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Jewelry Collection Tips

Jewelry Collection Tips
Jade: customary, said Tsui or jade, is produced in Myanmar jadeite. Jade through the color, texture and carving judge the value. The most common colors are white, green, red, yellow, purple, gray, blue brown, black and so on, of which the green is the most scarce, so the most precious and concentrated, positive, uniform for the top grade. Jade common texture glass, ice, glutinous rice, anthocyanin, oil green species, green beans and so on, the transparency of the better, the higher the value. In this case,
Hetian jade: the ancient name Kunlun jade, origin of the Western Regions Shache car country, Khotan country (now China Xinjiang Hotan), is the famous soft jade varieties. Hetian color white, sugar white, white, yellow, sugar, blue, blue, ink, smoke green, Cuiqing, blue and white several. Hetian the same varieties of the quality of the advantages and disadvantages of the other, in addition to hardness, toughness, density and other common, the difference in texture, gloss, color, crackle, impurities, block degrees. In this case,
Diamond: gem diamond, the “king of precious stones,” the name. Diamond color to the highest degree of color clarity for the best, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. Colorful diamonds, such as yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, orange, red, black, purple and so on, are diamonds in the treasures, expensive, red diamond which is the most valuable. In this case,
Xiuyu: to produce in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County named for the history of China, one of the four famous jade. Xiuyu biggest feature is the hardness was significantly lower than the emerald. At the same time, Xiuyu has obvious grease Replica Cartier love bracelet or wax-like light, while the emerald was glass luster or pearl luster, so from these two points can be distinguished with the emerald.
Crystal: Crystal is a rare mineral, is a quartz crystal, the main chemical composition is silicon dioxide. When the crystal is pure, it forms colorless and transparent crystal. When it contains some trace elements, it will be purple, yellow, brown and so on. The different kinds of color center will be formed by irradiating trace elements, such as purple, yellow, brown and pink. .
Yesterday, the major gold stores in the collective gold sales price cut. According to a hundred jewelry jewelry, Guohua shopping malls, Gongmei Building, and many other data, since yesterday were down gold jewelry prices, thousands of gold from 316 yuan per gram down to 308 yuan per gram, a decline of 8 yuan per gram. Enough gold from the previous 312 yuan down to 305 yuan, down 7 yuan.
Beijing gold prices fell 15% a year
Cai Bai jewelry gold analyst told reporters that since this year the international price of gold has been in fluctuation, the recent relaxation of the situation in Ukraine and the United States part of the strong performance of economic data, gold out of the shock pattern. Until now, the international price of gold has dropped to around $ 1,245 an ounce. In just the past May, the New York spot gold gold prices fell 3.8%, breaking the biggest decline since the beginning of this year. In the “increase cautious, down followed by” the principle of food companies for 100 international gold price movements, the first time down the price of gold jewelry.
Since the end of May, the international price of gold has declined for 6 consecutive days. This has become the gold price since November last year, the longest continuous decline. International spot gold on May 27 to 2.41% decline in the largest five-month single-day decline. To the last trading day in May, the New York market gold futures prices closed at $ 1,246 an ounce, hitting a new low since February. New York spot gold gold prices fell 3.8% in the month, refresh this year’s biggest monthly decline.
Guardian’s Private Collection Series
China Guardian Spring Auction 2014 will be held on May 14 in Beijing, following the launch of 2013 autumn auction series of private collections special, the Guardian once again introduced six important private collection special.
Private collections, in particular, famous collection of works, mostly for the auction market, health faces, often with a collection of distinctive aesthetic features and collection requirements, has always been popular in the market sought after. The spring auction in the “private collection” series of special, the overall quality of low-quality low valuation as the main features.
Among them, “Ren Miaoxuan possession of Chinese calligraphy set Jane” special collection of collectors set decades of effort accumulated by 50 masters, 58 calligraphy good system. The collectors, from the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, until the twentieth century. Including the works of Liang Tongshu, Liu Yong, Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong and other writers, calligraphers and seal carvers. It is the most extensive and complete calligraphy exhibition in China in recent years, with a view to aesthetics, academia, market and so on. Exploring the Deep Value of the Art of Calligraphy.
Pink diamond did not sell into Sotheby’s reluctant to bite
The world’s leading auction house Sotheby’s November 13 last year in Geneva, Switzerland, the successful auction of a weighing 59.6 karats of pink diamond, the price reached 83 million US dollars (about 510 million yuan), making it the world’s most expensive diamond.
However, according to foreign media recently reported that because of the successful bidder Cartier love ring replica from New York, Isaac Wolf retorted, refused to pay for it, according to the previous agreement with the seller, Sotheby’s had to own pocket, “reluctantly” then disk Bought.
Fierce auction to obtain
In a statement, Sotheby’s noted that such accidents are rare in large-volume auctions. Before the auction, they took a number of precautionary measures, and asked all prospective bidder to produce identity documents and bank information to register.
Emerald auction market in Hong Kong over the mainland
Cartier 2 billion photographed jade necklace record
April 7 evening held in Hong Kong Sotheby ‘s “magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry” spring auction, from the legendary Barbara Hutton old natural jade necklace by seven bidders lasted 20 minutes over 40 After a fierce bidding process, the bidder was awarded a bid of HK $ 214 million (including commission) by a telephone bidder to refresh the Jade Jewelry world auction record. There are industry sources, is Cartier took this necklace.
Jewelry is still goods to Hong Kong auction
“Hong Kong spring auction, the US legend ‘rich three generations’ Barbara Hutton old possession of natural jade beads necklace starting at 88 million Hong Kong dollars, 1.9 million Hong Kong dollars (excluding commission) hammer to 20 years ago, nearly Cartier love ring replica six times more than the results Successfully changed hands, but this time I do not know who was fortunate collection. “Collector Ma Deguang in microblogging exclaimed.
Insiders said the necklace in 1988 for the first time appeared in the auction, to 200 million US dollars turnover, becoming the world’s highest auction price of jade jewelry. 6 years later, the necklace and then in Hong Kong, the transaction price soared to 4.2 million US dollars, more than doubled the price.

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Kimberley diamonds 25 carat new

Kimberley diamonds 25 carat new “moon goddess” shine debut
Chinese diamond first brand Kimberly Diamond (Kimberlite Diamond) on the Bund source released a new 25 karat rare diamond works “moon goddess”. The event coincided with the second “respect Chi Sheng Hui” 2014 classic car Expo period, as the Kimberley brand’s collection of luxury-class diamond ornaments, “Moonlight Goddess” for the event site to add a touch of luxury shine.

