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Manero Chrono Perpetual calendar timing clock

Time changes accumulate, given round full moon and sky hung. In this during the holiday, full of acacia of love only with time to convey your relatives, lovers, friends of emotion; In the family reunion festival, only use the time to record belongs to your sole memory. Bao qi lai at screening manero perpetual calendar timing clock tribute the Mid-Autumn festival, let the thick cordiality reside wrist.
Manero Chrono Perpetual calendar timing clock
Bao qi lai of manero ChronoPerpetual wrist, is the apotheosis of the art of meter: 12 when the position of date display, 6 when the position of week, month of 9 when the position and leap year display and 3 when the position of the moon in one hundred is precise, this treasure Cartier nail bracelet replica unique movement more both fly back timing functions, have the outer dial accelerometer calibration, with the brand idea of consistent with practical function. Manero perpetual calendar timing clock on the basis of Vaucher machine factory of the movement, but the details are adhering to the bao qi lai consistent color.
The function of heavy and complicated, minimalist design
So a set of multi-function wrist watch, but with a clear, easy to read layout. Designers carefully scheduling, the use of different levels and modification treatment, such as 6 hours timer, 9 of location of minute timer and 12 when the position of the small second hand, respectively embedded in the dimple calendar display disc, cooperate with the black lines delineate the different scale, not confusion. Timing of the second hand, three-dimensional time scale, bao qi lai unique words and Numbers, sword form luminous, minute hand and three implicit black timing pointer, for traditional calendar function with new style and features. Elegance of the central part of the matte silver dial, timer and the minute scale grind arenaceous processing, pleasing to the eye and bright contrast. Phases of the moon with the silver moon of carbon black background line, contemporary and rich design sense of touch.
Limited release, all show honor
Manero perpetual calendar timing clock rose gold model only 100 in the world, more show its exclusivity. Noble rose gold watch case or stylish stainless steel watchcase each see a timeless beauty, satin grinding and polishing grinding contrast and pleasing to the eye, table ear more chiseled lines; Table circle arc sapphirine crystal Mosaic table mirror; Crown and polishing time button modelling concise and elegant; From sapphire crystal table back to catch a glimpse of the mechanical movement and 22 k rose gold tuo exquisite workmanship. It tribute is mean to the other in your heart is unique.
Summer beauty lies in the pursuit to adventure and want to be the resolute determination of Cartier love ring replica transcendence. In this season of infinite possibilities, let treasure qi lai to accompany you to experience the special outdoor Tours, to show movement of the wrist.
Ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches
Ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches biggest characteristic, is perfectly clear and dial with precise function: 44.6 mm stainless steel watchcase concealed by C.O.S.C. CFB observatory certification by the Swiss government 1950.1 automatic chain machine, precision performance without doubt; Bezel only counterclockwise to avoid touching or error operation by mistake. The dial size bounteous, three stitches layout convenient reading time; Pointer and scale by the luminous (Super – LumiNova) coating treatment, will burst into a bright blue light in the dark environment, by 4 mm thick black dial sapphirine crystal strictly protected, can significantly prevent accidental collision. Regardless of the deep sea, go out to travel, ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches make you eyes good.
Patravi TravelGraph wrist watch
Really is the preferred to travel enthusiasts. It can display more than one time zone. Traditional pointer to show the local time, while the other red pointer coordinates the bezel on 24 hours scale shows that the second time zone. The wearer can quickly set the local time; And after a long flight, can also be set up to several hours time difference. Its movement is CFB type 1901 movement, no matter which is unique in design and construction, and the sole dedicated bao qi lai. At the same time equipped with 42 mm case diameter and two-way rotating bezel, as attention on appearance design. Masculine temperament with delicate mechanical complex function, without replica Cartier love bracelet exception, when you travel on holiday by wrist watch shows their own personality charm.
Chinese valentine’s day will come, summer in the air began to sweet smell the sweetness of love. In the tender feelings sweet meaning of valentine’s day, a dream will be transformed into love note. If that time is the best witness, love watch is the best expression of love. Qi lai treasure present four love full wrist watch for you, let the power of love with the pulse of the beating.
Bao qi lai white poetry series
White’s poetry is the embodiment of elegance and noble series, woven hollow out the casing design, as a symbol of endless love to her. Elegant dial, decorated with contracted magnificent details better and can women’s temperament perfect fit. White’s poetry series is equipped with high quality mechanical movement, accurate, the process of design from inner to outer also to become the beauty, and is both inside and outside, send out a unique aesthetic feeling.
Bao qi lai ravi series parker
EvoTec DayDate wrist ravi parker EvoTec DayDate wrist watch is a blend of brand excellence automatic movement and innovative design of the casing, designed to create a meaningful work. Perfect interpretation of the men’s strong wind model. 44 x 44.5 mm broad Cartier love ring replica Outlines, and CFB A1001 movement like seamlessly. At 6 o ‘clock position of the small second hand deftly echo each other with the form of case, dial, according to the upper left large calendar is its unique. Hours of geometrical style scale echo the radian of watch case, also highlighted the ravi parker EvoTec DayDate deliberately low-key fashionable feeling.
Bao qi ya li jia series
Jas ritz-carlton series wrist watch marks the bao qi lai TAB design new mileage, slender and graceful girth burnish, firm with soft, suggests that the appreciation of her unique personality; Its refined and detailed structure, concise and fashionable design, led seize the pioneer in the trend, the perfect combination of elegance and luxury make the ritz-carlton is distinguished, and the unique aesthetic appearance ripple minds.
Bao qi lai manero series
BigDate Power wrist watch Manero BigDate Power wrist watch for manero series – implicit elegant of individual character style, excellent men wearing this watch all show great poise and charm. 40 mm, thickness 11.45 mm stainless steel round watchcase size respectively, foil the Cartier nail bracelet replica wind of the wrist watch and elegant; Silver dial, good timing, manero wrist watch series first crown princess pointer, downy table ear lines with the same case.

