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Have an important source of historical significance and jewelry

Have an important source of historical significance and jewelry can usually get high price, for the most part, it is worth collecting and can hold their value. Important, in fact, diamonds, colored stones, or jewelry can often get high price in the market, if have established source, however, the price may be higher than common source. As a result, we often learn about the appraisal principle of 4 c jewelry (weight, color, clarity and cut), now often coupled with a “P”, namely “source (the Provenance)”.
Rarity, quality, source and freshness of the market, is collectors will factor in bidding for Cartier love ring replica each items. When there is the unique precious jewelry auction, collectors will with a determined attitude to participate in bidding, such precious jewelry also tend to be made are incredible prices. Although compared with pink diamond, canary price growth slightly inferior, clinch a deal the record keeping of per carat in $1997 in 238000. But we believe that the canary prices are still higher in the next period of time.
Canary ask the source
“Source” 2 words offers a lot of imagination, color diamonds have always been the love of the royal nobles are Hollywood stars shine on the red carpet. Unique design, unique, unique characters makes the already rare product more precious.
During the years of advocating personality collection investment, tailored to a belongs to own yellow diamond jewelry also can yet be regarded as a wise choice. Custom jewelry is individual character make public, also is the inner monologue. Everyone is an individual, each person’s experience is not copying process. Maybe one day I according to you customize a jewelry will appear in an auction, the gold jewelry because of its own value and your unique experience to become Cartier love ring replica the world’s eyes legend of priceless, if coupled with jeweler or designer the icing on the cake, it is undoubtedly the most perfect your personal investments.
What is a canary
Diamond (Diamond) a word comes from Greek Adamas, meaning strong and clinking. The formation process of it is full of pressure, fire, violence, and the timing of the wonderful way lies, only when all the conditions, carbon will eventually emit bright is dazzing glorious. When some carbon atoms are replaced by a nitrogen atom in diamond, diamond crystals because began to absorb blue and purple light, diamond began in yellow, this is the formation of the canary. Canary is also known as the “diamond”, is one of the most common color diamonds of all colors.
The gem association (GIA) established the world known as the 4 c standard Carat diamond (CTS), the Cut (Cut), Clarity (Clarity), Color (Color), for the canary appraisal institutions are more take a fancy to the Color of the diamond. White diamond color description, from a to Z D said that is not to bring a Cartier love ring replica Yellow degree, can only be called a Fancy than Z color Yellow (color), the general color Yellow diamond drill level, from low to high, in the order: Fancy Light Yellow color (Light Yellow), Fancy Yellow color (Yellow), Fancy Intense Yellow (thick color Yellow), Fancy Deep Yellow color (Deep Yellow), Fancy Vivid Yellow color (bright Yellow). Although the canary is common, but achieve brilliant color level yellow diamonds are rare. According to the American association of gem, the appraisement of canary, less than 5% for colourful colour yellow diamonds.
The gem association (GIA) chief quality officer John King (John King), said merchants in succession in yellow diamond, the consciousness of on behalf of the people and began to interested in colored diamonds, but not on behalf of the yellow diamond production increase on the market. Color diamond color saturation is an important measure of the value of colored diamonds. For example, a small -carat canary but its color is very good, that its value will be expensive. John king let reporters thought of sotheby’s autumn in Hong Kong in 2010, a 5.14 carat brilliant colour canary diamond ring sold for $1048718, a colourful colour yellow diamonds second gork pull the unit price of the world.
Tiffany canary Diamond (Tiffany) in the precious history, are one of the world’s largest yellow diamonds, it weighs 128.54 carat, Tiffany legendary designer Sloan berger’s mission is to create a comparable to this jewel match the base. He finally designs the three base, the most famous one is “Ribbon Rosette” Ribbon necklace, in the film “breakfast at tiffany’s” posters, this necklace is elegantly adorns the Audrey Hepburn neck. Then the yellow diamonds were embedded in the Cartier nail bracelet replica Sloan berger another works on the “stone” – a pleasant diamond bird perched on top of the famous diamond. The work is now on display in tiffany’s flagship store in New York’s fifth avenue.
“Windsor canary” (The Windsor around) due to its former owner, The duchess of Windsor is famous. The pear-shaped cut, color yellow diamond, a 51.01 -carat, another star weighs 40.22 carat, Laurence Graff (Graff) in 1987, the auction of the bag, and then set into a pair of earrings, then quickly sold out.
Sunrise stone of “DE” (The Delaire Sunrise) of South Africa’s a placer, excavated The appears as natural perfection of octahedral shape. Before birth, so to speak, its fate is bound, in a long time after 12 months of carefully polished, The world’s largest colourful colour yellow emerald cut canary was born, cutting, forming The Delaire Sunrise spectacular 118.08 -carat! Graves (Graff) to South Africa, tryon Bosch (Stellenbosch) and completed in 2010 graves manor named for its celebration, at the same time, Delaire Sunrise and the significance of Mr Graff diamonds in South Africa this is rich in legend of hot love.

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Canary to experts to teach you pick diamonds