Debut “top high-end lifestyle experience platform”

China Rendez-Vous has been committed to “respect for Chi Sheng Hui” into a top-end lifestyle experience platform. In the three-day event, the organizers around the classic car, held the annual classic car fair, classic car elegant selection, and a series of watches, jewelry, wines and other well-known international brands exhibition, also held a number of social projects and activities , The richness of activities can be seen.
Asia Diamond Industry pioneer enterprises, the first Chinese diamond brand Kimberley Diamond invited to participate in “respect Chi Sheng Hui”, with many internationally renowned car brands and luxury brands jointly exhibited, is the organizers of the Kimberley Diamond brand strength of a high degree of recognition, This will further enhance the brand strength and tension of Kimberley Diamond, Kimberly Diamond to expand into the international top jewelry exhibition pace.

25 carat rare world diamond works glory released

Kimberley Diamond The exhibition “respect Chi Sheng Department”, the biggest bright spot is 25 karats rare world diamond works “moon goddess” new release.

At the beginning of the press conference, Ms. Yang Shu, Deputy General Manager of Kimberley Diamond, and the guests reviewed the debut of the 25 karat diamond in the Shanghai International Jewelery Show in May, 2014, and the process of designing and making the best of Replica Cartier love bracelet the whole works. Kimberley diamonds for the infinite pursuit of perfection.

It is reported that “Moonlight Goddess” is Kimberly Diamond Design Director, Chief Designer Miss Zhu Junjun design. Conference, the designer elaborated on the guests to the “Moonlight Goddess” design concept and production process, and stressed that the production cycle of up to 1800 hours of work, regardless of her creativity or technology, have a great breakthrough The perfect show of the unique value of fine jewelry.

Finally, in the elegant model of the show, “Moonlight Goddess” finally slowly opened the veil of mystery. “Diamond Goddess” luxury diamond necklace main diamond 25.05 kt, color D color (white), clarity LC level (flawless), cut 3EX (perfect), reached the highest level of diamond identification, such a top diamond in the world Which is rare, and the whole set of works sharing the best 1877 diamonds, a total of 108.123 kt, necklace total weight of 396.71 grams, the ultimate luxury and elegance.
Creation, the designer of the moon for the creative inspiration, with 1877 diamonds to create a 25.05-carat top round brilliant pure luxury moon modeling, through the design of great phony, the Smart into them, like the moon goddess deep charming, pure Flawless elegance. Most vividly demonstrated the brilliant light and vitality of diamonds, as the ultimate purity of the surface but reveals the luxury of noble temperament.

According to the deputy general manager of Ms. Yang Shu, “Moonlight Goddess” will be March 19, 2015 for the first time out of the country, the Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair in the international arena, with the East China original miracle shocked the world. charm.

Collection-class luxury diamond bright debut

The independent research and development of products is the core competitiveness of Kimberley Diamond Company. The company has a team of award-winning designer team, each year more than a thousand new products, to ensure that every piece of work is brilliant and full of brand characteristics. This exhibition, Kimberley Diamond not only exhibited youth memory, legend, “and” chess and other designers award-winning works, as well as dawn, Tianjiao latest creation works, and dozens of valuable collections of luxury diamond jewelry grand Debut, as “respect Chi Sheng Department” to bring a touch of shiny “jewels.”

Is the Kimberley diamond chief designer Miss Zhu Wenjun senior jewelry design work to platinum Cartier love ring replica and diamonds as raw materials to youth and time for the sustenance of the ” , Showing the original dream, the brilliance of platinum and diamond echo each other, the memory of the pieces of the perfect spell dazzling to creativity to win.

(A pair of pins), inspired by the film “Butterfly Lovers”, the two met in the youth brilliant, when the first sinus of the beginning of the Qing dynasty, the first time in the United States and the United States, For the love turned into a butterfly, dancing, into the colorful, free sky. In another way gather together, spend the. The funny thing about this pin is that it’s a couple and it’s a butterfly. Each pin on the needle can be with the ups and downs of the body and trembling slightly.
To create a world-class name drilling

Kimberley Diamonds as the only franchise brand of diamonds, has been in their own development on the road for nearly 20 years, both in research and development design, product quality or brand strength, always walk in the forefront of the industry. Has been awarded the top 500 Asian brands, well-known trademarks in Shanghai, Asia’s top 10 most influential brands such as honor, in the public mind has a good reputation.

The company chose to publish the 25 karats of the design Cartier love ring replica in the “Zunsheng Shenghui”, mainly because the goal of China Rendez-Vous is to build a top-end lifestyle experience platform, and Kimberly Diamond “build world-class diamond and establish a century-old brand” , And high-end luxury brand image and temperament coincide. Kimberley Diamond hope that through this exhibition and new release, more show Kimberley diamond brand culture and business strength, so that more international, high-end consumers in-depth understanding of the Kimberley diamond brand, Kimberley diamonds for the internationalization of more A solid step.

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Half the price of the same product

Through the network to see the price of the diamond market water
Diamond trade since ancient times can be enduring, in addition to its precious quality, the high profits is difficult for all jewelers to resist. However, with the rapid development of e-commerce, diamonds, water profits gradually net sales of this new model squeezed. In the traditional jewelry shop to buy a diamond flower money, in the shop almost can buy two with the quality of diamonds. The industry said that a new model of diamond consumption, which means that diamonds will gradually become mass consumer goods, into the homes of ordinary people, is no longer a simple sense of luxury.

Half the price of the same product

“A diamond from the mining mountain, to wear the ring finger on the bride, the price is often increased several times.In the meantime, the number of hands up to 7 times, cutting business, wholesalers, brokers, retailers, all from profit. At present, more than half of the world’s imitation cartier love bracelet diamonds are sold through independent jewelry stores to consumers, these jewelry stores are often expensive, people, shops, decor … … All these costs will be added to the price of diamonds, and ultimately by the consumer To pay. Typically, the final price of a diamond is equal to 50% of its cost on the basis of the increase after the sale.

Online sales of diamonds is completely subvert the traditional rules of the game, thousands of diamond jewelry show one by one. This virtual network platform to businesses the most direct benefits are: manpower, shops and other management costs significantly reduced, the network diamond dealers from the date of birth has a natural price advantage.

Diamond net purchase opened the mystery of luxury goods

In the eyes of ordinary people, the diamond is a luxury, frequently thousands of dollars, as a luxury consumer, naturally be cast a layer of mystery, and network sales are opened this veil.