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Summer in pursuit of infinite possibility ravi series

Summer in pursuit of infinite possibility ravi series ScubaTec diving watches parker
Hot summer comes, for “explorer” keen on outdoor sports is a breakthrough the limit, of the best times to challenge themselves. Take has the other half of the same spirit of adventure, have a say come away in search of adventure! Even if the heart longing, also cannot leave the professional auxiliary equipment; Swiss brand of top class TAB bao qi lai ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches would be a perfect fusion of precise function and dynamic movement whether Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica surfing, diving or drift limits are easily cope, chasing you infinite possibility.
Fashion collocation stylish concurrently
Bao qi lai ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches is designed for movement launched table of field, the series with classical senior sports project positioning, remarkable practical design was impressed, the biggest characteristic is its clear dial and accurate function perfectly. Beautiful colour collocation that grabs an eye; Rubber strap for summer wear, won’t cause inconvenience to the movement, professional diving function can deal with outdoor and water sports. This series of several years after its release in acclaimed, reverse. Since then, the series brand to release more new design and growth. Adhering to the innovative concept of qi lai treasure this year with ravi parker ScubaTec womens diving watches for ravi diving parker family add a member.
Perfect equipment Hand in hand
Dynamic fashion appearance, accurate and reliable performance, ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches perfect continuation of bao qi lai professional tabulation process. Paragraph 44.6 mm stainless steel watchcase: built-in C.O.S.C. CFB observatory certification by the Swiss government 1950.1 automatic chain machine, precision performance, no doubt; Bezel counterclockwise, only not to touch or error operation, ensure accurate calculation underwater swimming time, to ensure the safety of divers. The dial size bounteous, three stitches layout convenient reading time; Pointer and scale by the luminous (Super – LumiNova) coating treatment, will burst into a bright blue light in the dark environment, divers in the muddy bottom can still clear reading time; Black dial by 4 mm thick sapphirine crystal protection, 500 meters of waterproof casing assembly line of helium valve, diving and water bodies for automatic discharge, avoid casing damage.
Have the same design elements of cypress ravi ScubaTec womens diving watches are more delicate, 36 mm diameter pure white in appearance, small size as athletic performance, whenever you wear are relaxed and willfulness. 200 meters waterproof equipped with many different imitation cartier love bracelet strap fits your needs, no matter diving set in sleeve or daily wear on your wrist is comfortable and durable.
Regardless of the deep sea, go out to travel or extreme sports, ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches series is your best playmate, hand in hand to explore the unknown.
Individual character make public in the wrist Bao qi lai ravi parker series EvoTec wrist watch
Life is never just routine work and only show extraordinary personality, to live a good life. Swiss watchmakers masters qi lai carried more than a century the brand concept of “don’t go with the flow”, at present in unique pincushion case design with bao qi lai CFB A1000 homemade ravi series EvoTec parker wrist movement.
Intelligent and elegant Special life
Wise women, they have really my personality, thinking, summary, together with their partner must also be not well-behaved elegant gentleman. Ravi parker EvoTec BigDate ladies watch configuration CFB A1003 homemade machine core, silver dial scale exquisite detail, the overall concise and elegant, more that five diamonds scale, and dial line stick to echo. Concise appearance design, high quality materials and innovation of the mechanical functions of the complement each other, mutual shaping modern women elegant aesthetic feeling, all show the wearer’s personality and self confidence. Ravi parker EvoTec DayDate wrist watch the round pillow case, carrying CFB A1001 homemade machine core, elegant surface and bottom of the table also agent with the sapphirine crystal. Break the regularity of large size case let us see the essence of watches, mechanical watches, excellent works of art, but also elegant gentleman of choice for our product.
CFB A1000 homemade movement
CFB A1000 model has become a new generation of machine, the Swiss watch-making industry unwritten definition, wrist watch manufacturers to hundred to produce a machine, at least to claims that TAB. Bao qi lai decided to tabulation technology level to a higher level, homemade movement Cartier love bracelet replica is a natural way. Bao qi lai abandoned the “copy” existing generic machine core strategy, determined to start from zero to develop a revolutionary movement automatically, if its design features are unique and refreshing feeling. Official birth A1000, witness tabulation technology development new mileage. On the movement type to the outer chain thallium (Peripheral rotor) have been granted a patent right, the innovation of shockproof technology (Dynamic Shock Absorption) performance excellence. Dual calibration System (Central Dual Adjusting System), improve accuracy, the whole machine core concept, structure and workmanship is striking.
Bao qi ya li jia Princess wrist watch
Contracted early autumn
Get rid of the hot sunshine of summer, in the early autumn cool breeze stroke, a minimalist design of jas ritz-carlton Princess watches worn on the wrist, show and fresh style. Stainless steel watchband collocation simple dial, bao qi lai envisage on the dial and large Roman numerals, convenient the wearer to consult, take in everything in a glance. The contemporary women’s independence and confidence is a perfect interpretation of jas ritz-carlton wrist watch.
Bao qi ya ritz-carlton TwoTone wrist watch
Beautiful autumn
Autumn is a continuation of the love, is the warm box of love. Bao qi ya ritz-carlton TwoTone double Fake Cartier love bracelet color proof of the wrist watch is faithful to the love. Silver dial the central slightly deep and broad elegant stripe, deftly form concise light straight on both sides. Bracelet for double color combination of stainless steel and rose gold, dating can easily match. Meticulous detail processing, time, perfect.
Bao qi ya ritz-carlton Queen wrist watch
Shining late autumn
Autumn, winter increasingly close. Enter in the winter of late autumn, wrist and ritz-carlton Queen wrist watch is shining heartthrob. Stylist is unique inspiration and ideas with watchcase curve radian curve pointer to blend flawless; Rare devil leather strap with hands in arch casing on TW VVS1 diamonds, guanghua flush, dazzing, highlighting bao qi lai 125 years on top jewelry inlaid skills; The perfect combination of elegance and flowing, also show great noble, aesthetic appearance, fondle admiringly.