Canary to experts to teach you pick diamonds
Yellow glow, it is champagne or diamonds? Bloom in the summer sunshine, iris, a condensation of power coming toward us, and sometimes is pure and fresh, sometimes hot, but never lose their noble temperament, like a lion in the African jungle, this is the power of the yellow diamond. This season, a lot of jewelry brand with yellow diamonds as the theme, diamonds are forever, which one can accompany oneself forever?
Pick the diamond experts to teach you
Blows in the face of the market all kinds of yellow diamond cyclone, a series of “pure beauty if yao sun” canary Tiffany (Tiffany), is famous for its yellow diamonds graves (Graff), DE beers have dominated the world diamond main resources (south), the inventor of the tension ring, canary to circular cutting, German NIESSING inlaying tension, there are many China’s own diamond brand, such as Latin America, tide acer per gram, and so on. How can we not doubt, pick yellow diamonds, when purchasing a canary, what to pay attention to?
1, buy yellow diamonds, acknowledge laboratory or certificate issued by the replica Cartier love bracelet authority, and it is a basic guarantee to the buyer, the certificate will do a clear identification of 4 c. Now in the United States is well-known and authoritative laboratory gem association (GIA), the Belgian diamond high-level council (HRD), international gem institute (IGI), European gem (EGL), which GIA more authority in color diamond appraisal aspect, and the largest market share.
2, buy yellow diamonds generally has two purposes: daily wear collection and investment. If it is a daily wear, that as long as meet buyers purchase intention is good; But must pay attention to the yellow drill with the difference between yellow diamond. Yellowish white diamond is not pure and white with yellow diamond, compared with the same weight, transparency, pure white diamond, its price drops along with the gradually increasing of yellow tones, while the price of the real canary along with the gradually increasing of yellow tones to rise. But if mentioned collection, so when choosing yellow diamonds will pay attention to quality. If the 4 c in white diamonds each share is equal, so for the yellow diamond, 4 c Color (Color) of the share is obviously more than other 3 c. According to the color classification, only to Fancy Yellow color (Yellow) above the canary is the value of collection, general advice to collect Fancy Intense Yellow color (thick Yellow) level or above, for collectors, it must be to bid for Fancy Vivid Yellow color (bright Yellow), will be around Cartier love bracelet replica the world looking for colourful colour Yellow Yellow diamond level.
3, although the color diamonds are rare, but relative to other color of the diamond, yellow diamonds more common, so the minimum weight should be 1 carat canary collection.
There are still different is colourful color, the same value
Christie’s auction in Hong Kong’s history, there is a interesting phenomenon, in the autumn of 2009 on the site of a 9.03 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow bright color Yellow, oval cut, produced by a jeweler Graff’s diamond ring with $169000 per carat clinch a deal, and in 2010 autumn, when a 12.02 -carat produced by Tiffany’s, the same as Fancy Vivid Yellow bright color Yellow oval cut diamond ring clinch a deal the price is $127000 per carat. Although the price is about $10 m high price auction, but the same color, from the unit price is less than 2009, 2010 is in decreasing year by year the price of yellow diamonds?
In fact, the diamond is the most important to see color, hue, color saturation and concentration has a great influence on the value of colored diamonds. Guests can according to the (GIA) issued by the association for gem diamond certificate to measure the quality of high and low, in general, tone, color pure moderate concentration and high saturation of the color drill, which was identified as having “bright color (Fancy Vivid)” level of colorful, its value will be the highest. 2009 autumn Fake Cartier love bracelet GRAFF colourful colour yellow diamonds and 2010 in the autumn of TIFFANY colourful colour yellow diamonds although belong to in the color level “colourful colour (Fancy Vivid)” level, but on its hue, color saturation and concentration or differences, therefore clinch a deal the price will be different.
For jewelry, without a doubt, the gem itself value is decided to the first element of a jewelry prices. Of course, good design can also be for its appreciation. Collectors are willing to to the high price will be the unique and precious jewelry to your own. Some designers, for example, can only be acquired in the birth of their cities, and the quantity is very limited. These factors can increase their attractive to buyers.

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The divisions of major international gold market and types

The divisions of major international gold market and types
The Gold Market, Gold Market) is central to both buyers and sellers of Gold buying and selling of trading center, which provides both period and forward transactions, allowing dealers to trade physical or options on futures trading, with speculation or hedging, is the complete financial Market system is an important part of. The classification of the Gold Market basic as follows:
1. According to the role of the gold market and scale
Can be divided into dominant market and regional market. Dominant gold market refers to the focus of international gold market, the price level and the trading volume has a great influence on other markets. The most important dominant gold market with London, Zurich and New York, Chicago and Hong Kong. The London gold market is the world’s largest gold market, it has a long history, organization, and improve the city of London is the world’s most important international financial centre, control production and marketing of the gold market in South Africa for a long time, in many aspects, such as the world gold sales operation and distribution on all play a role as the core, and its gold twice a day pricing has been all over the world gold market standard factory price. The price can affect the gold market trading in New York and Hong Kong. Many involved in the price of gold contracts, also often statement is priced in one day in London as a benchmark, and even the international monetary fund and the Treasury’s gold auction, bidders in the subscript is based on pricing in London. In general, the world gold producers are gold concentration to London first, and then assigned to all over the world by his trading. Establishment of the New York gold market in the New York futures exchange is the world’s largest gold futures trading market, its clinch a deal amount of gold in 1976 to 6.5 million ounces. Regional market refers to the trading limited and concentrated in certain areas, but also for other market impact of the market, mainly to meet domestic industrial enterprise of or neighboring countries in this region, jewelry line, investors and the general buyers need for gold trading, its radiation radius and influence are relatively limited. Such as Tokyo, Paris and Frankfurt.
2. According to the transaction type and way to trade
Can be divided into to spot trading as the center, in the trade between the type of market to trade the phone contact and centered on futures trading, is equipped with independent exchange types of markets in the United States. Spot gold trading is basically a spot transactions, trading is after clinch a deal namely delivery or for delivery in two days. Trading mainly gold bars, gold bullion and gold COINS, jewelry, etc. For hedging futures trading is a supplement to the spot trading, clinch a deal don’t immediately after delivery, signed by both parties to the contract, delivery of the deposit, the scheduled date for delivery. Its main advantage is that with a small amount of money Cartier love bracelet replica you can master a large number of futures, have leverage; Gold futures for changes in the cost and the contract price control can be achieved, and passed on to the contract price in advance. Futures contracts can be converted into cash in any one business day, liquid; Also buy at any time and billing, have more flexible; Also can choose different consignment on use, between market and can be set of goods, etc. It also formed gold spot market and the gold futures market. The world some spot trading of gold market only, some only in futures trading, mostly there are both futures and spot trading.
3. According to the presence of a fixed place
Invisible gold market and the visible gold market. Invisible gold market, refers to the trading of gold no specific places, mainly through gold dealer network formed a link between the formation of the gold market, such as the London gold market formed between daikin dealer; Zurich, give priority to with bank for the sale of gold, the gold market; London gold intangible market and Hong Kong. And gold market mainly refers to physical gold trading is at a fixed place to trade the market. Which also can be divided into a specialized independent gold exchange of gold market, such as: the exchange, Singapore gold exchange, etc. And to discuss the gold market is located in exchange, such as: New York gold market, is located in the New York mercantile exchange (COMEX), Chicago (IMM) and the gold market is located in the Chicago mercantile exchange Winnipeg, Canada commodities exchange.
4. According to the degree of transaction control
Can be divided into free trade and limited market. Free market refers to gold free I/o, and resident and non-resident can be freely traded in the gold market. Limit market refers to gold I/o to be controlled, only allowed the residents and residents are not allowed to freely buy and sell gold market, which replica Cartier love bracelet mainly refers to the gold market, foreign exchange control shall be applied in countries such as Britain in October 1979 to cancel the foreign exchange control in front of the London market.
In recent years, due to the worldwide inflation, miniaturization trading of gold of the gold market development soon, all kinds of physical gold in a variety of forms, and the number of light, greatly facilitate the microfinance investment in gold. Gold market transaction way also diversification, such as gold certificates and vouchers, actually represents the trend of gold transaction documents.
Generally speaking, the establishment and development of gold market need to meet certain conditions, such as: (1) the country or region should be developed economic conditions and improve the system of credit; (2) the country or region must be carried out on free exchange system, and allows the freedom to buy and sell gold and discrepancy; (3) at the same time also need a sound legal system, stable political and economic environment; (4) the good software and hardware environment, traffic developed, infrastructure, etc.