Free to open a diamond website, through the website we can see at least thousands of pieces of diamond jewelry, and more famous first diamond sites, such as Bluenile, 21Gem, diamond jewelry inventory is even greater, even Cartier, Tiffany did not Large-scale stores it.

Diamond website not only has a huge inventory, all the information is completely transparent commodity. A diamond ring, price, cut, clarity, weight, ring all the information presented are one by one, so that consumers compare the ratio of quality than quality.

Imagine, when the traditional jewelry store in the soft velvet diamond ring on the price of 10,000 yuan, the customer can e-carat price of 5,000 yuan only the same goods indifferent?

Diamond online shopping will replace the traditional jewelry store?

In 2005 the domestic diamond market share has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and annual growth rate of not less than 20%. The diamond industry is forecast, in 2008 the domestic online diamond jewelry sales can account for more than 20% of the share. Network diamond development is so rapid, in time, will eventually replace the traditional sales, as the jewelry industry’s mainstream sales model?

In this regard, a well-known jewelry brands, said the network can not just look at the price of sales, ignoring the brand value. At present, the online sales of diamonds are mostly no brand or brand awareness is not high, and some well-known jewelry brand in addition to a long history, culture, diamond ornaments are unique, like Tiffany, Cartier and other brands, the same diamond, Than the average brand to be 5 to 10 times higher, these are the added value of diamond ornaments. The cultural connotation of the commodity satisfies the spiritual needs of consumers at different levels and can not be separated. It is too early to tell who is to replace them.

Relevant sources said that in China, diamond network sales have just started, not enough to threaten the traditional jewelry business. But the development of network sales point of view, can not be ignored. It is understood that there are individual traditional jewelers involved in Internet sales, this test type of water try, after all, a way.

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Danish jewelry design master George Jason diamonds eight series

Danish jewelry design master George Jason diamonds eight series
Pure, elegant design, filled with Scandinavian style, so that the world more than one million people fascinated by its artistic creation, and Denmark’s most well-known brands. The collection of George Jensen Master eight series of diamonds, so you feel a dazzling feast.

Nordic Splendour diamond necklace for the George Jason 2005 master diamond jewelry series in the most shining star, and this stunning diamond necklace creative inspiration, it is from the North rich and rare among them, there are long elements . Glittering and moving mountains, the level of exaggerated glaciers and unique vegetation essence, etc., in the far north contains the Yau natural mother left a clear mark and characteristics.
Platinum engraved leaves, inlaid with 1824 bright cut carved diamond, a total of 37.62 karats. Each diamond, embedded in 114 pieces of refined sculpture with curved platinum blades, and each leaf in the smart fiddle, giving this necklace a unique three-dimensional beauty, bright Cartier love bracelet replica diamonds can also be put from each angle Splendor. Pure, exquisite, the ultimate perfection and like a gorgeous sculpture-like appearance, is on behalf of George Jason along the way the achievements.

Nordic Light Diamond Necklace all by the precious rare platinum to create, each blade inlaid diamonds on the front, the other side of the glossy surface treatment of platinum, and diamonds embraced each other. Necklace of the three-dimensional convergence and outward stretch, functional design makes wearing like a collar-like clothing, which is extremely difficult process performance, and therefore invited to participate in the DTC at the end of 2004 held in Venice “Wonders of Nature” The Diamond Works Exhibition. The world’s only limited this one.

“Extra” jewelry series by George Jensen exclusive designer Lina Falkesgaard design. The double-edged square princess-style diamond surrounds the center of the brightly cut diamonds; this powerful combination, in keeping with its simple, sculptural appearance, expresses exactly what the word “Extra” means (ancient Greek intention – Outside the inner circle).

Extra18k Platinum bracelet contains 358 diamonds, a total of about 25ct. Guanghua dazzling, reflecting the pure style of George Jason and light. The new earrings consist of 182 diamonds. All diamonds are F-G / VS / Good Cut. But in order to express different expressions, diamond cut parts are cut with bright cut and square princess cut.
In order to still show George Jason proud of the metal texture, EXTRA bracelet diamonds inlaid for the use of hidden “Channel” tunnel inlay way, not only in the selection and matching of diamonds and technology, need to be very difficult and skilled Exquisite goldsmith to complete the jewelry.

Designed by Jacqueline Rabun Jia Guilin Ruibin, with its consistent unique style of replica Cartier love bracelet interpretation of GJ century elegance, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of George Jensen. This young and leading series of inspiration, from the 100 digital 1 and 0 caused by visual interest.

Bright and beautiful diamonds laid out with the “100” design phase shine, truly tell the unparalleled, pleasing to the eye of the moving. The pavé-set diamonds are elegantly surrounded by necklaces, earrings and rings, keeping the texture of the metal shining with diamonds, an innovative and confident design. The full range of 18K gold to create and to George Jason selected bright cut diamonds mosaic.

Influenced by modern jewelry design Jacqueline Rabun’s work, often with a delicate shape, blending the past, present and future, revealing the atmosphere of time and space lasting.
Off Spring “new generation” series, egg-shaped design tells the true meaning of life, to celebrate the advent of life. Interlocking shape, a symbol of the mother and family can not be replaced by the lofty status. It shows the modern design of George Jensen’s traditional craftsmanship, with a fascinating atmosphere and vitality; and the unique charm of Jacqueline Rabun’s design. Since listing in 2002, fans have been immediately recognized and appreciated.

2005 to re-launch “Off Spring” diamond series, Jia Guilin Ruibin to give it renewed meaning, with superb technology, the diamond pavement embedded in the egg-shaped extension of the arc, the formation of asymmetric sense of curvature. Emphasis on the beautiful curve of the transition Cartier love bracelet replica curve of the arc, so that the bright diamonds of light, showing a soft, poetic and emotional design vocabulary, blossoming charming unique charm.

This series is made of 18K white gold, hand ring paved inlaid more than 300 bright cut carved diamonds, total weight 4cts. Necklace pendant is divided into two sections, the size circle are diamond-studded, total weight 0.83 cts, small circle part of diamond, total weight 0.10 cts.