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Art portrait printed four dimension of brand

Art portrait printed four dimension of brand
Printing has always been a very important fashion elements, many brands with unique printing technology and printing design to fame, and in a variety of colorful printing, is also the most controversial distinctive non-artistic like printing. After a designer to create the art of portrait is often based on religious figure, oil painting portraits, the images of classic characters to express the designer’s emotions and thoughts. These works often through special fabric selection, the reshaping Cartier nail bracelet replica of the colour and line, form their own unique composition, luster and administrative levels. Almost every piece of art, like printing works has its own soul, such souls match the wearer’s temperament, also let art portrait printed coruscate gives more vitality. VOGUE is going to introduce you to unique style in art portrait printed in recent years is four brands.
Prada spring/summer 2016 women’s clothing show, the designer Miuccia Prada brought in six talented artists Gregor, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, Stinkfish, Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet, each to create a female portrait illustrations, will show, meandering art space into a thick mo chongcai, these portraits, meanwhile, has become a new season on fashionable Prada dress and bag printing design that grabs an eye.
Miuccia Prada political background, the show more radical political Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica views himself, through design expression on T stage show. Space big, bold, exaggerated color female face printing is a tool of its expression of feminism, this time she will paint mural art into fashion in order to in creation to show their support what is emerging.
Compared with Prada 2016 chun xia series art like printing a high-profile and grab an eye, Giles 2016 chun xia series of paintings of screen printing is more inside collect, also more in line with the most romantic feelings in women. Giles chun xia’s canvas printing with medieval dark colour fundamental key, silk surface gloss and classical nostalgic be vividly portrayed.
In different forms of cutting shape the same picture, no waist dress, tall waist skirt, coat or a floor-length dress, with the braid and strap shoes, creating a kind of easy recreational style differs from the picture. Classical elements, and the collocation of the modern trend of women create a gothic imitation cartier love bracelet style, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, with a heavy flavor.
Aquilano Rimondi, consists of two designer Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi Italian brand cooperation, their colour is applied very has the vigor, ready to use satin fabric to build strong aesthetic feeling of China. If Prada and Giles spring and summer series more shape is based on the classic characters printed portrait, so Aquilano Rimondi 2016 chun xia series, to better reflect the oil painting portrait printing element.
2016 chun xia series, they and the traditional Chinese painters, Paul gauguin’s work for inspiration, with gorgeous colour and unique performance fabric design of warm feelings. The colour of numerous and complicated, charming luster make these works do not even need to involve too much, just Cartier love bracelet replica need to cut out the basic outline, assisted by waist can fully display the beauty of the wearer’s girth and unique flavor.
Compared to the first three brand more or less classical element USES, British brand, Ground Zero, in art as printed on the rendering of the added a lot of sense in the future. This always with graffiti and special clipping to create humor beautiful style of the brand, in 2016 chun xia series, the two Chinese brothers designer is using the science fiction film actress like printing, to create a belongs to own design concept of female image.

