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Ring finger on love

Ring finger on love
A few years ago, watching Anne baby “warm”, an silver ring touched my heart. It is the city in the “Parkson” to buy, give the last gift of warmth. After leaving Shanghai warm, do not put that silver ring on his fingers, but with a red thread tied to hang it. Perhaps, many years later, like all the women, white hair gray wrinkled face warm stroked the silver ring, will be grateful to the city once gave her love. Life is already old in reality, and love, but still alive in the memories.
Ring, was so wonderful. A metal, a circle, a carved Lou phoenix, you grace my love, a unforgettable, willing. Even if the painting is not a full life with a full stop, but also left in the bottom of my heart had a deep impression of love. Carefully detailed empty left hand ring finger, how many people’s fingertips over the years so lonely empty, like a sky flying heart. Even if you are a woman who does not like to wear a ring, that fingertips also need to love people, in the above to do a love mark.
Perhaps refers to static, that is quiet. Perhaps, one day after a few years, you really will meet a man who is willing to accompany the old man. He will be a delicate platinum ring, personally worn on you have been waiting for the left hand ring Replica Cartier jewelry finger. And in the past, all the love and commitment, in front of this ring, all smoke and scattered, can not care about.
A symbol of life
Love of the fingerprints of the series to the eternal theme of diamonds – love for the inspiration, heritage of the eternal emotions, love for the brightest blooming happy light. The series will be fine diamond inlaid in the rare love metal – Pt platinum, also has a noble and elegant top quality, the same symbol of the ultimate eternal, precious platinum to pure white bright light shine diamonds themselves bright, tough Grinding the texture of the diamond to give the most solid protection, so that diamonds emit the ultimate glory. Plus doido name, so that this diamond is more rich in the meaning of love.
Platinum ring

Refers to the eternal testimony of love for a long time, from the ancient Greek mythology in the story of good love to the Duke of Windsor to the fingertips of platinum to witness the death of the romantic love, all affirmed the platinum wedding ring engraved true love Immortal legend. Today, whether it is an engagement platinum diamond ring, or two wedding platinum on the ring, or a combination of three rings, have become the favorite choice of new people.
From the ring slowly over the unknown fingertips of the moment, the two sides with a deep love for each other made a heavy commitment, and that never fade wedding ring will be a happy witness of life. Who does not expect pure flawless love? Who is not looking for rare precious love? Who is not eager to keep the timeless
Platinum witnesses never fade the promise
In the expression of the connotation of marriage, platinum has other metals can not match the characteristics. Platinum pure, rare, timeless, any time flies, time flies, still eternal precious. It is natural pure white, natural pure, high purity, from the inside out to the pure color of the passage of time can still clean as ever Platinum superior metal characteristics make it wearable, high temperature, corrosion resistance, the nature is very stable, but also gives the eternal meaning of the wedding ring, from the moment of marriage to the marriage of this life, witness the love of the wind and rain, never abandon the eternal oath The
Platinum wedding ring engraved eternal love
Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus with a fine ring to win the beautiful princess Europa love; ancient Egyptians found the left hand ring finger has a thin nerve “love warm” directly to the heart, triggering the birth of marriage ring; After the passage of the past, with the marriage and engagement to become a common practice, by an engagement platinum diamond ring and two wedding platinum ring composed of three fingers gradually become representative of the two sides until the permanent classic keepsake.
Now, platinum not only won the jewelry brand and the designer’s approval, it is much favored by many stars. Elvis Presley and his wife Prinella Preston, actress Grace Kelly and Monaco Prince Lenny III, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker … Platinum Wedding ring is always with these shiny names are closely linked, inscribe the true love of the world.

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Take the ring and wish friendship and love forever

Take the ring and wish friendship and love forever
This is her wedding gift to a friend, small and exquisite ring, she has been looking for her gift, but never set down, perhaps because too much care about it! At first glance see it, she felt it was the most suitable for her, she gave her named “spend”, hope that friends and her other half forever spend, sweet honey, but also to commemorate their years of laughter , Tears, touched, tolerant and silently spent.
This ring to symbolize the symbol of love as an element, two hearts crossed together, matte and smooth combination of more Ambilight, like a little woman’s romantic, emitting a deep deep love, classic design, generous And light, charming in the floating of a trace of the fragile little fragile, as if not touch the United States, as with my full love reflects your affectionate, smooth lines lingering intertwined, as if two people walk together in the romantic The beach is beautiful.
Is the so-called life was a confidant enough, here we wish them friendship forever, but also wish her friends happy wedding, sweet love, very small and exquisite ring, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Why Around the wrist double escape, the years will not fade, simple will become Cartier nail bracelet replica classic, classic smooth bracelet, the perfect combination of classical and modern, noble without loss of subtle, elegant contains aura, not only to bring a strong visual impact, Plain wrist with a different temperament, in the wrist at the same time even give the meaning of its happiness.
In all the jewelry she preferred bracelet, and in the bracelet she preferred smooth strip, simple and generous, she always felt noble temperament does not need too much gorgeous to decorate, simple but not monotonous, in order to let you fall into the cliche, In addition, she likes the kind of futuristic feeling, complete close to the skin, no decoration, totally natural that does not seem unexpected.
This week Chow Sang’s family is a favorite ring, twisted do very fine, especially her mind, not like a common one, it has four pestering, very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope everyone like.
Princess square diamond has always been a royal family aristocratic noble one of the precious, its noble temperament has long been popular, it is a straight line to show the charm and content, passing open and calm personality, highlight the modern women self-confidence open-minded tolerance, she likes Princess side, not because of too much outside to give it the praise, but that it has all the special characteristics of diamonds, there is a little bit maverick, like most of her bones revealed that stubborn.

