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Oak marriage to send what gift is good to marry

Oak marriage to send what gift is good to marry 80th anniversary to buy gifts recommended
Oak marriage is the marriage of the 80th anniversary of marriage. Oak marriage if the French marriage anniversary, a symbol of love for a long time.

Everyone will have love story of life, all the love story basically by the order, the text, sequel composition. First love is the order, marriage is the text, extramarital affairs is sequel. Some people did not start the text of the order, someone entered the text and have a sequel.

The oak is regarded as a mysterious tree. Legend of this tall and sturdy imitation Cartier love bracelet trees in charge of the Greek god Zeus, Rome love God Cupid and Kitchen God Vista. Legend, in the temple of Zeus in the mountains of the forest, stands with a god of towering oak, oak leaves rustle is the main god Zeus to the Greeks metaphor. Many countries regard the oak as a holy tree, that it has magic, is a symbol of longevity, strongness and pride. Oak material hard, wide canopy, “King of the forest” reputation.
Married 80th anniversary to buy gifts recommended

As one of the tallest species in nature, the trunk is as high as 30 meters, and the crown is 18-22.5 meters, and it is strong and arrogant. It looks like the towering giant, the solemn and magnificent manner. Arid, alpine growth environment, up to 1000 years of age. So, with oaks to represent 80 years of love, is completely appropriate.

The world’s longest-ever Guinness Book of Records was created by the British England Perth, El Romith and his wife, who married 80 years and 14 days.
Platinum wedding to send what gift is good
The seventieth anniversary of marriage between China and France is called platinum marriage. Platinum is expensive, symbolizing the feelings of two people for 70 years. L. To be able to celebrate the marriage of white couples, it is not much. Eight or nine years old, but also hand in hand, no language to express how I love you, how moving is moving.
Gift has never been the most important. The most precious, Want is the mind. Ancestral love makes us envy, but only envy is not enough. From them we can learn a lot more.
70th anniversary of marriage to buy gifts recommended

Remake of wedding photos, so that children act as bridesmaids, best man.

Honeymoon travel, to help them achieve the desire to achieve at the time of marriage.

Make a family event movie, you can revisit the memorable party or holiday, for future viewing.

These are some very meaningful things. Even if the time gone, but the memory is left behind will not fade.
What is the gift of diamond?

Marriage of the 60th anniversary of the diamond drill marriage, which is a grand marriage in life to commemorate. Many people hold a wedding anniversary on this day. Can send wedding 60 anniversary of diamond souvenirs.

Two love people, together, for love, in order to better life, love each other, mutual Replica Cartier jewelry understanding, never go down, regardless of the troubles and happiness of life, stay together to the old.

The sixtieth anniversary of the marriage of China is called a diamond marriage, and many people hold a wedding anniversary on that day. This is a grand marriage in life. Marriage is a very important scene of life, many nationalities in order to avoid forgetting this scene, often to hold a wedding commemorative activities.
Wedding 60 anniversary to buy gifts recommended

Americans pay great attention to the wedding anniversary. Every important wedding anniversary, always held a wedding anniversary, and gradually formed by each wedding commemorative activities presented the traditional provisions of the gift of customs, and then evolved into a variety of gift names to name each marriage age habits.
Turn your parents’ wedding photos, carefully framed, so that parents return to the sweet memories of the past.

Re-hold the wedding ceremony, dinner friends and relatives, so that parents revisit the happy time.
Emerald wedding get what gift is good

The fifth anniversary of marriage is the Emerald Marriage. Emerald wedding symbolizes holy and strong love, love people through the fifty-five years of ups and downs, after five years of baptism, so that people can love more dependent on each other. Can send jade and other jewelry.
In the process of picking a gift, pay attention to its commemorative value. Parents married for many years, their way of life is to choose gifts to consider the factors. Because to the Emerald marriage, in general, the age has been relatively large. Precious items in their terms is not much significance, but rather memories of the more commemorative value.
55th anniversary of marriage to buy gifts recommended

Please be a professional painter painted for the parents of the portrait is worth a permanent collection of souvenir gifts. Parents’ good deeds or love letters call the calligrapher transcribe and set the memorial.

These are relatively simple things. 55 years of the day, not a simple number so casually past. Ups and downs, nothing more than two love, relying on the tolerance of each other, in his later years, but also hand in hand.
What is the gift of gold?

The 50th anniversary of marriage is called marriage. This time you can send some gold Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica ornaments to express love.

Accompanied by fifty years, children in groups, children and grandchildren. Most of the wedding celebration and handed over to the junior to go home. So for young people, gold marriage is also very important. His grandparents grandmother to the wedding anniversary of the wedding, and their own choice of what kind of gift it You can take them out to travel, turn around, you can take a wedding photo. May be able to make a memoir.
Married 50th Anniversary Wedding Offer Recommended

The parents of rain and rain accompanied by 50 years is indeed very easy things at the same time is particularly happy things, in this special day if you can receive the gift of children’s blessing they will be very happy, you can choose the gift first recommended some have a memorial The value of the creative custom gift, such as the meaning of auspicious peace bamboo marriage certificate or can customize the photo of the crystal music box and so on. Followed by the more traditional gold-plated ornaments, meaning the parents than Jin Jian, and the theme of the import of gold wedding. Moreover, some of the parents for the jewelry or accessories, you can let the spirit of the parents of God to spend this extraordinary day.

Gold marriage is not talking about. How long a person’s life, fifty years is the most of life. Two people experienced big wind and waves, work together to spend. For the modern divorce rate of the city, the older generation of love can give us a lot of inspiration.

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Baoqing Silver House 30 points diamond ring price

Baoqing Silver House 30 points diamond ring price Baoqing Silver House 30 points diamond ring how much money
Baoqing Silver House 30 points diamond ring price 30 points diamond ring price from 4,5 thousand to more than ten thousand, mainly depends on the quality of diamonds, this quality needs according to the diamond 4C standard to measure. 4C refers to the diamond carat weight, clarity, color and cut, they together determine the quality and value of a diamond.

Baoqing silver building 30 minutes diamond ring is not small, 30 points diamond ring price depends on the color clarity cut to determine. The color from the beginning of D is the best, that is very white, from D ~ J. The old machine from the beginning of the K color is not worth the money, the mall is rarely sold. Clarity IF lens flawless, almost extinct on the market, is the most expensive diamond measurement conditions regardless of size, as long as this level of clarity of the diamonds are valuable.
Baoqing Silver House 30 points diamond ring how much money
User asked: I bought a diamond ring in Baoqing imitation Cartier love bracelet silver, 30 points, PT950 ring, F-G color, VS clarity, how much money

User adoption: the price of 6500 or so.