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Blocked the wind thick coat

Blocked the wind thick coat and let you natural and unrestrained wandering on the streets in the winter. The warm indoor took off his coat, and we still want to be a fashionable woman. Whether it is a elegant dress, pursue perfection feminine or thermal comfort is the highest of all pants, coat is a good choice. VOGUE today teach you how to match the inside and outside and repair the modelling of winter.
The design style of j.crew approachable, washed shirt and jeans revealed the imitation cartier love bracelet consistent leisure core, dynamic interest, at the same time very solid wear joker, so popular with many young hipsters.
Jeans and denim shirt is to build the perfect choice for leisure modelling. Flexible slightly stretch jeans wear comfortable, wearing the longer can better fit the body curve, natural wear and tear to produce rich layers of blue bring bull-puncher amorous feelings.
Bally at present delicate and pure 2016 autumn winter series, light for the modern female daily city life. High quality wool knitting collisions with tweed coat and denim jacket, a sexy and confident grace.
Pale pink wide-legged pants for this season main profile of coat gives gently beautiful amorous feelings, positive pressure the structure to the design of soft feeling, with the same soft white shirt make the modelling of natural and unrestrained.
Stella McCartney’s early autumn series ponder dye-in-the-wood, clever three grain of buckle decorated with unique tailoring and coat, collocation line agile flares, seepage brand minimalism and inner spirit of enjoyment spirit.
Traditional tonal flares highlight contracted and fluent beautiful body, with elegant wide-brim Cartier love bracelet replica hats and double-breasted coat, highlighted charm, perfect fit this season’s trend in the 1970 s.
Thomas Tait on contour cutting and splicing structure combines the abstractions of the Bauhaus art style, and try to cascade with different texture of fabrics, the crisp hale baize plastic quality fabrics, leather, organ plait of organic combination with its rich artistic breath.
Leather pants is this season to replace tight jeans to become fashion, regardless of the building and leisure style effect is the same, high-heeled shoes, boots, sports shoes can easily manage. Add hot this season knitting sweater, explanation gives acme trend dress up.
AmySmilovic Tibi designers focus on the more modern and practical style, loose jumpsuits conform to the trend of our pursuit of comfort, with a clean, with a cool and explanation of wearable design lead the trend.
Silk jumpsuit profile loose, but it highlights the design of the waist shape curve for you big points, Ming yan’s tonal downy or bright blue collocation fastens with color coat effect particularly well.
Tome is committed to building confidence beautiful, simple elegant image of women. Cloth coat with black Fake Cartier love bracelet lace the combined rigid-flexible economic pencil skirts, embodies the bondage and release the compatible design concept.
Romantic long lace dress builds a looming half perspective effect, tie-in and same charming thin coat, it is.
This season Aquilano Rimondi appearance of focusing on the exploration on the textures and details. Mink wool material double-breasted wool coat and transparent gauze skirt outfit fold wear, details about the heartstrings.
Light chiffon dress can be with you the leisurely pace of swaying gracefully, absolutely is your beautiful holiday dress, with a long coat loose profile appears contracted atmosphere and temperature of give attention to two or morethings, create a different image of the elegant and delicate.
Antonio Berardi new series keep their best amazon jungle sexy style. Pointed with super boots collocation with anaglyph gray flannel coat pockets, make the modelling of the heavy feeling.
Knee-high super boots is a good choice for the collocation of freshman year, one of the very fit the leg boots tube replica Cartier love bracelet outline perfect leg ministry line, boots and long seamless is very agile and spell able, indispensable to make winter warm modelling.
Pam & Gela clothes can let you wear to wear. Animal grain coat collocation is the most basic gray suits, with humorous mashup gout, a joker sweatpants lets you easily navigate Normcore style.
Blogger Zina Charkoplia choose big profile structure strong jackets and pants, a combination of a recreational style look especially suitable for weekend or friends party dress.
Rebecca Taylor qiu dong’s design light nature, injected a strong female temperament. Good quality wool coat collocation a low-key quilting miniskirt, highlight a luxurious sports style, full compliance with the current fashion trends, has the very high solid wear resistance.
Mini skirts style joker, ruffled skirt place adorn, sophisticated version to parcel out charming body curve, the easing of short paragraph sweater, compared with that of perfect deduce the fashionable modelling of youthful vitality.

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Elegant rice white Office building in early spring fashion landscape

