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bringing together former employees and Kurtz departed from the place where they had stopped

One of the leading brands of leisure in the United States Tommy Hilfiger TOMMY HILFIGER, is a casual boutique. Its unique style design and quality of life makes the brand in the huge trend of life in the market, the crane in the top position. Young, sexy and real; is the pursuit of modern young people, highlighting the personality, emphasis on freedom is contemporary style; and many of these are the essence of American dress style. So TOMMY HILFIGER such a very representative, to design the helm of the name of the classic American clothing brand. Its red and white blue brand logo, emphasizing the freedom of the spirit of advocating freedom, but also become the main color design costumes, bring out the young and casual American style.
TOMMY HILFIGER Tommy Hilfer watches brand introduction
Tommy Hilfiger designer Tommy Hilfiger was born in 1952, when the young design talent. At the age of seventeen, he designed for the young people on the New York campus style simple, dynamic hippie series. At the time of the strong response, Tommy Hilfiger claimed that these hippie series of finished products for their virgin. Then, he continued his studies and continued to play his own design talent. In 1978, he opened his first boutique shop in the bustling imitation Cartier love bracelet streets of New York City, which was not very bright at the time for its future development A solid foundation.
Tommy Hilfiger’s original boutique, has not yet formed its unique style, until 1985, Tommy Hilfiger was launched really belong to their own fashion brand. Brand name to his own name, TOMMY HILFIGER quickly occupied the US fashion market. Become a fashionable family to pursue the new darling.
Since 1985 to men’s design started so far, TOMMY HILFIGER brand of product types continue to increase, in addition to clothing, jeans, accessories, but also include shoes, perfume and bedroom supplies. It is in the world of specialty stores and major department stores as many as 163 counters. Its unique style design and quality of life makes the brand in the huge trend of life in the market, the crane in the top position.
TOMMY HILFIGER brand advocating natural, simple fashion, while the design concept all infiltrate the vitality of youth dynamic, and the United States local style is very harmonious, by the younger generation of American love. Straight up the performance, making TOMMY HILFIGER soon with Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and other big match. Because TOMMY HILFIGER brand rich American characteristics, and brand logo and the American flag is very similar, making the brand in the American public, set a good image.
For the German watch a lot of friends still very much like, the German character is fully embodied in the watchmaking process. Here we introduce you to a German small minority watch brand Tutima Daima. Take a look!
Tutima Dharma’s history dates back to 1927. The outbreak of the First World War, the expensive Replica Cartier jewelry precision watch market collapsed instantly. Followed by the turbulence of 10 years, to 1926, Glashütte region is almost deserted. At the end of 1926, some companies wanted to end the crisis. (UFAG), led by Dr. Ernst Kurtz, the company began to develop and produce its own watch, produced by the movement can be comparable with the Swiss products.. Uhren-Rohwerke-FabrikGlashuuml; tte company (UROFA) and UhrenfabrikGlashuuml; tte company (UFAG) The best quality style is named Tutimar, the name comes from the Latin tutusr, meaning safe r or protection r.
Tutima soon gained a reputation for quality and excellent service. May 8, 1945, on the eve of the ceasefire, the Russian bombers almost flattened Glashütte, the German watch factory heavy losses. However, Tutima was lucky to stay and built a factory in West Germany. Because coincidentally: Dr. Ernst Kurtz happened to the property the day before the bombing left Glashütte. In the same year, he established a new company in southern Germany Uhrenfabrik Kurtz.
In 1951, the company moved to Ganderkesee in Lower Saxony, bringing together former employees, and Kurtz departed from the place where they had stopped. The Kurtz Glashütte tradition engraved on the dials unequivocally expressed the intention to maintain the original tabulation standards to 1956, the company has successfully launched a variety of movement, but this time Dr. Kurtz’s funds emergency. In the Sarasudi watchmaking tradition of strict cultivation, a new generation of watchmakers debut. Dr. Kurtz’s partner is also a friend of WernerPohlan, along with the original distribution company TutimaUhren, to continue the company’s operations and renamed NUROFA. In 1959, Dr. Kurtz again managed the watch factory, named after the original company name UROFA in Glashütte.
Later DieterDelecate took over TutimaUhren and established TutimaUhrenfabrik Co., Ltd., paving the way for subsequent success. 1985 launched a military mechanical chronograph, since the German Air Force pilot standard equipment, but also in a variety of harsh environment to prove the value of the watch. Started in 1997 KELEK contracted a special chronograph brand Breitling technical work, one hundred has been responsible for the re-assembly business by KELEK large customers. Since then Breitling began to expand their own functional watch development, and later to reach 100% of all products, the level of the Observatory. While the KELEK brand is only focused on the production of simple and elegant timepieces products.