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Hiking in Hokkaido Scrambling from the underground burst out of the rich vegetation

Hiking in Hokkaido
Scrambling from the underground burst out of the rich vegetation, at your fingertips blue sky and the clouds, private enjoy the wood of the soup and the moment combined with the natural one in the morning in the spectacular clouds on the beach to drink coffee, afternoon lavender walk in the sea, at the dinner table Reminiscent of the taste of the most essential food, in this beautiful autumn, elope to Hokkaido to give yourself a vacation, in the sea of clouds, flowers in the tour some, after all, a good choice!
Lavender flowers
Has been listening more than once to describe someone in Hokkaido has a romantic and magical place, where there are large lavender flower field, there are unique limited origin of lavender ice cream, when finally face the face of this flower, or was deeply shocked The. Located in Hokkaido Furano, Tomita Farm has Japan’s largest lavender flower field, about 90,000 lavender across the rolling season is the ups and downs of ten wins and even the mountain, every year from July to August lavender season, you can and the world Come here to enjoy the tourists in this lavender and nearly 80 kinds of flowers in the ocean, but also in the farm perfume Replica Cartier jewelry homes, dried flowers and other gifts shop Amoy to their favorite lavender products. In addition, you can also take the opportunity to see the “Hokkaido most beautiful village” reputation of the Biei, the color contrast strong “Patchwork Road” is a visual impact, “Four Seasons Choi Qiu” a wide range of flowers are worth a look , A large sunflower smile is full of positive energy, you can even here and the legendary “animal” alpaca make a face to face.
Thanksgiving tips
1. Tomita farm tours lavender flower field is the best season from July to August each year. It is best to avoid weekends and local holidays.
2. Be sure to try the lavender lavender ice cream, about 250 yen. In addition, Xi Zhang’s heart is very famous melon, melon taste of ice cream is also worth a try.
3. Tomato farm and lavender bus are attractive lavender, very unique. Lavender sachets and essential oils are sold on the farm.
4. Tomita farm no ticket set, from the new Chitose Airport to the farm about 2.5 hours.
To the nearest cafe from heaven to see the sea of clouds
Microblogging on the rumors of a way of life, that is, from the nearest cafe to see the sea of clouds, in specific terrain conditions and meteorological conditions to form a large array of exotic clouds constitute a spectacular ocean, sky and sea of clouds at your fingertips. The legend of this place in Hokkaido famous Hoshino TOMAMU resort, do not like other places like mountains, do not have arrogant long-range raid. Located in a colt in the Hoshino TOMAMU resort, there are more than 30 layers of five-star, four-star hotel, giving a special sense of psychedelic. Live in the Hoshino TOMAMU resort, you only need to wake up in the sun at 3 o’clock wake up, take a shuttle bus, sit on the summit of the sea of the cable car can come to the dream of the sea of clouds, Before the crowd came, a good cup called “sea of clouds” of the coffee waiting for heaven to come. In this fantastic large white blanket “roll children”, from the cable car down, in the foot of the mountain in July just under the “cloud” restaurant meal, you can also experience with small partners handmade ice cream and bread , That satisfaction is comparable to all “natural wake up”.
It is also enjoyable, golf, fishing, hot air balloons, horse riding, happy beaches, woods soup, water churches are special features. The most noteworthy is the world famous architect Ando Tadao design of the natural symbiosis as the theme of the water of the church, through the design of the rotating staircase, surrounded by trees in the open water on the white cross enough to give the soul shock. Happy beaches are Japan’s largest indoor waves swimming pool, the strong recommendation of the wood of the soup on the beach side, surrounded by green grass and blue sky in the “bubble”, in the breeze to enjoy the dream only The feeling of harmony between heaven and man, and even encounter a guest rabbit or deer, it is said that in the Hokkaido winter is not the style. There are a wide selection of restaurants in the Hanoi TOMAMU resort. The famous forest cafeteria is surrounded by coniferous forest, and the huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow the gourmets to enjoy the virgin forest. The four-person suite at Starfield RISONARE is the perfect choice for family vacations. The suite’s separate sauna and four-person jacuzzi are not to be missed!
View the sea and the sea
1. Sea of clouds Café in Hoshino TOMAMU resort, only open every year in May to October. Housing constraints, it is recommended at least 3 months in advance booking, you can through the Star Group website booking:
2. Hoshino TOMAMU Resort will provide the next day in the afternoon before the sea of clouds probability forecast, will be posted the previous week’s sea of clouds photos. But whether it can really see the most spectacular sea of clouds need to fight character. For insurance purposes, it is recommended to set aside 2 to 3 days in the morning to the sea of clouds.
4. View the sea peak of the lower temperature, about 13 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ or so, it is recommended to wear a jacket or Jackets.
5. cable car to be tickets, adults about 1800 yen. Take the cable car before the staff will vote for postcards to you, you can write in the top of the sea under the shrouded it into the “cloud sea letter” direct mail.
6. Hoshino TOMAMU resort of the wood of the soup soup is “bubble”, do not need to bring swimsuit. To swim in the room, you need to prepare a swimsuit.
7. Water Church about 400 weddings a year, summer at a certain time in the evening (21: 00 ~ 21: 30) open, visit more visitors, must catch up early.
Scrambling from the underground burst out of the rich vegetation, at your fingertips blue sky and the clouds, private enjoy the wood of the soup and the moment combined with the natural one in the morning in the spectacular clouds on the beach to drink coffee, afternoon lavender walk in the sea, at the dinner table Reminiscent of the taste of the most essential food, in this beautiful autumn, elope to Hokkaido to give yourself a vacation, in the sea of clouds, flowers in the tour some, after all, a good choice!
Hokkaido origin cuisine
Come to Hokkaido, we must enjoy the very unique here agricultural food. Hokkaido’s milk, honeydew, corn, potatoes, beef and pumpkin are all the pride of the locals who are proud of the taste of the food. In the Hanoi TOMAMU resort, in addition to the famous “forest restaurant”, there are “HAL”, Pula its French restaurant, triangular Japanese restaurant, more food a street to choose from. Special recommendation “HAL” steak, milk ice cream, and beauty chef unlimited supply of famous seasoning melon, food a street “pepper soup curry” – Hokkaido famous specialty food, recommend fresh incomparable “Shitoku chicken soup curry” , You can try to challenge 50 times the “infinite spicy” level yo!
Food Tips
1. At the Tawamu Resort in Hoshino TOMAMU Resort can buy Hokkaido specialty food and snacks, the famous Hokkaido limited production “white lover”, the United States and winter, six flower booths are worthy of their own use and give away.
2.ROYCE raw chocolate is very delicious, but need to keep cold storage, it is recommended to the new Chitose airport chocolate factory to buy, not only choose more, but also the whole process of chocolate production process.