Elegant rice white Office building in early spring fashion landscape
New York fashion week 2016 spring and summer, rice white system become the most popular color on T stage, the trend has been down the streets of the T stage to fashion week. Fashion people choose very clean white sheet is tasted, win the numerous to blame in the fashion street snap like a cool breeze from the early spring, mood letting a person is cheerful. Under this kind of color is also very suitable for office wear, we pick out four street Fake Cartier love bracelet shoot modeling, to match with you.
Ece Sukhan wearing Ipekyol stripe white suit, double-breasted design restoring ancient ways and the knee high split skirts, in nostalgic breath and modern fashionable and sexy, with a very interesting Yasbukey hand bag.
Emma Artigues Zadig et Voltaire locomotive light brown jacket, tie-in a Massimo Dutti pleated elegant dress, wore a wool felt hat and a pair of Zara foot flat sandals, with the effect of the fast fashion wear a effortless.
Nicole Warne in Carolina Herrera tweed jacket, black piping white collocation loose trousers of straight, Mulberry black hand bag in hand, a pure and fresh and elegant white confidence.
Pernille Teisbaek Acne of rice white jacket and black loose nine minutes of replica Cartier love bracelet pants, foot Malene Birger spiral high-heeled sandals, from Balenciaga bag, modelling is simple, but the style is very outstanding.
As one of the most joker color, in the latest shelves and earthy colors were brands are as popular color is highly attention, this group of color, whether to build modern urban wind, or the rural wind restoring ancient ways, is the default choice.
Lovely fox design and case grain shape a nifty rural style, half sleeve design cape coat is more suitable for the collocation of early autumn.
The coat of cultivate one’s morality and shirt, leather skirt collocation, classic and spell able, the iconic Cartier nail bracelet replica coat whether early or late autumn, will was a match in the wardrobe.
Here the so-called “invisibility cloak” mainly for contact will be a mysterious, unique and aura of science fiction. When you see these shawls, independent personality of 2016 autumn winters cloak, arise spontaneously out of inspiration, and even can be linked with harry potter’s magic.
Knee-high cloak of cape more is better than a coat and windbreaker self imposing manner, and more varied. Here the so-called “invisibility cloak” mainly for contact will be a mysterious, unique and aura of science fiction. When you see these independent personality of 2016 autumn winters cloak, arise spontaneously out of inspiration, even linked with harry potter’s magic.
The most mysterious hermits aura to Haider Ackermann and Nicolas Andreas Taralis, first of all, the whole body black this is necessary, contour to stand, the whole line to be straight. On the other hand when it comes to unique, these is really difficult to arrange the cloak, each with independent Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica personality at all. Finally, to science, is reflects the Gareth Pugh, 2016 core spirit.
In fact, the maverick cloak depend on the change of body or the reflection of clothing materials, and the magic of stealth visual effects, from the point of view of fashion, individuality of “far”, “split sleeve type” by many designers use this season, the location of the “split” is also different, ygm asymmetrical type “cracks” nice; PPQ is “split sleeve” and a cascade, penetration level. Roksanda Ilincic will wear waist skirt up into a shawl, is the result of stylist three-dimensional experiments.

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Go abroad to buy packages fashionable women

Go abroad to buy packages fashionable women just don’t tell me This One!
One of the girls go abroad on vacation not buy a handbag? But we only know brand but couldn’t say for sure when buying a package design, overseas is more don’t know how to express, only said, pointing to the picture “a”. Since fashion fans want to do, so we are inside and outside and repair, love handbags, more knowledgeable about the design of all kinds of bags. This article illustrated the basic style of handbags (in English) back to know, you won’t have to say One again the next time I buy a package.
Handbag: Top Handle Bag
Fashion to have such a words: Bags are like friends, which you can never have too many (handbags like friends, it is never too much). Have you ever thought, if in this life can only invest a “fashionable life” classic handbag, what to choose the style? Looking down on luxury brands of classic Fake Cartier love bracelet unbeaten, you will find that many of them are hand drawing, single handle called top handle, double handle for a while will said.
Now handbag, single handle length is moderate, can lift can take, can add a shoulder strap back. This versatile and practical handbag it has become the future trend.
Tote bags, Tote Bag
Tote from African language the word “Tuta”, meaning “To carry” (carry). Tote literal translation into Chinese is Tote bags, you can be ground to call it a shopping bag. Tote bags are mostly shape and is equipped with double handle, founder space in general is very big, can hold a laptop and A4 size file (it) so the duty field female sex, can hold the supermarket buy daily necessities (so that occupy the home need it). “A top two son” super practical features to tote bag is every woman closet will have a bag.
But if you to tote bag impression still stays in the hand draw, large capacity, that is with the trend of the derailment. Now what replica Cartier love bracelet all exquisite versatile (utility), even the bags should have “buy one, get one” effect. Some joined the shoulder strap straps, or volume and exquisite tote bags, now also can be seen everywhere.
Inclined shoulder bag: Crossbody
Crossbody inclined shoulder bag is the shoulder bag shoulder bag in a. Aslant package was unusually hot, nearly two years in addition to the cabinet and delicate, also can free your hands, star supermodel street snap small bag is the highest rate of the bag. By the way, now the small bag, can also as a hand bag (remove or hide straps), handbags (with the design of handle), as long as the bag aglet long enough to be inclined back, you can call it Crossbody.
Chain Strap Chain bag is very “striking” in a small bag, metal Chain compared with leather straps, more Cartier nail bracelet replica youthful, quite a few classic luxury brand bags are Chain bag.
Clamshell package: Flap Bag
Clamshell packages can be a handbag, small bag, hand bag… As long as the appearance is “flip”, not two chip zippers. Concise and delicate clamshell packages English name flap is very easy to remember, in English means “bag”. If at that time forgot how to say clamshell packages, you can consider this: what is the most iconic design package.
Cambridge package: Satchel
Although the satchel and the above crossbody bag, but actually satchel more appropriate translation should be “bag”, refers to the horizontal rectangle bag. Many brand would be more intuitively named satchel East/West bag. East/West on behalf of the east-west, very vividly describe the shape of the satchel. Can’t fire in recent years, The fire of The Cambridge Satchel Company in Cambridge package brought Satchel this “small bag” to fashion, became one of The most popular bag.
Backpack, Backpack
Backpack is a words: the Back (Back) + Pack (bag) = Backpack (Backpack). Fashion is the cycle, the student has become of the various styles of bag back street photos darling. All say back double shoulder, reflect a kind of nature, “all zero” relaxed state of mind. Also, not all women are to be taking elegant line. The free and easy, individualizing women may spend a lifetime back double shoulder? If it is to travel, you can choose the nylon canvas material or coating, the double shoulder wear dirty bans. Itself does not light Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica weight and more delicate leather bag, or to stay at the city with.
Hand bag, Clutch
Clutch the word itself has the meaning of “catch, hold”, in the boundless universe bag, can let you so hang on, I’m afraid there is only a hand bag. As a beautiful than practical “bear” in appearance, hand bag does not need to have a lot of, but need a can only for you to “keep up appearance. This hand bag can be very big, can also be small to fit only lipstick, can even with nothing, but it can be seamlessly with your modelling collocation, become a part of our attitude and style. Do you still feel the hand bag is a dispensable thing?
Package: bowling Bowler Bag
There is a certain type of bag is rounded by design, the outline of the edge horn soft semicircle bag is called a bowler or bowling bag, bowling bag. This package was originally used to hold a bowling ball, that how it suddenly from the movement towards fashion? Bowling is a rich and noble before their own exercise, so bowling imitation cartier love bracelet bags are designed, itself is a noble luxury item. Later, when the designers try to use the bowling bag to do the work elegant fashion collocation, they found accidentally in the temperament of the style, fashion path of bowling bag are coming in this way.
Baguette package: Baguette Bag
The word “Baguette” originated in French, translated into “French bread”. Rectangular small handbag it is called a baguette bag, not because they and baguette looks more like, but because the baguette fine long, can let like French bread clamp under the arm. Can someone joked, baguette reminiscent of nobility is elegant French woman walk of natural scene with bread, and don’t baguette out bread approach!
Package: Bucket Bucket Bag
Bucket, as the name implies, means the shape like a Bucket Cartier love bracelet replica bag. Since 1932, Louis Vuitton launched the first bucket Bag Noe (design) for the nobles in the travel pack of champagne, the rounded lovely nifty Bag Bag becomes a classic, never had It ‘list.
String in English in the sense of the cord, so the drawstring means the bucket bag with draw String design. Most bucket bag with draw string, tighten, including just one function, more or for decoration.
Package dumplings package: Hobo crescent
“Hobo” itself has the meaning of “the tramp”, known as “dumplings package” or “crescent” Hobo bag design inspiration is taken from Hobo bags pack. Hobo bag material is more soft, general by a sash attached to the package that the pine breaks down the body to form a circle, the whole package looks languid is lazy leisurely and comfortable.
Messenger Bag, Messenger Bag
Messenger bag, also called messenger bag, the design inspiration comes from the postman delivered the newspaper letter back pack. Before the postmen is one shoulder and back bag with a flip, in order to guarantee the dirty wear-resisting, messenger bag originally made from dark denim fabric. This is captured by fashion bag, color material also rich rise accordingly, some with shoulder straps, some with the handle. Constant is the shape of the package, founder starched appearance not only give a person the image of the natural and unrestrained and agile, also can give rise to receive a space.