Main Diamond Score: 30-39 Style: Ring / Ring Shape: Round Diamond Clarity: SI / Small Flaw Color: F-G White Diamond Cut: General

Identification Certificate: NGTC Certificate Mosaic: Single Diamond Inlay Material: White 18K Gold Item: YH9449 Brand:

Its online sales price: 6099.00

Baoqing Silver House 50 points diamond ring, 1 carat
Earl 1 carat diamond ring price

1 carat diamond ring is mainly to see the diamond 4C and other parameters, such as color (collur), clarity (clarity), cut (cut), carat (carat). 4C one of the different aspects of their price is also very far, which cut the impact of the price of diamonds can reach 30-40%. Any one of the parameters of change, will affect the overall value of diamonds, the reason why the same carat diamond ring cheaper only thirty or forty thousand, you will have one or two hundred thousand, that is the truth. The following are the same as the ”
Earl 1 carat diamond ring how much money

Earl 1 carat diamond ring how much money each diamond ring need men to real name custom, symbol of loyalty of the same love, as well as “in my name, crown your fingers, life accompanied by life,” meaning, beautiful appearance Assigned to the moral, is the number of wedding ring brand in the first. A count of 1 carat diamond ring, then, about 20 million, not the brand value of the case you ask such a diamond ring price is about 8,9 million or so.

【Clear Miao Miao】 PT950 Platinum 100 points / 1 carat Princess Diamond Ring ¥ 34900.00

[Network] shopped Hanson diamond drill VS 1 carat diamond Zhou Shengsheng classic South African natural diamond ring six claw Price: ¥ 52500

【Taobao】 wedding diamond ring female group diamond ring white 18K gold diamond ring craving effect authentic wedding ring six hi jewelry original price: ¥ 7999.00 fold price: limited time promotion ¥ 1999.00
Earl 50 points diamond ring price of its price is now accepted by the young newcomer, so become the best selling ring ring type is not surprising. But the same 50 points diamond ring because it is a different brand, its price will be very different, as we know the international brand, even 50 points diamond ring is also very expensive, unbearable.
The same quality of 50 points diamond ring, the brand is also a big difference, understand a person to see the different prices in fact hidden inside a lot of additional prices in the inside, now more popular online jewelry store 50 points diamond ring selling very Replica Cartier jewelry fire, they work Sophisticated, beautifully designed, courteous service, the same quality, the price is only about ten thousand, very attractive price, why not choose a high cost of the diamond ring! The following are the same as the ”
How much is the count of 50 points

Earl 50 points diamond ring how much money like the international well-known brands such as Tiffany and Cartier’s 50-point diamond ring, if you go to the store to buy the general are at least 4-5 million or so, if you choose to buy authentic Piaget 50 points in the mall , The general level (VS, H, VG) the price is also about 5W million, and this depends on the ring production level, if the higher level, then it is more than the price!
Earl 30 points diamond ring price of different brands of diamond ring, the price is different, then the Earl 30 points diamond ring price is how it? Bulgari – one of the world’s three major jewelry brands. Earl Ring prices in the country is more expensive, not just the style, the brand value is high, of course, the royal family, the price is also very expensive, ah, a count of 30 points diamond ring price that is more expensive.
Earl 30 points diamond ring about 9,000 yuan, of course, different brand prices or there will be a certain difference.

Piaget is a well-known jewelry brand, the Earl diamond ring with its high-quality products, thoughtful after-sales service, fashion design, elegant brand image to win a lot of consumer favorite, 30 points diamond ring price from 4,5 thousand to ten thousand Ranging from the main depends on the quality of diamonds, this quality needs according to the diamond 4C standard to measure. 4C refers to the diamond carat weight, clarity, color and cut, they together determine the quality and value of a diamond.
Old Carpenter 1 carat diamond ring price 1 carat diamond ring ex-factory price is equal to bare diamond prices plus ring gold and processing fees, while the international first-line brand 1 carat diamond ring price is usually 6-8 times the ex-factory price. Now 1 carat Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica bare diamond offer in the 6,000 yuan -20900 yuan, ring gold fee due to the use of different materials and weight, the cost is also different, and now the gold price fluctuations, but more expensive than platinum, and platinum than 18k white gold, But the price of a single price are more than 350 yuan, and now are generally more than 2.5 grams, so the money spent about 1,200 yuan ring.
Different purchase channels, the cost of the diamond itself must be different. If it is in the big shopping malls to buy, then a diamond ring must also include one of the expensive rental part, and if it is through the Internet directly to buy a carat diamond ring, then you can save the cost, the price is relatively high relative.

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What brand of good treasure to buy a good brand?

What brand of good treasure to buy a good brand?
What brand of good brand, the international brand Lovenus relatively good, which requires real-name custom system, meaning “life never betray”, I think this sentence you know, so there is a profound sense of the diamond ring to his beloved girlfriend hands her Must be very happy. In such a valuable token, a lot of things you need to get married well, like marriage, three gold, etc., and diamond jewelry is the most care of the jewelry.
(Mineral, rock, biological, etc.) made of a certain value of jewelry, handicrafts or other collectively referred to as jewelry, so there are “gold and silver jewelry” argument, operating these items Of the jewelry line referred to as “jewelry line” “jewelry” and the general concept of “gem” is the same broad sense of the gem refers to those who are suitable for pondering or carving processing for jewelry or crafts raw materials.
What brand of jewelry is good, jewelry shop looks really also a lot of it, is to see a diamond ring shop very good, the name of the diamond ring is Zuo Kay Xiaobian a fancy, of course, feel the diamond ring to my name , The crown you mean, accompanied by life, I followed the meaning of the very good, just I am also ready to marry my girlfriend, so directly in the store real name custom one.
Jade Life, Chow Tai Fook, Kim Chongzheng, Luk Fook these four brands are Hong Kong’s four brands, I personally think that you want to buy these to sell, especially Chow Tai Fook and Luk Fook two, after all, brand big, Branch and more, there is not the same as imitation Cartier love bracelet the after-sales service is like gold is 409 manual fee is another, the four relative to other stores, as you said Zhou Dasheng, JLF like to be more expensive, but I think sell Gold is not like selling vegetables every day to buy, more than one hundred more than a guarantee and peace of mind I think it is worth your money.
Jindai, Chow Tai Fook, Jindoufu, Kim Zifeng, Xiao Bian personally think that you want to buy these to buy, after all, brand big, more stores, there are different aspects of after-sales service , Gold price seems to be 409 manual fee is another, the four relative to other stores, like you said Zhou Dasheng, JLF and so on to some of the more expensive, but I think the money is not like buying food every day to buy, expensive More than one hundred can be more than a guarantee and peace of mind that is to buy value for money.
Jewelery, jewelry, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, like.
What kind of brand is good, for those who want to buy a marriage or marry a diamond ring must make a good plan before buying. It is recommended before the purchase should learn about diamond ring knowledge and understanding of the diamond ring industry; do a reasonable budget budget to see how much to prepare to buy drilling and so on. There are many brands of diamond ring, brand and brand differences are relatively large, but the diamond is naturally formed, so the brand is not related. Now look at the diamond ring are more emphasis on meaning and meaning, so this is also very important, then Xiaobian recommended more famous jewelry store to see: Zuo Kai Yi, Luk Fook, old Fengxiang, these are all possible.
Buy the diamond ring which brand is good, buy a diamond ring there are many good Replica Cartier jewelry brands Oh, like Cartier, Darry Ring, Tiffany, Chow Tai Fook, etc., these internationally renowned brands, very popular with everyone, but also according to your own preferences to choose, I personally, Zoukai overall is still very good, of course, there are some of the more well-known brands are still relatively expensive price of what are high, after-sales are guaranteed.
What is the good sign of marriage, the marriage of marriage, on behalf of the present life of the marriage covenant, as to marry the ring, in general, are used for marriage ceremony for marriage, or marriage and engagement before the consent of the consent of the woman The woman’s ring, the kind of one knee kneeling hand touch the ring of the charm of which woman can not resist the course Xiaobian here to recommend a few to see you: Zoca, Chow Tai Fook, Luk Fook, these are good, and Zuoka Iraq as an electric business famous jewelry brand.
Marriage ring in which many jewelry stores are able to buy, so you want to buy or according to personal budget to your girlfriend like jewelry store selection custom bar. If you do not know what brand of ring she likes, maybe you can see or inquire about her girlfriends.

