do not wash.

3, the market has a silver cloth and silver liquid, can quickly erase or wash away the silver bracelet surface black. Go to the silver shop please help scrub, but also with these two things mostly. But Sokai Xiao Bian does not recommend using these things to scrub silver bracelets, because they are corrosive, will lead to silver bracelets easier to black.

What are the cleaning methods for silver bracelets?

Silver bracelet which cleaning methods silver bracelet cleaning methods have many, in addition to commonly used toothpaste, cola, washing powder, in fact, but also other simple cleaning methods, the following Xiaobian introduced for you.

1, with cotton or linen force rub, especially linen, but also in addition to black. If too hard, you can also painted white vinegar, and then find a piece of cotton cloth wipe, but also in addition to black. Be careful not to use hydrochloric acid or nitric acid and other strong acid scrub.

2, with grain white ash or white charcoal to wipe silver bracelet, through the grain of gray and other wiping silver bracelet, not only bright, and later not easy to black. Pay attention to not scrub with water, is dry wipe, grab a gray directly on the hand or rub with a cloth. This thing is not easy to find the city, you can use white carbon to wipe, the effect is the same.

3, you can use lemon and bath. The lemon acid is a natural plant. The smallest damage to the silver, and do not have to get outside, they can clean up at home. Buy a lemon, cut, the silver ornaments buried in the lemon. Soon out, and then scrubbed very bright.
What is the reason for the blackening of silver bracelets because silver is experiencing changes in air or chemicals, so it turns black when you wear silverware.

Silver black is due to silver and the air in the sulfur chemical reaction into the black Replica Cartier jewelry silver sulfide reason. Therefore, silver jewelry can not be perfume, fragrance, balsam, sulfur soap and sweat and acid gas and other contact. If you have been oxidized black, you can wash with silver wash, or rub silver cloth rub; you can also brush with a soft brush brush toothpaste, after washing with cotton to dry.

Silver bracelet black how to do

Silver bracelet black how to do If you have darkened, you can wash with silver water immersion, or rub silver cloth rub; you can also brush with a soft brush brush toothpaste, after washing with a cotton cloth to dry, or wipe Lipstick rub, can be temporarily resolved, so that silver to restore bright, but over time or will be oxidized. So when you usually wear silverware should be regular maintenance, regular cleaning. And do not contact with cosmetics, perfume, acid and alkali substances, sulfide and other chemicals; do not wear to clean and then clean the seal and then put away, otherwise it will become black and black.

Silver bracelet black how to clean

Silver bracelet blacken how to clean silver is black is normal, then how to clean after black or how to make it black part of the oxidation to get rid of re-lit it? Here, Xiaobian to introduce you to several commonly used methods, at home you can clean their own.

One, with toothpaste toothbrush.

Use toothpaste, squeeze a little toothpaste to the bracelet, find a soft hair toothbrush, gently back and forth brush, slowly, you will find that the black part of the slowly gone, and finally, slowly washed with water to change White bright. This is our most commonly used method.

Second, with Coke soaked.

To our daily drink Coke down a little, put the bracelet into the soak, this is more suitable for those who do not scrub the bracelet, such as sketches more bracelets, brush less than this method, soak for some time, then cleaning can The.

Third, wash with vinegar or tea.

You can also use our daily use of vinegar, or thick tea to scrub, the effect and the other is the same.
Silver bracelet for a long time will be red silver bracelet for a long time to turn red, this is a normal phenomenon. Silver bracelet red may be because there are impurities, it may be because of the sulfur oxidation encountered so red.

If you just wear on the red, then it means that your silver jewelry surface of the protective coating has been no, silver directly exposed to the air oxidation, rub with a silver cloth can be resolved, you can also use toothpaste wipe, or even wipe Lipstick rub, can be temporarily resolved, so that silver to restore bright, but over time or will be oxidized. So when wearing silver bracelets to pay attention to less contact with cosmetics, perfume, acid and alkali substances, sulfide, because silver encountered more than black material easily. After wearing the silver jewelry is no longer wear, to clean dry, wipe clean and then put away, or easy to oxidize gray become black. Silver to regular cleaning, in the cleaning, the first silver into the detergent with a soaked in water, soft rub with a soft brush gem, and then rinse with water, and then dry with a soft cloth. Cleaning with warm water, the effect will be even better.

