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Green gold sapphire blue

Green gold sapphire blue, not not just the United States did not find the United States
See this green gold bracelet, it was that gorgeous gem blue attracted and impressed. Many people think that in fact, this is a misunderstanding, high-grade lapis lazuli not only cheap is still not cheap. Previously just think that green gold is not beautiful enough. But recently also completely changed this view, the original is not beautiful, but did not see it.
Lapis lazuli corresponds to seven rounds of the throat round, according to the crystal therapy argument, lapis lazuli to coordinate the body, emotional spirit and spirituality. And these aspects of the imbalance, easily lead to depression and disease, so that people lose their lives goals. On the contrary, you can give people self-knowledge.

It can help people quickly relieve stress, people will quickly into a deeper level of quiet to go. In short, its performance is very quiet, people achieve a certain level of great success. Crystal energy is the need for us to slowly experience and feel. Everyone’s different physique, spiritual power is different, different induction, and different perception will produce different circumstances of the energy embodiment.
The old saying is “love than Jin Jian”, the Chinese people like to use gold to describe the love of faith, not only because it is auspicious symbol of good fortune, but also because of its unique light Huang Chengcheng, sparkling love affection.
This “love to witness” in the name of love, with a simple check, strong lines to pass the love of the faithful, hollow and beautiful arc design so that “you have me, I have you” mood And metaphor, when the two golden heart perfect blend, played the most touching Replica Cartier jewelry melody of love.
That day she was originally wanted to find a set of four foliage to wear, the results accidentally fancy it, is the couple models, because her husband do not wear these so only bought a simple and generous style she liked, so recommend to everyone a bit.
Cherry blossoms, pure, elegant and noble, it is short and magnificent in full bloom, leaving the infinite beautiful reverie. Its heroic dying, such as falling snow like, mildly down, Dai powder petals all over the whole day. Not stained non-dye, very simply, flowers, such as falling, still in the fragrance to be sniffed, refreshing.

This romantic cherry blossom bracelet simple design is like giving cherry life, flying is the cherry of the wizard, the air exudes only her charming aroma, so that the wearer elegant and generous temperament inadvertently revealed.
She is a soft romantic woman, such as cherry-like to give gentle and delicate feeling, this is her favorite cherry bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Everyone’s heart has a lock, but the key is not necessarily in their own body, has always believed that love is also a door, get the key to open each other’s soul, it means that the right to enter each other’s soul, From the two people will be able to heart and mind, Xiangruyimo.
Do not know when to start a soft spot for the key, she began to collect all kinds of key jewelry, perhaps a kind of spiritual comfort it! She always felt as long as the key in the side, they love the direction of the heart lock is clearly visible, love also reach out.

This is part of all her keys, each with its own characteristics, recommend to everyone to enjoy, hope that each pair of people can love each other to find the key to the soul.
Goldfish’s body graceful, graceful, when they are free to swim in the water, all the time to create a beautiful enjoyment and mystery, with a goldfish-like beauty, with goldfish free life was only in close proximity The
Chiba jewelry this “fish Yue Yu heart” from the goldfish shape drawn, gurgling streams of creek, Fenjiang and the goldfish, weak and strong natural, goldfish tail can also be about shaking, it is elegant, spiritual power, Smooth design, interpretation from the water slowly swimming goldfish, but also into the ancient Chinese auspicious, more than a good meaning.
The mask always gives a mysterious feeling, its eyes quietly staring at you, seems to tell what, always look at the depths and can not extricate themselves, looming face so you can not help but want to guess her Behind is a beautiful how to buy a face.
Chow Tai Fook this mask with a Venetian mask for the creation of inspiration, the Cartier love ring replica European culture and jewelry design integration, towering feathers, shining topaz, dotted the wearer’s dignity and gorgeous; looming face, fantasy blurred identity, The growth of the wearer’s mysterious atmosphere.

This is a netizen just received the year before the Chow Tai Fook mask, very beautiful pendant, I wonder if you are also fascinated by its mysterious temperament and gorgeous shape fascinated!

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personality and publicity

Black with gold ornaments, personality and publicity
Gold ornaments
Traditional impression: tacky, publicity
Subversion temperament: elegant, aristocratic gas
Black high collar + gold stitching + elegant makeup
Gold and black with the classic can be considered one of the mix, but in this season, the gold is no longer alone, it is with the red jasper, horse hair, leather rope and even the fish and other pieces of gold jewelry, A little fun, but did not reduce the gold aristocratic temperament.
Most Match crowd: Everyone
Aristocratic gas with tips:
1. skin color yellow to avoid the golden earrings
When the gold and other materials stitching, part of the yellow luster has been Cartier nail bracelet replica weakened, if the color is still yellow you still do not worry, then avoid the golden earrings it, as far as possible set off the gold on top of the black clothing.
2. With gold jewelry with the fabric to pay attention to
Black high-necked shirt as much as possible to cashmere, silk or worsted spinning and the like, to avoid the big sticks and other thick lines of sweaters, or both cover up the gold jewelry, and no FA highlights the aristocratic temperament.
Editor’s Choice
Silver blue dotted on top of the gold, fashion sense of the YU out, a little complicated design can be a simple black sweater to bring out a little sense of alternative.
TIPS gold jewelry maintenance should pay attention
1. Finally, wearing gold jewelry: cosmetics, hair gel and other chemical substances will make the surface of the loss of luster, so try to wear after stopping to wear gold jewelry.
2. Gold to be included separately: Do not wear gold or other metal together or placed, so as not to be invaded by other metals, the surface of the spots.
3. Do not wear gold when swimming: avoid wearing gold jewelry when swimming, because the sea water and swimming pool water, when mixed sweat, it will become an aggressive chemical substances, will oxidize and damage the gold.
First, platinum (pt) some of the physical and chemical properties

Platinum is a member of the Platinum Group element, chemically inert (only soluble in aqua regia), refractory (melting point 1773 οc) than the major (21.45 g / cm 3) and the high catalytic activity is the main feature of platinum. In nature, platinum is produced in the form of metal platinum, and platinum is often associated with rhodium, pliers, palladium, iridium and ruthenium. Platinum is often combined with iron, nickel, copper, gold, silver, lead, tin and other metals into a metal. This requires the processing of platinum jewelry, to keep the production tools clean, to prevent the metal should not be mixed into platinum, so as not to affect the purity of platinum and jewelry quality.

Second, part of the national production (region) platinum (pt purity standard)

At present, the market popular platinum jewelry can be divided into two categories: First, pure platinum jewelry; Second, platinum alloy jewelry. Due to the geographical and jewelry culture differences, countries (regions) to develop the market purity standards are not the same. Japan, Hong Kong: Allows platinum purity of 1000, 950, 900 and 850, and allows an error of 0.5%. In the United States: platinum content of more than 95% of the jewelry, allowing to play “pt” mark. Platinum content of 75% -95% between the jewelry, must be marked with platinum group metal mark, such as iridium (ir-id-pat), said containing 10% of the alloy. Platinum content of 50% -75% between the jewelry, must be marked with the name and content of platinum group metals. Europe: In 1972, the “Precious Metals Control and Labeling Agreement” states require a single purity of pt950. But Portugal and Italy are allowed to have minor errors. While Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries to allow iridium when the amount of platinum imitation Cartier love bracelet calculation. However, Germany allows other standards of purity.