This princess side diamond ring simple and classic four claw inlay design, showing imitation Cartier love bracelet a neat, simple, dazzling style, platinum light lines flashing shiny light, so that inlaid at the top of the diamond is more prominent, charming fire like stars Like bright, bright and colorful, exceptionally shining, its simple charm, exudes a return to the unique beauty of the diamond itself.

This is her first princess diamond ring, though not big, but can not stop her love for it, it round her a princess’s dream, of course, later she was fascinated by the princess’s “culprit.”
Some people say that butterflies and women are a pair of twin sisters, they are synonymous with beautiful, with irresistible attractive charm, butterflies is the embodiment of beautiful style, and women, the same million kinds of customs interpretation of this colorful life, Let the time of the passage of time, the vicissitudes of life change, they always gorgeous figure and shiny glory brought people infinite Acacia, so they are a pair of beautiful elves.

This butterfly bracelet with a simple and delicate curve will be butterfly dancing gestures show most vividly, make it lifelike, as if the butterfly mysterious and beautiful transformation process into the eternal life and Aura, on both sides and then two three-dimensional hollow small wild flowers And linked to the chain, as if they are in the flowers in the wandering play, bracelet as a whole distributed lazy sweet little woman atmosphere, adding some elegant feeling, in the Fake Cartier love bracelet dignified in the heart of every woman’s romantic feelings.

This is the first anniversary of her wedding gift, with her gentle character and sweet temperament ride, very beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone like.

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Fashion gorgeous gold interpretation of the customs million

Fashion gorgeous gold interpretation of the customs million
And all the women, she also loves jewelry, but she never blind pursuit, on jewelry, she has always had their own taste and insights, so any of her jewelry can let her from the inside out of an elegant Calm temperament, in her exquisite life, the jewelry just the interpretation of the style belongs to her million kinds of customs.
This just gold ginger wave thousands of gold series to the natural design inspiration, gorgeous thousands of gold and exquisite crystal to create a stylish gorgeous gold, with bright colors to stimulate the joy of the wearer happy energy, mysterious purple crystal filled with soft Breath, retro tassel elegant Smart, walking between the smooth vitality and surging dynamic.

Very beautiful jewelry, exquisite shape, long tassels are very feminine, suitable for temperament type of beauty, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She was an earrings control, in the beginning to understand the beauty of the age and the earrings forged a special complex, from then on to collect all kinds of earrings has become her tireless hobbies, with the passage of time she felt more earrings as Unique Cartier nail bracelet replica to the beauty of women, each of which contains a woman’s chic mind and delicate tenderness.

This is just a glimpse of pure gold fishing for the design of inspirational fish, a very sophisticated pure goldfish-shaped design, with three precious white material to create a stylish, beautiful jewelry, in the top with the natural white jade as a hook , In the middle to white stone as a bait, fish eyes decorated by white turquoise, to create a swaying posture of beauty.

This is her favorite earrings, long style is very modified face, white beads and gold with cool, recommended for everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
The beauty of a lot of women, and jewelry is their beautiful booster, different styles of jewelry can make their beauty more vividly show, mysterious, sexy, noble, or intellectual … … this is One of her favorite jewelry, simple styling is not obvious monotonous.
This is just gold of the magic box thousands of gold series Y word necklace to the color of the Austrian crystal grain design can be a combination of arbitrary design, matte frosted glass grain pure gold, geometric design personality, the atmosphere, three-dimensional matte glass Can be free to move with the gold line, Smart and mysterious, Y shape is perfect to show the woman’s intellectual beauty.
Very beautiful necklace, stylish, simple style summer wear very fresh, simple with the ability to highlight the temperament, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Is the eternal life of each woman is the first fantasy of love and the ultimate imitation Cartier love bracelet expectation, as the most viable words and emotions, love is also one of the evergreen themes in jewelry, this feather shape jewelry to metaphor reuse The attitude of interpretation of love loyalty.
This just gold loyalty wing of the thousands of gold series of elegant feathers for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a very feather shape of the gold, light and soft, sexy charming feathers in a delicate way to interpret the love of loyalty, Smart The attitude of the dynamic, to bring a confident woman at the same time exudes a unique charm of modern women.

This is her favorite jewelry, you can when the pendant can be when the earrings, the perfect Fake Cartier love bracelet details show the modern woman’s refined life, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

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Gold jewelry repurchase or depreciation should pay attention