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Smart investment career women need only three packages

Smart investment career women need only three packages
The girls all say “package” cure all ills, yes – but as excessive medication can aggravating illness, unplanned unrestrained buy package will only be bothered ShangCai. People in the workplace, every season comes, it is not necessary to dazzling, need only these three replica Cartier love bracelet then enough: bag, handbag, small bag. Issue to consider before investing a handbag, we all help you sum up here.
Big bag
Size should be big enough, how exactly?
Bag for career women, significant. Fashion jokingly called large handbags are more reliable than men “, not back too large Size handbag women cannot understand the meaning. This can “all rivers run into sea” handbag can make us take out what you need at any time in the workplace. With the highest utilization rate in A4 paper (29.7 cm x 21 cm) shall prevail, if can smooth hold documents, contracts, reports, absolutely is a qualified bag.
Size large light weight
“Bottomless bag is really a let a person a love-hate relationship exists, it allows us to massively into all the necessities and to prevent one thousand discretionary. Can unconsciously bag “overweight”, want to pick up your bag and natural and unrestrained walk all over the world, in addition to Cartier nail bracelet replica streamline your belongings, the most important thing is to choose a light weight bag. Don’t look down upon the index weight, a lot of parcel weighs 2 kg, for your arms and shoulders are really not a joke.
The internal structure to clear
Bag receive a space reassuring, but can only throw things into a large pocket is indifference to this package. Now a lot of packages tend to only a simple design, the inner is not suitable for career women. Using interlayer classify the item more, till the rules rules, whole is the embodiment of the inside and outside and repair, high efficiency.
Appearance is a strong enough
Workplace handbags is not only the effect of “things”, it is our appearance. This bag is not fine suede, can not stand, more Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica can’t put down to the “breaking down”. Want to natural and unrestrained capable image in the workplace, a material hale, profile of founder handbags can help you.
Size should not be too large It is good to medium
As if the bag is for practical workplace, carrying a bag is biased toward the beautiful work. Work there is always some places need we “delicate”, for example, banquet, cocktail party, meeting with customers, to attend the activities… If dragged a practical big Size handbag always seem to be less “delicate”, therefore to prepare a hand bag and (a, can’t cope with the day’s work needs; second, special occasions, after all, not every day there are). Can meet during the day and night, to the most eclectic selection is a medium Size bag.
Appearance is not exaggerated But fine imitation cartier love bracelet interesting
Although low-key contracted professional handbags can reflect our professional attitude, but the design of this bag also can be delicate and interesting. It can be chic buckles, rich style of printing, also can have a pure and fresh and bright colors. But since this is the workplace, those with exaggerated graffiti, too “kawaii” cartoon design or create decorative bags or for private time back.
A small bag,
Liberation, with his hands in action
Remember The movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, The editor in chief assistant Emily Blunt was The Devil Wears Prada sent to get Hermes scarves, hectic when crossing The road, she accidentally hit by a car fly often? Just entered the company’s workplace novice often need before and after running, for Cartier love bracelet replica fast moving + quick girls, a shoulder bag is the safest option. Here small bag, refers to the design, have certain ability to receive those even plug a phone very reluctantly mini bag, or for casual occasions.
Belt, shoulder bag back up more comfortable
Small bag, according to the material of the bag can be divided into: metal chain, belt, chain belt splicing. Summer clothes for sleeveless or more thin, long time back metal chain bag, clothes, easily out of impressions, back up is very painful. If used as a commuter, belt or chain belt splice design bag will be more practical.

