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Tiger eyebrow bracelet wear taboo what tiger eye stone bracelet what pay attention

Tiger eyebrow bracelet wear taboo what tiger eye stone bracelet what pay attention
Tiger Eye Bracelet rich color, containing a variety of trace elements, it can be said to be beautiful and health care in one of the perfect jewelry. Often someone asked tiger eyebrow bracelet to sleep at night to wear it? Obviously, this is a question about the tiger eyebrow bracelet wearing taboo. Then wear tiger eyebrow bracelet what pay attention to it? Here are a few tiger eyebrow bracelet wearing taboo, we can understand!
Tiger eyebrow bracelet wear taboo – should wear hands
Tiger eyes stone bracelet wear needs, so as to better achieve the effectiveness of health care, and beautiful and generous. Gem is divided into two kinds of projectile gem and absorbable gem, the body’s gas field is left into the right out, usually left with a projection, the right hand with the absorption of the. Tiger eye stone is a projectile gem, so we generally recommend wearing on the left wrist.

Tiger eyebrow bracelet wearing taboo – can not wear jewelry at the same time
Wearing a tiger eye stone bracelet at the same time can not wear gossip mirror, cabbage, God of Wealth, dragon turtle, eagle, Taishan stone, Wenchang tower, cornucopia and so on. This is because, with Buddha, Bodhisattva on behalf of the practice of Buddhism, Buddhism imitation Cartier love bracelet pay attention to all things are outside the body, do not bring the dead do not bring the four are empty Wearing a tiger eye stone bracelet and then “Buddha, Buddha” no effect, can only be used as a general jewelry.

Tiger eyebrow bracelet wearing taboo – avoid bogey sun exposure
Wear a tiger eye stone hand string should pay attention to try to avoid the bracelet water, not in the sun exposure, or will speed up the tiger eye stone bracelet oxidation speed, affecting the bracelet beautiful.

Tiger eyebrow bracelet wearing taboo – can not be the same room with a decoration
Tiger eyes stone bracelet is the most taboo at home are ivory, tiger bone, spike, wolf skin, leopard teeth, leopard skin, monkey skin, monkey bone, crocodile. Therefore, wearing a tiger eye stone bracelet friends need to pay attention.

Wearing tiger eyebrow bracelet what pay attention to? Above introduced some tiger eyebrow bracelet wearing taboo, there are tiger eyebrow bracelet pro who should pay attention to Oh!
With the evolution of culture, the Buddha beads bracelet generally appear in our lives, whether or not the Buddhist people, like to wear a bunch of beads bracelet. Ordinary people wear the Buddha beads bracelet is not so heavy the Buddhist atmosphere, but the Buddha’s elegant and culture is constantly in use, never changed. Buddha is the most common mascot in the family, whether or not a Buddhist believer, many home will be placed one or more statues to be dedicated, its purpose is to pray, evil spirits, security. So, what is the meaning of the Buddha’s bracelet?
Buddha head bracelet what meaning

In Buddhism, the pagoda is a vital building, it is used to put relics, scriptures, instruments and other special noble items. So the Buddha beads hand above the pagoda will appear in order to be able to hand with the other beads on the string together, with three links, pagodas and tee of the separation is called the Buddha head. There is a Buddha’s hand string to prove that the hand string is a position, there is the identity, it is called Buddha beads, on behalf of the heart of worship and respect for the Buddha.

The Buddha is the most common mascot in the family, and whether or not it is a Buddhist Replica Cartier jewelry believer, many of them will be placed in one or more statues, and their purpose is to pray, to protect evil and to be safe. Famous places in the Buddha are: Sakyamuni Buddha, Manjusri Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra, Maitreya Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, to the Buddha, pharmacist Buddha. Placed a Buddha statue, a Buddha bless, psychological with sustenance, easy to get good results.

Meaning three, if it is Buddha beads, then are generally to bring the Buddha head, because with the three links of the Buddha head, we can connect the pagoda, is the Buddha head that roughly like a conical thing. In the hand twist when the beads are twisted to the Buddha head when the flip over and then twist, can not be crossed from the Buddha. If only for the collection, wear, some hand string is not with the Buddha head. Such a hand string to hand twist when there is no Buddhist rules.
Wearing a Buddha head bracelet on behalf of the meaning

1. The composition of the bracelet of the Buddha beads, different stars represent different meanings. Buddha beads bracelet worn in his hand, is always reminded people to compassion, always practice, from good to evil. Bracelets are generally worn on the left hand, because the left hand relative to the right hand, with less, Taoism also think that the left hand is good hand.

2. Wearing Buddha beads can let us enhance the taste, which is the unique cultural connotation of Buddha beads, Buddha beads is a characterization, or is a reminder to remind us in the time of trouble, in the depressed time, in all psychological imbalance, Adjust the mentality, with a more harmonious way, more global approach to people doing things. Wearing Buddha beads, and other Buddhist ornaments.

3. It is said that wearing a Buddha head bracelet is very efficacious, will be the shelter of the Buddha, but if you do not believe this is best not to take it, so as not to blaspheme the gods.