What is the reason why the silver bracelet turns red

Silver bracelet red reason is what this is mainly because the silver bracelet wear or Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica storage caused by improper. In the strong oxidizing environment, or contaminated with strong oxide, will lead to silver surface oxidation, which is the reason why silver bracelets turn red. Silver bracelet in addition to discoloration, are generally taken to erase the law, the professional is the reduction method. In addition to the discoloration, but also pay attention to daily maintenance, you can use toothpaste scrub, must use clean water wash, preferably with pure water, do not use the kind of chlorine disinfection of tap water. The kind of water containing residual chlorine, it is easy to lead to the surface of silverware silver chloride, silver chloride see light decomposition, or will lead to silver surface black. Many people’s silver bracelet scrub with toothpaste, and soon after the black, the possible reason is to wash with rich chlorine-rich tap water.
Silver bracelet which wear taboo

Silver bracelet which wear taboo silver bracelet so there will be red, black, or even deformation, this is because the silver bracelet wearing improperly, in daily life, there is no silver bracelet maintenance, which led to these problems, then What are the maintenance of silver bracelets?

First, the silver bracelet If you do not wear a long time, you need to seal up, you can use plastic bags is good to be able to isolate the air to avoid oxidation.

Second, the silver bracelet to avoid water or other irritating liquid, if you want to wash the hot spring bath need to take off the silver bracelet. Usually you can wear a bath, but be sure to avoid contact with the liquid detergent, such as hair dye, perm, sulfur soap and so on, because the silver bracelet if exposed to the surface will cause damage to the luster.

Third, for those who do not pattern the silver bracelet, you can use a delicate paper towel or cotton gently wipe, remember to follow the same direction to wipe back and forth, so you can avoid the silver bracelet surface scratches, Professional wipe silver cloth to wipe.

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How to simply identify the true and false silver jewelry?