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By the precious stones were personality

By the precious stones were personality
When you propose to you, or you propose to her, do you think the wedding ring on which the gem will be embedded?
A. Diamond B Pearl C. Amethyst D Emerald E. Ruby F. Sapphire G. coral
A. Diamonds symbolize power and wealth, so you are a more realistic people, like the high-level brand, is a Baijin; doing things quite positive, like power.
B. People who choose pearls have pure heart and good heart, all things for the sake of others, gentle personality, not good at expressing their inner thoughts, but will be hard to others crush others.
C. Like amethyst people will be elegant, tasteful people, naturally reveal their own personality, but also often fantasy some impossible things, like daydreaming.
D. Emerald symbol of cheerful, optimistic personality, this kind of person things clear and decisive, outspoken, do not bear grudges, smile, is the focus of group attention, but also easy to offend others.
E. Select Ruby people are passionate and motivated, and their favorite things will spare no effort to do, with a strong rebellious, easy and incompatible with the existing environment.
F. Like sapphire, personality is behave, hard serious type. Can be their Cartier nail bracelet replica emotional control is appropriate, is a trusted person, but life is a little lack of fun.
G. Will choose coral people quite special, like the mysterious things, people feel deep; soft inside just have their own ideas.
Into the 21st century, the wave of white jewelry is still strong, platinum with its transparent texture of white metallic luster is still more than people’s eyes.

Metal texture of platinum is very strong, no matter what kind of jewelry watch, embedded in the jewelry gem, is a perfect match, gem crystal bright and platinum white luster pavilions, become the focus of attention; and now jewelry Style break through the limitations of the traditional shape, become more singular and changeable. Such as the ring is no longer confined to a gem only, but with two or three kinds of contrasting color gems to make it look more different. And in previous years, not too much attention to the brooch also showed their own unique charm, flowers, butterflies, geometric shapes and other shapes of the brooch in the new ladies played the role of finishing touch.

Even the luxury of expensive diamond pavé jewelry (that is, many small drill inlaid on the jewelry surface and watch dial), platinum is still the diamond inlay of the protagonist.
1, wear and dress
Appropriate Chinese clothing to wear the traditional shape of the jade jewelry, people can produce seamless integration with the East, the overall beauty of the United States.
Modern professional assembly of a classic jade jewelry, can make people have the finishing touch of beauty and fashion and tradition of harmony.
To evening reception, the set of jade ornaments can produce infinite charm, glamor inside and outside the United States and the United States.
2, the color and Tsui decoration
White jade can show the gorgeous, is the best combination.
Elegant colors can be set off the subtle jade, with the elements.
Rich and colorful clothing suitable for small pieces of jade boutique.
Black affect the color of jade, not very harmonious.
3, occasion and Tsui decoration
Casual assembly with a Strap, casual without losing the charm.
Playground is not suitable for wearing bracelets and Tsui Chu necklace.
Workplace should not use too long, too large jewelry.
4, temperament and accessories
Dignified and elegant person wearing a full set of Tsui decoration.
Lively and easy to wear a single piece of Tsui decorated.
According to Western traditions, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you. It is associated with the heart, so it makes sense to wear the ring on the left hand. 

The international popular law is: index finger – want to get married, said unmarried; middle finger – has been in love; ring finger – that has been engaged or married; little finger – that single. 

As for the right hand, in the traditional also has a finger when wearing a ring Replica Cartier jewelry makes sense: that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing here, that with the nuns of the heart. 

Of course, when you wear a ring, no matter where you wear does not have any meaning, this ring is the general flower ring. This ring is a decorative effect, you can wear any finger you want to wear, there is no binding. 

Men ‘s jewelry for men to wear jewelry for necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips and so on. In the choice and wear, we must highlight the male characteristics, showing that young men rough, active and unrestrained chic style. 

In general, men’s necklaces, bracelets, rings should be gold or silver, the style should be heavy, angular, text-shaped pendants and rings on the pattern should also have male special films, such as dragon, tiger image Or “blessing”, “Kyrgyzstan” and other words male imitation cartier love bracelet necklace must be close to wear, the ring wearing the law should follow the principles of women wearing the law. Male brooch should be selected to wear abstract graphics or on behalf of the beauty of the dragon, tiger, leopard, eagle and other animal patterns, do not suit lapel, the male full. Tie suit tie tie, the tie clip should match the color of the tie, the lines should be simple and neat.

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Jewelry forever, bright forever stay