Buddha beads of the particles are pay attention to

Buddha beads, according to the shape can be divided into beads, Peizhu, hanging beads three types; its material is too numerous to mention. But no matter what kind of material, material, the number of beads are very particular about. The number of stars of the Buddha to 108 for its basic number. 108 tablets, is that a simple 108 kinds of trouble, or 108 Buddha’s merit, or 108 kinds of immeasurable Samadhi and so on. Buddha beads of the particles are different, have different meanings.

According to Buddhist scriptures, the most top of the Buddha beads are 1080, including the ten law of the 108 number. This kind of Buddha beads because it is too long, only for a very small number of German monks and subjugs to use, or for monks in the law as a decoration, in addition to very few people use. Topical beads of 108 beads (dense Zongxing who is 110), the goods for the 54, the remaining 42, 21, 14 of the Pure Land were 36, Zen 18 and so on.
Buddha beads are used by Buddhists to recite the count of portable spells, widely used among monks and laymen. This is called “rosary”, originated in the name of the Buddhist monk Sambo, to eliminate annoyance and trouble. Buddha beads, literally, is the Buddha in the supplies. Specifically, Buddhists in the heart of the Buddha in order to read a mind and pull the count of tools. Of course, now Buddha beads are gradually expanding into a kind of ornaments, non-Buddhist, but also widely worn. Most people choose to wear a bead bracelet. So, what is the meaning of the Buddha beads bracelet?
What is the meaning of the bracelet bracelet

First, the Buddha beads bracelet worn in his hand, is always reminded people to be Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica compassionate, always practice, from good to evil. Bracelet is usually worn on the left hand, because the left hand relative to the right hand, with less, Taoism also think that the left hand is good hand.

Second, the Buddha beads bracelet meaning can help their own disaster relief, eliminate trouble, make yourself safe and healthy.

Third, the Buddha beads bracelet is a Buddhist sense of merit and interests, wearer longevity health, quit nursing students.

Fourth, the Buddha beads bracelet meaning warned us to be compassionate people, do not feel hostile, not intrigue, do not hurt others.
Wear the meaning of the beads and bracelet on behalf of

1, Buddha beads are generally spherical, that is satisfactory, that is, the meaning of perfection. We often complain about a lot of defects in life, people are a lot of defects, but we always did not find an important question, that is, Buddhism a thousand words, earnestly to explain a problem: everyone has a perfect wisdom and merit, Only because of their own unnecessary trouble, and these will be full of wisdom covered, and can not show up. As long as they can resolve these unnecessary troubles, you can with the Buddha, three, four wisdom, five, six, free use.

2, one hundred and eight is the most rare number, in order to show that the eight hundred or eight ignorant, breaking the 108 kinds of chagrin, so that the body and mind can reach a silence of the form. There are a lot of different stresses, in general, six of the bitter, music, homes three by, for the eighteen; and six of the good, evil, flat three, together for the ten Eight kinds of thirty-six, together with over, now, the future of the three, together for one hundred and eight kinds of upset.

3,13 is the introduction of Buddhism into the Chinese sect of thirteen, contrary to the Western concept of Christian culture, “thirteen” in Buddhism is considered auspicious number of Buddhism into the Chinese sects for thirteen, the pagoda is also ten Three layers, on behalf of merit successful, therefore, Buddha beads bracelet for 13 beads.

What is the meaning of broken beads?

Chinese people like to wear Buddha beads, because Buddhism is very popular in our country, people are convinced that wearing a Buddha beads can bring their own good luck. Chinese people like to wear Buddha beads, because Buddhism is very popular in our country, people are convinced that wearing a Buddha beads can bring their own good luck. Later, the author checked some information found that as early as the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao view of the wind flag to know the event is not good, and then quickly find a remedy, it is because the flag is not spiritual, no major disaster, but the Buddha beads bracelet Ling things, it has the effect of evil spirits, so broken beads in fact is the owner of the disaster. So the benefits of wearing a Buddha is very much, not only for people to bring good luck, for people to ward off evil spirits, but also can play a very good decorative effect, which is more and more young people like to match Dai Buddha beads can be seen.

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Silver bracelet how to clean silver bracelet how to clean after black

Silver bracelet how to clean silver bracelet how to clean after black
In daily life, there are many people like to wear silver, but silver jewelry will wear a long time will become dark and dull, which we all know, then how to clean silver bracelet? Presumably this problem is not everyone knows, the following Zokai to introduce you to two simple silver bracelet cleaning method, so you can easily at any time to clean silver.

First, with detergent / alkali surface to clean

Cleaning silver bracelet, then you can use the alkaline detergent or alkali surface cleaning, first take the right amount of detergent or alkali surface inside the small container, and then add the appropriate amount of water inside the container, the washing powder or alkali surface thoroughly Of the melting. Wash the powder or alkali surface completely dissolved in water, and then into the silver bracelet to be cleaned, so soaked half an hour or so to remove the silver bracelet, and then wipe the silver bracelet with cotton, so silver bracelet will be cleaned.