How to simply identify the true and false silver jewelry?
Silver is the most obvious characteristics, that is cheap. Gold prices in the current 300 or so, the price of platinum even higher, when the money even less than 10 unit price, how can we not let people like! Since people are like the silver jewelry, then how can a simple and quick to distinguish the true and false silver is the most people want to know.
First of all, before buying silver jewelry can first observe their color. In general, the color of silver jewelry is silver, and its higher purity, silver will be more and more white. And, in the premise of silver, silver jewelry surface will appear very uniform, not rough. In the appearance and silver are similar but some different metals are lead and copper. Compared with the silver, the color of lead in the silver will be caught with a trace of gray, and copper, then the surface is generally not very smooth, the surface will be very rough, which is the difference between these few.
Second, the weight of silver and other metals will be different. In general, silver and other similar metal density is different, compared down, the density of silver is still relatively large. And the advance of similar metals, the density of aluminum is very small, copper Cartier nail bracelet replica density of some, but compared with the money, or not enough. So you can according to the same size of a piece of metal to the initial weight of silver jewelry.
In addition, you can also determine the hardness of silver jewelry by the true and false. The hardness of the silver is relatively small, but some of the metal hardness is even smaller than the silver, so this requires a known reference to the good to distinguish. You can prepare a pin, the pin in the silver surface can leave traces, but this traces will not be obvious, the other metal, or else will not stay traces, or else the traces of the left will be deep, which can also As a basis for discrimination, but can not make the main basis.
In addition, with gold, silver jewelry on the surface or other places will leave some mark. Such as s925 and so on. However, this method can only be used in the country. Because some countries abroad in their own domestic production of silver jewelry will not add these marks. Therefore, in the identification of domestic silver jewelry, this method is still very effective, but in the identification of foreign silver jewelry, this way is completely useless.
In contrast to gold, money can be said to be a more common object. Although it is civilians, but from the beginning of our country, it has been some special role has been developed to use.
In ancient times, there is a very strange legend, silver jewelry can be a symbol of sacred, you can get rid of evil. If it is a child to wear, you can also grow in the process of their wealth and wealth together, remove bad luck. In the ancient West, as long as the home is a little spare cash, will buy silver spoon, and let the children use the silver spoon to eat. Similarly, this is not to show off their own family. In the West, silver is a sacred thing that can remove evil and protect the light. Eat with a spoon, you can prevent the virus from the mouth into the mouth. In addition, ancient China, some baby from birth after their own home is very dirty with some small silver baby lock. In this case, you can always pay attention to the baby’s body and the surrounding environment. If it is in the normal environment, small silver bracelet will not be any change, but if the baby worn in the hands of the silver bracelet has changed, such as black, then, in this case to pay attention. This shows that there may be a baby around the environment is not very good.
This is because the silver itself can be said to be the best test of the metal, the human body may be discharged some toxic objects, such as sweat, etc., and some circumstances is the external environment. The environment is poor, or the body of the toxins are led to wear silver jewelry is the main reason for black. After removing the influence of the external environment, some of the silver ornaments worn by themselves soon became black and had the greatest relationship with their bodies. Therefore, if you often wear sterling silver jewelry, then you can very good observation of their own body detoxification situation. However, some of the silver jewelry in the imitation Cartier love bracelet surface of the jewelry does not have this function, in addition, lack of fineness of silver jewelry can not, but rather the skin may be the two “unqualified” silver jewelry to pollution to , Make the skin allergy.
Silver jewelry since the emergence of some of their own characteristics, as well as cheap, made out of the exquisite style and other characteristics of the people by the welcome. In all the silver, 925 silver is the most common one, the following we come to understand some of the little knowledge about silver.
925 represents the purity of silver. Like the gold figure, 925 is also the purity of this silver, that is, silver content of 92.5%. Although this figure is not silver jewelry silver content of the highest value, but 925 silver has become the standard of sterling silver. Only silver content is higher than or equal to 925 silver can be called sterling silver. Like gold, the hardness of sterling silver is also very small, so called into some other metal to improve the silver of this feature. Since tiffany company to create 925 silver since, 925 silver was internationally recognized as the minimum standard for sterling silver. Silver has added 7.5% of the alloy, so that silver has a relatively good hardness, brightness and gloss, and oxidation resistance.
Silver itself is very soft, which also created a difficult to produce some of the unique silver jewelry, and 925 silver can be very easy to do. So the current market, but the number of 925 silver is the most numerous.
925 sterling silver has become the international silver silver jewelry international imitation Cartier love bracelet standard silver. Therefore, when the purchase, but also pay attention to some of the silver jewelry on the mark. In general, as long as the silver jewelry, back on the back or some other places will have silver abbreviation (“S” or “Sterling”) mark. And 925 silver standard silver mark is the S925. Relatively speaking, the silver mark is the S990. Of course, now silver jewelry on the back with the mark is the domestic regulations, but abroad, there are many countries do not have this provision, therefore, can not directly with the silver jewelry on the surface or there is no mark to determine the silver jewelry The real problem.

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Distributed a unique female beauty Chanel jewelry watch