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One hundred years vicissitudes of life

One hundred years vicissitudes of life, one thousand cycles, birth and death of the world. However, diamond forever! Legend has it the world’s first diamond is about 3000 years ago, in India found a call in the Krishna river valley. Since then, the diamond its eternal beauty and endless mystery has been tempted the world deeply, desirable, pursuit, and even worship. 
Westerners have endowed with diamonds all sorts of wonderful daydream: “diamond is the star pieces come”, “it is the tears of the diamond is the god”, “diamond colour of inside collect fire is everlasting love fire…” . 
Therefore, since 1477, the Austrian archduke wheat west mirren with French bourgogne princess Mary will diamond ring as a pledge engagement, to civilians in the 15th century French king Charlie vii open also can have the wind of the diamond, up to the dignitaries as ordinary people, love of men and women by arrows and is looking forward to the end of the diamond-studded Cupid shot “the arrow of love”, more believe that wearing a diamond ring on the left hand Replica Cartier jewelry ring finger, will the pulse through the fingertips are connected to the heart of love, mutual affinity. Diamond also was once people think prevention and ward off evil spirits and other supernatural magic… . , so to speak, crystal clear, bright is dazzling diamond crystals embodies the ancient civilizations culture complex, YingTuo exotic aia’s ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. 
Play between command, the millennium kaiyuan, diamond uphold the western romantic feelings, with the implication of blending Oriental traditional ideas, has formed a new global consumption fashion. 
When the opportunity once again as the world economy and the great wave of reform and opening-up, Chinese national diamond trade center, marked the our country will join the international diamond mogul, in the family to participate in international competition. The jewelry industry had a glorious history country, diamond jewelry consumption since the 1990 s edge in rising trend, in the time approach the world demonstrates the huge market potential. 
Nowadays, diamond has been more and more people as a sign of success and glory, the best way to wealth is stored. 
The epic gem 20 colors tiancheng 
Diamond’s English name is called “Diamond”, derived from the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning a hard, not to conquer. Diamond mineral name is diamond; Usually people used to call the gem grade diamond diamond again. 
Diamond with ruby, sapphire, and emerald green opal is listed as one of the five precious gems of nature with human, and the diamond at the first of the five treasures. 
Outside the original diamond is deep in the ground (130-180 km) high temperature (900-1300 ℃) under high pressure (45, 60) x 108 pa crystallization, and they are stored in the kimberlite or eclogite, its formation s quite long. Kimberly mines in South Africa, peridotite type imitation cartier love bracelet diamond about formed in about 3.3 billion years ago, the age is almost the same age with earth; Argyle mine, Botswana and Austria ora ore, eclogite type of diamond, though young, have 1.58 billion and 990 million, respectively. In so much of the depths of the earth for one hundred million years the diamond crystals to reopen, to help volcanic eruption, the lava flow will contain a diamond of magma into the near surface to the earth, or long distance migration lake in the river sand. The former is primary tubular ore formation, which formed alluvial ore. The orebody mining after great hardships, still need through multi-channel processing selection, can only be a strange rough diamond. Only about 20% of rough diamond can make jewelry use drill of billet, and most can only be used for cutting, grinding and polishing, and other industrial purposes. It was roughly estimated that, in order to get 1 ct diamond, at least 250 tonnes of ore mining, the received rate is relatively low; If you want to choose from finished product to drill out the drill, the ratio of the two is very wide. 
Known only in the world more than 30 countries and regions to produce diamond, and its uneven distribution, mainly concentrated in Australia, Africa, to Asia and South America. Including Australia, Zaire, Botswana, the former Soviet union, and South Africa as the five major diamond producer in the world, how much accounted for eighty percent of the global supply drill blank. 
Diamond mines in our country development with a long history, qing daoguang years xiangxi taoyuan, changde area, shandong TanCheng area is first found a diamond. The middle of the 20th century hunan also found a diamond placer. However, diamond primary deposit only 60-70 s in liaoning wafangdian, shandong darkened and the eastern region in guizhou. 
Scarcity value. Throughout the world, small diamond distribution range, lower productivity. Combined with the drilling difficulties, natural diamond is more precious. A diamond, from conception in the earth’s crust magma to wear in your hand, and travel thousands of miles, through the hand of hundreds of people, mining, processing and difficult complex, and made fine jewelry is the creation of art, then by you in the eye, wear, just show off again at the world, therefore, how unusual it is a kind of fate!
In Thailand to buy jewelry to shop around
Currently in Thailand has become the world’s one of the biggest countries in jewelry and accessories processing. Can achieve this, first is the gem of is rich in high quality raw materials, particularly pointed bamboo brunei government and kanchanaburi province famous ruby and sapphire, followed by a large number of professional and skillful craftsman jewelry design masters, plus the cost of labor and management is relatively low, and Thailand to jewelry raw materials import and export tax exemption, which makes all sorts of noble jewelry raw materials processed into Thailand from all over the world.
By seiko is gem cutting and fine grinding, to show its beauty. Jewelry technician will according to the shape of the gem and Angle design the shapes of jewelry, a goldsmith to create jewelry based on design pattern of skeleton, then put the gem set in the above, modified by jewelry technician about to finish this wonderful artical excelling nature art crystallization.
Thailand jewelry store display the different styles of jewelry, exquisite handicrafts for customers.
Buy jewelry jade points should be paid attention to:
– do not let the tour guide or new friends decided to go to where to buy, they may suggest tourists in a store shopping for commission.
– carefully selected shops, in gem store than in tourism souvenir shops to buy safety.
– might as well walk several more shops, compare the prices of similar goods. Hotel store inside the store because the rent is more expensive, the price of the goods will be expensive. But for visitors to time is tight, convenient, and star hotel in the shopping mall, the stores are level, reputable shops are usually in the form of agreement listed subsidiary, such as customer to choose and buy goods in 90 days are not satisfied, can return to the store. Signed an agreement if meet do not want to shop, please go shopping elsewhere.
– remember to shop for the basis, and check carefully.
– passengers should be like or not to buy their own orientation, don’t aim at bought for investment or resale. Jewelry, jade may have potential investment value, but does not guarantee can earn in Italy, the pleasure of purchase should not be interests as the starting point.