Second, with toothpaste to clean

First to clean the silver bracelet washed with water, the bracelet imitation Cartier love bracelet completely wet. After soaking the bracelet, the amount of toothpaste will be squeezed to the silver bracelet to be cleaned above, and then use soft hair toothbrush to clean silver bracelets. After cleaning the silver bracelet with a soft wool toothbrush, rinse the toothpaste with the bracelet on the bracelet, and then wipe it dry with a cotton or towel. The silver bracelet after this cleaning will be the same as the new one.
Silver bracelet how to clean after the black

Silver bracelet black how to clean silver bracelet black is because the silver bracelet worn or stored properly, in a strong oxidizing environment or contaminated with strong oxide, led to the silver bracelet surface oxidation, so that the silver bracelet black reason. So, how do silver bracelets turn black? Silver bracelet in addition to black, are generally taken to erase the law, the professional is the reduction method. Of course, silver bracelets in addition to black, but also pay attention to the usual maintenance. Here, Zuo Kayi to introduce you to how the silver bracelet how to clean after the black method.

1, toothpaste is a silver helmet in addition to black good helper. Toothpaste is rich in fine calcium carbonate particles, these particles can rub off the surface of the silver oxide. Find a toothbrush, dip a little toothpaste patiently wipe for a while, and then wash with water can be.

2, in addition to the use of toothpaste, if there are calcium carbonate powder, you can find a piece of cloth, grab a little powder slightly rub, you can remove the silver bracelet on the black, and then find a piece of clean cloth dry cloth, do not wash.

3, the market has a silver cloth and silver liquid, can quickly erase or wash away the silver bracelet surface black. Go to the silver shop please help scrub, but also with these two things mostly. But Sokai Xiao Bian does not recommend using these things to scrub silver bracelets, because they are corrosive, will lead to silver bracelets easier to black.

What are the cleaning methods for silver bracelets?

Silver bracelet which cleaning methods silver bracelet cleaning methods have many, in addition to commonly used toothpaste, cola, washing powder, in fact, but also other simple cleaning methods, the following Xiaobian introduced for you.

1, with cotton or linen force rub, especially linen, but also in addition to black. If too hard, you can also painted white vinegar, and then find a piece of cotton cloth wipe, but also in addition to black. Be careful not to use hydrochloric acid or nitric acid and other strong acid scrub.

2, with grain white ash or white charcoal to wipe silver bracelet, through the grain of gray and other wiping silver bracelet, not only bright, and later not easy to black. Pay attention to not scrub with water, is dry wipe, grab a gray directly on the hand or rub with a cloth. This thing is not easy to find the city, you can use white carbon to wipe, the effect is the same.

3, you can use lemon and bath. The lemon acid is a natural plant. The smallest damage to the silver, and do not have to get outside, they can clean up at home. Buy a lemon, cut, the silver ornaments buried in the lemon. Soon out, and then scrubbed very bright.
What is the reason for the blackening of silver bracelets because silver is experiencing changes in air or chemicals, so it turns black when you wear silverware.

Silver black is due to silver and the air in the sulfur chemical reaction into the black Replica Cartier jewelry silver sulfide reason. Therefore, silver jewelry can not be perfume, fragrance, balsam, sulfur soap and sweat and acid gas and other contact. If you have been oxidized black, you can wash with silver wash, or rub silver cloth rub; you can also brush with a soft brush brush toothpaste, after washing with cotton to dry.

Silver bracelet black how to do

Silver bracelet black how to do If you have darkened, you can wash with silver water immersion, or rub silver cloth rub; you can also brush with a soft brush brush toothpaste, after washing with a cotton cloth to dry, or wipe Lipstick rub, can be temporarily resolved, so that silver to restore bright, but over time or will be oxidized. So when you usually wear silverware should be regular maintenance, regular cleaning. And do not contact with cosmetics, perfume, acid and alkali substances, sulfide and other chemicals; do not wear to clean and then clean the seal and then put away, otherwise it will become black and black.

Silver bracelet black how to clean

Silver bracelet blacken how to clean silver is black is normal, then how to clean after black or how to make it black part of the oxidation to get rid of re-lit it? Here, Xiaobian to introduce you to several commonly used methods, at home you can clean their own.

One, with toothpaste toothbrush.

Use toothpaste, squeeze a little toothpaste to the bracelet, find a soft hair toothbrush, gently back and forth brush, slowly, you will find that the black part of the slowly gone, and finally, slowly washed with water to change White bright. This is our most commonly used method.

Second, with Coke soaked.

To our daily drink Coke down a little, put the bracelet into the soak, this is more suitable for those who do not scrub the bracelet, such as sketches more bracelets, brush less than this method, soak for some time, then cleaning can The.

Third, wash with vinegar or tea.

You can also use our daily use of vinegar, or thick tea to scrub, the effect and the other is the same.
Silver bracelet for a long time will be red silver bracelet for a long time to turn red, this is a normal phenomenon. Silver bracelet red may be because there are impurities, it may be because of the sulfur oxidation encountered so red.