Distributed a unique female beauty Chanel jewelry watch
The new “Mademoiselle Priv” jewelry watch series, opened the mystery of Ms. Chanel’s private world, but also show her favorite symbol of life and an indispensable element in life. This new watch series also means “feminine beauty” and “uniqueness”, behind has a very special significance. MADEMOISELLE PRIV (meaning “exclusive”): these two full of mysterious French words appear in the Paris Kang Peng Street, Ms. Chanel on the door of the studio. Over the years, these two words are still carefully preserved, Ms. Chanel is located in Paris, Kang Peng Street, the door of the studio, they engraved “MADEMOISELLE PRIV” these words. This series combines the top watchmaking and top jewelry of the superb craftsmanship, with unique ideas, re-interpretation of Ms. Chanel cherished poetic inspiration. One of the watch to camellia rotation shows the flow of time, another with exquisite craft will be precious mother of pearl inlaid into a flower-shaped, low-key and elegant. The traditional “big fire” enamel craft to create a bright star and mighty Cartier nail bracelet replica lion pattern, showing a translucent blue, gorgeous extreme; to gradient pink sapphire and diamond inlaid feathers, Smart as if in the wind Rotate. Coromandel Oriental screen dial is captured by Ms. Chanel’s Chinese ebony paint screen pattern, the use of traditional techniques in Geneva, “big fire” enamel process, to create a beautiful micro-pattern. In addition, the case of “snowflake” inlaid diamonds, so watch more bright brilliance, exquisite extraordinary.
A dazzling engagement ring, it is at first sight, shining love light, touching. Classic traditional engagement diamond ring, unique diamond Guanghua radiance, bright exquisite corolla hold the gem; graceful gem of the wonderful imitation of the emotion, inlaid in a bright gem for the flowers decorated on the ring. The gods of the classicism, with the Solitare 1895 engagement diamond ring for the inspiration of the claw set more than the time, diamond ring crown in the hands of Cartier rejuvenated the beauty of the dream, on a magnificent Ying Run gems such as water hibiscus, endless Of the stars together. CartierDestine Engagement Diamond Ring, Platinum, Punch Set Bright Cut Diamond, Center Bright Cut Diamond, Set For You Cartier Custom Wedding Ring Series offers 0.40 carats to 4.99 kt and 0.40 to 2.99 carats diamonds available.
30 years, in the woman, is charming floriculture; in the jewelry, in addition to this enchanting, it is a legend. Mr. Piaget had a soft spot for Rose, and was invited to become a member of the Geneva Horticultural Association in the 1970s, and later served as president of the association, and he was a strong sponsor of the Geneva International Variety Rose Competition.
Swiss Piaget (Piaget) launched abundance rose jewelry watch
In the early 80s of last century, in the Rose House in Geneva rose garden, the muse appeared. A new rosette cultivated by a variety of rose pollen, shaped like peony-like abundance, with delicate pink and lavender, petals up to more than 80 pieces in the Geneva International New Variety Rose Competition, including the annual gold medal in the Within the three awards. In 1982, the rose was officially named “Yves Piaget Rose”. “It was a very emotional moment for me,” said Mr. Piaget.

Piaget decided to bring this precious rose into the brand’s premium jewelry product line, giving it eternal life. Year after year, the count not only has a rich style of rose series of fine jewelry, rose has become the iconic design of the count.

30 years later, the Earl rose jewelry series has added three categories. The first category of “Diamond Rose” has a cascade of petals, tightly inlaid diamonds so that each piece of petals are blooming pure light, the stamens of the precious stones bright; “hollow rose” is the bottom of the hollow hollow diamond highlights, Edge diamond studded petals overlap, showing a modern woman’s rational and competent; “lace rose” to lace dense.

Texture for the mood, with precious metals and diamonds to create a light soft and imitation Cartier love bracelet dynamic, gorgeous and elegant.
TASAKI continue to adhering to the superb craftsmanship of beauty and love of the heartfelt praise, the grand launch of pretty in pearls “series of jewelry, the animal’s lovely elements and the understanding and pursuit of nature into them.

Cute design, exquisite small size, “pretty in pearls” series of jewelry with rounded freshwater pearls and 18K gold, with clever shape design will be pearl and gold clever combination of rounded pearls are gold set off, originality of the design And the pursuit of higher quality, so that the wearer without complicated dress, a TASAKI pretty in pearls dotted the body, emitting a charming elegant atmosphere!