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Everyone knows gems have color

Everyone knows gems have color, like ruby, sapphire, Turkey, green jade, and so on, in fact, gold, silver, also is a kind of color, respectively they also have a matching color.
The first is with the color match. Many people may have questions? “I suit is not suitable for silver”, suitable for wearing a silver or platinum jewelry, skin is cool color department commonly, if this type of person with the gold, the skin is not clear, and the gold itself is gorgeous, a little tacky feeling, on the other hand, is suitable for the people to wear gold skin for warm color department, if use silver or platinum jewelry, face can appear ugly, and noble platinum also seems to appear fade, cheap.
Silver, blue or purple department act the role ofing is tasted series is suitable for the clothes, give a person with cool impression these colors can make silver or platinum, suddenly bright vivid rise, on the other hand, the gold with warm color department such as mustard yellow, moss green supplement each other, the golden light will be more remarkable.
Decorations are not only decorative, it also plays another important role, that is to make the clothes look more in line with their own style, more beautiful, like a decided the flavor of the dishes, so, please don’t ignore the color of the accessories.
Platinum widely used
As raw material of making jewelry, platinum white luster nature, experience is long cover is new, its superior processability 1 gram of platinum won’t even be drawn into a 1.6 km long filaments fracture, can have room to reflect the detail design. The high density of platinum and not easily damaged in the friction. Its collocation can make the metal luster with diamond and diamond shining one integrated mass. From the perspective of the processing tough platinum diamond can be firmly embedded, diamond is the safest.
Compared with the gold, platinum in other sunrise industry application is also a heyday, demand growth. In march of this year, Chinese scientists using molecular nanotechnology created a platinum crown “nano”. Platinum in supramolecular science in many fields, such as supramolecular catalysis, bionics, artificial simulation of enzyme, physical separation and analysis and self-assembly nanometer structure has very attractive application prospect. Platinum catalytic performance applied in the automobile industry can effectively prevent the pollution, can be used as vehicle fuel cell electric catalytic layer, which can be widely used in automobile lifting Cartier love bracelet replica reaction on the converter, in order to remove harmful gas; Platinum antioxidant ability, high melting point, is widely used in aerospace and nuclear industry, can effectively make protective material and improving fuel efficiency and achieve high standards of environmental protection requirements; Platinum also can be used in the manufacture of refractory materials, can be applied to all kinds of glass melting system, produce the high quality of optical glass and glass fiber; Scientists also found anyone skin not allergic to platinum, made of platinum rhythm electronic pulse controller can be directly inserted into the heart. High performance of computer hardware, communication components manufacturing also cannot leave the platinum.
Jade ornaments have five types of goods, a kind of natural, optimization of two (bleaching, paraffin), the processing of the two (polymer filling after bleaching and dyeing processing). A special mention here is the word “processing”, often with the meaning of substandard goods in people’s mind is equal, actually otherwise, the handle is only an improvement of jade, a natural non-renewable resources development and utilization.
1, natural jade jewelry
Refers to the raw materials of mechanical cutting, coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing process and high-grade jade ornaments such as bracelets, peja, pendant, beads, ring surface, etc., are made by the physical and mechanical machining process, the national standard test conclusion column name as the “jade”, commonly known as “A”.
2, bleached jadeite jewelry
Is A chemical treatment method, the purpose is to dissolve the jade jewelry surface dissonant replica Cartier love bracelet impurities (mineral) is tonal, the dissolution is limited to the surface, in order to make more pure, beautiful, jade jewelry surface bleaching is A traditional process, the national standard test conclusion column name as the “jade”, commonly known as “A”.
3, after bleaching paraffin jade ornaments
Can be regarded as covering on the surface of A jade ornaments and surface micro fissure filling wax, paraffin can increase the emerald jewelry surface bright and clean degree, can be part of the fill because of rough surface, formed in the process of especially some corners cape part of carvings, paraffin can mask the emerald jewelry on the surface of the native, secondary fine cracks, make jade ornament coarse looks more pleasing to the eye, is A traditional process, the national standard test conclusion column name as the “jade”, commonly known as “A”.
4, after bleaching polymer filling jade
Due to the embryo of jadeite structure loose; Acid corrosion cleaning noise left deep big gap; Jadeite crystal bulky processing peeling; Artificially increase transparency note glue, the need to improve jade ornament, beautiful appearance and durability of necessary with polymer filling consolidation, so I can use a number of similar raw material, because this is not belong to the traditional process, the national standard test conclusion column name as “jade (processing)”, commonly known as “B”.
5, dyed jade
Jadeite original intention for the green and red (brown), but in a hard rock mineral Cartier love bracelet replica composition of jadeite jade raw white or colorless, processed into jewelry after single color, it is hard to hook desire to cause people to buy, but by artificial became very beautiful after dyeing, the national standard test conclusion column name as the “jade” (processing), folk known as “C”.
Because of the process, dyed jade often joint with polymer filling jade after bleaching process, the national standard test conclusion column name is “jade (processing)”, folk known as “10 B C”.

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How to maintain crystal collection