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How to judge the 6 carat diamond ring how much money?

How to judge the 6 carat diamond ring how much money?
Diamond prices are determined by the Diamond 4C standard

Many interested in diamond investment friends are very concerned about the price of large drilling, because only the volume of the drill was suitable for investment, and buy 6 carat diamond ring investment to wear two correct. Diamond ring price depends on the first Cartier love bracelet replica diamond, especially the six-carat big diamond ring. Diamond prices are also determined by the diamond 4C standard, the so-called diamond 4C standard, refers to the diamond color, clarity, carat, cut. Diamond 4C is the most important thing is the weight of diamonds, the more scarlet diamond the more rare, the higher the value, but also because it is such a 6 carat diamond price is much higher than the price of 6 1 carat diamond and , So 6 carat diamond ring price is relatively high.
The price of diamonds is related to the natural color clarity

At present, the international diamond color from the most white to the most yellow, represented by the English alphabet, from D to the last Z, is divided into three levels. D grade: completely colorless, extremely rare. E grade: colorless, is very rare diamonds. F-class, are high-quality diamonds. These several colors and clarity are the majority of customers expect the level of diamonds, these bare drill out of the diamond is particularly beautiful and pure. Therefore, the higher the clarity of the 6-carat diamond ring relatively high prices.

Cut is the only factor that affects the price manually

Cut the work is the only human factors can be changed, the impact on the price of diamonds is also great, diamond cut the impact of the diamond fire color, the same quality, color different diamonds, the price difference between 20% -30%; cut Work different price difference between 30% -40%. A 6-carat color, clarity, cut very good diamonds and 6 carat color, clarity, less cut diamonds compared to the price difference between 70% -80%, so the general brand of Cartier love ring replica diamond cutting technology and Personnel requirements are more stringent. Like Levi’s cutting technology inherited the Belgian hundreds of years of cutting technology, combined with modern precision instruments, so in the cutting of the more dominant. In short, the diamond cut on the price of diamond ring is very large.

The price of the diamond ring and the diamond and the right to have a relationship, but the more the caravan diamond ring, the price of the ring is almost negligible. But the color, clarity on the impact of the price of diamonds is natural, who can not be around, as the only artificially affect the diamond ring cut the price of the factors, the general business will be strictly grasp. So how to determine how much money is basically cut from the diamond 4C standard to judge.
On the ladies diamond ring wear, the community circulating a number of different claims, especially for marriage or wedding dress wear more stress. So, ladies wear ring which finger is more appropriate, what specific basis?

Ladies and Gentlemen

One of the most young women recognized the way to wear a diamond ring, is the ladies wearing a diamond ring on the left and right ring finger. In particular, have been engaged in the ladies, most of them will wear the ring on the left ring finger on the ring. Because the Westerners think that the diamond ring on the left hand ring finger will get the gift of God, and now young men in the marriage scene, put a Levi’s marriage diamond ring wearing his girlfriend left hand ring finger on the inner idea is also hope that his girlfriend can get God Blessed, you can pay good luck! In addition, there is a saying: the left hand ring finger on a direct access to the heart of the vein, was the world known as the “love of the vein”, so put the wedding ring on the left hand ring finger also means between the love and intimacy relationship.
Ladies’ Wear

In accordance with the traditional Chinese customs, the woman should put the wedding ring on the left middle finger, because in many people see the girls wear the diamond ring on the left middle finger, means that the heart has been owned. Often some of the women in love will marry the diamond ring on the left middle finger, in order to avoid the pursuit of other men. Even if an ordinary ring worn on the left middle finger, but also to show that they have a master of flowers.
Lady of the diamond ring of other wear law

Ms. diamond ring there are some other wear and moral. For example, some people will wear Cartier nail bracelet replica a diamond ring on the little finger, said his celibate, and eager to get love. There are some single or divorced women, will wear a diamond ring on the left index finger, said he was unmarried but there is a desire to marry the heart.

It is not difficult to see that every diamond wear and love are related to love. In fact, in the marriage or marriage of such occasions, regardless of the boys put the diamond ring on his girlfriend which finger, have to choose a real diamond drill to express the premise as a prerequisite, Levi’s life only one custom diamond ring, enough to express Girlfriend in their own hearts unique position is also better than this world countless love confession.

Ladies wear a finger to wear which, although there is no exact argument and basis, but given these wear in the community which is particularly high degree of recognition. In addition to the above several kinds of wear law, and some women will wear the ring on the right hand ring finger, in order to express their own nuns like the heart!

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The Wedding Ring and Its Significance

The Wedding Ring and Its Significance
Ring is a witness of love, a diamond ring passed a sincere feeling, the ring since ancient times have a special symbolic significance. Rings are worn on different fingers with different meanings. Different ethnic groups on the ring of the law and the meaning of the symbol is different, if you are ready to marry her to my dear, then you can see Xiao Bian and share the content of it! Different regions and ethnic wedding ring wearing a law of what pay attention and different meaning.

Western countries wedding ring wearing law

According to the traditional customs of the West, the left hand is God’s good luck, so they usually put the ring on the left hand. Western countries are a very romantic area, it is said that the earliest use of the ring is the tragic hero – the Prometheus, the spread Replica Cartier jewelry of the ring will have the meaning of each other. As early as the Roman period, the ring has become a kind of male and female exchange has a token.

Oriental country wedding ring wearing law

China is a typical oriental country, some colorful national characteristics and a long history, in ancient times, the ring as a ornament for many royal aristocrats to wear ornaments, but I have no specific meaning, and later with the Western culture Fusion, the ring of the moral and wear law also produced varying degrees of change, the index finger to want to get married, but unmarried; middle finger that has been in love; ring finger that has been engaged or married; little finger on behalf of marriage. If you do not understand these before, then understand the future must not take the wrong Oh, or may be the reason you have been a single nobility Oh!
The Era of New Age Individuality Rings

In this new era, most people do not stick to some small details, as long as they like to wear in which fingers can be. Some different styles and types of wedding rings, with different wear law, in order to perfectly show its characteristics and beauty, as well as the distinctive personality. For example, like to wear the index finger character more paranoid; like to wear the left hand middle finger, is a sense of responsibility, attention to the family; like sapphire or sapphire character is more introverted cold character, etc., you can according to the personality of love Characteristics, to pick and wear rings, do not have to follow the traditional custom to bind themselves.