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fashion and art communion

Rainbow of colors, bright ideas mix build, and ghosts of horse and avant-garde dress sense, fashion bloggers Susie Lau per appearance always impressive. During the spring/summer 2014 fashion week, the world’s most famous dress again play her superb mixing capability, using fluorescent pink bubble ethereally veil, ‘interest lovely rabbit ear cats, avant-garde splicing skirt restoring ancient ways, comfortable casual shoes and so on, builds a stylish Look 4 sets of special interest, just change garments according to the collocation of bring unique inspiration for everyone.
Thomas Tait printing shirt is full of sense of the future, Susie Lau spelled it with pretty mini leather Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica umbrella skirt collocation, with powder blue single shoulder bag and shoes, style and very youthful vitality.
White irregular skirt skirt with shoulder-straps elegant but low-key, but deserve to go up of lovely Bernstock Speirs wine red rabbit, instantly feels dye-in-the-wood, Susie Lau’s fabulous mix is breathtaking.
Susie Lau will be futuristic unabashed Sadie, Williams, joining together the dress with basic autumn sheet is tasted, Uniqlo lapel t-shirts mix build, and with pointed flats and single shoulder bag, plus the high comb horsetail, easily create a mini Look is full of amorous feelings of the ’60 s.
Susie Lau of folding capability, no doubt, ASOS x Molly Goddard dress bubble of fairy tale type veil + break Archive pink coat + mustard yellow drape culottes, both wonderful contrast material, and color bring out the best in each other, plus Nike fluorescent contrast color sports shoes, Michael Kors bag and Filles imitation cartier love bracelet a Papa red fluorescence color hand bag, have both comfortable and fashionable.
Fashion and art, this to have repeatedly two less mutual inspiration, now to gather on a scale never seen before. Fashion of the spirit, or to the art language drew or fashionable contour artistic inspiration deck, cheer for the fashion industry and aims at this moment be rendered to the extreme. “VOGUE Fashion” (Fashion ‘s Night Out) the atmosphere of the final in a Night hanging temporary reaching peak.
Topic of “fashion and art communion” exhibition, to the opening of the Beijing international trade mall inclusion “by the Chinese name of”, “clothing form of works of art” and “the VOGUE of the container body” three parts. Works from the perspective of a more interpretations of fashion and the blend of the charm of art, vivid inspiration sparks produced during the shows both a collision.
“By the Chinese name of” series convergence of Northern Ireland designer Sharon Wauchob, French designer Roland Mouret, famous Chinese designer Phillip Lim, Kenzo comes design director Antonio Marras, Chinese designers Qiu Hao, LingYaLi and la vie seven from international and domestic fashion stage of excellent fashion Cartier love bracelet replica genius – they all capture the blue and white porcelain and goalkeeper Chinese elements such as design, or, in the artist’s iconic symbol for inspiration, to create leisurely exhibit strong personal style of dress, also take this opportunity to express sincere for the Chinese culture and art thinking.
The second part of “clothing works of art in the form of” the same remarkable and stop, FengZhengJie, Li Ji, wang, Peng Wei, li xiaofeng and Chen Yu six outstanding Chinese contemporary artists for the first time shows its inspiration from the fashion and fashion work, a series of paintings, sculpture and installation works depict the fashion on the artistic language of endless charm and guanghua. Artists to ceramics, PVC, and the line, ink, paper, acrylic paint, and canvas and mixed media, such as different material to blend, through rich and colorful visual language will be present in the daily life of aesthetic selection, or classic or pioneer, or quietly elegant and gorgeous, all show the diversity of contemporary Fake Cartier love bracelet artistic creation.
And the third part “the VOGUE of the container body” installation is in VOGUE, the world classic publications as the material, witnessing the Hong Kong artist Cecilia chan blend in the pages of the journal VOGUE clothing and beauty of art form creation. A 420 – page magazine page after cutting and weaving became a “container” body color, make the line between fashion and art in the art of subversion and reconstruction the antics of the invisible.