Gold jewelry repurchase or depreciation should pay attention
Gold jewelry style replacement soon, perhaps in the present is still very fashionable style, to two years after the no popular; or the size of gold jewelry is no longer in line with their own, at this time, there will be a lot of consumption Prepare to repurchase or depreciate outdated environmental accessories.
In the depreciation of time, pay attention to some small details, so as not to be done in the process of hands and feet, resulting in unnecessary losses.
So, in the process of what will be possible to do the hands and feet?
First, it is time to start measuring weight first. Recipients are likely to be in the electronic balance or tray balance on the hands and feet, so that the measured value to be slightly lower than the actual weight. Therefore, if consumers do not first understand their gold jewelry in the end there are many words, it is likely to fall into the trap of the recyclers.
In addition, before measuring the weight, sometimes the gold jewelry will be burning, or soaked in sulfuric acid. These are in order to get rid of the gold jewelry surface impurities, so that the measurement results more accurate. However, some unscrupulous Replica Cartier jewelry businessmen began to do in this part of the hands and feet. They will replace the sulfur instead of sulfuric acid, gold will be slightly dissolved out a little, so that gold jewelry can shrink, measured out of the weight will become low. Moreover, the damage caused by this method will be relatively large.
There are a variety of gold jewelry, but we just summarize a little sum up will find that the classification of gold jewelry is also a rule to follow, here to give you about the gold jewelry several common classification.
Gold jewelry – thousands of gold jewelry
Gold content of thousands of not less than 999 said the thousands of gold. In the jewelry on the mark as “thousands of gold”, “gold 999”, “G999”, “Au999”. Thousands of gold in the jewelry fineness naming is the highest value.
Gold jewelry – gold jewelry
Gold content of the micrometer of not less than 990 said gold. In the jewelry mark on the “full gold”, “gold 990”, “G990”, “Au990”, thousands of gold and gold jewelry gold content is high, golden color, since ancient times by people’s favorite. Currently in China and the Chinese living more countries, thousands of gold, gold jewelry is still a considerable proportion. On the one hand as an ornament, also used as hedging or evil spirits, thousands of gold, gold jewelry is the disadvantage of low hardness, easy to wear, easy to maintain a fine pattern. Gold jewelry because of its use needs, its accessories gold content of not less than 750%, to be clear to consumers.
Gold jewelry – gold alloy (K gold) jewelry
Gold alloy (K gold) jewelry to overcome the pure gold jewelry hardness, color single, easy to wear, the pattern is not fine shortcomings, crown Katrat the word, and Bin to K to accurate gold standard, forming a series of gold jewelry The
Gold jewelry – color K gold jewelry
18K gold in addition to 750 ‰ of gold, the other components of the different proportions of K gold will appear as different colors. Such as the Chinese people like yellow, so the recipe silver and silver half; Europeans like red, so in the 250 ‰ impurities in copper accounted for more than 2/3 or all copper; Americans like the subtle yellow, then add silver More ingredients. The development of science and technology, has been able to formulate a variety of colors of gold alloy.
Everyone’s hand is the most painful part of the whole body. After a long period of use, we should treat him, do not pretend to dress him, give him a proper “care”!
So, how should we treat it?
Chinese people have been respectful since ancient times. In ancient times, the yellow for the emperor of the Queen of the color, ordinary people will be used to be beheaded, yellow has always been a distinguished representative. And gold is also stained with this trend, become extra valuable!
Do you think, what is more suitable than the gold ring for the hands of the hands? Put on the quality of gold beads are good ring, in every day of life every move, you can fully reveal your noble taste.
Gold is always full of style, and full of power, wealth, honor and happiness of the Cartier love ring replica taste. So gold jewelry will become the usual holiday gift of choice.
Especially in recent years, the style of gold jewelry has begun to change, on the basis of the original, some of the more bold and innovative ideas have emerged, and the gold jewelry with a unique design, gorgeous shape and gradually active in the The forefront of the world fashion industry. Since then, gold jewelry once became the best choice for the trend, and this trend of gold and gold is constantly spreading.
Plus gold jewelry has always been recognized by consumers as hedge goods, highly collection and investment value, so wearing gold not only can highlight the extraordinary taste of the individual, it is unique, a symbol of investment right way.

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Palladium Knowledge: Overview of Palladium

Palladium Knowledge: Overview of Palladium
Palladium and palladium on the periodic table are platinum group, dilute precious metals. The platinum group includes platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), osmium (Os), iridium (Ir), ruthenium (Ru) and rhodium (Rh). The appearance of palladium and platinum are similar, showing a white metallic luster, color is more clear. The proportion of 12, much lighter than platinum, platinum is the highest density of all metals in one of the precious metals, the proportion of 21. Ductility is relatively strong, the melting point is 1555 degrees Celsius, hardness of 4 to 4.5, slightly harder than platinum. Chemical properties are relatively stable, under normal state is not easy to oxidize and lose luster.
The elemental symbol Pd of Palladium is one of the platinum group elements. 1803 by the British chemist Walaston found in the separation of platinum.
In the classification of minerals, platinum group elements are natural platinum Cartier nail bracelet replica subfamily, including the natural elements of palladium, platinum, iridium and rhodium mineral. They exist between the same kind of material and the phenomenon of replacement, is more widespread phenomenon. So there will be a series of similar kind of mixed crystal.
Palladium has a very stable chemical properties, its stability with gold, platinum is also less than that. This stable nature, so that palladium can be resistant to acid, alkali corrosion.

In addition to chemical stability, palladium is also extremely pure. This purity refers not only to the purity of palladium, but also to the purity of palladium itself. And other metals may be harmful to the skin, palladium is very pure, will not cause skin allergies and other reactions.

Therefore, since the understanding and familiar with the beginning of palladium, jewelry industry began to palladium processing work, so that it can gradually as a jewelry or art material, and to make it gradually form a new trend.
The nature of palladium and its family of platinum is very similar, can be used as a pure, eternal symbol. Moreover, palladium compared with platinum, more rare and precious.

At the beginning, the palladium has not been recognized by people, the meaning of its existence is only used as platinum jewelry to add elements, until the last two years, people began to familiar with the palladium, palladium Jewelry is also officially appeared in the jewelry market.