If the last still do not know that you may be able to choose Darry Ring, this is a man with a single ID card can only be customized one, give the most loved one, meaning “life only true love” ring, such a The ring is a lot of girls are very eager to get, because she represents a lifetime commitment is true love to witness, if you put such a ring on your girlfriend hands, she should also be very moved, and Make your proposal easier to succeed.
It is a purity and style of the problem, jewelry store selling gold goods are based on the then international gold price, platinum price set, and now the price of gold are up, so all very expensive Years ago to inquire about the platinum seems to be about 380 grams of a gram, you want to buy earrings is to look at the style of Zoacai what are almost friends, see the benefits of the.
White gold earrings to buy which brand is good, platinum earrings relative to the service with the service will certainly be better, and no one will go to this kind of thing to buy a brand to wear, the result is a waste of money. Here to Xiaobian recommended to buy the top ten brands in China online query the latest jewelry brand and then to buy ah, so do not afraid to buy fake, and Zoukai, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, TSL TSL, Luk Fook, Lao Fengxiang, Tide Acer and so on these brands are above the ranking of the jewelry before the brand.

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Old temple 18k gold how much money a gram

Old temple 18k gold how much money a gram
Founded in 1906, renowned Chinese old – old temple gold, hair and grow with this. As the reform and opening up after the lake’s first gold retail enterprises, the old temple of gold with a rich cultural heritage of the “old town” and “old temple” brand rapid growth. From the start of the two counters, 24 provinces and cities in the country, the establishment of more than 300 brand stores (counters) to build the two logistics platforms in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

2006 sales in the industry in the top two and won the “China 500 most valuable brand”, the Ministry of Commerce identified the first “old Chinese” enterprises. 2007 old temple products won the “China Famous Brand”. Old temple brand accounted for the top two jewelry market. 2008, it is won by the Asian brand Festival Organizing Committee awarded the “Asia 500 most valuable brand.” And the new development of “nine days of jade”, “L & M” two brands, focusing on high taste of the young fashion market.

18k gold by the impact of the value of the process is also a great difference. K gold rich colors, white K gold, yellow K gold, rose gold, black gold and so on. “K gold” refers to the K gold itself natural color, showing a white so called k platinum. According to different imitation Cartier love bracelet gold technology and whether it is used for diamonds, etc., 18K gold how much money a gram of price there are differences, can not be generalized.

18k gold how much money a gram? In fact, not the price of gold to calculate the price. According to the use of 18k gold and the design of the style and differences, the difficulty of the level of 18k gold and how much money to determine the value of one gram. In Europe, when a gram can reach the value of thousands of dollars, so that it is more than any kind of precious metals prices.

【Elegant】 white 18k gold 7 points / 0.07 carat diamond men’s ring

Old temple 18k gold how much money a gram

Many people think that “18K” is a weight unit, in fact, “18K” refers to the purity of gold jewelry. In theory, 100% of the gold content of 24K, but in fact, the world does not have 100% purity of gold, so 18K gold can be said to have been very valuable.

18k gold how much money you know? We usually only gold jewelry collectively referred to as platinum or gold. Actually 18K refers to the composition of 75% for gold jewelry or gold products. 18K jewelry color was yellow or white, because the other 25% of the metal decided. White 18K is usually called “platinum”. In the jewelry can also see the 18K, AU750, G750 mark.
The Gemological Institute of America is the founder of the Internationalization of Diamond Certificates. It was founded in 1931 by Mr. Robert Shipley, has been 80 years of history, GIA reputation is a non-profit organization, funded by the jewelry industry to donate, but its identification and teaching costs are quite high. GIA certification is quite credible, it is not only the first gem school in the United States, but also widely respected in the global jewelry industry, recognized jewelry diamond one of the identification agencies.

GIA international certificate of diamonds in the international arena are recognized, the identification cost has been steadily rising! GIA American Gemological Institute since 2006, the global launch of the GIA diamond certification certificate online inquiry system. The introduction of the system, for the identification of the certificate query and security played a great role.

[Love witness] white 18k gold 50 points / 0.5 carat diamond ring

GIA diamond how much money a carat

What is the price of a carat diamond? This is hard to say, in addition to the size of the Replica Cartier jewelry diamond, there are clarity, color, cut the situation, in addition, also includes the diamond brand, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Xie Ruilin and other brands of its price than other non-well-known brands of high prices Many, probably about one hundred thousand or so; if it is more famous world brand, even more expensive, such as Cartier; ordinary diamond if not a shop, the relative price is low, but also more than fifty thousand. So different buying purposes should choose the right way to buy a carat diamond.

But the root of a carat diamond price is determined by the diamond 4c, so the specific carat diamond how much money can not be very accurate forecast; 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams, that is 1 gram and equal to 5 carats, and the general impact Diamond prices are the same as the quality of the diamond, color, clarity, cut and other factors, if the relevant factors change, the impact of diamond prices change the possibility of 70% -80%, and only 3% less, so The current 1 carat diamond how much money this is difficult to define, but its price will fluctuate within a certain range.
PD950, is the palladium 950, platinum group which is a cheap metal. Gold raw material price is only 40.50 dollars a gram, and the proportion of this metal is very small, very light. Generally made the total weight of the diamond ring, but also a little more than 1 gram.