If you just wear on the red, then it means that your silver jewelry surface of the protective coating has been no, silver directly exposed to the air oxidation, rub with a silver cloth can be resolved, you can also use toothpaste wipe, or even wipe Lipstick rub, can be temporarily resolved, so that silver to restore bright, but over time or will be oxidized. So when wearing silver bracelets to pay attention to less contact with cosmetics, perfume, acid and alkali substances, sulfide, because silver encountered more than black material easily. After wearing the silver jewelry is no longer wear, to clean dry, wipe clean and then put away, or easy to oxidize gray become black. Silver to regular cleaning, in the cleaning, the first silver into the detergent with a soaked in water, soft rub with a soft brush gem, and then rinse with water, and then dry with a soft cloth. Cleaning with warm water, the effect will be even better.

What is the reason why the silver bracelet turns red

Silver bracelet red reason is what this is mainly because the silver bracelet wear or Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica storage caused by improper. In the strong oxidizing environment, or contaminated with strong oxide, will lead to silver surface oxidation, which is the reason why silver bracelets turn red. Silver bracelet in addition to discoloration, are generally taken to erase the law, the professional is the reduction method. In addition to the discoloration, but also pay attention to daily maintenance, you can use toothpaste scrub, must use clean water wash, preferably with pure water, do not use the kind of chlorine disinfection of tap water. The kind of water containing residual chlorine, it is easy to lead to the surface of silverware silver chloride, silver chloride see light decomposition, or will lead to silver surface black. Many people’s silver bracelet scrub with toothpaste, and soon after the black, the possible reason is to wash with rich chlorine-rich tap water.
Silver bracelet which wear taboo

Silver bracelet which wear taboo silver bracelet so there will be red, black, or even deformation, this is because the silver bracelet wearing improperly, in daily life, there is no silver bracelet maintenance, which led to these problems, then What are the maintenance of silver bracelets?

First, the silver bracelet If you do not wear a long time, you need to seal up, you can use plastic bags is good to be able to isolate the air to avoid oxidation.

Second, the silver bracelet to avoid water or other irritating liquid, if you want to wash the hot spring bath need to take off the silver bracelet. Usually you can wear a bath, but be sure to avoid contact with the liquid detergent, such as hair dye, perm, sulfur soap and so on, because the silver bracelet if exposed to the surface will cause damage to the luster.

Third, for those who do not pattern the silver bracelet, you can use a delicate paper towel or cotton gently wipe, remember to follow the same direction to wipe back and forth, so you can avoid the silver bracelet surface scratches, Professional wipe silver cloth to wipe.

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Identification of natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds

Identification of natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds
Synthetic diamond 1955 first developed by Japan, but not mass production. In 1974, General Electric produced synthetic diamonds weighing 1 carat, but the output was rare and rare in the market. In 1985, Japan began mass production, well in the market circulation. Synthetic diamond physical properties and natural gemstones the same, but with the identification characteristics are: light off the color or light Na color, crystal octahedron and hexahedron shape, the crystal can often see the nucleus; color is not even, The crystal is often composed of metal, which can be sucked with magnets. Small particles, generally 3.8mm, in the ultraviolet radiation with fluorescence, but not uniform, gem center with green fluorescence, and the edge was colorless fluorescence.
Irradiated diamonds Natural blue diamonds are colored by imitation Cartier love bracelet boron, semiconducting, and if there is a voltage at both ends of the diamond, there will be a current through. The color of the blue color change is caused by the color of the lattice defect, so it is not semiconducting, through the voltage, no current through.

The difference between diamonds and other gems

Diamond and similar stones and the difference between the diamonds Diamond has its unique identification characteristics, but the current imitation of the diamond quality is also a lot: if a little negligence, it will lead to a big mistake. To this end, the identification must be very cautious. Remember the characteristics of diamonds on the basis of the unique dispersion, density, hardness and table similar to the gem of the difference (such as table).
Introduction to zircon

Zircon (English name: zircon) is a silicate mineral, it is the main ore for the extraction of zirconium. Zircon is widely present in acidic igneous rocks and also in metamorphic rocks and other sediments. Zircon’s chemical properties are very stable, so in the river gravel can also see the gem-level zircon. There are many kinds of zircons, different zircons will have different colors, such as red, yellow, orange, brown, green or colorless transparent and so on. After cutting the gemstone-like zircon is like a diamond. Zircon has also been called Zircon or hyacinth. Zircon can withstand temperatures above 3000 ° C and can therefore be used as a thermal insulation for spacecraft.
The most natural gemstone with diamonds is zircon. Because colorless zircon also has a larger rate of precipitation and dispersion, processing a good wrong stone has a strong fire color. However, according to birefringence, hardness and polarization are easy to distinguish between the two.

The difference between diamonds and zircons

The most natural gemstone with diamonds is zircon. Because colorless zircon also has a larger rate of precipitation and dispersion, processing a good wrong stone has a strong fire color. However, according to birefringence, hardness and polarization are easy to distinguish between the two.
Diamonds are isotropic gems, with no polarizing and birefringence. And zircon has polarized and great birefringence, from its crown down to see, the pavilion of the face of the shuttle will appear “double shadow” phenomenon, the modern cut the standard round diamond diamonds without ghosting.