How to maintain crystal collection
Crystal furnishing articles mostly glittering and translucent bright and clean, exquisitely carved, is modern life, improving life grade fashion items. Crystal furnishing articles are everywhere in life, more and more become the latest must-haves in the people, but how to maintain also became a problem concerned by many people. There are several crystal collection maintenance method, for everybody reference.
Crystal brittle, pay attention to prevent stress, drop, high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid. Mobile crystal, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves, necessary to avoid the oil collection. Mention crystal items, don’t catch a crystal is placed at the top or the extension part, should grasp the crystal base or the entire body. Found that there is some dirt on crystal collection, do not use the feather brush, but with soft but not containing wool cloth lightly dust removal, do not force wipe, lest torn crystal.
Crystal glass to keep crystal clear, will often clean. When cleaning, do not put them suddenly soaking in the water of high and low temperatures. Don’t put the washed flat crystal glasses fold together, in order to avoid pressure and rupture. Water crystal glass, cannot use Replica Cartier jewelry machine wash, also cannot use clean cloth to scrub, hand washing is the best way. Be careful not to catch glass feet handle to dry or cleaning, because the handle bar to cause fracture in hard cases.
Used long crystal vase, the lining is always attach a layer of ugly scale, affect the crystal is beautiful. At this moment if use slightly acidic vinegar water mixture can effectively remove scale for cleaning. So when clean crystal, can put it on (sea salt, refined salt) in salt water for 24 hours, and then use clean water, use clean cloth to wipe dry; Also can put the crystal water soak 40 minutes; If smaller size can also be put amethyst hole, also can achieve purification, degaussing, etc. If you want to clear crystal candlestick heritage wax, can use warm water soak for 3 minutes, don’t use hot water. And then with a toothpick to remove legacy wax, rinse with warm water, finally with a soft and contains no fluff cloth to wipe.
Have oily be soiled or fingerprints on the crystal, can use lukewarm soap washing water, then rush clean with clear water. To avoid repeated washing in hot water or cleaning dhi. With cutting crystal furnishing articles, cutting part of the toothbrush gently cleaning are available, and if there is not easy to wash out the stain, can rub lemon slice some salt, gently scrub. Also can use a few drops of vinegar add salt to wipe.
In store crystal cup, spread patch on the shelf in advance, and each one crystal cup, in the form of upside down one by one. Put the crystal collection in sealed glass or display box, thereby reducing the likelihood of crystal surface gathering dust, also can reduce manpower contact, avoid to cause damage. Don’t let the collection too close, or run into one, the other will be dumped by domino effect. Ensure that ACTS the role of ark is stable and reliable, not easily imitation cartier love bracelet swayed. Put the crystal on the mirror, make the light refraction to the crystal surface, avoid to put crystal hangs a picture or other items below, such as rolling curtain easily knocked crystal furnishing articles down and broke.
If you want to long time storage crystal collection, do not use foam tape or plastic bags. This kind of bags can increase the temperature, damage to the crystal. At the same time, don’t keep the crystal in the attic or cellar, in order to avoid them in the bad environment. For amethyst jewellery, try to avoid glare, otherwise, will affect its color bright.
Jade, known as the king of jade, has a history more than 7000 years of love jade, jade of the Chinese people have a special liking to the jade, because it is Oriental jewelry, most can foil the beauty of the Oriental. Jade has a unique personality, it can be used as a jade carving, can also be used as a gem to inlay jewelry. Blend of eastern and western cultures in today, more and more westerners begin to collect jade.
Storage of the jade is very limited, the world of high-grade jade country of origin is limited to small area of northern Burma, far more than diamonds and other rare treasure. Jade market volatility is very large, from the 70 s to the 80 s, rose more than one thousand times. At that time all of the emeralds are busy looking for goods. Since the 90 s, jade finished product prices callback, up to now has fallen to around half of the highest peak. Jadeite raw materials prices rose sharply last two years, the reason is high-grade raw materials became more and more scarce, the mine’s prize, don’t rush to sell goods. Many experts lament “more expensive than the bread flour.
Therefore, now is the time to buy green, so to speak. Peak in the 80 s, the rise of the reason is that China’s Taiwan and Hong Kong and southeast Asia’s economic boom, and the next peak will come along with the development of domestic economy, the peak of the rally will be more than the previous round. At present, even if the postiche jade appreciation potential, and is not affected by plunging the high-grade goods. That should pay attention to collect jade is must not buy B (jade) after acid treatment, only A goods have value, so be sure to inquire when buying is A cargo, and ask the seller for the certificate.
The good and evil people mixed up in view of the present jewelry market situation, experts have warned consumers to choose and buy jewelry three problems should be paid attention to.
First, buy jewelry should choose regular, have a famous jewelry shop, or larger, reputable store to buy brand jewelry, most of these malls attaches importance to product quality, choice for its high level of technical appraisal institutions to provide technical support, and generally has a good after-sales service, management norms, attaches great importance to the relevant state laws and regulations, such as measurement, standardization method, product quality standard, such as identity management regulations to carry out the propaganda, make the consumers’ legal rights and interests can be protected. According to the regulations of the state, units dealing in gold and silver jewelry must be have a registered capital of 1 million yuan, operating area of 60 square meters of the corporation.
Second, pay attention to when buying view jewelry logo, see the printing mark in the precious metals, one by one, ask the exact meaning of key words. According to the provisions of the state, through optimization of jade must be marked “optimization”, “dyeing” and “glue”, “acid”, etc., and natural jade has the very big difference in price. Additionally when buying expensive jewelry jade, remember to ask for written to the businessman “CMA”, “CAL” gemstone identification certificate of the sign, usually pack more precious gemstone have an appraisal certificate, ensure that the purchased jewelry is in conformity with the certificate, certificate on valuable jade photos are provided. To the diamond studs are to distinguish LC, for example, VVS, VS, SI and P level 5 levels. For the jade, the standard provisions of the state only natural jadeite directly named “jade”, after artificial processing should be marked “jade (processing)”. At the same time also should pay attention to, issue a certificate of appraisal agencies have enough credibility. If they buy jewelry is not equipped with the corresponding appraisal certificate, should be to the local trustworthy jewelry appraisal organization for consultation appraisal.
Third, when open according to invoice, require companies separate the quality mark clear separately.
Fourth, there are 995 pure gold, and 999 pure gold, and 9.999 million gold jewellery, according to the regulation of national standard method, assaying the fineness of gold, as long as it is in commonly 99.5%, can be called pure gold or 24 k gold; Gold colour is 999 ‰, namely, 999 pure gold; The highest purity, of 99.9% is 9.999 million pure gold. Act the role of gold of choose and buy when, can examine first should be labeled in assaying the necklace of retaining ring, ring, inner ring or on the back of the pendant, in order to avoid dispute.

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watches and clothing should be your fashion choice