The ring is an ornament, it is a pass the emotional token, it quietly stay in our fingertips, record every real emotion. Wedding rings and the meaning of different, everyone can according to their own character and preferences to pick a suitable for their own ring, understand the wedding ring wearing law, will make your confession and mind to get a better interpretation
The ring is the love of the letter, is a perfect affection of the perfect ending, but also to witness the marriage, for the couple to be married, the selection of rings is very important thing, and even some people do not have wedding ceremony, but still Will be carefully selected a ring, give their love of people, the ring in everyone’s mind has an irreplaceable position, especially for those who prepare to marry the boys, pick a good pair of rings, will give you the proposal At least 30% increase in the success of the opportunity, how to choose the diamond ring, what kind of diamond ring will let each other eyebrows? Xiaobian today to teach you recipe, we may wish to refer to Oh!

Give your love a private custom

In the traditional concept, the ability to customize the things, the value must be a lot of money, in fact, this is a wrong view, on the contrary, with the discovery of society and people’s thinking progress, private custom is no longer the rich to show off Capital, he is more for the minds of people to provide a way to express emotions, “in my name, between you, with life, I follow the” Levi is precisely for everyone to provide a way to express other, Are able to provide custom, it’s ring men can only be purchased with ID card life, will love loyalty with a different way to show it, Levi can be based on the needs of customers in the favorite style engraved on their own The words to be engraved, and so on. Xiao Bian personally feel that this is particularly a way for girls to be tempted.

According to the character of love to pick

Everyone is their own personality, the world does not have two identical leaves, the ring is the case, each ring has its own personality and characteristics, you can according to the personality characteristics of love to pick, for example, you are her More gentle, temperament type of people, you can choose Levi’s ladies noble fate is destined to this ring, its design generous, gestures are able to reflect the elegance and elegance between women, whether your girlfriend is Gentle temperament type, or relatively medium-sized female man, or more cute little girl, are able to find a suitable for her in the Levi’s ring, according to the character to pick, is a good choice Oh

According to the meaning of the ring to choose

This is a more perceptual way than the above two kinds of picking methods. In fact, girls are more emotional in a lot of time, maybe not a particular thing for a thing, but when a thing is given It is not the same meaning, it will be particularly like it, Levi’s “life with each other, I follow the” good meaning, by a lot of couples favor, each ring has its own moral and personality characteristics, may wish you Can go to understand.

The above is Xiao Bian for how to choose the recommendations of the diamond ring, as can not pick that she likes that one, it depends on whether you are enough intentions, enough to understand her slightly, I hope you can choose a ring belongs to you only, Witness the extension of your happiness.

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Featured Engagement Ring Categories

Featured Engagement Ring Categories
Engagement ring brand there are many, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Saturday Fu, etc., perhaps because there are so many brands will be dazzling, so do not know how to choose their own. Perhaps you will because of these products and lost their original favorite products, today Chow Sang Sang selection of engagement ring to take you into the world of jewelry to find out.

Gold ring

Golden ring as if there are in each ring brand, then Chow is also no exception. Although Zhou Shengsheng is the most prominent ring is the gold ring, but the gold ring is also very beautiful, there are hollow series, solid series, there are other models of exquisite gold ring. I believe the most popular should be hollow gold ring it Fashionable and beautiful, able to set off the temperament of each wearer, and strive to make every customer satisfaction. Zhou Shengsheng gold ring although the type is not a lot of style is relatively small, but because it is classic, but also Chow Sang Sang brand selling is relatively good, so Chow Sang Sang’s gold engagement ring is a good choice.

Platinum rings

In addition to the gold ring platinum ring is also popular in the market Replica Cartier jewelry of an engagement ring, most of the new people will choose platinum ring as their engagement ring. The most important is the platinum ring is Chow Sang Sang’s platinum ring is the main section, it is also a minor celebrity, in the market is also widely popular, loved by the vast number of consumers. Although the platinum ring is not like the golden ring as shining, compelling, but it is a hint of elegance to attract the attention of the vast number of consumers. When you choose a low profile for your girlfriend but without losing the elegant Chow Sang Sang platinum ring, she will be happy to accept you.
Diamond ring

In addition to the above two rings, there is a public is more familiar, it is a diamond ring. Chow Sang Sang also has a diamond ring production, diamond ring beautiful and transparent, sparkling, people have a look at the impulse to fall in love. Diamond rings are beautiful, but the latter is more troublesome than the other two rings. So after the purchase of diamond rings should pay attention to the late maintenance of diamonds to extend the life of the ring. Give her a sparkling diamond ring to make your love sparkle it.

These are the general classification of Chow Sang Sai Select Engagement Rings, which are some of the more classic and popular styles. In fact, each person’s aesthetic are not the same, you may not choose the above described several engagement rings, then you can pay attention to Chow Sang Sang’s official website, Chow Sang Sang will give you a satisfactory answer.
Diamond ringing is an important part of the diamond ring, although the diamond ring diamond is very valuable also has great value, but the diamond ring also plays an indispensable role, the role is not to be underestimated. But what is the diamond ringing material? Does the quality of the diamond ring affect the quality of the diamond ring? The answer is certain.

What are the options for the ringing material?

In recent years, the ring in the popular consumer more and more popular, people in addition to choose the style of the ring color, the ring is also a small material is very important. For example, ring ringing is an important factor in testing the quality of the ring. Now the material is 18K gold and pt950 there are gold ringing, the quality of their materials are no doubt. Choose these materials are for a reason, because these materials are very hard to set off the precious stones jewelry and diamonds. Now the most popular design is matte and semi-matte models, because the popular style of popular young people’s favorite. Although these materials are more common ringing materials, but 18k gold is one of the best used most of the ringing material, it seems slightly better.

Platinum ringing

You must not think of platinum ring but also platinum ring it! Jewelery choose platinum as a ringing material because platinum is a more valuable material than gold, so it is in the ring market increasingly prosperous. There are several types of platinum ringing, namely PT990, PT950 and PT900. Platinum Diamond gives people some new definitions and meanings about love, and Platinum Rings is no exception, giving people an infinite imagination. Many people will be because of platinum than the meaning of Jin Jian and choose platinum as their marriage ring. More importantly, the hardness of platinum is also greater than gold, more conducive to the diamond mosaic.
Choose the reason for 18K gold

18K stone stone material in the best material, as to why it is best to have a reason, its hardness is higher than platinum, and much higher, so it is more conducive to mosaic. 18K is 75% gold and 25% of other precious metals, and PT950 is platinum gold content is 95%, so its purity is lower than the latter, more tough. In general, both have a place to learn from each other, only learn from each other to become the best quality ring ring.
Choose a diamond ring what material is good, in fact, this is a very simple question, the choice is also very easy. Ring material is generally divided into two kinds, one is platinum, one is 18k gold, both both advantages and disadvantages, the majority of consumers can choose according to their actual situation

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Wedding ring wear which finger is more suitable, more romantic

Wedding ring wear which finger is more suitable, more romantic
Wedding is romantic, is elegant, she was wearing a white wedding to your section, with the usual romantic day, this time whether you are some excitement. Before the wedding you have considered the wedding ring worn on which finger is more suitable, more romantic?