Jewelry forever, bright forever stay
As Christian Dior chief jewelry designer said: “For women, the jewelry is like a part of their body, each wearing jewelry in the President, just reflect her unique personality. Jewelry is not only a symbol of aristocratic women who show wealth, but also the bright stars are pretending to be pretty cool, or the hearts of many ordinary women’s pain.
In this case,
A sign of feminism
In this case,
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Art-Nouveau movement spread across the continent. It advocates the use of natural decorative style, which is characterized by flow of the decorative curve modeling, drawn from the natural pedicel, buds, vines, insect wings and other beautiful wavy shape of the curve, and some gentle elegance, and some Emotion strong, full of rhythm and rhythm of the United States, and some agitation changing, full of fantasy Cartier love ring replica color. From the side was beautiful “S” -shaped women with the women dress up a hundred Mei Jiaojiao.
In this case,
After the First World War, the United States led the worldwide feminist movement, more and more women out of their homes, economically independent, increasing social activities to jewelry design unprecedented prosperity, female changeable Necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, tie buckle and cufflinks, and so in short supply, beauty-conscious women’s critical eye jewelry design trends also become the trend of the design of jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, fashion accessories, Increasingly important. Therefore, the designers have the prevailing “Art Deco” (Art Deco) style of some characteristics, such as the ancient Egyptian and oriental pattern style, simple geometric modeling, bright color scheme, the introduction of jewelry design, simple , Simple and linear become the popular elements of jewelry in this period.
In this case,
In the 1930s, Chanel-style jewelry can be said to dominate. Coco Chanel her jewelry design into a new idea. Will wear gold and silver as vulgar, with gorgeous gorgeous fake jewelry as fashionable.
In this case,
She taught people how to use artificial gems to decorate themselves, the popularity of artificial gemstones, so that the identity of the original as a symbol of jewelry into a pure ornament. She transplanted fashion design techniques to create a masterpieces of exquisite pieces – dotted comet necklace, exotic brooch, gem platinum bracelet, the sections as smooth and beautiful flowing water, and exudes an unprecedented modern flavor . It now appears that Chanel won the essence of post-modern: there is no real jewelry, I can start another hill to fake jewelry for the fashion to the stone glass for the United States.
In this case,
All flash is jewelry
In this case,
“World War II,” the outbreak of the political turmoil makes people panic, a serious suppression of women for the pursuit of beauty and luxury jewelry for the vision. After the end of the war, this repression also with a variety of new styles suddenly burst out. Women and jewelry design is clearly another trend towards full feminization, the trend of sexy. At that time, women at the party is keen to use a special adhesive, the stones attached to the cheek as decoration, it is said imitation Cartier love bracelet that this is the last point of the legacy of mole. They are more in the hair with a pearl inlaid mosaic comb, hairpin decoration; in the big neckline commonly used decorative pin decoration, it is chic; ear ornaments with chandeliers or drooping long earrings, exaggerated flower-shaped earrings, necklace is popular To the waist of a circle or laps.
In this case,
When the time of the ring to the 1960s, the “post-war baby” by the “young storm” swept the world, making the whole world, the fashion industry will look to them. In the pursuit of novelty, the pursuit of strange, the pursuit of novelty of the “Pop movement” in the pursuit of novelty, the pursuit of novelty, the pursuit of novelty “Pope movement” (POP), the color bold and strong, design modeling weird, drawn from natural, handmade rough jewelry by the favor of young people, popular, widely popular. Dress slovenly, with long hair, head wrapped in Indian-style cloth, plug in wild flowers, wearing a hand-made similar to the original ancestors to wear the rough irregular necklace, barefoot feet wearing sandals is At that time the classic “fashion image”.
In this case,
70 years is the “punk style” (Punk Look) to lead the fashion era. The rock band pinned glittering pins, back pins, rivets, zippers, chains and shaving knives on the black blazer or hanging around the ears and neck. The youngsters followed suit, Become “fashion jewelry”. In this era, all flash but jewelry, jewelry is all flash things.
In this case,
Jewelry design trends
Global technology and economy in the 20th century, 80 years of rapid progress, the human into a high-tech, integrated, fast-paced modern society, but then bring people mind is the emphasis on environmental protection, the desire for individuality, nature The return and the pursuit of simple classic. Thus today, the world’s jewelry design style is also difficult to escape the following three major mainstream:
In this case,
Simple succinct
In the early years was once popular in the architectural art of “less is more” simple supremacy principle is used in modern jewelry design. Simple and smooth lines, concise concise structure, the formation of the main theme of this style. Smooth and smooth shape of the car, light and dark patchwork of sand dunes, soft and elegant colors of the marble and the eternal pyramid are the most perfect performance of this style. Whether it is a ring, earrings, pendants, pins and Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica bracelets, the appearance of all were streamlined or geometric, as the sense of simple and bright, subtle introverted.
In this case,
Back to nature
The vibrant nature of all day long trapped in the reinforced concrete jungle in the modern city people will always have an infinite appeal. In the 1990s, people gradually lost their original land, forests and river resources, environmental problems have become a new focus in people’s lives. As a result, the human re-enter the embrace of nature, this trend also affected the return of jewelry design. Beautiful leaves, interesting shells, full of vitality of the sunflower, the wonderful zebra pattern, have become the source of inspiration for designers. These designs not only accurately reflect the magic of natural originals, but also to create a more concise effect. From the petals of the ring, the hippocampus-like pins, water-like earrings smell fresh and rustic nature of the atmosphere.
In this case,
Classic decoration
Humankind seems to never be able to forget their own civilization. Therefore, the trend of retro will make a comeback every few years, and intensified, with the simple modernist ideology of the flow of the top of the decorative doctrine. Ancient Rome-style decorative relief, the Chinese style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties uncompromising stone bridge, Gothic spire building, primitive tribes have become the mysterious totem theme of decorative style, which is characterized by emphasis on jewelry color, pattern And its outline of the well-designed, gorgeous color gorgeous, complex complex structure.

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Exquisite jewelry, colorful spring colors

Exquisite jewelry, colorful spring colors
Do you remember me walking by the sea? The waves for our love to play beautiful music, starfish for our happiness dancing. Spring color, because love and bright, but also because of exquisite jewelry and radiating a bright luster. Woman’s nature is a full possession of mad, to love, but also jewelry.

Sterling silver jewelry — the same classic
Many people have a special love of silver. Like it elegant posture, like it does not change the classic. Faded thick winter clothes, silver and spring coincidentally onto the spring stage. Simple white shirt, jeans coupled with exquisite silver pendant will definitely make you more in this spring out of place.
Xiaoshan in Zhejiang some of the “silver jewelry” shop, there are all kinds of sections of silver jewelry Replica Cartier love bracelet waiting for you. Zodiac necklace pendant in this year seems particularly popular, there is a single lovely cartoon shape there, but also the shape of the zodiac mosaic in the center of the pendant, like a “time to run,” the necklace pendant, both refined and dignified , Can definitely be your first choice. In addition, there are “hot series” of sterling silver pendants, accompanied by slender silver necklace, do not have a flavor. There are sections of Malay jade, 925 sterling silver earrings, earrings, are fine from the subtle see. In the store, the most conspicuous than several women’s silver watch, petite style with sterling silver bracelet, in the light of the map with the Meilunmeihuan to describe is never an exaggeration.
For both beauty and environmental protection of the crush, zirconium diamond bracelet can not miss. Zirconium diamond mining and diamonds is no different, we can see it’s valuable, but the most important thing is zirconium drilling without radiation, the human body is absolutely harmless. And even if long-term wear will not fade.
Amber and silver with the classic can also be called, in the “silver jewelry” shop, a special amber area for you to choose: rings, bracelets, pendants, and the price is also in more than 100 yuan.
Of course, the jewelry store is not just a woman of the world, but also for men and prepared jewelry, especially several men bracelet, quite eye-catching, suitable for different personalities and taste of the men selected.
In this fashion season, sterling silver jewelry broke the body parts of the fixed meaning, and become a highlight of the personality of the logo. For their own purchase of a silver bar, in this splendid spring.