China prepared in 1989, the precious metal jewelry purity naming method (gb1187-89) provides: 950 platinum – platinum content of the micrometer of not less than 950, said 950 platinum, hit pt950 mark; platinum – platinum content of less than 990 Called platinum, hit platinum mark or print according to the actual content. Pure platinum has a good processing performance, can be processed into the required sheet and pull into the required wire. As pure platinum is too soft, can not firmly fit the gem. In order to improve the hardness of platinum and suitable for casting and manual processing requirements, many countries of the jewelry materials company in pure platinum, the amount of platinum addition to the addition of platinum elements and other metals, you can get the ideal jewelry production materials.

Third, platinum casting

Platinum jewelry casting, generally engaged in years of gold jewelry casting but the lack of platinum jewelry examination industry casting staff also have “talk about platinum color change” feeling. The main reason: First, the melting point of platinum high (pure platinum to 1773οc) than pure gold (1064οc) more than 700 degrees; Second, platinum melting temperature is high, heating a long time. Platinum casting the key issue is the temperature, making platinum jewelry alloy melting point is also high. Platinum alloy melting not only requires a very high temperature, but also to keep the platinum liquid for casting the temperature range is very narrow. At present, platinum casting melting mainly used torch mode and induction heating method. Torch melting has some difficult to overcome the shortcomings, such as difficult to grasp the exact melting temperature. The induction heating is mostly equipped with temperature measurement control device. This melting method can be more accurate melting temperature and time, but also the use of sealed casting method. As far as possible to avoid the destruction of foreign impurities, which can get high-quality platinum castings. Casting platinum must pay attention to keep clean, high temperature platinum easily mixed with foreign substances, this will cause casting quality problems. Platinum alloy smelting, no additional flux. Platinum casting mold and 18k gold jewelry is basically the same, but the lower the strength of platinum, mold operation can not force the file mill is too large, leaving a large filing marks difficult to make up, it is possible to scrap the entire casting.

Fourth, the manual processing of platinum jewelry

The use of jewelry mold casting platinum alloy jewelry blanks, must be cut through the mouth, plastic surgery, repair defects, file cutting, sanding and other molding process to become the perfect mosaic bracket. Platinum jewelry is often set inlaid diamonds, rubles, sapphire and other high-quality precious stones, is a high-grade jewelry, so the appearance of the overall coordination of the bracket, the surface of the smooth, finish and other processing requirements more sophisticated. Almost all of the metal alloy produced by the first material in the cold processing of rolling, drawing and stamping process, will produce a certain degree of hardening, hardening is the form of stress within the metal material, the common rolling sheet when the surface of the distortion , Broken, pull the wire when the coil, crack and so on. Elimination of platinum alloy workpiece hardening method is annealing. The annealing of the platinum alloy can be carried out using a general torch flame.

To successfully perform platinum alloy annealing requires careful control of the heating time and temperature. Most of the platinum alloy at 600 ο c began to stress relief, at 1000οc will quickly soften. It is sufficient to heat the workpiece with a thickness of 2 mm for about one minute depending on the thickness of the workpiece during the heating time. Thickness of more than 2 mm of the workpiece should be proportional to the length of heating time. Platinum alloy in the annealing Fake Cartier love bracelet process will not change color and pollution. So platinum can be heat treated without forming a table and the risk of fading the film. Platinum alloy jewelry parts of the production, organization of links, ring changes and defect repair, mainly through the welding to complete. Welding is the most difficult part of platinum jewelry processing. Because the melting of most platinum alloy materials is carried out at a temperature of 1500 οc or higher.

In the platinum jewelry hand processing process, we must pay attention to the following aspects:
① must prevent the surface of the workpiece foreign body (other metal debris pollution);
② annealing or welding, can not use contaminated support frame, welding with a fire-resistant support and can not use charcoal.
③ protect the eyes, high temperature welding of white radiation and ultraviolet radiation is much higher than the affordability of the naked eye, prolonged by radiation will cause “arc burning eye”, may cause permanent damage to the retina. It is necessary to use the welding filter with the filter is relatively safe. Platinum alloy has a strong antioxidant, jewelry carefully after a high degree of polishing, in a static state, will never lose its dazzling luster. If after a high degree of polishing, and then plating a layer of white metal rhodium, can enhance the surface hardness. Rhodium high reflectivity, brightness lasting, so that platinum alloy jewelry more dazzling.

Five, platinum often identify methods:

1, view color method: pure platinum is white, shiny bright, white k gold color for the white partial yellow beige, silver color is white. From the surface color can be distinguished.
2, hand palm method: platinum density of 21.45, through the same volume of material weight test, platinum has a heavy feeling, it is heavier than gold (19.36), than the weight of white gold, but also than silver (10.45).
3, melting method: platinum melting point reached 1773oc, much higher than k white gold and silver. General torch can not melt platinum, which can identify the authenticity. And platinum after cooling the same color.
4, marking method: platinum jewelry has a standard stamp. Internationally with pt or pt words, such as pt950 platinum fineness of 950%.
5, natural gas method: the jewelry placed in the open gas stove on the mouth, put a few minutes if the jewelry turns red warming gas stove lit, compared to platinum products. This is because platinum can be used as a catalyst to promote the gas and oxygen in the air exothermic, so that platinum heating, red so that can ignite the gas.
6, point test: a mercury wiped on platinum, platinum will not be contaminated, and gold, silver and mercury will be combined with pollution. B in the edge of the platinum jewelry or the middle of the file with a file to put some powder into the hydrogen peroxide bottle, platinum can act as a catalyst to promote hydrogen peroxide decomposition, release oxygen and up and down somersault

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Identification of the four precious stones

Identification of the four precious stones
As we all know, the world recognized the four gems are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds. With its rare, valuable world famous.
Ruby unique magnificent red so that people always put it and warm, love linked together, but also known as “love stone.”
Sapphire deep color and infinite temptation to make it one of the human favorite gems, with its crystal clear and beautiful colors, ancient people cast a mysterious supernatural colors, is regarded as auspicious things.
“Diamond forever, a permanent spread”, so the classic ad, the chase of love show no doubt.
Emerald is called the king of emerald, is a very precious gem, because of its unique Cartier love bracelet replica green and unique charm, as well as the magic of the legend, favored by the West, recently, more and more people love.

So precious
Gems in the market circulation to sell, naturally there will be illegal business fake profits, in the purchase of the time to fire eye gold crystal, look at the identification of precious stones under the method.