The most suitable left hand

If the time back, you are still my heart most want to guard the person, the most cherished people, a lifetime guarding you slowly, do not let you be a shred of injury. Give you the best love, let you become the most gentle of their own, no longer because of those trivial troubles and heartbreaking. Love is the need to let the other half happy, as the other half I should bear the responsibility to make you happy. Want to make you happy you have to let you know my Cartier love bracelet replica actual action, for your left hand sets a romantic diamond ring, start a new life, forget the previous unhappy is my greatest care.

The most romantic middle finger

Because met you, so met the love, will know the taste of love is so sweet, met your time is so beautiful. Fell in love with someone because at the right time met the right one with each other and started a correct love. Slowly with the feelings of love for a long time, become more warm. Perhaps just a little hug, but still can make each other become sweet and happy, every little thing is the heart of love bit by bit. Wedding is love in the beautiful things, marry the ring when the middle finger to wear the moment, must be your favorite scene, filled with countless romantic elements.
The most moving ring finger

Each other Xiangruyimo, silently waiting, quietly accompanied, silently support, determined to want to bow together, spend time together with the good times. In the hearts of meditation each other’s name, convinced that each other can live together very well, together with a beautiful new life. And she started a happy life? For her ring finger on a wedding ring on it. Let her for your sincere and persistent and moved, willing to work with you to spend the good times of the future, together to create a better future. Not because of the invisible touched, but because the two people together when the happiness and love of the original appearance, so each other will be better together.

I believe that our love exists in all the details of life, there are all the daily trivial, so the wedding ring wearing a finger is part of life, only to seriously understand the problem, we will have a better future, more happy Life, it is only love of trouble, is worthy of our own to have.
There is a flower, suddenly wandering, only the sun and the moon can read their own mind. That year a pick of roses, is still bright red color, like through the marriage of love, or as it was the original color, clear and transparent heart, pure white no time to love, and this wedding maintenance Not unrelated. What is the wedding ring wearing, do you really know?

The traditional wedding ring wear method

Early that year, for your twist word ink, will be a touch of smoke in the fleeting season into a poetic makeup. Now, the fingertips of the diamond ring, with the blessings of marriage, hidden lake light Cuiwei bright and clean, shallow Yang glass heart shadow, flowers such as Kam’s mo, so that our memory will never mottled. With a ring to cover her fingertips, but also to trap her heart. Have you ever received an unexpected surprise gift, that moment of joy is beyond words, which from the bottom of my Cartier love ring replica heart gradually rising happiness, like being surrounded by the sun. Everyone is accustomed to wearing a wedding ring on the left hand of the ring finger, which is married signal, it is a tradition.
Wedding rings are specially worn

Take the beginning of a gentle, intentions, with love, with a wedding ring, to her life painted a white snow wins the snow painting volume. Now the young people have their own ideas, the rules of the world for their love is no longer applicable, they believe that love, than to believe in fate, their wedding ring is not necessarily worn on the hand, may be worn Wrist, neck and neck, worn on the ears, are possible, where you like to wear, where to wear, because love is unreasonable, the same is the ring contains a smile Fu Chi wrapped around the years of perfume flow, how many smoke falling off Lian Lian.

The eternal memorial meaning of wedding ring

Wedding ring, different from the other for the beautiful ring, no exaggerated shape, just simple, in the quiet, not publicity personality, not impetuous, disposable indifferent, Ann convection, not on this in this warm. Lost time, could not pull the wind of the memory, a shiny ring, the next section of who with the fate of those who do not sign a promise, know that life and death. Wedding ring of eternity, is to let you see it every time, or ask it cold, remembered her look Cartier nail bracelet replica back, youth time, smiling Tian Tian, gorgeous a romantic romantic season after years of diminishing its color. Into a part of the life of the streamer.

A bustling meet, Jiangshan wind and rain edge of the pull, the clouds in the moon frost Fenghua, only willing to clear tea with you, in the spring flowers on the moon, chrysanthemum, Tianya a total of a total of moon. Wedding ring wear which hands, is sweet doubts.

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How to identify the emerald jade emerald jade how good and bad identification

How to identify the emerald jade emerald jade how good and bad identification
Jade is a charismatic stone, our ancestors think it and nature, the universe has some mysterious connection, because the United States and respect, because of love and fear. Jade is a jade in jade. Jade to green-based, color compatible, and different, representing the unity of many nationalities. Can be said that jade is the soul of China, jade is the treasures of China

Jade itself, the proportion of the density will be relatively large, the emerald on the inside and down inside the small move, will feel there is a heavy down the pressure feel. Followed by the hardness of jade is very high, with a sharp nail or a knife and other hard objects to scratch or scratch the surface of jade, jade surface when there will be a sense of slippery and will not leave any scratches The You can also use a hardwood stick gently tapping the emerald, if it is a real hit after the sound is very crisp.
Jade is a good jade, jade is a jade, called “hard jade”, is the rising Replica Cartier jewelry star of traditional jade in China, but also all the jade in modern products in the top grade. Identification of jade good or bad there are six tips: color, through, even, shape, quality, according to

First, the color: refers to the color of jade.

In all the emerald colors, the highest value in green. And the color change, we call it “three color” red is representative of the blessing; green is on behalf of money for Paul; white is on behalf of longevity. Because the three-color is also known as “Fu Lu Shou”, if coupled with the festive purple, it became the four “Fu Lu Shou hi.”

Second, through: refers to the emerald transparency, we call it texture.

The original crystal of emerald, the highest transparency is only translucent, called “glass” or “ice”. Is a better texture, the choice of jade to high purity and moist and transparent as an important principle.

Three, uniform: refers to the color of jade to uniform.

The color of the emerald is not easy to reach evenly. Tsui expensive, expensive in the “uniform” word.

Four, shape: refers to its shape.

How to carve, hand good and bad, this is a direct impact on the absolute value of jade.