Small jewelry — cute woman lovely
Focus on quality of life of women is definitely not ignore the details of life. Hair clips, cell phone chain, key ring, make-up mirror … … all the details of life will be taken care of properly and refined. Into the people on the road a few small jewelry store, slowly stroll, carefully picked, perhaps Amoy will be the favorite small accessories to meet your perfect details of life requirements.
Placed in the display window of the jewelry box is particularly conspicuous, metal build inlaid with bright beads, it is very chic. Take a closer look at the workmanship is also quite particular about. And each has a different shape: flower type, heart type, tripod type … … so unique jewelry box can not only be used to place jewelry, it is a handicraft.
Mobile phone accessories has always been a lot of crush by the keen, in the “sand La La”, there are several mobile phone pendant worth recommending. Lion, tiger, mango and other simulated animal pendant is small but very realistic, and feel and workmanship is also very good; Winnie the Pooh, Pooh pigs and “Finding Nemo” Rimnimo pendant has been a best-selling jewelry. Some cell phone sensors are ingenious, there are luminous, but also voice, coupled with the lovely voice of the “phone!”, I believe will add color to your phone a lot. If you want to point the alternative, then pick a “mischief,” the bar, the two “evil” or a “skeleton”, good “fear” ah!
Know how to live a woman, handbag, and ultimately a makeup mirror. Fruit mirror, QQ mirror, star mirror, Maple Leaf mirror, I believe there is always a right for you. In the small jewelry store, the production of several fine metal keychain is also quite attractive, whether it is Cartier love ring replica giving away or leave their own is a good choice. In addition, the enthusiastic clerk also recommended recently sold very fragrant aroma candlestick, into the fine smell, really there is a hint of aromatherapy, and these candle holders are smoke-free environmentally friendly fuel. If you then hit the power outage, then, do not have to upset, point a furnace incense Candlestick as leisurely as possible. Hair accessories — let you “love is not decorated hand”
Yucai in Zhejiang on the road, there is a company called “love is not decorated hand” jewelry store, among the many varieties of business, hair decoration is one of the characteristics here. Here the clerk ingenuity, as long as you pick in a hair ornaments, they will be able to set up a satisfactory hairstyle for you.
Whether hair comb, side clip, or hair fork, hairpin, where the hair ornaments variety is quite many. Different hair accessories can be combined into different hairstyles, and each hairstyle also has a beautiful name. “Flying Flying”, “Woman Flower”, “Mei Yan Chrysanthemum” is the name of all kinds of plate hair. Of course, more often, the clerk is based on the needs of customers to design hair, so it will create a lot of new styles. But in general, the design here are relatively close to the daily life of hair, for many office workers loved. According to the “love is not decorated hand,” the clerk introduced, there are many old customers are in time to work in the store to do the hair.
For a hairstyle may change a mood, for a hair comb may make you feel more good. Let the hair ornaments hair, but also decorate your mood, let your hair shine in the spring.
The Combination of Classical Romance and Modern Art.

“Connaught Meili” her exquisite craftsmanship, changing style and European classical atmosphere in the artistic charm. Although there is no noble gold, platinum hard, but she was unique in the shape and personality of the design revealed a confident and natural beauty, emitting irresistible temptation.

“Connaught Meili” really is to highlight their own personality, casual and capricious, “Connaught Meili”: highlight the personality, the performance of self!

“Connaught Meili” originated in the silver design and craft dominate Italy, not only embodies the essence of European classical romanticism, but also express the modern art of exquisite and unique, products, including fashion jewelry, decorations, gifts, stationery Such as 925 silverware boutique series.

Silver is the refusal of “jewels”, refused to luxury and show off, refused to drift a personality choice, she belongs to the self, belonging to fashion, belonging to individuality! – and from the Italian tradition of silver hand workshop “Connaught Meili”, for the silver-loving family to provide more ways to express emotions.

Silver is a symbol of culture, and wear silver is the interpretation of their understanding of culture, silver itself, the unique texture and color, a little random and sincere, both modern and classical, and “Connaught Meili” is the use of silver this The innate blend of modern and classical, unique design, superb craftsmanship and endless creativity, the ancient and mysterious handicrafts in Europe and the perfect combination of modern art, fully demonstrate the “silver” changing style And the beauty of personality, so as to become the heart of fashionable family shock, publicity personality preferred accessories: a rounded corners of the “Blue Moon” gem silver ring, built in six small geometric surround stones, silver and light blue Cross-hui, revealing the classic graceful and subtle beauty; dressed in a stretch of the wings of the swan brooch, silver-specific soft and rich tension, to express the swan floating on the green water above the elegant, the outer wings on a layer A gem of the silver ring bracelets, simple and modern design, a group of three Cartier love ring replica gems, and the remaining two separate, in which the two gemstones, Sub-combination of permutations and combinations may be expressed on the wearer to the emotional subtle understanding and recognition; no matter which a “Connaught Meili” products, emphasize the expression of personality and emotional expression, in all sorts of changes and collocation , Reflects the fashionable women’s life, unique understanding of the United States.

“Connaught Meili” Although the design has always insisted on the classical European atmosphere and the perfect combination of modern art, but in the performance techniques are ever-changing, flexible and diverse, launched a British classic, simple fashion, natural and avant-garde family of four Series to meet the different requirements of the silver personality Favorite:

British classic: the use of Tian Zi and tulips, Tian Zi and the combination of roses to create a strong British style. Inspired by the well-known architect and art master C. R McKenzie’s artistic style, square edges and corners of flowers and produce a unique round of contrast, grace calm and distribute your elegant self-confidence style.

Avant-garde family: exaggerated, deformed patterns, rough lines, the expression of the young family freedom to pursue unrestricted life style and flying personality.Unionical and wild rock, alternative cold and free and easy will bring a strong visual impact.

Natural Story: Inspired by nature, the designers will change the four seasons, the harmony of the form and rhythm presented in sterling silver, let it free stretch, a slender leaves, the new grass seedlings, lovely flowers in the wilderness. Soft, clever curve, glossy Guanghua often brought back the gentle thoughts.

Simple fashion: the designer of today’s most popular fashion elements, with very few lines outline the changing style. Can be bold and strong expression, but also the interpretation of slender graceful, lively silver in the simple lines in the flow, fashion and style in the wonderful spread inadvertently open to … …

Four series in both the design and the “Connaught Meili” classical and modern style of harmonization, but also because of their different design concepts and expression techniques to meet the elegant women, avant-garde family, advocating natural and the pursuit of simplicity, and so different fashion The pursuit of consumer groups, so that each highlight the personality of the desire can be in the “Connaught Meili” such as the wish to do so.

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Personalized jewelry to see more buy less

Personalized jewelry to see more buy less
Wide CBD design style so that the general customers can not accept personalized jewelry to see more buy less design style for general customers can not accept personalized jewelry to see more buy less

Some made of special materials, very personalized shape of the jewelry is very attractive to the eye, but the real customers to buy very little, the reason is that this style and the average person’s aesthetic vision of the difference too far.

Many of the unique style of jewelry is refreshing. Bergamot Nianhua means, moon, fish profile … … and other very simple shape in the general jewelry store is difficult to see. Even more surprising is that some of the jewelry actually used behind the zinc-cut battery made of batteries, and some with plastic and silver to match. These grotesque jewelry price is not low, easily on the thousand dollars. Can see that these art jewelry to attract the attention of many customers, but the crowd of only a handful of people willing to pay for the purchase.

