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Automatic mechanical watch internal movement components are composed of mechanical parts

Structure and composition
Automatic mechanical watch internal movement components are composed of mechanical parts, is based on the clockwork as the driving force of the balance of wrist watches. Mechanical watch is composed of movement and appearance components. The movement includes the drive train, the original movement system, the upper part of the needle system, the escapement speed control system, the pointer system, the movement parts are clamped by the screws to combine them; the appearance parts from the case, dial, Strap and other parts.
Automatic watch structure type more, but the working principle is roughly the same. Automatic winding device installed in the back of the movement, open the back cover that can see. Automatic Swiss watch movement is generally thicker. General reversing wheel structure of the automatic imitation Cartier love bracelet table by the automatic hammer (heavy hammer), reversing wheel, automatic transmission wheel, automatic wheel and other components. Automatic hammer with screws fixed on the center of the automatic shaft. In the role of external force, it revolves around the center, driving the direction of the wheel, the direction of the axle teeth and promote the automatic transmission wheel rotation, automatic transmission wheel to promote automatic wheel, automatic wheel and large steel wheel teeth, so that a large steel wheel A tooth rotates on a tooth. Automatic table is automatically Tuo any direction of rotation can be on the article. Different from the one-way commutation device, bidirectional commutation device or ratchet pawl device. Now more than automatic watches. ETA2892 movement, double lion 46941 movement is the two-way automatic winding is the vast majority of eccentric pendulum (automatic Tuo or automatic hammer), its shape like a semicircular disk, the choice of more heavy quality of the metal And the edge is relatively thick, so most of the quality are on the edge of Tuo, the use of gravity and human arm swing and rotation, and drive a set of gear to tighten the winding to the winding.
Principle of operation
The movement of the watch is driven by the elasticity of the winding, and when it is full of the winding, its torque is large, and as the watch moves away, the winding is loose and its torque is gradually reduced. Watch from the tightening of the clock to 24 hours this time, its torque output is smooth, then travel is also more accurate, the error is small. And more than 24 hours later, the winding torque will drop sharply, travel time error increases. In order to ensure that the watch travel time more accurate, so every day on the regular winding.
Mechanical watch on how to use the fingers back and forth on the bar is better, because back and forth on the article, with a finger to bring back the big wheel, so play a rebound slowdown, to prevent the collision of the gear, and back and forth is also very effort. If you always move forward, the more close the spring when the full, its rebound is also greater, each time the article will appear rebound once, and each rebound will increase the chord gear collision, so that the tip easily broken.
In accordance with the transmission ratio projections, handle head turn 18 laps more, you can meet Replica Cartier jewelry the watch travel time for 36 hours. However, due to the strength of each person is not the same as the winding, and the handle of the water jacket apron frictional force of different sizes, therefore, when the spring is completely relaxed, the handle is best to rotate more than 20 laps. Winding all tight, in theory, can continue to travel 40 hours (except special watches), but after 24 hours can not guarantee the accuracy of the watch travel time.
When the balance of the ball in the static state, to the hairspring to impose a certain moment, that is, on a string, this time do not shake the watch, and balance wheel can automatically swing, then the watch has a high sensitivity. If the need to shake the watch after the move to move, indicating that the watch sensitivity is low. This phenomenon is generally caused by the balance of the balance wheel is too large.
Maintenance attention
Maintenance principle of mechanical watch:
1, automatic watch in the course of the use of its winding can often maintain a certain degree of tightness, so it removed from the wrist, placed immobile, still able to keep more than twenty-four hours of walking time.
2, automatic table used for many years, due to automatic parts wear, its flexibility will be reduced, so every night before going to sleep should also swing the table for a certain time to make up for lack of power
3, automatic table automatic device if the failure, but also by hand tightening the winding, but not on the full Hand winding feel more strenuous, because the automatic part of the gear and automatic hammer will rotate with the rotation of the big wheel.
Mechanical watch adjustment time principle:
Mechanical watch for a long time without standing, mechanical watch winding will be relaxed to the watch stand still, this time, if you want to re-wear, you must first start the new winding, after the calibration time, universal mechanical watch In the winding of the most loose moment, will reveal the hour hand, minute hand slow down or become fast, because this should be on the full winding, so that no calibration time, there is no standard power to drive the pointer, even semi-automatic on the refining table Section, should also be manually used to refining to eight full, and then the implementation of time calibration.