Emerald true and false recognition mainly to see its inner body, that is, we commonly known as impurities. Natural emeralds have more or less impurities, and artificial emeralds are very pure, even if there are artificial inclusions and natural emerald body is significantly different.

Sandstone is one of the more common false rubies. It is really red
The gem is placed in the upper half and the substitutes are placed in the lower half. As the surface with a real ruby, enough to fake, check, it should be placed in the white bowl filled with water, observe its waist, to see its color, gloss is the same from top to bottom, whether the traces of the upper and lower bonding. Artificial starlight ruby is also very common. Natural star gemstones in the concentration of light irradiation, will produce soft star lines. If the ordinary light can also see the clear and neat stars line, it must be man-made gem. Natural ruby hardness and easy to wear, if it is artificial, then prone to flash.

The color of the gem is lighter in the light, but it is deeper in the general daylight. To pay attention to whether the color is consistent, and whether the crack, which will affect the beauty and durability of precious stones. If the feathers stretch to the surface, then the sudden collision will make the stones rupture. People as early as the end of the 19th century, the early 20th century has developed a synthetic artificial sapphire technology, but the quality is not as pure as pure, there will be small bubbles and parallel texture, easily distinguish.

Identify the authenticity of a diamond, just a 10 times magnifying glass for auxiliary Cartier love ring replica for a few simple observations can be concluded.
1. True diamond hardness is extremely high 10. You can observe the waist of the diamond, if the sand-like waist is most suitable for this method, diamonds because of any harder than any imitation, so do not like a triclas like a strip of lines, diamonds waist is a granular appearance.
2. The same because the diamond than the imitation of hard, take the carved facet ridge is often more than the feeling of diamonds, and diamond facet ridge must be sharp.
3. Diamond based on the principle of hard to imitate the goods, to take imitation of the facet ridge often wear situation.
4. If the diamond has a natural surface, the natural surface has the opportunity to find the diamond unique “triangular growth pattern”.
5. If the diamond appears collapse of the mouth, the appearance is usually all ladder-like, and cuddle will be different from the curved or shell-like.
Diamond with its hard texture and luxurious appearance, in many wedding rings stand out. Buy diamond jewelry first to consider the price factor, because the diamond is not a general ornaments, first of all represents the love, followed by the value is not low!
How can I get value when I buy a diamond ring? Do you want to put out a carat? Then be sure to pay attention to the choice of diamonds and mosaic way.

Save money trick
1, choose “bare diamond + ring” is the way to save money and fashion, you can customize a unique wedding ring!
2, mosaic: the current diamond mosaic method is about claw inlaid, package inlay, half package inlay, folder inlay, nail inlay, etc., different mosaic way
The beauty of the diamond also have a different show, the general wedding ring in order to highlight the value of diamonds are usually selected claw more, more recently
The more the new choice of non-clawed folder or semi-package inlay, more suitable for the usual wear, including the diamond will have to increase the effect,
It is used for small diamond mosaic.
3, hedge: not all diamonds are in the annual appreciation. More than 0.5 carats of finished diamonds are rising every year, 0.2 kt
~ 0.5 karats of diamonds do not rise or fall, 0.2 carats below the diamonds down. Diamond prices rose steadily, is a more
Safe collection, should choose more than 0.5 carats, higher levels of diamonds. The larger the diamond, the higher the level, the stronger the appreciation potential.
4, design: In addition to “bare diamond + ring”, and then engraved in the diamond ring on the name of the new, then it is perfect.
5, hand type:
Fingers short: the best with pear-shaped or oval-shaped ring, this will make your fingers look Replica Cartier love bracelet slender, avoid square ring face;

Finger is not full: you can choose a circular ring inlaid between the two rows of gold ring style, so that the fingers look rounded;

Small and delicate fingers: suitable for heart-shaped ring face;

Fingers stout: avoid heart-shaped ring face, the more simple the better.

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Recommended three kinds of crystal three maintenance methods

Recommended three kinds of crystal three maintenance methods
Crystal maintenance is called cleaning, demagnetization and purification. Whether you use crystal as ornaments, furnishings or fantasy use crystal magic power, crystal buy back need to first wash in order to achieve effective effect. Because the crystal from the mining moment until your hands, experienced different people’s contact, crystal physical memory will be their thoughts, fortune and physical condition completely recorded.

So we have to first clear the existence of all the information in the crystal Replica Cartier jewelry records in order to enter their own information, so the use of crystal, you will not be affected by their predecessors.

The following, we introduce a variety of cleaning crystal steps and precautions:

(A) sun degaussing cleaning method:

Cleaning method:
As long as the spar can be placed in direct sunlight exposure, such as windowsill and terrace, etc .; irradiation time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
(1) spar in the sunlight will produce a focus, such as in the vicinity of the spar placed paper or other combustible items, there will be dangerous risk of fire.
(2) However, if the color element of the spar contains copper and iron, it is not suitable for such a cleaning method. Since these substances are exposed to long periods of time under sunlight, oxidation will occur and the fines are faded. Pigments containing copper and iron include crystal stones such as red or purple.

(Two) moonlight morning exposure method:
Cleaning method:
Every 15th day of the lunar month, because the night is particularly strong light of the moon, it is a good time to dry stone, drying method is very simple, as long as the spar on the terrace or the window, to accept the moonlight Time can be. In addition, also in the days of gas Qingqing, sparkling night, the spar on the terrace, it absorbs the essence of the stars, in order to achieve the effect of purification spar.
In addition, in addition to the full moon night, you can also choose a few days before and after the moon, the same suitable for this kind of sun stone method.
If you are exposed to purple or red spar, please bear in mind the need to recover the spar before noon the next day, otherwise the strong sunlight during the day will affect the spar pigment, so that fade.

(Three) sea salt immersion method:
Cleaning method:
Place the spar into a cup of salt in the amount of salt (or coarse salt) in the open salt, soak for three to four hours, you can digest the magnetic field around the spar.
(1) If the spar is embedded in the metal objects made of ornaments, such as rings, pendants, etc., then the first spar off the metal into the salt water soaked, otherwise it will affect the metal surface color With brightness.
(2) Please note that such cleaning methods may cause the contents of the spar to change after cleaning.
Amethyst is a brilliant purple precious stones. “Color as grapes, crystal cute”, a symbol of honest loyalty and kindness.

Amethyst is one of the most popular gems, and the price is low. Buy beautiful and charming amethyst, for you is undoubtedly a wise choice. But need to remind you that in the choice of amethyst, we must pay attention to the difference between amethyst and purple agate. Wear more attention to maintenance, try to avoid high temperature heating and radioactive radiation, so as not to change the amethyst jewelry color and luster.

According to legend, the Roman Caesar great fanatical pursuit of amethyst, had sent thousands of people made a special trip to the Urals to find this magical gem. Until today, the bishops of the Roman cathedral in the ceremony also solemnly wear amethyst ring, and in the religious ceremony with high enough amethyst glass to pour. In ancient China, the friends presented between the amethyst can be used to abandon the former earned, the role of honesty; businessmen can wear it to run, wealth prosperous; soldiers wear it can be bad luck, battle, amethyst also Has the effect of resistance to infectious diseases.