Watch: from edge to center, watches and clothing should be
Traditional thinking and fashion are the watches as a local clothing, dress. But this does not mean that our approach is correct. Sometimes to see the world upside down, the world becomes more bright and magic, if we reverse the watch its relationship with garment, perhaps, our fashion style and common identity and more harmonious, more calm.
In the relation between clothing and watches, is quite a bit of body and tail fox: local is greater than the whole. Like the fox’s tail is longer than the body, the watch is more expensive than clothing. Watch the relationship between clothing and subtle, or have a satisfactory clothes Cartier nail bracelet replica and can’t find the suitable watches, or have a brilliant but can’t find my watch can reveal the clothes.
You can have a room full of clothes, but you can’t have a room full of watch; Clothes of changing, as the tide, watches steps are obviously much slower, although different watch brand launch add up too many styles in one season, however, you could not watch all into a bag to match with clothes.
Traditional thinking and fashion are the watches as a local clothing, dress. But this does not mean that our approach is correct. Sometimes to see the world upside down, the world becomes more bright and magic, if we reverse the watch its relationship with garment, perhaps, our fashion style and common identity and more harmonious, more calm.
I mean: first buy suits own watches, reoccupy clothing to match – to watch as the center of gravity, rather than clothing.
Wrist card
Watch this article “the reason why the fox’s tail” from edge to center, it is because the importance of it.
Watch is not only the importance of time, the function is the basic by mobile phone and computer to instead of, of course, for activists to watch the time function is crucial, but it is one of the few people. For fashionable go-between, the importance of the watch, more is that it reveals of identity. With that argument in fashion, “the rich play table, the poor play cars….” Aside is dedicated to the collection and the toy watch, even watch most of the mass production also has a high imitation Cartier love bracelet value, so a wrist watch, often suggests that owner’s wealth and honor.
And how to choose to watch, on different occasions, such as business, sports, leisure and social in the workplace, wear what brand of watches, what style have different standards, a watch “winner-take-all” on all occasions dress behavior doesn’t work, that is no taste. Has a real taste of people in different occasions match with different watch, because it not only represents the owner’s wealth status, more show master’s unique taste.
Relative to the clothing, watches the blink between the gestures, besides that coincide with clothing, it can increase people’s confidence and temperament. A man wearing a table with a person who don’t wear a watch, is two completely different people; And a man will match table with a person will not match watches, is two people of different grade.
So the equivalent of wrist watches business card.
Since the watch is so important, of course it will become the center of gravity on equipment, clothing service for it rather than its clothing for the ornament only.
The choice of the watch
A fashionable personage should prepare at least half a dozen watches. A dress watch, wear Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica at work; A dress watch, wear in business; A time table for without shuttle at the same time; A piece of activity, as the outdoor sports equipment; A casual watch, used in the daily leisure; Watch a piece of jewelry, it is indispensable to social situations.
Choose the six pieces of table, there are some must pay attention to the prerequisite.
The first is the basic color. From clothing and jewelry’s point of view, everyone has different base color, most of the yellow race the most suitable accessories color is clear, the high concentration of fresh color, pink, blue, red, etc will make people look radiant, glamour. Skin is white and is easy to determine their own basic color, because of “a white covering three ugly”, so many colors can be used as a base color. And skin color is black, no matter how should not choose pink and green as the base color. If the color of skin slants black even dull brown, brown is absolutely cannot serve as the base color. Color yellow podge again? Please stay away from red, Huang Er color, they can’t be as your base color. But the color of skin dark but should choose to compare and lively colors as the basic color.
From one’s own skin, chose your basic color, can consider to watch color when imitation Cartier love bracelet purchasing table and if he was suitable.
The second is the shape. Size often can decide a person’s temperament, so consider the size is also considering the temperament. Big strong should choose a big dial watch, slightly rough on the shape and style that can choose military watches even such alternative phenotypes. And size is thin thin person should choose to dial a smaller table. General shape is easy to choose, the occasional big table can increase people’s strong momentum, while small watches can appear inside collect some modesty.
Starting from the basic color and size, have their own suitable watches, you can according to watch the color, shape, value, to elaborate collocation of clothing. Clothing is always more than the watch to watch as a starting point, you have no suitable clothes to match, the effect of collocation can bring out the best in each other.
Watch and clothing should be
To watch as the starting point, and watch how the clothes fit?
Mechanical watches for those for complex mechanical watch with a research enthusiasm of people. Every year some watch brand with a long history is introduced new mechanical watch, in order to satisfy the fashionable personage enthusiasm for watches. Good leather leather table, use Replica Cartier jewelry the quality of the watch looks very noble, requires the wearer careful care, so elegant leather watch is the most suitable for people to wear. On dress collocation, mechanical watch more classic, fashion taste thick leather table a few, but both suits and formal, business dress collocation, brunet department of clothing with a mechanical watch, leather watch is tie-in, can achieve harmonious result.
For ultra-thin watch, because like a business card thin watch sven and easy, no activity of straightforward, suitable for business negotiation, everyday work situations and to work and dress collocation. This kind of watch with qiu dong velvet fabric clothing collocation, can get the unique visual effect.
With concise and bookish looking stainless steel table, can use the grid clothing to match. The benefits of this kind of stainless steel watch with a joker, and grid coat collocation also won’t appear too exaggerated. In addition, some new stainless steel men’s watch with a leather strap for replacement, also can wear casual occasions.
For thin and multi-functional activity, such as golf table, because of the ubiquitousness of the imitation cartier love bracelet sporty design elements, the collocation with brand-name sports fashion can bring more stylish. Elegant table can match for sports clothing, not only in sports occasions you can wear, and the sense of space clothing and wild fur clothing can also take a line.

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scientific comparison diamond jewelry prices