It is because palladium has a very similar nature with platinum, palladium jewelry will not only have that charming luster, but also to withstand the tempered years, but still show attractive attitude.
White gold (white gold): also known as K platinum, and platinum, it is a gold alloy. K white gold logo is WG (White Gold), that is, the meaning of white gold.
Platnum (Platnum): also known as platinum, symbol Pt, silver gray, Mohs hardness 4-4.5 degrees, the proportion of 21.35, melting point 1769 ℃, chemical stability.
Platinum alloy: As the name implies, platinum alloy refers to platinum and other metal alloy. After all, although the hardness of pure platinum than gold a lot higher than the gold, but the mosaic is still more than enough, only a little other metal, as the alloy, in order to better support imitation Cartier love bracelet the use of mosaic. Commonly used platinum jewelry marked Pt950, Pt900, Pt850, which represents the purity of platinum.
Palladium (Palladium): also a member of the platinum group, the symbol Pd, the basic nature of platinum and so are almost, and very stable. But palladium gold is also scarce, so palladium is often used with other metals.
On September 12, 1988, the 17th International Coinage Fair was held in New York. In this session of the trade fair, in order to expand the Chinese gold and silver coins in the international influence, China has produced a commemorative Palladium chapter, which is the first time in China to try to use palladium as a material to make medals. This medal since the release has been sought after by many collectors, so there are commemorative note of the currency can be rare.
After that, the People’s Bank of China in the 89 years when the official issue of a commemoration of palladium, face value of 50, the estimated circulation of 3000. However, in the actual operation process, due to a variety of process problems are not overcome so that the loss of imitation Cartier love bracelet palladium larger, the actual casting of the palladium is only 1,300 pieces, less than the expected 50%. In the same year, China also issued a commemorative palladium chapter, no face value, 1000 pieces. After this for a long time, China did not once again issued a palladium or palladium chapter. Until 04, 05, only the release of a palladium coin.
Thus, the palladium bond (Palladium) is the current circulation of the least commemorative coins (chapter). Although the collection of people is small, but because most of the palladium coin has been accumulated in the hands of collectors, so the price of the price of palladium is very large. Especially 88 and 89 years of palladium, palladium chapter, in the domestic price has exceeded million, while in the international price also has more than 2,000 US dollars. Even in this case, is still a price without the city, hard to find true capacity.

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The simple application of iridium alloy

The simple application of iridium alloy
Iridium alloy is iridium as the matrix to join the other alloy composition of the alloy. Most iridium alloys are still very brittle and difficult to process, which limits the application of these alloys. In the production, people add a small amount of tungsten or hafnium, can improve the processing performance of iridium; and incorporation of a very small amount of thorium, aluminum, iron, etc., can improve its impact toughness. The iridium alloy thus produced has high melting point and high temperature strength characteristics and is excellent in thermal shock resistance and can be compatible with graphite and plutonium dioxide (PuO2) in a high temperature environment. Thus, this iridium alloy is selected as a nuclear fuel container material for aerospace and medical thermoelectric devices.
The target is a target material that is bombarded by high-speed charged particles, which is used in high-energy laser weapons. Different wavelengths, different power density, different output waveform of the laser in the interaction with different targets, will have different damage damage effect. There are many materials that can be used as targets, with elemental metal targets, alloy targets, ceramic targets, and the like. Among them, the alloy target is relatively Cartier nail bracelet replica more commonly used target, which is made of iridium alloy made of iridium manganese target, iridium rhenium target.
With the iridium alloy made of car spark plug arc high temperature, high strength, and not easy to carbon deposition, the response speed. Which can make the electrode much smaller than the ordinary spark plug.
The role of jewelry is to decorate, in order to add beauty to the owner. But if this decoration to bring their own and others unhappy, then the beauty does not exist. Maybe you do not know your image has left a bad impression on others, but from now on, you have to pay attention to whether to comply with a variety of ritual norms.

Wear jewelry to do not hinder the work of the principle. Work wear jewelry should be avoided too flash. Basically, too long pendant is not suitable for wearing at work time. Moreover, if the necklace is too long often because of too much attention to the table feet hook and affect the work efficiency.
The choice of earrings should also be fixed in the ear is better; if too long, not only work dress, and looks not solemn, often cause criticism of others.
Also set in too large pieces of jade, too high-end ring is not appropriate in the workplace. A simple knit dress, matched with a beautiful pendant with this is very coordinated and generous. But if it will hinder the work should not wear. For example, the earrings that would hinder the phone conversation should be removed at work. Similar to this kind of thing the company will never say anything, but can not but pay attention.
The world’s major gold trading markets are London, Switzerland, Zurich, USA, New York and Chicago, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. These gold trading markets are characterized by their operations.
London is the center of world gold trading. London Golden City daily for both morning and afternoon gold pricing. By the five gold line to set the day the gold market price, the price has been affecting the world a lot of market transactions. London gold market has two characteristics, one is more special trading system. This is because there is no real trading place in London, and its deal is done through the sales network of the major gold merchants. Second, flexibility is strong. Where the transaction gold, purity, weight and so can choose. If the customer requirements in the distant areas of the sale, gold dealers will also report the freight and premium, etc., can also be reported according to customer requirements futures prices.
Zurich gold market is the spot trading center, is the world’s largest gold transfer imitation Cartier love bracelet station, is the world’s largest private gold storage center. After World War II to take advantage of the London gold market two closed up the development of its position in the international gold market after London. Zurich gold market is not a formal organizational structure, but by the three major Swiss banks: the Swiss bank, Credit Suisse and Swiss Union Bank is responsible for liquidation checkout. Three banks not only for customers on behalf of the transaction, the three banks themselves also gold trading as a major business.
While the New York and Chicago gold markets in the United States were developed in the mid-1970s. Because the US Treasury and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are also auctioning gold in New York, the New York gold market has become the world’s largest trading volume and the most active futures market. The New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (IMM) are not only the center of US gold futures trading, but also the world’s largest gold futures trading center. The two major exchanges on the gold spot market, a great impact on the price of gold.
Hong Kong gold market has been 90 years of history, its formation to the establishment of the Hong Kong gold and silver trade market as a symbol. As the Hong Kong gold market in the time difference just to fill the New York, Chicago market closed and London before the opening of the neutral, you can coherent Asia, Europe, the United States time to form a complete world gold market. Its superior geographical conditions caused the attention of the European gold Fake Cartier love bracelet business, London five gold business, Switzerland, the three major banks have set up branch offices in Hong Kong. They will be deposited in London gold trading activities brought to Hong Kong, and gradually formed an invisible local “London gold market” to promote Hong Kong to become one of the world’s major gold market.
Tokyo and Singapore gold market started relatively late, the Tokyo gold market was established in 1982, the Japanese government officially approved the only gold futures market. And Singapore Gold was established in November 1978, currently operating gold spot and 2,4,6,8,10 months of five futures contracts, the standard gold is 100 ounces of 99.99% gold, with a stop limit.