In fact, amethyst is not mysterious, he and crystal. In the mineralology of quartz, the density of 2-6.5 cubic centimeters, the refractive index of 1, transparent, hexagonal crystal, often hexagonal columnar output, the color is blue-violet, red and purple, to bright color, clean and easy for the most good.

The world’s leading high-quality amethyst distribution in Brazil Uruguay and the former Soviet Union’s Ural Mountains. Other sources are Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, the United States, Madagascar and Iran. The world reports on the famous amethyst gem is extremely rare. At the beginning of the 20th century, in Brazil, found a stunning amethyst sample, the length of 9.9 cm, 1.65 cm wide, bread-like and crystal cave also arranged in a good state of amethyst crystal, was dark blue and purple, can be described as the world purple Crystal gem of the most.

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Jewelry into the high spring France luxury aimed at the Chinese market

Jewelry into the high spring France luxury aimed at the Chinese market
Jewelry, not from today into the custom era. In fact, thousands of years ago, it is already custom jewelry era. At that time, industry and business are not so developed, people play a hairpin, made of a gold bracelet, set a jade, all belong to the custom. However, with the development of industrial technology and the development of commercial trade, custom declining, jewelry also entered the production line, in addition to Sotheby’s and other auctions of astronomical solitary goods, the rest of a lot even if the luxury big, but also as Fang Shiyu mother hides Of the bracelet, the same as the unlimited supply. A Gongchoujiaocuo light light of the party, how many Hao wrist out of the above dazzling is the Cartier Love bracelet.

So, in recent years, jewelry is not into the custom era, but the custom era is returning, and increasingly good, advanced custom is re-ushered in the spring.

In Europe, jewelry custom and ancient China, has a long tradition. Not to mention Cartier nail bracelet replica the royal aristocracy and the rich family of precious jewelry in layers of layers, from time to time need or maintenance renovation, or re-custom engraved surname of the first letter of the ring, necklaces and cufflinks, even if ordinary people also have several pieces of family jewelry, from grandmother’s necklace To the mother’s wedding, inherited from generation to generation. Even the British Princess Kate’s ring is the old Diana Princess. Therefore, according to their size and preferences of the renovation of jewelry for luxury goods company is a very important business, often a lot of money to hire a good artisan surgeon. In France, goldsmiths and chefs are artists.

Nowadays, the re-prosperity of the customization of the jewelry market is the general trend of the individual era. At the end of the week, we can see that not only in the field of fashion and jewelry, in the field of tourism and food, even in the way of life, people are more and more attention to custom. In terms of jewelry, the idea of forming their own sketches, carefully selected and carved, and finally have a unique jewelry, which in itself is a particularly exciting and meaningful things. With the French fairy tale “little prince” in the words, the other rose and then what is the meaning of beauty, I am in a thing on the time and effort to make it different.

The price is certainly custom, especially advanced custom can not avoid the topic. But the same can not avoid the topic is that the European economy continues to slump. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the haze has never been dissipated, or, until 2012, the impact of this crisis increasingly apparent, such as slowly surfaced iceberg. Therefore, the European luxury brands in maintaining design, innovation at the same time, spare no effort to open up the market. At this time, the status of China’s gold master increasingly important. Data show that in 2015, Chinese consumers outside the year-on-year increase of 32%, overseas luxury goods consumption rose nearly 10%, about 46% of the world’s luxury goods by Chinese consumers into the bag.

Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, this year is the monkey years, many luxury brands are particularly launched monkey element design, which fully shows the importance of the Chinese market. New year, I believe that Europe and China in the field of luxury exchanges will be more closely.

It can be said that at this stage, the Paris mall is full of golden monkey. Despite the cultural and understanding of the differences, the European luxury brand launched monkey element jewelry generally did not discuss the favor of Chinese customers – such as Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) will be combined with the Chinese zodiac and Chinese paper-cut art, such as Chopin dial monkey pick Peach, the meaning is beautiful, the market is quite cold, but only in the Chinese section of the micro-Bo in the hands of the booming – but this effort can not be ignored. As early as the first month before the arrival of the Spring Festival in Paris, the Paris luxury brand party imitation Cartier love bracelet almost every day, every night, which invited many guests are Chinese. February 1 to 27, Paris Lafayette Osman flagship store is for the Chinese special arrangements for the Monkey New Year activities, the Italian luxury jewelry brand Bulgari (Bvlgari), Switzerland’s top watch brand Vacheron Constantin and so on in its column.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin, Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron and other guests at the Frauho Commercial Club Lunch will have talked about, luxury is a major pillar industry in France, but the Sino-French trade point of view, in considering the first to make money, first of all to deepen understanding and enhance feelings. This is true. European luxury goods companies are also trying to narrow the distance with the Chinese consumers, such as the selection of employees to participate in Chinese culture training courses, hire Chinese as the market leader and media public relations and so on.

It is now customizing the times. China’s emerging middle class is less interested in conspicuous consumer goods, and the demand for niche and individualized products is growing, and the current situation in luxury brands can lead to a change. Change, is a good thing, there is change to have vitality. How the major brands in this change in the proper operation, come up with the best design, docking both sides of the attitude and taste, which is undoubtedly the key to shuffle. Time to fly after ten years, jewelry Ye Hao, clothing Ye Hao, I believe the luxury market will be another pattern and the scene.
Rainbow Rainbow Adventure – Mei Qi Si Opal Jewelry

Opal is a natural gem from the precious stones, is recognized by the international gem world one of the world’s six precious stones, she set all the precious stones in one, Shakespeare called her as a queen in the gem.

High-quality opium beautiful but rare production in Europe and the United States has been sought after by high-end jewelry collectors. At present the world’s 95% of the quality of opal from Australia, so Opal is also known as “O Po”

Miraculous Jewelery (Australia) Pty Ltd was founded in 2006, the founder of Ms. Chen Yongjie imitation Cartier love bracelet living in Australia for many years, long-term commitment to the spread of Opal culture in China, the current Australian AOPI Opal Association vice President and secretary-general, is one of the most influential figures in Australia’s Opal, and with his own first-hand information in the mining area for many years, author of “Opal Collection and Appreciation”, known as the domestic Opal collection enthusiasts must read books. The United States Qi Si Opal will bring from Australia’s major high-quality Opal mining area of luxury opal and jewelry, show to Shanghai jewelry collection enthusiasts a visual feast.