Five, quality: refers to the crystallization of the emerald itself and the internal purity and a high degree of glass luster.

If you buy jade bracelet when the rope can be used to lift the bracelet knocked to see if it will issue a crisp sound to determine whether the texture of jade is careful basis.

Six, according to: refers to the light from the bottom up to observe whether there is cracks in the emerald.

Jade is a jade, called “hard jade”, is China’s traditional jade in the rising star, but also all the jade in modern products in the top grade. Flaws and manual processing procedures. Generally in the market called the stone pattern, in fact, jade for the natural solution pattern, which is only a character of natural jade.
Hetian jade and jade difference, and nephrite belongs to the jade class, and jade belongs to the hard jade class, the composition of the two gemological characteristics are different. In addition to the nature of the distinction, the appearance of Hetian jade and jade are also different, in addition to nephrite and jade are more high-grade jade, the price is also changing, in general, and the difference between Tian Yu and Jade the following point
1, Hetian jade color uniform, mostly light-colored, green class is dark green and dark green Jade color has a gradual process from shallow to deep, mostly bright colors.

2, and nephrite luster, such as oil, soft color; jade luster more like glass luster.

3, the proportion of Hetian jade (3.00) slightly lower than the proportion of emerald.

4, Hetian jade refractive index (1.62) is also slightly lower than the refractive index of jade.

Hetian jade and emerald which is good

Hetian jade and jade which is good, jade wool with a grade, then the price of jade is usually slightly more expensive than Hetian jade, but jade jewelry and Hetian jade carving price is difficult to compare. And Hetian good or emerald good or look at personal preferences, and nephrite and jade are extremely scarce top jade, spotted on their own mind, do not be too entangled in the price or value.

Hetian jade and jade is only the user group is not the same, are the United States stone, and Tian Yu Wenrun as fat, like a gentleman, and emerald bright and beautiful, seemingly beautiful, and nephrite and emerald which is really can not distinguish between high and low.
Myanmar jade and jade differences, Burmese jade is jade, jade emerald prolific in Myanmar, hence the name of Myanmar jade, so under normal circumstances, Burmese jade and jade is no different. But strictly speaking, jade called Myanmar jade, Burmese jade is not necessarily called emerald.

Myanmar jade jade high hardness (also known as water), bright and clean. And good emerald color is both bright and quiet, there is a high value and the value of the collection, it is called “the king of jade.” Was a lot of love jade, Peiyu people love. Japan, New Zealand also emerald as the country’s “country stone.” Because the emerald jade production in the immediate proximity of China, and most of the finished products in China, the special geographical relationship, coupled with the Chinese people on the jade jade is very painful, the Western countries also feel that jade is China’s “country jade.”
Myanmar jade and emerald which is good, in general, jade and Burmese jade are the same thing, so there is no good question. Jade, also known as jade jade, jade, jade, Burmese jade, is a jade. Jade is formed under the geological role of jade grade to achieve the stone polycrystalline aggregates. Myanmar has long been mining gem-level emerald, for a long time people only know that Myanmar produced jade, so the Myanmar jade as synonymous with emerald.

Whether it is from the mine in Myanmar jade mining or mining volume in terms of good jade is very limited, so some of the deferred and greedy businessmen will “ride thin” and into the. A lot of fraud, fake, from profit. Zouqi jewelry network to remind you in the purchase of Myanmar jade first judge in the end is not really jade, jade prices higher, and its imitation cost is much lower, do not be deceived.

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Men wear what jade pendant good man suitable for wearing jade pendant recommended

Men wear what jade pendant good man suitable for wearing jade pendant recommended
In men more and more attention to their external image today, men’s jewelry is also more and more. Jade as jade in the five, naturally became the first choice for male jewelry. What about the man wearing a jade pendant? Men for wearing a jade pendant what? The following recommended a few most suitable for men wearing jade pendant, we can refer to!
Men wear what jade pendant good – antique dragon card
Mosaic jade is not only jade texture, and the shape is very vivid and refined, there is a kind of atmospheric beauty, saying “wear gold was wealthy, Dai Yu Bao peace”, jade listing implied good, very worthy of their own wear or gift friends.

Men wear what jade pendant is good – Mexican pendant
Mexican Tsui refers to the green was black emerald. Myanmar called it “the shadow of a successful man” because he was behind the man in the towering figure behind the man who made the big business. According to the traditional Chinese yin and yang theory of five elements: “black is water, water can gather money”, China has since ancient times, black evil spirits, body care said.

Men wear what jade pendant good – emerald Guanyin
In the Chinese tradition, it is “men wear Guanyin female Dai Replica Cartier jewelry “, in the past business, examinations and so on are men, perennial out, the most important thing is safe. Goddess of Mercy can be safe, and people also hope that under its protection, life is smooth, the cause of good service, good health, all the best. Men wear Guanyin, is to let men more like a Buddism godness Guanyin like compassion and softness, naturally have to Guanyin bless safe and happy.

Men wear what jade pendant is good – emerald leaves
An exquisite Jade Jade jewelry, skilled jade carving master or carved real ancient leaves, or combined with other elements to render, to produce all kinds of moist and dignified emerald leaf pendant. Men wear jade jewelry pay attention to the atmosphere of heroic, clean and fresh jade leaves simple and generous, not fancy, highlight the manhood.

Men wear what jade pendant is good – Jade brave
Men are the pillars of the family, life and wealth, the cause of transport inseparable, so men have to wear their own wealth and business transport jade. In this regard, the most suitable for men to wear brave emerald, brave since ancient times is the transfer of animal fortune, for the first five animal first. Brave to recognize the Lord, and will bless life. After the opening of the supreme brave brave has a powerful power of wealth, can help the owner to recruit financial resources, bite the money and further keep the treasury.

Men wear what jade pendant good – jade listing
Jade listing has always been thick Zhuang atmosphere, simple yet yet sophisticated, carving techniques are often pendant layered sense of the very rich. Emerald listing more wealthy deep meaning, not only the meaning of auspicious, but also highlight the masculine masculinity of the gas.

What is the man wearing a jade pendant? Above recommended a few men for wearing jade pendant, I hope you like!
Jade as the king of jade, the color is very rich. Light from the single color point of view, there are green (Tsui), blue, blue, red (Fei), yellow, brown, purple (spring), white, gray, black and so on. Different colors of jade collection value is different, then what is the most valuable emerald color it? What color is the most expensive jade? Here to introduce the different colors of jade collection value, we can refer to!
What is the most valuable color of jade – green emerald
Among the many single colors of jade, the most valuable is green. Green jade is not only a very recognized by investors, but also the highest value of jade varieties. However, the total amount of jade from the green emerald in the proportion of the total amount of jade is relatively small, and green and strong sub-ice through the emerald is even less. Handed down the old laborers are also green-based, in the jade wear and use of the process has been to green for the green as expensive!