Pd950 that gold content of 95% of the palladium, the current market price of about 180 per gram.

Marriage, is the most romantic in life, a moment, to marry a diamond ring to buy, need boys carefully selected, as dedicated to this life favorite. Jewelers have launched a variety of diamond ringing material, pt950 platinum white no time, 18k gold glittering, pd950 palladium glossy silver. Relative pd950, the diamond ring is more common pt950 and 18k gold, then, pd950 what does that mean?
[Love zero distance] white 18k gold 35 points / 0.35 carat diamond ring

Pd950 diamond how much money a gram
What is pd950? Pd is the chemical symbol of palladium, and pt platinum as a member of the same platinum group, Pd palladium is not easy to oxidation is not easy to lose luster, is a good flexibility and hardness of the white precious metals. Pd950 palladium, pd990 palladium and pd999 palladium four kinds, pd950 jewelry refers to the pd content of 95%, other metal content is 5%, pd950 palladium, pd950 palladium, Palladium pd jewelry.

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Diamond processing process Diamond processing technology

Diamond processing process Diamond processing technology
What is the diamond processing process? Diamond processing process has cut, stripping, sawing, grinding four processes. 1. “cut” is not “4C” in the “cut” concept, but according to the distribution of pure diamonds in the billet will be a large diamond blank cut into several small pieces of children;

2. “Strips” is the use of sticks and blades will stick to the appearance of the diamond all the impurities removed; “Saw” is “4C” in the cut, will go to the impurities of pure diamond saw a certain shape and a number of Face, some people call this process “cut”;

3. “grinding” is polished, so that the formation of diamonds more dazzling. In these four processes, “cut” and “saw” the most critical, can not make the original stone damage, resulting in large material use, a substantial depreciation; saw bad will cause undesirable imitation Cartier love bracelet loss or fail to achieve the desired aesthetic effect , Naturally will also affect the value of diamonds. So, these two key processes are those with rich experience of the old workers to complete.

Diamond processing technology

Diamond processing technology. In order to cut the original stone diamonds cut into a variety of cut into the finished diamonds, must follow the steps to implement a series of processing technology. In general, the machined diamond has four separate steps, marking, dividing, shaping and polishing.

1, mark the original stone. Mainly in the diamond stone for the correct evaluation on the basis of the design intention to use a special pen marked on the diamond, cutting the processing division according to the mark on the diamond cutting processing. It affects the ultimate degree of final diamond finish.

2. split the original stone. For a variety of reasons, the need for the original stone segmentation. Splitting the original stone is also a very important work, it also directly affects the quality of diamond finished products, and ultimately affect the value of diamond finished products.

3. rough grinding. Coarse grinding is the process of forming a diamond stone, which is a cutting or cutting process, which is similar to machining wood or metal on a lathe.

4. throwing. Polishing is the process of grinding a rough process into a final process by carrying out a series of processes. The main components of the polishing equipment are discs, clamps, jaws. Drilling is a very strong technical performance technology, the need for diamond cutting workers know a certain process, and the need for a wealth of experience.
How much is the price of the pigeon Generally only five carats is more than 1 gram of diamonds can be called pigeon eggs, the price of more than two million to tens of millions have. The world’s largest pigeon diamond is “African Star 2”, it is the original stone weighs 3106 karats, pure and transparent, with light blue tones, for the best grade gem diamond, is now embedded in the British Queen’s token. The world’s most exquisite pigeon eggs for the “century of drilling”, the original stone weight 599 karats, after a professional chopper spent three years of pondering, is the “pigeon eggs” family of the most exquisite.

Buy a pigeon egg diamonds to how much money? Not all carat diamond can be called pigeon eggs, pigeon eggs, diamonds not only have five carats of karats also have a high quality, diamond “4C” is a judge The price of pigeons and the quality of the standard, the price of Replica Cartier jewelry pigeons according to the diamond 4C standard and the specific number of carats! Custom pigeon egg ring ring can go to the Zoacai diamond ring official website, GIA authoritative certification, allowing you to enjoy the pigeon egg diamonds Bring the distinguished and sweet!

How many carats are the eggs?

How many carats are the eggs? “Pigeon eggs” for the extension of justice, to describe large and high quality diamonds, that is, quality and quality are superior diamonds. Generally 5 karats or more high-quality diamond ring, can be called pigeon egg ring ring. Originated in the film “Lust and Caution”, Tony Leung played the spy as Tang Wei played undercover at the end of love for her in the jewelry store to buy a diamond size of about 5 carats of diamond ring, known as the “pigeon eggs” diamond ring.

The most legendary pigeon egg ring is the hope of the Titanic! This huge sea sapphire is the prototype of the Titanic sinking ocean star. With bright dark blue hope (weight 45.52ct), is the most famous colored diamond. It has gone through the French explorers – King Louis XIII – famous jewelery designer Pierre. Cartier – … … after the evaluation of Ms. Evalyn W.M and asked Cartier specially designed for her style. The history of hope is like a fog, full of peculiar and mystery. In 1912 the Titanic virgin flight, it was on the boat.

The most fragrant pigeon egg is Tamil’s ruby necklace. Inlaid Tamil Ruby’s necklace, inlaid giant grain ruby are red spinel, the middle of a maximum weight of 352.5 carats, it is our “pigeon eggs” family of Tamil ruby. The most “environmentally friendly” pigeon eggs are de Jenstein green pear-shaped diamonds. It is known to be the world’s largest green diamond, weighing 41 carats. In the “pigeon eggs” family is also very rare!
What color is the diamond h color? Diamond color from D to Z. D grade: completely colorless. The highest color level, extremely rare!

E grade: colorless. Only gem identification experts can detect trace colors. Is very rare diamonds

F grade: colorless. A small amount of color is only jewelry experts can detect, but still considered to be colorless. Belong to high quality diamonds.

G-H grade: close to colorless. When compared with the higher color diamonds, there is a slight color. But this color level of diamonds still have a high value.

I-J level: close to colorless. Can detect a slight color. High value.

K-M level: the color is dark, fire color difference.

N-Z level: the color is dark, fire color difference.

H color is white, most people will choose G-J color, the price is relatively affordable and also has a high value.

Diamond h color ok

Diamond h color ok? H color in the category of GIA certificate belongs to the quality of white ~ if the H color and H color above the two colors of the diamonds compared to it will certainly be a bit yellow, but not it is a class of high quality white, The naked eye to see basically do not feel yellow, the price is still very good.

Affordable diamond procurement standards, the first look at the size. The second look cut, the third look at the color, the fourth to see clarity. Collection of diamonds on the sure that more than 1 carat, other properties should be excellent, otherwise also nothing mean. If the economy allows, you can choose the clarity and color level to teach high diamonds, of course, the high level of diamond hedging role is even better.