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Distributed a unique female beauty Chanel jewelry watch

Distributed a unique female beauty Chanel jewelry watch
The new “Mademoiselle Priv” jewelry watch series, opened the mystery of Ms. Chanel’s private world, but also show her favorite symbol of life and an indispensable element in life. This new watch series also means “feminine beauty” and “uniqueness”, behind has a very special significance. MADEMOISELLE PRIV (meaning “exclusive”): these two full of mysterious French words appear in the Paris Kang Peng Street, Ms. Chanel on the door of the studio. Over the years, these two words are still carefully preserved, Ms. Chanel is located in Paris, Kang Peng Street, the door of the studio, they engraved “MADEMOISELLE PRIV” these words. This series combines the top watchmaking and top jewelry of the superb craftsmanship, with unique ideas, re-interpretation of Ms. Chanel cherished poetic inspiration. One of the watch to camellia rotation shows the flow of time, another with exquisite craft will be precious mother of pearl inlaid into a flower-shaped, low-key and elegant. The traditional “big fire” enamel craft to create a bright star and mighty Cartier nail bracelet replica lion pattern, showing a translucent blue, gorgeous extreme; to gradient pink sapphire and diamond inlaid feathers, Smart as if in the wind Rotate. Coromandel Oriental screen dial is captured by Ms. Chanel’s Chinese ebony paint screen pattern, the use of traditional techniques in Geneva, “big fire” enamel process, to create a beautiful micro-pattern. In addition, the case of “snowflake” inlaid diamonds, so watch more bright brilliance, exquisite extraordinary.
A dazzling engagement ring, it is at first sight, shining love light, touching. Classic traditional engagement diamond ring, unique diamond Guanghua radiance, bright exquisite corolla hold the gem; graceful gem of the wonderful imitation of the emotion, inlaid in a bright gem for the flowers decorated on the ring. The gods of the classicism, with the Solitare 1895 engagement diamond ring for the inspiration of the claw set more than the time, diamond ring crown in the hands of Cartier rejuvenated the beauty of the dream, on a magnificent Ying Run gems such as water hibiscus, endless Of the stars together. CartierDestine Engagement Diamond Ring, Platinum, Punch Set Bright Cut Diamond, Center Bright Cut Diamond, Set For You Cartier Custom Wedding Ring Series offers 0.40 carats to 4.99 kt and 0.40 to 2.99 carats diamonds available.
30 years, in the woman, is charming floriculture; in the jewelry, in addition to this enchanting, it is a legend. Mr. Piaget had a soft spot for Rose, and was invited to become a member of the Geneva Horticultural Association in the 1970s, and later served as president of the association, and he was a strong sponsor of the Geneva International Variety Rose Competition.
Swiss Piaget (Piaget) launched abundance rose jewelry watch
In the early 80s of last century, in the Rose House in Geneva rose garden, the muse appeared. A new rosette cultivated by a variety of rose pollen, shaped like peony-like abundance, with delicate pink and lavender, petals up to more than 80 pieces in the Geneva International New Variety Rose Competition, including the annual gold medal in the Within the three awards. In 1982, the rose was officially named “Yves Piaget Rose”. “It was a very emotional moment for me,” said Mr. Piaget.

Piaget decided to bring this precious rose into the brand’s premium jewelry product line, giving it eternal life. Year after year, the count not only has a rich style of rose series of fine jewelry, rose has become the iconic design of the count.

30 years later, the Earl rose jewelry series has added three categories. The first category of “Diamond Rose” has a cascade of petals, tightly inlaid diamonds so that each piece of petals are blooming pure light, the stamens of the precious stones bright; “hollow rose” is the bottom of the hollow hollow diamond highlights, Edge diamond studded petals overlap, showing a modern woman’s rational and competent; “lace rose” to lace dense.

Texture for the mood, with precious metals and diamonds to create a light soft and imitation Cartier love bracelet dynamic, gorgeous and elegant.
TASAKI continue to adhering to the superb craftsmanship of beauty and love of the heartfelt praise, the grand launch of pretty in pearls “series of jewelry, the animal’s lovely elements and the understanding and pursuit of nature into them.

Cute design, exquisite small size, “pretty in pearls” series of jewelry with rounded freshwater pearls and 18K gold, with clever shape design will be pearl and gold clever combination of rounded pearls are gold set off, originality of the design And the pursuit of higher quality, so that the wearer without complicated dress, a TASAKI pretty in pearls dotted the body, emitting a charming elegant atmosphere!

“Pizza pearls” series is one of the most distinctive TASAKI jewelry, freshwater pearls to embellish the animal’s head, look lifelike, bright and gorgeous shape, full of charm and cute imitation animal jewelry as a chic dress with free distribution of women Charming unique charm.
Gorgeous series of new conference in the National Convention Center gorgeous curtain

New “gorgeous” series to describe the hearts of oriental women

5 pm the same day, with a beautiful “bird’s spirit” peacock opening dance stunning debut, new conference in the pearl Lai Ying came to the curtain, from all over the country experts, scholars, industry elite, high-end customers And the mainstream media co-attended the fashion festival. Yu Chui Villa Mr. Lin Guizhou, general manager of the series of products for the release of the scene, especially invited the “Fashion” magazine editor Wang Yuexin, and Yu Cuishan senior leadership jointly launched a new release ceremony, Yu Cui Villa 2013 series of new products in the thousands of look forward to In the mysterious veil opened, leading jewelry fashion trend of jade.

Mr. Lin Guizhou, general manager of Yu Cui Villa speech at the new conference

It is understood that the “gorgeous” series of new products is jade Tsui Villa fashion jade culture and to Zhen mosaic of the cut for the arts, but also the charm of the Oriental women’s new bloom. Works from the classic Chinese animal imagery to extract the cultural essence and charm of beauty, the process is very creative to introduce the international jewelry design popular fashion treasure to do emerald stone, peacock noble and elegant, dragonflies slim, goldfish demure calmly, Elk’s brisk and beauty, swallowy graceful love, cranes lingering love, bats happy whisper, butterfly gorgeous transformation, perfect freehand modern women colorful life world and spiritual experience. The following are the same as the ”

Gorgeous series of new products slim

Creative release perfect interpretation of the new meaning

As the annual event masterpiece, the new product launch of the product and the meaning of the interpretation of the meaning can be described as bright spots. For the most vividly show the “gorgeous” series of new aesthetic implication of artistic conception, Yu Cui Villa specially Fake Cartier love bracelet hired a senior design team in Beijing, heavy to create the creative scene of the exhibition hall, the stage design to represent the natural wind green leaf-based elements, supplemented by purple , Yellow, purple flowers show “gorgeous” theme, together with the brilliant light and elegant props against the background, vividly create the animal wizard in the gorgeous dream of the natural world.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the activities of the scene for the first time broadcast Yuk Tsui Villa new production behind the scenes, video in the form of a documentary reproduction of the “gorgeous” new series from the concept of positioning, creative sources, graphic design to selection ingredients, , The finished product testing a set of production process, so that the real guests to experience the jade Tsui Villa jewelry craftsmen who tirelessly create outstanding emerald pants of the devotion and hardships, let everyone recognize the jade Tsui Villa strict strict manufacturing standards and excellence work attitude The

Fashion temperament models interpretation of the gorgeous series of new products

2013 new models show in the romantic music dazzling debut, eight temperament models dressed in a special custom fashion clothing, were wearing eight new animals, moving light footsteps walking through the green stage, , Dazzling light drag the city’s flow color. With the wonderful interpretation of the model, making the new full expression of the Oriental women gorgeous colorful emotions, comfortable flying state of life, won the warm applause at the scene.