“Pizza pearls” series is one of the most distinctive TASAKI jewelry, freshwater pearls to embellish the animal’s head, look lifelike, bright and gorgeous shape, full of charm and cute imitation animal jewelry as a chic dress with free distribution of women Charming unique charm.
Gorgeous series of new conference in the National Convention Center gorgeous curtain

New “gorgeous” series to describe the hearts of oriental women

5 pm the same day, with a beautiful “bird’s spirit” peacock opening dance stunning debut, new conference in the pearl Lai Ying came to the curtain, from all over the country experts, scholars, industry elite, high-end customers And the mainstream media co-attended the fashion festival. Yu Chui Villa Mr. Lin Guizhou, general manager of the series of products for the release of the scene, especially invited the “Fashion” magazine editor Wang Yuexin, and Yu Cuishan senior leadership jointly launched a new release ceremony, Yu Cui Villa 2013 series of new products in the thousands of look forward to In the mysterious veil opened, leading jewelry fashion trend of jade.

Mr. Lin Guizhou, general manager of Yu Cui Villa speech at the new conference

It is understood that the “gorgeous” series of new products is jade Tsui Villa fashion jade culture and to Zhen mosaic of the cut for the arts, but also the charm of the Oriental women’s new bloom. Works from the classic Chinese animal imagery to extract the cultural essence and charm of beauty, the process is very creative to introduce the international jewelry design popular fashion treasure to do emerald stone, peacock noble and elegant, dragonflies slim, goldfish demure calmly, Elk’s brisk and beauty, swallowy graceful love, cranes lingering love, bats happy whisper, butterfly gorgeous transformation, perfect freehand modern women colorful life world and spiritual experience. The following are the same as the ”

Gorgeous series of new products slim

Creative release perfect interpretation of the new meaning

As the annual event masterpiece, the new product launch of the product and the meaning of the interpretation of the meaning can be described as bright spots. For the most vividly show the “gorgeous” series of new aesthetic implication of artistic conception, Yu Cui Villa specially Fake Cartier love bracelet hired a senior design team in Beijing, heavy to create the creative scene of the exhibition hall, the stage design to represent the natural wind green leaf-based elements, supplemented by purple , Yellow, purple flowers show “gorgeous” theme, together with the brilliant light and elegant props against the background, vividly create the animal wizard in the gorgeous dream of the natural world.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the activities of the scene for the first time broadcast Yuk Tsui Villa new production behind the scenes, video in the form of a documentary reproduction of the “gorgeous” new series from the concept of positioning, creative sources, graphic design to selection ingredients, , The finished product testing a set of production process, so that the real guests to experience the jade Tsui Villa jewelry craftsmen who tirelessly create outstanding emerald pants of the devotion and hardships, let everyone recognize the jade Tsui Villa strict strict manufacturing standards and excellence work attitude The

Fashion temperament models interpretation of the gorgeous series of new products

2013 new models show in the romantic music dazzling debut, eight temperament models dressed in a special custom fashion clothing, were wearing eight new animals, moving light footsteps walking through the green stage, , Dazzling light drag the city’s flow color. With the wonderful interpretation of the model, making the new full expression of the Oriental women gorgeous colorful emotions, comfortable flying state of life, won the warm applause at the scene.

“Oriental women have a beautiful appearance, but also has a rich and colorful inner world, we use the national classic and close to the natural animal elements to design jade, and boldly use a variety of colored gemstones To enhance the expression, it is for the Oriental women gorgeous and Smart beauty, and European and American animal theme jewelry is different from the ‘gorgeous’ series in the subject performance pay more attention to the interpretation of the classic Chinese cultural connotation, and Oriental women unique charm characteristics Integration of which, focusing on creating unique oriental animal jewelry.

Many domestic and foreign media interview Yu Cui Villa Deputy General Manager Mr. Wu Jingyan

Open a new journey of oriental fashion

Yu Cui Villa is the Oriental fashion art emerald advocate, is committed to the national jade art fashion upgrade, with international and modern tentacles profound interpretation of the cultural and artistic content of jade jewelry, the product from the flow of traditional Chinese culture extract deep memory , And the fusion of fashion and free and easy, elegant and confident modern humanistic spirit, Qianxin interpretation of jade jewelry and the beauty of modern life art, for the East and the world women are customizable their own fashion art Jade.