In addition, for the original stone or not inlaid bare drill, the use of hardness method is also very easy to distinguish.As long as the identification of the gem can be seen about the division, if the mark is made of diamonds; if the carved (3.12 g / cm & apos;), and the density of the zircons ((3.90-4.73 g / cm & apos;) is different, and the shading and absorption spectra are different.
Diamonds and natural colorless gemstones

Other natural colorless gemstones, because the refractive index and dispersion are often smaller, so even if the cut is very good, it is difficult to have “radiance” and “colorful” fire color. In addition, it is easy to distinguish between the side of the refractometer and the polarizer. Diamond refractive index of 2.417, has exceeded the scope of the general refractometer reading, while the general colorless natural gem such as topaz, crystal and so easy to side out its refractive index. General gem processing is often not strict, often the phenomenon of light, with the tilt test can be ruled out, diamonds without polydipsia, and most natural imitation diamond gemstone for anisotropy, diamond hardness is also an important distinction between signs.
Diamond 4C knowledge Daquan, Zuo Kayi for you to introduce the relevant content of the diamond 4C knowledge, provide information on the diamond 4C knowledge Daquan, information on the diamond 4C knowledge in the Zoacai jewelry home.
Whether there is such a experience, go out to travel in a circle, in a rich diamond place, happy to buy several diamonds, just when stealing music, came back a test, the original buy are low-grade goods. If you or your friend or your friend’s friend or … … had such an Replica Cartier jewelry experience, then listen to Guangdong Province, jade jewelry and precious metals testing center, China GTC jewelry training center lecturer Guan Yuanyu You are holding.
1, as far as possible local consumption
Guan Wanyu told reporters that the quality of diamonds in fact the relationship with its origin is not large, therefore, the public should change the “origin of cheap” concept of consumption. Guan Wanyu suggested that the purchase of diamonds do not superstitious origin, it is best based on local consumption, if there is a problem, you can more convenient complaints, rights.

2, look at the test certificate
Remind, purchase should carefully check whether the product issued by the authority of the identification certificate. Recommended to the public to the regular shopping malls to buy goods in order to view the relevant quality inspection reports and product signs, if the quality of doubt there are problems, can save evidence, according to the provisions of channels complaints; purchase jewelry, we must ask the authority of the jewelry issued by the identification of jade Identification of the certificate, one by one in accordance with the contents of the certificate, such as photos, whether the quality and physical match, the identification of the identification, identification date, content is correct and whether the missing items.

3, see 4C standard
To determine the value of diamonds, to see “4C standard”: diamond carat weight, clarity, color, cut.
The color level is from D to Z, D, E, F are the best “colorless” level; Clarity Grade (clarity) for the VS2, on behalf of “a very small connotation, difficult to see (naked eye “Cut Grade (Cut) for Very Good (very good cut), representing about 15% of the diamond cut,” can make the diamond reflect and cut the standard level of the cut Light, but the price is slightly lower, “the level of cut in the five grades after the Excellent (ideal cut).

4C, the certificate also has additional information, that is, Clarity Characteristics (inclusions) and Finish (degree of modification). For the Fluorescence in the degree of modification, the diamond grade is Faint (slight fluorescence), second only to None (no fluorescence). In this regard, GIA’s interpretation is that the diamond has a fluorescent effect is a natural phenomenon, blue fluorescence Diamonds in the sun may enhance the brightness of the diamond, yellow fluorescence may reduce the color of diamonds, so with a fluorescent diamond to see what kind of light, there is no light fluorescence, may make diamonds more beautiful.

What does the diamond 4C mean?

“4C” is a measure of the value and quality of a diamond. The so-called “4C” is the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica beginning of the four English words beginning with C, referred to as the weight of the carat carat (CARAT WEIGHT), clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOR), cut (CUT). Just a “4C” four-point appreciation, you can easily understand the value and quality of a diamond. Diamond Price = Weight + Color + Clarity + Cut.

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The multiple “identity” of diamonds and substitutes