The value of diamonds is determined by the 4C, so 4C are very important, from the cost to consider, then we need to focus on the selection of diamonds, in the case of the size of the first proposed from the cut of this C to consider the degree of cut Directly affect the diamond fire color, all we often say that cutting is the second life of diamonds, followed by the color of this C, the color from the DZ, the more close to the D color, diamonds more transparent, it is recommended to consider the final clarity of this C, VS Level and above, because the clarity of the diamond price only on the impact of diamond fire and permeability will not have any effect, if your budget allows, you can consider improving the clarity of diamonds parameters.

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Tianjin custom ring

Tianjin custom ring
Choose a reputable business. Ring custom, after all, expensive, we all want to find a good reputation, good workmanship, fair prices, style is complete, good service, good quality after-sales business, so when the diamond custom must be more than a few as a comparison, that is, Shop more than three, in order to customize to the highest cost, their favorite ring.

Tianjin custom ring if you choose to customize online, you can choose Zoacai and other high-profile jewelry sales platform, cost-effective than the traditional brand is much higher. If you want to buy in the store, you can choose some Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang or Zuo Kayi, diamond family and other well-known brands of jewelry stores, you can also choose the local old brands, such as 100 letter jewelry gold floor, Longxing gold shop, And other well-known local jewelry brand, the price will be more than the traditional brand concessions.

Tianjin custom ring can be customized diamond ring, red sapphire ring, red and green chrome tourmaline ring, jade or Hetian jade ring, other jade ring and so on. Can be customized gem is very much. Custom rings can be lettering or pattern, you can also imitation Cartier love bracelet change the style as a design or design according to their own ring, more special significance and commemorative value. The advantage of a custom ring is that the style is more flexible, free, and unique!

Tianjin custom ring price is usually the case, will be cheaper than the direct purchase of finished products. Because the custom ring can not only according to their own economic situation to select gems and ring, and which also eliminates the cost of some product design, the price is more detailed. Of course, there are some very complex design style, custom prices may be more expensive.

Beijing custom diamond ring brand is very much, because Beijing is the capital, almost most of the diamond brand in Beijing have shops, select the brand is too much, there are international brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, the traditional brand Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, etc., the new brands are Zuo Kayi, Kelan, diamond birds, BLOVES, and so on. Want to customize what kind of diamond ring can be customized to!

Beijing custom diamond ring prices and many aspects of the relationship, different brands, the quality of the diamond there are channels of purchase, etc., we all know that the international brand prices are very expensive, the domestic traditional brand prices are relatively high, and Diamond quality is determined by the diamond ring the value of the biggest factors, the quality of diamonds is determined by the diamond 4C, 4C different levels of the impact on the price is great.

So in Beijing custom diamond ring, do not only recognize the brand, a lot of reputable jewelry brand, such as Zoacai, BLOVES and other emerging brands, is also a good choice, the price will be a lot of concessions, to the same price, customized to larger Diamond ring! But also at home to the official website optimistic about the ring style and bare drill, and then contact customer service to understand the diamond, and then make an appointment to the store to see physical customization, do not have to go to the shop after the halo no direction to see, delay time.

Beijing custom diamond ring is the most important step in the selection of Replica Cartier jewelry diamonds, because the diamond ring at first glance is to see the diamond. Choose diamonds on the more convenient, the global unified “4C” standard, according to the budget to choose their own diamonds, try to select cut EX, VG diamonds, diamonds will be more flash, clarity VS is good, color H Or above are very good, when the purchase is expected to ask for identification certificates and invoices to ensure their own interests.

Beijing custom diamond ring in the selection of diamonds, but also pick a favorite like a care style, and if the counter can not choose their favorite, you can also communicate with the designer to use their own creative ideas, custom an exclusive individual Diamond ring. Mosaic materials from platinum, 18K white gold among the choice of palladium value is low, not recommended to consider, the hardness of gold is not enough, easy to diamonds, will not be used to set the diamond.

Shanghai custom ring can be incoming, sample, to map processing custom ring, you can customize the personality couple rings, diamond rings, gold rings, sterling silver rings, platinum rings and so on. Custom gems are diamonds, red sapphires, emerald, white jade, south red agate, pearls and so on.
Shanghai custom ring has a local brand and traditional brand, Shanghai local relatively well-known ring brand old Fengxiang, Cheng Huang jewelry, the old temple, Jinshan League jewelry and so on. Among them, the old Fengxiang gold jewelry jewelry started, and later gradually involved in platinum, diamond jewelry. Cheng Huang Jewelry and Jinshan League jewelry are Shanghai local diamond jewelry started brand.

Shanghai custom ring traditional brands are Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Lu Fu, Xie Ruilin, Dai Mengde, Kim Chongzheng and so on. Most of them started selling gold, follow-up began selling diamonds, Choi Po, jade and so on. In the traditional brand custom ring, the price will generally be higher.

Shanghai custom ring there is a way that is selected online purchase. Online well-known jewelry brands, such as Zoca, diamond birds and so on, the custom ring price will be 30% to 50% of the traditional brand discount, cost is very high. But also more convenient than the shopping malls brand, the whole online selection, there are one-on-one professional jewelry consultancy services, at home you can buy favorite ring jewelry, very convenient!

In Shanghai this first-tier cities, from a hundred years of history of the world famous jewelery brand, to some domestic fine jewelry brand everything, really dazzling. Custom ring in Shanghai, first of all to choose the quality of protection of the business, we all know. The so-called security, in addition to a formal business certificate, there is a certain brand influence, it depends on the protection of the ring – the authority of the diamond identification certificate. At present, the most authoritative international diamond certificate is GIA certificate, the most authoritative certificate of the gem is GRS certificate.

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How much is a carat diamond ring?

How much is a carat diamond ring?
Diamond is the highest hardness of nature gem, has always been as a symbol of indestructible love, a carat diamond ring is given love for your life the most romantic meaning, as a wedding ring and wedding ring of choice. How much is the cost of a carat diamond? Perhaps the bride and groom in the preparation of the wedding often around the minds of the problem. How much depends on a lot of factors.

How much is a carat diamond ring? Diamond’s weight, color, clarity and cut is the most important factor in determining the diamond ring, diamond 4C are graded, the greater the weight carat, the color closer to colorless, the higher the clarity, the better cut the diamond The higher the price it is. Such as diamond color in accordance with the GIA standard points D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N a total of 11 levels, D color for the top grade, the lower the price of each level lower.

How much is a carat diamond ring? Diamond brand is also one of Cartier nail bracelet replica the factors affecting its price, diamonds are not carved before there is no brand, but it is the nature of Guigu Shen knife, but also with its strong meaning and love of the beautiful and loyalty intertwined , So since the birth of the diamond will be valuable. And after being carved, it as a token into a pair of loving couple, in this process, it will be carefully crafted by different brands, each brand is particularly unique meaning, the corresponding, the value of the brand Hooked into a diamond.