What color is the most valuable emerald – purple emerald
Purple emerald is also known as “violet”, the line called it “spring”. At present, the purple emerald polarization is very powerful, the species is very delicate, while the color of the rich purple emerald prices rose very powerful, and the general color of light, dark, texture is not delicate purple emerald in sharp contrast, and both The gap is getting bigger and bigger, if the purple blue taste too heavy, purple dark, the value will be affected. If purple and rich and delicate texture, it is very rare and expensive!

What color is the most valuable color – mixed color
A piece of emerald with a variety of colors at the same time, not only precious but also auspicious. Red and green purple as “Fu Lu Shou”, red, green and green purple for the “four years”, if again, as the “green belt”; red and green co-exist known as “double happiness” or “Fu Lu Shuangquan” Plus white is the precious “five blessing door”!

What color is the most valuable emerald – red emerald
Jade in the red than the value of the higher yellow, its output is far less than the number of yellow. From the senses, red is more brilliant than yellow, more beautiful, but not all red have a high value. Only those kind of transparent red jade is relatively rare, the higher the value of these red fins made of red ring, flower pieces, safe buckle, etc., are rare good things, but also has a better appreciation of space.

What color is the most valuable emerald – yellow emerald
In general, only in the species of transparent, delicate texture, yellow is very rich and beautiful, beautiful circumstances, the yellow will become the advantages of jade. These yellow are often used to carry out Qiao carved, a lot of jade for the color. And the color is bleak, the head is not good yellow is often the shortcomings of jade, with the words inside the line is “obviously dirty.”

What is the most valuable color of jade – ink emerald
Black jade is now on the market of ink Tsui. Mexican Cui was not recognized before, but with the Taiwan region for the Mexican Cui’s favorite, its market value was unearthed. In the ink Cui fans look, ink Tsui color deep, more evil spirits, there are emphasis on exorcism and other implied meaning, so there are a lot of stress and say, but the ink is not the mainstream market varieties.

What color is the most valuable jade – white emerald
Chemical composition is very pure jade, because it does not contain pigment ions, so the performance of white or nearly colorless. White jade production a lot, but most of the value is not high At the end of the last century found and produced nearly colorless or white glass species, ice jade. This jade is almost no color, but delicate texture, transparent water, with its light from the light after the show, extraordinary scenery, become a new love jade collection.

What color is the most valuable jade – gray emerald
Gray emerald represents a warm, peaceful. Embodies a kind of misty and nothingness, on behalf of the most stable calm and tranquility. On the collection point of view to see, completely no value of the color is gray. It can be said, as long as the gray into the emerald color which will produce a “dirty” feeling, reduce the value of jade, such as green, purple, yellow jade if the gray, the value of jade will be reduced

What color is the most valuable emerald? What color is the most expensive jade? From the above description summed up in these colors, the most valuable is green, followed by purple, then the red and yellow, completely no value of the color is gray.

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Diamond Diamond Pendant What is the meaning of wearing a diamond-shaped diamond pendant style

Diamond Diamond Pendant What is the meaning of wearing a diamond-shaped diamond pendant style
Each love token of the diamond-shaped diamond pendant style is unique, when you read these pawl pendant for your share between the exclusive love, may wish to give him a big embrace it. Each diamond pendant contains a different meaning, as each paragraph of love are different, diamonds in virtually reveal the romantic, each diamond pendant style also has a different meaning. So what is the diamond diamond pendant style?
Diamond Diamond Pendant What is the meaning of the style

Meaning of a: Diamond on behalf of the eternal and unique, diamond-like compass, the overall meaning can be extended for me forever for you

Meaning two: diamond-shaped diamond pendant style meaning lively, change.

Meaning three: diamond-shaped diamond pendant style of the negative experience of the body and mind, so that you are more early than the average person, for the death and sexual feelings of deep, life seems to be in these two issues in the rotation. For the self-demanding quite you, the whole body is always tight on the winding, it is difficult to completely relax. You have to be careful that you have the habit of self-mutilation or habit of self-licking the Replica Cartier jewelry wound. For the favorite things, can be planted into one can not extricate themselves, for those who are not interested in things, then do not want to touch, for people you are so

Meaning four: diamond-shaped diamond pendant style means you are a strong will, capable, precocious, but not how happy people, no matter how old, always give people a sense of aging. How to become more open-minded, really happy to treat yourself, is that you must work on the subject. The contradictions and pains of your character are often manifested through feelings and relationships with your family.
Wearing diamond-shaped diamond pendant style on behalf of the meaning

1. No claw type: This diamond pendant style is the use of pendants drilling different shapes of metal rings instead of claw effect, so that the pendant style to simple atmosphere style, get rid of the small feeling, will appear relatively luxurious The So when the match, it is best to attend the dinner, party and other important formal occasions to wear, showing a mature woman unique to a sense of calm atmosphere.

2. with claw type: with a paw-shaped diamond pendant style in the daily life is also very common, and this style pendant whether you want to small home Jasper or elegant graceful style can be different styles of style can be different The temperament and taste. Like Zuo Kayi “If the snail has love” drama style, four claw mosaic of a single diamonds shining in the center, the main drill above the two are four claw mosaic of the deputy stone against the pendant more bright, as A star of the bright stars of the Covenant, in the bright stars, you are like the sinking of the most bright stars.

3. Multi-layer stacked type: multi-layer stacked diamond pendant by two or more single pendant stacked together, so that the pendant style is more complex, but the choice of the chain are generally relatively light, so wear up, there is a light Smart , A bright sense of fashion, suitable for young girls with youthful vigor to wear, but also suitable for leisure holidays in the outing when the time to wear, free some relaxed and happy feelings.

4. Diamond, with a brilliant, white, hard features, a symbol of pure and flawless love, as well as faith in faith faithless. In fact, the symbol of diamonds for love has been very common, and now most people will diamond ring as an engagement, marriage token.