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Love the exquisite gift of exquisite love to make you more style

Love the exquisite gift of exquisite love to make you more style
I do not know when, the woman’s pursuit of beauty so that jewelry has become an indispensable object on them, they are gentle, or gorgeous, or charming … … the style of the woman’s feminine temperament even more style.
This sweet agreed to love the love ring by the thousands of gold and Swarovski crystal to create, pure gold flower twist pattern beautiful romantic, fascinating, charming form more add a touching charm, hollow style exquisite Soft, accompanied by bright red Austrian crystal, fashion glamorous, crystal dotted with a flying butterfly, Dayton light Smart Smart feeling.

Very delicate gorgeous ring, a kind of unspeakable charm, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In the jewelry she loves bracelets, she has always felt that only bracelets can Cartier love bracelet replica best bring out the beauty of a woman, white ho wrist, whether it is a touch of golden or a trace of silver or that warm jade is always exudes a unique flavor, and This charm is the charm of a woman.
This Chow Tai Fook’s clouds draw the bracelet with the traditional flat pull style, bracelet surface is exquisite beautiful clouds pattern, compared to the light of the low-key it is more beautiful, narrow strip style also looks delicate, although its appearance has its own Unique style but still retains the traditional pull section bracelet introverted stable features, generous temperament makes people tirelessly.
This is her recent collection of bracelets, very temperament of the small bracelet, delicate style and her temperament is very good temperament, exquisite workmanship, looks very beautiful, very beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope everyone like.
Sometimes the feelings of a woman on the jewelry is very simple, a suitable eye, a spiritual exchange … … let them willing to take it home, this is the last time she went shopping to find, simple and generous, Classic style reveals a gentle and subtle beauty, only one, let her fall.

This Chow Tai Fook’s flower ring smooth lines outline the flowers in full bloom in the beauty, rounded petals full of huge, elegant, three-dimensional style exquisite elegance, the entire petals on the use of matte technology, while the edge is light, let People feel very vitality, the whole looks beautiful, very feminine.

This is her recently entered a ring, gold texture dazzling, tender and beautiful form as if in the fingers, elegant and charming, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Jewelry is not only a way for men to love women, but also a way for women to love their own, say that women want to own a little better, this mother’s section she also loves yourself, this is her own gift, of course, her favorite gold Decorated
This Saturday blessing ring with a sweet heart-shaped design elements, elegant and smooth Cartier love ring replica lines outline a rounded full heart-shaped, heart-shaped middle is a hollow heart-shaped, half of the ring is a solid half of the hollow Modeling, hollow part of the hollow inlaid with a hollow shape, and the face of the heart shape complement each other.
This is her mother’s section to send their own gifts, very delicate ring, sweet heart-shaped and love, in line with the theme of Mother’s Day, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
All said that women are rich in color because of jewelry, exquisite women even more so, so they will be favored by those beautiful ornaments plus, even if there is no more, they can not meet their beautiful passion and ambition.
This set of just gold daisies to spring and summer wilderness of the most common flowers – chrysanthemum for the design elements, exquisite workmanship to create a beautiful and full of vitality of the daisies, hollow petals light and beautiful, in the middle of the imitation of yellow crystal, brilliant Bright colors exudes a fascinating fashion charm, the overall show a gorgeous and low-key feeling.
This is her recent just received, has been heard before a little gorgeous, not suitable for wearing, received and found that no, very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She used to love gold, but the love between women and jewelry has never been clear Road unknown, when most of the young preference for platinum, diamonds and the like, that gold is too tacky, with the experience of time and years Baptism, and gradually found that gold is not only good but also beautiful.
This pendant is inspired by the key, the symbol of love and the love of the English alphabet love as the main creative elements, the key handle by the four hollow heart-shaped composition, at first glance like a happy and lucky four-leaf grass , The main body of the key by a gold Cartier nail bracelet replica bullion, gold on the printed LOVE four letters, the overall shape of exquisite beauty, full of deep love.

This is the wedding of her tenth anniversary gift, very beautiful pendant, including his love for her full, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, but also bless them forever happy.