How much is a carat diamond ring? In fact, this is not a certain number, you want to know more detailed price, you can go to the jewelry brand of the store to consult, you can also go to the major jewelry brand network brand to understand. Perhaps for her, how much money quit does not matter, as long as you are in love enough!

How much is a carat diamond ring? We need to pay attention to the following when we buy diamond ring:

1: make budget, do what it can. Estimate the budget, select the diamond ring will not be too blind, you can easily buy their own in the range of their own to wear the diamond ring.

2: carefully selected brand, a carat diamond ring not only has the effect of wearing and there is the possibility of appreciation, although it is not recommended too much to pursue brand consumption, but to the regular brand to buy is necessary, at least after-sales service, diamond ring cleaning, maintenance , Maintenance is guaranteed.

3: buy diamond ring when the best to learn some basic knowledge of the diamond, such as 4C, so afraid of the salesman’s “rhetoric” the.

Pearl ring customization of each piece of work has been given the life and soul, it contains may be a moving story, a vigorous love or a sweet memories. Pearl ring custom will generally be used with diamonds inlaid, the material will have 18K gold rose and white 18K gold, more pearl noble temperament!

Pearl ring custom process is: select pearls, determine the style, custom three steps, very simple. In the selection of pearls, the need to select the color of pearls, luster, shape, surface defects, size. Pearls are white, pink, pale yellow, light green, light blue, brown, lavender, black and so on, with white pearls up. The shape of a variety of pearls, round, pear-shaped, egg-shaped, teardrop-shaped, button-shaped and arbitrary shape, which is a good round, but also imitation Cartier love bracelet the most beautiful, beads Yu Yu is the shape of pearls.

Pearl luster to produce a strong, deep bright for the best, the so-called jewels say that pearl luster it! Most of the pearl surface will be more or less flawed, the surface of the most smooth pearl is the best quality, is also very popular pearls. The size of the pearls depends on the type of pearls. Freshwater pearl series models range from about 3 to 8 mm. While the Okaa series was 6 to 9 mm, South Ocean Pearl and Tahiti series is 8 to 16 mm. The greater the pearls, the higher the value and the price.

Pearl ring custom time, you can according to their own budget, select their favorite, the right price of pearl custom, and sometimes change the level as long as you can change the corresponding price, so the custom price of the pearl ring is very flexible.

Pearl ring custom in the selection of ring style, if you like the elegant temperament pearl style, you can choose the white ring, of course, pearls can choose white or black, mosaic, the pearl of the whole will make people feel very noble not blasphemy , Wear to the hands of the whole person’s temperament will become more elegant! If you like the calm style, you can choose the yellow 18K gold ring, inlaid gold pearl material, mosaic, the ring will appear very calm atmosphere. While the rose gold style is suitable for white and gold pearls, mosaic good, it will be very personal and lovely.
The world’s jewelry industry leader – Cartier, has always enjoyed the “jeweler’s emperor, the emperor’s jeweler” reputation, is a luxury luxury goods, Cartier each ring has its own design significance and philosophy. Cartier every ring is a touching love story, it is sometimes long, sometimes mildly, sometimes poignant. Has a Cartier ring is the dream of every bride, that bear the dream of thousands of women luxury card Cartier ring how much money to have?

How much is the Cartier ring? Jewelry is a luxury, in the international jewelry industry has other jewelry brands are difficult to match the status of the Cartier ring, its price is also an outsider can not imagine the expensive, we may think so. This would like to be wrong, as the authority of the jewelry industry, the Cartier ring is indeed more than most of the brand more expensive. Cartier LOVE series of rings by the new people’s favorite. Cartier LOVE series of rings with wide and narrow version of the two, divided into without drilling, with a drill, with three drill, set with a number of drill and other styles, the price is different. Narrow version of the Cartier LOVE prime ring without a diamond are generally starting from 7,000 yuan, the price of other jewelry brands in the country can buy 30 points diamond ring. The price of the Cartier ring with a drill will increase with the weight and quantity of the drill.

How much is the Cartier ring? Cartier diamond ring price is the value of the Cartier brand + bare diamond price + care price + labor costs + diamond processing fee + store operating costs formed. International diamond ring price conversion is the price of diamond ring = “gold + workers + stone”, accounting for the overall price of the diamond ring about eighty percent of the other famous brands, although there are brand value, but the number is small, but the Cartier Fake Cartier love bracelet diamond ring Price inside, Cartier brand value is high. 1 carat diamond ring in Cartier sold hundreds of thousands of more than in the domestic jewelry brand in less than 100,000 yuan can win, which brand prices can be imagined how high. Of course, the Cartier ring high also has a high reason, Cartier ring design is unique in this world.

How much is the Cartier ring? Although the brand value of the Cartier ring is high, but the price of the Cartier ring is also determined by the diamond 4C, color, clarity, weight, cut the level of the decision to Cartier ring price. So to buy the Cartier ring new people need to understand the diamond 4C knowledge, develop a good budget, in their own can afford to buy the Cartier ring.

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0.6 carat diamond how much money

0.6 carat diamond how much money
0.6 carat diamond, if it is round, then the price is in the ten thousand to forty or five or so, different colors clarity cut fluorescent, the price will be different, if coupled with profiled drill, the price is 7 to more than forty thousand Five or so, because the same parameters of the same price will be lower than the circular lower.

0.6 carat diamonds how much money? Diamond grade a lot, only the “clarity” of a current has been strictly divided into five categories of 11 levels, the same weight, between different grades of diamonds, the price gap is huge, such as the above said, 7 to more than forty thousand Five or so price, the price difference of about thirty thousand, the greater the diamond, the higher the level, the difference between the diamond will be greater.

0.6 carat diamonds how much money? Diamonds have a variety of natural color, from the precious colorless (after cutting for the white), rare light blue, pink, rich red to bright yellow range. For color diamonds, the color level is crucial. If it is 0.6 carat Cartier nail bracelet replica rare color diamond, color clarity level are good, such as blue, pink, red, green and so on, the price will be much higher than the white diamonds, the level of the price can be tens of thousands or even More than ten million yuan.

0.6 carat diamonds how much money? Cut the different 0.6 carat diamonds, the price will be different, because the diamond itself will not shine, its bright brilliance actually attributed to its unique high refractive index and high dispersion performance. Therefore, without cutting the diamond on the roadside will not be someone to pick up, only through accurate calculations, carefully designed and perfect cutting polishing, so that the light can be fully reflected in the top of the diamond can be made clear.