Diamond pendant maintenance skills

1, diamond pendant can not be placed in the same box with other gemstone jewelry. All kinds of gem hardness are not the same, so different types of gemstone jewelry should be placed separately, so as not to rub between the jewelry, resulting in scratches on the surface of the gem;

2, daily life, doing heavy work, into the kitchen, bathing, makeup, sports are not easy to wear when the diamond pendants, because in these cases the diamond is likely to collide, contaminated with stains or other corrosive Chemical erosion, is the loss of luster of diamonds;

3, it is recommended that you carry a small jewelry bag, usually go out, remove the diamond pendant can be loaded into them, so as not to lose pendant;

4, diamond pendants to the jewelry store to a regular “physical examination” to check whether the loose diamond, diamond pendants at the same time a thorough cleaning.
Long in the ancient Chinese mythology, it is the totem and symbol of the Chinese nation, dragon culture has a long history, it has been inherited up and down eight hundred years, is a prominent symbol of Chinese culture. Longbo and all aspects of culture, including the dragon decoration, the Lantern Festival dragon, February Dragon looked up to eat dragon whiskers, Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat race, dragon poetry, dragon calligraphy, dragon totem, the game dragon horse, dragon carving And so on, then, what is the meaning of the dragon pendant?
What is the meaning of the dragon pendant?

One, the dragon, evil spirits guard the Swiss animal, round beads, a round full of money and financial means of rolling. Dragon is representative of China’s totem, since the ancient dragon is the respect of the five, four of the first. Jade Dragon is based on ancient Chinese myths and legends of a virtual can be clouds, in the folk can do anything they want. “Dragon Dragon” “business is booming” “Feixiangtengda” “Pingqing Albatron” “cause prosperous”, a symbol of auspicious, wishful, Lucky, Nafu.

Second, the dragon is a Swiss animal, in ancient China, to the dragon as the real emperor, showing the high meaning, it is power, noble, honor symbol, but also a symbol of luck and success. So the first layer of dragon pendant meaning is versatile people can step by step rise, meteoric rise.

Third, the ancient also hope that Jackie Chan’s argument is to hope that their children can succeed, extraordinary, able to make a career. So the second layer of the meaning of the dragon pendant is the cause of strong people to wear certainly can make a difference.

Fourth, there are a variety of jewelry on the dragon pendant pattern; there are separate use of faucet, Dragonscale and other modeling. In addition to a separate shape, the dragon is also often with the clouds together, that supreme authority, meteoric rise and other beautiful meaning; dragon with the Phoenix together, is often blessing newlyweds, the so-called “dragon and phoenix”, meaning marriage happy, husband and wife Harmony, happiness and so on.
Wearing a dragon pendant on behalf of the meaning

First, since ancient times, folk accumulation of dragon-shaped pattern there are many, these patterns in the dragon are mostly clouds enveloped, or in the clouds above. So the dragon pendant pattern represents auspicious, is a kind of auspicious signs. The dragon is a kind of auspicious wealthy animals, so the emerald dragon pendant can bless the wearer happy well, bring auspicious for the wearer.

Second, the ancient people believe that the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, is God sent down, so that the communication between heaven and earth messenger, so the dragon has the ability to communicate with heaven and earth. In this way, the dragon will be seen as a collection of various skills have a lot of skills of the magic animals, so, there is an emerald dragon pendant is a symbol of versatile talent, those who often buy for their own son Jade Dragon Pendant wearing a parent must also have this meaning in the inside, in fact, jade dragon pendant itself also hopefully Jackie Chan’s good wishes.

What are the benefits of an emerald dragon pendant?

Jade Dragon Pendant, take the meaning of the Dragon, the wish of the future great benefits. Chinese jade carving has a long history, world-famous, has a profound jade culture. Three words in the mention: jade is not cut, not a device. Coupled with the ancient jade carvings also taught down: “jade will work; workers will be interested; meaning will be auspicious.” Jade carving theme from people’s beliefs, folklore, animal and plant homophonic and metaphor and so on. Only by understanding the traditional Chinese culture, in order to have a more extensive understanding of jade patterns. You can take the hint to enjoy the traditional culture to bring spiritual pleasure, which is the essence of jade jewelry cultural content.
What is a dragon pendant, dragon pendant is the main image of the dragon, accompanied by clouds, tigers and other themes carved a series of pendants, dragon pendant used in the main materials such as jade, dragon pendant in addition to domineering appearance, There are many unique meaning, the dragon for the Swiss beast, is the totem of the Chinese nation, by the Chinese and overseas friends love, but also the Friends of the sun’s friend’s skin care, so their own wear or give friends are very appropriate to wear Not on the decorative effect, more able to drive evil security. What is the meaning of the dragon pendant?
What is the meaning of the dragon pendant?

Meaning one: a symbol of business rainbow

The dragon has the trend of ascension, the dragon can be described as outstanding, can be clouds, have the ability, since ancient times also has a “hopeful,” the idea of strong people who wear the meaning of the head, extraordinary, make a career, career rainbow, smooth future The

Meaning two: auspicious, symbolic authority and status

In ancient times, the dragon has always been associated with the royal family, they think the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, God sent messenger, so the dragon has the ability to communicate heaven and earth, in the minds of people, the dragon is a collection of various skills Xiang beast, emerald dragon card is the authority and status of the symbol, in addition, emerald dragon card there is a moral that will be a symbol of versatile talent, hopefully Jackie Chan, brilliant Tengda.

Meaning three: auspicious and well-being

Since ancient times, the folk spread of the dragon there are many kinds of patterns, although the image of the dragon there are many kinds, but have a common characteristic, was clouds enveloped, or in the clouds above. So, the dragon means auspicious, is a good auspicious, wearing a dragon dragon can bless the wearer happy well-being, for the wearer to bring auspicious.

Meaning four: grain bumper harvest

Dragon in the civil society to understand the suffering of the people, more do anything they can, for the people desperate, so that the people weather, meaning grain bumper harvest, great harvest.
Wearing a dragon pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, since the Cologne is the respect of the Nine Five, the first of the four spirits, but also the symbol of our royal family, it is the representative of the emperor, so a symbol of power, honor, wear up you can bless you can be supported by people, Holding weight, control the P Plus, but also a symbol of the strong determination of men.

2, the dragon of the gods is the representative of longevity, such as snake-like body swing show healthy state, a symbol of longevity, health and longevity.

3, dragon homophonic in the “Long”, on behalf of business is booming, financial resources rolling.

4, jumping gantry is the wish of each student, the wisdom of the dragon is also the expectations of each student, so the dragon is also a symbol of success, a leader, clever mind, active thinking.

5, dragon and phoenix with the ancient tradition of the dragon’s atmosphere is high with the noble and elegant Phoenix, can be described as Longfeng Chengxiang, on behalf of happy knot, dragon and phoenix in the fly, everlasting.

6, dragon red fire, play Dragon Ball, dragon state vivid, on behalf of the country prosperity, peace and prosperity, good luck.