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Flaming rose pendant symbolic hot sweet love

Flaming rose pendant symbolic hot sweet love
Love has always been the most lifeful topic in literature, as a symbol of love heart and roses how can not be sought after, can be intangible and flowers after all, but also hide the dying day, when we found that jewelry designers with inspiration Invisible for the formation of a full love of lovers love flowers often open the beautiful vow.
This just gold flaming rose pendant to symbolize the heart of love and roses for the design inspiration, thousands of gold to create a hollow heart shaped in a flower flower rose, roses with a bright red Austrian crystal grain embellishment , The love of love, love sweet.
Very puzzle design, work is also very delicate, as the heart of the control of her face this pendant is naturally no resistance, beautiful pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Dolphin has always been one of her favorite animals, whether it is smooth skin, beautiful Cartier nail bracelet replica appearance or its tender cry or cute smile all let her love, so in addition to love to go to the aquarium to see dolphins In addition, she also likes a variety of dolphin shaped jewelry.

This just gold glass dolphin pendant with a lovely marine dolphin design inspiration, thousands of gold to create a fine exquisite dolphins, accompanied by soft and delicate, changing the magnificent shape of the same blue glass as the background, so that the gorgeous gold texture And glass refreshing feeling seamless, in the hot summer gives a refreshing cool feeling.
Very delicate pendants, for the dolphins have a soft spot for her favorite love, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She has always felt that the neck is the most beautiful place where the woman, slender beautiful curve itself exudes a fatal temptation, if then wear a star the slightest decoration, such as the swan-like noble and elegant, people fascinated, which is why she loves the neck One of the reasons for the decoration.
This Chow Sang Tien’s dragon cloud elegant and smooth lines outline a fleeing dragon, exquisite workmanship will be portraits of the lifelike, hollow design not only increased the sense of modeling, but also freehand, clouds increase in the flow of lines to display gold Simple and elegant charm, so that the noble dragon even more mysterious atmosphere.

The same love you, how can you not have a dragon in the dragon on the small gold it! Very delicate delicate dragon pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Women and butterflies, born is a beautiful embodiment of the incarnation and style, whether it is the transformation of the cocoon or the transformation of colorful life after the people are very impressed and envy, their beauty is also sometimes publicity and sometimes Tolerance, so some people say butterfly is a woman Of another soul.

This Chow Tai Fook’s butterfly pendant exquisite work depicts a side of the butterfly, retro and elegant style and mellow contours gorgeous and noble, delicate posture interpretation of the butterfly rest when the demeanor and wings of the beauty, hollow Design is not only more chic also enhanced the three-dimensional, filling the light Smart beauty.
Very unique butterfly pendant, worn in the neck like a beautiful butterfly stopped to rest, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Bag pendant gold interpretation of the small romantic
Woman is a landscape, beautiful and elegant, if the body and then wear a star the slightest imitation Cartier love bracelet decoration, but also a sense of moving people, swaying state of mind, so even if the beauty of the woman did not forget to decorate their own jewelry.

This pendant to our daily carry bags for the design of the prototype, exquisite workmanship for us to present a small and lovely gold package, hollow three-dimensional sense of shape is very strong, Baofang both sides of the hollow at the patchwork of some small gold beads , Not only more sophisticated chic, but also added a little realism.

This is the May Day of her mother to send her a gift, very beautiful small package pendant, super love, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Say heart-shaped symbol from the heart, so it is the best representative of love, two warm hearts collided together will erase the spark of love, so, in the world of love it has been the most conservative language to convey the most Straightforward love.
This ring is a symbol of love for the design of the heart-shaped elements, heart-shaped heart-shaped pattern is like a small cylinder from the link, near the side of the ring has a heart-shaped cylinder, looks Like a big one and two hearts crossed together, as if gently tell the eternal love Fake Cartier love bracelet classic, beautiful romantic atmosphere Jiaoren intoxicated.
This is Valentine’s Day this year, her boyfriend to send her a gift, simple and generous shape, contains his full of love, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, but also wish them forever happy.

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Green gold sapphire blue

Green gold sapphire blue, not not just the United States did not find the United States
See this green gold bracelet, it was that gorgeous gem blue attracted and impressed. Many people think that in fact, this is a misunderstanding, high-grade lapis lazuli not only cheap is still not cheap. Previously just think that green gold is not beautiful enough. But recently also completely changed this view, the original is not beautiful, but did not see it.
Lapis lazuli corresponds to seven rounds of the throat round, according to the crystal therapy argument, lapis lazuli to coordinate the body, emotional spirit and spirituality. And these aspects of the imbalance, easily lead to depression and disease, so that people lose their lives goals. On the contrary, you can give people self-knowledge.

It can help people quickly relieve stress, people will quickly into a deeper level of quiet to go. In short, its performance is very quiet, people achieve a certain level of great success. Crystal energy is the need for us to slowly experience and feel. Everyone’s different physique, spiritual power is different, different induction, and different perception will produce different circumstances of the energy embodiment.
The old saying is “love than Jin Jian”, the Chinese people like to use gold to describe the love of faith, not only because it is auspicious symbol of good fortune, but also because of its unique light Huang Chengcheng, sparkling love affection.
This “love to witness” in the name of love, with a simple check, strong lines to pass the love of the faithful, hollow and beautiful arc design so that “you have me, I have you” mood And metaphor, when the two golden heart perfect blend, played the most touching Replica Cartier jewelry melody of love.
That day she was originally wanted to find a set of four foliage to wear, the results accidentally fancy it, is the couple models, because her husband do not wear these so only bought a simple and generous style she liked, so recommend to everyone a bit.
Cherry blossoms, pure, elegant and noble, it is short and magnificent in full bloom, leaving the infinite beautiful reverie. Its heroic dying, such as falling snow like, mildly down, Dai powder petals all over the whole day. Not stained non-dye, very simply, flowers, such as falling, still in the fragrance to be sniffed, refreshing.