The multiple “identity” of diamonds and substitutes
Women love diamonds, its radiance, its mysterious and noble, it symbolizes the unswerving love and is regarded as a love of the letter and the declaration! Let the different age groups of women crazy. But also because of so many advantages created a noble diamond worth, so the market has been the emergence of a variety of seemingly diamonds alternatives to provide consumers with multiple choices to meet the psychological needs of different consumer groups.
The emergence of diamonds is the emergence of diamonds in the popular and popular after the popular. The earliest alternatives appeared in the Renaissance, a combination of glass and quartz <Rock Quartz> made of colorless glass, then called the finished product for the “Crystal”. Until the eighteenth century, such glass products due to the improvement of production methods and chemical elements lead <lead> the addition of a significant imitation Cartier love bracelet change, making the original plain glass added luster and light. Today’s popular jewelry generally use such a high lead glass, and still use the “crystal” <Crystal> described, and even internationally renowned brands to this high lead glass to “crystal” name Pa jewelry and fine industry.
Replacement of diamond substitutes
The new alternative from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century was the glass sandwich garnet, the crown was colorless garnet, and the bottom was colorless glass, and the colorless garnet of the crown was enhanced in ruggedness. Time to the 1930s, the synthesis of colorless corundum <Synthetic Corundum> and synthetic spinel <Synthetic Spinel> production because it has a higher hardness and more suitable for jewelry.
Synthetic Rutile <Synthetic Rutile> commercial mass production began in 1948, strontium titanium stone <Strontium Titanate> was born in 1953, the two alternatives are made with Vernier <Verneuil process> synthesis method to make. The two composites are closer to the real diamonds compared to the previous ones, and their high dispersive optical effects are more fascinating than the previous alternatives, but the only drawback is that the hardness is only 6.
Until the 1960s because of the use of laser technology and YAG <yttrium aluminate> output, YAG hardness of 8, the refractive index is 1.83, the dispersion is 0.026, on all aspects of the situation than any previous alternatives Close to the diamond, so generally used in jewelry, then the most common is that YAG was imitated and starred by Lisa White has a 69.42 karats of water droplets like diamonds. YAG has been widely used by the jewelry market and merchants have been promoted under a variety of different names until the 1980s. YAG sit tight diamond diamonds leading the throne for up to twenty years, at the same time, many other synthetic products trying to beat YAG hegemony are not available!
Not the diamond of the Soviet Union
In 1974 a revolutionary alternative CZ <Cubic Zirconium synthetic zirconia; commonly known as the Soviet Union drill> came out, and in 1975 before and after squeeze YAG boarded diamond substitutes of the leading throne for two to three decades. CZ refractive index of 2.150 is very close to the diamond 2.417, scattered 0.060 is slightly higher than the 0.044 diamond, which is why compared with the diamond CZ will show more colorful <Taiwan jewelry industry called the fire> optical effect. CZ hardness of 8-1 / 2 so in the wear is not easy because the wearer’s effect and damage, all these are CZ can dominate for so long reason.
Recently, the TV station selling crystal crystal actually refers to the Soviet drill, that is, artificial synthetic zirconia another common name.
Colorless zircons become the new darling
In the last two or three years, the jewelry industry has made extensive use of colorless zircons as a substitute for diamonds. We have even seen world famous brands of jewelery companies with zircons when they are embedded in jewelry, because zircon has close to 2 Of high refractive index, and is a natural gem, the natural identity of the consumer is always a little more cherished.
Synthetic diamonds have been challenged with jewelry identification staff, no matter how the other alternatives no matter how natural diamonds are not synthetic diamonds, synthetic diamonds because of the physical, chemical, optical characteristics and natural diamonds exactly the same, jewelry grade synthetic diamonds have also come out, Consumers have a choice, is the blessing, or more homework to be done to avoid losses, in fact, the jewelry industry and consumers should work together.
Diamond carbon needle can not be identified magic stone
You may have heard the magic stone, magic star drill, mosang stone, in fact, they refer to the same thing, that is Moissanite <carbon silica>, carbon silica, the name suggests its chemical composition is carbon and silicon, is under laboratory cultivation Of the Replica Cartier jewelry product, because a variety of physical, chemical, optical effects closer to the real diamond, has now replaced the CZ and become the number one natural diamond “avatar.”
Commonly known as “magic Star stone”, since it has been listed, has been so many students do not specialize in the jewelry practitioners planted with the bucket, and even because they have not heard of this thing, even their own mistakes do not know. To correctly distinguish the difference between carbon silica and natural diamonds, the well-trained jewelers, through the detection of various instruments, can be difficult to distinguish between “deity” and “avatar” of the differences:
But it is noteworthy that, before Moissanite has not yet appeared, the Diamond Tester is the fastest and most accurate tool for detecting diamonds, and now it is only forcibly lost, because Moissanite’s thermal conductivity is also Very high, in the diamond probe under the diamond reaction, so as a consumer you have to pay special attention to the next sale Miss Mr. told you “rest assured to buy, has been tested with a diamond probe”, do not forget If you want to distinguish between diamonds and carbon silica to use a called carbon silica probe Mooreanite Tester can easily distinguish what is diamonds, what is carbon silica.
Conclusion: the Soviet Union drilling, crystal diamond, cubic zircon is the same substance, their scientific name is called synthetic zirconia.
Diamonds and Mozambique difference, Zuo Kayi to introduce you to the difference between diamonds and Mozambique-related content, to provide diamonds and Mozambique difference between the reference information on the difference between diamonds and Mozambique information in the Zuo Kay Jewelry House.

Diamond is the king of gemstones and one of the most expensive gems. Simsan stone full name Synthetic Moissanite (synthetic silicon carbide) is the latest diamond imitation goods. The appearance and natural real diamond is very similar, but the price is very different, it is recommended that consumers in the purchase of diamonds, it is best to find reputable businesses and purchase with GIA, AGS, EGL or HRD several internationally renowned and Credible diamond guarantee.
Diamond: the king of gemstones, and one of the most expensive gems. Therefore, some people always try to fake real, years to take profits. Prior to this, “imitation” has a diamond mold, cubic oxidation pseudo zirconium, YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet). As AYC easy to wear fade, so now in the diamond category has disappeared. With the boron pen on the YAC for the characterization test will make it show the prototype. Cubic zirconia high hardness, popular also more, so suitable for clothing jewelry. Some criminals will use cubic zirconia as natural diamonds to sell.