0.6 carat diamonds how much money? 0.6 carat diamond clarity, the impact on the price of diamonds is the largest, diamond clarity refers to the amount of diamonds contained. Most of the diamonds contain very small, non-crystalline completely fine carbon material, the less the number of inclusions, the smaller the volume, the better the quality, the more rare, the more expensive the price.
Platinum diamond necklace how much money? Platinum diamond necklace prices in the thousands to tens of thousands or even several hundred thousand dollars have, depending on the weight of platinum, diamond weight, color, clarity, cut and so on. Platinum diamond necklace because of its exquisite style, color white and will not fade black, while corrosion and many other advantages favored by many people, so more and more people in the choice of necklace tend to platinum necklace.

Platinum diamond necklace how much money? Zoakai Platinum Diamond Necklace = Platinum Gold + Diamond + Fee. Like Chow Tai Fook platinum necklace price composition for the Chow Tai Fook brand value + bare diamond price + platinum material price + labor costs + work costs + store operating costs, so you will pay nearly doubled the price to buy a platinum necklace, so buy platinum necklace , The need to shop around, can only start to buy, so as to buy the most cost-effective, their favorite platinum diamond necklace.

Platinum diamond necklace how much money? Platinum diamond necklace is definitely a woman essential jewelry a single product, not only from the neck exudes an elegant sexy atmosphere, it is a little lucky thing, is the star, ladies, up people, goddess, white collar imitation Cartier love bracelet Preferred, just between the clavicle, little exposed sexy. Platinum diamond necklace price is very much different styles, different diamond parameters, necklace prices will be different, in the selection, you can choose according to their own budget and preferences.

Platinum diamond necklace how much money? A so beautiful and beautiful sparkling platinum diamond necklace, can bring out your sexy sexy clavicle, elegant and stylish, delicate and charming. Platinum diamond necklace prices are not too expensive, generally a few thousand dollars you can buy a very beautiful fashion platinum necklace, and now is the summer, in addition to thighs and chest, the number of clavicle necklace most sexy, like wearing a necklace friends can Take the summer to Zoacay into a platinum diamond necklace treat yourself ~
How much is the diamond a carat now? Now a carat diamond, the price is very much, the price from 17 to 160,000 have about, ten thousand price is the emerald-shaped diamond, color J color, clarity SI2, cut VG, in addition to clarity is not too Well, the other is also good, belong to the fineness of the diamond. And about 160,000 diamonds, it is the diamond 4C are top fineness, color D, clarity IF, cut 3EX, the value is very high!

How much is the diamond a carat now? Shaped a carat diamond will be more than the price of the round is more low, such as a carat round color J color SI2 clarity, cut VG bare drill, the price will be about thirty thousand, , The price is higher than about 13, the difference is relatively large. Because round diamonds are the most significant diamonds, cut the best, other shapes of the same weight of diamonds, it seems there will be no round diamonds, there is no round diamond flash.

How much is the diamond a carat now? Diamonds with its extremely hard qualities and unparalleled bright light in the world nearly 200 kinds of precious stones come to the fore, become a veritable “king of gems.” But the natural diamond resources in nature is very Fake Cartier love bracelet scarce, and the formation of conditions are also very difficult, need to go through hundreds of millions of years to form, are non-renewable resources.

In addition, not all diamonds can be used directly as a jewelry, in the process of diamond rough processing loss of more than 20%. This shows that the rare degree of diamond resources, the price of natural diamonds should be more expensive than other gems.

How much is the diamond a carat now? Now a carat diamond prices from tens of thousands to tens of thousands have, want to buy a carat diamond people, you can buy according to their own budget and asked to buy. People’s demand for it continues to rise, so natural carat diamond prices will change. And diamonds are non-renewable resources, so more and more large diamond collection value, to buy or as early as possible better.

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Platinum Diamond Ring Price

Platinum Diamond Ring Price

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum prices from more than two thousand to one thousand two hundred thousand million have a million, depending on the specific style and diamond weight, color, clarity, cut the work. Platinum diamond ring, the general price of diamonds will be much higher than the price of the ring, of course, if the diamond is very small, that is based on the price of the main bar.

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum diamond ring has become the darling of many lovers to marry, the process of marriage darling, because the diamond ring on behalf of a kind of eternal pure love, and platinum the most dazzling, the same color, platinum and diamond ring encounter, so many people like it itself The elegance and intoxicating charm! Platinum diamond ring price will not be too expensive, a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands imitation Cartier love bracelet of dollars have, for all levels of people choose.

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Buy a platinum diamond ring, you can choose the best carat weight, need to consider the wearer’s personal style, finger size, mosaic way and personal budget. In fact, the best way to determine the price of platinum diamond ring is to do a good job budget, to understand her expectations of the size of the diamond and you prepare the cost, and then select the appropriate requirements of the diamond ring, and then buy.

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum diamond ring antioxidant capacity much more than gold and silver, so that the natural luster of platinum eternal as new, as love as eternal does not change color. Platinum is twice the hardness of gold, so durable and often used to support diamonds, so platinum has the title of precious metal king. Platinum diamond ring is also divided into two kinds of materials, one is PT950, the other is PT900, the general mosaic single drill style, are used PT950, the price is relatively high, and more luxurious style, then use PT900, mosaic more solid The

What is the price of platinum diamond ring? Platinum diamond ring price in addition to the impact of the platinum ring, depends more on the value of diamonds, for more than one carat (including a carat) bare drill, to assess the price, is the weight of the square multiplied by a carat computational. In nature, to get large particles of diamonds is extremely rare, the greater the more difficult to get diamonds, the more expensive the price.
What is the price of the gold ring? Gold ring prices first look at the gold ring or K gold ring, or platinum ring, the price of different materials will be different, followed by men ring or women’s ring, and finally to see the style of the ring and whether inlaid diamonds or Gem.

What is the price of the gold ring? If it is platinum gold ring, the price is better calculated, in general, is the platinum price multiplied by gold. But does not rule out the better style of the possibility of collecting fees. Platinum ring price is the national uniform Cartier nail bracelet replica price, the price will not float more than 20 yuan.

Now the price of platinum on the market about 300 or so per gram, in general, a platinum ring in the weight of about 3 to 7 grams. Of course, it is worth noting that the problem is the brand value-added. In the big brands to buy, then the price must be much higher, because the big brands of advertising, as well as some of the costs of shopping malls are passed on to the consumer’s head.

What is the price of the gold ring? Gold ring, the price from more than a thousand to more than five thousand, depending on the specific weight of the gold. Women’s ring rings are generally relatively light, in the 2 to 3 grams or so, and now the gold female ring, style is also more and more novel and beautiful, is no longer the past soil style, so get a lot of girls love, usually birthday Or get married, in addition to diamond ring, the gold ring is also a must.

