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Bright round inside and outside the round clear as crystal Crystal Palace

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer boat clock series watch

Watch Comments: Khaki Navy Pioneer boat clock series quite distinctive case, steel material to build, 43 mm diameter, the side decorative Paris nail bezel, inwardly recessed inner bezel, linear lugs, rounded Three-dimensional case, is the appearance of navigation clock to do hair think.

Summary: The above watch is the Basel watch show on the launch of the new watch, each one is full of modern fashion design and heritage of traditional crafts, whether you like retro or modern, the above models can meet the demand, As is the new imitation Cartier love bracelet product listing, the specific price has not been determined, if the news, we will provide you the first time.

Time, without leaving any traces of their contours and appearances, understatement of the pen outlines the face of youth; time, quietly took their comfort and beauty, but generously dedication of wisdom and maturity Of the connotation; time, inadvertently changed the original innocence and dreams, but quietly given them noble temperament and impressive attitude. They are women, with dreamy fairy tale dreams, glassy heart sentimentality, challenge-like vistas, and empress-like elegance … such a changeable and cold, mysterious and elegant woman who can Grasp the changes and the pursuit of them, who can meet their temperament and connotation?

Bold, unique and classic Bulgari, with its own style of interpretation of contemporary women’s charm, in their own language into a design element, which is the Greek-style elegance of Italy. Meet every woman’s dream, whether it is your dreams, wild, intellectual, noble, Bulgari can read the heart of a woman, as you meet the rare treasures.

Bright round inside and outside the round, clear as crystal Crystal Palace.

Think of exquisitely carved, shine shine, my mind will naturally emerge out of this sentence, “bright and clear inside and outside the round, clear as crystal Palace.” The beauty of the poem is that the word has nothing but infinite, just a short fourteen The word has condensed the poet’s perception, thought and touch. Since ancient times, who does not envy that gorgeous gem? Who does not praise that bright gem? Who does not treasure that rare gem?

For women, the beauty of diamond jewelry is more timeless and precious. Bulgari is so clever to capture the inspiration that is so ingenious combination of jewelry diamonds and time, both complement each other, but also become a woman’s mind another dream. Bvlgari jewelry colorful Replica Cartier jewelry, modern and eye-catching design revolves around BVLGARI Bvlgari unique classic elements. Like the art of painting, the DIVA Premium Jewelry Collection brings together a rich and diverse range of design elements. Rich gems and a variety of color combinations dizzying.

Women like diamonds, like jewelry, along the way, it is the dream of their hearts. Not only from its luxury and rare, but also from its symbolism, a symbol of eternal love, is the longest companionship. Bvlgari jewelry technology is so wonderful, whether it is turquoise, diamonds and tourmaline woven into the gorgeous, or diamond watch models show the pure beauty, or the mother of pearl dial and rose gold interpretation of the gentle and elegant, All of these watches vividly demonstrate BVLGARI’s long-standing brand culture and heritage of more than a century of craftsmanship.

Pina Ruoshong, Wanruyouronglong.

If the style above is about the feminine, then the world we enter is wild. “If the light clouds of the moon, swaying Xi Ruoyu the return of snow”, as if the Qingyun closed the month flow back to the snow, Bulgari can always unexpectedly bring us a different kind of beautiful, This is not a “dragon” but a snake.

In ancient mythology, the snake is a mysterious totem symbolizing wisdom, strength and rebirth. It survived more than 2,700 years of historical heritage and is now reborn in Bulgari’s artistry. Whether it is vividly simulated or geometric snake snake shows the form, Serpenti series watch the best Bulgari brand essence, become the most beautiful women’s Wristwatches landscape. Many people say that the serpentine watch is not beautiful, in fact, it is that they can not control its meaning. In nature, the snake itself is a mysterious, wild animal. The series of tables in addition to the noble design, more into the uninhibited style, which is the style of many brands can not try.

Unique serpentine, around the wrist, only get started know that the city of wild and the perfect fit body. For the first time, part of the Serpenti bracelet, introduced this year, discards the traditional internal springs, making the watch more flexible and flexible to meet everyday needs and highlight Bulgari’s unlimited design creations. At the same time, the series also has a combination of different materials and jewelry, adhering to the essence of high-grade jewelry rich colors, vividly demonstrated the unique style of the family.

Clouds want clothes to think of flowers, spring whistle Revlon.

Clothes move with the wind comparable to the clouds, beautiful face and flower Yan Xuan comparable, which is the number of women longing for the beautiful and luxurious. Every woman has a beautiful and kind heart in her heart, growing more rich with time and quietly changing with time. Women desire to keep the pace of time, more eager to get the blessing of time. Derived from the “light” and “time” indissoluble bound, BVLGARI Bvlgari LVCEA women watch series at any time the light turns more and more bright and dazzling, between Jane and Fan reached a perfect balance, overflowing streamer.

From the lines, we feel the shadow of the time. The case is shiny and round, highlighting the dial decorated with Roman numerals and hands. The appearance resembles sundial, and the crown decorated with gems, such as the sun, flashes in a flashy manner. Watches in the show time at the same time, each detail also contains the brand’s unique design style, V-type link design coincides with the name VCE LVCEA, this series of blood flowing into each design .

From early morning to sunset, LVCEA is suitable for all occasions celebrities favorite, on different occasions, reflecting their own unique personality and charming elegance. BVLGARI Bulgari will also release the gemstone blue, Bordeaux powder and pale pink crocodile skin color strap, LVCEA series with a colorful and personalized look, to meet the needs of different ladies.

Bulgari, what is the impression for everyone? Some people may define it as a luxury, and some people may define it as a jewelry brand, maybe some people define it as a watch brand, maybe … maybe some people are still very strange to it. Therefore, I do not want to use simple words or words to summarize Bulgari understanding and concept in my heart, a brand heritage of centuries classic, history and culture, how few words can describe it? Without investigation, you have no say. If you have not fully understood a brand, you can not define it. Colored glasses will only make your thinking more and more narrow.

More Bulgari ladies watch, waiting for you to explore.

Summary: Now, I can only understand is that Bulgari is to give the longest companionship, the most tacit understanding of the reader, where you can see the noble qualities of women, the king style; you can see the women Gentle gesture, lady Jiao Rong; you can see the rich content of women, the mysterious world.