“It is very novel, but I still do not want to buy it home.” A woman holding a design of two connected to the triangle of the necklace, she did not dare to wear out of such jewelry, say not made of precious metals , She felt not worth so much money. From another jewelry design which one of the artists learned there. He believes that these are not the most important out to sell, just want to show people know jewelry can do so. Over the years, China’s jewelry Cartier love ring replica design has always been to follow the West, the traditional factors too, this will eventually lose the original ability, and his jewelry inspiration from Oracle. But the artist also admitted that these art jewelry really want to be recognized by consumers, I am afraid it will take a long time.
Popular jewelry After a simple fashion trend, the classical design began to become popular, so that people re-appreciate the Baroque classic charm. Look at the stars favored jewelry type it, may give you a lot of inspiration Oh.

Lighthouse-shaped platinum long earrings
Rich design of rich medieval style, with pure platinum-based material, platinum elegant temperament to the princess princess Anne Hathaway set off in the noble and refined, no wonder she rolled up a pure princess like to attend the hair Golden Globe Awards this year.
With recommendations: suitable for classical evening or Bohemian-style clothing to wear, long earrings at the same time have the effect of elongated face. Material selection for the platinum class of precious metals, Chang can show aristocratic gas.

When the beautiful and noble Julianne – Moore (Julianne Moore) as an Oscar honored imitation Cartier love bracelet guests appeared in the scene when her ears that paragraph beaded curtain platinum earrings instantly caught the attention of the people. People have to praise the years of Xilian to a woman brings a mature charm, the more Chen Yue Mei, as platinum as eternal.
With recommendations: can be matched with the shawl straight hair, hair will be part of the ear in the ear after the show, with another curly hair style.

Simple retro necklace
In this Oscar victory in the Renee – Qiwei Ge almost every event like platinum necklace will be decorated with their own handsome lotus-like. In this retro fashion popular ceremony, Renee – Qiwei Ge certainly not to be outdone. This retro platinum chain makes her beautiful, brilliant, no wonder even the host Billy are on the stage jokingly said it was my wife.
With recommendations: for strapless evening dress or monochrome turtleneck sweater, choose the best Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica pure platinum material, this type of style is not suitable for thicker short neck of the woman.

In fact, as long as the details of a little change, you can create the most IN retro style this year to see “mouth beauty” Julia Roberts in the current Oscar guests as the dress, that simple retro platinum earrings Is the finishing touch.
With recommendations: with professional suits or tailoring generous evening with two affordable, attention to style must not be too complicated, simple classical is the essence.

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Chinese market into a European luxury hope

Chinese market into a European luxury hope
According to the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reported that French perfume, Italian Seduction, German cars, Swiss watches, these European land on the high-end consumer goods as representative of the EU products, has opened the door to the Chinese market.

LVMH, Richemont and Gucci, are rushed to the mainland of China’s cities, visit the site, publicity goods, some analysts believe that in Europe, “anti-luxury” trend of performance down the luxury brand, from China’s emerging markets see hope.

Accounting for global sales of high-grade goods 3%

2004 is the luxury goods industry, east of the year, according to replica Cartier love bracelet statistics, China’s high-end goods market value of about 20 billion US dollars, accounting for global high-end merchandise sales of 65 billion US dollars of about 3%.

With the end of last year, China’s retail industry to foreign investment in a comprehensive open, including the European Union, many of the world’s high-end merchandise sales giants have accelerated the pace of entering the Chinese market.

Ermenegildo Zegna has 52 stores

Senior clothing, the Italian men’s brand Zegna has opened a 52 stores in mainland China; last April, Armani announced that in 2008 before the Beijing Olympics to open 30 stores.

Bund three brand store general manager Zhang Jiaying said in an interview, compared to Salvatore Ferragamo, Amarni, YSL and other brands in Europe and the United States market is quite old-fashioned brand, Dolce & Gabbana, Vanessa Bruno, Lanvin and a large number of young Europe Brands are competing stationed in major cities in the Mainland, to seek cooperation.
In this case,
“Famous for France”

“We are familiar with the French top brands, but they are only a very small part of the export business,” he said, adding that the Commerce Department is committed to strengthening the technology transfer to China and expanding the scope of business cooperation.

Spain encourages investment in China

Although the number of enterprises in Spain in Shanghai is still small, but as one of the fastest growing countries in Europe, from the introduction of the accelerated introduction of Spanish products, you can glimpse of its investment in Shanghai and East China.

“For Spanish businessmen who are interested in investing in China, I always encourage Cartier love bracelet replica them to invest for a long time,” says He Haiyi, economic and commercial consul of the Spanish Consulate General in Shanghai. “Many big brands only entered Shanghai four years ago, which is a relatively lazy decision, Spanish products in China lost a lot of market share, as well as preconceived market trust.Therefore, nearly two years, many small and medium-sized Spanish enterprises in a flash into a large number of Shanghai, Spain in China, more than 200 enterprises in Shanghai Of the total number of enterprises accounted for half, so we are all overwhelmed.

According to China’s official statistics, after the EU’s eastward expansion in May last year, bilateral trade between China and Europe exceeded US $ 150 billion two years ahead of schedule. The EU has become China’s largest trading partner and the fourth largest source of foreign investment, while China is second only to the US The second largest trading partner.

Luxury goods into the people at home

With Chivas, the Royal Salute, Martell three major brands of Pernod Ricard Chinese companies in the Mainland market is also ambitious, Pernod Ricard Chinese market director Zhu Li An said in an interview, out of the brand’s favorite And familiar, France, many people are at home consumption of alcohol products, 80% of sales from supermarkets or alcohol products store. In China, 80% of sales come from bars and restaurants, luxury consumption is gradually being recognized as a way of life by consumers.

Cartier Shanghai will increase to 14 stores

Jewelry, watches and clocks on behalf of the identity of the status of luxury sales is also way bullish, Cartier only in Shanghai to open seven stores, also plans to build seven; Swiss large watch group, Richemont Group 2004 financial data also show that China luxury The total consumption of goods accounted for 20% of Richemont’s total global sales, if coupled with Chinese tourists in the global total procurement, the Chinese consumption of luxury goods accounted for four percent of its global sales. In China, the group’s high-end consumer goods customer base of about 3 million to 5 million people.

Identity strength and taste symbol

It is understood that the degree of brand recognition, compared to the US consumer goods, luxury goods consumers in Europe is clearly also from the other to obtain satisfaction, such as identity, strength and taste, which to some extent protect the product sales, but Europe The strong support of governments also contributed.