In recent years, to “Allure”, “national color Tianxiang”, “rhyme color” series as the representative of fashion art jade with its profound human content, aesthetic fashion style design, distinctive product features and accurate emotional demands quickly won The favor of the market, quickly become a modern jade jewelry classic benchmark, Yu Cui Villa fashion emerald ceremony praise Oriental women’s beauty image of the brand more deeply rooted.

Gorgeous dance “bird of the spirit” for the “gorgeous” series of new products Tim color add color

In 2012, film and television star Yuan Li joined the endorsement Yu Cui Villa, Yu Cui Shan Oriental fashion art brand image usher in a comprehensive upgrade. It is understood that the future of jade Tsui Villa will further integrate brand resources, in the country to increase advertising and marketing efforts, and constantly upgrade the franchisee terminal service level. At the same time, Yu Cui Villa in product R & D design will continue to promote the jade mosaic process innovation, the modern micro-inlay technology, color art and ancient silk mosaic process into the jade mosaic design, continue to lead the trend of fashion mosaic jade, to create jade art A new legend of modern aesthetics.

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You can try 10 color autumn and winter

You can try 10 color autumn and winter
Black and white ash in qiu dong is still a lot of people the mass-tone attune of the closet! But want to spend a sunny qiu dong is not impossible, as the summer rich color you can try, compared with the summer color bright, color intensity of qiu dong is reduced, but the degree imitation cartier love bracelet of saturation. According to the international famous pantone chromatography, VOGUE inventory this season you can try 10 hot color.
Like raspberries with a purple sweet greasy, not only can climb to the top of your dress, choose this kind of colour coat collocation of brunet in build, can be easily added to feminine flavour.
Matthew Williamson, 2016 early autumn
Is red
The colour of this dinner very noble and great style, it is also one of the popular colour of qiu dong season. In addition to make you a party queen, you can also choose to casual dress or skirt to make a wonderful day.
Chanel series 2016 early autumn
Orchid purple
Sending out mysterious style purple has been loved by everyone. This one season, orchid purple become one of the hot color. You can cooperate with purple makeup to create elegant and enchanting look.
Bottega Veneta early autumn 2016 series
Pink purple
No purple too sharp and mature, pink purple with a little innocence can make little woman’s Cartier love bracelet replica sweet and finals.
Opening taking early autumn 2016 series
The color has always been a military uniform wind of the hale and hearty and winter parka, windbreaker, such as color, match the item clipping and profile type, neutral style is very easy to get out.
Valentino early autumn 2016 series
Bright blue
Bright blue looks very cold in winter, but with the autumn/winter dark boots, not black and white and gray Xiao Su texture, it is easy to highlight the urban fashion temperament.
Chloe early autumn 2016 series
Sapphire blue
Rich sapphire blue and as designers like used on the dress is red color, as one of the hot color this season, you can try on the suits and dresses to do.
Antonio Berardi early autumn 2016 series
Silver grey
It is looks very simple sense of color, in both cloth and Fake Cartier love bracelet satin material, the color is show is becoming mature and elegant style.
Ralph Lauren early autumn 2016series
Palm red
As qiu dong is widespread palm red, you can find trace on the coat, handbags and shoes. This warm color, low-key, composed, very suitable for as workplace tie-in color choice.
Mulberry series 2016 early autumn
Lemon yellow
In winter, summer is fluorescent yellow, lemon yellow to become mainstream, to bring a bleak autumn/winter dance. Items such as coats, skirt, you can choose lemon yellow scarves, handbags or hat to show the hot color.
Bottega Veneta early autumn 2016 series

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Don’t neglect your in and out of the airfield modelling