This romantic cherry blossom bracelet simple design is like giving cherry life, flying is the cherry of the wizard, the air exudes only her charming aroma, so that the wearer elegant and generous temperament inadvertently revealed.
She is a soft romantic woman, such as cherry-like to give gentle and delicate feeling, this is her favorite cherry bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Everyone’s heart has a lock, but the key is not necessarily in their own body, has always believed that love is also a door, get the key to open each other’s soul, it means that the right to enter each other’s soul, From the two people will be able to heart and mind, Xiangruyimo.
Do not know when to start a soft spot for the key, she began to collect all kinds of key jewelry, perhaps a kind of spiritual comfort it! She always felt as long as the key in the side, they love the direction of the heart lock is clearly visible, love also reach out.

This is part of all her keys, each with its own characteristics, recommend to everyone to enjoy, hope that each pair of people can love each other to find the key to the soul.
Goldfish’s body graceful, graceful, when they are free to swim in the water, all the time to create a beautiful enjoyment and mystery, with a goldfish-like beauty, with goldfish free life was only in close proximity The
Chiba jewelry this “fish Yue Yu heart” from the goldfish shape drawn, gurgling streams of creek, Fenjiang and the goldfish, weak and strong natural, goldfish tail can also be about shaking, it is elegant, spiritual power, Smooth design, interpretation from the water slowly swimming goldfish, but also into the ancient Chinese auspicious, more than a good meaning.
The mask always gives a mysterious feeling, its eyes quietly staring at you, seems to tell what, always look at the depths and can not extricate themselves, looming face so you can not help but want to guess her Behind is a beautiful how to buy a face.
Chow Tai Fook this mask with a Venetian mask for the creation of inspiration, the Cartier love ring replica European culture and jewelry design integration, towering feathers, shining topaz, dotted the wearer’s dignity and gorgeous; looming face, fantasy blurred identity, The growth of the wearer’s mysterious atmosphere.

This is a netizen just received the year before the Chow Tai Fook mask, very beautiful pendant, I wonder if you are also fascinated by its mysterious temperament and gorgeous shape fascinated!

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personality and publicity

Black with gold ornaments, personality and publicity
Gold ornaments
Traditional impression: tacky, publicity
Subversion temperament: elegant, aristocratic gas
Black high collar + gold stitching + elegant makeup
Gold and black with the classic can be considered one of the mix, but in this season, the gold is no longer alone, it is with the red jasper, horse hair, leather rope and even the fish and other pieces of gold jewelry, A little fun, but did not reduce the gold aristocratic temperament.
Most Match crowd: Everyone
Aristocratic gas with tips:
1. skin color yellow to avoid the golden earrings
When the gold and other materials stitching, part of the yellow luster has been Cartier nail bracelet replica weakened, if the color is still yellow you still do not worry, then avoid the golden earrings it, as far as possible set off the gold on top of the black clothing.
2. With gold jewelry with the fabric to pay attention to
Black high-necked shirt as much as possible to cashmere, silk or worsted spinning and the like, to avoid the big sticks and other thick lines of sweaters, or both cover up the gold jewelry, and no FA highlights the aristocratic temperament.
Editor’s Choice
Silver blue dotted on top of the gold, fashion sense of the YU out, a little complicated design can be a simple black sweater to bring out a little sense of alternative.
TIPS gold jewelry maintenance should pay attention
1. Finally, wearing gold jewelry: cosmetics, hair gel and other chemical substances will make the surface of the loss of luster, so try to wear after stopping to wear gold jewelry.
2. Gold to be included separately: Do not wear gold or other metal together or placed, so as not to be invaded by other metals, the surface of the spots.
3. Do not wear gold when swimming: avoid wearing gold jewelry when swimming, because the sea water and swimming pool water, when mixed sweat, it will become an aggressive chemical substances, will oxidize and damage the gold.
First, platinum (pt) some of the physical and chemical properties

Platinum is a member of the Platinum Group element, chemically inert (only soluble in aqua regia), refractory (melting point 1773 οc) than the major (21.45 g / cm 3) and the high catalytic activity is the main feature of platinum. In nature, platinum is produced in the form of metal platinum, and platinum is often associated with rhodium, pliers, palladium, iridium and ruthenium. Platinum is often combined with iron, nickel, copper, gold, silver, lead, tin and other metals into a metal. This requires the processing of platinum jewelry, to keep the production tools clean, to prevent the metal should not be mixed into platinum, so as not to affect the purity of platinum and jewelry quality.

Second, part of the national production (region) platinum (pt purity standard)

At present, the market popular platinum jewelry can be divided into two categories: First, pure platinum jewelry; Second, platinum alloy jewelry. Due to the geographical and jewelry culture differences, countries (regions) to develop the market purity standards are not the same. Japan, Hong Kong: Allows platinum purity of 1000, 950, 900 and 850, and allows an error of 0.5%. In the United States: platinum content of more than 95% of the jewelry, allowing to play “pt” mark. Platinum content of 75% -95% between the jewelry, must be marked with platinum group metal mark, such as iridium (ir-id-pat), said containing 10% of the alloy. Platinum content of 50% -75% between the jewelry, must be marked with the name and content of platinum group metals. Europe: In 1972, the “Precious Metals Control and Labeling Agreement” states require a single purity of pt950. But Portugal and Italy are allowed to have minor errors. While Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries to allow iridium when the amount of platinum imitation Cartier love bracelet calculation. However, Germany allows other standards of purity.