“Oriental women have a beautiful appearance, but also has a rich and colorful inner world, we use the national classic and close to the natural animal elements to design jade, and boldly use a variety of colored gemstones To enhance the expression, it is for the Oriental women gorgeous and Smart beauty, and European and American animal theme jewelry is different from the ‘gorgeous’ series in the subject performance pay more attention to the interpretation of the classic Chinese cultural connotation, and Oriental women unique charm characteristics Integration of which, focusing on creating unique oriental animal jewelry.

Many domestic and foreign media interview Yu Cui Villa Deputy General Manager Mr. Wu Jingyan

Open a new journey of oriental fashion

Yu Cui Villa is the Oriental fashion art emerald advocate, is committed to the national jade art fashion upgrade, with international and modern tentacles profound interpretation of the cultural and artistic content of jade jewelry, the product from the flow of traditional Chinese culture extract deep memory , And the fusion of fashion and free and easy, elegant and confident modern humanistic spirit, Qianxin interpretation of jade jewelry and the beauty of modern life art, for the East and the world women are customizable their own fashion art Jade.

In recent years, to “Allure”, “national color Tianxiang”, “rhyme color” series as the representative of fashion art jade with its profound human content, aesthetic fashion style design, distinctive product features and accurate emotional demands quickly won The favor of the market, quickly become a modern jade jewelry classic benchmark, Yu Cui Villa fashion emerald ceremony praise Oriental women’s beauty image of the brand more deeply rooted.

Gorgeous dance “bird of the spirit” for the “gorgeous” series of new products Tim color add color

In 2012, film and television star Yuan Li joined the endorsement Yu Cui Villa, Yu Cui Shan Oriental fashion art brand image usher in a comprehensive upgrade. It is understood that the future of jade Tsui Villa will further integrate brand resources, in the country to increase advertising and marketing efforts, and constantly upgrade the franchisee terminal service level. At the same time, Yu Cui Villa in product R & D design will continue to promote the jade mosaic process innovation, the modern micro-inlay technology, color art and ancient silk mosaic process into the jade mosaic design, continue to lead the trend of fashion mosaic jade, to create jade art A new legend of modern aesthetics.

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Italian jewelry aimed at the Chinese market

Italian jewelry aimed at the Chinese market
Economic downturn, people around the world are pinching the wallet, the world’s largest jewelry exporter – Italy is also hit in the competition, 2008 to 2009, its jewelry exports continued to decline, the number of jewelry manufacturers are also reduced The As a result, the smart Italian who aimed at China for two years, the main Italian jewelry processing Lazio region small and medium enterprises, commercial and handicraft bureau director Angelo said: “The reason why the Italian Cartier nail bracelet replica gold and silver jewelry industry to promote China The market, because of the importance of China and the huge potential market “; in order to show the charm of Italian jewelry, advocating exquisite craftsmanship and the top quality of the ILIONNO jewelry brand, held in a number of cities in the city treasures tour activities; Customized jewelry POMELLATO (Po Man Lan Duo) head said: “For Po Manlan Duo, 2010 came to China is not just ‘right’, it is ‘perfect’ time.

Gem of the mix and match endorsement POMELLATO Beijing shop

In recent years, swept thousands of European women’s Italian top handmade jewelry brand — POMELLATO (Po Manlan Duo) in the autumn of 2010 officially entered the Chinese mainland market. In Europe, the prestigious Po Man Lan Duo, has grown to the top five European sales of the top jewelry brand, through the exquisite jewelry art, innovation and publicity strategies (such as the palace-level photographer to join the famous actor and fashion model The interpretation of a variety of combinations for the jewelry to build a new stage show, and play the fashion industry luxury fashion industry benchmark role. Po Man Lan Duo in China’s first boutique will be set up in Beijing Intime “Yue life.”

Swept the European fashion industry more than 40 years of legendary jewelry brand Po Man Lan Duo was born in 1967 in Milan, Italy. Founder Pino Rabolini unique vision, the creation of this subversive traditional meaning of the new jewelry brand. It is to break through the boundaries of the creative concept, highlight the personality of the way to wear, unique, attractive, stylish design with innovative technology, to bring people extraordinary jewelry experience. And other traditional jewelry brand is different, Po Man Lan Duo not only suitable for wearing in a grand occasion, more able in different occasions, with any dress and makeup perfect fit; in highlighting the wearer Zhuoqi different personality at the same time, the jewelry luxury and fashion The charm and personality to the extreme.

Treasures of the pattern posture ILIONNO national tour

August 31 – September 6, ILIONNO held in Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store “rare treasures of the king of the style of ILIONNO price of jewelry nationwide tour.” This is the 2010 luxury brand in Shanghai Jiuguang held the highest level of exhibition activities, but also the Italian jewelry imitation Cartier love bracelet brand ILIONNO collection of jewelry exhibition exhibits the largest number, the largest and most valuable one.

The value of the treasures is more than 100 million yuan, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and emerald and other blend of Central European design style and through the traditional Italian handmade art carved inlaid jewelry set, among the most king style Of the treasures is a weight of 6.48 karats, the color level for the highest level D, with GIA certificate, worth more than 10 million diamond ring. After the tour began, this treasure will be together with the set of high-priced jewelry in Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store on the second floor of the atrium display, so that visitors into the mall as exposure to luxury paradise, feel the jewelry to Zhen pure art charm.

From Italy Milan jewelry brand ILIONNO since its establishment in 1958, has been adhering to the traditional European handmade art and fashion jewelry design, unique interpretation of Italian aesthetic ideas.

Shanghai is the “rare treasures of the king of the style of ILIONNO price of jewelry nationwide tour,” the fourth station, then will be kicked off in the country, which will be the prosperity of the treasures of the glory of the expansion and extension.

Italian jewelry aimed at the Chinese market
Enjoy a shopping trip at VILLAGE

Autumn season, the days of high air, seasonal discount trend in the blood of the surging passion has not yet receded, the major brands in a variety of autumn and new products began to touch the fashion of people’s sensitive nerve. Located in Beijing’s Sanlitun region bustling alley, from the old Beijing’s courtyard and alley to draw inspiration, Sanlitun VILLAGE to Beijing’s traditional and modern style clever combination, where the 253 shops from September 17 to October 7 during the Fake Cartier love bracelet period, Everyone who comes to Sanlitun VILLAGE has the choice of adventures and discovering fun.