Rational consumption, scientific comparison diamond jewelry prices
Diamond prices constitute the main decided by weight, clarity, color and cut, there is a unified standard; Gold jewelry, countries have a unified basic market reference price; Diamond jewelry, with international standard of “4 c”, the presence of these standards means jewelry prices are comparable, but the comparability and cannot simply be “one size fits all”. Gold jewelry industry in jiangsu province chamber of commerce in one person tells us: “jewelry because of gem quality, material quality, exquisite workmanship, style design, brand value, after-sales service and other factors, the price is not only related to the sources of goods, but also related to the brand, unified Fake Cartier love bracelet pricing jewelry is impossible. In addition, the price positioning and a brand effect. The same diamond show different prices for different brands. You pursue brand, you have to pay a high price, you don’t pursue brand, then you can buy cheap.”
Relevant experts believe that, even if to these factors, a lot of jewelry enterprises in the brand, technology, design into a high quality. He asked: “once a Beijing authorities to evaluate some jewelry brand value of one hundred million yuan; some processing by the Chinese well-known trademark of jewelry enterprise a platinum diamond ring, toll fee has reached 8000 yuan, and a general store and processing a ring only take a few dollars, how can this than? Too low while the fade out other information, in fact constitute a misleading to consumers, is unfavorable to the industry development.”
Aiming at the problem of jewelry manufacturers compete to sale on the market, the professionals said that jewelry appear difference of same material, mainly design, technology, brand and business costs because of the different. He said at the same time, discounts and benefits is a traditional jewelry promotions, in line with the consumer psychology, as long as it’s not a false discounts, belongs to the normal market behavior. Valuable jade association, director of China Cartier love ring replica has also said, jewelry discount or not, in fact is the merchant’s a management method, while means and methods, more and more discount, but anyway, all businesses are making profits. For consumers, there is no need on the discount problem entanglements. Can’t discount, less or more than dozen is not important, the key to see the actual price, buy them worth it. Consumers to buy jewelry, also will shop around, can not only see a purchase, they own a measure standard, identified the brands and styles, price is a little higher or lower is not a problem at all.
To identify the pros and cons of artificial stone, from the refractive index, hardness, appearance, weight and so on several aspects. In general, the higher the refractive index, the stronger the gloss, shiny. Second, the higher the hardness of artificial gem against outside score ability is stronger, after grinding stones ridge sharp perfect, to be set on jewelry to wear for a long time and will not be ground hair, lose luster.
Some artificial crystal products under the light bright is dazzing, but after touching the fingerprints and dirt, its luster will sell at a discount greatly, with a towel to backfire. To make them “eternal youth”, it can be in low concentration detergent soak, 3 minutes to 5 minutes, use fan blow dry, can be bright again.
Suggest the consumers when choosing artificial gemstones, choose the better transparency, colorful, grinding exquisite products. However, in identifying the more expensive jewelry, had better send it to a professional appraisal department to identify, lest be deceived.
Jewelry sales call The valuables consumer to recognize the relevant symbol
Learned from authorities that past “11” golden week, tourism, catering, weddings and other Cartier love ring replica consumer market vigorous; Double spring leap month to cater to the pearl river delta marriage customs, gold and silver and other precious jewelry sales growth. It is understood that due to the pursuit of fashion and classification, properties, and the price of precious metals such as not know, civil dispute in the process of buying accessories, related bills or that lead to difficult to protect their rights.
Marriage qiu dong season accessories sales
Yesterday saw in department stores, supermarkets and other jewelry counters, using double cease to choose wedding accessories such as citizens. Miss sales told us, for the wedding wedding, the older generation used to choose value of pure gold jewellery to the younger generation to commemorate; And from the perspective of fashion, all sorts of platinum or set auger adorn article more popular with young people.
The other it is understood that for some time, due to the platinum prices are soaring and will palladium jewelry industry as an alternative to the market, because the price is materially beneficial, style fashion, more and more accepted by consumers, sales growth gradually.
The appearance of basically the same identification tag alone
According to investigation understands, platinum and white gold or palladium jewelry, gloss appearance, color and hardness of basic same, difficult to distinguish, even for a master sales staff is sometimes hard to avoid confusion. Miss li told a jewelry counters, distinguish between Cartier love ring replica platinum and white K gold or palladium, also need to see their own stamp on jewelry, ring, circle, while the necklace in the clasp.
Pledges inspect bureau gold jewelry inspection center staff told that there is a difference between gold and platinum and palladium, price difference is very big also. Palladium component seal as “Pd”; Platinum component seal for Pt, is only one letter difference, both the exterior color, luster, but than platinum palladium light twice. Learned that zhuhai jewelry market quotation yesterday, pure platinum jewelry more than 420 yuan per gram, and palladium costs 250 yuan per gram, nearly double the difference, when the choose and buy should carefully identify.
Remember to invoices are based on safeguarding rights
City council work personnel warns customer, platinum and white gold or palladium respectively belong to different precious jewelry material, to obtain invoices should be paid attention to when consumer is bought, and ask the operator in the platinum shown on the invoice or other metal category, indicating the jewelry weight, in the event of dispute, can be taken as the basis of processing.
Fashion wedding jewelry is a new concept: love is unique
Pursuit, the pursuit of unique individual character, pursuit of having a unique style, become the roses that this year a for diamond jewelry is not overly pursuit. And it is precisely this kind of pursuit, let stylist inspiration erupted one after Cartier nail bracelet replica another the “spark”, “love”, “good luck with” and “shade”, “strong”, “companion” hundreds of pieces of diamonds and so on mass design new products, new rose praise. As a mass of specified diamond east colorful drill, the designer’s ideas like pieces of exotic flower in full bloom.
Each piece of diamond, is a good love fashion
Four up round the lovely heart-shaped, needs to carry bright round drill entitled with “heart” design, make the whole diamond take in everything in a glance, and permeable diamond fire color show the deep love, love is cut, xinxin company, true love I of kindness; And the same is four claw inlay diamond ring, titled “edge tracing” half a pack of shape design, ring ring extending out of the oval ring line is fluent soothing, like a soft finger under dazzing bright love diamond; In the design of buddhist monastic discipline, outstanding traditional constrained another heaven and earth, you see, entitled “love” of buddhist monastic discipline, 6 round diamonds inlaid closely, and even the entire ring ring, as if the god of love affects the heart, each other man cant ring is in a special three-dimensional Mosaic, tie the knot oath, accompanied by life; With special double-sided design of buddhist monastic discipline “shade”, streamlined Mosaic, like rainbows means forever engraved in 2006 mass…
Let rose the couple have their own unique diamond, east east west drill designers also set up Cartier nail bracelet replica service customization and seal cutting names. This year, however, popular fashion and different with previous years, many new unique and chic symbols, often is you think you are to please stylist beautification, the performance on the diamond was supposed to be symbols represent love life complex is very popular in foreign countries. It is understood that in this year to participate in the mass of the couple, there are many is in custom special personalized diamond to get to places, wear such a beautiful diamond, sit on the mass of a new car, let alone is dancing in golden October float in the sky of Shanghai, even to travel abroad, is bound to attract the attention of the world.

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black symptoms analysis and maintenance experience

Silver ornaments black symptoms analysis and maintenance experience
TIFFINY in 1851 launched the first set of silver 1851 ‰ of silver, 925 silver jewelry will become the main force for silver in the market. A lot of people like silver, but I do not know how to maintain it, or even think silver is difficult to maintain, but that isn’t the case.
As we all know, the silver in wear often appear the phenomenon such as imitation cartier love bracelet black, yellow, lose luster, sometimes even deformation. But as long as take the mind, move a bit, we will be able to make your baby like new so long!
Symptom analysis 1: lose luster
Because of what wear what clothes and jewelry, the girl’s wardrobe is always the same day. When you have a period of time without wearing, it gets dark. This is because the jewelry containing copper, it causes of rust after contact with air. The solution is also very convenient, as long as can maintain in rub silver cloth to wipe adorn article bright white. Some surface to be protected with platinum jewelry, but in the long wear under wear, still can let its slowly silver, exposed to air. Experts recommend the use of baking soda friction, also can let the tarnish silver, natural and cheap.
Symptom analysis 2: yellow
In wear, if discover the silver signs change yellow, that’s why by oxidation. First brush Cartier love bracelet replica with small jewelry (toothbrush can clean a crack in the silver ornament dirt, and then gently dry surface with rub silver cloth, can let the silver recover the original silvery white and bright. In this recommendation, ladies and gentlemen: if use rub silver cloth can recover about eighty percent of silvery white,, no need to use wash silver water scrubbing and other products. Because these products have a certain corrosive, silver used in these products, will be more easy to turn yellow. Remember that rub silver cloth for maintenance ingredients, absolutely not washed.
Symptom analysis 3: black
If after wear at ordinary times not to deal with silver and collection, is likely to make silver black. At this moment to act the role ofing to thoroughly clean first, then apply a small amount will face paper or cotton cloth to wipe the silver milk, will black oxide to wipe the silver surface, and then recovery act the role ofing is tasted originally light with rub silver cloth. Remember that after must do daily maintenance, avoid silver black again, because after several black is hard to wipe the silver white.
Please note:
In daily wear, kept silver dry is the key. Do not wear swimming, close to the hot springs and sea replica Cartier love bracelet water. Every time after you wear light mop with cotton cloth or surface paper surface, clear water and dirt, and store them in sealed bag, avoid contact with air. At the same time, don’t wear other precious metals in wearing a silver jewelry, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
Really good idea
There are many ways of cleaning and maintenance silver, in addition to cleaning effect can be achieved with toothpaste, wear every day is the best way to maintain silver. When wearing, because of the human body oil adhesion on the surface of jewelry, can avoid direct contact with air, the silver reduce dark yellow signs, etc.
Now on the market of false amber beeswax generic very realistic, when buy carefully screened.
1, the quality of a material is very light, natural amber (of) without any tessera it will sink into Cartier love bracelet replica the water. Will dissolve the concentrated brine to join again, when the salt concentration is greater than 1 in 4 (1 part salt, four water) true amber can float slowly, while the fake amber is floating up.
2, no Mosaic of amber chain or beads in my hands gently knead move is very soft, slightly dull sound. If it is plastic or resin will be ringing sound.
3, true amber texture, color, transparency, wait a refractive index changes with the viewing Angle and the change of illumination. Amber transparent but very warm, not like glass, crystal, diamonds, no secret to have appear a gender. Fake amber is transparent or opaque.
4, who could not provide any certificate issued by authoritative department identification is also closed compensation commitment to guarantee, be careful.