Small long vacation airport collocation guidelines: comfortable tide
Five small long vacation is coming, choose the plane travel how girls outfit is ready? Don’t neglect your in and out of the airfield modelling, because often fly around the stars has long been the airport into a fashion field, as a member of fashion are you sure you can’t drop portion, but to like putting the airport when the runway with also really not necessary, comfortable, stylish Cartier love bracelet replica is positive solutions.
1. A concise and agile coat is very necessary, warm and always keep you stylish aura;
2. Sunglasses and bags is absolutely essential to deserve to act the role of large capacity, the former add star quality can help you to keep out the fatigue, which is convenient for you to carry and buying plenty of things;
3. Finally, many a pair of comfortable and tide van shoes, favored by the stars, with short boots and ankle boots and flat shoes are a good choice.
Always go for the concise air line transformers woman replica Cartier love bracelet – Whiteley airport modelling seemingly casual, yet comfortable and fashionable, dark blue, Vanessa Bruno suit jacket + white + black leggings render unlined upper garment, Isabel Marant ankle boots and the collocation of both make a long spell able, and light is suitable for walking, dark glasses, leopard print scarf and large handbag practical and increase the star quality.
Country small days, Taylor Swift is sent fresh route, even on the collocation of the airport is permeated with full-bodied taste: fresh orange flower dress with a yellow leaves thin trench coat, similar color collocation have poise and not ignore temperature, red lip, pearl necklace, and Cartier nail bracelet replica wine red velvet flat shoes easily carry gas dot eyeball, especially the latter, is very suitable for comfortable tide in and out of the airfield.
Hot mama Jessica Alba who coat modelling plays a leading role absolutely, at the airport tarmac splicing black leather coat fashion sense and practical capabilities and simple collocation can create a comfortable casual black trousers, short boots but do not break the modelling of the aura, small white highlight the appearance of package and easily to increase.
Tide queen Rihanna even by loose T-shirt + black leggings + canvas shoes, the collocation of baseball caps that super passers-by airfield, also cannot hide powerful star aura, the secret is to her with a plaid splicing baseball jacket, as well as her casual way of single arm in personality.
Rihanna understands of airport wearing comfortable, rob mirror, black leather splicing sleeve shirt, jeans and coat + Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica printing Alexander Wang lace-up boots + red lip + sunglasses in the whole body is tie-in, seem arbitrary willfulness, is strong enough, especially bright red lips, travel easily scan the circled with Rihanna looking fabulous.
The female Kristen Stewart has always favored handsome neutral fan Balenciaga motorcycle jacket + hoodie + black top three cascading along with the gender and administrative levels sense, black sunglasses cool taste, dew and ankle socks details are fairly bright spot, shows a small K superb match capability.
Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron to demonstrate their elegant and fashionable style: airport ripe female people long grey cardigan coat is an excellent sheet is tasted, create a warm and elegant aura leggings build agile feeling, peep-toe heels adds is damp, pink large handbag is bring a little sweet for the whole body is grey modelling.
“Dragon tattoo girl” Rooney Mara sweater shirt + + leggings + short boots airport modelling look ordinary, but is the same wide black stripes, classic, plus and shirts in short foreign minister combination collocation, have the fashion sense.
Although girl actress Chloe Moretz age is small, can chocolate leather jacket + ling plaid knitted jumper + leggings, and ankle boot airport collocation is a big mature route, overall modelling concise and agile and handsome, the use of black Miu Miu bags added a clever woman flavour.
Actress Emmy Rossum with loose turtleneck sweater jeans + + high boots the modelling of make a leisure and bring some fresh feeling, sunglasses and oblique cross bag bag star quality of ascension.
Actress Kate Beckinsale wore imitation cartier love bracelet black sweater style with big this year heat is hollow out details, builds a low-key sexy pose, match the movement style of black silk pants, shallow green Givenchy handbags, Brian Atwood heels and Salvatore Ferragamo dark brown sunglasses, is suitable for the ripe female copy of comfortable, fashionable modelling at the airport.
Worry about shoes modelling can affect your airport? You can ask Rosie Huntington – Whiteley advice, dark Isabel Marant sneakers and black Leggings, Isabel Marant leather jacket to create one integrated mass of handsome modelling, light blue platinum bag and leopard print scarf use can increase the bright spot while effectively avoid becoming a tomboy in the disaster.