In the elegant and luxurious North District, you can go to the capital of the largest Rolex store close watch the watch industry’s superb craftsmanship, to explore the town of treasures — called “the city’s most” Seiko watch the mysterious; Paris fashion handbags family LONGCHAMP complex flagship store, absolutely can not miss Kate Moss designed “Kate Moss for LONGCHAMP” series, as well as limited edition Le Pliage folding handbag. In the modern fashion of the Southern District, in addition to you can fully tap the Apple product of the wonderful features, select the new version of Adidas limited edition, but also to the country alone in this original industry feel creative to bring life changes.

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Cartier senior jewelry nobles of the top luxury

Cartier senior jewelry nobles of the top luxury
For women, jewelry jewelry dripping more than anything more attractive, green agate, pearl Fritillaria, enamel, tortoiseshell, glass often dream of the soul around the soul. In the world famous brand jewelry, from the French brand Cartier (Cartier) unique charm, has been the royal family and the nobility of the Royal supplies, known as the jewelry emperor, a century of luxury, a woman to pursue the ultimate jewelry.
The top of the Cartier fine jewelry
Cartier has been able to become the top luxury, with the designer’s efforts inseparable – they have to design drawings through layers of screening, and is 100 percent pure hand-made, so that its products have a unique gorgeous appearance As well as subtle design style, flashing implied vitality of the light, it is difficult to let go.
Not only need to polished in the jewelry surface and electroplating Cartier love bracelet replica rhodium. In the details of the treatment, will be with the cotton thread with a special polishing agent, in the gem before and after the mosaic polishing process, in particular, focus on the sand hole in order to make the gem after the mosaic of the best luster and brightness. Finally, in the perfect finished with plated rhodium to prevent oxidation, so that jewelry forever Guanghua.
Seen the diamond ring, but have not seen such a big! Last night, a weight of 10.18 karats of the diamond ring Jing Yuanling friendship shop, radiant glory dazzling, the price is also staggering: 18.18 million yuan. That night, enjoy the “jeweler emperor” reputation of the world’s top luxury brand Cartier (Cartier) to a gorgeous festival to celebrate the formal opening of its Changsha boutique. To add to the activities of this event, the total price of 100 million yuan of classic jewelry and watch collectively from abroad “airborne” Changsha, people eye-opener.

With more than 160 years of history of jewelry, watches, accessories top brand Cartier, has been with the national royal family and social celebrities inseparable, but also by the stars around the world favorite, reputation as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler emperor.” Cartier currently has nearly 300 boutiques in the world, Changsha store is its 25th boutique in China.

The opening of the feast that night, Cartier only invited more than 200 guests, by invitation to admission, and clearly asked to “dress up.” Made a special trip from abroad to “join in” the treasures, the most attractive is undoubtedly 18.18 million yuan 10.18 kt oval cutting diamond ring. In addition, there are weighing 12.89 karats of pink sapphire rings, etc., exquisite craft fully demonstrated Cartier in the jewelry industry king style. These jewelry are the first arrival in Changsha, which will be tens of millions of giant diamond show here for some time.

Friends of the Group Chairman Hu Zi Jing said in his speech, friendship store and Cartier Cartier love ring replica marriage can be described as “perfect match”, so a happy “marriage”, will win. “Tonight, Cartier seed, the next day will grow into a jewelry tree in Changsha.” Cartier East China General Manager Jane Ya-wen agreed, “Hunan people know how to live, the atmosphere, Changsha market potential is really Big.”

The same is true. Before the official opening, Cartier boutiques have been operating for more than three months. “Not only attracted a large number of Changsha people, but also attracted the province of other cities and Wuhan and other places to customers.” The store deputy manager of the sound of the introduction, “currently sold the most precious jewelry is a 89 million , Less than 3 carats of diamond ring, is the Changsha locals to buy. “Reporters also seen the night before, a lot of people on the tens of millions of giant diamond interest, into the store door asked” where “.

It is reported that Cartier may be on customer needs and preferences, to provide custom. Each Cartier nail bracelet replica custom product, due to repeated communication, polished, from the order to the factory, the cycle takes about six months to a year, and the price will be high. It is worth mentioning that the reporter found in the store, in addition to the top luxury goods, there is a corner of the counter there is a unique design of the exquisite small leather goods, sunglasses, key chain, mobile phone chain, pen, Million diamond ring price slightly “affinity”, a key ring 980 yuan, a pen 3000 yuan, a lighter 5100 yuan. Clerk said that this is “entry-level” works.

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Dior watch perfect interpretation of Miao Si goddess charm

Dior watch perfect interpretation of Miao Si goddess charm
As early as 1947, Dior and his Muse goddess – Mitza Bricard will be their love of animal lines in the performance of clothing design. A series of African jungle as the source of inspiration for the theme, Christian Dior pushed to another peak. Among them, especially the leopard has become a classic Tior totem, whether in clothing, accessories or jewelry, you can see the leopard to the most wild posture interpretation of luxury

Mitza Bricard, a good partner at Mr. Christian Dior, is his goddess of Muse.

Mitza Bricard, she has an elegant soul, but exudes the appearance of women’s independent fashion.

In the silk-like delicate touch design to win women’s favor, by the Dior Replica Cartier jewelry senior director of jewelry design Victoire de Castellane surgeon La D de Dior Ratti series, in 2007 for the first time boldly extended Dior Dior’s classic leopard, so La D de Dior unique elegance and romance show another wild appearance; more to Mr. Christian Dior 60th anniversary of the elegance, and its Miao goddess Mitza, to the highest respect. Is a new series (including 38mm and 33mm) of this La D de Dior Ratti watch, which is named: Mitza.

38mm dial Mitza to 18k pure gold to create, dial to the very vitality of the Leopard lay out, vividly inlaid with 256 top yellow gems made of leopard totem, in the bottom five layers of handmade black paint background, like A difficult to control the leopard, is to use its unimaginable eyes staring at you; Mitza design inspiration as a gorgeous poem, sexy but people shocked.

33mm dial Mitza is a big contrast contrast aesthetics, cool colors of stainless steel black leopard, five layers of hand-drawn, and yellow k gold has a very different visual experience. Handmade inlaid 195 top diamonds, made up of different sizes, is created by a meticulous sexy, like a glamorous woman, gracefully exudes wild charm.

Inspired by the wild jungle of the La D de Dior Ratti watch Mitza series, with black crocodile leather strap, no hidden to distribute her extravagant wild.
Paspeley’s top Nanyang pearl

Paspaley is Australia’s famous pearl brand, its unparalleled gloss, bright and volume known, so that the world’s top jewelers rush, but also to Paspeley the name is equivalent to the world’s most beautiful pearls.

Paspeley string pearl necklace is the most precious, each pearl color, gloss, size, shape must be consistent. The most difficult or often need to go through a number of harvest, which lasted several years or ten years before can cause the perfect pearl chain.

Paspeley’s top Nanyang pearl bracelet
Paspeley’s top Nanyang pearl strap and earrings

Simple and pure beauty behind, is a 70 years ago from the beginning of the South Pearl process. Paspaley jewelry series only sold in the brand stores, and now the store only in Australia, Sydney, Darwin, Bloom and Dubai can see.