Prior to this, the European Commission delegation to China, the Minister Counselor Frans. Ye Sen said that high-end consumer goods is becoming an important part of China-EU import and export trade, but also a considerable part of the profits
It has been said that every diamond is a commitment to love, each one is a happy prayer jade, each one is the soul of the sapphire coordinates, each ruby is a life sentence … …
In this case,
Summer is popular jewelry of the season, a variety of jewelry have debut, creating a beautiful Replica Cartier love bracelet street, a colorful.

Gold: the traditional complex

Plain gold jewelry platinum, gold, k gold because of its pure color and collectively referred to plain gold. In recent years, by China Taiwan and Hong Kong and Japan and other technology, plain gold in style, quality, workmanship continues to introduce new. The new century, a series of gold and jewelry, refined elegance, simple and generous. In the domestic market, the most popular or rich in Chinese-style series of jewelry, it joined the black leather rope, color feathers, beads and other popular elements of water droplets.

Diamond ornaments: to make beautiful

Diamond originated from the beginning of human civilization millions of years ago, is still the most persistent and lasting treasure of nature. A diamond of one carat size has been cut and polished, need to dig 250 tons of mineral soil in order to obtain, so it is the most precious gift of love, so each diamond is valuable. Available in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, white diamonds, black diamonds and natural stone, the newly launched jewels range in a variety of exquisite fashion accessories ranging from rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings to pendants, The essence of the new wave of jewelry design.

This year, square, oval, long shaped and other shaped drill popular, because the diamond is always the embodiment of fashion and eternity.

Natural jewelry: life color

Natural jewelry pearls, coral, amethyst, emerald, red sapphires and other natural jewelry, because of its colorful, small radiation, with the traditional beauty skin care function, which popular pregnant women, the elderly favorite. Pearl by the birth of life, is the crystallization of life and beauty. Single-pearl and small diamond, platinum constitutes a pleasing pearl jewelry. Red coral is auspicious, wealth, a symbol of peace, jade made by the jade brand, bracelets, students and other souvenirs sustenance of the people the best wishes and hope. Ruby, sapphire and emerald with a beautiful natural color.

Artificial jewelry: avant-garde concept

Decorative ornaments Crystal jewelry natural innocence, whether animal ornaments or necklace earrings brooches and other jewelry, each one is different, people put it down. Crystal tattoo series can be used in the face, back, neck, easy to use, people instant Zoran Shenghui. Diy translation for yourself to enjoy life, it is a young family favorite. In the large shopping venues, with such a small counter, the customer can spend much less according to their own interests, aesthetic to produce jewelry. Decorative jewelry, although not a rare metal, but it can still bring people a simple natural beauty.

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Stylish changes in the summer wrist style

Stylish changes in the summer wrist style
Summer, do not have to be wrapped in long clothes thick shirt, exposing tiny wrist, to give all kinds of bracelets are not a big space, but it is a full wrist style big stage. From the most simple coarse hemp rope, beads bracelet string up to the silver, pearl, diamond, platinum, gold, crystal, resin, etc., there are a variety of materials can not be said of the name , And other bizarre bracelets like hibernation after the hole out of the animal, and instantly take out, occupy the most prominent jewelers counter, around you in the style of thousands of wrist. These two days, has been shuttling in the bracelet of the color world, and found that compared to previous years, the beautiful hand jewelry changes are not too many.

Classic style is still familiar with the old faces

Classic style is called “classic”, because it can sit and watch fashion changes. So the price of classic style bracelet is not necessarily more expensive, the material is not necessarily more rare, and often the most simple style. Summer, white T-shirts popular season, but a simple Replica Cartier love bracelet white wrap too much, it is easy to leave a stereotype impression. So can match the white T-shirts and dark hemp ropes compiled rope began to become the summer one of the wrist protagonist. But then a few random rope, infected with the jump is not an exaggeration of color, or as arbitrarily tied into a bunch, or string on a few pieces of soft ceramic firing beads, or other shapes of small objects as a fall child, Tinkling local hang up, there is a taste. This hand-rope wearing eclectic, and some girls think that wearing the more the better, colorful, so that the excitement of the wrist seemed, but also have some ethnic customs, and white T-shirts together, appears to complement each other.

In addition to the crystal and ceramic beads bead string together can be considered a classic, and a dozen strings of beads into a string, there is little room for easy on the details, but the color of beads and patterns seem endless changes. Some shop owner, carefully to the porcelain factory, custom-made cute miniature porcelain small animals, come back to their own hands, the small animals string together, a unique bracelet was born.

Traditional bracelet in the preservation of innovation

May still remember such a gold bracelet advertising: “Today, some people close to my × ×!” “You enough fashion?” It is hard to imagine the most traditional, once fashionable young people were defined as “old fashioned” Gold bracelet can make such a full-tempting avant-garde ads. In fact, there are more so that we can shine a new move, a brand of platinum jewelry for celebrity endorsements for the annual launch of new new creative commercials. Last year’s “hot” series, this year’s “water flower” series are called the new masterpiece. In addition to the traditional jewelry brand launched a more unique “golf bracelet”, specifically designed for playing golf women, blue Cartier love ring replica sky, green, white ball beautiful arc, so that the moment the intensity of the outbreak of a woman has become calm and elegant. When the club shaking again and again, diamond bracelet quietly blooming in the wrist between the bright light, with a solemn and noble wanton dance, the women’s strong and confident to convey euphemism.

Exotic fashion bracelets come from behind

European jewelry to people’s impression seems to always reveal a bit in the fashion classic charm. In recent years, a number of European brands such as FolliFollie, ox-ette, loisir have entered the Chinese market, and to their own characteristics suddenly won the consumer favorite, FolliFollie operating 925 degrees of silver jewelry is known, each style Bracelets or other accessories are only a very limited number of pieces, when the moment can not be determined to buy, it may never be found, or buy, it is difficult to encounter the same style. If a one-time purchase FolliFollie jewelry to 3,000 yuan, or 4 months, the cumulative amount of 5,000 yuan shopping, you can enjoy a lifetime 88% discount.

In addition to silver, the European fashion jewelry also steel and color shell as material, reminiscent of the Greek Aegean Sea, wearing this bracelet you may be swaying. The most special is a steel jewelry, and never need to clean, always shine.

Speaking of wrist style can not say watch. Watch in the eyes of such brands, not the hands of luxury Cartier love ring replica ladies, nor is it no idea of the road goods, their watches are not unattainable prices, but also very fine and elegant, lively style, followed by fashion trends. In addition, oxette and loisir is also the same from Europe’s fashion jewelry brand, and they FolliFollie and other more fashion jewelry together for this ancient tradition of the field launched a dazzling new world, suddenly, we realized that the original bracelet is Can be so wearing!