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The Bra Top skirt with shoulder-straps

Enter winter we dress choice seems to be less and less, in order to keep out the cold we always back and forth between the cloth coat, dust coat and a fur coat, no matter how to transform can make the long winter become dull. In order to make our wardrobe choice become more abundant, we can like Lady Gaga’s cape coat, wearing a coat type or Ulyana Sergeenko as a cloak of brilliant color type jacket.
Fearne Cotton piping out in a black cloak is tie-in a black leggings, black cloak geometry line with Cartier love bracelet replica leggings color mutual echo, a pair of rivet decoration and ankle boot added a few silk rock flavor for the whole look.
Lady Gaga this all that we can finally find some dress inspiration, black cloak of type a clean cut and fluffy coat front back form contrast, grow high heels black socks enriched the level of the whole look, even without a powerful aura to Gaga, you can easily manage this black cloak.
Ulyana Sergeenko’s style always with elegant restoring ancient ways, the red long cloak to give people a strong visual impact, send out a powerful aura.
Black long sleeve cloak is tie-in a leather skirt, a black costume and cool dry, it is very much in its erratic temperament.
“Wears outside underwear once popular in the 1980 s”, now has become the Fake Cartier love bracelet current popular hot spots. Although the girls love this kind of sexy exposed style, but the Bra Top (underwear type jacket) always seem to be in the more distant from us, how to put it into their daily gracefully in the dress? VOGUE listed four feasibility for you to wear a strategy, make Bra Top your closet to promote the magic weapon of the grade.
Style 1. The Bra Top skirt with shoulder-straps
Hate coat always rub the braces skirt? Just like a popular blogger Chiara Ferragni, directly replace it Bra Top!!!! The collocation of both free and easy and do not break charm, the most important is to keep it simple and line feeling. A pair of flat bottom and ankle boot, also can inadvertently revealed your high grade.
Style 2. The Bra Top higher waist pencil skirt
Good at walking routes of Taylor Swift style restoring replica Cartier love bracelet ancient ways, also could not help but try Bra Top the collocation with pencil skirt of tall waist. Wave point pattern with skirt split design, add details are the bright spot of feeling. Might as well with delicate and charming red accessories, embody the filar silk woman flavour.
Style 3. The Bra Top plus summer vest
Rich neutral flavor long white vest and shorts, a black Bra Top ornament, can immediately make seemingly walkers focus of your avatar. In asymmetric design style, more can show the side of the avant-garde street. “Black, hand bag, thick bottom sandals, they are indispensable to modern dressing. .
4 Style BraTop heightening waist umbrella skirt
Is popular printing Bra Top from last summer, has been fashionable women on my list on holiday essentials. And now it is the Cartier nail bracelet replica collocation with umbrella skirt of tall waist, it is the watch the amazing fashion package. Whether the wide shoulder straps that restore ancient ways, or sexy neck design, is worth you to sample a.

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14 secret about modelling of 2016 autumn winters

14 secret about modelling of 2016 autumn winters is tie-in
Maybe show modelling is a certain distance away from the real life, but there’s no denying it ferial dress collocation for us to provide the more inspiration and enlightening demonstration. VOGUE fashion network from qiu dong season show selects 14 modelling, small, parsing big on the collocation of the originality, for you to provide more new clothes.
1. The long gloves to match sleeveless dresses
This kind of collocation is very dramatic effect. Long length of glove sleeveless replica Cartier love bracelet dresses on collocation makes whole people give mo to fully understand sex appeal. In order to achieve perfect effect, long gloves is best and wrapped in less dress collocation are together, also need not too short, skirt to cover his chest and knees are best.
2. Knitwear collocation to show one’s CARDS coat
When the work is done, too busy to go home when dinner dress, with a reflective coat again on its collocation a knit the effect will be very good. Of course, when the hot weather, can also go directly to take off the coat, wear sleeveless coat inside.
3. The skirt collocation ankle boots
Such collocation can make the wearer dwarf in girls. But it is important to note: light leg boots can let a leg appear shorter, so it’s best not level skirt dress collocation, or put on transparent can see feet boots (such as in figure left Monique Lhuillier Cartier nail bracelet replica lace boots, bared feet can make up for the legs long part). As a result, the whole is tie-in a radiant.
4. Inside and out with skirts
When the cool autumn to a temporary, actually not the sleeveless dress back into the closet with worry. Can wear sleeveless dresses in the outer layer of the long sleeve skirt to match. Pack in the bottom of a choice, it is best to appear consistent inside and outside. Such collocation can let itself formal dress looks more leisure.
5. Transparent stockings tie-in high-heeled shoes
Despite the summer was gone, but transparent stockings can tie-in high-heeled shoes. Such collocation is very good balance between sexy and mature. Double color uniform can achieve the best effect, and can make the shoes are more comfortable to wear Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica.
6. Obi
Replace the dispensable waist belt with obi can highlight the waist of the wearer. It is worth mentioning that wide belt can also let the hem of the jacket itself designed skirt.
7. Up and down all wear skirt
Collocation is an outward expansion coat and pleated skirt can let whole appears. Between the similar style to make the wearer more is nifty and lovely, if can the same color, can achieve the result of the icing on the cake.
8. High collar coat matching necklace
High collar jacket can achieve the result of a grade with a necklace. It is best to choose a imitation cartier love bracelet can get above the clavicle, and set aside space high collar necklace.