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50 diamond ring price 5 times Content to exceed

50 diamond ring price 5 times Content to exceed what what be worth to buy a diamond ring
Speak of to buy a diamond ring, a lot of people would have such a feeling, diamond splendor glaring, but the price is expensive. Diamonds are really false, do not worry to buy. Many people think, buy a diamond ring, as long as to buy big jewelry line won’t be wrong. Actually otherwise, the same weight of diamonds, the price can sometimes differ a lot of times. The personage inside course of study also suggests, might as well buy a diamond ring to a fashionable and affordable “DIY”.
The mall to buy a diamond ring, can you?
Small big love long-distance running, and the end of the month is finally six years Cartier love ring replica the couple farewell to single, marriage. For small “junjun, married life is so once. Give love a symbol of the pledge of eternal “purity, loyalty, nature is little not. Watching the important day is coming, whether to buy a what kind of beloved love tokens? Small big decided to take months to stores to pick a diamond ring.
Small big budget is $20000. He can buy gratified flexibly diamond ring?
Entered the market, all kinds of diamond ring emit bright is dazzing ray of light, small big and yueyue dazzled. They chose a very beautiful diamond ring, can you guess how much is the price?
220000! D color, IF a carats.
220000! Have heard that diamond is the wealth of enrichment, little big but a vestige of the diamond harder this time. Only half the size of soybean diamond, the equivalent of a high-grade car price. Worn on the hand a little, they spend more than half of his savings, too exaggeration! Buy a diamond ring only twenty thousand budget, how to do?
See small “junjun tricky expression, jewelry sales consultant immediately explanation: on the other side of the counter is 1/2 carat, about 50 points, tens of thousands of yuan of money, also can hold their value.
50 diamond ring is not small, also half of mung bean size, although soy beans into green beans, but less than half price. What soy mung bean, is not the morning market to buy food. Small big wish, to buy his girlfriend a diamond ring must be noble, elegant. In addition to price, this style must be the most Cartier love ring replica important, little big decisions, first pick a few good design at the counter, and then make a decision according to the price.
An hour later, the couple chose several models about diamond ring. But again ask price, small big and get dizzy.
The three ring are respectively ten thousand, fifty thousand, thirty thousand.
Size of the small “junjun wonder, look, why difference so big?
Jewelry sales consultant explained: “one point price one point goods, buy a diamond ring is quality, fifty thousand color is white, is D color, high clarity, cut good; thirty thousand H color, clarity, medium; ten thousand, color yellow, studs are also not very high.”
Same 50 diamond ring, the price difference between five times, exactly what kind of quality differences between them, and let the price of such disparity. Sales staff, small big but more listen to more confused. Although the small diamond, there’s plenty to the doorway.
Spent an afternoon at the mall, the couple finally did not choose the suitable diamond ring. Like a diamond ring is sky-high; Affordable price, but it is unclear, the water full moon; Some cheap and despises himself. Buy a nice diamond ring is really not easy.
Online to buy a diamond ring, you dare?
After mall to touch the wall, small big summed up the failed because they have knowledge Cartier love ring replica of the diamond is know too little. Returned home, little big hurriedly open a computer, first to search the key words “how to buy a diamond ring”, one car, search the web page is really a lot.
Through a self learning, little big victory, the original standard of choosing a diamond is 4 c. The weight of the diamond, color, clarity and cut each item from high to low, prices tend to be many times better.
After the training itself, now little big some idea how much to buy a diamond ring. By accident, when browsing a website to sell diamond ring has attracted the attention of little big. Little big after clicking links found in this web site shows hundreds of diamond ring, prices are marked diamond rings, each style is much cheaper than the market price in half.
After careful comparison, two phase on a web site for a very elegant diamond ring.
Next month are concerned about the information of this kind of ring is in line with the online information? Sales staff to answer very sure. Since ring information consistent with the Internet, so the inspection payment can? However, online sales personnel’s answer is: I’m sorry, we are just the delivery. Small big although there have been many times to get to the Internet to purchase goods, but the diamond ring, so expensive goods or for the first time, staring at such favorable price. Alas, also can’t.
Expert do-it-yourself buy drill
Market the price of the diamond ring let little big halo, online price is cheaper a lot, but did not dare to buy, what to buy?
Yueyue suddenly remind of, little big have a classmate called carefully, graduated university Cartier nail bracelet replica of geosciences, she will understand diamond? The phone carefully tell small, buy a diamond ring for her is to find the right person.
Carefully introduce them to the forefront a way to buy a diamond ring, DIY buy a diamond ring. Carefully told them, “DIY diamond ring” the first step is to buy stone. Later, they came to the jinmao tower in Shanghai a line of 21 gem carat diamond center. 21 the gem diamond wholesale and e-commerce, the industry is not only more extremely high reputation and price advantage.
When the stern and mentioned what month 21 guide in gem researchers recommend them three diamonds. Small big chose the middle 50 points, color H color of naked drill, prepare payment. But at that time, classmate but not first time to weigh, and picked up the magnifying glass. Carefully tell little, the most important thing is where the diamond waist will not affect the refracted light, one is to use a laser to play up the number, the number and the identification certificate number must be consistent. Ah, the original in the small diamond and a number! It is a little big buy diamond this time experience the most useful experience.
Assistants to tell them, the price of it up according to the price of the day, and no additional fee. This diamond ring from 50 points in total, how much is the cost?
Diamonds, a total of 475 yuan, 11000 yuan, up 2.5 gram, a total of 11475 yuan. This is smaller than original’s $20000 budget, can save a lot of, and most importantly, the same is 50 points, H is lubricious, VS clarity of a diamond ring, at the mall to sell more than 30000 yuan, DIY than himself Cartier nail bracelet replica of this diamond ring is nearly two times higher price!
Choose the “4 c” indicators of diamond:
The heavier weight: the weight nature is, the better.
Color: the color is according to the English alphabetical order, from a to Z, D from transparent to light yellow, D color is best, Z is the worst.
More clarity: the level of cleanliness points: one is completely clean, hereinafter referred to as FL; Second, internal clean level, hereinafter referred to as the IF; 3 it is very, very subtle internal flaws, VVS; Four is very slight defect VS, with 10 times the magnifying glass can see very small defect. Then is slight defect level, hereinafter referred to as SI; The last level is unclean, hereinafter referred to as class I, with the naked eye can see flaws.
Cut: cut is one of the most important indicators. Diamond, only through accurate will present a glittering brilliance.