What is the price of the gold ring? In modern society, with the improvement of living standards, the gold ring is no longer just a necessity for marriage, it is a symbol of men’s social status and identity. A suitable gold ring can add a unique charm for men, highlight the temperament. In the choice of gold ring, according to the wearer’s hand type, preferences and budget to choose. As the men’s palm wide, the need for more materials, in general, the men’s gold ring in the best 8-15 grams, the price is more than three thousand to four thousand or so.

What is the price of the gold ring? 18K gold ring not only has the precious value of gold, and the ductility is good, high hardness, color selectivity, not only in the design of the ring has almost perfect creative performance, the price is also cheaper than gold and platinum, in the Hundreds to more than a thousand can buy, if the heavier, two thousand to three thousand have, very affordable.
Chaumet ring the lowest price of more than ten thousand, the most expensive to millions, the price is very expensive! CHAUMET, founded in 1780, LVMH LVMH Moet Hennessy Group has a long history of French palace class jewelry and time family. After more than two generations of 12 generations of fire heritage, CHAUMET always low-key introverted, as the “hidden luxury model.” Meaning deep, rich emotion CHAUMET senior jewelry, wedding products and luxury watches, filling its blue blood aristocratic temperament and unique style of Paris.

What is the price of the chaumet ring? Chaumet ring price is very much different styles of styles will have different prices, depending on the specific diamond color, clarity, cutting, fluorescent, shape and so on. Such as the baby wedding ring with Joséphine crowned? Love imitation Cartier love bracelet Josephine crown ring, 1 carato, the price will be more than one thousand, and the baby wedding ring is a 5 to 6 carats pear-shaped DIF-level Drill, the price will be a few million!

What is the price of the chaumet ring? BEE MY LOVE series (bee love) three ring combination of 19880 yuan. 230 years, Shangmei Paris CHAUMET will always be deep feelings and love the perfect subtle into the jewelry design. Shangmei Paris CHAUMET the latest jewelry ring every one is very amazing, each ring is an emotional expression, the designer’s unique design by the fashion industry and the public agreed.

What is the price of the chaumet ring? In November 2014, the high round Zhao Youting officially entered the marriage hall, with chaumet Shangmei Paris plume wedding ring witnessed two happy moments. Plume wedding ring is the use of prime ring, the wall mosaic of mysterious diamonds, low-key and rich connotation. It is reported that the high round Zhao Youting this a chaumet Shangmei Paris plume wedding ring price is 1900 euros, that is, 14,500 yuan, chaumet Shangmei Paris plume wedding ring price for the domestic wedding ring price more expensive, if it is to buy diamonds more Big, more cost-effective, choose Zoca on the right!

What is the price of the chaumet ring? There is a beauty is breathtaking, it is not just stay in the eyes of the people is the beauty of the perfusion in the heart of the people, the United States is the Paris ring is such a timeless. Chaumet ring prices changeable, in the senior jewelry store, private jewelry custom shop, or roadside personalized jewelry shop, all over its traces; its price from thousands to hundreds of thousands, enough to make you stare! However, if you really want to buy, or choose genuine good, after-sales and service is more secure.

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8 carat diamond how much money

8 carat diamond how much money
How much is the 8 carat diamond? 8 carat diamonds, the price from more than 1.5 million to more than 10 million range, the specific price depends on the shape of the diamond, color, clarity, cut, fluorescent, certificate and so on. 8 carat diamonds belong to the big “pigeon eggs”, and is very rare, the international 8 karats of futures diamonds, not more than one hundred, the major brands at home and abroad, almost no 8 carat diamond inventory.

How much is the 8 carat diamond? 8 carat diamond prices, but also look at the brand, such as Xu Jinheng to Michelle Reis 8 carat diamond, said the price up to 50 million yuan, if the price is true, it will be from the international brand! Because the well-known brands in the domestic Zokai, 8 carat diamond top level, the price is not more than 20 million, with 50 million low more than doubled!

How much is the 8 carat diamond? “8” is a very easy to think of Cartier nail bracelet replica the wealth of figures, and diamonds is a synonym for wealth, when a 8 carat diamond appears in your eyes, believe that no one will be very heart. The domestic received 8 carats or more diamond ring there are many stars, when they are received a variety of surprises, all kinds of moving, all kinds of happiness, because the 8 carat diamond price is very expensive, ordinary people are difficult to buy their life, Even the star or the rich, the purchase price of 8 carats of diamonds is also a bit big.

How much is the 8 carat diamond? 8 carat diamond prices and diamond color cleanliness of the cut, the international diamond color from the most white to the most yellow, represented by the English alphabet, from D to the last Z, is divided into 23 grades to D-color 8-carat diamond prices the highest. Diamond 8 cut is the only human factors can be changed, the impact of 8 carat diamond prices are also great, diamond cut the impact of the diamond fire color, the better the cut, the more the diamond flash, the higher the price.

The relationship between price and clarity of 8 karats. Diamond crystals in the depths of the earth mantle magma, the environment is complex, diverse, high temperature and pressure, after hundreds of millions of years of geological changes, the internal inevitably contain a variety of debris or flaws. The color, number, size, and location distribution of these inclusions have different degrees of clarity on the clarity of 8-carat diamonds. Clarity of 8 karats of imitation Cartier love bracelet diamonds, the price will be more expensive.
Bare drill 1 carat price is very much, the shape is also very much, bare drill shape is divided into two kinds, one is a circular drill, one is shaped diamond, and shaped diamond is divided into several categories: Princess square, heart , Drop-shaped, cushion, emerald-shaped, olive-shaped, oval, on the square, radial and so on.

Bare drill 1 carat how much money? Bare diamond 1 carat price, the price of different shapes will be different, the higher the level, the greater the price difference. Bare diamond 1 carat shaped drill price from 16,000 to 90,000 range, while the bare drill 1 carat round drill price, then 32 to 125,000 or so. Round and shaped diamond prices were 16 to 50,000 yuan difference.

Bare drill 1 carat how much money? Bare drill 1 carat top level, the price is very high, so the purchase of people is not much, and the purchase price of more than 30,000 to 80,000 or so the price is more, the price of the diamond can buy a very good level And the round drill, the price in the 4 to 8 million, can also buy the color and clarity in the upper level, cut the workers can buy the best cut, the price is very high, to meet the carat dream At the same time, but also to buy a good level, the value added, the better.

Bare drill 1 carat how much money? Bare diamond 1 carat price is rich, you can choose imitation Cartier love bracelet your own budget in the bare diamond to buy, do not have to buy the most expensive, but to buy the most suitable for their own The price of bare drill is determined by the quality of the 4C, two different levels of bare diamond 1 carat its price will be very different, and this 4C in the clarity of VS2 clarity and above and color DF color, naked eye to see almost the same , If the budget is some out, you can appropriately reduce these two levels, to achieve the desired price.