China prepared in 1989, the precious metal jewelry purity naming method (gb1187-89) provides: 950 platinum – platinum content of the micrometer of not less than 950, said 950 platinum, hit pt950 mark; platinum – platinum content of less than 990 Called platinum, hit platinum mark or print according to the actual content. Pure platinum has a good processing performance, can be processed into the required sheet and pull into the required wire. As pure platinum is too soft, can not firmly fit the gem. In order to improve the hardness of platinum and suitable for casting and manual processing requirements, many countries of the jewelry materials company in pure platinum, the amount of platinum addition to the addition of platinum elements and other metals, you can get the ideal jewelry production materials.

Third, platinum casting

Platinum jewelry casting, generally engaged in years of gold jewelry casting but the lack of platinum jewelry examination industry casting staff also have “talk about platinum color change” feeling. The main reason: First, the melting point of platinum high (pure platinum to 1773οc) than pure gold (1064οc) more than 700 degrees; Second, platinum melting temperature is high, heating a long time. Platinum casting the key issue is the temperature, making platinum jewelry alloy melting point is also high. Platinum alloy melting not only requires a very high temperature, but also to keep the platinum liquid for casting the temperature range is very narrow. At present, platinum casting melting mainly used torch mode and induction heating method. Torch melting has some difficult to overcome the shortcomings, such as difficult to grasp the exact melting temperature. The induction heating is mostly equipped with temperature measurement control device. This melting method can be more accurate melting temperature and time, but also the use of sealed casting method. As far as possible to avoid the destruction of foreign impurities, which can get high-quality platinum castings. Casting platinum must pay attention to keep clean, high temperature platinum easily mixed with foreign substances, this will cause casting quality problems. Platinum alloy smelting, no additional flux. Platinum casting mold and 18k gold jewelry is basically the same, but the lower the strength of platinum, mold operation can not force the file mill is too large, leaving a large filing marks difficult to make up, it is possible to scrap the entire casting.

Fourth, the manual processing of platinum jewelry

The use of jewelry mold casting platinum alloy jewelry blanks, must be cut through the mouth, plastic surgery, repair defects, file cutting, sanding and other molding process to become the perfect mosaic bracket. Platinum jewelry is often set inlaid diamonds, rubles, sapphire and other high-quality precious stones, is a high-grade jewelry, so the appearance of the overall coordination of the bracket, the surface of the smooth, finish and other processing requirements more sophisticated. Almost all of the metal alloy produced by the first material in the cold processing of rolling, drawing and stamping process, will produce a certain degree of hardening, hardening is the form of stress within the metal material, the common rolling sheet when the surface of the distortion , Broken, pull the wire when the coil, crack and so on. Elimination of platinum alloy workpiece hardening method is annealing. The annealing of the platinum alloy can be carried out using a general torch flame.

To successfully perform platinum alloy annealing requires careful control of the heating time and temperature. Most of the platinum alloy at 600 ο c began to stress relief, at 1000οc will quickly soften. It is sufficient to heat the workpiece with a thickness of 2 mm for about one minute depending on the thickness of the workpiece during the heating time. Thickness of more than 2 mm of the workpiece should be proportional to the length of heating time. Platinum alloy in the annealing Fake Cartier love bracelet process will not change color and pollution. So platinum can be heat treated without forming a table and the risk of fading the film. Platinum alloy jewelry parts of the production, organization of links, ring changes and defect repair, mainly through the welding to complete. Welding is the most difficult part of platinum jewelry processing. Because the melting of most platinum alloy materials is carried out at a temperature of 1500 οc or higher.

In the platinum jewelry hand processing process, we must pay attention to the following aspects:
① must prevent the surface of the workpiece foreign body (other metal debris pollution);
② annealing or welding, can not use contaminated support frame, welding with a fire-resistant support and can not use charcoal.
③ protect the eyes, high temperature welding of white radiation and ultraviolet radiation is much higher than the affordability of the naked eye, prolonged by radiation will cause “arc burning eye”, may cause permanent damage to the retina. It is necessary to use the welding filter with the filter is relatively safe. Platinum alloy has a strong antioxidant, jewelry carefully after a high degree of polishing, in a static state, will never lose its dazzling luster. If after a high degree of polishing, and then plating a layer of white metal rhodium, can enhance the surface hardness. Rhodium high reflectivity, brightness lasting, so that platinum alloy jewelry more dazzling.

Five, platinum often identify methods:

1, view color method: pure platinum is white, shiny bright, white k gold color for the white partial yellow beige, silver color is white. From the surface color can be distinguished.
2, hand palm method: platinum density of 21.45, through the same volume of material weight test, platinum has a heavy feeling, it is heavier than gold (19.36), than the weight of white gold, but also than silver (10.45).
3, melting method: platinum melting point reached 1773oc, much higher than k white gold and silver. General torch can not melt platinum, which can identify the authenticity. And platinum after cooling the same color.
4, marking method: platinum jewelry has a standard stamp. Internationally with pt or pt words, such as pt950 platinum fineness of 950%.
5, natural gas method: the jewelry placed in the open gas stove on the mouth, put a few minutes if the jewelry turns red warming gas stove lit, compared to platinum products. This is because platinum can be used as a catalyst to promote the gas and oxygen in the air exothermic, so that platinum heating, red so that can ignite the gas.
6, point test: a mercury wiped on platinum, platinum will not be contaminated, and gold, silver and mercury will be combined with pollution. B in the edge of the platinum jewelry or the middle of the file with a file to put some powder into the hydrogen peroxide bottle, platinum can act as a catalyst to promote hydrogen peroxide decomposition, release oxygen and up and down somersault