Jade Dragon Pendant of the maintenance skills

1. When wearing jade jewelry, should try to avoid it from the height of falling or hit hard objects, especially a small amount of cracked jade jewelry, otherwise it is easy to break or damage.

2. Remove the emerald pendant, prepare a pot of water, and then immersed in the emerald pendant, 15 minutes after a small towel to gently scrub their long-term wear after the surface will have a lot of stains, so try to wash. If some of the stains are deep, it will take a long time to wipe.

3. usually doing things, do not put the emerald or forget the outdoors, so that both hot and cold weather will cause great damage to the emerald luster, if you hurt you will regret it.

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Men’s No Hent Earrings Men’s No Hent Earrings How much money

Men’s No Hent Earrings Men’s No Hent Earrings How much money
What is the price of a man without a thorn ear Men’s no hole earrings prices generally tens of dollars or so you can buy. No piercing ear is no ear piercing can be directly wearing the earrings, no hole studs and a magnetic earrings, it is designed by the part of the ring stud ear clip-like, sandwiched ear beads.
Granular or nail-like earrings are generally not designed to be clamped, so the need to use the characteristics of the magnet to sandpipe ear beads. The magnet studs are a stud with a magnet attached to the outside, and a miniature magnet with opposite magnets inside, and the two magnets hold the ear beads firmly. So, what is the impact of men’s risk of earrings?

Men do not have pierced earrings. The same material the same brand, earrings are bigger and heavier, the higher the price, the price will be lower some of the light.

2. Men’s no thorn earrings brand and style. Brand is not the same, the brand value and brand awareness is not the same, the same material weight, brand fame greater, the higher the price, and even some brands because of the design process is good, beautiful style, the material is gold-plated, than the average brand 925 silver Material mosaic price is high. And the same fame of the quality, it is the more fashionable look, the higher the price.

3. Men’s no holes in the material. Mosaic men without hole pierced Replica Cartier jewelry the material are generally 925 silver, 18K gold, gold-plated, etc., the more expensive material inlaid, the higher the price of the earrings, of which the highest price of 18K gold inlaid, gold-plated mosaic of the most common, the price Also the most affordable.

How many men do not have earrings?

How many men do not have a thorn ear Look at what material, a few pieces of plastic, silver dozens of dollars, more than 200 gold, platinum to more than 300. Men ‘s ear – piercing studs are generally non – hole magnet studs, that is, the two men in the ears of the men holding the ear nails, the purchase of no hole magnet stud earrings, and even magnet studs on it. If it is other materials, such as silver material or gold material earrings, will be close to the ear of the site, plus the magnet, you can make a hole without a thorn. The following is a small series of men’s hole without ear piercing the price
What is the price of double-sided earrings? Double-sided earrings prices generally in the tens of dollars to a hundred or so, specifically to see style, material, brand and so on. Double-sided earrings are both positive and negative can be used as a front wearing earrings, and some even have three kinds of wear, unique, very nice!
Double-sided earrings price is higher S925 silver double-sided pearl earrings, or double shell beads pearl earrings, wear beautiful and beautiful! Are generally designed by the design of the classic designer creative style, fashion inspiration, fresh and beautiful, exquisite, exquisite bright, distributed charming atmosphere, wearing simple personality, it is the elegant finishing point!

Such as double-sided earrings of the double shell beads pearl earrings wear, you can big beads in the former, beads in the post; can also be beads in the former, after the big beads; also single wear beads or beads, very classic wild The

How much is the two-sided earrings?

How much is it? The price is generally 30 to 100 yuan or so, especially the simple style of 10 yuan have! Double-sided earrings fashion wild, you can match any wardrobe any clothes, wear it, but also this girlfriend envy eyes, just a little flower mind, change will be from inside to outside, different with you to give different Temperament! The following is the price of part of the double-sided earrings finishing
How much is the price of the couple earrings? This is to see the earrings of the material and mosaic of the gem, and if it is sterling silver couple earrings, the price of 50 to 300 yuan or so, depending on the style, brand, etc .; if it is 18K gold material, the price of 300 to 500 If it is a diamond ear nail, the price of more than a thousand to more than ten thousand are the price of 500 to more than 1000, the specific look Jinzhong, style, brand; Yes, mainly to see the size of the diamond and 4C.

Couples earrings are generally bought a pair, and then boys wear in the left ear, girls wear in the right ear, it became a couple earrings it! Style is generally neutral better. Wear a male and female friends can help each other to wear. Girls wear earrings in the right ear, on behalf of “hearts have (right) you”. Boys wearing earrings in the left ear, on behalf of fashion, or to commemorate a person.
Couple earrings picture Daquan. Couple earrings themselves nothing worth, but you give it value, then it is your love keepsake! Archaeological discoveries around the world, earrings are almost all the ancient countries are particularly favorite ornaments, and both men and women.

In the ancient Egyptian tombs found in the women’s accessories, the earrings are divided into many kinds, with falling children and without falling children, there are ring and circle. Many of the delicate metal earrings are found in Ethiopia, where the most commonly used ornaments are corners with coral bodies, metal and stone earrings.

In the Assyrian dignitaries who, all kinds of different shapes of precious earrings are essential for men and women costumes. Well-known Phoenician people are recognized as the ancient world’s best master of jewelry manufacturing. They left a large number of stone and gold and silver rings with a variety of fancy gold and silver earrings.

Most earrings produce a visual effect of widening the face, because the earring will cause the observer’s eyes to sweep the entire face. So when you choose the earrings need to choose according to their face for their earrings.
Chanel earrings to bring a woman is a delicate and small woman’s temperament, its essence lies in the surrounding environment, personal temperament, face, hair, dress and so on as one, and to achieve the finest beauty effect. And Chanel earrings on the perfect embodiment of this. Wearing Chanel earrings, not only to achieve the most beautiful visual effects, but also add a unique temperament and charm.

Chanel earrings, since its inception, has become the Chanel brand and the world’s most classic ear jewelry, has become a sought after many domestic and foreign women. Has a pair of Chanel earrings, became the greatest desire of women at that time.
Chanel earrings picture and price

Chanel earrings picture and the price Chanel earrings are Chanel brand under the classic ear jewelry, Chanel ear nail go high-end line, modeling design pursuit of simple fashion, simple and comfortable, pure style, “popular fleeting, style forever” is still Brand behind the guiding force, Chanel earrings since the birth of widely acclaimed. So high evaluation of the price of Chanel earrings? Xiaobian to introduce several of the more popular Chanel earrings