Mozambique: Full name Synthetic Moissanite (synthetic silicon carbide) is the latest diamond imitation goods. The common color is yellowish, the chemical composition of SIC (silicon carbide), Mohs hardness of 9.25, the proportion of 3.22. Having a birefringence, a refractive index of 2.648 to 2.691, and a birefringence of 0.043. In the presence of meteorite fragments of a carbon black perfect combination of particle composition. At present, people with cutting-edge technology synthetic crystal clear and bright luster and fire color of the melon gem has become the closest to the diamond substitutes.

Mo mang stone thermal conductivity and diamonds close to the diamond thermal conductivity test instrument will be a mosaic stone reaction, it can not rely on thermal conductivity meter identification mo mang stone. With a 9.5 degree hardness pen will be its inconspicuous position will leave a slight friction pattern, the hardness of the diamond is 10 degrees Moore, so unaffected, due to the high hardness and high refractive index properties of Mozambique The surface of the cut Czochi stone is reflective and glossy and diamond is very close.
It is easy to observe the birefringence effect of methotrexate with a 10x magnifying Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica glass. From the perspective of a slight tilt observation of Mozart’s countertops, its waist full reflection image showing four-line effect. Diamond is a single refraction, and its waist is full of internal reflections like two lines. Mozambique’s dispersion rate is 0.140, about three times the value of diamonds. Mo Sang stone down the waist showing orange to orange red dispersion. The same location of the diamond does not appear red dispersion. The common inclusions of moxiite are white, some of which are more incense. The proportion of diamonds is 3.52 and the proportion of mozzanite is 3.22, so the inlaid diamonds and mocazaprol can be identified by gravity method.
Diamond and Mo Sang Stone comparison chart, left for the diamond

Mozart Stone is developed by the United States C3 company imitation of the diamond, the appearance and natural real diamond is very similar, but the price is very different, about one-tenth of natural diamonds, most consumers are difficult to distinguish it The difference between real drills.

It is advisable for consumers to buy reputable merchandise and purchase a diamond certificate with GIA, AGS, EGL or HRD, which is internationally renowned and credible.
(1) inclusions: natural diamonds have their own special natural contents and external features.

(2) Proportion: The proportion of real drill is 3.52, Mozambique is 3.20.
Zoacai century classic diamond ring

(3) Refraction is different: due to the different crystal structure, natural diamonds are single refraction, and mozzanite birefringence. When you use a 10x magnifying glass from the crown of the kite carved to the bottom of the look, Mo Sang stone around the bottom of the ghost phenomenon will appear.

(4) hardness is different: the hardness of the real drill is 10 degrees Mohs, while the star drill for 9.25 degrees.

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Identification of the color diamond, identification of the appearance, fraud identification

Identification of the color diamond, identification of the appearance, fraud identification
From the China Gem Industry Association learned: different from the white diamonds, China’s quality inspection departments have not been able to give color diamonds issued a certificate of quality, the Chinese mainland city popular color diamonds, are still imitation Cartier love bracelet undocumented jewelry. (GIA) to detect, but these are holding the “foreign certificate” of the color of diamonds, only to a small amount of large jewelry enterprises (Hong Kong enterprises mostly), in order to allow customers to be assured, went to the ocean, the color diamonds sent to the American Gem Research Institute (GIA) to detect In the mainland market accounted for less than 5% of the proportion. And for the definition of colored diamonds, there is no general international rules, the domestic more punishments and regulations. In order to avoid the unnecessary loss of collectors, it is recommended that consumers buy pink diamonds, buy less yellow and green diamonds. The best color diamond identification method is to send your colored diamonds to the American Gemological Research Institute (GIA) for testing. If you want to save trouble, you can choose a high reputation, good reputation drill to buy.
Identification of color diamond – Appearance identification

Natural color diamonds, in addition to the variation of the thick color case, the basic just “light color” appearance, blue diamond is absolutely impossible to blue like “Titanic” on the “Ocean Heart” or sapphire, than the sapphire color is more light some. And pink diamonds will not powder like “Barbie” pink, it is only like no light red. Yellow diamond color concentration larger, but most only yellow goose, yellow not “chicken oil yellow”.

Therefore, those colorful, “garlic”, high concentration, and relatively cheap so-called color diamonds, Jiucheng above are optimized after the product.

Color diamond fraud
Pink diamond dyeing the lowest probability, because the pink color and diamonds are not “compatible”, false technology can not achieve such a realistic effect. The most stained green diamonds, because the color change technology, a wide range of sources of green pigment, it is easier to white diamond into green diamond. And for yellow diamonds, “fake” in two ways, one is to change the color processing, and change the green diamond the same way.