Pearls are calculated in terms of volume, rarity, color, shape, pearl quality, and gloss. Paspaley South Pearl is recognized as the world’s highest quality and most valuable pearl.

Paspaley South Pearl is the most fascinating of its unique depth, quality and rich pearl body emerge out of the magnificent Guanghua. Pearl clam secretion of pearls to make pearl luster bright, become a magnificent pearl.

Paspeley Top Nanyang Pearl Earrings
Paspeley’s top Nanyang Pearl ring and necklace

Bright and light can describe the light from the depth of the perfect and delicate pearls, like a candlelight Cartier love ring replica in the bright night. Only the mother of pearl Fritillaria and nature to live in the pearls of glossy and smooth, no one can manually imitate this natural beauty.

Simple and pure beauty behind, is a 70 years ago from the beginning of the South Pearl process. Paspaley jewelry series only sold in the brand stores, and now the store only in Australia, Sydney, Darwin, Bloom and Dubai can see.

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Van Cleef & Arpels – two jewelery family of love crystallization

Van Cleef & Arpels – two jewelery family of love crystallization
In 1906, the two jewelry family – Estelle Arpels (Estelle Arpels) and Alfred Van Cleef (Alfred Van Cleef) the crystallization of love – Van Cleef & Arpels was born, Van Cleef & Arpels to become The first jeweler to open boutiques in Paris, where Dayton Square.

At the beginning of the 20th century, seaside resort winds began to prevail throughout Europe, when the most popular topic is “when to go to the French seaside resort?” Van Cleef & Arpels to seize this opportunity, bold in many luxury seaside resort Hotspots and hot spring resorts, which were between 1909 and 1935. In 1939, Van Cleef & Arpels made a crucial decision to set up offices in New York, immediately stationed in New York, No. 744 Fifth Street, where it is still Van Cleef & Arpels an important “stronghold.”

After World War II, riding on the opportunity to be undone, Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier nail bracelet replica in 1974 will expand the territory of the Kingdom of jewelry to Japan, so far, Japan is still in Asia’s largest market. In the 1980s, Van Cleef & Arpels continued to enter the world’s major cities – in 1982, stationed in Hong Kong, stationed in London in 1983, stationed in Seoul in 1990, stationed in Moscow in 1997, stationed in Miami Bowley in 2000, stationed in 2001 Chicago … … 2005 chose Beijing, China.

From the early Egyptian Queen Nasili, Princess Fassia, Prince of Monaco to the present-day Hollywood actor Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, etc. have to wear Van Cleef & Arpels compete with others to fight Yan. Once, Mariah Carey hope Van Cleef & Arpels can produce a butterfly shape ornaments, because Mary Kelly singing the most striking than the microphone to take the hand, so Van Cleef & Arpels The craftsmen have designed for her to wear a finger in a number of rings, and now this ring has become a popular style of the classic.

From the date of the birth of Van Cleef & Arpels, custom has become its biggest selling point. Van Cleef & Arpels, 22 Van Dam Place, Paris, after 30 stores, 30 craftsmen like custom made fashion as well as their process in an orderly manner, but they are not facing the fabric, but the priceless jewelry . “In order to be different, it would have to customize your dream. In addition to customization, there is no other way to put you from someone else’s pipeline rescued, and now you want to take the initiative to produce yourself.” Peng Wei said meaningfully.

Van Cleef & Arpels love the Raiders

No one will be pure love refused to thousands of miles away, but no one will resist the beauty of true love crystallization. For Van Cleef & Arpels, since the birth of the two people carrying a beautiful love, that is, Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef. In 1896, with the two from the Netherlands jeweler Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef married, ten years later, that is, 1906, the two sides will have their own jewelry craftsmanship created Van Cleef & Arpels, And opened the first Van Cleef & Arpels jewelery boutique at the famous Place Vendôme in Paris. Van Cleef & Arpels in Van Cleef & Arpels body, pinned too much on the good wishes of love, so it naturally became the world ‘s royal family and nobles used to express the warm love of choice: In 1938, the Egyptian Princess Fozia and Iran The king during the wedding is wearing Van Cleef & Arpels  and imitation Cartier love bracelet jewelry; in 1965, the Hollywood movie star Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco when the engagement of the special selection of Van Cleef & Arpels set of pearl round diamond jewelry, followed by Van Cleef & Arpels has also been designated as the Royal Monaco Royal jewelry suppliers … … a period of love so that the continuation of the legendary Van Cleef & Arpels up to a century of jewelry legend.

Van Cleef & Arpels design Raiders

Desire of Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef Van Cleef & Arpels, has always insisted on the best things presented to the people, so we Van Cleef & Arpels design can often see butterflies, dragonflies and other nature of these beautiful Elf.

Van Cleef & Arpels of the two families, they have not forgotten their families have been faced with the fate of being exiled, so the traditional things, they show great respect, so Van Cleef & Arpels in their sustenance Has its own feelings, has always insisted on the elegant, simple, harmonious essence of the French spirit throughout its product design, and will carry forward. For them, this is not just a respect for the French spirit, but also a matter of loyalty.

In the continuation of the traditional process, Van Cleef & Arpels has never stopped innovation. In 1933, Van Cleef & Arpels invented the secret mosaic method, which inserts gem closely arranged together, during which there is no metal or inlay claw, but the use of track the general way, the stones cut into the same size, And then a set of in, the result is to make gems together skin, with the limb showing a multi-angle different gloss. The gods inlaid mosaic technology so Van Cleef & Arpels from proudly in the world, has become the largest Van Cleef & Arpels logo.
Tiffany offers a series of impeccable platinum diamond pendants, designed with the flavor of the times, free to wear also flashing light. Cushion cutting, square emerald cutting or a new round brilliant cutting all use the center of the main stone round contrast, make up like a bud blooming geometric patterns. Crystal dazzling pendant is Tiffany diamonds meaningful symbol, both on behalf of the moment, but also indicates the future of the good times, bright charm to play the ultimate charm.

• The world’s top diamonds plus eye-catching pink sapphires sparkle in platinum imitation Cartier love bracelet necklaces. Accompanied by elegant earrings, show more beautiful beauty. Inlaid in a hollow square frame round diamonds set off the pink sapphire, distributed fashionable bright light and lively light charm.

18K gold heart-shaped pattern of simple silver bracelet to encourage everyone to open heart. Designed to reflect the beautiful light in the light, exquisite fashion.

• Tiffany Heart Box sterling silver jewelry box itself is a unique gift, can save treasures worthy of life treasures. Classic heart-shaped design, polished by polishing, filling the United States Tiffany silver master design style, as well as delicate, simple beauty.

• Tiffany sterling silver heart-shaped frame to retain every moment of good times and sincere blessing. Texture-rich, heart-shaped frame with hand-polished, showing Tiffany superb craftsmanship.