Specifically, the blue-green color gem, “optimization” process is more complex: white diamond first through the “radiation” program, change the diamond internal molecular sort, as to change the biological DNA sequence, re-establish the color order. After being “high temperature and high pressure” treatment, showing a stable, uniform blue or green. In contrast, powder, yellow two-color diamond “processing program” is relatively simple, as long as the “high temperature and pressure” of the processing procedures. This is because, similar to the warm color is easier to spread, without radiation can be formed at high temperatures.
Here are the reasons for the damage to the diamond, diamond damage which several types of diamond damage solution. Because of the relationship between the toughness of diamonds, if the knock on the diamond cleavage surface, diamonds are likely to be damaged. So what is the cause of diamond damage? Under the reasons for the diamond damage and diamond damage after the treatment.
Although the laser welding will not let the seat or stone temperature rise. But the concentrated beam of energy will make the diamond graphitization. Direct wear or reflection from the smooth metal are possible. In the diamond surface there is such a material disguised Replica Cartier jewelry words. It is easy due to a little pressure on the formation of broken holes.

Cut the diamond tool improperly. Excessive stress or percussion will also cause a defect when cutting the factory. Causing a lot of diamonds before sending out the factory with some like cracks, scratches and other traces of injury.

Although the diamond has a high scratch resistance. But the daily wear will encounter the impact of the impact and sudden pressure more sensitive. Diamonds between the edges and edges of the impact of each other, after a period of friction. Sharp edges or thin waist is easy to grind white lines scratches. Easy to form a gap;

In the process of cutting. Due to grinding wheel and the friction between the diamond to produce high temperature and the formation of burning scratches. Resulting in the erosion of the diamond surface. Then we get the white burning scars we see.

Diamond damage type

Ideal burst (psychological damage);

Rupture, fracture, gap, erosion and other mechanical force damage;

Chemical damage, invasion, corrosion

Heat, plus mixture, combustion

Fade, decomposition and other changes in appearance;

Diamond Damage Solution
Diamond Damage Solution

User asked: diamond damage to the solution

Bought a ring in a diamond shop. Wearing about five or six months. Not by the high temperature did not bump. One-third of the diamond suddenly fell off. How to solve?

Enthusiastic users A: You can go to the local Quality Supervision Bureau of jewelry inspection to be identified, if it is false diamonds can be certified certificates and shopping invoices to the Consumers Association complaints, but also to the court. According to the law, you can get ten times Compensation.

According to your description, there is no high temperature nor bump, which is certainly not broken in the broken. In other words, even after high temperature and bumps, the real diamond is also difficult to happen this situation. Jewelery identification can not only identify Authenticity, can also identify such a strange situation is what reason.
Fluorescent diamonds refer to the light emitted by diamonds under the excitation of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica ultraviolet light. The image that we usually use some of the banknotes in the money detector that kind of ultraviolet light is not able to light it, that is the kind of light. There are some diamonds will be fluorescent, usually blue and white fluorescence, there are a small part of the diamond yellow fluorescence.
Fluorescent diamonds

For the fluorescence, people’s attitudes are not the same. Some people are specifically looking for diamonds that produce this unique effect, while others avoid buying these diamonds. In fact, different levels of fluorescent effects can only be identified by professionally trained jewelery professionals.

User asked: diamond fluorescence on the price of how much impact?

Enthusiastic friends A: color as low as the color of M, fluorescent has basically basic on the price of diamonds no effect

Below the J color of the diamond is greater than the M color, the price of diamonds will be low 5% – 10%

Color for DEF diamond price impact, diamond prices will be low 10% -20%

Color for the DEF and diamond weight greater than 50 points or more, the price of diamonds will be low 30% -35%

Fluorescence is a natural indicator, but does not affect the value of diamonds. The value of diamonds depends only on 4C, that is, color, clarity, size and cut. Other indicators are for reference only. The choice of fluorescence can be said to be in the 4C are in line with the selection conditions, you can not consider. Fluorescence or strong fluorescence depends on the degree of personal preference, they do not affect the value of diamonds. The world famous blue diamond – hope drill (Hope) is a strong fluorescent (Strong Blue) of the diamond.

Diamond Fluorescent Level
User asked: what level of diamond fluorescent applause

What is the level of diamond fluorescence applause

Enthusiastic friends A: Fluorescence, English Fluorescence ,, l is an important indicator, it affects the color of diamonds.

Fluorescence index refers to the intensity of blue light emitted by diamonds under intense ultraviolet light. Internationally, Fluorescence levels are negligible (none), none (not visible), inert, faint (blue), strong blue (especially blue). Strong blue level of diamonds than negligible or none level of cheap. Diamond fluorescent grade of DG color greater than 50 points or more VS-class diamond price great impact, generally weak fluorescence can affect the price of about 5%, moderate fluorescence will affect about 7% -10%, strong fluorescence for the higher color The greater, up to 30% or more.

Especially the strong fluorescence of the basic than the non-fluorescent price of about 35% lower, generally about 1-2 carats DEF diamond price greater impact, the stronger the fluorescence for the more similar colorless color hazy feeling (in 10 times The mirror is more clear), the impact of high-color diamond permeability, for less than J-color diamonds, although the fluorescent can make the diamond was white, but still the price will be low 5% -10%, color down to M color, Fluorescence has basically no effect on the price, and small diamonds less than 20 points also basically do not affect the price, 20-50 points for high clarity VVS diamonds also have a certain price impact. But in Europe part of the bare drill will be high as a selling point, the price is not inferior to the negligible level. So the impact of fluorescent on the price of diamonds to specific analysis.